my mostly star trek scrapbook

My (Mostly) Star Trek Scrapbook - MOAR PAGEZ

I’ve posted 2 more pages, and have another 2 queued up (assuming the items in the queue don’t disappear on me like happened with this blog the other day. Grr.)

I’ve got 14 followers so far on the scrapbook blog - thank you to all who have spread the word. 

Oh oh oh – I found a story I started when I was in high school. My first EVER fanfic - and it was a crossover. I’d never heard of such a thing as a crossover, but I did it anyway.

My two best friends were writing stories for their favorite shows - The Man from Atlantis and Dukes of Hazzard. We had never heard the term fanfiction, we just called them stories. I had two favorite shows (Star Trek and a comedy I was addicted to, name of S.O.A.P. - it was my introduction to Billy Crystal and Robert Guillaume) so I tried to put them together, but ended up writing myself into a corner and not knowing where to go, so I guess I just stuck it away in my scrapbook. I’m never gonna finish it - it’s too awful and nobody knows that show anymore so the humor is too dated. Plus, I have other stuff I’d rather write. Still, wasn’t that a cool find?