my mother asked me if i'm bored

wow look at that I’m alone without my dad nor my sister around for ONE weekend and I feel like utter shit

A list of AUs based on things that have happened in my life
  • “we were the only two to fall into this giant mud puddle at camp even though there was a sign” AU
  • “we were both running in a rely at school and I tripped and face planted into your butt, taking us both down” AU
  • “my cat is ridiculous and comes over to your house across the street to eat your cats food after he finishes his own and accidentally keeps getting stuck in your garage” AU
  • “my friend convinced me to jump over this fence and my pants got stuck and you’re the only one around with scissors” AU
  • “you’re the most popular person at school and your hat flew off while you were riding a roller coaster and hit me in the face and you want it back” AU
  • “we both really want that red velvet cake at the cake walk and we’re getting way more competitive than we should be for a children’s carnival game” AU
  • “we had to share this canoe and neither of us have ever been in a canoe before and now we’re lost in the middle of a thunderstorm” AU 
  • “we both said ‘MY JAM’ at the same time when this song came on in the grocery store” AU
  • “you’re apparently friends with my new roommate and you and your brother are super friendly and are now carrying us down 3 flights of stairs for some reason” AU
  • “I asked you to paint a flower on my face but you drew sonic instead? ??” AU
  • “I know you as the quiet kid in history but apparently you’re also the assistant at build-a-bear and keep making me do increasingly ridiculous things with the heart before I can put it in my bear” AU
  • “I came over to see if your mother was willing to buy this guitar from me but I accidentally fell into your pool and you had to jump in and save me and ok wow you can also play guitar” AU
  •  “you’re super cute and I worked up enough courage to ask you to dance but it turns out you’re the new scary principal’s child and he now thinks we’re in a relationship and wants to meet me literally right then” AU