my mother was a troll

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Doesn't your mother know of this page? I stalk and troll my kids endlessly online with all my fake accounts, so I found out when my oldest son was gay the instant he told his Facebook friends. On the next morning, of course, I then asked him if there were any cute guys at school and witnessed the majesty of the cereal spray before he calmed down enough to choke out a "how did you know??". He's got a pretty stable relationship now, in fact.

Nah she doesn’t even speak English

my favorite part about working retail on mother’s day is when customers ask if i’m a mom. i always say yes and tell them about my 3 kids who are picky eaters, hate taking baths, mess up the furniture, and cry whenever they have to go to the doctor. and my customers give me parenting tips and say that i’m such a great young mother, but they have absolutely no idea that i’m actually talking about my cats.

I drew this on Mother’s day but I wasnt able to post it till today so happy mother’s day Dolorosa. You’re the best troll ancestor and the wisest.

Side Note: When I was first drawing this and sketching it and finally did lines I sent a picture of it on my phone to my girlfriend and them my Sai program decided to die. I lost it all, but thanks to my little sister and the fact i show my gf every step of my drawing process i was able to save this picture

500 note update: This is not just a single image, but one of a series in a music video that me and my girlfriend are working on on Signless’s life. It will be a mix of still images and a attempted animation in a few parts. My girlfriend is going to college for it so why not help her practice? Her tumblr is and her art blog is My main tumblr is and my art blog is so be on the look out for the music art post. I’d also like to thank the lovely frog senpai for posting up my art on their art blog. Thank you Chofi! My-friend-the

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Which of your past roleplay partners has the hottest erotic writing? Current partners do not count. OOC.

Never thought about it. Judging someone by their RP has never stuck well with me and I’ve never found myself doing it for all but the extreme troll cases (”My dad is Deathwing, my mother is Elune, I’m a vampire worgen” etc). Also, as arousing as any ERP could be, I don’t use it as an erotic outlet. It’s just a type of RP. I do enjoy that others use it for that, though. Basically the greatest compliment I could get for my erotic writing. Might be weird for some people, though. I used to write erotic fanfics so I’m used to it.

I don’t judge my RP partners, especially about their kinks. There is absolutely nothing they could tell me that I wouldn’t be supportive of, even if it’s the opposite of what I enjoy. If I can’t RP it with them I’ll at least be supportive and nonjudgmental about it.

Finally: Some people prefer not to be known for ERPing, for some reason. It’s the weirdest thing, but if that’s what they want, that’s fine. I’m not going to “out” anybody.

hiatus? yeah. for what time? dunno.

// WARNING : long-ass post ahead

so. I hate having to say this, but.

things have returned to being the way they were. Id est, I’m being trolled by my own mother because I had a faint interest in manga/anime. For a reason unknown, she believes that my behavior changes when I read manga. (Oh, and mind you, she doesn’t even say it properly. She says, “watch manga” or “read anime”. And no, I don’t bother correcting her… it’s just… it makes no sense.)

No, it doesn’t. It changes only when an interest of mine (example: manga) gets confronted. I mean, seriously? She’s a grown up, a fucking adult. I just can’t understand the way she thinks, and she cannot explain it. Awesome, eh?

Okay, I’ll take that. Manga and anime are bad, without anything to justify what you say. Alright. Whatever.

What I won’t take, however, is the accusations that I write scripts for manga. No, I don’t.

What I’m trying to write is just standard novels. Yes, they are supernatural. Yes, they are not goddamn real. Yes, writing is fun. But that’s all.

I don’t want to argue with you, mum. But you’ve made it, you’ve reached a point where I’m indifferent to you now. I can’t give a flying fuck about what you say. You’ve hurt me one too many times before. I refuse to feel the same way now.

I’m being forced to announce a hiatus, buddies. It’s not that I don’t like writing with you. It’s not that I don’t love you guys. On the contrary. You’re fantastic and I love you all. I can’t, however, keep taking this. It’s for my own good. I’m sorry.

I’ve been on the edge of snapping one too many times because of my mum and her words. And now I’ve come to the point where I’ve started rejecting all the bad feelings she makes me feel. I don’t want this to happen. I want my feelings back. I want to stop feeling so fucked up. I want to have a normal family.

…that’s not gonna happen, drop your hopes.

What will happen instead is I’ll just try to give her one thing less to make fun of me. Yes, by getting out of here for some time.

I have no idea when I’m going to come back. I’m not saying never. But for now I’m staying away.

You can have my Discord (dgm-meets-voltron), my Skype ( and my Facebook (Ani Dimieva) if you feel like keeping in touch while I’m away. Also for today I’ll be on, but tomorrow I’m going to go away. Again, sorry for that.

P. S. I will be on my other blog in the meantime cuz I’m in dire need to develop my OCs. I’m not gone!

“Look at them,” troll mother said. “Look at my sons! You won’t find more beautiful trolls on this side of the moon.”

John Bauer ‘s Trolls and Princess Tuvstarr from  boy and the trolls or The Adventures by Walter Stenström

stupid fan tool fan troll. 

he got waspsps. and bad fashion sense. 

My mother is a troll

I’m on the road heading back home and I hear my mom talking with my brother over the phone.

She tells my brother (who still has some obedience/courtesy issues) that we’re going to be home in 30 minutes. This is a subtle hint that the house must be clean when she gets home, otherwise punitive measures will be taken. (No one likes coming home to a trashed place)

Something clicked in my head.

“Mom, don’t we have about 3 hours?”

“Yes. Maybe next time he’ll listen when I tell him to do something.”