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les mis was so fantastic i cried the entire time and i was just mesmerized i wish i could relive that moment forever i was in AWE😭 stage was fantastic and i was so shocked… everything was perfect💕💕💕 AND HAYDEN TEE AS JAVERT ONE OF MY ABSOLUTE FAVES HE WAS SO GOOD!!!!! he was extra agressive? and had lots of fun small gestures. MY FAVES WERE HIM… EPONINE(wondERFUL I CRIED SO BAD) and the marius who was soooo cute. at “im doing everything all wrong” he ran sway and tried calling for eponine and climbing the fence. and grantaire was also good… he was so fun. he slapped bousset’s ass in red and black and like 👌🏽 also enjolras kissed his cheek and neck in drink w me i thought that was nice. ALL IN ALL I CRIED AND IT WAS PERFECT SORRY FOR RAMBLING THIS HAS BEEN MY DREAM FOR A WHILE😭😭😭💕💕💕

  • Camille, after psychoanalyzing Caroline: You know Klaus, I don’t think Caroline’s the right one for you. She’s neurotic, a huge control freak and honestly she’s a little paranoid.
  • Klaus: A fair description of myself, one could say.
  • Camille: She’s also full of issues: daddy issues, mommy issues. You knew her father tortured her and her mother rejected her after she turned?
  • Klaus: My father and mother have been doing that since the day I was born.
  • Camille: …But did you know that she killed TWELVE people for a ritual that gave power to the oldest creature on earth? Older than you even!
  • Klaus: I knew that, yes. In fact I also killed twelve people for that ritual.
  • Camille:
  • Camille: …Well, she’s got children! Two of them! And I know how much you love Hope and the great dad that you are for her, but do you really want to deal with a child that isn’t your own blood?
  • Klaus: I literally adopted Marcel!
  • Camille:
  • Camille: But she-
  • Camille:
  • Camille:
  • Camille: I’m out.

Childhood friends / 5015 words

The Finale

December 2017

Part One

“Have you made your mind up yet?” My mother asked me, finally beginning to clear away the mess that had been made days before when we had our annual Boxing Day party.

“Yeah. Yeah I’m gunna come.” I smiled.

“You are? Oh good!”

“You seem surprised.” I noted.

“You’ve just been so hesitant.”

“Well, there have been no signs that he’s home this year. He never usually is, last year was a fluke, so… I think I’m safe.”

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So I watched Run Ep. 26 with my mom!💜

She knows I like them and she has decided she wants to at least get to know who each one is!

But as I started to explain, she was getting confused… so she went and grabbed her notepad.

Seriously… how many mothers actually TAKE NOTES on BTS!? Lol😂💖🌸

I love my mom!

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hope this isn't offensive, i'm just curious, why do you read so much vietnam war literature?

It’s not offensive at all, and there are basically three reasons for it. One is research. I’m working on two different creative projects right now which take place in years when it would be a huge oversight not to include the Vietnam War. (And if you’re going to include it, you need to know what you’re talking about.) Another is my own family history. My grandparents were in the Foreign Service and stationed in Southeast Asia in the 1960s–my grandfather was in Saigon, while my grandmother, my mother, and her sister were living a little farther out of harm’s way in Thailand, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. So this conflict is closer to home for me than it is for many people my age. (My grandfather did not die during the war, but the war did kill him, years later. Exposure to napalm causes cancer, which is one of many far-reaching effects of the Vietnam War people don’t often think or talk about, and which we still don’t fully understand.) The last and most immediate reason is that the current political climate is frighteningly reminiscent of what it was 50 years ago, and that is not something we should ignore. Trump sounds a lot like Nixon (read up on the madman theory if you’re not sure what I’m talking about). We are all but inviting war with North Korea, and the anti-American sentiment there is a holdover from previous wars waged in Asia (more on that here). Both the Korean War and the Vietnam War started as ideological conflicts that spun out of control and resulted in massive losses of life (on all sides), and it’s something that history classes tend to gloss or overlook, because it’s difficult to teach and unpleasant to talk about. We often get to WWII–where it’s comparatively clear who the good guys and the bad guys are–and stop before we have to talk about the huge casualties and murky morality of Western attempts to stop the spread of Communism in the 1950s, ’60s, and ’70s. Trump’s UN speech was unsettling for many reasons, but partly because you could have replaced the word ‘terrorism’ with ‘communism’ and it could have been 1971. He kept talking about “learning from history,” but we’re turning a blind eye to the history that’s the most relevant here, and we do that at our peril. 

But this post is getting overlong. So I’ll just say this: I would really encourage you to learn a little bit about what went down in the Asia between the 1950s and 1975. There’s a reading list here you could start with. Alternatively, there’s a monumental new documentary by Ken Burns streaming now, for free, on PBS. It’s a massive undertaking, it’s only ten episodes, and it is very worth watching.

Richonne during season 8

Someone asked in a forum what Richonne wishes we had for season 8. I share my list with you!

1. I love you

2. Rick talking about his love for Michonne with someone else

3. Richonne with their kids

4. Each one trying to protect the other one during the battle

5. A little fight like: “No it’s too dangerous, I’m not leaving you here” or something similare

6. Kisses

7. Richonne talking about THEIR futur as a family

8. Richonne talking about themselves as spouses

9. Real sex scenes (no music, no dark light)

10. Rick saying that Michonne is Judith and Carl’s mother (to Michonne or anyone else)

11. Richonne talking about Andre ( fingers crossed for the necklace theory)

12. Richonne joking together

13. In fact, I will be happy with any scenes where Michonne and Rick breathe the same air.

Other wishes guys???

Shelter - part two

Author: @dylan-trash-tbh

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Words: 1,6 k

A/N: @golddaggers more than you know, always.

Part one


Tags : @steggy4ever

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My head was thumping when I woke up, a dull ache spreading quickly, mingling with every muscle in my body. I had no idea where I was, but, upon attempting to open my eyes, I realised I was under too much light. It was so bright I immediately closed them again. A growl sound rumbling on my chest.

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I can’t remember where I saw this or who suggested it to me, but someone did. I believe over on, so if you’re the one who requested it please comment so and I’ll edit this post to your name. :)


I have never seen him so broken.

I never dreamed this would happen, no one did. No one saw such things coming. I couldn’t believe… couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It felt like some horrible nightmare that I would wake up from at any moment… yet that moment never came.

I swallowed thickly and leaned closer to his shaking form, wrapping my arms around his chest and pulling him close. He was shaking so hard, I worried he was make himself sick if he cried much longer. He instantly clung to me, while his mother sat just behind him with her hands resting on his shoulders. I glanced up at the others, everyone’s gaze downcast or eyes brimming with tears. No words were needed, none were spoken.

I absently rubbed my hand against his hair comfortingly before looking back towards the sea. In the distance you could barely make out the dots of wayward dragons, following the Bewilderbeast, Toothless, and Drago. I ground my teeth together in hatred and turned away, pressing my face against Hiccup’s scalp.

As the remains of battle began to settle, the ice fortress was left silent. In the distance were small cries of injured and dying dragons, as well as the mournful moans and creaks of destroyed ships and weapons. It was eerily silent after the storm. It was a pain filled silence, the kind that told you something horrible had happened.

And it truly had.

The sobbing young man in my arms would be proof of that. As well as the still body beside us.

“Astrid… Valka?” Gobber murmured. 

“Pull together a ship.” Hiccup’s mother’s voice was choked and harsh, grating softly against the air. “We need a pyre…” 

I could feel Hiccup go rigid in my arms, and his crying momentarily stopped. I hugged him closer in desperate hopes that he wasn’t going into shock. 

Gobber turned and nodded curtly towards the others, to which the men immediately went off to drag in a remnants of one of the remaining floating vessels. Ruffnut went to grab a canvas sail and Stoick’s axe, bringing both back reverently silent.

Hiccup sighed heavily against her shoulder, then pulled away with a scrub at his eyes. I kept my hands on his shoulders and watched carefully should he need my support. It wasn’t until that moment that I realized I had tears streaming down my cheeks too.

“Hiccup…?” I whispered, cupping his cheek in my hand. His eyes were closed, his face stained and wet from tears. I quickly swiped at them with my thumbs, trying to clear them away. 

“Son.” Valka said quietly. Hiccup turned and hugged her tightly as the two rocked back and forth in comforting silence. Valka’s eye’s were closed, her hand pressed tightly against the back of Hiccup’s neck and her mouth murmuring soothing words.

I looked down and felt my heart clench at the sight of Stoick’s cold and prone shape. I went to rest a hand on his arm, ducking my head at how stony cold it really was.

He’d done so much for me, he’d been so much to me. And I knew he was even more to Hiccup. Five years since they became true father and son, since they learned to love each other for who they were. I couldn’t imagine what Hiccup must be going through. 

All I knew I could do, was be there for him.

And I would. 

I looked up with a jerk when Gobber cleared his throat, respectively moving aside to let the men do their job. I pushed myself to my knees, then stood to move further away.

Valka followed my lead, dragging Hiccup up with her. He was staring emotionless at his father being carried- with difficulty- towards the ocean below.

I stepped closer to gentle grab his hand, letting him squeeze it as tightly as he wished. I heard his breath hitch and a stuttered murmur leave his lips, but I couldn’t make out the words.

“We’re all here for you.” I said carefully, wishing there was more I could do. But there was nothing, nothing but be there for him. 

He nodded mutely, eyes visibly glistening with more unshed tears.

I opened my mouth to say more, when he suddenly stepped away. He was walking firmly, with a purpose, yet like someone in a dream. It was as though he didn’t know he was walking, or he didn’t mean to, yet he was. He followed Gobber and the others toward the seaside, while Valka and I followed close behind.

We stumbled to a halt when we hit the pebbly shore, but Hiccup didn’t. Although I knew he was struggling with his prosthetic and whatever other wounds he’d received, he pressed on to the ship. Gobber, Eret, Snotlout, Fishlegs, and Tuffnut dragged Stoick up the creaking gangplank onto the ship, while Hiccup carefully and slowly took the axe, helmet, and canvas from Ruffnut’s arms.

“Hiccup-” I started, taking a step towards him. But Valka grabbed my arm and stopped me from reaching for him, to comfort him, to give him the support I knew he needed. I looked to her wildly in question, but her gaze was soft and understanding. She just nodded and bowed her head. I understood. But I didn’t want to do it. 

I watched as the men came spilling silently down the gangplank, then Hiccup stepped up it and disappeared over the side. A few moments passed, Valka released her hold on me, and I bolted. I clattered up and onto the deck, closing the distance between me and the broken boy now kneeling beside the covered shape.

I collapsed beside him, my arm draping over his shoulders while the other gripped his hand. He shook his head weakly, and again, no words were needed.

I knew he was hurting. I knew he was injured. I knew that his life and ours would never be the same again. 

Everything had changed. 

best feeling when you have the greatest home-cooked middle eastern dish waiting for you at dinner.

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yeeeeeeeeees fam.

Me too.

That’s what is happening right now, people are coming forward and giving their voice, saying that victims are not alone - that they have been assaulted too.

It is a beautiful, and a beautifully terrible thing all in the same breath.

I want to shout it from the rooftops, I want to ink it on my skin, carve it on my bones - I want everyone to know that they are not alone, I am a survivor too. What is it that keeps us silent? Makes us meek and quiet in the face of our own injustice?

We quake, we tremble, we fear - no one will believe us. We hear what they say about those who came before, our brothers and sisters in arms, we hear how they deny their rights. We cower, we whimper - our mothers, our fathers, our friends and family, they don’t deserve this pain. We think only we are strong enough, only we deserve this pain, we don’t deserve it either - this load is too heavy to carry alone. We scream in silence, we rage against the dark, we rebel against our lives - it consumes us, because we carry it around like toxic waste in our hearts, our stomachs, and our minds for years.

It is so casual, the way we admit our survival, almost as if everyone around us has fought a war and we are just waiting for them to admit it. We want to shed our skins, our costumes, and scream, embrace, comfort.

You are not alone, because, it happened to me too.

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I am 15 male and I recently found that my mother has a Tumblr , she left her iPad out one day and I found it with a bunch of naked pics of her on it and ever since I've been stroking off to it I even find her dirty panties and lick and taste them she is so sexy and my cock Can't Get Enough I even cum her panty drawer..

Moms luv Tumblr! 😉

I finished this last night but my internet conked out so here it is today. My mom character Runa, but in her DND version (though only one tail). I had a lot of fun with this one, also she is known as the “Red Witch” as you can tell by her colour choices.

She’s the mother of my cat boy Rukio I post a lot.

#Tabikat #Runa #Witch #DND #OC #OriginalCharacter #demon #Nekomata #redwitch #dungeonsanddragons


Part One.


My mother,she told me,”Don’t get in trouble”

My father,he told me,he knew I would

My brothers,they told me,”Don’t give a damn”

My sister,she told me to do something good


You sat in the back of your fathers car, crossing your arms as you slouched and looked out of the window. Your mom sat in the passengers seat and huffed, trying to reason with him, ”Don’t you fuss at them. If this school didn’t work out, it’s for a reason. At least they got the training they needed to control themselves.” You sighed and closed your eyes, trying to make yourself sleepy that way you didn’t have to listen to any more of their conversation. “Three weeks! You think three weeks is enough for these people? The broadcast said they needed months, maybe even years of training!”

“I know what the broadcast said but I am not going to force my child to stay in an academy they don’t feel comfortable in!”

“Why the hell not? It’s filled with their kind!”

“Enough! I will not let you speak about them this way. It’s hard enough for them to be different, they don’t need their own damn father treating them like they don’t belong. Listen, they were given a few pairs of those special gloves. The professor told me that if they needed any more, we could return and ask.”

Ignoring the insults, you pull out your phone and start a group chat with your friends. As grateful as you were for your supportive mom and older siblings, you couldn’t help but hate the living hell you were in. Being diagnosed with NHGZ, or Non-Human Gene Z, at five years old was confusing and drastic enough for you but to also be outcasted by the public and even your own father was worse. You considered yourself one of the lucky ones though, at least you didn’t have to partake in any of the government experiments; you’ve heard many who did, have died almost a month in. Eleven years later and you’re still alive. “Sweetheart..” you heard your mother call to you.


“How were the classes? Did the gloves end up helping?”

You looked down at your now gloved hands. Your power was an odd but very dangerous one; by flexing your fingers and contorting them, somehow you were able to control bodies if your “telekinetic aura was…” something. If you were being honest, you didn’t pay too much attention to your trainers as you were too busy focusing on the other students and seeing what their powers were. On your first day in, one of the head trainers handed you specially made gloves to wear that way you could mess with your fingers without injuring the nearest couple of people around on accident like you’ve been doing these past couple of years.

Glancing at your father, you carefully flexed your fingers and nodded when nothing happened, ”Yeah, I’d say they’re doing their job. It’s going to take awhile to get used to wearing them all the time though, especially in the sum–“

“Listen here and listen well, I better not see you with them off because I am just about done with E.R visits. Since you think you’re too good for that school and you’d rather be home, do us all a favor and keep those on. Let’s try to be a normal family for once.” He hissed as he pulled into the driveway and headed straight inside as soon as he parked the car. You glanced at your mother and she just rubbed her temples, shaking her head as she exited the car and helped you with your bags. “Ignore him. I’m happy to have you home and so are your brothers and sister so let’s head inside and have some dinner,okay?”

You nodded and gave her a tight hug before grabbing the rest of your bags, blinking in confusion when you see a folded note inside one of the outside pockets. Thinking one of the other students placed it there before you left, you grabbed it and unfolded it; a drawing of a red balloon tied to what looked like an old coin was drawn across the page. “Whatever. Must be some goodbye joke I must not have heard of.”


“Welcome back,ugly!”

“Hey tiny,we missed you!”

“Hurry up and sit, tell us everything you saw!”

The twins and your sister practically dragged you to the dining table as your mom served everyone,minus your father. He preferred to eat his dinner in his home office and neither of you really seemed to care. “There were a lot of NHGZ’s there. Like, a lot. I didn’t even know that many people were affected. Anyways, some had really cool abilities like sonic screaming, self duplication, and one of them, I think, even knew how to move rocks and earthy stuff or whatever.” You grinned as you stuffed your mouth with your moms Tuesday night pasta.

The night went on and you told your family stories upon stories about your short time there and what you were taught if you ever needed to actually use your secret ability. Fascinated, they asked you questions and examined your new gloves in awe. “So you need to keep these on at all times?” One of the twins asked as he took your hand in his and ran his fingers over the material. “Basically. Now I don’t have to worry about breaking someone’s leg if I need to crack my knuckles or anything.” You nodded as you held out your other hand to show your sister. She snorted playfully and also touched the gloves, “What luck do you have. You can’t go an hour without that creepy habit and yet that’s what your dangerous power relies on.”

Everyone laughed and you smiled as you looked around at your supportive family, happy you’re back where you belong.

- Savior -
For @zennyzach!!!
Since I saw the little comic they have made, I kinda had to draw this…
Bebe is a cutie!!!
And The Mother’s design is just amazing!!!

But, anyway…
Ok, sad detail: My computer stopped working, so I couldn’t paint it there… So I decided to mess with my colorful pens again….
Also, me being me: I messed up some details…
Like the little one… Who was supposed to have a white face…
Oh well!
I’ll take care of it when I get my computer back…


Part Two.


My mother,she told me,”Don’t be a quitter”

My father,he told me he knew I was

My brothers,they told me “Do what you do”

My sister,she told me to do something good


A couple of months have passed by and everything seemed to be better now. Except for the sudden disappearances; kids have ended up missing left and right and no one knew what was happening. On top of that, although it’s not as scary or concerning really, you’ve been having a lot of nightmares that all seemed to revolve around circuses and clowns; your worst fear. Why your subconscious was suddenly coming up with such creepy shit, you didn’t know but it was enough to keep you on edge.


“Let me see your hands, let’s see them!” Your father screamed as he forcefully grabbed you by the wrists and yanked you towards him. “Stop! You’re hurting me!” You cried out and tried to pull away. Everyone else ran into the living room and gasped at the scene.

“What are you doing? Let go!”

“Dad, enough! What’s your problem?”

He let you go and crossed his arms, his face redder than you’ve seen before, “Not only are kids missing but a lot of you mutants have been running around like animals committing all kinds of crime! Who knows, maybe they’re the ones kidnapping them! And I’m not about to have police in my house looking for a criminal!”

You balled your fists up in anger, “I’m not doing anything! I’ve had these on since I got back and I only take them off to shower or to wash them, you fucking idiot! I’m tired of you treating me like some kind of freak just because I was born this way!”

“You are a freak! A no good mutant freak and I am ashamed to call you my child.”

Everyone got quiet and looked over at you, worried that your anger towards your father was finally going to spill out in rage. You frowned and slowly took off one of the gloves, straightening up as you locked eyes with the man in front of you, “I am not a freak. You better take that back. Now.”

You sister took a step towards you, shaking as she reached out to you, “Don’t..if you do this, you’re going to get in trouble and then you’ll really regret it.” Your mom stepped over to you carefully and gently took your face in her hands, coaxing you to look at her, “Sweetheart, listen to her. You’ve been doing so well with your control. Don’t give up, don’t let him ruin this for you.”

“Oh please. All mutants are the same, can’t you see now? Animals with no control. This one is exactly the same as the others. They’ll surrender to those instincts too in no time. Just wait and see.” He scoffs as he walks away.


A couple of days later, you’re in the school library, looking up divorce lawyers as your mom, siblings and yourself have had it with your father. Before you guys made your way to school this morning, your mom stopped you all in the kitchen and practically begged you for help; so here you are, alone in the corner of the library searching the internet for affordable legal help. Thinking you found a good one, you click the link provided in hopes for more information when a bunch of pop up videos fill the screen. “Fuck,fuck,fuck!” You gasp and try to exit out all of them, praying you didn’t download a virus. The gloves unfortunately didn’t give you a good enough grip so you quickly take one off and continue clicking. A few of the videos begin to play and you jump back in shock when you see the same clown in your dreams on the screen; he’s in front of some orange,fiery looking back drop staring at you dead in the eyes. The clown seems to frown deeper as he begins to dance; creepy circus music fills your area as you stare in horror.

He continues his dance until he stops and reaches for you, somehow passing through the screen and now he’s only a few inches from your neck. Instinctively from what you learned at the academy, you jump off the chair and get into your defensive position; you slowly turn your palms upwards and begin to curl your fingers in. A move you’d soon learn was a mistake as you hear a few people at the tables nearby cry out in pain. “Oh shit..” you looked down at your hands and remembered you had taken off one of the gloves.


You sat in the front office, frowning as you slouched in the chair and waited for your parents to show up and speak to the principal. You dreaded seeing the look on your fathers face so you decided to distract yourself by looking out the window and into the hallway, feigning interest in the posters plastered across the wall. Of course everything was boring so you shifted in your seat and looked out the other window, staring at a red balloon floating across the glass. “What the hell..”

“Watch your language.” Your father growled as he walked in with your mother. You sighed and stood up, grabbing your backpack.

“I knew you’d give in. A mutant will be a mutant, whether they’re trained or not.”

Back at the house, you rolled your eyes as your father finished one of his lectures before walking off. The twins walked in and scoffed, having eavesdropped on the whole conversation. “Whatever. He thinks being you is so easy. Just keep doing you and ignore him.”

My mum thinks my special interest is actually the use of technology in general, like it encompasses video games and blogging and everything about technology usage and tbh that makes sense? Maybe that is my real special interest if I wanted to group everything up into one thing :O

hey sister—it’s kenna, and i just want to remind you of just how much you mean to me. firstly, i have met amazing forever friends because of you. they are my backbone. i’ve never really had non-mentally abusive friends until them, so i don’t even know where to begin to thank you for playing a part in that. secondly, i have grown up with you. from 7 years old to 17 years old. THAT IS WILD. i adore your heart so much and you have truly made a remarkable impact on my life. please know that i am forever on your side. this era already has my whole entire heart and i am so proud of you i can’t even find strong enough words. i know i’m one out of millions, but i really do send you all of my love and support. you are doing amazing and my heart is about ready to just burst into confetti. thank you for loving us as much as we love you!! i am so happy that i am beaming from the inside out. la la la la love you, @taylorswift.
—lets hug & crack jokes soon pls 💖💘💓💞💝💗

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So I live in Sootopolis, Hoenn and didn't have a flying Pokémon. I took a trip to Desert Pass to maybe catch a trapinch. I found one but she was stuck wiggling on her back. I helped her but then a sandstorm kicked up to where I couldn't leave. So this trapinch took me to its cave where I met its 10 siblings and flygon mother. I spent a day with them and flygon flew me home. I found out that the trapinch hid in my bag. Flygon came back with her babies &I have a flygon and 10 babes in my backyard

Congratulations on your new flygon and trapinch, anonymous!

Stock up on kibble and build a shelter that can fit a mother flygon and her hatchlings. I’d imagine that Sootopolis may not be the most comfortable place for them when it rains. You might want to build a pit of mulch and dirt as well; that will resist flooding a bit more than a sand pit would.

Good luck!


my loveliest friend alexis @wildwomanofthewoods tagged me to post my september moodboard, which mostly just shows i take no aesthetic pics and wear the same jean jacket too often. i cheated and used october too (the middle pic is too cute, i couldn’t help it). featured is me and one of my best friends at stevie nicks, a sign that my mom said reminded her of the song “stand up and be humble,” said mother and grandmother because i thought they looked pretty, a picture of my girlfriend because she’s always pretty, a picture somebody took of me and my girlfriend and captioned “sweet love,” a picture my girlfriend took of me because apparently she thought i looked pretty, the first hug from my oldest best friend on my 22nd birthday, a wonderful piece of art about butch women, and the last hug i gave my friend lukas before he left for china. i’m tagging @practicalmagicked @mixedupmetaphors @mountainboats @queerspacerock @eleanorcaldit @rachelgreene @tastykake @yourbestclothes @philtatoslouis @almimighty @softlyshine @laughingcrying @larryftdua @birdonahotdog and tbh anybody else who wants to do it and hasn’t been tagged ❤️🌈 here’s to hoping y'all had wonderful septembers/octobers and took more aesthetic pics that i did.