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Greedy ( Jeff Atkins x Reader)

Request : Hiiii can you make a Jeff Adkins smut where he gets jealous because your talking to Zach? Idk lol if you want to😊

A/n: Hey yo was goodie  guys is your girl back with another smut this request was lowkey fun to write idk why but anyways thank you so much for over 500 reads on need a hand and 330+ followers I honestly feel like this was a shitty imagine because it was rushed because i have finals so I’m sorry if you don’t like it I promise not to suck so bad for the next one. Anyways if you’re waiting on the Jason imagine or the rest I’ll try to get them all in before next weekend key word try because finals have me pulling my hair out.

Warnings:Smut sin sin sin more sin just you know sin eating out , slight dominance coming from Jeff? jealousy you know the usual. Also they are juniors in this imagine so 

You and Jeff had never been the fighting type if you guys had a problem you would talk it out in a mature non-violent way. Lately things have changed Jeff wanted to argue with you about the littlest things. When you took to long to answer his messages because you were taking a shower or too busy doing homework. When you didn’t spend enough time with him. When you didn’t show up to his baseball practices. Little things that never bothered Jeff before now let’s not get it twisted you loved spending time with Jeff after all he is your boyfriend for a reason but lately you both have been so stressed and busy looking at colleges and preparing for the SATs that you guys had no time for each other. 

Junior year is a stressful year you both knew and understood each other or at least you thought you did out of nowhere Jeff started acting really possessive and weird towards you. You tried talking to him but he wouldn’t budge to tell you what’s been on his mind. You decided to go to his baseball practice since he was complaining the whole week that you hadn’t gone. It was Friday and honestly all you wanted to do was go home and sleep but you decided to come support your boyfriend. You were making your way towards the field when you spotted your friend Zach .

“Hey y/n” he said as he spotted you

“ oh hey Zach ” you said hugging him

 Change POV 

“Where are you going ?” He asked

“ I’m gonna go watch Jeff practice you know I have to support the boyfriend ” I say giggling

“ ah I’m heading there too I’m waiting for Bryce you want me to walk you ? ” he asks 

“ yea sure why not ” I say smiling

We walk together into the bleachers laughing at dumb jokes zach is making. When we reach the bleachers I look to the field and spot Jeff looking at me I smiled and wave but he just ignored me or maybe he didn’t see me. I shrug it off and take a seat in the bleachers watching the practice until is over. When the coach blows the whistle I run up to the field and hug Jeff he doesn’t return the hug instead he mutters and awkward hi. I give him a concerned look but he just shoves past me going to the locker rooms to change. I decided this needed to stop and I should talk to him. I start walking to the car deciding to wait for him there. A couple of minutes later Jeff comes in the car throwing his duffel bag on the back seat and putting the key in the ignition.

“ Are you coming over today? ” he asks not even looking at me

“ As a matter of facts yes I am there’s obviously something we need to talk about ” Waving my hands In front of me to emphasize my point.

“ I don’t know what you mean there’s nothing to talk about ” he says as he starts to drive to his house. I stay quiet for the rest of the ride.

When we arrived at his house he opened the door letting me in first Jeff might be mad at me and act like a dick sometime but he never looses his manners. I rush upstairs to his room throwing myself on his bed and letting out a frustrated groan. I feel the bed tip and he lays besides me. He grips my waist but I pull away from his hold.

“ what’s wrong babe ?” He says coming closer.

“ I should ask you the same thing since you decided to be a dick one second and then a sweetheart the next” I say standing up and going over to sit in his computer chair.

He start walking towards me he grabs a hold of my wrist and pulls me up pushing our bodies together. I try to get out his grip but it’s not very useful since he’s stronger than me. He pulls me towards the bed and throws me on it.

Pinning me down he starts kissing my collar bone and he whispers “ Do you want to know why I’ve been so moody lately ” he nibbles on my neck

“ Well I mean it’s not like I’ve been asking for the past 2 weeks now ” sarcasm dripping from my voice he might have me pinned down and it’s slowly turning me on but there’s always room for sarcasm.

He cups my face kissing me roughly “ you’ve been spending so much time with Zach the little giggles here and there , laughing at his jokes , hugging him ” he says with a husky tone. “ do you think I don’t notice oh sweetheart , baby girl you have a lot coming if you think you can play with me like that ” he says attacking my collar bone again.

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He sucks on my neck harshly marking me moan. He makes his way down my body slowly teasing me.  He suddenly rips my shirt and I gasp.

“OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS THAT SHIRT WAS TWELVE DOLLARS” I say looking at my now ripped shirt.Jeff only smirks and continues kissing down my body.He reaches the hem of my skirt and pulls it off in one swift movement.My heart beats faster as the heat between  my legs starts increasing.

He moves his hands trailing them up and down my bare legs admiring them.I had to admit that would be kind of cute if i wasn’t so eagered for his touch.

He comes back up kissing me passionately and pulls me up to unclasp my bra, He slides it down my hands and throws it across the room.He kisses down my bare stomach reaching the hem of my panties grabbing the elastic and letting it go so it emits a sound.

Originally posted by kissing-pleasure

He pulls my panties down slowly tormenting me and throws them across the room joining my bra.He starts kissing on my thighs and  I close my legs rubbing them together to create some friction Jeff smirks and pulls them apart coming closer to my core but not yet touching it.  I feel his breathing hit my spot and I shiver from anticipation.He suddenly licks a stripe parting my lips apart and a loud moan fall from my  mouth.

“Jeff stop teasing babe” I said whining

“Tell me what you want then” he says rising and eyebrow 

“ I want you to do something” I said whining again

“ and that something is “ he says moving his hand over my thighs 

“ I want you to fuck me with your mouth” I say frustrated “Is that what you wan- OH MY GOD” I couldn’t even finish my sentence he plunged his tongue into me cravingly exploring my insides like his life depended on it.

My hips bucked upward from the pleasure as moans escaped my mouth here and there.I grabbed onto his hair pulling it slightly and he moaned into my core making a waveof pleasure  run through my body, I felt on cloud nine with his mouth working wonder as he gripped my thighs forcefully trying to keep me steady.My eyes rolled back from the pleasure, I could hear myself gasping slowly every time he moved his tongue. He was writing words or maybe the alphabet at this point I couldn’t tell. His appetite didn’t seem to be satisfied every taste he had made him want more.

His greed, urgency and desire all came  together to form a combination I couldn’t explain.I felt myself coming closer as pure bliss kicked in a harmony of melodies falling from my mouth along with some curse words. Jeff plunging his tongue into me ,drawing patterns and pulling me closer all of that combined  pushed me to the edge and I felt a wave of rhapsody run through me I slowly rode out my high thrusting my hips upward as Jeff wiped me clean.

He stood up with a satisfied smirk wiping the corners of his mouth coming closer to my face .He kissed my forehead “ you “ he kissed my left cheek “ know” he kissed my right cheek “ I’m”  he kissed my chin “ greedy “ he kissed my lips passionately “ and that I hate sharing baby so why do you push me “ he says smirking. 

“ I don’t Mr.Atkins” I say in between pants 

He pulls me up by me hair and whispers “ you know you’re mine “

“ I’m all yours my greedy man” I say pulling him in for a kiss.

About Last Night // The Preacher’s Daughter Part Two [A Mitch Rapp Smut]

Author: @minhosmeanhoe

Series: Part One

Relationship: Mitch Rapp x Reader / Mitch Rapp x OFC

Warnings: NSFW, Explicit Sexual Content, Smut, Public Fingering, Public-ish Oral (Female on Male), Sinning, Thigh Riding, and Swearing.

Word Count: 6,283

Song: Slow Hands (Acoustic) by Niall Horan

A/N: Thank you to my favorite @stilinski-jpeg for proofreading and editing this. I love you!

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simon smut - dominant

REQUESTED: ‘a v dominant smut where y/n teases simon all day and he punishes her when they get home’

The restaurant was as busy and loud as you would expect anywhere to be on a valentines day. All around the room were couples, scattered across tiny little tables, chatting at a high volume over the slow accoustics playing in the back ground. At a secluded table at the back of the room sat Simon and I. Our table was shared with Sarah and Cal, Harry and Katie, and Josh and Freya, all of whom had agreed that singular valentines dates were cliché and boring, and the night would be a lot more enjoyable should we all go out together.

Everyone had really made an effort. The restaurant we had chosen was of a very high standard, and so in return, so were everybodys outfits. Simon looked incredible, dressed in a black button up and jeans. I watched as he engaged in conversation with Lux from across the table. I took note of the way his jaw moved, how his eyes lit up as he laughed. He looked incredibly attractive, and I simply could not resist him.

As everybody conversed I put down my knife and fork, finished with my meal. Nobody paid attention: this would be my gateway.

Discretely, I put a hand under the table. Simons eyes flickered slightly in confusion before returning to Cals. Slowly and carefully I moved closer to him, resting my hand gently on his upper thigh. I felt his body tense.

“Y/n? What are you doing?” He asked under his breath, checking that nobody was watching.

“Nothing, Simon, I don’t know what you mean.”

Keeping the eye contact I smiled sweetly as I moved my hand higher onto his crotch. His pink lips parted slightly and he swallowed, the lump in his throat prominent against his thin skin. As I began to stroke him he inhaled, his buldge growing under my small hand.

“Y/n you are killing me.”

I bit my lip as he tensed his jaw. Unexpectedly I squeezed my hand, causing him to drop the fork in his hand. The metal crashed against the plate loudly.

“Simon bro,” Josh adressed him, confusion clear in his voice. “Are you…good?”

He cleared his throat. “Yeah, I’m fine.”

When everyone returned to their conversations Simon leaned in closer to me, his lips against my ear.

“You, Y/n,” he whispered, his voice not far from a groan. “Are gonna be in trouble when we get home.”

I leaned in closer. “Oh I know, Simon. And I can’t wait for it.”

I felt him gasp against my face. Suddenly he turned to the table.

“Does anyone mind if me and Y/n just get our share of the bill and leave? She’s not feeling too good.”

“No, that’s fine!” Katie assured us. “Are you okay Y/n?”

“Yeah I’m fine thank you, just a headache.” I smiled innocently, feeling Simon watching me. “Oh look, Simon, there’s the waiter. Why don’t you ask him for the bill?”

Our eyes burned into eachother as I played with the zip of Simon’s jeans, rubbing my hand up and down. Frustration was evident on his face as he called for the waiter.

“Here,” he spoke, his voice irritated and uncomfortable as he placed a few notes on the table. “Keep the change, consider it a tip. Come on Y/n.”

He grabbed on my hand as he stood up, already beginning to walk away. I pulled him back.

“Oh but Simon, I still need to pay my share, silly.” His eyes grew darker as I fluttered my eyelashes. A sigh escaped his lips.

“I paid for you. Let’s go.”

“Are you sure?” I asked, persisting, desperate to keep him waiting and heighten his frustration. “I’d really like to pay my own share, Simon..”

Sarah and Cal exchanged a humoured look, as if they were beginning to puzzle together the pieces. Simon tensed his jaw once more.

“Y/n. I paid. Consider it a valentines present, you’ll make it up to me.”

“Oh if you insist, Simon.”

I stood from my chair and said my goodbyes, making sure to take as long as possible before joining Simon and exiting the restaurant. He walked at an almost impossibly fast speed towards the car, wasting no time getting in and doing his seatbelt.

While he drove I kept my hands to myself, sitting them in my lap. Simons hands gripped the steering wheel until his knuckles turned white. He was frustrated; and I loved it.

The minute we got into his bedroom he slammed the door, pushing me up against it with force. A groan escaped my lips as he pressed his lips against mine, one hand tight around my throat, the other gripping onto my butt under the silk of my dress. He moved his lips to my neck, biting and sucking on the skin, sure to leave a mark. As I groaned he pulled at my dress, finding the zip at the back and pulling on it until the entire outfit fell to the floor, and I was left in nothing but my underwear and my heels.

“You’re gonna regret ever teasing me y/n.” He breathed against my ear, biting softly on my earlobe before moving his attention to my breasts. He placed kisses over each of them, swiping his tongue inbetween my cleavage and slowly dragging it down to my stomach. In what felt like a second he lifted me off of my feet and lay me down on the carpet. My heart rate increased dramatically, my chest rising and falling and as he kissed down my stomach, stopping just above the waistband of my panties. I pressed my legs together to get some sort of relief as Simon sat up.

“What’s wrong Y/n? You want something?”

“Simon, please.” I groaned, desperation and eagerness clear in his voice.

“Beg for it.”

“What? You’re crazy.”

“Well enjoy your own hands.”

He stood up and walked towards his desk, grabbing a controller and sitting in his chair.

“FINE! Simon please touch me.”

I cringed at my words, hating having to beg in this way. His smirk was evident in the reflection of his computer monitor.

“Touch you how Y/n? Hold your hand, is that what you want?”

“Simon, please” I groaned.

“You’re not being clear enough, Y/n.”

“Fuck fine!” I inhaled, looking up at the ceiling. “I want you to touch me…down there.”

Without saying anything Simon returned to the floor. He pressed his lips to my stomach once again, kissing down until he reached my underwear. Using his teeth he removed my panties; I was completely naked on his bedroom floor.

Without warning he pressed his mouth to my heat. His tongue moved in circles and I squealed, my hands pulling on his hair, pushing him onto me.

“Simon - oh my god I’m close.” I yelled. He instantly removed his mouth, causing frustration to run through me. “Ugh Simon why?”

“Frustrating isn’t it?”

“You’re a dick.”

I sat up, reaching for my dress, unsatisfied and annoyed. Simon smirked.

“Oh no you don’t.”

I groaned once again as he pushed me to the floor, kissing me with force. His hands fiddled with his zip, removing his jeans and his boxers as I unbuttoned his shirt, leaving both of us naked. He placed each of his hands either side of me.

“You ready?”

“Yes, fucking yes!”

Chuckling slightly Simon entered himself inside of me. Instantly he began to thrust incredibly quickly, making my legs shake against the floor. I wrapped my arms around his back, leaving scratches all along his exposed skin as he thrusted in and out. Our moans echoed around the room and eventually I felt my stomach begin to tense, heat rising over me.

“Let go baby,” Simon groaned. “I’m close too.”

His words pushing me over the edge I released, him following not long after. He collapsed on top of me, his face in my neck.

“You ever tease me in front of people again, and you’ll get a lot fucking worse.”

I ran my fingers up his spine, smiling.

“Oh don’t tempt me Mr Minter.”

1000 Followers Smut Part 2

It was Saturday night and I was sat in the lounge with all of the guys having a movie night. It had been a week since they had played their little game with me and the whole week I had not teased them once. Now I had just about recovered but during the week the boys found it highly amusing to watch me struggle to get about due to the slight pain they had caused from their intense night of fucking. They believed that I had learnt my lesson and that the pain would remind me not to tease them because of the consequences therefore I hadn’t teased them since. Though they couldn’t have been more wrong. I had been saving all my teasing for one night and that was tonight. I tried to focus my attention on the movie though all I could think about was what I had planned for tonight and as the boys went to bed one by one I just got more and more exited. Eventually, after a long time of waiting, I was the last one up and headed upstairs. First I checked that each boy was fast asleep before running into my room and grabbing my stuff. Slowly and steadily I attached each boy to their bed posts blind folding them and removing them of their clothing though that wasn’t hard as the guys only slept in boxers. I couldn’t help but smirk at them all lying there naked and helpless just like I had been knowing that this time I was the one in control. I waited for them to wake up and though I wanted to fuck all of them right now I wasn’t going to let temptation get the better of me. Not long after I began to hear groans and talking from a few of the rooms. Smiling to myself I peered round the doors as everyone awakened. I bit my lip at the sight of the 10 guys that were teasing me just a week ago now lying there already beginning to get hard. I waited a couple of minutes to make sure everyone was awake before getting ready to start off my night of teasing, torture and pleasure. “Y/N is that you what the fuck are you doing?” Gilinsky finally shouted and I smiled to myself.
“I don’t know if you remember the events of last week where you all tied me up and fucked me senseless but I most certainly do and tonight I’m going to get my own back and play my own game. The rules of my game are as follows if you behave and follow my instructions you will get what you want.” I said and paused listening to their breathing begin to get heavy making me giggle.
“What if we break the rules?” Sammy asked and I smirked.
“Then I get what I want.” I hear all of them groan and bite my lip walking into the first room to my right ready to begin my teasing. I walked in and in front of me laid Taylor naked frustrated and tied up. I took in a deep breath trying to contain my excitement before climbing on the bed.
“Y/N?” He questioned and I leaned towards his ear.
“Hey baby.” I said before slowly taking off his blindfold. I stepped back from the bed and watched Taylor bite his lip knowing what was coming. “Are you going to behave?” I asked stepping back a little further and he nodded his head still biting his lip. I smiled turning around slowly pulling off my top and tossing it to the floor. Next I unbuttoned my shorts throwing them down too before reaching behind me to unclasp my bra. I heard Taylor start to move becoming impatient as my bra hit the floor. Turning back around I smiled watching his eyes focus on my exposed chest before climbing back onto the bed. His lustful eyes looked up at me as I placed my lips onto his. The kiss was slow and passionate as our tongues intertwined. “You’ve been good so far,” I said reached towards his hands “I’m going to release your hands but you’re going to have to continue to listen to me and keep them to yourself to get your real release.” He nodded as I took off the cuffs and I smiled at his obedience. I trailed my hands down his sweaty toned body making goosebumps form all over his skin. He sat up and I attached my lips back to his slowly grinding my dampening core onto his hard length. He moaned against me making me smile into the kiss grinding down harder. I trailed my hand down his abs once again this time stopping when I got to his length. I sat back a little as I started to palm him, his length getting harder with my touch. My pace got quicker and I started to occasionally flick my thumb over his tip sending him closer to the edge. I smiled against his lips before quickening my pace yet again making him moan. I pulled back now focusing entirely on giving him his release. He looked at me before closing his eyes not being able to take anymore and releasing into my hand. I smiled as he laid there panting trying to catch back his breath. He opened his eyes and smiled back as I cleaned myself up before walking into the next room.

As I opened the door Aarons head faced towards me and I smiled walking towards him to take off his blindfold. His jaw dropped as his eyes focused on my boobs making me giggle. “Eyes up here!” I said laughing and he looked up blushing. I crawled onto the bed straddling Aaron slowly leaning down towards his ear. “If you can keep your hands to yourself you’ll get what you want.” I whispered starting to grind on his hard length before undoing the cuffs. I attached my lips to his mouth continuing to grind my dampening heat onto Aaron making him moan into the kiss. I quickened my pace when I felt his hands trail down by back and onto my boobs. I smiled against him but he knew what he’d done. I moved back placing one last kiss on his soft lips before leaving him to himself.

The next room was the Jacks and I smiled to myself seeing them both tied up next to each other. Trying to ignore the pool between my legs I walked over to the bed and laid down in between them. They turned to me and I couldn’t help but smirk. Slowly I trailed my hands down both of their toned chests before crawling over to Gilinsky straddling his waist. He leant forward eagerly kissing me tugging against the chains wanting to have his hands on my waist. I took off his blindfold before kissing him back as he grinded upwards not being able to deny myself the pleasure of a little friction that I so desperately needed. I moved down attaching my lips to his neck making my way to where he needed me. I watched his eyes close as I got closer to his length kissing his tip making him moan. “How about you keep your pretty mouth closed and I will give you what you want?” I asked and Jack nodded his head. Slowly I pressed my lips to his cock licking around his tip. I smiled watching him struggle to keep quiet as I slowly licked a line up his length making him throw back his head. I looked up at him staring deeply into his eyes as I put all of him in my mouth gagging as he rubbed the back of my throat.
“Fuck.” He moaned before biting his lip and throwing his head back in frustration as took him out of my mouth. I left a kiss on the tip of his throbbing member before moving over to Johnson.
“Hey baby.” I said straddling Johnson’s waist taking off his blindfold “Are you going to be a good boy?” I asked and he looked over at Gilinsky before nodding. I attached my lips to his and he gently kissed back trying to behave making me smirk into the kiss. I leant forward and undid the handcuffs letting Johnson’s hands drop by his side. I picked them up placing them on my hips before leaning close to his ear. “You’re allowed to be a little bit naughty.” I whispered smirking before re-attaching my lips to Johnson’s. He slowly trailed his hands down my back and just when I wasn’t expecting it he squeezed my ass making me squeal. I moved back giggling at the massive smirk on his face before moving down to his hard length. I looked up at him while I licked lines up his length making him close his eyes. Then I looked over at Gilinsky before putting as much of Johnson in my mouth as I could gagging as he hit the back of my throat. “This could have been you but you can’t keep your mouth shut.” I said smirking at Gilinsky wiping my mouth before turning back to Johnson. I put him back in my mouth and began to bob my head getting quicker and quicker as he threw his head back in pleasure. “Are you going to keep quiet and get your release baby?” I asked and he nodded. I slowed down my pace making sure to fit as much of him in my mouth as I could again and again until I saw him biting his lip gripping onto the sheets and I knew he was close. I quickened up a little using my hands for the parts I could reach when I felt Johnson twitch before releasing into my mouth. I bobbed my head a couple more times before moving back and swallowing his load. They both lay there breathless but for different reasons. I smirked at Gilinsky before looking at Johnson. “Untie loud mouth over there so he can help himself.” I said before leaving the room. At this point I was as horny as ever and desperately needed my own release but I took a deep breath knowing I would have to hold it for a little longer as I walked into Shawn’s room with the biggest smirk on my face.

“Y/N? Is that you?” Shawn asked as I walked over to his bed quickly removing my panties so I was now fully naked.
“It sure is baby.” I said smiling before pulling off his blindfold. I brushed my fingers through his hair before slowly pressing my lips against his. I closed my eyes getting lost in the kiss when I realised what I was doing. I pulled back and Shawn smirked. Slowly I moved back so my face was level with his length and I rapped my lips around his tip whilst swirling my tongue making him moan before I started to bob my head. I raised my head slowly making a pop sound as I took him out of my mouth. I moved forward straddling his waist making sure to place my dripping core over his aching member before grinding down. Shawn clenched his fists and squeezed his eyes shut.
“Shit.” He breathed making me smirk. I ran my hands over his abs before placing them on his length. I lined him up at my entrance slowly lowering myself onto him making us both moan. My eyes shut as I moved my hips in a slow circle clenching tightly around him. I had been waiting to pleasure myself for so long but I knew now wasn’t the right time I took a deep breath knowing that I couldn’t carry on for much longer. I started to move again watching Shawn tense underneath me. I I began rolling my hips grinding down on Shawn’s length making him bite his lip. “Y/N.” Shawn moaned and I knew he was getting close. I quickened up my pace watching Shawn’s mouth slowly open and his hands pull against the chains overwhelmed by pleasure. After a few more seconds I lifted myself away from Shawn and watched him as his eyes flew open and he let out a deep sexy groan. I took a deep breath though resisting the urge to continue passionately fucking Shawn was so hard the look on his face was worth it.
“I’m sorry baby you broke the rules.” I said trying to contain my smirk. He turned and looked at me his eyes full of anger and lust which was not a good mix. I walked over to the door leaning against it but just before I left I turned to face Shawn. He stared at me and I bit my lip to stop myself from giggling. “Problem?” I asked knowing he had figured it out.
“You didn’t tell me any rules.” He said and I winked before walking away the sound of the chains as he tried to get loose ringing in my ears. The smug feeling soon went and was replaced by the aching feeling between my legs. I clenched my fists as well as my legs before looking around the house and heading into Cameron’s room.

“Y/N.” He said as I crawled onto the bed and straddled his waist.
“Yes baby.” I replied as I removed his blindfold my lips almost touching his. He leant forward kissing me and I couldn’t not kiss back. Our tongues intertwined and I ran my hands down his hot sweaty body whilst getting lost in the kiss. A minute or two later I pulled back making Cameron moan. “You know you’re all having trouble with staying quiet but I might have a way we can fix that.” I said smirking. I kissed Cameron one more time before undoing his handcuffs and turning around.
“Is that right?” Cameron asked trailing his hands down my back giving me goosebumps
“How about you keep quiet and give me what I want so I can give you what you want?” I said leaning close to his member. His hands grabbed my ass pulling me close to his face.
“Ok baby.” He breathed over my aching core making me clench my fists. I leant forward and placed a kiss on the end of Cameron’s throbbing length before starting to take it in my mouth when I felt his tongue lick a line up my slit making me moan. I shook my head realising that Cameron was taking control and lowered myself onto his face making his tongue go deeper inside me.
“Cameron.” I moaned onto his length making him shudder beneath me. His hands gripped tightly onto my ass as his tongue did circles around my dripping centre making me moan more and more vibrating his cock. I started to bob my head getting quicker and quicker and I could tell Cameron was getting close as well as getting close to moaning. I closed my eyes getting close to my own orgasm while trying to focus on getting Cameron his release. I took him out of my mouth making him gasp but he did not moan. “Are you close baby?” I asked expecting an answer.
“Mm Hmm.” He moaned and my eyes rolled to the back of my head.
“Are you? He asked quietly questioning whether he was allowed to speak. I leaned forward and put as much of him in my mouth as I could moaning loudly giving him his answer. This sent him over the edge and he became a mess beneath me. “Fuck.” He moaned just before releasing into my mouth. I swallowed his load before throwing my head back his moans and screams sending vibrations through me getting me closer and closer to the edge. He quickened the pace of his tongue whilst still moaning onto my dripping heat and I couldn’t take anymore.
“Cameron.” I moaned coming undone all over his tongue. I grabbed the sheets and squeezed my eyes shut riding out my orgasm. After a couple more seconds I rolled over and lay beside him while we both caught back our breaths. I placed a kiss on his lips allowing us to taste each other before getting up and walking to Matt and Nash’s room.
I walked in and Nash’s head swiftly turned to face the door.

“Y/N?” He whispered.
“Yes baby.” I said walking over to his bed straddling his waist. I trailed my hands down his body before grinding down on his throbbing length which desperately needed to be touched. Though my orgasm had satisfied me for a short while I still craved more. I took in a deep breath and braced myself knowing that I would get what I wanted soon enough and took off Nash’s blindfold focusing my attention on him. He lifted his head up until our eyes met and I smirked licking my lips at the thought of what I could do to him. This made him groan and throw back his head in frustration. “What’s wrong baby?” I asked “Do you want my tongue?” I said licking my lips once more.
“Fuck.” He moaned pulling against the chains giving me the answer.“ I leaned forward and undid his cuffs making sure to put my boobs close to his face as I did so giggling to myself until he tangled his hands in my hair and pulled me into a kiss. I felt him smirk against my lips thinking that now I had let him go he was the one in control but he couldn’t have been more wrong. I kissed him back for just a few seconds before pulling away and smirking at him. I moved my way down his body until my face was aligned with his hard length and I looked up at him watching him bite his lip.
"If you can keep your hands to yourself I’ll let you have your release.” I said and Nash nodded placing his hands by his side making me giggle. Slowly I swirled my tongue around his tip making him moan and grip onto the bed sheets. I smirked before taking as much of him in my mouth as I could letting him feel his dick rub the back of my throat as I gagged. I moved my head back a little and began to move my mouth up and down on his cock as strings of profanities left his mouth. I slowed down my pace smirking as I did so when I felt his hand on the back of my head. He pushed my head down until I gagged before moving it back up again until my eyes met his and he looked away knowing what he’d done. I bobbed my head once more before taking him out of my mouth and wiping my lips. I leaned down to place a kiss on the tip of his member when I heard a groan from the other side of the room. I turned around noticing Matt was fast asleep totally oblivious to what was going on. I swear everyone was awake I thought as I looked back at Nash.
“He’s a deep sleeper.” He said and I smirked my head filling with ideas. I walked over to Matts bed crawling on top of him giggling at his snoring. Slowly I began placing kisses on his chest working my way down to his length which was already slightly hard. I put the tip in my mouth sucking it licking it kissing it but still he didn’t wake. I turned around looking at Nash as he sat stroking himself while I tried to put as much of Matt in my mouth as possible. Slowly I moved back my saliva stringing from his cock as I smirked at how hard he had gotten. He started to move and groan slowly waking up as I moved myself forward lining up my entrance with his cock. His cock twitched as I teased myself with it making me moan and that’s when he awoke. I sat up taking off his blindfold as he looked at me with his sleepy eyes,
“Y/N.” He tried to shout but it came out as a deep husky groan as I grinded my dripping pussy along his cock aching for it to be inside me. He looked around the room pulling against the handcuffs realising what was going on.
“I decided to pay you back for all the teasing you did last week,” I said biting my lip but somebody couldn’t stay awake. I’m not sure if you should be allowed to try and get your release.“
"Please baby.” He begged and I felt him twitch beneath me.
“Well seeing as you asked so nicely.” I giggled before slowly lowering myself onto his hard length. We both let out a gasp and I waited a second to adjust to his size before moving my hips up and down. I kept at a steady pace thrusting my hips making us both moan. It felt so good but I knew I couldn’t cum yet. I sped up a little watching Matt close his eyes. Realising I’d got carried away and forgotten to take off his handcuffs I slowed down the movement of my hips until I stopped and Matts eyes flew open. I sat still feeling his cock throbbing inside of me smirking to myself. “I’m going to untie you now but you’re going to have to keep your hands to yourself if you want me to carry on. Unless you want to end up like that.” I said pointing at Nash and Matt nodded. I leant forward so just his tip was inside me while I took off his handcuffs and his arms fell by his side. Just when he wasn’t expecting it I sunk down onto his hard length and he let out a hot throaty groan.
“Fuck.” He moaned as I sat back and bounced on his cock. I could feel he was getting close so I quickened my pace watching him grasp onto the sheets his eyes closing. I trailed my hands down his body placing them on his hips moaning as he hit the right spot. I got quicker and quicker until I could feel his dick twitching inside me watching him as he turned into a moaning mess as he came. After a couple more thrusts of my hips I lifted off him kissing him on the lips before I slowly walked away my legs shaking as I so desperately craved an orgasm but I knew I couldn’t not just yet.

Blow jobs and hand jobs were starting to bore me so before I want into the next room I went into my own to fetch something. With only two more rooms to go I walked into Nate’s climbing on his bed as he turned to face me.
“‘Bout time Lil mama thought you were never getting here.” He said with a cocky smile which soon fell off his face as I took off his blindfold and he saw what was in my hand.
“The other boys were told not to touch but I’m quite in need for someone’s hands right now.” I said undoing his cuffs and placing his hands on my ass as I straddled his waist. “They were also told to keep quiet though with the amount of pleasure you will be in I don’t think that will be possible. And besides, I think hearing your deep desperate moans would be so so sexy.” I whispered placing a kiss on his lips.
“So what are my rules then.” He asked and I smirked moving down the bed so I was able to see his big hard length. I turned on the vibrator on its lowest setting and held it just above his cock looking at his lustful eyes.
“No cumming until I say. Ok?” His mouth almost fell open not being able to give me an answer though he soon made some noise as I gently pressed it against the tip of his dick. His moans were quiet but got louder and louder as the vibrator was turned up higher and higher. I started at the bottom slowly moving it all the way up to his sensitive tip making it leak with pre cum. I could see he was getting close but I wanted to tease him some more. I put my mouth around the tip of his dick swirling my tongue around making him moan as the vibrator and my mouth pleasured his hard length.
“I’m close baby.” He moaned and I smirked moving back turning the vibrator up as high as it would go. Nate almost screamed his legs were shaking and I knew he couldn’t take much more.
“Are you ready on the count of three. One” I said moving the vibrator up and down his throbbing cock. “Two.” I leaned forward sucking on his tip feeling him twitch in my mouth. I pressed the vibrator against his sensitive tip and whispered three. His hips shot up from the bed and he made the loudest noise I had ever heard. Cum exploded from his cock as he swore and moaned riding out his orgasm and it was by far the hottest one I had ever seen. It had made me as horny as ever and I graved an orgasm. He lay there a sticky sweaty mess panting on the bed. He looked at me and I looked back at him though nothing was said. It didn’t need to be. I placed a kiss on his forehead before walking into the last room.

“Save the best ‘till last aye princess.” Sammy smirking and I just smiled. I knew he wouldn’t be able to keep his hands to himself. He’d have to touch squeeze and kiss every inch of my body and that’s why I’d saved Sammy until last. I needed him. I looked at him tied to the bed as I untied his blindfold his helplessness did not make him any less cocky. “So what are we doing baby?” He asked I smiled. My pussy was already dripping all over his dick and I couldn’t help but grind on him a little. “Looks like someone’s a little horny.” He said smirking and I knew I had to take control. I leaned forward and kissed him the handcuffs prevented him from holding my head and I used this to my advantage. Every time he tried to take control of the kiss I pulled away making him more and more frustrated. I decided to leave him tied up for a while longer to tease him all the more. Slowly I rubbed his hard length against my soaked pussy before lowering myself onto it making me and Sammy both moan. “Stop teasing you know you want it.” Sammy said and it was true but I was in control not him.
“You want it just as bad as I do,” I said “and if you make one more noise I’m going to stop. Understand?” I couldn’t help but smirk as he nodded. His dick felt so good inside me and I needed to cum. I started to move up and down. Slowly at first but getting faster and faster. He was hitting just the right spot and I couldn’t help but moan.
“You like that baby?” Sammy said and as much as I didn’t want to I stopped. His eyes shot to me and he groaned in frustration. “What was that for?” He moaned.
“You broke the rules.” I replied smirking.
“Sorry baby but I don’t follow rules.” He said and before I knew it his hands were on my waist and his lips on mine. He flipped us over and pinned my arms above my head. I looked at his wrists the hand cuffs were attached to his wrists but not the bed. I don’t know he did it but he did. I was so annoying he had ruined my teasing but his dick felt so good. He fucked me so hard I couldn’t help but enjoy it. I grasped my firsts together and curled my toes as he his dick thrusted in and out of me. I was so close and Sammy was getting quicker and quicker. I felt my orgasm coming when Sammy twitched and came. The moans and groans that were coming out of him were so hot but he was slowing down. After a few more thrusts he pulled out leaving me aching on the bed. My legs were shaking as I watched him walk to the door in shock of what had just happened when I saw Shawn and everything made sense. Sammy walked away as Shawn walked towards me. I went to sit up but Shawn pushed me back against the bed pinning me down with his muscular arms. He didn’t need hand cuffs.
“Sha-” He crashed his lips against mine cutting off my words making me moan in his mouth.
“You think its funny leaving me there tied up like that.” I said looking at me his eyes full of lust.
“It was payback.” I said trying to explain my actions.
“Payback?” Shawn smirked. “I’ll show you payback.”
He slammed his dick into me making me scream. He had one hand cupping my face the other rubbing my clit as he leant down to kiss me again only pushing his cock in further. My eyes rolled to the back of my head as I grabbed the sheets unable to control myself anymore. “You want to cum?” He asked.
“Yes. Please make me cum.” I moaned.
“Then you should have followed the rules.” He said and he had the biggest smirk across his sexy sweaty face. He pulled out rolled me over so my ass was in the air and slammed back into me.
“Shawn!” I screamed. He smacked my ass only making me scream even more. He pulled his dick all the way out before roughly thrusting back into me again every time hitting just the right spot. I was overwhelmed with pleasure. “Please Shawn. I need to cum.” I begged and he pulled my hair lifting my head up and smacked my ass again.
“What was that? Say it louder!”
“Make me cum!” I screamed with every last ounce of energy I had.
“Fuck.” He moaned under his breath. “Cum for me.” Those were the only words I wanted to here my fists were clenched my legs were shaking and my eyes shut. My orgasm hit me harder than it had ever done before. My vision went white as I felt it wash over my body like a tidal wave. Shawn continued to thrust into me until he could go no longer. He moaned my name as he released the biggest load inside of me thrusting just a couple more times before pulling out. We both lay there unable to talk for a moment our orgasms having left us speechless. I looked at him and he looked at me but we didn’t say anything we didn’t need to. There was a noise at the door and one by one all of the boys came in and joined us on the bed. Each one of us sweaty, sticky and utterly worn out.
“Wow.” Nate said and we all laughed as wow couldn’t come close to express what had just happened.
“At least we’re even now Y/N.” Sammy said and I smirked turning to Shawn.

Winter’s Bride (Drake x MC)

Summary: She was set to marry the Prince. While she was committed to the ceremony of it all, her heart was telling her something else. On the day of her wedding, she had one last chance to make a choice.

Author’s Note: This is a hitting-two-prompts-with-one-stone piece. This is written especially for @punexpectedly - one of my giveaway winners. She requested for a Drake x MC piece with the prompt “I didn’t come here to tell you that I can’t live without you. I can live without you. I just don’t want to.” This is also my entry to this week’s #ChoicesCreates, with the prompt “What if…”? This round is hosted by my kitty cat, @catsrtheboss.

Winter’s Bride (Drake x MC)

I was seated on the edge of my bed, fidgeting with the hem of my veil. The gown I wore was stifling. The closed neckline was making me sweat even more, the long lace sleeves beginning to chafe my skin.  

It was all in my head though. I knew I looked beautiful. Everyone else had said so. The Queen had stopped by my room a few minutes ago and gazed at me lovingly. “Liam is so lucky,” she said as she cupped my face in her hands. “Liam is so blessed,” she added, kissing me on the forehead. My future mother-in-law who I had won over the past months. The Queen.

Katie, Prince Leo’s wife, had helped me with my dress and make-up. “You look lovely,” she told me as she brushed my hair. “But you look quite… sad,” she added softly, catching my eyes in the vanity’s mirror. I immediately averted my eyes. She had sensed my hesitation. She had sensed my disconnect — from the day, from the moment, maybe even from the man. But Katie and I weren’t close and I didn’t dare confide in her. She was married to Liam’s brother after all.  

The wedding was in an hour, and I was alone in my room. I had requested for some quiet time — “My last time as a single!,” I had told my bridesmaids in the most playful tone I could muster. They responded in giggles, and as soon as they closed the door behind them, I buried my face in my hands.

It was ten minutes into my silent crying when I heard the window slide open. I had gasped loudly as I saw a broad-shouldered figure enter through the window.

“Drake!,” I had whispered harshly.  “What are you doing here!?”

I remember running to the door to make sure it was locked, then whirling around to face Drake. He was dressed in his best man’s attire. He looked like he had been running, judging by his crumpled suit and his hair which was more disheveled than usual.

“I have to tell you something,” Drake had started. He took a few steps towards me.

“No, Drake, don’t,” I blurted out, then held out my hands to stop him from coming any nearer. I knew what he was going to say. Just a few weeks ago we had found ourselves alone in the Beaumonts’ study and had ended up making out. I still couldn’t forget the taste of his lips, how he had wrapped his strong arms around me and pressed me close to him. His kisses were everything I had imagined them to be — rough and insistent but gentle and sweet at the same time. We didn’t speak of the kiss afterwards, especially not after Liam had announced me as his chosen bride, not after we had celebrated the engagement formally with the kingdom.

Drake gently took my hands in his. My hands felt slight in his, and I found myself falling, drowning, swaying into his spell. I jerked my hands back and hid them behind my back. “Please don’t tell me you came here to say you can’t live without me, that you want to whisk me away, that we’re right for each other,” I said hurriedly, trying to sound upset, but ending up sounding half-hopeful and half-wishful.

“Please leave, Drake,” I had whispered. “Please leave before we make things worse… for the brothers. For Liam.” I sank to the ground. Taffeta, silk and lace had enveloped me, making me feel as if my wedding gown would swallow me whole. Drake had knelt on the floor slowly, then gently moved the voluminous fabric of my skirt away so he could sit across me.

“I didn’t come here to tell you that I can’t live without you,” he had said softly. I looked into his eyes and saw they were sad, very sad. I could see my own sadness reflected in his eyes. “I can live without you,” Drake had sighed. “I just don’t want to.”  

We then became a tangle of limbs and lips. My hands had been on his chest, crumpling his shirt as I balled my fists in passion and frustration. His mouth was hungry against mine, his hands wrapped around my waist, holding me as close to him as possible.

“What if… What if we ran away? Right now?,” Drake had asked in between kisses.

“I… no…,” I had answered, torn between the elation of finally helping out the Brothers Beaumont regain the integrity of their house, saving Liam from the power-hungry Madeline.. and feeling free again.

The knock on the door had startled us. “30 minutes left!,” one bridesmaid had shouted. I had shouted back a cheery “okay” then found my mouth locked back with Drake’s. My lipstick was smudged, my gown crumpled, my hair was coming out of its bun. I looked intoxicated, and I was, very much so.

“I want you,” Drake had said, breaking the kiss and cupping my face gently in his hands. “Come away with me. We’ll figure it out. We just need to get to the pier and take it from there.”

“Drake,” I shook my head, feeling the tears well in my eyes again.

He stood up before me, and I looked up at him from the floor. “My love,” he said sweetly, then walked towards the window. “You can easily climb down the tree from out this window. Then run. As fast as you can. Meet me at the apple orchard. I’ll be waiting by the entrance.” He had given me a longing look, then slid the window open. “I will wait for you.” And then he was gone.

It took awhile before I had stood up from the floor and walked to the window. I could still see Drake running towards the orchard, his white suit making him blend into the snow around him. His running made him unnoticeable on the ground, and he hoped that it would be the same for me.  

I was seated on the edge of my bed, fidgeting with the hem of my veil. The gown I wore was stifling. The closed neckline was making me sweat even more, the long lace sleeves beginning to chafe my skin.  

“Ten minutes!,” insistent voices from outside the door shouted. I could feel my heart in my throat as I stood before the mirror. I was dressed as a bride — the perfect veil, the beautiful gown, gloved hands. But I wasn’t one. The sparkle in my eyes nor the flush in my cheeks were caused not by my groom. I slowly walked towards the vanity table, then took off my gloves, followed by his engagement ring.

“I’m so sorry, Liam,” I whispered, hoping that the wind could carry my apology.

The tree was not hard to climb down from.

As soon as I hit the ground, I began to run.

About stuttering

Hey, writer folk: 

I’m gonna drop a little education on a speech impediment I have: a stutter! 

Why? Mainly because most people write stutters terribly and it annoys the heck out of me.

So, let’s start with the basics: 

Stuttering is a speech disorder. Most people think of it as being where the flow of speech is interrupted by the involuntary repetition of sounds, words, or phrases (this is the sterotypical stutter you see in movies, though even that’s inaccurate which I’ll get to later). However, it also involves involuntary prolongation of sounds (I call it getting stuck on a sound, cuz that’s what it feels like. when this happens for me it is like I lengthen a word for no apparent reason. “geeeeeeting mmmmmilk. Want some?” type of thing), and involuntary stops (it’s like my mouth just dammed up the flow of words here - I know exactly what I want to say, I just can’t get my mouth to say it. This is the most frustrating because when I can make words I can still speech-communicate but if I have a stubborn stop I can’t at all - autistic loss of words feels very similar but more long lasting and also sometimes involves language structure and word retrieval as well). Lastly, it can also involve involuntary insertion of meaningless sounds - ums, ahs, and ers are pretty common. Some stutterers, me included, often curse when we’re having trouble as well (and I dunno why but the curse for me usually comes out pretty easily even though the sentence itself is not. Don’t ask me why, but it happens - I think cuz speaking with a stutter is like trying to hold onto a handful of sand where the harder you try to say something, the harder it is to say.  

Now, how does stuttering happen in real life

For one, people who stutter usually have more trouble at the start of the sentence, and less as it goes on. Movies almost always get this wrong. A person who writes stutters well would write “I have a stutter” with a severe stutter less like this: 

“I-I-I-I-I h-h-have a-a-a-a-a st-st-st-st-stutter.” 

And more like this: 

“I-I, uh, I have, uuuuh, I hhhhhh- fuck - I hhhhaaaaa, um, I have- I have a- um, I have a stutter.” 

Do you get the difference? It starts off with a lot of trouble at the beginning, and gets smoother as you work through. 

Secondly, stutters are variable. Meaning they change depending on the situation. For me, the more anxious I am, the more I stutter. The more angry I am, the more I stutter (often, I can’t communicate aloud at all if I’m furious, my involuntary stops get so bad. I can have a whole speech I want to say in my head and nothing can get out and it just makes me more furious). On the other hand, if I’m calm or relaxed, I often don’t stutter at all. That movie or book character who has a severe stutter always and forever without ever changing? Doesn’t really happen very often. There are people like that, but not many. Far more common are people like me, who can talk effectively - maybe not completely fluently, but who can make effective communication in a fairly efficient manner - some or even a lot of the time, but who in some situations can’t talk well or at all. And sometimes, there’s a person who doesn’t seem to stutter at all (probably does but not in a way that people who don’t know stutters will notice) a lot of the time, who will in a high stress situation suddenly have a really hard time communicating. 

Thirdly, a lot of people with stutters have more trouble with certain phrases or sounds than with others, and will try to rephrase their thoughts if they know that what they’re about to say is going to hit a lot of trouble. This is why I am absolutely terrible at oral exams - the stress of the exam drives my stutter into overdive (though I can give a talk without stuttering, go figure - I imagine because it’s scripted cuz scripts seem to help for me), and sometimes I literally can’t give the correct answer because I can’t say it, and instead of just giving the oral exam, it’s like I’m doing a second exam at the same time trying to figure out how I can actually get what I want to say out around my stutter. 

Fourthly, stuttering is not just a kid thing. People of any age can stutter, and less than 1 in 5 of those who stutter past age 5 will stop stuttering before adulthood. Toddlers, however, very often start stuttering and then have their stutter resolve on its own within two years. Teenagers and adults who stutter will never not stutter. Those stutters do not resolve - though they may reduce in severity. However if your story has the main character magically not stuttering anymore ever? Not going to happen. Learning to make peace with their stutter and communicate effectively around it even when it’s acting up, on the other hand? Actually happens. 

Lastly, how to help stuttering: Drawing the person’s attention to the stutter, teasing them, pressuring them to speak more quickly, advising them to stop and take a breath or take their time or what have you, and in general applying negative social pressure to stuttering are all counter-productive. By which I mean they make stuttering worse, and make it harder to speak smoothly. 

What actually does help? On a one-on-one basis, basically shutting up and letting the person with a stutter do their thing to get the words out without input or judgement. If what they want to say is obvious, you can substitute a word now and then (sometimes it helps me get past a block for someone to do that), but don’t play 20 questions and definitely don’t do any of the stuff in the previous paragraph. 

Additionally, I am told that modern therapy is helpful. Speech therapy I had as a kid was overall less than useful (with the exception of teaching me to try to re-phrase stuff I was blocking on which actually did help with real communication but the “concentrate on your mouth to make the sounds” stuff just made it worse honestly), but apparently it’s changed since then. 

And all of that ^^ should give you a start on how to write stuttering properly - though you should still do a lot of research on it and talk to people with stutters about their experience with stuttering stigma and stuff like that about how to deal with it.

EDIT: I should note that a user messaged me with a good point that I thought should be included, and that is this: not all people with stutters find the same things helpful. Frex, I find it useful if I’m completely blocking on an obvious word for someone else to substitute it, but this user absolutely hates that. If you know someone who stutters, ask before you start substituting words or anything like that - they’ll tell you what helps them. 


Samoa Joe/OC: You have a habit of going to the gym to get some alone time and de-stress. One day, you take Joe with you. Smut.

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Title: Hard and Wet

Character: Negan

TV: The Walking Dead

Warnings: SMUT!

Photo/GIF credits go to the original maker/owner

Taking my hand and smearing it across the mirror, I wiped away the condensation that the shower had caused.

It was a long, slow shower… but hot as well. Hot water; I never realized how much I missed taking hot showers to soothe my sore body until I arrived at this place called The Sanctuary.

I was holed up in an abandoned hospital, searching for some much need medication. I had found what I needed for my ailments, but I was captured and my medication was claimed by the Saviors.

Most of them were pricks, but one stood out, making sure that I was comfortable until we needed to move; his name was Simon.

A few days later, the leader, named Negan, approached me, asking all sorts of questions. I was then given a choice; work for points, or become his wife.

I knew from the very start that I would never make enough points to get my medication, food and clothing all together, so I chose to be his wife.

Negan was a very handsome man and that most certainly didn’t hurt one bit.

He treated me well, almost like porcelain. I got my medication, clothes, room and board and he was very gentle with me. We hadn’t slept together though.

I often wondered if it was because he would be afraid to hurt me or if I wasn’t appealing in some way.

I ran my hands through my freshly colored and cut hair; the pampering making me feel just a little bit normal.

“Now if that isn’t a sight to fuckin’ behold!” Negan said, leaning against the bathroom jam.

I jumped, my eyes widening when I saw that his face was clean shaven.

“What did you do?!” I asked, covering my mouth.

He ran a hand over his smooth cheek, “It was time to shave that shit, Sweetheart,”

I loved the clean shaven look and if I were to be honest, I wondered what it’d feel like between my legs.

“Now, is that any way to greet your husband, Dear Wife?”

I could feel my face heat up, as my arousal skyrocketed. Holding my towel to me, I padded over to Negan, tilting my neck back to look up at him.

Jesus, he was tall!

His eyes were heavy lidded as he grinned, smirking down at me.

I ran my hands up his chest, the soft cotton of his white t shirt straining slightly across his pecs.

He bent down, his lips coming into contact with mine.

At the first touch of his bare lips, I moaned, the sound reverberating through me.

My fingers thread through the curls that were at the nape of his neck; my newly manicured nails scratching his scalp lightly.

I could feel Negan’s hands on my waist, gently squeezing my hips.

I dipped my tongue between his lips, curling the tip to taste his lips before pulling back.

“I won’t break,” I panted.

Negan licked his lips, staring into my eyes. He hooked his fingers into my towel, unwrapping me like I was a present.

Thankfully I had enough mind to shave and exfoliate every bit of my body, making me feel clean and untouched.

He whistled, biting his bottom lip as his eyes ran down my body, “If I knew this was hiding underneath all those clothes, I’d been here sooner, Sweetheart!”

I blushed, my own eyes ending up staring at the bulge in his jeans.

I squeezed my legs together in anticipation.

“Help your husband undress, Darlin’?” he asked, his voice husky.

Walking backwards towards the bed, Negan sat down, making it to where I wouldn’t have to reach so high.

I helped him remove his shirt, while he toed off his shoes.

The smattering of hair on his chest got darker the lower it went, his happy trail peeking out from his pants.

Negan patted his lap, taking my hand and pulling me closer to him.

As I straddled him, he eyed my breasts hungrily, licking his lips while I situated myself.

My core was opened to him and I desperately needed some friction.

He seemed hesitant, but I reassured him.

“I’m good… I swear.”

Negan winked, running his hands up my back slowly, then dragging his hands downwards, letting his fingertips gently tickling my skin.

I closed my eyes, putting my head back at the soothing massage.

He repeated the motion again, pulling my torso closer to him as he ran his nose over my hardened nipple.

My eyes shot open, my hand cradling his head as he did it again, all while staring up at me.

I gulped, my breaths becoming quicker.

One hand rested on the small of my back, while the other moved slowly over my hip to my front.

“Let’s see just how fuckin’ wet you are, huh?” he said, lowly.

I bit my lip, whimpering as I felt his fingertips move over my lower lips.

“Goddamn, baby,” Negan cursed, my juices coating his fingers easily.

Closing his eyes as he continued to run his fingers over my clit,all while taking my nipple between his lips and sucking gently.

“Holy shit,” I moaned.

I rolled my hips on his hand, his middle finger dipping knuckle deep into my entrance.

I gasped loudly, rolling my hips again.

I could feel Negan grunt against my breast, then he released my nipple, just to flick his tongue over it.

Dragging his middle finger from my core, he applied a tiny bit of pressure to my clit, making me cry out.

I gripped his shoulders as my body spasmed from the electric jolts of his nimble fingers.

“Please Negan,” I whined.

He smirked up at me, holding my waist and laying me out on the mattress.

Bending my knees, I placed my feet on the bed, opening myself up wide to him.

He watched, undoing his pants, as I ran my hand down to my mound. My middle finger slipped between my lower lips, the tip playing with my entrance.

I moaned, staring at him. I palmed a breast, gently squeezing it and pinching my nipple.

“Fuckin, Christ Darlin’!” Negan panted, stroking himself with tight twists of his wrist.

Him pleasuring himself was such a damn turn on.

He stepped closer, holding his length while he removed my hand from me. Negan brought my finger up to his mouth, sucking the digit and rolling his tongue around it.

I could’ve came right then and there when I felt the head of his hardness slip into my folds.

Once the helmet was at my entrance, he gently rocked his hips, teasing me with the tip.

I groaned in frustration.

Negan laughed, my finger falling from his mouth with a sharp suck, “So fuckin’ impatient, Sweetheart,”

I breathed and glared, “It’s not nice to tease.”

Rolling his lips, he planted his hand firmly next to my hips and slowly slid all the way into me.

My eyes rolled into the back of my head at the full feeling of him.

Just as slow, he pulled his hips back and sank back in.

Sweat broke out on his brow, pure concentration of trying not to come etched on his handsome face.

Propping my torso up on my hands, I watched as his hardness disappeared into me.

“Harder,” I begged.

“Don’t want to fuckin’ hurt you,”

I honestly didn’t mind slow love making, but I wanted to be owned by this gorgeous man.

“I want you to fuck me so hard that I won’t walk a straight line for days,” I growled.

Something changed in his eyes. He seemed to snap out of what ever trance he was in.

Taking my thighs in his hands, he squeezed them roughly, yanking my bottom closer to the edge on the bed.

His length slipped from me, nestling between my lower lips as he became more dominant.

“I’ll fuck you good and hard, Darlin’. You just hang on for the ride,”

I smiled, giddy at the fact that I was about to be owned.

Negan rocked his hips, the underside of his cock rubbing my clit. Slowly he cupped my cheek, running his hand down to my neck where he gripped me firmly.

I moaned, closing my eyes.

“Open those eyes, Darlin’.” he said, gruffly.

With him back at my entrance, he pinned me down to the bed, keeping his hold on my throat.

I cried out at the first hard stroke of him, “Harder,”

Negan pulled his hips back, slamming back into me so hard that my breasts bounced.

I squeezed my inner muscles, feeling every inch and every vein in his throbbing member.

“That’s it Baby. You keep doing that while I own this pussy,” Negan panted.

Over and over again, Negan slammed into me, rolling his hips against mine as soon as he was balls deep.

“Faster Negan, please,”

“So fuckin’ demanding,” he was close to coming, “but I can’t deny my beautiful as hell wife,”

Negan’s hips went wild, his heavy sac slapping against my bottom with every thrust.

“Yes, yes!” I could feel myself begin to uncoil.

Taking both my wrists, he pinned them to the bed, his breathing out of control while his thrusts became sloppy.

“Come on baby, let me feel that pussy come all over me,”

I screamed, my body going taut at the extreme orgasm.

Holding my hips, Negan rode out my orgasm, rubbing my sensitive clit to get me to come again.

“One more, baby. I know you got another in there,” he was concentrating so hard to last one more go.

Lifting a leg, he turned my hips onto my side, pinning my legs to the bed.

What made me come ever harder, is when Negan spanked the hell out of my ass.

“That’s it, Sweetheart, just like that,” he groaned, feeling my inner muscles contract at my final orgasm.

“Fuck!” I cried out, gripping the sheet.

Negan buried himself balls deep one last time, grunting loudly as he came deep inside of me.

He bent at the waist, resting his sweaty head on the side of my breast.

We both breathed heavily, our bodies hot, damp, and sated.

“You are somethin’ else Sweetheart,” Negan smiled.

“You have no idea,” I told him, my hand resting on his shoulder.

Rising up, we both hissed as he pulled from my tender core.

Negan took my hands, helping me stand as he brought me closer to his body, his hands resting on my ass.

He kissed me slowly, taking his time exploring my mouth.

“Sore?” he asked, against my lips.

“Deliciously so,”

Negan chuckled, helping me get into bed.

I was surprised when he got in with me.

“Don’t be so shocked, Sweetheart. You think I’m done with you?”

I could feel my core begin to ache all over again, “I certainly hope not,”

“Fuckin’ wild cat is what you are,” he growled, kissing me hard, “Now get some rest. You’re goin’ to need it.”

Let’s just say that by the time Negan and I were through, I was rode hard and put away wet.


Undeniable Heat Chapter 12: Floating On Clouds

Jensen Ackles x Reader

1150 Words

Chapter Summary: The day after your date, both of you are still excited about it.

Story Summary:  You’ve just gotten a job as one of the makeup artists on the set of Supernatural. Nervous on the first day, you become completely awkward, winning the affection of the divorced Jensen Ackles. You try to fight your desire for him, but he thwarts you at every turn. Will you be able you separate work and play, or will you let Jensen win?

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

Jensen’s P.O.V.

I literally could have skipped to my apartment, my mood was that great. Opening up the door, I toed off my shoes, before checking my phone for messages. Two from Jared, and one from Danneel, which soured my mood quite a bit.

Ignoring her text, I called Jared as I headed into my room, ready for a shower, and a change of clothes. “Hey man, I’ve been trying to get a hold of you!” Jared exclaimed as he answered the phone. “Date must have been good. Don’t tell me you spent the night on the first date.”

Sighing, I sat down on the edge of my bed, knowing my shower would have to be put off to talk to Jared. “Jar, the date was amazing! She was even more amazing away from work, and I think we really clicked.”

I could hear Jared talking to his kids in the background before his attention turned back to me. “But that doesn’t explain why you didn’t call me until now. Details man.”

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Not A Bad Thing ~ Part Eight

Originally posted by katherine8595


Fairy-tale & AU Series Index

Previous Part ||

Word Count: 3.4K

****Trigger Warning: Mentions of bullying and suicide****

Errors. Please excuse and ignore them.

***A/N: This chapter is SOOO SHORT. 

This is a FILLER chapter y’all. I don’t like how this chapter came out. lol I lowkey feel dead inside. Like a dead inside emotionless typing machine. :\

{Update days: Tuesdays, Thursday or Saturdays}


I sat there at the table with Y/N, who was teasing me. There was music blasting around us as the others celebrated, yet when I’m looking at her, it’s almost like the music was muffled. She has my full attention. Those deep eyes staring at me. The way her nose crinkles when she laughs, and how never fails to make my heart beat rapidly.

I took a deep breath, almost overwhelmed by the swelling of my heart.

“I don’t like crazy romantic stuff like that. I don’t want to be a damsel in distress that needs to be saved.” She said, raising an eyebrow at me.

I glanced down at my hand which held hers. I looked back up to see her gazing at me, waiting for a reply.

“If anything I’m the damsel,” I stated, “You saved me.”

I watched as she leaned away, almost cringing at my words. My eyes didn’t move from hers despite this.

“Why are you getting so intense all of a sudden?” She giggled. Though it’s been some months now, it still feels like I don’t know much about Y/N. The desire to be close to her is strong. When the pack goes for runs, she’s all that’s on my mind.

Yixing told me we should try to grow closer before mating season begins, or else things will become awkward.

I smirked before grabbing the bottom of the chair she sat in, sliding it closer to me so that we were close to each other. Y/N held in her laughter, clearly teasing me.

“You play around too much,” I whispered into her ear.

After winking at me she whispered, “What are you going to do about it, loverboy?”

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Torn Up (Part Eight)

Originally posted by nhlinfluenced

Part eight yay! At this point, I think that I have figured out how I want to wrap this all up! I have also turned this part into one large franken-chapter because I’m the author and I do what I please I swear though it’s like 9 pages on my google doc. I’m so sorry if the transition doesn’t seem organic, I just wanted y’all to get all of this asap. Our friend Willy returns in the second half of this chapter, so enjoy!

Warnings:  my usual potty-mouthed diction, more innuendo, an argument (nothing big, just mutual frustration), and a shirtless William Nylander

Parts One through Seven

I had just hit send on my message to Steph and was trying to come up with a witty response to William when three young women who were clearly not restaurant staff sidled up to the table. More accurately, to Auston. In his defense, he looked embarrassed and a little agitated when he saw them, but gave each a tight-lipped smile. I wondered with more jealousy than I care to admit if Auston knew these girls. Worse, if one, or all, of them had been beneficiaries of The Condom Drawer.

It was another text from William, one proclaiming that he was thinking of me, in a less than appropriate way for such a time in the morning, that took me back to reality. As Auston dealt with our guests, I asked William if he would like to FaceTime later that day, to which he immediately responded that he would like nothing better.

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Don't Mess With Pan's Lost Girl P.4

Warning: violence (not really but idk what triggers you), swearing, smut (ig kinda)

Word count: 1829

A/N: Ok I’m not so sure what you personally would say the definition of smut is but you know it’s something. I will get more extreme than this, I just didn’t want it to be all of a sudden sex, I want to have some fun with it first. Hope that’s all right.

Part 3:


By the time I figured out how I was going to get out of this damned cage, the sun had already gone down and all the boys were back. Felix took watch again and was standing quietly at his post, just outside the cage. I puffed out my cheeks and reached up under my corset and pulled out my tank top. I ripped off the bottom and stuffed the top back in my corset. I focused my attention on Felix making sure he didn’t turn around and catch me. Keeping my gaze on him I slowly backed up till I hit the cage and crouched down. My hand reached behind me and I blindly searched for the purple flower. Once I felt my searching finger graze against one I plucked it out of the ground and wrapped it in the black cloth.

“Hey Feeeliixx.” I said as I stood, I could just see the irritation building up in him, but he still turned to face me. I smirked at him and he rolled his eyes but locked eyes with me. I walked towards him holding his stare and my smirk grew into a cocky grin. When I reached the other side of the cage he licked his lips and I leaned against the bars. “I want to have some fun.” I whispered and leaned so close that my lips barely brushed against his. He inhaled deeply and moved back a bit. “I’m not falling for this, you’re staying in there till I’m told otherwise.” He said as his breathing increased and he stared at my lips. “Well you know there are a lot of things we could do without ever having to open the cage.” I said tilting my head and brushed my fingers through his hair. He closed his eyes as I lightly scratched his head. His eyes then suddenly flew open and he stared me straight in the eye, “Screw it.” He said angrily and pressed his lip roughly against mine. For a moment I forgot all about my plan of escaping, my mind went fuzzy and was only focused on the movement of our lips. They moved in sync for a moment before his tongue licked my bottom lip, with out thinking my mouth opened. His tongue roamed every inch of my mouth and I let out a low moan. I tangled my fingers further into his hair as he deepened the kiss. He then pulled away just for a second, allowing us both to get a breath, before he pushed his lips to mine again. I grazed my teeth against his bottom lip causing him to let out a low groan. He put his arms through the bars and wrapped them around my waist pulling me as close to him as the cage would allow. He removed his lips from mine making me whimper and attached them to my neck sucking roughly, sure to leave a mark. I let out a gasp and he continued his assault on my neck, moving his way down to where my breasts were pushed up from the corset. He kissed them softly before nipping and sucking, leaving more love marks.

I opened my eyes, my head spinning in pleasure, when I saw the light of the bonfire coming from the camp. The sight shook me from my lustful daze and I remembered what I was supposed to be doing. I glanced down at Felix and for a second thought about abandoning the plan to see how far this would go. No no no, I need to get the hell out for here. Once he finished leaving a dozen love bites on my breasts he licked each one to soothe the pain. “Felix” I moaned and he trailed kisses back up my neck until he reached my lips kissing them softly. He pulled away, the both of us panting, and locked eyes with me once again. I slowly bring my hand that holds the flower up, I comb my fingers through his hair and he closes his eyes. I take the opportunity to put the flower just under his nose and he, unknowingly, breaths it in deeply. Second later his limp body falls to the ground with a loud thud. I glance up towards the camp and see that everyone is oblivious to what had happened. I squat down and search Felix for keys to the cage. “Sorry hottie, but I gotta get out of here.” I say when I find a set off cold keys. There are only two on the makeshift keychain made from a vine and I pray one of them opens the cage. Luckily for me the first one I try causes the lock to click open. I look again to the camp and watch silently as the boys one by one head off to bed. When only a couple remain I push open the cage just enough for me to slip out, I step over Felix’s unconscious body and make my way around the cage finding the patch of flowers. I pick a few more and wrap them in the same cloth. I push them in between my boobs and the corset and make my way towards the camp.

As I approach the camp I can see a group of three lost boys facing the fire trying to stay warm. I try to stay as light on my feet as possible as I creep up behind them. I hook my arm around one of their necks pulling him to the ground,quickly shoving a flower up his nose, and swing my leg under a second one causing him to fall flat on his back. The third attacks me from behind just before I get a chance to put the second one to sleep. I manage to fight my way out of his grip, though, and I push a flower in his face and do the same to the one still groaning on his back. Panting, I stand and brush the dirt from my pants and look down at the boys around me. I click my tongue and look around the camp, I hear nothing but the crackling of the fire and some snoring coming from all around the camp. I walk around a bit trying to find the leaders tent, guessing that that’s where my belongings are being held, but can’t seem to find it. “Where the hell are you?” I whispered, then pause. I spin around and start to get frustrated, but then I see a tree house not to far from the camp. “Found you.” I say smiling and head towards it.

Once I’m at the base of the tree that is occupied by the tree house I realize just how big it is. I bite my lip and look around for a rope latter or some way to get up, but don’t find one. Looks like I’m tree climbing. I look up and find the branch closest to the ground and jump. I hold onto it and pull myself up and look for the next branch to climb. After a few slips and cuts I make it to the entrance of the tree house. Pulling myself up I find the door open and no lights on. I peer in and find a large bed on the other side, and in it lies a sleeping boy in green. I tip toe in and look around for my satchel and sword. I find my things slung on a chair next to the bed. ‘Of fucking course’ I think rolling my eyes. I quietly walk over holding my breath, when I reach the chair I look back at the boy and turn to retrieve my things. I sling my bag over my shoulder and reach for my sword when I feel a danger placed around my neck.

“You naughty girl.” The boy tisks in a low, groggy, voice. He places a hand on my shoulder and spins me around to face him. “How the hell did you escape, what did you do to Felix?” He asks his face tight with anger. “He’s fine, believe me. If anything he left more marks on me than I left on him.” I smirked and he glanced at my neck, following the trail of spots down to my breasts. His eyes widen for a moment then meet mine again. “You vexed him?” He asks raising an eyebrow at me. “I’d hardly call it vexing. He was all for it.” I say keeping the smirk plastered on my face. He looks away from me shaking his head in disbelief, then moves the danger away. He looks me in the eyes again, then down at the marks, and finally at my hands that are covered in blood from the few cuts. “Come with me.” He orders and walks away. I stare at him, baffled, but follow anyway. He pushes a curtain aside to reveal a small washing room. He grabs a cloth and turns on the tap, wetting it. He then turns to me leaning against the sink and grabs my hand, pulling me towards him and wiping away the blood. I watch him curiously as he continues to gently clean my wounds. “Who are you?” I ask when he had finished and wrapped a new cloth around my hand. He glances up at me with his forest green eyes, through his eye lashes, and it causes my breathing to falter for a second. He smirks at this, “I’m Peter… Peter Pan.” He says standing up straight and looks down at me, he’s only a few inches taller than me but it’s intimidating. “What about you love?” He asks taking a step towards me, “What’s a pretty thing, like yourself, called?” He says as I take a step back. “Mariana.” I choke out. “Well Mariana there are consequences for escaping the cage.” He says still advancing. “What are you going to through me back it the cage?” I ask trying to keep the distance between us but I back into a wall. “No, something that’s fun.” He says stopping only centimeters from my face. I hold my breath and he leans in pressing his lips to mine. I stay completely still and this causes him to get frustrated. He groans against my mouth and presses harder trying to get a reaction out of me. “Come on love. I’ll make you feel good. Better than Felix did, that’s for sure.” I still don’t do anything and he moves from my lips to my neck causing an involuntary moan to escape my lips. I slap a hand over my mouth and he looks up at me. “You’re tough to crack. But I heard that. Don’t worry love. I’ll. Have you. Soon. Enough.” He said in between kisses on my neck. “If Peter Pan wants you,” He says against my neck then looks up at me his lips brushing over mine. “He gets you.”

Not your type.

Riley laid flat on her stomach across her bed, mindlessly flipping through a vogue magazine as her best friend aggressively went through her wardrobe, leaving no shoe un-turned.

“I don’t get it.” Maya mumbles under her breath, “how on earth is it that you go to the Fashion Institute of Technology and yet your closet has no fashion.” She huffs throwing one of Riley’s scarves on the floor.

“Looking for anything specific?” The brunette asks, though truth be told she had zoned out 15 minutes ago and couldn’t for the life of her remember why the petite girl was rummaging through her clothes.

“Something nice?” The blonde states but the way it sounds comes off as more of a question. “I don’t know. The guy I’m seeing tonight is kind of boring? Okay, maybe not boring per say but he’s kind of this goody-goody, he’s in med school I think? Super polite, you know the type.”

“Yeah, I do.” Riley raises her eyebrow, “And he doesn’t sound like yours.”

“He’s not.” Maya smirks. “I figure I can mess him up a bit. Make him more fun, maybe a little dangerous.”

“Or, and hear me out on this one, you can date someone you actually like.” Riley offers, finally sitting up from her bed to inspect the damage her friend had caused.

The entire contents of her dresser and closet were sprawled out on the floor, making the carpet underneath it barely noticeable.

“The guys I date suck.” The blonde pouts, “Besides, they’re always so predictable.”

“That’s because you have a very specific type.” Riley rolls her eyes, “Musician or Artist. Super sexy and always super emotionally unavailable.”

“Which is exactly why I’m going out with this guy.” Maya reiterates. “- and usually I wouldn’t know what the hell to talk about with someone like him but that’s exactly why you’ll be there.”

“What?!” Riley stands to her feet, crossing her arms over her chest. “Nah uh no way not going to happen.”

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Note: Thanks to @skittle479 for the assist.

10:45 … Sonny was almost four hours late. You weren’t worried, though, his job often kept him on an unpredictable schedule. There was a cost to dating a cop, but Sonny was worth it.

He was supposed to come over after work, at 7. Sonny often forgot to call you when his work ran late, so you tried to occupy yourself while you waited. Staying busy kept you from worrying.

At 10:50 you heard the front door opening and saw Sonny making his way in, having exchanged keys to your respective apartments after half a year of dating.

Swiftly, you made your way over to Sonny and wrapped your arms around his waist. It felt like you were made for each other.

“You finally made it,” you smiled into his chest. “How was work?”

“Barba has been biting his nails about a rape in the park from last month, he’s been making us go over our testimonies again and again.” Sonny chuckled as he placed a quick kiss on your forehead, still in the process of taking off his outerwear.

“No wonder you stayed late, then, you’ve been wanting to stay on Barba’s good side.” You’d met the members of Sonny’s squad only briefly, but from the way Sonny talked about them, you felt like you knew them intimately.

“Oh, he actually didn’t, he finished with me hours ago. Jesse’s babysitter had to leave early, and ‘Manda was still with Barba, so I volunteered to watch after Jesse until Barba was finished prepping Amanda.”

Abruptly, you pulled yourself out of his embrace.

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Behind the Camera | 3

I was always behind the camera, whether it was for them to film or in the middle of no where to find a perfect place for photos. It wasn’t that I necessarily hated it, I was just much more skilled in working a camera than working it for a camera. Grayson however, he was exquisite at both, simply because he was fantastic at everything. It was one of his favorite things to steal away the camera and snap a picture or two of me, he knew I hated when he did that. But somehow, his quick and teasing photos always put mine to shame, so I let him takeover anytime he wanted to.

It was nearing midnight and I was stuck on their couch, waiting for them to get back from a meeting. Ethan had made me promise that I would stay and film a video for them, and by ten o'clock I had already regretted my decision. It was beginning to be more difficult for me to keep my eyes open underneath the soft blanket and Grayson’s t-shirt. My favorite show on the television, but I relented to shut my eyes, even for just a few minutes.

Just as I was nearing that sweet drop into sleep, I heard the rustling feet come through the door, and surprisingly only one pair. I lifted myself to sit although I felt like I was pulling a ton of bricks to do so, turning to see Grayson staring back at me from the table, hand ghosting over my camera that was patiently waiting there.

My voice was hoarse and ugly when I spoke. “Where’s E?”

Grayson gripped the camera before looking down to power it on, shrugging his shoulders and pulling it up to his eye, clicking just as I scrunched my face. “I don’t know, said he was going to meet some girl for pizza or something.”

I stood from the couch quickly, rushing around the edge to place my hand in front of the lens. “No pictures, Gray.”

He rolled his eyes with a smile, gripping my wrist softly before letting it drop to hang loosely by my hip. “Just a few, come on.” His eyes were alight, and I never missed how ecstatic he always was to take a backseat and be behind the camera every once in a while. I rolled my eyes right back at him and lifted my arms to show him I’d relent. I had begun to round the couch to sit, but his hand on my shoulder stopped me dead in my tracks. “Not here. I have a better idea.” So he grabbed my hand and lead my through the winding hallway to his open bedroom door, ushering me inside before pushing me gently to sit on the bed. “Now you have to do exactly as I say, just like I do when you take pictures of me.”

I raised my eyebrow, narrowing my eyes. “Don’t try any funny shit, Dolan.”

His boisterous laugh echoed perfectly through the quiet room as he snapped another picture of my tired and irritated face. “Take off your pants.”

I’m sure I looked either enraged or embarrassed. Grayson and I’s relationship was strictly platonic friendship, so it seemed that a demand like that was crossing into unknown and forbidden territory. “I said no funny shit.”

He was agitated as the camera dropped to hang loosely from his neck. “And I said you have to do exactly as I say, pants off, now.” I grumbled as I grabbed the waist band of my leggings, pushing them to my ankles as I kicked them off rather ungracefully. “Now get in the middle.” I listened pretty quickly, eager to do as he said to get it over with. My mind was racing with questions as to why this was happening, but I was far too tired to truly think on them. I plopped down to sit on my behind over the plush and soft cover, forcing myself not to fall backward and wrap myself in the delicious bed. “No, on your knees.”

I narrowed my eyes again, but did so anyway, resting my butt on my heels as he took the picture. I pushed a stray piece of hair from my face as he rounded off a few more clicks, his smile shining behind the camera. “Are we done yet?”

He pulled the camera down to take a look at the shots before pulling it back to his sight. “No, Y/N we’re not done yet. Take off my shirt.”

My eyes widened as I coughed the surprise from my throat. “Are you crazy? No!”

He sighed loudly, eyeing me with disinterest. The way he had asked was so nonchalant and straightforward, like asking someone to borrow a pen, and it honestly confused me. When I said Grayson and I were platonic, I meant it. There was no undercover flirting or suspicious glances, no sneaking around or hiding secrets from anyone. We were friends, and friends who had never crossed that boundary into that territory before. If anyone had asked me if this would’ve ever happened, I would’ve laughed loudly in their face. I just wasn’t really Grayson’s type, and I’d never really bothered to wonder if he was mine. So sitting in the middle of his bed and pulling the warm cotton over my head seemed almost like I was still on the couch asleep and in a dream. He smiled from behind the camera and began clicking away again. “Good girl.” My face heated with affection under his praise, and although my underwear set was very practical, and although I wasn’t sexy even if I tried, I decided I was already near naked and that I might as well humor him at the very least.

I wasn’t a model of any kind, but I had taken enough pictures of others to notice the tilt of the head and where to place my hands, I knew how to look at the camera as if to look dead in the eyes of the person seeing it. I felt a little awkward but I went with it, we’d far passed that moment of no return. “Am I doing okay?”

He lowered the camera to take a look at me before smiling and nodding his head. He tilted his head to the side to survey everything of the bed around me before looking back at me, that devilish smile on his face that he always had when he wanted to push someone a little farther than they liked. “Turn around though.” I bit my lip with nerves, but did as he said, turning myself around and sitting back on my heels again. The low hum in the back of his throat was deep and vibrated around the room. “You really have a nice ass, Y/N. It’s a shame you don’t show it more often.” Goosebumps erupted all over my flesh as my hairs stood on end. “Now lean forward on your hands and spread your legs a little.” It was intense silence apart from the camera and our breathing. The dip at the end of the bed made me jump slightly as he was directly behind me. “I’m only going to ask you this once. Can I touch you, Y/N?”

He waited patiently as my mind short circuited with question after question. It would change the whole dynamic of our friendship. Forever. No longer would I stand behind the camera and look at him the same, I would remember this and I was afraid I would never be able to let it go. But something about the warmth of his body so near mine, and how he smelled so delicious like he always did, I caved. I hadn’t been touched by anyone in months, and there was a tiny fragment of me that admitted I wanted him to. “Y-yes.”

His hand reached forward immediately to pull the lace fabric to the side, his fingers dipping in to touch the slick folds which he had caused. His sharp intake of breath was loud, as was mine as he moved one finger over my clit rather slowly. I bent backward to push into his hand farther as he crawled forward to get closer. His other hand gripped my shoulder to pull me up, grasping the clasp of my bra as it popped open and fell from my arms. His chest was holding me up as he reached forward to run circles, thrusting two fingers into me quickly from behind. A harsh and frustrated moan pushed from my mouth as I was already so close to cumming. He leaned down by my ear, his hot breath fanning out over my neck. “Come on, you’re so close baby.” And just like that, with his deep voice in my ear and his fingers working so diligently, I released all over him.

It took a moment for me to catch my breath, my limbs feeling heavy but I felt so relaxed. I was ready to just curl up and sleep, but payback sounded much better.

I adjusted my underwear back in place as it stuck to me from my cum. I gripped the camera which had been forgotten beside us, hopping off the bed and pulling the lens to my eye to catch his smoldering look at me. I looked to the bulge in his pants and smiled largely at him. I felt much better behind the camera, and it was time for him to get to work. “Alright, your turn.”