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House Rules (M)

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Summary: Frustration over recent political changes sets you off, and your loving husband helps you see the error of your ways.

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 7,492

Warning: Dom!Yoongi, husband/wife relationship, teasing, punishment, edging, ass play, dirty talk, political themes

A/N: I could probably add more warnings. Rest assured, this is not vanilla. Enjoy!

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My roommate keeps moving my stuff and complains about the slightest noise. I got back at her.

So, I live in this place.

It’s a hostel of sorts, and this chick moved in pretty recently. I say hello to her, and she ignores me. Okay. Fine.

Next day I come back to find the vanity mirror table completely fucking rearranged, and my stuff thrown to the side.

Now, I don’t quite speak her language very well.

She reports me to the landlord for the slightest noise, such as me opening my door or eating in my room, or turning the light on when I need it during the night. (Our rooms share a common ceiling so she can hear me and I can hear her)

Never mind the fact that she plays music loudly and has arguments with her boyfriend at 11 pm or has loud ass get togethers with all the other kids at 7 am.

I work late nights and at home, and she complained about my typing on the laptop (my mouse is silent and my laptop quiet enough)

Hence, the landlord (who is kind of stupid and crazy herself) degrees that I be sent down to the lower floor to do my work.

Now, I’m a woman. And having a period. It was a bit of a surprise ( I’m on hormones so that stuff is wack)

Midnight; I realize I need a pad.

Now, this is the part where I get my revenge.

There’s a new pack of pads that have yet to be opened. I inch as close as I can, and stand on the bed, for maximum effect.

I rip open, as loudly as I can, the pack of pads, and get what I need, loudly as possible. There’s a lot of ripping and opening packages.

She’s stirring and I can tell she’s not happy at all. But she knows exactly what I’m doing- it’s pretty much a sound that any woman knows.

And she and the landlord are from a country where you don’t talk about “women’s things,” so she won’t even report me for that.


Wip - Gym Pool Area

Think I have all of the first level done. The upper level should be a lot easier. No CFE to deal with, just slapping exercise equipment around. It really needs some wall pictures and signs, but the lot is already cc heavy and I need to do the upstairs. Oh and my mouse decided to quit working. Ordered a new one with a gaming mouse pad. Yeah for Amazon Prime Shipping. 


I got POTG as widow tonight and someone thought I was aimbotting. Meanwhile my “snap aiming” was just me panicking because I couldn’t see the enemies clearly. :’D Everything is super fuzzy and slow in-game since I’m on vacation using my old laptop, a 2003 dell desktop mouse, a cutting board as a mouse pad, and my phone’s cellular service as my internet connection. It’s a miracle I got overwatch to even work let alone me managing to get a POTG and accused of aimbotting on it. xD;;; 

 I may be on vacation but I need that Mercy skin

anonymous asked:

Hey! Before I go on if this sounds judgmental in any way it's not meant to be, I'm just the queen of poorly worded messages. But I noticed in your post about peripherals that you are using a £28 mouse and a 3 ft long, £32 mouse pad? I was just wondering what the difference between those are to the average joe mouses and mouse pads, because I have like a $10 mouse and I literally don't even use a mouse pad, so I was just wondering what the advantage is for the more expensive ones that you use

Hii there! it doesn’t sound judgemental, don’t worry! But before I go on I’m just going to say, if you’re only using your computer to play this sims, then no, there isn’t really any difference between my peripherals and ‘average joe’ peripherals. But my set up is intended for playing reaction heavy FPS’s like Counter Strike, Overwatch or Player Unknown Battlegrounds and RPG’s like Fallout, The Witcher or Mass Effect!  As a result I use a gaming mouse and a gaming mouse pad.

In terms of gaming mice my mouse is actually quite cheap, for instance in comparison, my boyfriend plays with a Razer Naga Chroma MMO Gaming Mouse which is a £100+ mouse. But the advantages of any gaming mouse over a standard $10 mouse are;

  • Gaming mice are designed to last for lengthy periods of use. They are made using high quality materials for better performance; they’re very durable and should perform at a high level for a long time.
  • Gaming Mice are designed to feel comfortable in your hand even during long periods of use; they are crafted to conform to the human hand much better compared to regular mice. 
  • Gaming mice come with various customizable buttons (mine has 6 for example) For instance, you can bind one of the available mouse buttons in order to throw a grenade while playing counter-strike instead of hitting 4 on the keyboard followed by a click of the mouse.
  • Gaming mice have better tracking for smoother cursor movement. 
  • A gaming mouse is also built to be more precise and accurate. This extra precision and accuracy are really important in many fast paced gamed.
  • With a standard mouse, it comes with a power-saving feature that allows the mouse to turn off if you have been inactive. However a gaming mouse does not turn off, therefore there will be no delays in your response when using the computer or first turning it on.

I absolutely adore my mouse pad, but it is more of the expensive ones. Part of the reason it’s so expensive is because it’s 3 foot long, which fits great on my 5 foot long desk! Huge mouse pads aren’t for everyone though, my boyfriend uses the same pad but the normal sized version which is much cheaper and compact! Benefits of my 3 foot long mouse pad:

  • To be really good at games such as Counter Strike you need to move less with your wrist and more with your entire arm, you need to be able to have freedom of movement. A large mouse pad benefits gamers who use long, sweeping arm movements or move their mouse a lot during games. 
  • By being larger than the average mousepad, you won’t have to pick up and set down your mouse nearly as often. Needing to pick up and center your mouse can really throw you off. By not having to pick up and center your mouse as often, your in-game performance will surely improve. 
  • There is no worry about running the mouse off the side while gaming.
  • Large mouse pads also allow for gamers to keep all of their gear on top of the mousepad, for example I have my monitor, my keyboard and my mouse on my mousepad!

Benefits of gaming mousepads in general:

  • Gaming mousepads have a much more precise surface. The design on the mousepad has tiny, minute differences, making it much easier for your mouse to know how far the mouse has been moved. It allows your mouse to be much more accurate, consistent, and precise. 
  • Gaming mousepads hold up much better over time when compared to a regular mousepad. 
  • If you own a gaming mouse,it makes sense to own a gaming mousepad as it may help to cut down on the wear-and-tear on your mouse (especially if you aren’t using any pad at all)

I hope this answered your question love! Video games and gaming are my passions so I do invest a lot of money and thought into my set up, but like I said before if you’re only using your computer to play this sims, there isn’t really any difference between my peripherals and ‘average joe’ peripherals. My peripherals make playing the sims a more comfortable experience, for sure, but it’s far from necessary 😊

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Sorry to bother you with anon, but I have a question: do you have any advice about making your own chipsets/charsets/facesets using only a mouse? And what program would you recommend? I'm planning to make a two games in RPG2k3 and RPG VX Ace Lite and I'm kinda new to pixel art, and my tablet broke.

yeah: don’t worry about your table breaking because you don’t need to use a tablet in the first place, unless you’re drawing something big.  Tablets work best when they move across the canvas, not when they quickly dot it.   Your mouse is king in pixel art. And a mouse is better in pixel art than a track pad, so you got a leg up on me too.  :p

First, let me set you up with some basic links:


VX Ace

And now, some tips:

  • Drawing out a sketch of how you want your map to look on Graph paper so you know what you need to create for it.  It helps because if you start out just goofing around, you might create too little stuff to put into your chipset.
  • Whenever I get partway through a map, I like to make mock screenshots to figure out if this is how I want my map to look, like so:

It helps me figure out if the tiles I made go together or not, or whether or not my tileset needs a more varied color pallet to match my sprites, or if the grass is too bright, etc. 

  • I like to make things in Black & White first so I can get a better grasp on value.  Colors that have the same value as each other blend into each other, hiding any detail you might of had with them.
  • Zoom out from time to time.  You want to make sure your sprite looks just as good at normal resolution as it does up close.
  • The order for character sprites is walking/facing North, then East,  then South, then West.  So you know, Never Eat Soggy Waffles/Never Ever Smoke Weed or what have you.
  • Uhhh I had a mapping ask I answered earlier this year that had a few tips
  • You get a character to bounce up and down when they walk by moving them one pixel up or down, like so:

nice & neat

  • For smaller character sprites, I made myself a grid with little markers (feet go on the light blue - i gotta move the beekeeper down) so everyone walks on the same plane (and no one’s a pixel off).  

And If your face sets are looking left or right, just have them all face the same way.

Here are some of my favorite tutorials:

Ok, hope this helps. c:


Well I use photoshop elements because I’ve had it installed in my computer for the past 7 years and I’m too lazy to find another program that works on mac :v (make sure to take anti-alias off when you use the fill bucket ok kids).

Most artist recommend getting a program that has layering capabilities (very useful when animating) and something that doesn’t have too many features to it.  The most recommended tend to be, Aseprite, GrafX2, GraphicsGale, & GraphicsGale, and you can find more here (along with links to the ones I just mentioned!).


just got my first set today! i didn’t get any of j’s solo photocards (and nothing hyungwon :// maybe in the other set… i hope) but im quite glad with what i got lol and all the photos everywhere look so pretty and the boys all look soft and nice i love it

I realized that most of my favourite artists *who do digitalart* use these bigass, badass awesome drawing tablets :D
Unfortunetly, some of us can’t afford those kind of stuff :(
What’s even more sad is that some people who realy have a big talent for art and if they wan’t to do or try digitalart they can’t afford themselves even some cheap tablet :( That sucks -_- But some people don’t need to use drawing tablet, they make an awesome drawings just using a MOUSE!! That’s insane and I take my imaginary hat to them :D SO The point is that it doesn’t matter if you have the most expencive and most professional drawing tablet there is or if you have the “not so good tablet* or if you can’t afford buying it, if you have inspiration and you love making art, then nothing can stop you!! :)
Btw if you are wondering I’m using Wacom bamboo pad for ALL my digital drawings- It’s one of the cheapest drawing tablets Wacom had :D and they said that eith this tabled you could only do some rough doodles :P And it doesn’t matter if it’s small, not some pro or intuos or sentique (or how is it called xD) or other types of better drawing tablets, and it doesn’t have much options, I love it :) It’s mah little baby ^^ xD  

I know I currently haven’t drawn anything for it but I wanted to say thanks for 300 followers! I appreciate it loads. -w- 💙💙💙
I was going to open up commissions here for achieving 300 followers but with my week’s break from school I spent more time catching up on games and with drawings I had meant to finish. Now that the break has come to an end my laptop’s mouse pad has broke. While I can still do digital art with a plug-in mouse or tablet it’s just not what I’m used to and it feels slower and inconvenient. So I’m probably not gonna start any new pieces of digital art until that is fixed up. Apologies! =w=“

Digital art is slow as is, but school also takes up a lot of my time. So I’m thinking about opening commissions but it’s only sketches so I might do that sometime soon? :o We’ll see how much I get into Odyssey and Ultra Moon XD

I’ll see if I can get back into the hang of digital art with a normal mouse and maybe try go get some sketchy commissions goin on. But with school and all these good games coming out soon, I might be a little less active. That’s all for now, thanks for the read and take care~

LEVANA!! This is one of my favorites, so far. I think I’m getting the hang of it all. Haha, I did this one bigger, thank goodness. Should I do the boys? I’m not sure how easy that’s going to be digitally. I already suck at drawing guys and it doesn’t help that i have no control with the key pad (no tablet or mouse :/ ) but at the same time I need the practice. Thoughts?

A Production || Jihoon || Pt. 4

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Pt. 1 // Pt. 2 // Pt. 3 // Pt. 4 // Pt. 5 // Pt. 6 // Pt. 7 // Pt. 8 (Final)

Word Count: 1892

Genre: fluff, college au, casual writing

The auditorium was filled with a tense silence. Jihoon let out a long sigh. The dry rehearsal had finished moments ago but no one made a move to get off stage and no one said a word. After a month with working with Lee Jihoon, they knew the drill. If anyone moved, they’ll be the first one to get barked at. You swallowed, waiting for his response. The script had been rewritten and the songs had been perfectly placed together. Now, all that mattered was this one, perfect rehearsal and they didn’t have much time left. How did Jihoon feel about it?

A large smile split upon his face and his claps echoed throughout. There were loud sighs of reliefs, surprised laughs, and angry yelling at making them anxious. You grinned as Jihoon stood up.

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Yesterday, I got 50 followers. I know that may not seem like a lot, but this is my first tumblr blog ever. And, having 50 followers means that there are 50 people who are willing to see what you have posted and reblogged.

To celebrate that and give back to the studyblr community, I’ve made a sheet that has some of the commands that you can do on a TI - nspire CAS calculator. On the sheet are the commands that were covered in my Algebra II Honors class. 

If you don’t know what kind of calculator I’m talking about, click here! These calculators have a screen and a mouse pad thingy. They allow you to solve algebraic equations and so much more. They’re almost like a computer actually. In my school, these calculators are used in the honors math program, and also in some science classes.

To view it, click here.

Note: Most of these will work on calculator (1: Add calculator) unless stated. The >> symbol indicates the next step. If something is written as:  “a” + “b”, that means that you should press button a and b at the same time.

Please message or ask me if you have trouble understanding what I wrote or need some help with doing something on the n-spire. I know that they can be a little tricky to work with at times!

- Grace :) 

Playing FFXIV with a gamepad

I’ve been playing ARR for over a year on PS3 and then on PC with a PS3 controller, and I’ve noticed there are a lot of things that the game doesn’t really show you how to do that make the whole experience so much easier and more efficient. So I wanted to put together a guide for other people who play with a controller with some tips that might be useful. I really hope it helps!

As a note: I play with a PS3 controller and I figure most people will too due to the game’s release on PS3/4, but you can also use an Xbox one. I have no idea how they are configured unfortunately but I figure the button placement is pretty much the same, though forgive me if any of this is confusing because of that.

Hopefully this guide will also be useful to people who are new to the game too, though it does expect you to know the basics already.


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I bought this PC Nov 2014, and it has yet to really need an upgrade aside from the RAM. I plan on upgrading the whole thing this summer, but here is a partial list to my setup…

-Processor: Intel Core i5

-Motherboard: Asus z97-P 

-Graphics card: GeForce GTX 770

-Monitors: Acer 27in model # s271hL 

- Mouse: R.A.T 3

-Mouse pad: Rift Storm Legion edition

-Keyboard: Steelseries model # 64145 (fair warning, mine has mechanical issue where I couldn’t customize my color setup because it just resets itself, so I am stuck with the default… not sure how many of these have this issue).

How ‘The Sims’ Turned Me into a Virtual Sociopath

I first got into The Sims in 2000, after playing the SimCity games, by the same developer. It was a natural continuation from that. I was never really that astute at “joystick games,” and I was rubbish at first-person shooters—my motor neuron skills proved incompatible with a control pad. Just clicking a mouse to make a decision was much easier. I had consoles when I was younger, but I was absolutely rubbish at most of the games—which was a positive thing for my social life, but something of a detriment when it comes to doing pieces like this. I’ve never, ever completed a full computer game, but I’ve played lots.

But The Sims isn’t really a game you needed to complete. There’s no real way you can fail at it—and the more you play it, the better you get. With The Sims, it’s just like life: What are you judging it upon? On who’s terms are you judging whether or not you’re doing well on The Sims? It’s like Championship Manager in that respect, another game that I was into at around the same time, when I was about 13. I remember my sister putting it the best way, with regard to Championship Manager: “I don’t get it. You’ve just been sitting there, staring at those stupid spread sheets, for four hours.” And she’s not wrong.


Not that I’m an expert or anything, but I’ve upgraded to the New 3DS XL. This is a rare occasion where Australia receives something before some other regions.

So if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask! :)

Some very early thoughts:


  • C-stick is very sensitive, and very much like those old laptop mouse nubs.
  • The Slide Pad (analogue stick) feels sort of ‘higher’, like it floats a bit more that the old one. You can actually see the nub shape has been changed a bit.
  • Start Button placement is much more convenient for games like Smash Bros.
  • Start/Select are very clicky buttons.
  • D-Pad feels clickier too, but maybe my old one was just worn.
  • Super-stable head-tracking 3D does actually work.
  • New shorter, fatter stylus is better, and it actually stays in the console.
  • Volume control actually clicks into 'off’ like the 3D control, so you don’t need to worry about bumping it.
  • Fears about the exposed Power Button seem unfounded; its fine.
  • Touch Screen seems a tad more sensitive.


  • Loading software, including the home menu mid-game is far quicker.
  • But once launched, older games (i.e. New Leaf) don’t take advantage of the new hardware and load no quicker.


  • It is a little bigger but feels pretty much the same in-hand.
  • Hinges and L/R Buttons feel more solid.
  • Outside cameras are now more flush with the lid, and therefore look smaller.
  • Headphone jack is centered, no longer getting in the way of your hands.
  • Stylus is a black that matches none of the color of the rest of the console…
  • “Black” (barely charcoal, actually more a grey) colour has a diagonal texture running through it, almost carbon-fiber-esque.
  • highly recommend getting your hands on a demo model before you choose colours, as it is very hard to tell from images what the consoles look like.
  • Shiny plastic is pretty but does attract fingerprints.
  • SD Card is now inside the consoles rear plastic panel; behind screws. This is the only real downside for picture-happy crossers like me.

Screen and Sound

  • Anecdotally, the speakers sound a little bassier.
  • Screen seems a little yellower in tinge, but also a tad more vibrant.
  • Anecdotally, games running in 3D seem a little less jaggy.


  • System transfer is fairly painless, the prompts do a lot of explaining.
  • But it is not a walk-away-and-leave or let-it-run-overnight process: There are a lot of prompts!
  • You do need to be aware of the SD Card size; they have to be the same.
  • Having no charger means that you will need to keep an eye on both the new and old console batteries during the process. Its not ideal, but just a deal-with-it situation.