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velniias asked:


Send me a fandom and I’ll tell you a character I’d roleplay from that fandom.

(( But…. I already have this adorable nerd…. ))


(( I guess if I had to pick another…. I’d think I’d like to do Lau, I like subtle and conniving.  ))

Happy Birthday my baby cupcake!

I LOVE YOU and I hope you enjoy your 22nd and may the best things happen for you in the coming years. I’ll be here supporting you through it all, waiting for your smile to brighten everyone around you. Love you haz, be happy and enjoy your family, friends, cake, and your boys, all four of them. 

Shattered Fairytale (poem inspired by Red's backstory)
  • The Golden Goose
  • My Mother Hen
  • you'll tighten my noose
  • and hang me from Big Ben.
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  • why'd you have to go so far?
  • you left me here on my own
  • never have I felt so alone.
  • In that wishing well, you let me drown.
  • you pushed me down
  • you broke my crown.
  • but I guess it was my fault I climbed so high
  • on the tall bean stalk stretching into the sky.
  • like a giant
  • you crushed
  • I'll learn not -on you- to be so reliant.
  • You threw me from the treetops
  • I broke from the fall
  • I guess there's no happy ending, after all.
  • but now I'm sick
  • sick of this-
  • sick of YOU.
  • ill jump this madness
  • like I jump a candlestick.
  • i don't need your fury
  • i don't need your pity
  • i don't want your blame
  • you can never burn me with your flame
  • I'll make it right
  • I'll take this knife
  • I'll end your life
  • And turn the snow red from white.

trollfacemommy asked:

Red - I love you. Pink - I think you’re cute. Blue - You’re amazing. Rose - You’re pretty Purple - You’re hot. <3 U

Tbh I don’t even compare to you?? I am unworthy? You’re such a great person???
Thanks so much for being my friend, Jen-mother-hen.

The Chicken and the Eagle

The Chicken and the Eagle

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External image

“An eagle’s nest sat atop a high mountain peak. One day a strong wind came and blew one of the eggs out of the nest and it rolled down the mountain into a valley, where there was a chicken farm.

A mother chicken saw the little egg and said “What a funny looking chicken egg, but I’ll sit on it and make it my little chicken!”. The mother hen sat on the egg until it hatched. When it hatched out…

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