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Olivia black dating and Sirius, James, Remus, Harry and McKinnon siblings following them on their date just to keep and eye on her without them knowing it

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“Okay, lads, we have a big problem here” James Potter said very serious “my precious little cinnamon bun is going on a date”.

“Lily?” Mark arched an eyebrow, confused.

Charlie rolled his eyes “no you idiot, he’s talking about Oli”.

“Oh… wait, WHAT?!” Mark growled “she’s like… twelve, how the hell is she going on a date?”

“She’s fifteen” Nick corrected, giving his brother a reproving look.

Harry rolled his eyes “look, George is a great bloke… he’s Ron brother”.

“We are going to follow them” Sirius said, pretending he didn’t hear his godson “they are going to Hogsmeade this Saturday”.

“That is a really stupid idea, Pafoot” Remus pointed.

“No, for once in his life, he’s right” Mark backed Sirius “we’re going to follow them… we can drink polyjuice potion so they don’t realize we’re there”.

Ben rolled his eyes and shook his head “really, this is so stupid… just leave her alone… if Harry says that he’s a nice bloke we should trust him”.

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I want to say something but I know that the moment people see it they will become all offended and hurt, and yeah I know it will hurt, but at the same time, I know that I haven’t said anything wrong. But then again, I will form enemies and people will look at me with that “holier than thou” attitude that I supposedly emit, which to me does not make any sense, because if I’m not doing something that someone else is than it makes me more pious? Idk. Like the biggest thing I have a problem with in this community is the boy-girl interactions. So you know what I am not sorry if I give off that vibe and if I am hesitate to approach you, because I know what you are going to say things behind my back whether or not I do something. And yeah, it shouldn’t bother me, but it does. And I was talking to my cousin who is in freaking 10th grade and she’s like are you in college or are you in high school. And tbh I don’t know and I dont care. But what makes me angry is the fact that seeming “religious” is a stigma in our society, so excuse me for not approaching the muslims in my school because tbh I am better off with the non-Muslims or anyone who can treat me with respect. That’s all I need from anyone. Respect. You respect me. I will respect you. I will love you unconditionally if you are just kind to me. THAT’S how low my standards are. You don’t have to be drop dead gorgeous, or rich, or freaking smart. You treat me and others with respect, I will become your best friend in the matter of seconds. And tbh, I don’t know where I am going with this, but it’s the fact that I am angry at the guys at our school but I am also in disbelief with the girls. Like, I know we all want that affection. But do you know what that guy is saying behind your back? Like last week I found out something really disturbing about a friend who really liked this guy and the guy said something horrible about her behind her back. And I just. I don’t know. I really really don’t know. And it’s so hard because I love my friends and I don’t ever want them to get hurt because my friends are freaking awesome. But why man. Why do you do this to yourself. Tbh, this is one of the reasons why I am scared to go into any relationship. Because, I don’t know if the guy will cheat on me and I don’t know if the girl he cheats with is someone I know. So like. It’s like. I can’t trust anyone anymore. 

Continuing my rant:

And I know. I know that I am probably the most imperfect human being that you will ever meet. I know. So before anyone jumps on me for that. I know. And I know that I always try to look for the good in people. I do. And that’s probably why I get hurt very easily. Because people use me easily. But. I dont know what to do. Or how to balance myself out.

I think. I just need to be away from everyone for a while. 

For those of you who were wondering/worried about the Boyfriend, here’s the rundown.

By the time we got into an actual exam room, his fever had broken. So that’s a good thing.

They ran three different blood tests, did a sputum swab (which was hilarious btw), took a urine sample and did a chest X-ray. 

My darling has bronchitis and early onset pneumonia :(

He’s on medication for the lung build up, and is currently resting in bed. I will be feeding him soup and offering cold cloths if his fever jumps up again.

My housemate has a date tonight with a girl he REALLY likes and he’s so nervous, its adorable. I’ve just had to convince him that he doesn’t need to change his outfit after he paraded around in 4 possible alternates. Then he got all embarrassed when i asked him if he had condoms, it was so precious. Then he went all red and said that yes he did really quietly.

I’m such a proud Mother Hen right now. My chicklet is growing up so fast….

Clarke the Mother Hen

(In which I have been on tumblr for forever and I still don’t know how to link certain blog posts in my posts. This was a prompt from awful-aus )

My friends call me a mother hen. They say that I’m always clucking around after everyone making sure they’re completely comfortable.

I guess that’s how I ended up in this cold, unforgiving hospital room staring down at a stranger in a starched white bed. My phone had rung at half past two this morning (it is now nearly 3:30) and when I saw the hospital’s number pop up on my screen my heart had lurched into my throat. Raven and the girls went out for some drinks and I’d told them, I’d told them, I’d be their designated driver. I had no problem driving them to and from the bars tonight. But she’d insisted she wasn’t going to drink.

“Hello?” I had answered, my voice full of fear and shaky despite my attempts to calm myself down with one, two, three deep breaths.

“Is this… John Murphy?” I closed my eyes and relief washed over me.

“No,” I’d said, feeling my pulse slowed to a normal pace and the tightness in my chest alleviated. “This is Clarke Griffin.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. But is John Murphy there? We have his friend Bellamy Blake here. He was in a motorcycle accident and this is the only number that he has down for an emergency contact.”

“No,” is what I had started to say. “Yeah…” I changed my mind. “I’ll find him.” Bellamy Blake. My best friend just so happens to be Octavia Blake. I had hung up the phone, dialed Octavia and attempted to convey the news that her brother was lying in a hospital room to my very inebriated friend. I asked her to contact the Murphy kid and after a very short debate with myself I had gotten into my car and pulled out of the Ark Apartment complex and driven to the hospital.

Now I am sitting stoically in a hard backed chair watching the Blake sibling I had never met. He has the same dark hair that Octavia does, but the freckles that dot his (badly bruised and bloody) face are unique to him. He starts to stir as I glance back up at the clock. The minute hand seems to be stuck on that damned six.

“Eurgh…” he groans.

Immediately I lean forward (mother henning I suppose) and push gently on his shoulders. “Shh,” I whisper softly as the nurse walks back into the room.

“Hi Bellamy,” she says in that weird motherly way that all nurses seem to possess. It makes you feel comfortable and like you’ve come to a safe place. Bellamy briefly glances at me in confusion and turns his attention to the nurse. “You were in a motorcycle accident. Minor injuries from what we can tell. You were very lucky.”

“Lucky?” He groans again as he tries to move his leg, which is already heavy with a cast.

“You are alive. Lucky for you, you were wearing a helmet. Minor concussion, broken femur, shattered patella. You’ll have to get into some physical therapy in a few weeks.” She jams an xray image onto the light board and flips the switch. “It’s a clean break,” she says gesturing to the snapped bone. His kneecap however is a different story. On the xray it looks like someone flipped a puzzle box upside down and all the pieces sprayed out on the table. “The doctor will be in, in just a bit to talk to you more in depth, alright sweetheart? If you need anything, more pain meds or blankets or whatever, just push the nurse button and we’ll send someone in.” She smiles at us and then excuses herself, closing the door behind her. Bellamy finally acknowledges my presence and stares at me for a long beat before saying anything.

“Who are you?” His voice is rough and dry, so once again I take the situation into my own hands, reach for the large pink cup the nurse brought in earlier and lifted the straw to his lips.

“I’m Clarke. I’m actually Octavia’s roommate. She should be here soon.”

“I don’t want to sound rude…” He pulls himself up into a sitting position, wincing as he drags his leg with him. “But why are you here?”

“Oh,” I laugh a little. “Well your friend John Murphy? His old phone number is in your phone as you ‘in case of emergency’ contact.” He stares blankly at me. “I just got a new phone number and apparently I have John’s old number. So the doctor called me and here I am.” He quirks an eyebrow at me and I’ll be damned if he didn’t smirk at me.

“So you decided to come to the hospital to take care of a complete stranger?” I can feel the heat reaching my cheeks in what is no doubt a scarlet blush.

“Yeah, it’s kind of my thing.”

Steven Gerrard is trending and I was wondering why is that name so familiar? Like is he a rugby player my friend talked about?

Then it clicked…

The “Stiles plays for liverpool and Derek plays for manchester and now they are both called up to play on the national team” fanfic

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((blindfold anon have been trying to send the last "mistaken" message three times now, because you said that I should "send the messages as many times as I think it takes". But if you still haven't gotten it this time, maybe I should just interpret it as Humpty deleting them before you can see it.))

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Send me a ☼ for my character’s reaction to having found yours, fast asleep and half hanging off of the bed/couch.

         he’s not sure if he should wake her or if he should leave 
           her be. definitely move her, of course - - she’s about to fall off
           the couch for god’s sake. he bites his lip, hesitantly poking the
           dreadlocked femme. she doesn’t stir,  which concerns fee just
           slightly,  so he lowers himself
DOWN beside her.  gently  lifts 
           her  slim form completely on  to the couch before nudging  at 
           her shoulder, waking her as calmly as he can.

                          ❛ c’mon, love, wake up for me, yeah?  i know you’re
                          tired, & that’s why you can go straight back to sleep.
                          let’s  just get you to the
BED though,  so you don’t
                          fall & break your neck or something. i happen to see
                          you as my sister too, so. no dying. c’mon. up. ❜

         he ignores the muffled grumbles, opening his arms so
         that cosima can easily roll into them  - -  once she does, he half
         guides & half carries her to the bed before placing her on it.  he
         pulls  the  blankets over her  &  kisses her  forehead,   carefully
         taking her glasses off   folding them up  &  then placing them 
         beside her.

                                                                                      ❛ sleep well. ❜

So quail chicks may be the most disobedient and adventurous tiny balls of fluff I’ve ever had the challenge of raising.

They’re only a day old and I’ve already had to save them multiple times after they wander too far from the heat plate thing and start cheeping their little heads off because they’ve gotten too cold to find their way back.

I swear chicken chicks are so much easier, they eat more and explore less.

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I respect you and like you and admire you for the things you say and do, but I feel as though I am too distant and I can't be close to you ever.

(( Is this for me…? Mother hen is just a silly nugget, I’m not above getting close to anyone! I’m honored that you think so well of me to respect and admire it here, but I promise I’m just a nerd who would love to talk to you! ))