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are you a shrek wlw or a bee movie wlw ?

So I’d been thinking

If you talk to any one of Ryan’s friends they’ll literally say hes the nicest person EVER!

I mean:

Here’s a written statement from Daniel:

Vicky said he was the nicest sweetest person ever when someone I asked her how Ryan was earlier this week during a livestream she also said he seemed as if he was lining his “ducks in a row” for something *cough* starmaker *cough*

We’ve all seen that one twitter post chain on tumblr where Ryan says he wouldn’t be able to do anything without his fans.

We’ve all seen that one tumblr post of an old LJ screenshot of someone saying Ryan’s bed was so full of plushies because he REFUSED to get rid of any of them.

We’ve also all seen that tumblr post where someone was apparently trying to give him a teddy bear during the TYV era to which Ryan said “What did I do to deserve this?”

We’ve all seen that gif of Ryan accepting a bracelet from a fan during TYV.

We’ve all seen Pete’s tweet that says he still talks to Ryan and never regrets meeting him.

So my question is:

After all that, all the primary evidence that TELLS us Ryan is the human form of sunshine.


Redraw of this:

 It was something that I still really liked but I could never get past the obvious mistakes and style issues because I draw differently now. Now it’s much more accurate now. And I like my depictions of McCree and Hanzo MUCH better. These two still hurt my soul

This is by far my most popular picture on Tumblr and people seemed to love it so hopefully this is just as good too ^^ 

  • Nick: Do you ever get to read that [fanfiction]?
  • Niall: Back in the day, at the start, I used to read some of those fanfiction things on tumblr or whatever.
  • Nick: Who's been your most popular partner in the fanfiction?
  • Niall: I don't know, like one of the lads. It's just strange. Where do you find the time to write these stuff?
  • Nick: And it's not like 30 words. It's like 15 thousand! It's taken up all my time writing these. Barely got time to do the Radio 1 Breakfast Show.
[RECAP] Rick & Morty Season 3 Trailer: Superhero Team Episode

In the Rick and Morty Season 3 trailer [Click to watch it here!] we’re shown two short clips from an upcoming episode in which it seems that Rick and Morty have become part of a superhero team!


The first clip opens up with a shot of Morty with a group of five other individuals, one of which — like Morty — has a visible “V” emblem on their clothing.

  • The five individuals are references to comic characters
    • ex.: the red-haired man looks similar to Tony Stark of the “Avengers”
  • The ‘V’ emblem worn by Morty and the red-haired man
    • explanation: V for Vindicator (explained below), is also a similar design to “Avengers” symbol

(There’s a second shot where the group are facing a monstrous and threatening creature of some sort, and in it we can again see the “V” symbol on the back of Morty’s vest, as well as Rick, too!)

EVIDENCE: Clip #2 

This scene starts out with Morty pointing to a flashing purple jewel-like light, and excitedly telling Rick that they’ve been “called to assemble” by “the Vindicators”.

  • The flashing jewel is a visible indicator of help needed 
    • explanation: like the ‘bat signal’ in the Batman franchise
  • The phrase “called to assemble” is used
    • explanation: often used in superhero team comics/media
  • The word “vindicator” is synonymous with “avenger”
    • explanation: for those who don’t know, the Avengers is a very popular superhero team comic (and now movie) series

(Additionally Rick’s distaste for “a literal call to adventure” — and probably the whole ‘superhero team’ thing generally — and telling Morty to “let it go to voicemail” is good in-character evidence as well!)

CONCLUSION: With all of the above evidence its pretty obvious that this S3 episode is not just a reference to/remaking of the superhero team trope, but in true Rick & Morty fashion, most likely a satire, too!

Im still amazed at how well my previous zelda drawing did D’: hooly wow 1k notes!!!!! Thats my most popular post and aghelthakrowk i love drawing hijabi characters now. Ive had a weird day so i havent felt like drawing, i just tried to add Zelda with these 2 💙

Osana: Hey, Midori, I’m going on a date with Senpai later and I wanna take a quick nap now. Wake me up before 5:30pm.

[at 5:30]

Midori: Osana, you need to go on your date with Senpai

Osana: *continues sleeping*



Osana: *continues sleeping*



Can’t believe this is my 2000th post! 💕

To celebrate, I thought I’d share some of my most Tumblr-popular pieces from the last few years.

Big thanks to everyone who likes, reblogs, comments and shares – I’m so grateful for your support. I love reading your messages, and the often funny and heartwarming notes you write when you reblog (sometimes the ones in the hashtags are my favorite – I see you, shy, witty people).

And thank you to the amazing Tumblr Community Team who have shared my work on the radar (most recently last week!), I’m really thankful for the supportive and kind community you’ve built for artists and creatives!

Here’s to the next 2000!😊

Saw this the other day but Tumblr crashed before I could repost. Luckily I had saved the image to my phone.

I feel like, at this point, I would definitely define what R, F, and I do as “Hierarchical Polyamory.”

EDIT: Wow. Who knew someone else’s work would become my most popular post? Also! As is the nature of human relationships, this has somewhat changed for R, F, and I. I feel I’ve moved toward a more equal relationship with each of them so I guess we’re more “Egalitarian Polyamory” now.

EDIT 2: I’ve been called out for posting someone else’s work. As I mentioned in the original posting, I wasn’t able to reblog. And I’ve never claimed this image as my own. I should have taken the time before now, of course, to give credit where it is due but I have been unable to find the artist or the original poster. The artist’s copyright is clearly visible on the lower left-hand corner of the image. If you are able to find their Tumblr or personal website, by all means let me know, I would love to link them.

Was looking for a new wallpaper when I found this. Been laughing for a good 5 minutes now.

This has easily become my most popular post and I can’t help but feel bad. I’ve spent the last few weeks trying to find the artist who drew this picture but I can’t find anything. A while back I thought I saw a link floating around that would help find the original artist (Though that might have only been for tumblr, not sure) or if anyone knows who drew this could you let me know so I can give credit to the artist please.

anonymous asked:

A very popular Tumblr post asserts that white people can be controlled with cheese. In Steve's case, it's New York-style cheeseCAKE.

Steve should have known this would happen.

All he did was answer a simple question from a seven-year-old with big, brown eyes and curly hair.

“What’s your most favorite food?”

“Cheesecake,” Steve offered easily.

Her eyes grew impossibly larger on her face. “Really? My mommy told me it was broccoli.”

“Uh-” Steve stuttered, imagining hoards of angry parents swarming Avengers tower. “I love broccoli! I eat it whenever I can, but I’d do anything for a big slice of New York cheesecake. Even eat two plates of broccoli first!

The little girl smiled, satisfied with his answer.

“Hmm…” Steve heard behind him. He turned to see Natasha, Sam and Tony squinting at him. He sighed. Things were about to get real annoying real fast.


Steve could reach out and grab the plate if he really wanted to, but he happened to know that Pepper’s favorite vase was in front of him. If he did reach out, Tony would lurch away and Steve would probably end up breaking the vase. He liked Pepper too much to do that to her.

“Say ‘please’!” Tony chides.


“I know you want it. Come on, just say it.

“No! That’s my cheesecake, Tony. You stole it when I went to the bathroom.”

“Okay,” Tony says. Then he grins. “Say ‘Tony’s my favorite Avenger’, then.”

Steve rolls his eyes. Tony tries again. “Say ‘I hate freedom’.” Which just makes Steve roll his eyes once more. He sighs and turns to leave the room. Eventually Tony will get bored enough to leave his cheesecake alone. He went all the way to his favorite bakery in Brooklyn today to get it. He’s willing to wait to eat it in peace. He’s halfway to the doorway when he hears, “Okay, I’ll just eat it.”

Steve sprints back into the kitchen, getting up in Tony’s space so quickly that he takes a step backwards. Steve grits his teeth and makes the meanest face he can muster. “Tony’s my favorite Avenger.”

Tony’s eyebrows lift in surprise. “Thank you. Enjoy your cheesecake.” He hands Steve the plate and smiles.

Steve sneers and leaves the room, cheesecake in hand.


“I need a favor,” Sam says.

We need a favor,” Natasha corrects.

Steve looks up at his them, annoyed already. “What?”

“Well,” Sam starts. “You know how I go to the park in Harlem every Saturday with my old high school buddies? I may have entered an ultimate frisbee competition.”

“And I may have joined him last weekend and- Steve- the guy from the other team is an asshole. All of them are, actually.” Steve wonders for a second how Natasha found herself at a park in Harlem with Sam making competitive enemies, but he figures the story is too weird for even him to wrap his head around.


“And we happen to know the guy who’s the world’s best frisbee player,” Natasha tells him, tilting her head and giving him an innocent smile.

“It’s not a frisbee-”

“It’s basically a frisbee, Steve,” Sam says. “Come on, help us out! It’s two against eight right now.”

Steve sighs and even though he already knows he’s going, he lies. “I don’t know.”

“I’ll buy you an entire cheesecake,” Natasha says quickly.

“I’ll have my mom make you another one!” Sam adds.

Steve smiles. “I could never resist one of Darlene’s cheesecakes. Count me in.”

Nat and Sam high five.


Bucky nudges his shoulder. Steve groans, rolling over to stuff his face in the mattress. It can’t even be 7 in the morning yet. He’s pretty sure he just went to bed.

“Hey, punk. Wake up.”

“Ten more minutes.”

“We gotta go feed Natasha’s cat. You know we can’t be late. She’ll kill me. If I go alone, the cat will kill me. Wake up,” Bucky tells him. “Plus, I got you cheesecake for breakfast.”

Steve shoots out of bed. “Let’s go feed the cat from hell. Bring a napkin.”


when asked about their love lives, the women of greek mythology responded thus //

this is by far my most popular poem and i realized i never posted anything more than the initial run. it grew into a bit of a beast, so here’s the edited rest of it.


All these lovely Rays events made me think again of all the crimes that ToZX has committed, so I decided to update my for-some-reason-most-popular-tumblr-post a bit. You might remember it. If not, please enjoy this short summary of how ToZX messed up the characterisation of the goddamn entire playable main squad. Now updated including vague references to the atrocities that the last episodes have added to the franchise.

It was initially supposed to enlighten poor people who ONLY know the anime, but please let me know if you think I forgot something important. I can’t fit EVERYTHING on the slides because at some point the text becomes too small to read, but still. Heavens help us.

Story Time

Okay younglings, gather ‘round and let me tell you about the first time I showed by fiance Transformers porn.

It was about a year into us dating and he came to visit me at college over spring break. After a couple of drinks we were laying in bed talking about stuff™ and the topic of TF porn came up. He had know I was into it, having confessed to my obsession a couple months prior, and we had joked about it occasionally since then. But he had never seen it outside of a Reddit “Weirdest Porn You’ve Ever Found/Porn that Ruined Your Childhood” post (one I’m happy to say we completely won).

But tonight was the night. We were tipsy, together for the first time in months, and I had my iPad ready. I pulled up Tumblr and go to the #valveplug tag, ordering it by most popular. At that time this pic by @schandbringer was at the top of the list.

Now it’s important to understand that at this moment my fiance knew exactly 2 transformers by sight: Optimus Prime and Megatron. (This was soon to change.) So he got one right.

Anyway. My boyfriend at the time is laying there in bed next to me, holding the iPad, having taken it from me to better examine the masterpiece I have presented him with. He identifies Megatron, then asks the infamous question:

“Who’s the other one?”

Without missing a beat, and without thinking, I answer:


My fiance rolls away from me, clutching the iPad in his hands. His body convulses. Tears pool in his eyes as laughter overtakes him. Several minutes pass before he is able to speak again, but still he is overcome with the absurdity I have set before him.

It is my fault really, I did not properly prepare him for this moment. But then I was not prepared either. We lay there together, trying to comprehend the events that led to the manifestation of this perfect moment.

And that was how my fiance was introduced to tf porn and the transformers franchise in general.

sometimes I remember one of Binnie’s nicknames is 문밥 because he eats a lot and I just :’)

NEW TAG. Expanding Witchcraft

I love finding new things to add to my craft and I know you all enjoy the same! I created this blog to extend it far beyond a “beginners blog” so that you all can find new things in tumblr witchcraft that you haven’t seen before! Sometimes it may seem hard to come across anything truly new in the world of witchblr because the most popular posts circle around constantly (for good reason! I reblog lots! But you know what I’m getting at here). I often search the “spell jar” and “witch tip” tags only under the Recents section in the hopes that I find new inspiration. Sometimes I even poke around in @floralwaterwitch’s tag for new ideas. But it would be so much easier if there were just one general tag to search!! So let’s make one!
I present to you:
Under this tag I encourage you to share YOUR original content! If you have a “mine” tag to reference for yourself, shuffle through there and unearth some gems you shared but didn’t get a lot of attention. Or fill up those drafts and brainstorm new posts!
Tag your witch tips, your spells, your rituals, your goals, your crystal grids, your healing teas, your sigils, your talismans, your spell jars, your pendulum boards, your Grimoire pages, your altar layouts, your thrift store steals, your forest finds, your ideas that you want help developing, your areas of craft that you want mentoring in, tag any knowledge that you’d love to share.
You all have magic to offer.✨

Do I hate asking people to review at the end of my chapters? Yes. I despise it. It makes me feel needy, whiny, ungrateful for the readers I have. 

Do I hate asking people to reblog instead of just liking? Yeah. It makes me feel like I’m forcing them to do it through a guilt trip. 

But here’s the thing. 

I consider myself a fairly well known author in certain fandoms. This isn’t me bragging, this is me looking at the number of readers I have on Fanfiction and AO3, the fact that I get requests in my inbox, and the fact that I’ve been mentioned in a couple different fic rec posts, and deducing that I’m a somewhat popular author. 

My most popular fanfiction I have posted on Tumblr has just over 800 notes. Only 18 of which are reblogs. Only 6 of which have comments or tags on them. 

The most popular piece of fanart (in this case, meaning a single piece of artwork, not a comic or series of drawings) that I’ve ever seen had over 100,000 notes. At least a quarter of them were reblogs, and every single reblog that I saw of it had comments in the tags. 

So I’m not going to stop asking for people to reblog. For people to leave comments in the tags. For people to leave comments on AO3 and Fanfiction. 

Because fanfiction writers are treated like pack mules and, for the most part, artists are treated like gods. Artists can get PAID for their fanart, and we get yelled at for not posting the next chapter of a 10K story within two days of the latest update.

And I’m kind of sick of it. And I know for a fact that I’m not the only one. 

If you have the ability to like it, you have the ability to reblog it and leave a three word comment in the tags. It’s not difficult. 

So, the new tumblr update

Hey all! I know this is already going around, but I wanted to make a post about it because it really affects us, and other smaller content creators.

Basically Best Stuff First is an algorithm to show you the most popular things on your dash, right?

So for us smaller content blogs, we’re getting a lot less notes on average than other blogs you probably follow. It’ll become hard to see our content on your dash.

Thankfully, this feature is super easy to turn off.

So there it is. If you follow us and enjoy seeing our content, please consider turning “best stuff first” off so that we can show up on your dash! :) As always, thank you for following!

I’ve been thinking lately, about writing and imposter syndrome and the pressure we put on ourselves. It’s late and I should sleep but I want to get this out.

At what point does one “make it” as a fanfiction writer (or artist?)

There will always be a few Big Name People, yeah, but there are a whole lot of others out there too. I don’t really think of myself as any kind of big name, but I also know I do have a following.

But four years ago I wasn’t anybody important. I maybe had 100 tumblr followers. I had a couple gen fics on AO3, but I hadn’t yet mustered the courage to publically post anything smutty. 

Then I saw a piece of art that inspired me and I sat down and wrote a threesome. And suddenly people were reading my stuff. And the positive comments pushed me to keep writing and keep writing and here we are, four years later.

Now, I had the advantage of getting into the Sherlock fandom just before S3. And I wrote smut. And I wrote the most popular pairing. And I wrote a lot and quickly. But I didn’t set out to write with any sort of thought of “this is what people want.” I wrote stuff I enjoyed, and still do. And some of the rarer pairs I know that all of ten people read. But it also makes me happy when someone reads a fic and comments “I don’t normally read this, but it’s you, so I did.”

But again, that question. At what point does one ‘make it’. Is there some mythical finish line? As a writer I don’t get paid, except maybe a few commissions now and again. Even after all this time I still find myself comparing myself, of feeling sorry about not having that one Fandom Classic everyone has read.

And there’s also the feeling sometimes that it’s mostly just smut, and it doesn’t matter. Which isn’t true, but it’s a demon I struggle with.

Anyway, someone else can probably explain this better than me. I just know we all start from somewhere, we all learn and change and grow as we write and create. This fandom isn’t the place it was when I started, but I’ll still be here to cheer on anyone putting pen to paper.

And just remember, even if you aren’t Big Name Person, what you have to contribute is you, and unique to you, and only you can tell your story.