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I secretly:
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[] Love You
[] Like You
[] Dislike You
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Getting to know our professors

Recently we had a casual meeting with some of our professor and researchers from physics departure where we were drinking coffee and talking about what it’s like to be a scientist in university and what kind of skills we as students will need to learn in the future.

The whole gathering made me feel so much better about my life and made me more confident that I maybe even could aim to be a reseacher if I ever want to and that I don’t need to be an Einstein for it.

One of the professors told us how it was possible to balance career and family too as she herself had managed it rather well. They were overall very supportive to us and I just really, really love our professors. This is the first time in a long time I have felt this hopeful for my future. Like maybe I’m not so stupid and incompetent like I have been feeling this past year after all. It’s also really nice they actually seems to care about us and are there to help us if we ever need them.