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I just found you page and spent hours going through it. Love it! All of it! Oc & game cast. I saw a deathclaw and i adore those precious babies. My first play through i set myself up to have one as a companion/pet. I got to goodneighbor. I walked in and after hancock spilled finn all over the ground the game 'broke'. I was left with hancock approaching but stuck with his mouth open, staring at my deathclaw. Thanks for trigger a fun memory!


You’re My First - Clay Jensen Smut

Clay Jensen x reader

Request: Can you do an imagine where the reader gives her first blowjob to Clay who is also receiving his first? And/or leading to loosing their virginity

WARNINGS: Smut, swearing

“What do you want to watch princess?”

“I don’t care, you can pick whatever.” I’m laid up with Clay in his room as he surfs the guide. It’s a Saturday night and I rather be with my boyfriend than home alone. Granted we are alone right now, being that his parents are out at some function, but at least we are alone together. I trace circle on his clothed chest as his eyes are focused on the TV, finding something to watch. I can tell that he is pretending to be into the TV so that he doesn’t need to focus on my hand against him. I snuggle more into him as he sucks his teeth.

“There are no good movies on babe” he says, throwing the remote down as the TV stopped on Full House. 

“Then we don’t watch TV, we can do something else anyway” I say, as I slide my hand under his shirt. He looks a little nervous as he looks down at my hand. 

“Like what?” He sounded a little nervous, but flirty at the same time. I move my leg across his torso and put my lips up to his ear. 

“Anything.” I pur. He looks down at me, his eyes on mine. His eyes flicker down to my lips and I know he wants nothing more than to feel my lips on his. As if he read my mind, he pulled my face up to his, pressing his lips onto mine. The kiss was nice and slow. It’s like our lips were made for each other. His tongue grazed my bottom lip as he asked for an entrance. I didn’t allow him in to tease him and he squeezed my thigh making me yelp. When I opened my mouth he stuck his tongue in, softly wrestling with mine. I rolled on top of him and sat on his lap, never breaking our kiss. The kiss suddenly went from slow and sweet to more rougher and needy. Clay’s hands were on my waist as I wrapped my arms around his neck, deepening the kiss. When I started to slowly move my hips against his, Clay suddenly withdrew from me.

“What’s wrong, why’d you stop” I pant as he avoided my eyes. When he didn’t say anything, I got worried.

“Did I do something?” I ask. His eyes found mine again and quickly shook his head.

“No no no, god no. It’s just I’m getting a little um..a little-”

“Horny” I smirk, looking down between us and seeing him semi-hard. He looked embarrassed and nodded his head. A giggle at his nervous state.

“So what babe.”

“I don’t want you to think I’m rushing you.” He said looking down.

“Last time I checked, we are both virgins. And what if I’m ready.” His eyes widen and he swallowed hard. 

“A-are you sure, cause I’m not rushing at all trust me, I can wa-” I stop him from rambling on by crushing my lips on his. 

“Clay, I love you and I’m ready. I mean if your not that’s fi-”

“No! I am, it’s just we don’t have to. It won’t make me love you any less if we don’t.” I smile at his cuteness and press my forehead against his. 

“I’m ready Clay.” I pull on his shirt so that our lips collide again. Feeling his body against mine made me loose the fear in the moment and only made me want him more. I pull away to take my shirt off as he took off his. He stared at my bra and looked away when he noticed I saw. I pulled his faced back towards me and smiled.

“I’m all yours Clay.” With that, his mood lightened up as his hands cup both of my breast squeezing. I threw my head back as I felt his lips on my neck, sucking lightly. 

“Your so beautiful y/n.” He unclasped my bra and I suddenly felt so exposed and nervous. He can tell I felt weird by my face.

“Don’t be shy about your body, you look amazing.” I smiled and loosened up as his lips went to my breast. His lips attacked one of my nipples, while softly massaging the other. I bit my lip to keep me from moaning as his sucking got more harsh, making my core wet. I started to hump back and forth on his now rock hard member, making him groan against my breast making me moan. The friction beneath us was killing me and I want nothing more than to take everything off. I unbuckled his belt and pulled his pants down as far as I could without moving off his lap. 

“Clay can I try something?” I pant as his sucking went from my breast to my neck, surely leaving like 10 bruises. 

“What is it babe?” He said, not breaking his series of kisses. 

“I-I um want to please you..” I felt his kissing stop as he stayed there, probably waiting for me to finish, or just not knowing what to say. Probably both. 

“You know..please you down there.” I felt so shy asking him, but I really wanted to make him feel good like he does to me. I just want to do it in a more intimate way. 

“U-um I don’t know y/n, you don’t need t-”

“I want to.” He looks at a lost for words, debating on what to say. When we takes to long, I just take matters into my own hands. I slide off of him, sliding his pants all the way down, along with his underwear. When I did, his dick sprung all the way up, smacking again his stomach. I positioned myself so that I was in between his legs with my butt in the air, looking up at him. 

“Y/n stop you don’t hav-” I quiet him by slowly taking his entire member into my mouth, almost gagging. I come back up, licking his tip while pumping him with my hand. 

“Oh my-” Clay’s eyes were shut tight as he threw his body back. I flattened my tongue against the side of his shaft before taking him in my mouth again, pumping in and out faster. 

“Fuck babe, that feels good” He’s a moaning mess above me as he looks down at me sucking him. His eyes are glued to mine as I look up at him through my eyelashes, pumping my hand faster. He’s a groaning mess as he continues to do a string of curses. Unaware of what he’s doing, Clay starts thrusting into my mouth, making me even more wet. He grabs my ponytail and that was my motivation to go faster. I take all of him in my mouth, not caring that I was gagging, as I started picking up my speed. I start to moan with him still inside me and that threw him over the edge. 

“Fuck! y/n I’m about t-” He doesn’t know what to do with his hands as he releases inside of my mouth. I swallow what’s left as he pulls me up to him, kissing me passionately, still panting.

“Sorry that I did that, I should have told you I was…you know.” I smirk at what he was trying to say, “That’s okay, I liked it.”

Clay turns us over and starts peppering kisses down my neck. He kisses all the way to my stomach as he pulls my underwear off. He comes back to my lips, smashing his with mine, his hands roaming all over my naked body. He stops and looks at me.

“Are you sure about this?” He asked genuinely. 

“More sure than anything.” I smiled. He pulled off of me and got something from his desk draw. When he came back, he hovered back over me, pulling on a condom. When he started having trouble pushing it on, I held in my giggle, stopping his hands. 

“Let me help.” I unraveled it, slowly pushing it on his member, making sure to lightly squeeze him in the process, making him groan. I wanted this, his body on mine.

“I’ll be gentle” he breathed, his voice soft, “Just tell me if it hurts.” I pulled his face closer to me, making that as a sign for him to go. He starts to slowly push into me, giving me this stretching and ripping feeling throughout my body. I try to adjust to him as he continues pushing in slowly. I squeeze my eyes shut, gasping into his mouth as I grabbed his arms tightly. I whimpered as I just waited for the pain to go away. He pulled away from my lips as he looked at me.

“Is this okay?” he pants, looking at my face for any bad reaction. I nod my head, wanting him to keep going. 

“Yes baby, keep going.” I try to focus on the pleasure, even though I can still very much feel the pain. I was slightly tense and as if Clay sensed that, he started dropping kisses against my jawline, making me more relaxed. I started grinding my hips up against his and wrapped my legs around his back. He started thrusting a little faster, his eyes shut as he started groaning. I moan, tilting my head back into the pillows. As his speed picked up, the pain slowly subsided, giving me nothing but pleasure. I felt his weight on me, his body against mine and I realized just how much he meant to me. 

“Fuck princess, you feel amazing” he moans into my neck. I tighten my grip around my neck, moaning into his ear. 

“Baby f-faster please” I whimper. He did just that, his thrust getting deeper and deeper. His body slap against mine and all I can hear are our loud moans and the headboard against the wall. He picked up his speed even more making me dig my nails into his back, surely leaving a mark. 

“Fuck baby!” He screams, drilling into me. My breast are jumping up and down as I scream louder, the pleasure becoming overpowering.

“Clay! oh my god!” The faster his thrust got, the more I felt my stomach clench up. My body started to stiffen as he kept pushing in and out of me, on and on. 

“Come for me baby” he whispers and I let go.

“Fuck Clay!” My body went limp as I exploded. He kept pumping through my orgasm as I squeeze around him and in the same second, he screamed out my name, releasing himself. With both of us still panting and breathing heavily, I open my eyes to see Clay staring back at me. He slides off of me, laying his head on my bare chest. I run my hands threw his hair, kissing it after.

“That was amazing babe” I breath out, earning a nod from him.

“If that was amazing, wait till next time.”

A/N - This was my first Clay smut!!! Hope you liked it, I did!! 

Harder Ro, Harder! ~Naughty November~

Prompt: can I have a rough choking smut of roman reigns? pls thxxx love you!

Pairing: Roman x Reader

Word Count: 675


TAGGED: @crysxtal @dunbarkiss @kirsty-lou666 @emo-chick-59-stuff@xxshewollfxx @horror-movies-and-disney@kittencutie245@thejulietfarciertlove @jwowwluv @jkjk-h @migirl323

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TRAITOR || Draco Malfoy

request; the reader is interested in Draco but doesn’t like how much of an ass he is to everyone so he tries to change that;)

draco malfoy x hufflepuff reader


Originally posted by daisiesanddraco

“Move, you mud-blood” a certain boy spat in the most disgusted voice you could ever hear. That certain boy was called Draco Malfoy.

A soft sigh escaped my mouth as I shifted in my seat trying to ignore my quiet annoyed expression. It has been like this ever since the first year and we were now in our fourth year. Although as the years went by, it seemed like Draco never changed.

Unfortunately, I somehow managed to catch feelings for this Slytherin boy. Who got my head spinning every time I would look his way.But I knew that a Hufflepuff like me, could never date someone like him; he is an arrogant, stuck up prick but a very handsome prick. Y/N stop it!

His handsome features and his exquisite eyes, I could speak about those eyes all day long and don’t get me started on his lips; those plump pink lips that I would love to attach my own too and give so much passion too.In reality, I knew this wouldn’t happen, his too snobby and mean to people; especially to people who are Muggle-borns or aren’t in Slytherin. Unlike him, his was a proud pureblood Slytherin and all he cared was about himself.

I couldn’t date someone who would bully my friend just because of their blood type.My thoughts were shortly cut when I felt someone sitting next to me. I turned my head to catch the eyes of the devil himself, Draco! I opened my mouth to say something but nothing came out.A visible blush appearing on my cheeks now, making my blue eyes stand out. (sorry if you different eye colour, you can just imagine your own)

“How’s my traitor doing, then?” he asked with a small smirk playing on his lips. He didn’t sound like he was being mean but it still made me feel kind of upset because of what he thinks of me.

You see my mum was a muggle-born but my dad was a wizard he was known to be a very brave man before he passed away. Though he was never sorted into Gryffindor instead he was sorted into Slytherin, but he always told me he never fit there as much as the sorting hat said he did.He was known to be a “traitor” in the Slytherins as he never accepted the fact he was a Slytherin, and always hung out around muggles and Gryffindors. But he never cared what other Slytherins thought, he had his mind of his own. Which is the thing I love about my dad the most? Whatever people would say to him, he just shrugged it off and walked away.

I would say I was the same like my dad. Even if I was in Hufflepuff and not Slytherin. I see the similarities between me and him and always be proud of them and him.So that the story how he knows I’m a half-blood because of my dad.

“And since when was I “yours” I questioned a small smile appearing on my lips without me even trying to stop it.

“Since I laid my eyes on such a beautiful traitor” he replied smirking putting his arm around me inching closer to me.The reply making me fume with anger, he just had to be a git and ruin everything!

“Why do you hate Muggle-borns or mud-bloods so much? I don’t understand, and if you only see me as a traitor and nothing else, please leave because I don’t need arrogant and obnoxious gits like you in my life” I said angrily, catching some peoples attention.

A twinkle of pink lightened my face as Draco seemed startled by my come back to his reply.

“Woah there Y/N for a Hufflepuff you’re a feisty one. I like it” he came back to his normal senses smirking once again.

“You’re such a git Draco Malfoy” I spat and turned away from him, just as professor walked in to start the class.

Mid way lesson I felt Draco’s hand find its way on my knee making me freeze in my spot. He felt my reaction and smirked to himself, that he gained such a reaction from me.I grunted beneath my breath and shoved his hand off my knee and carried on with my work. All lesson he kept quiet and didn’t bother me. Which surprised but made me feel relieved.


“Hey traitor wait up!” a certain Slytherin shouted through the crowd. Making me stop in my tracks and turn around to face him. He came running to me, he seemed out of breath. I wondered if he was alright. Y/N stop it, he just called you a traitor!

“What do you want Malfoy?” I asked in bored tone wondering what could this Slytherin prince want to know.

“Well, er, I uh, wondered if you wanna go on a date with me?” a very anxious boy who was, in fact, Draco, asked me.I stood in shock, what the hell, does he mean? A date? With me?

“What you playing at Malfoy? A date with me?” I shot back still feeling so confused about the situation. Why is Draco acting so nervous all of a sudden, and most importantly why in the world is he asking me on a date? This has to be a joke, right?

“Look I know I have always called you names and never been as nice. But you make me feel so many things that I never imagined I could feel. You just stuck there, in my head playing tricks on me and I can’t get rid of it. Though I don’t want to get rid of it” he said way too quick for me to understand but I knew what he meant.I wanted to say something, I wanted to say how I can relate to him and I feel just the same about you. But I couldn’t my mouth was stuck glued not opening to say anything.

Let just say I was speechless.

A reminder erupted in my head reminding me what he actually is; an arrogant little snob. That when I went back to my normal self and stood straight, my head held high.

“I’m sorry but I do not accept your date or whatever this is. As you may know, I don’t date people who bully my friends”

“Y/N you know that I never mean it…” he whispered the last part looking down to the ground.

“That the thing Draco, you do mean it. Every single thing you say to those poor people always has a meaning behind it. So let end it like that, shall we”

“Y/N I promise you I can change, here’s a thing what if I stop bullying your friends you will go on a date with me. How about that?” he asked smiling looking at me trying to hear a positive answer.

“Personally, I don’t think that’s possible” a flash of hurt passed his eyes before someone bumped into him making him stumble forward, making him come closer to me than he was before.He turned around swiftly, anger visible on his face; his eyes filled with anger and disgust.

“What the hell do you think your doing, mud blood?” he spat with venom not realising I was watching everything.

“Draco you have no rights to call him that, get gone why don’t you” I defended a first-year Hufflepuff. This Slytherin will definitely be the death of me, one day.

Realisation hit him, turning his cheeks pink. He stumbled back the once angry look turned into a soft look.

“Y/N please, I didn’t mean it. I’m so sorry” he stuttered but I was already shaking my head in disappointment. I tried to believe he could change and be nicer as a person, but I guess that it would indeed be impossible.

“Save it Draco”


Why do we pity others, knowing that their pain won’t fade away? That their situations don’t lessen in hardship? Why do we forget that there’s so much to a situation than the negativism? There are opportunities. Opportunities to make them smile, to make them laugh so hard they’re wheezing, opportunities to hug them, opportunities to make them believe, to have faith.

Why? Why?

Draco made me think so much, he made me think about life deeply and I don’t even know why. Maybe because it was two months since we last spoke and it was an argument.Or maybe because I don’t get to laugh at his cheesy jokes anymore. I really have fallen for this git. Even though he had changed I have noticed it. He doesn’t pick on my friends like he always did. He just distanced himself away from everyone.Which made me concern at first but then I enjoyed it, I liked the new Draco; who doesn’t call people mud-bloods who walk past him.

I was writing notes in class as Professor was speaking when a small flying note: shaped of bird flew to my desk. I looked around to see who sent me note but it seemed like everyone was either listening to professor or writing notes.I opened the note carefully and read what it said.

My dear Y/N

please meet me near the Great hall entrance. ~DM

I had the urge just to rip the paper in half and my eyes roll my eyes at him, instead, I turned around to look at him as he was a couple of desks away from me - to catch him already staring. I nodded my head and looked away immediately.

I walked to the great hall with my books in my hand ready to hear what Draco wanted to say. I didn’t even need to look for him, as I spotted his platinum blonde hair.I fastened my pace and tapped his shoulder when I was behind him; making him jump not expecting me.

“Oh er hey Y/N” he mumbled a blush sprinkled on his cheeks.

“Hello Draco, I received your note, so what is it then?” I asked wanting to know.

“Well, I never got to tell you how sorry I’m for calling that boy a mud-blood as I know you don’t tolerate bullies. I know I said before that I would change and just as I said that I go off and call Hufflepuff a mud-blood. You probably hate me enough for this, but I want you to know that I have changed! Y/N you mean so much to me that, for you, I have changed. And I would love for you to give me a second chance, so what do you say?” he rambled on like an idiot.Making me smile and giggle at his expression.

“I know Draco and I have witnessed it, even bloody Ron Weasley has noticed it. And I think I could maybe give you a second chance, Draco Malfoy” I replied.

A huge grin appearing his lips.Without a second blink, he engulfed me in a hug picking me from the floor swirling me around.

“Ahh, Draco put me down” I giggled out.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you. I promise you, you will not regret this” he said and kissed my cheek as he walked more like skipped away.

I held my cheek, Maybe this was a start to something magnificent.

Fights lead to something... ~Naughty November~

Prompt: Can you do an Aaron Hotchner where they get into a fight after everyone leaves and it turns to rough smut ?? 

Pairing: Aaron x Reader

Word  Count: 515

Warning: None

TAGGED: @crysxtal @dunbarkiss @kirsty-lou666 @emo-chick-59-stuff@xxshewollfxx @horror-movies-and-disney@kittencutie245@thejulietfarciertlove @jwowwluv

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Part 3 Chapter 3: More Questions Than Answers, Part One

RECAP: Claire and Julia (aka Faith) were separated in their journey thru the stones. Claire returned to her own time, but Julia traveled further and landed in 2007. Ten years later, we find that Julia has been kidnapped by a mysterious man who seems to know an awful lot about her parents. The man brings her to a circle of standing stones somewhere in the middle of the woods in North Carolina. Julia travels thru the stones by accident in an attempt to escape, coming out in 1767. Jamie finds her injured and lost in the woods, but she promptly tries to run away. (This is escape attempt #1, you should be counting. Jamie is.) He returns to the Ridge to reunite mother and daughter under the threat of someone named Randall.

You can find previous chapters here.

October 31st, 1767; Fraser’s Ridge, North Carolina

“Claire?!” Jamie’s voice was urgent, almost panicked, as it drifted thru the open door of my surgery.

I dropped the bundle of herbs I’d been working with and hastened towards the sound, colliding head-on with Ian as I did so. We awkwardly tried to step out of each other’s way, only succeeding in treading on toes and making a general mess of things.

“Bring yer box,” my nephew rambled excitedly, “Uncle found a lass in the wood an’ she’s hurtin’ somethin’ fierce. He says he isna injured, but I havena seen him look this way before, Auntie.”

I had turned to grab my supplies as soon as the words were out of his mouth and now shoved them into Ian’s hands.

“What do you mean?” I asked as I pushed past him, needing to see my husband for myself. The knowledge that Jamie would never admit to being in pain in front of his nephew formed a tight band of worry across my chest.

Ian followed close behind me and answered, still talking a mile a minute, “He’s white as a sheet an’ trembling from head to toe. Told me to be watchful, but I dinna ken wha’ I’m looking for!”

Jamie was in sight now, and I felt a small measure of relief as I scanned him for visible injuries: neither he, nor the person he was carrying, sported any large patches of blood. The size of the girl in his arms was hard to judge, Jamie’s bulk made her appear small and frail. She was wrapped in his jacket and I wondered what sort of injury it may be hiding.

Her bare legs dangled over his arm as he cradled her, but what stopped me in my tracks were her shoes.

They were leather, but the soles were rubber, the buckles small and delicate, the stitching machine fashioned. My gaze traveled along her body and fixated on the tuft of auburn curls poking out of the top of the coat.

“Claire…” Jamie repeated my name, unable to say more. His face was ashen and I could see him trembling from my place across the dooryard. He blinked back tears, his chest heaving from the effort it took to not break down completely.

It couldn’t be.

I moved towards Jamie, unable to feel the ground beneath my feet.

You’re dreaming, my heart warned, this is just another dream. You’ll wake up beside Jamie any moment now and Julia will be gone. This isn’t real.

My hand shook as I reached out to pull the garment away from her face. The curve of her cheekbones and set of her eyes were enough to send my heart to my toes. I sagged into Jamie, unable to stand alone any longer. A small cry of pain escaped Julia’s lips as Jamie adjusted his stance to support the both of us.

I’m here, my love. Mama’s here. Please don’t cry, my soul whispered, just as it had that day so many years ago.

Visions of the day she was born, the day she was torn from me, and every moment between flashed before my eyes in a kaleidoscope of emotions. Our time alone in Paris. The endless nights spent wondering if she’d live to see the dawn. I heard the sound of her laughter, the lilt of her voice as she chattered to us. Her words rang fresh in my mind, as if she had said them just the moment before.

Love Mim. Love Da.

“And I love you, Julia Ellen,” I whispered as I cradled her face in my hands. My thumb wiped away a trail of tears running down her cheek, careful to avoid the ragged line of broken skin along her cheekbone. Her eyelids flickered, but didn’t open.

Jamie shifted Julia in his arms, holding on tighter to our miracle. Her face contorted in pain as she cried out in earnest. The sound sent shock waves down my spine, spurring me into action.

“Lay her on the bed, Jamie.” I asked and commanded all in the same breath, moving towards the cabin without letting go of Jaime. I half lead, half dragged the two of them into the cabin and across dim interior.

Jamie bent and wordlessly set her down atop the down mattress. Released from the support of her father’s arms, Julia tried to curl herself into a ball, instinctively protecting herself from the outside world.

“I’ve got you, darling.” I murmured, tucking a stray curl behind her ear and taking her hand in mine. “It’s alright, love, I’m right here.”

Julia recoiled, her eyes opening wide as she screeched, “Go away!“

“Yer safe now, a leannain, I promise.” Jamie assured her as he hastily sat down and tried to reach for her as well.

Tears blurred my vision as Julia tried to move away from us. Inch by inch she scooted towards the wall, fiercely clutching her left arm as she did so. She rolled herself into a sitting position and huddled against it, her chin quivering as she tried to speak forcefully, “I want to go home!”

“I ken ye do, but, please,” Jamie’s voice broke at the word as he begged from the edge of the bed, “will ye no’ let us help ye?”  

“Not until you tell me.” Julia glared at Jamie, measuring him carefully.

Stretching out his hands to her, he vowed. “I’ll tell ye anything, a chuisle.”

“Why?” Her voice was barely above a whisper, “Why did you abandon me?”

The room began to spin before me as I tried to open my mouth to explain. The words stuck in my throat, choking me as I blindly reached for Jamie. He gathered me into his arms, answering for me, “We didna. Ye were taken from us.”

“By who?”

“Well,” he drew out the word, “it wasna really a person.”

“If you say I was abducted by fairies, I’m going to throw this pillow at you,” Julia responded dryly.

I felt Jamie chuckle and couldn’t help but smile thru my tears.

“Nae, it wasna the wee folk. May I ask ye a question, lass?”

There was a pause before she hesitantly agreed.

His voice was low, resonating deeply against me as I clung to him.

“What year is it?”

I'll make you scream. [Finn Balor Imagine]

Requested by anon: “Hey!! i love your writing so much! Can you write a story for Finn Balor about him and the Reader playing scary video games together, and teasing eachother and it getting alittle intimate?”

Rating: M

Warnings: Smut, smut, smut, and cussing.

Authors note: Sorry it took two days! This was my very first smut so I hope you like it! Sorry if it sucks. :( ———————————————–

“Finn, I wouldn’t go in that room if I was you.” I said, clutching on to the pillow I was holding. “Y/N, who is the gaming expert here?” He asked, looking over at me as he shook his controller in his hand, signaling he was some sort of gaming god. He turned his attention back to the game, and entered the room I told him not to go in. When he opened the door, a zombie popped out from the door, and killed him causing Finn to scream like a little girl.

“FINN!” I screamed out as I fell onto the floor, sending myself into a fit of laughter. “Y-you scream like a little g-girl!” I said through breaths, laughing so hard my stomach began to hurt. Finn stood up, and looked down at me. He placed his hands on hips, and raised one eyebrow. “I’ll make you scream like a little girl.” He replied, sounding very stern. I became silent, staring back up at him, tilting my head to the side a bit, deciding wether to challenge him or not. But knowing me, I decided with it. “I would love to see you try.”

Without any hesitation, Finn bent down and pulled me up by my arms, slamming his lips on to mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck, tangling my fingers into his hair. His arms snaked around my waist as he pulled me closer to him. I lightly tugged on his hair as he deepened the kiss, licking my bottom lip to signal he wanted entrance. I decided to be a tease and not open my mouth for him, but he quickly caught on to what I was doing. His slowly slid his hands down to my ass, giving it a light squeeze before lifting his hands up, and allowing them to slap my ass as hard as he could.

I gasped at the unexpected impact, allowing him to slide his tongue into my mouth. Our tongues tangled together, fighting for dominance. Finn lightly tapped my ass, meaning he want me to jump up and wrap my legs around his waist. Which I did immediately. He began to walk forward as he finally won dominance over my mouth. I felt my back hit a wall, but I honestly didn’t even care right now. His hands slid out from underneath me, but he had me pinned against the wall so I wouldn’t fall.

He reached behind him, and pulled my hands out of his his, and pinned them on both sides of my head before pulling his lips away from mine. “Go upstairs. I want you naked by the time I get up there.” He said. I can hear the lust in his voice. I didn’t know what to say, so I just nodded my head. I unwrapped my legs from his waist, and he stood back to let me free from the wall and his body. I darted upstairs as Finn stayed downstairs, doing whatever he was doing.

I ran into our bedroom, and shut the door behind me. I quickly undressed knowing that he would get upset if I wasn’t doing what he told me to do. I laid horizontal across the middle of the bed, trying to look as sexy as I can. I heard footsteps begin to come up the stairs, and suddenly my heart began to beat out of my chest. This isn’t the first time Finn and I have had sex, I mean we’ve been dating for almost 2 years. But each time we had sex, it was a new adventure and a new position.

The door opened, and in walked Finn holding something behind his back. I raised one of my eyebrows, curious to know what it was. “What is that?” I asked him as he shook his head. “You’ll find out.” He laid it down beside the bed so that I couldn’t see it, and took his shirt off flinging it across the room. He grabbed my feet and pulled me towards him, earning a little squeak from me. “Are you going to be good for me and do what I say?” He asks as I look up at him, our eyes locking. I nodded my head slowly, licking my lips. “Good. On your knees.”

I did as I was told. I got off of the bed, and down on to my knees. I looked up at Finn to hear his next command, trying to keep my focus on his words and not the swimming pool forming underneath me. He unbuckled his belt, and pulled it out of its loops, flinging to where his shirt came to rest. “Now, I want you to beg for me to let you suck my dick.” He said, pulling down his pants and kicking them off his legs. His bulge was straining against his boxers as he slowly began to palm himself. He knew actually what to do and say to get me to go crazy. I had a love-hate relationship with begging. I loved it because it’s sooooo hot, but I hate it because he gets so much enjoyment out of it.

I nodded, and began to do what I was told. “Finn, can I please suck your huge dick? You know how much I love having it in my mouth. Just the feeling of my lips wrapped around your dick makes my pussy so wet.” I glanced up at him, seeing him bite his lip. He grabbed on to the hem of his boxers and pulled them down. He was already fully hard. I continued to please him with my words, “It just makes my mouth water just looking at it. It’s so big, and it sure as hell pleases the fuck out of me.”

“Open your mouth, and stick your tongue out.” He commanded. I opened my mouth as wide as I could, and stuck my tongue out awaiting for the taste of him. He put his hands on the side of my head, and slowly put his tip into my mouth. “Suck.” I wrapped my lips around him, and hollowed out my cheeks as I began to flick my tongue over his tip as I sucked on him. He enjoyed going a little bit at time for some reason. I don’t know why, but hey I ain’t complaining.

He slowly put all of himself into my mouth, which was my queue to start to bob my head. “That’s it, baby girl.” He leaned his head back, and closed his eyes enjoying the pleasure that my mouth was giving him. I pushed my head as far down as I could, and my nose came in contact with his pelvis. I slowly pulled my head back down to his tip, and wrapped my hand around his length. I began to jerk him off as I slurped on his tip. The noise I was making was earning moans and groans from him. Slobber was falling off of my chin, and off of his dick but neither of us cared.

I felt him began to twitch in my hand, but he quickly pulled me up from my knees. “That mouth of yours is something else.” He said, pushing me down on to the bed on my back. Before I could reply, he was already on top of me. He began to place sloppy, wet kisses on the side of neck. His head began to drop lower, now placing kisses on my collar bone. And then to my breasts.

He took my nipple into his mouth as his hand gripped the other one. He allowed his tongue to flick over it continually, earning moans from me. I could feel him smirk when he heard me which boosted his ego. He took my nipple out of his mouth, and slowly licked over it which he knew was my favorite. He planted kisses from my left breast to my right one, doing the same thing he did to the last one. “Finn..” I moaned out, closing my eyes. I could just feel myself getting wetter and wetter by the second.

He began to slowly kiss down my stomach, planting his last kiss just above my pussy. He propped my two legs up, and put his arms under my things. I looked down at him, and our eyes locked as he slowly licked my clit. My head fell back and my eyes closed. God he knew what he was doing. He wrapped his lips around my clit, and began to suck on his gently as his tongued quickly flicked over it.

“Oh, F-Finn..” I moaned out, arching my back up just a little bit. He took his right arm out from underneath my thigh, and stuck two finger inside of me. He pumped them in and out of me at quick place. My hand quickly found his hair as my other hand gripped the bed sheets. “Fuck! You’re gonna m-make me cum!” I screamed out, bucking my hips forward which he seemed to enjoy.

Finn pulled away completely, and looked down at my shaking body. “Not yet.” He said, as I pouted at the loss of pleasure. He positioned himself at my entrance, and looked down at me. His hands were on either side of my head, and I wrapped my arms around his neck to pull him closer to me. “You ready, baby girl?” He asked me as I quickly nodded, which earned a chuckle from him.

He slowly entered me to allow me to adjust to his size. My mouth formed an ‘o’ shape as I felt him slide inside of me. He went inside of me fully, and stood like that for just a few seconds to let me get used to his size. Something he always had to do when we fucked. He leaned down to the side of the bed, and pulled out what he brought in earlier. And it was something I have wanted for a long time. It was a vibrator. My eyes went wide as I saw it since I have always wanted to use one.

He slowly began to thrust his hips at a slow pace, making me furrow my eyebrows together at the pleasure. “After 2 years and you’re still as tight as ever.” He said, wincing at my tightness. He turned the vibrator on, and put it directly on my clit. “Holy shit.” I moaned out as Finn began to go faster. Soon enough, the sound of skin slapping together filled our room, and the sound of buzzing was along with it.

“Oh my god, fuck yes! Fuck my pussy!” I screamed out as I wrapped my legs around his hips, making him go deeper and faster. I felt this ball of fire in the bottom of my stomach, and I knew I was so close. Finn knew it as well. He buried his face into the crook of my neck as he took the vibrator off of my clit, and replaced it with his fingers. “Finn, I’m g-gonna c-” I began to say but was cut off by his free hand coming over my mouth. “No. Not yet.” He leaned up, picked up both of my legs and held them from behind my kneecaps. “What a beautiful view.” He said with a smirk as he looked down at his naked property. A string of profanities flowed from his mouth as the pleasure was beginning to get overwhelming for him as well. “On the count of 3, baby.” He said, letting his head fall back. Him counting to three seemed like forever. But finally he reached three, and we both came at the same time. Something we loved to do.

“Fuck!” I screamed out loudly as my body jolted, and my legs begin to shake. My head went as far back into the mattress as possible as my back arched. I felt him twitch inside of me as he filled me up with his cum. “Holy fucking shit, Y/N!” He screamed out. Finn and I rode out our highs together, and finally he crashed down on top of me. His dick still inside of me.

I laughed as I began to play with his hair, our sweaty bodies tangled together. “Who’s the little girl now?” He asked. “Me!” I said proudly as I raised my free hand to the air. “Damn right.” He said as he placed a final kiss on my shoulder before we both fell asleep.

Honey Bee

Third part to the Bees Sting story.

Negan x Bee (reader’s nickname)

2300 words

Warnings ~ Negan language, sexual innuendo, Bee’s quirkiness(?)

Lyrics from “Big Spender”

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    As we walked down the hall to my room, her tiny fingers never leaving mine, I chanced a quick glance at her. Her head was down, not even fucking looking where she was walking, just taking the chance that I wouldn’t let her walk into anything.

 “Bee, are you fine with this? You’re awfully fucking quiet, and with your head down like that you kinda look like you’re being led to a fucking firing squad. I can take you back to your room doll, is that what you want?” I was willing her to say no, that she was fucking fine coming to my room.

 Suddenly, she let go of my hand, running like a little rabbit down the hall, stopping right in front of my fucking door. She leaned back against it, placing my scarf around her neck, then gently dropping the toy bee down her top again. Looking directly at me, she smirked. “It’s what I want, Negan.” Winking, she started twirling the ends of my scarf, humming, then singing.

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a/n: this is my first ever sinny sin sin writing so lmk what u think. 

WARNINGS: sinny sin sin ;) and swearing

i was sitting on the cool metal bleachers of the riverdale high gym watching the river vixens, cheryl blossom’s cheerleading squad, practice their homecoming routine. cheryl and i are pretty much the only two bi girls in the school besides veronica lodge,  (to the boys’ delight and our mutual disgust) and we have flirted back and forth for months. althought ronnie is one of my best friends, we were both crushing on cheryl and i was determined to get the redhead before ronnie. watching the practice was both heaven and hell for me. cheryl was prancing around in tight black shorts and high socks and i couldn’t help but rub my legs together at the sight. cheryl spotted me in the bleachers and smirked. 

oh fuck, i thought. she was going to make me regret watching them. 

“okay ladies! time for us to stretch! veronica, will you stretch my leg?” she yelled out to her team. i growled lowly. she knew it would piss me off beyond belief. veronica smiled widely and basically ran over to where cheryl was beginning to lift her leg. veronica grabbed her by the ankle and pushed her straight leg towards her head. cheryl lowly moaned and ronnie gulped. i bit my lip. hard. i tasted blood in my mouth. 

once the girls were done stretching cheryl decided to end with some yoga. the vixens were faced away from me and when they did downward dog her perfect ass was high in the air. my pussy quivered. 

“okay vixens! great practice, see you tomorrow!” cheryl finally yelled. i waited the vixens out and once the gym had emptied i walked down the bleachers to her. 

“hi, y/n, did you enjoy the practice?” she asked with a bragging smile. 

“of course i did, cher. to be honest i’ve always wanted to be a vixen.” i responded. 

“oh i think you’re a vixen already, baby.” she said and suddenly slammed our lips together. we made out, fighting for dominance with our tongues and after a while we pulled away, panting. 

“fuck, baby. looks like we’ll have to go to my house. you down?” she asked and picked up her gym bag. looks like a nickname was forming. 

“of course i am.” i breathed out. we both raced out to cheryl’s car and i clambered into the passenger seat. she started her car and sped out of the parking lot and away from riverdale high. we were both anticipated what was to come next. 

“hey can i play music? like do you have an aux cord?” i asked, knowing exactly what song to play. 

“of course, baby. right here.” she picked up the cord and handed it to me. i quickly plugged my phone in and started playing believer by imagine dragons. cheryl gasped. 

“i love this song!!!!!!!” she squealed and turned the music up. she sang along to the song and my hand crept into her seat. i put my fingers up her shorts and she stopped singing. 

“y/n, baby. what’re you doing?” she asked, nervously. i slid her panties to the side and ran a finger up her slit. 

“damn, cher, you’re hella wet.” i laughed. i continued to run my finger up and down until she got into a routine and loosened. once she was fully relaxed, i slammed a finger into her. she swerved slightly and gasped. 

“y/n, you’re being a bad girl, baby. i’d stop now if i were you.” cheryl said and glaced at me with warning eyes. 

“but what’ll you do if i don’t?” i batted my eyes innocently at her and on the last word i added a second finger. 

“you’re in for it now, baby.” she growled and we pulled into thornhill. i pulled my fingers out of her sopping pussy and inserted them into my mouth. i sucked on them seductively and she growled again. 

“let’s go.” she stated. we got out of the car and she whispered in my ear. 

“you’re gonna regret that, baby.” cheryl said and i giggled. she pulled me inside the door and we ran up the stairs together. once we were in her room, she threw me towards the bed. i kicked my shoes off. 

“naked. now.” she said and i ripped my t-shirt off over my head and unbuttoned my pants and slid them down my legs. 

“are your parents here?” i inquired. she shook her head. 

“out of town, for the week.” she said and i smirked. 

“wanna keep me company?” she asked and my eyes lit up. i nodded furiously. 

“well, then, you’ll have to be a good baby for mommy.” she said. 

“okay mommy.” i said. 

“lay back on the bed for me, i’ll be over in a second.” she said and turned to her large closet. she rummaged around for a moment before finding what she was looking for. she grabbed the box and walked over to me. she opened the box and handcuffed my arms over my head. after, she waltzed down to my feet and tied one of each side of the bed, my dripping pussy on display for her.she ran her hands lightly up my leg. 

“have you been a good girl for mommy, baby?” she asked. i nodded. 

“no you haven’t baby.” she said and delivered a hard slap to my pussy. i yelled out. 

“maybe if you weren’t such a little slut you could be a good girl.” she yelled at me and slapped me again where i craved her touch most. she slapped me 6 more times and each time her hand came back to her mouth, soaking with my juices. 

“mhm. you’ve been a good girl for mommy during your slaps. time for you to pleasure mommy.” she said and straddled me at the waist before crawling up to my face. she dangled her pretty pink pussy in front of my face and i opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out to try and reach it to taste her. she teased me for a few seconds before slamming her beautiful sex onto my face. i slurped at her hole and drank her juices in. she moaned loudly and i began sucking on her clit. she began to grind onto my face and moan louder and louder. 

“baby, i’m close.” she moaned out. i sucked and slurped harder at her leaking pussy and she ground into my face harder and her pussy twitched before her juices released all over my fave. 

“thank you baby.” she said and climbed off of me. 

“no, thank you mommy. you’re pussy is addicting.” i said, breathing heavily. she looked at my body, noticing my bra still resting on my boobs. she unclasped it and latched her mouth to one of my nipples and roughly massaged my other tit. she slowly moved down. once she made it to my pussy, she obscenely sucked my clit violently. i moaned out loudly. the noises were crazily sexual. once i finally came, i came hard. she untied my legs. 

“i’m only doing this so i can ride your sopping pussy.” she said. once my legs were free she picked one up and began rubbing our pussies together. she rubbed and bucked wildly for what seemed like seconds before we both came undone. after riding out our orgasms, she took off the handcuffs and laid next to me. 

“you’re definitely a vixen now. both river and not, baby.” cheryl said. 

hope you enjoyed!!! give me requests please! 

waking up with you

(warnings, smut, kissing, choking, that’s about it)


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i slowly felt my eyes flutter open, lids heavy as i glanced across the dimly lit room. it wasn’t morning but the sun was just now rising causing a beautiful glow to the room. i was laying on my side my head buried into a hard chest. i 

looked up at ivars sleeping face, he looked so much younger like this, his face filled with so much peace that it hurt me to ever wake him. i ran my hands down his chest rubbing over his abdomen, his unbound legs wrapped with 

mine, mornings like these when we could just lay there were my favorite, we never had anyone interrupting us or bursting the door down, it was just us. i leaned in closer and pressed a kiss to his neck taking in a small breath smiling 

at the smell his scent. his arms were wrapped tightly around my body holding me close, as if i would float away from him making me feel so safe and secure. i leaned up and pressed kisses to his jaw and cheek, h hummed making me 

smile “what are you doing to me, woman?” he asked his voice much deeper then usual, i leaned closer to his ear my lips rubbing against it as i talked “basking in your rugged handsomeness” i whispered biting at his ear 

making him chuckle softly “it felt more like you were having sex with me without my consent” he said a smile evident in his voice. i pulled back from his ear and slipped one leg over his waist moving closer so my lips were barely brushing 

against his “are you complaining?” i asked smirking at him, he shook his head and laughed again “definitely not” he said moving my hair from my face making me smile and lean into his touch. he looked out of our window and sighed “it is 

still early” he noted his lips barely moving as he talked, i nodded  biting at my lip “it is” i replied smiling at our glowing skin rubbing against each other, he placed a finger beneath my chin and made me look at him “no one is awake, it 

is just us, in a bed……….naked” i smirked with him finally understanding what he meant, i pressed my hot wet mouth to his. our lips moved in sync as our hands explored, running along terrain that we’ve touched so many times 

before, i knew his body better then he did, as he does with mine, he gently stuck his tongue in my open mouth, running it along mine making me moan softly in his mouth, he reached his hand down and grasped my ass under the 

covers, i slipped my leg over him full resting on top of him rubbing my naked lower half on his, he sucked in a harsh breath and kissed me deeper, i placed both my hands on his face and pulled away for air, my lips still resting on his as 

we panted “i love you” i whispered making him close his eyes “and i love you” he whispered back hand still kneading my ass, i leaned up and brushed the hair from my face placing it behind my ears staring at ivar with lust filled eyes, i

ran my hands along his hips rubbing over his v lines making him bite his lip “you’re going to be the death of me” he said with hooded eyes, staring at me like i was his newest meal, which made me feel more empowered, i smirked 

and lifted my hips, everyone would be up soon so we had to be kinda fast, i grasped him under the covers making him groan, i bit my lip when he slid into me with ease, we both moaned throwing our head back, he sat up wrapping his 

arms around my waist as my hands tugged in his hair, i then bounced slowly feeling him rub inside me, i looked him in the eyes and bounced again, his blue eyes were now almost black with lust and desire, my mouth flew open when he started thrusting up and into me. i arched my back pushing my chest to his 

“ivar!” i gasped sharply gripping tighter on his hair, he placed both hands on my waist and held me still while he grinded against me, i raked my nails down his back smirking when he groaned in pain, that just made it all the hotter. he 

glared at me a small smirk at the corner of his lips, he then reached up and yanked on my hair making me whine out, that was one thing we loved during sex, pain. whether it be hair pulling, running our blades down eachother 

bodies, anything as long as it hurt. i pressed my lips to his giving him a wet hot open mouthed kiss “deeper ivar” i moaned, he immediately complied going as deep as he could making me moan louder, he placed his hand over my mouth 

and shushed me “shh, don’t want any-ung!- anyone to hear” he groaned when i softly licked at his hand, he then flipped positions him on top bringing my legs around his waist both his hands beside my head. i glanced down where he and 

i connected and placed my own hand over my mouth to prevent me from crying out, he saw this and smirked, it all felt so overwhelming him thrusting slow but hard, his and i’s skin slapping together, breathless moans coming from our 

mouths making the room hotter. i reached up and wiped a bit of sweat that was gathering by his brow, he grabbed my hand and pressed a kiss to it then placed it on his shoulder, i made him look at me and whispered “choke me” it was a 

simple yet powerful command, he looked shocked for a moment, then hesitantly wrapped his hand around my throat squeezing ever so slightly making my eyes roll back into my skull, the pressure of his hand adding to the pleasure “uh!, yes 

ivar” i moaned quietly pushing my head back into the pillows, the bed was starting to creak as ivars thrusts were getting harder, he leaned down and bit my shoulder “who’s fucking you so good?” he asked breathlessly, i moaned and 

grasped the hand that was curling around my throat “you, ivar” i whimpered pushing my hips up to meet his, i was getting closer, i could feel it. he leaned up and stared me in the eyes still keeping momentum “who do you belong to?” 

he moaned out closing his eyes for a millisecond “you!, you ivar” i cried out none of us caring how loud we were now “cum, cum for me sweetheart” his hot whisper by my ear pushed me over the edge, i moaned loudly as i clenched 

down on his prick, my vision going pure white for minutes on end, he groaned loudly as he came, his hot cum shooting into me making me moan again and again, still feeling the aftershock of my orgasem. his body lowered on to mine 

his head resting in the crook of my neck. i opened my eyes and and stared at the ceiling trying to control my breathing, ivar was quiet his hand still lightly wrapped around my neck his thumb rubbing small circles on my skin, i raised a 

hand up and stroked his head, pressing a kiss to his head every now and again. he raised his head up and kissed me, just barely. i ran my hands down his red, and scratched up back “ i love you” he whispered rubbing his nose 

against mine, i smiled tiredly at him and whispered “ i love you, too”. as i stared into his eyes, i knew, right then, that i could never leave him, no matter how bad my mind told me too, in my heart i knew ivar was the one i wanted, my 

husband could never know and it was getting harder to lie, ivar was my man, my husband wasn’t and never will be, i hadn’t noticed i was crying until ivar wiped away a from my cheek tear, he understood what was wrong, it was always like this 

when we were together, i had to leave my husband. i pressed my forehead to ivars and kissed under his eye 

“ i love you, much more then i should”

“leave him”

“……i will”.

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Fully just had to go to hospital because my jaw locked open and I couldn’t close my mouth

The nurses asked me what i was doing when it locked and of course my mouth was stuck open and I couldn’t speak properly so I tried to mime brushing my teeth without thinking and I froze after I realized what it looked like (spoiler alert it looked inappropriate) and the entire room burst out laughing

Anyways after that the nurses and doctors were all having a great time telling jokes and making me laugh cause I couldn’t respond.

I swear half the doctors there weren’t even there to help they were just there cause “hey there’s this chick with her mouth open-” and it was funny.

Anyways they gave me 3 needles and knocked me out for about 4 minutes and cracked my jaw back into place. (I didn’t even know they could knock you out for that short amount of time? Pretty cool)

Twas a fun and eventful evening!

Alarm - Derek Luh Smut

“Derek?” I yawned as I turned to face my boyfriend. He was still asleep next to me. His mouth was slightly opened as quiet snores were escaping it.

"Derek?” I asked again hoping that he’s not that deep asleep. I want to go out today as he is going on tour tomorrow. Derek mumbled something in return. “Baby, I want us to go out today,” I said as I stroke his hair but Derek just mumbled something inaudibly and started snoring again.

I sighed and I turned around. There is no way I can get him out of bed.

Or is there? I thought to myself.

I turned back around and Derek was already in deep sleep again. I moved closer and kissed his neck softly. Derek was still deep asleep.

Slowly, I started trailing kisses down to his collarbone, slightly sucking and biting on it. Derek mumbled something. “Shh baby, keep on sleeping,” I said as I stroke his cheek.

I moved down and started kissing Derek’s torso. His six pack was really toned now. He’s been working out quite a lot lately.

I left a love bite on each one of his packs as he kept on mumbling something.

My hand made its way to Derek’s boxers and tugged slightly on them until I managed to pull them off.

Derek’s dick was already erected as it was morning. I wrapped my right hand around it and started stroking his tip. With my left hand I started massaging his balls softly. I could hear Derek moaning a little. A smirk spread across my face.

As Derek moaned quietly, I slid the tip on my mouth and sucked on it slightly. With my hand I was pumping the rest of his dick. Slowly I started bobbing my head up and down as Derek’s moans started getting louder and more often. With every bob I would increase the speed. Derek was moaning loudly which turned me on myself.

Suddenly, I put all of him inside of me. I was still massaging his balls. I could feel his dick twitching so I took it out of my mouth and started bobbing my head as fast as possible while pumping with my free hand. "Fuck!” Derek moaned as I could feel him cum in my mouth. I continued bobbing my head as fast as possible as he kept on spilling his juices in my mouth. “Fuck,” Derek moaned again.

I took his dick out of my mouth and I straddled him. I opened my mouth to show him what a good job I’ve done while he smirked. I swallowed his cum because I know he loves it when I do it. “Good girl,” Derek said as he rested his hands in my ass.

“Maybe I should pretend to be asleep more often because I quite enjoy my new alarm,” Derek smirked. “You were pretending?!” I said in disbelief. “Shh, you enjoyed it too,” Derek whispered in my ear.

Suddenly, I was flipped over on the bottom and Derek spread my legs. “Hmm, I see you got pretty wet because of daddy,” he said and I nod my head. “Well let me sort that out as you’ve been a really good girl this morning,” Derek said and I smiled excitedly.

Derek pulled down my pants and blew over my wet pussy which caused me to shiver slightly.

Daddy stuck two fingers inside of me which caused me to moan. “You are so damn wet,” Derek moaned. He started moving his fingers in and out with every move my moans were getting louder.

Derek leaned closer and started licking my clit. Holy fuck that is amazing. “Please daddy, go faster,” I begged him as I was squeezing my boobs. “Whatever my princess says,” Derek said which caused vibrations spread all over my pussy which made moan again.

Derek was moving his fingers as fast as possible which caused a nice warm feeling down in the pit of my stomach.

“I am so close,” I moaned. I’m quite close but I need something more, I don’t know what it is yet though.

Derek started sucking on my clit which then drove me over the edge. My walls were clenching around his fingers which were still moving as fast as possible.

Soon, I could feel my juices spill all over Derek’s fingers. “Fuck daddy!” I screamed as loud as I could as more of my cum kept spilling.

Derek pulled his fingers out and looked at how wet they were. He smirked and then put them in his mouth sucking on them. That is pretty damn hot too. “Mm, baby. You taste way too good!” Derek said as he licked off my cum off of his fingers. He stuck his fingers inside me again which caused me to moan slightly and took them out. He brought them towards my mouth. “Open!” He commanded and I obeyed. He stuck his fingers inside my mouth. “Suck!” He commanded again and I started sucking. Damn, I taste good.

“Good girl,” Derek said and pulled his fingers out. He moved back down and started licking off my juices which kept on making me moan.

“Stop or I’ll get turned on again,” I said. “Then I’m going to do this again,” Derek smirked as he put his fingers in me and curled them up.

He kept on moving them as I moaned out. “You are a douche,” I moaned as I was turned on once again. “Yup,” he said and kept on doing it.

“Well I guess we are not going out today anymore,” I said as I was enjoying this far more that going out.


I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty damn wet right now

Guess Who → 5SOS Smut

Pairing: All of the boys x Reader

Request: Yes

“So, how about truth or dare.” Calum asked and downed his cup. “Truth or dare or more like ‘do something naughty or tell me who you’re into’.” I replied. “Oh c'mon don’t be a buzzkill (Y/N) it’s gonna be fun!” Ashton said and slung his arm around my shoulders. “I have a better idea.” Michael smirked, “how about guess who?” he asked and wiggled his eyebrows.

All the boys agreed and I looked at them confused because I didn’t know how to play that game. “What’s that?” I asked. “It’s easy. We’re gonna blindfold you and you have to guess who of us is kissing you.” Luke explained with a huge smile on his face.

“Kiss me?” I asked shocked. “We could do something else as well.” Calum smirked. “You gotta be kidding me? I might be drunk but not that drunk.” This idea was insane. We are all best friends and that would be just weird.

“C'mon (Y/N)! That would be so much fun.” Luke begged. “Why don’t we blindfold you then huh? I think it would be funny if they would make out with you.” I snapped.

“Maybe next time. C'mon. You’re not gonna regret it.” Ashton smiled and placed his hand on my thigh. I sighed and nodded after all. This couldn’t turn out too bad and if it’s just a little making out session I couldn’t complain.

Ashton removed his bandana and put it around my eyes. “Can you see?” He asked. “No.” I honestly replied and took a deep breath. I suddenly became really nervous about this game. “Don’t worry (Y/N). You’re gonna love it.” Michael said in a raspy voice and stroked over my cheek.

“Alright. Now sit down on the floor and relax.” Calum instructed. I did as I was told, I awkwardly rose from the couch and sat down on the floor. The relaxing part was a little bit more difficult. I felt my heartbeat increase when I heard the boys whisper about something I couldn’t understand.

“Are you ready?” Ashton asked. I nodded and bit my lip. I couldn’t see anything so I tried to keep my focus on the hearing, it was very hard to concentrate and listen to my surroundings, all I heard was my blood pumping through my ears.

A few seconds later I felt a pair of hands on my cheeks and shortly after, soft lips on mine. I was shocked for a moment but kissed back right away. I didn’t know who it was at first but when I placed my hand on the boys neck and ran my hand through his hair, I realized it was Ashton. But the kiss felt so good I didn’t want it to stop. Our lips collided again and again, and all of a sudden he pulled away from me. “Guess who?” Luke asked from a small distance. “Ashton.” I replied breathlessly. “Good guess babe.” He said and I could literally hear his smirk. “Okay. Next one.” He said.

A pair of hands now ran over my thighs, stopping right at my lady parts. I wanted to say something but cut myself off when I felt one of them sucking on my neck, right on my sweet spot. I bit my lip to keep myself from moaning. He sucked harshly and kissed it afterwards to ease the pain a little. He softly pushed me down and hovered over me without braking the contact between his lips and my neck once. His hand moved from my upper thigh up to my belly all the way to my breasts. A quiet moan escaped my mouth when he squeezed them slightly. I had an idea now who it might me, I opened my mouth to speak but my words were stuck in my throat. “Guess who.” Ashton asked and the boy who was on top of me quickly stopped and got off me. I sighed at the loss of contact and tried to focus again. “Michael. I think.” I guessed. “Awh man! What gave me away? It was the boob grab wasn’t it?” I laughed and nodded. “It was.”

“Damn it. The next one is gonna be harder though. Literally.” I heard Ashton laugh from across the room. There was a short silence before someone hovered over me again, pressing me down to the ground. His boner poked my thighs and I felt myself getting wetter and wetter. He pressed his lips onto mine and kissed me passionately. We made out for a couple of minutes before he started kissing down my neck. His hand moved under my skirt and his index finger pressed against the fabric of my wet panties. “M-more” I begged. I knew this was a bad idea but the heat between my legs told me otherwise. I wanted more contact. “So impatient.” I heard someone say but I couldn’t quite make out who of them it was. The boy over me started rubbing over my panties, before he slowly stripped them down my legs. I immediately spread my legs to allow him access to my heated core. He started rubbing slowly over my clit and Michael asked from a distance, “Guess who.” I wanted to speak but all that came out of my mouth were moans. “I- I..” he started rubbing faster and I lost my focus again. I couldn’t think of a name. “Who is it (Y/N)?” Michael asked again and the boy who was working his magic on me stopped his movements at once, leaving me unsatisfied. “I, I’m not sure. I think it’s Luke.” I answered. “Right guess.” He laughed. “You’re really good.”

“It’s my turn to finish the job then.” Calum said proudly. For a moment I felt and heard nothing. I started getting really impatient but before I could say something I felt two fingers slamming inside me. I threw my head back and let out a loud moan. “Oh god.” I arched my back grabbed a fistful of Calum’s hair. His fingers moved in a quick pace and I was overwhelmed by the feeling. “You want more?” He asked. I nodded eagerly and bucked my hips. I let out a loud moan when Calum licked over my slit and started sucking harshly on my clit. “Fuck. Just like that.” I moaned and tugged on his hair, pressing him closer to me. He quickened up his pace, his fingers thrusted hard and fast in and out of me and his tongue swirled around my clit quickly. I felt a familiar knot building up in my stomach. “I’m c-close” I stuttered. He curled his fingers and hit my g-spot over and over again. It didn’t took a long time before my orgasm washed over me hard. Calum continued swirling his tongue around my sensitive clit and rode out my orgasm. “Fuck.” I moaned when he moved away from me.

I breathed heavily, removed the blindfold and noticed some prominent boners. “Well I guess it’s my turn now huh?”

My Insanely Hot Stepbrother


It wasn’t long since I met Jinyoung as my new step-brother. My dad had married his mom only a month ago and I met him a couple days afterwards when he came back from boarding school. Apparently, he’s a year older than me and will start going to the same school I do next semester.

I remember my first impression of him and honestly, I thought he was hot. Hotter than the guys at my school and probably one of the best looking guys I’ve ever seen. Beautiful, brown eyes, full, pink lips, and judging by how he always comes out of the shower shirtless, he had a fucking nice body too. There were times I could barely even look away. You what he does when he noticed me staring? He fucking chuckles, winks at me, and goes to his room. He always teased me. It was fun for him.

To simplify our relationship, he’s a big tease and I try to avoid contact with him as much as possible. He’s my step-brother and I know there should be nothing between us but I just can’t help but have impure thoughts. Dreams and fantasies of having his hands all over me. Touching, kissing me in all the right places. It turns me on so bad that I’ve been maturbating like crazy, thinking about Jinyoung. Always making me feel so guilty and wrong.

This week our parents are we’re going to out of town to finally go on their honeymoon, which meant that me and Jinyoung would be alone in the same house. A boy and a girl. Man and women.

I think I might just die with the thought of it that way.


I turned away from the tv, that wasn’t even on, to see Jinyoung walking towards me taking a seat next to me on the couch. I tried to act as normal and calm as possible. However, I couldn’t control my eyes, they would dilate every time I see him and I could tell too.

“Yeah,” I answered.

“You know, ‘mommy and daddy,’” he said quoting those two words with his fingers, “are  gonna be out for a long while. Wanna do something?”

“Like what,” I asked nervously.

“Like you know,” he said leaning against the couch, “get to know each other better.”

Getting to know each, seems okay, nothing difficult.

“Yeah, sure ok,” I responded.

“Okay,” he said sitting up straight, “Let’s play 21 questions, I’ll start.”

He pretended to think before looking back at me to ask the first question, “when’s your birthday?”

You told him your birthday, “Um, what do you miss about about boarding school?”

“Hmmm, well my friends really, the rest of it sucked ass,” he said chuckling, “What’s your school like?”

“Well, it’s okay I guess, typical high school really. What kind of student are you, like were you popular?”

“A little above average you can say, had few admirers, but overall normal guy,” he nodded.

I seriously doubt that he’s “normal.” He looks anything but normal.

“So, you got a boyfriend?”

A boyfriend? Why would he care about that?

“No, it don’t,” I answered slowly.

He nodded at me as if this was an important piece of information.

“Do…you have a girlfriend,” I asked hesitantly.

He chuckled, “No, neither do I…What did you think about be when you first met me?”

That made stop for a bit, I could feel my heart pound through my chest. Gosh, this question makes me nervous. How am I supposed to answer a question like that?

“Uh..,” seriously?

“Uh, I thought you were…nice. I always wanted a big brother.” Nice.

“Just nice,” he asked dubiously, teasing me.

“Uh, it’s my turn,” I retorted, trying to change the subject. “Um. Do you like your new home?”

“Yeah, of course,” he answered, leaning against the couch and staring attentively at me, “I got a cool new step-dad now and…,” he stretched his hand towards me pushed a strand of hair behind my ear, “a beautiful new step-sister.”

He looked at me with endearing eyes as he held my cheek. I gulped down some of the salvia I had building up inside my mouth.


“Okay, now my turn. So answer me this honestly,” he drew closer to me, making my body slightly back away.

“Do have any sexual attraction toward me?”

Why does this question have to come up?!

I looked down shamefully, “…Yes, but–”

“Really? That’s good then,” he suddenly leaned over and unexpectedly smashes his lips against mine.

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Snow Day

Negan x Reader (wife #6 - Y/N)

900 words

Warnings - a little bit of sexual innuendo, and Negan and his f-bombs

@mypapawinchester @kijilinn @mamapeterson @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash @negandarylsatisfaction @rapsity @strangersangel9 @wickednerdery @ladylorelitany @angelak72081 @scarygoodfanfics @superpinkkcat @gageef @ericas-negan77 @miss-nori85 @ali-pennell @smuttwd

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beccadrawsstuff  asked:

okay but sam getting a tongue ring. danny loves it.

“Oh my God, dude, stop pining.”

"Shut up I’m not pining,” Danny said. He sat on the floor of his and Tucker’s apartment, wrapped in a ten year old blanket with rocket ships and planets on it Tucker privately referred to as ‘Danny’s mope-cape.’ He had not looked away from the laptop planted in front of him.

“She’s only been gone three weeks. And it’s not like you don’t hear from her.”

“No, it’s been twenty-fives days and I have not heard from her. No hearing her voice on the phone, no texts, not even snapchat. Just an email whenever she manages a weak wifi signal.”

Being a pair of college boys, the cheap couch they had managed to scrounge up for the living room was hard and lumpy. Through diligent trial and error, Tucker had discovered the most comfortable position involved him laying on it in a way that partly had him upside down with his legs dangling as he played Pokemon on his 3DS.

"You are so whipped, dude,” Tucker shook his head fondly. “Sam tells you she might be able to Skype with you today and you’re sitting in front of the laptop all day like a puppy waiting at the door. I’m surprised she hasn’t made you wear a collar yet.”

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