my mouse was in need of a pad

I realized that most of my favourite artists *who do digitalart* use these bigass, badass awesome drawing tablets :D
Unfortunetly, some of us can’t afford those kind of stuff :(
What’s even more sad is that some people who realy have a big talent for art and if they wan’t to do or try digitalart they can’t afford themselves even some cheap tablet :( That sucks -_- But some people don’t need to use drawing tablet, they make an awesome drawings just using a MOUSE!! That’s insane and I take my imaginary hat to them :D SO The point is that it doesn’t matter if you have the most expencive and most professional drawing tablet there is or if you have the “not so good tablet* or if you can’t afford buying it, if you have inspiration and you love making art, then nothing can stop you!! :)
Btw if you are wondering I’m using Wacom bamboo pad for ALL my digital drawings- It’s one of the cheapest drawing tablets Wacom had :D and they said that eith this tabled you could only do some rough doodles :P And it doesn’t matter if it’s small, not some pro or intuos or sentique (or how is it called xD) or other types of better drawing tablets, and it doesn’t have much options, I love it :) It’s mah little baby ^^ xD  

Some mildly annoying things my laptop has been doing lately:

  • My minecraft launcher opens about two inches to the left every time, until it mysteriously hides behind my task bar, which is on the far left of the screen, peeking at me and haunting me until I roll my eyes and pull it out of it’s hiding place
  • My Chrome browser, if closed when windowed, will jump three inches to the right when I either down-size the window to a smaller size, or open it after having closed it, almost instantly causing it to disappear into the void on the far right of my screen.
  • Cortana, who should be disabled entirely, randomly pips up when my headset cord touches my mouse pad for too long, asking if I need help. (No, Cortana, go get your own help.)
  • Tumblr will sometimes bleed into other sites, giving Youtube a blue background shortly (prolly a cashe issue), and FlightRising just has a panic attack and stays black for a couple seconds when going from Tumblr directly to dragon hell.
How ‘The Sims’ Turned Me into a Virtual Sociopath

I first got into The Sims in 2000, after playing the SimCity games, by the same developer. It was a natural continuation from that. I was never really that astute at “joystick games,” and I was rubbish at first-person shooters—my motor neuron skills proved incompatible with a control pad. Just clicking a mouse to make a decision was much easier. I had consoles when I was younger, but I was absolutely rubbish at most of the games—which was a positive thing for my social life, but something of a detriment when it comes to doing pieces like this. I’ve never, ever completed a full computer game, but I’ve played lots.

But The Sims isn’t really a game you needed to complete. There’s no real way you can fail at it—and the more you play it, the better you get. With The Sims, it’s just like life: What are you judging it upon? On who’s terms are you judging whether or not you’re doing well on The Sims? It’s like Championship Manager in that respect, another game that I was into at around the same time, when I was about 13. I remember my sister putting it the best way, with regard to Championship Manager: “I don’t get it. You’ve just been sitting there, staring at those stupid spread sheets, for four hours.” And she’s not wrong.