my mother has problems

C: I feel like I’ve played the father figure as the older sister. My dad has never been around and my mother has been sick while my sister had problems in school. I’ve always had to take responsibility and although the idea of being independent and not relying on a man seems nice at times, I do admit I want a serious boyfriend who can look after me since I didn’t have that father figure when growing up.

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Hi there. Its 11:20 pm right now and I want to tell you my problems. I have a transgender friend (he looks like a smaller version of Ethan, no kidding.) And my mother always refers to him as a girl. And, as the defensive friend that I am, I protected my little cinnamon roll. A few minutes ago, my sister told my family that she now works with a transgender person. As soon as my mother heard it, she went insane and said that he has mental problems. I would like some encouraging words from you, plz

Some people come around with time.

The idea of a transgender person (at least according to the mass of the US) didn’t exist until Caitlyn Jenner announced she was a woman. That’s when all this transphobia seemed to hit big and hasn’t gone away since.

Or at least, that’s when my parents noticed.

Anyway, that means a lot of them haven’t been exposed to trans ideas since 2015. That was only 2 years ago.

Not everyone is as open minded as youth. The longer you’re exposed to information, the harder it is to change your thinking. That’s why I stress to teach children positive social behavior as soon as possible. 

I work with a bunch of women (ages 31 - 68) and I remember one of my coworkers in awe at how well children accepted special needs students and didn’t think they’re weird. But when she was growing up, neurotypicals didn’t go to school with special education kids, so they weren’t exposed to the possibility that they could be just like them.

Every generation is exposed to new things, which is why kids are more accepting to new ideas than adults.

So your mom could come around with time. :)

And if she doesn’t, my partner supplied me with a good quote:

“Those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”

Meaning if your mom has that much of an issue with trans folk, just ignore her. As long as she’s not physically hurting a trans person, she’s white noise.

Plus, she’s gonna die eventually anyway so…

Your friend sounds like a cutie though. I wish him luck in the future <3

Just found out my mother-in-law has had a stroke and has been brought to the hospital, surgery quite possibly being done tonight and only a week before her 70th birthday, too. I’m really hoping she pulls through on this and will be okay, so many bad things have befallen my family in recent months, I sincerely hope that all works out well and that she just needs rest and recovery. Don’t know what else to think or do right now besides go to bed as I have work in the morning and try to comfort my wife who is trying not to let herself be rattled by this. See you all later, then.


Made another bag with the pattern I recreated for my partner’s mother, who has heath problems and can’t lift heavy grocery bags (she really loves the bag I made her). 

This time in a cotton duck fabric, in a sea shell and coral pattern, and a small polyester pinstripe for the lining. I used the nylon webbing again for the handles, as it went well color wise. The first photo shows the bag shape a bit better than my pervious bag photo.

Why Does No One Talk About It?: UTI’s And Other Infections

I’ve noticed that no one ever talks about UTI’s. No one talks about them even though most women suffer from them at least once in their life time. It’s same the with Yeast Infections.

I almost lost my left kidney to an asymptomatic bladder infection that moved to my kidneys. I found out only then, when I was lying in the hospital in pain and the doctors telling me that if I didn’t increase kidney function and stop peeing blood that I might have to get my kidney removed, that almost all women suffer from them! Whether it start when they become sexually active, when they become pregnant or just as a common problem! My mother has suffered from them since her early teens!

A UTI (Urinary Tract infection) occurs when bacteria enters the urethra and irritates the sterile area that is the urethra and bladder (Pee is sterile, who knew?) Now, the bodies way of trying to get rid of said bacteria is by creating the urge to pee as often as possible, burning sensation when urinating and an empty bladder.

There are ways to prevent it though.

Bladder infections are most likely to occur after sex, when PH Balance of the vagina is changed, during or after pregnancy when bladder control becomes an issue.

- Drink lots of water!

- Also drink lots of acidic fruit juices such as cranberry, pomegranate and orange. These help cleanse the bladder.

- Always urinate after sex to aid in the expulsion of any harmful bacteria from the area.

- Cleanse, but do not over cleanse. We always hear about these soaps or other ways of helping maintain PH balance. But did you know that the vagina is completely self sufficient and will ALWAYS return itself to proper PH whether it be after sex, pregnancy or menstruation.So, keep clean, but do not fall into the fear of over cleansing. (Unless told by a physician that you do have a problem)

- GO TO THE DOCTORS! I can’t stress that enough. If you have frequent bladder infections, go the doctors and get a script. Take it from me, you do not want to be in the hospital unable to breathe and vomiting from the pain while you pee blood while contemplating the need for surgery on a vital organ.

I know it was a random thing to write, but it was on my mind after talking to a friend about it, lol. Hope it helps someone out there!!!

So ive been avoiding making this post for a while because ive been trying so desperately to make money on my own. Ive done surveys, ive done featurepoints, ive done random local jobs, and ive even taken up camming. I never wanted to start camming but i got so desperate that i gave in. But none of this is bringing in enough money to make a huge difference.

Another problem that has arisen: my mother has decided this is just the absolute best time to kick me out. She told me “the family has decided you need to find somewhere else to go.” My brother looked me dead in the eye and said “i dont even care if you end up on the street because a stranger or one of your friends will pick you up and take you in anyway.” Because im a stray dog right? I was in essence told if im not willing to be my mothers live-in unpaid nurse and housekeeper 24/7 then i need to leave. I got her to give me approximately a year to figure my shit out and find somewhere to go by telling her a bunch of half truths about how ive “found some work” and “ive got a friend whos willing to let me move in with them a year from now.”

Ive got a lot of people in different states who say to me, “you can stay with me and ill help you get on your feet but you have to find a way to get to me.” Problem is i have 60 cents in my bank account and 4 dollars in my wallet.

Now my mom is telling me shes withholding the food stamps card from me and she isnt allowing me to go grocery shopping or buy food.

My mom has multiple sclerosis and its in its end stages. Its starting to eat away at her mind. Id like to think what shes doing to me isnt really her. Especially since she used to tell me all the time about how she would “never kick me out no matter my age or the circumstances” and that because she “put me through such a shitty childhood she would try her hardest to do better for me now as an adult.”

I wish i could be around and stick with my mom knowing that its unsure when she could go. I wanted to cherish her and spend as much time as possible with her while shes still with me but its becoming abundantly clear that she isnt gonna let that happen.

I cant stay here anymore. My mom is only 56 but i genuinely believe shes already reaching senility. Shes violent, shes hurtful, she says things she doesnt mean and throws insults around willy nilly, and our relationship has deteriorated to absolute nothingness. I cant be in this environment anymore. My mental and physical health are deteriorating. I do not have the knowledge, money, or capabilities to take care of my mother.

I dont have a license or a car, i dont have any money, i dont have anything. Im at the end of my rope and im doing all that i can to survive. I tried to do a gofundme to get a vehicle but now with these new developments with my mom kicking me out, i dont think i can use that money for a vehicle. I need to use that money to find somewhere to go.

You dont have to offer me a place to go, i have prospects but i need money to follow through with them. I also really really dont want to be out of florida. I wont leave the state. I need to get out of this house but i still dont want to be so far away that i cant get back home if my mom takes a turn for the worst.

If you can donate to my paypal please do. I need food this month and i need to save up to find somewhere to go before my year here is up. Im gonna keep doing the surveys and the camming, im gonna keep reapplying to the gas station next to my house. Im not gonna give up. But i NEED help.

My paypal is

If you cant donate please signal boost. And thank you so much for your love, compassion, and care.

Perfect shopping tote bag

Just a project share: I made this tote bag for my mother in-law. its design is based on a bag she already has and loves, but can no longer purchase. It is approximately 11x13x8 and makes for a perfect shopping bag tote, as it has a wide bottom that keeps it from tipping over when it has stuff inside. The tote has: a continuous solid bottom, re-enforced  seams, and is lined for extra support and style.

It holds a surprising amount of things despite the small size. My Mother in-law has some health problems that makes her not able to lift large amounts of weight, and needs slightly easier to handle bags when shopping. Which is why she loves the one bag she had so much. 

Make with a cotton printed canvas from ikea (2007),  Lined with cotton printed in a  hounds tooth, and nylon webbing for the straps (I ran out of black cotton webbing..oops).

My Mum during the boys performance
  • Mum: What the hell is Harry wearing?
  • Mum: There's my boy Zayn
  • Mum: I need to learn these lyrics
  • Mum: Is that a dirty sweat rag on his head? Why the hell do paps take a picture of a dirty sweat rag?
  • Mum: Niall's hair looks like doofenshmirtz (Evil guy from Phineas and Ferb)
  • Mum: Niall's going out with a Victoria's Secrets model
  • Mum: Harry needs to get rid of that sweat rag.
  • Mum: What did Liam just say?
  • Mum: *laughs ridiculously at Louis crossing his eyes*
  • My sister and I: Shut up!
Good Lord
  • Le me watching Stars wars with my mom and my bro
  • Mom: Kylo Ren is ugly
  • Me and my brother: ...
  • Mom: he doesn't even look like Han Solo or Leia
  • Me and my brother: ..
  • Mom: who made this casting?? Omg he is so ugly
  • Me and my brother: what is wrong with you

this was done really quick and really bad but ill have to make do

My family has run into some major money problems and basically my mother has about 75 dollars to feed us for the next week and a half at the moment. my grandfather stole her debit card and wnt to town with it and because of that we are severely impaired for the time being (the full story is here

if you can please commission me, but please know im a bit slow (dont be afraid to follow up frequently)

I will not draw

  • extensive backgrounds
  • nsfw 

  • realism/hyper realism

  • hate art

  • armor (excluding transformers/robots etc)

I will draw

  • Your fursona
  • renditions of photographs
  • anything not listed above

Thank You!!