my mouth is doing something weird and i apologize

Rey wants to kiss Finn. She realizes that when she catches herself staring at his lips at various moments during the day - when he smiles, when he frowns, when he purses them in concentration or when the tip of his tongue darts out to run over them - and despite trying to be subtle about it, he catches her several times. He gives her an amused, albeit slightly puzzled, look, and a “What? Do I have something on my face?”

He has no clue that she wants to grab his face in her hands and plant a strong kiss on his mouth right then and there.

In response, and in order to try and keep her cool, she’ll say she was staring off into space, apologize briefly, then leave. She knows she can’t keep doing it - especially considering that it’s just a tad bit weird.

But she can’t help herself. She tries to stifle the feeling - and is even successful for a few days. She manages to avoid looking at his lips and instead focuses on his eyes - his warm, dark, kind eyes (though, truth be told, that doesn’t help much)…

Until one day it gets to be too much. She can’t stand holding back anymore - it’s not something she’s ever really had to do, considering that she’s never felt this way about anyone else before, and she doesn’t like it.

So she goes looking for him. She finds him about to enter his room and calls his name. He turns, blinks, and smiles.

“Hey,” he says. “What’s going-”

Before he can finish, Rey takes his face in her hands, notes the brief flash of confusion in his eyes, and kisses him - a little too hard and a little too fiercely and a little too clumsily - but she doesn’t care. All of her frustrations from holding in this urge come tumbling out - and it feels so nice.

Finn is completely frozen, even when she pulls away. For a minute Rey’s heart constricts - she can’t read the expression on his face. What if she overstepped some personal boundary of his or something? What if she just pushed him away? What if he didn’t feel the same and was incredibly weirded out -

Her thoughts are interrupted by Finn stepping forward, and pressing his lips against hers, and now it’s Rey’s turn to be shocked, but she recuperates quickly, and they’re both smiling into the kiss, and Rey draws her arms around his neck, and Finn’s hands drop to her waist to tug her closer against him. The kiss starts slow and sweet and gentle but begins to build into something passionate and needy and Rey can’t stop herself from moving her hands to his chest and -

Rey’s eyes snap open and she abruptly sits upright in her bed, her sheet slipping off of her. Her heart is pounding in her ears and a fine layer of sweat beads on her forehead. That was…interesting, she marvels. She’s never had a dream like that before - and about Finn, too.

The dream remains impossibly vivid in her mind as she slowly sinks back into her bed, knowing all too well she’s going to have a very difficult time going back to sleep.