my motto in life tbh

On this, the day of Oscar Wildes birthday, lets take a moment and say from the bottom of our flamboyant gay hearts,

Fuck Alfred “Bosie” Douglas the shitface who turned on Oscar when he no longer served his own purpose.

And praise Robbie Ross the literal cinnamon roll who stood by and loved Oscar during his highest, his lowest, through disagreement and triumph and who continued to love and support him until death.

I’m Gay and Bitter. Happy Birthday Oscar Wilde from those who truly love you 💚

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'I'm too ace for this' is p much my own personal life motto, tbh. Why do people have to be gross when you don't ask for it? Personally, I think you're very beautiful and kind looking- and I don't mean that in some sort of creepy sexual way. Do whatever makes you most comfortable, though, alright? We won't judge you for it. :)

Thank you so much anon. I think I’ll leave the selfie up because #1 WOW it actually got a lot of notes and that’s a huge confidence boost and #2 yall should know what I look like! Why not? :D But the message was really not a nice thing to wake up to ;-;

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I got a girlfriend and like fuck distance lmao but shes so sweet??? And never have I ever fallen for someone as quickly as I have for her I'm gay and all I want to do is pick her up and make out with her tbh,,,cause she small, and I'm tall and strong :') -K

“fuck distance” my life motto tbh