my mother marched with him

I cried every time I saw Oasis on television early on. The Word was the first TV show they did, and that’s when I cried the most, but I was really thrilled when Noel went on Channel 4’s Big Breakfast and said he wrote ‘Live Forever’ for me. I’ve had some great times with my boys - they are my life, really, and are very good to me. When I read in the paper that they did this and did that, I just take it with a pinch of salt. It used to upset me at one time, the way the papers used to write about them, but I know what they are like and so do the neighbours - and they’ve always been smart and wellbehaved, or at least while I had an eye on them. I’ve been to see the play a few times. I especially enjoyed Slane castle in Ireland and I’m going to see them when they play in Cork this year. They introduce me to all these famous people. I’ve met Bono out of U2 and he was a very nice man - he even kissed my hand and said I reminded him of his mother.

 Peggy Gallagher, March 1996

(this is the Oasis TV debut Peggy talked about: 

Oasis Tv Debut - Supersonic (Live The Word 1994) )