my most favorite video of all time


The Beginner’s Guide is probably my all-time favorite video Jack has ever uploaded. There are so many parts that resonated with me, that made me think about things…I’ve honestly lost count of how many times I’ve watched it.

This part right here probably impacted me the most because whenever I found something I loved doing, something or someone would make it so I couldn’t do or even dream about it. I’m still looking for that one thing that makes me feel inspired but I know when I do, I’ll be able to go after it.

Everyone deserves to find that thing that makes being busy something they look forward to.

It was uploaded a while back but still, thank you for playing it. The video means so much to me.

[RadioSubs] DGS #38


Though this episode was way back in 2007 haha, around 9 years ago. Anyway, I really wanted to finish this episode before the year end so I was rushing through it especially for the video >.> Recycled lots of pictures lol. I will work on 39 next (and I have not forgotten about BuruRaji…) but it’s gonna take a while longer since I’m not sticking to a schedule this time |3 

Anyway, this episode has 3 guests, with pretty much all my favorite people in there - Nakamura Yuuichi, Sugita Tomokazu and Yasumoto Hiroki, and of course the DGS duo, making it 5 people in total…Hope you’d understand I’m no god so I don’t insert lines for everyone when all 5 start talking at once lol xD but the subs are colored for a reason so hopefully everyone can enjoy the most of it~ Too many references in it as well, that I might not have explained very carefully in the video so if you have queries, either ask Mr Google or shoot a message~ 


George Michael

I enjoyed my Christmas. The entire day was good. Then late last night I heard the news about one of my favorite singers of all time. I loved loved loved George Michael. I would watch all of his videos on VH1. Of course, that is when VH1 actually played videos. I may have been too young to understand his songs then but I thought he was one of the most handsome men on TV. I had the biggest crush on him growing up.

Growing up, Black radio stations played White artists that we called “ Blue Eye Soul”. His music was always on the radio and I watched All of his videos. I loved that man. I don’t care who he was, what his sexuality was. I had the biggest crush on George Michael.

He is in Heaven with the other great talents that I also loved! ( Michael Jackson, Prince, Whitney Houston and others).

Rest in peace you beautiful Man.

George Michael.


ive found it. the most awkward video of all time. my favorite phrase is the very half hearted “aaa” at the end


I finally made a video for one of my favorite songs of all time :D I was super excited to go back and make a Durarara video; it feels like it’s been ages and working with this song made it a lot more interesting and fun ^_^ On another note, these three pairings are constantly fighting (whether it be in my head, my role-plays, or even my ask box X’D), so it was nice to include all three of them (though Mikida dominates most of the video lmao)

Happy New Year!!! (early, but still ;3)

Don’t go, please don’t go
Don’t go without me

This is a digital illustration of my own personal designs/interpretations of Ida and Totem. I was intrigued by how much water imagery there is with these two in the game, and wanted to create something that embodied that. Also, I found Ida and Totem’s relationship in the game to be really touching and sweet, one of the most heart-warming relationships I’ve seen in any video game, despite the fact that they never speak and have few unique interactions. (The quote is from the song “C'est la Mort” by The Civil Wars, which reminded me of them).

This illustration took around 15 hours from start to finish, and I enjoyed every second of it. Monument Valley is one of my most favorite games of all time, and this illustration is basically a love letter to the game, and to the amazing people who made it. I couldn’t even begin to describe how much this game, its story, and its characters mean to me.

From the bottom of my heart–ustwo, thank you for crafting such a beautiful experience. 

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“After he flew away, Trico couldn’t have had much time left to live. I could only hope that he was content with the fact that he was able to bring me back to my village safely. Our journey together was perilous, but I always felt safe with him; I could tell that Trico felt safe with me too. Our bond was special, like nothing else. We were more than just a boy and a beast, we were brothers”


Ahhhg! This game! It’s so magnificent :’)

Watching the ending just pulled at my heart strings! I haven’t cried while playing a video game since Piers Nivans’ death in Resident Evil fuckin’ 6 XD

In all seriousness, though: Ueda really knows how to make a perfect game. I think The Last Guardian is my most favorite game of all time (next to a few Capcom franchises).

I decided to make this piece of fan art for @therealjacksepticeye, since he’s the one who “introduced” me to this game. I’ve seen (2016) trailers of it beforehand, but I never really checked it out until Jack raved about it on Twitter :P I’ve played the whole game, and I’ve fallen in love with it. The controls were a little frustrating and commanding Trico was a little tedious at times, but it was so worth it! I had so much fun playing it!!!

I drew this on paper with pencil, pen, and then Crayola markers, haha. Then, I edited it in Pixlr Express. I really hope the fact that this is a spoiler to the game doesn’t sway Jack from reblogging this artwork >_< I worked really hard on it! Enjoy ❤


CC Makeup Finds - Lipstick Edition

Happy Wednesday! Many of you may know that I make weekly CC finds videos on my YouTube channel, which you can find *here*, and this week is one of my all time favorites - lipstick! 

I feel like lips can really make or break a Sim, so I’m really glad to share my most favorite Custom Content lipsticks with you. So, after scouring the interwebs to find all of these for you… let us begin! (Please be aware that these are in no particular order- I love all of them equally.)

1. AlyssaJoltSims MAC Inspirations Matte Lipstick
2. BerniesSimblr Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks
3. BerniesSimblr OCC Lip Tars
4. Rinvalee Normal Lip Colors
5. Aveira Lipgloss 6
6. ScreamingMustard Iris - Natural Lip Color
7. ScreamingMustard Berry Sorbet
8. ScreamingMustard Luna - Sparkling Lip Color
9. ScreamingMustard Satin Kiss - Creamy Lip Color
10. ScreamingMustard Dragon Blood - Rich Lip Color
11. Sintiklia Lipstick 34

Want to watch me feature these finds on YouTube? Click *here*

While I have not finished it yet, I can easily say that OneShot has easily become one of my personal favorite games of all time. The amount of heart and soul in this one game is enough for me to consider it higher than most game series. Just the whole atmosphere I’ve been getting the feels for…it’s a lot more powerful than I had expected. And this is from a simplistic, yet beautiful pixel aesthetic. The puzzles have been well thought out, especially in the remade version that was just released on Steam. I implore you, if you are looking for a rich experience unlike any other, OneShot delivers that in spades, and then some.

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Bri, when you were little (like under 10), what were your favorite shows and movies?

I was obsessed with Mary-Kate and Ashley when I was little, so any of their stuff. I loved Switching Goals, Billboard Dad, The Challenge and New York Minute the most movie wise. I also loved Two of a Kind, So Little Time and Full House tv wise. Full House is my favourite show of all time tbh. I also loved Kenan and Kel,  The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, The Amanda Show, Rugrats and Lizzie McGuire.

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1. SLBP 
2. My brother being the teasing doofus he is XD
3. My space husband that I get most of my quotes from 
4. Video Games (Mass Effect and Dragon to be precise)

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Would I be able to have a ship please? I'm 5"4, agender and sassy. I have blue dyed hair and blue eyes. I play the ukulele and spend most of my time dancing, singing loudly and pretending to be a judge on The Voice :3 thanks!! <33

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I ship you with Dan!

I feel like he would call you “bubba”

He would let you play the sims with him and Phil when they made sims videos. You all took turns playing Tabitha and Dil and baby Dab.

You’d probably convince him to wear his hobbit hair in more videos, he loves you very much so he promises to do it more.

Your first date would be to your favorite restaurant, if you felt too nervous he would order your food for you. Eating together, he asked you questions so he could feel he knows you better, after answering questions such as: “When is your birthday?” “What’s your favorite color?” “What are your hobbies?” you asked him the same questions in return, on the drive back to his place it wasn’t full of silence, he was singing “A Whole New World” and you pretended to be a judge on the voice, telling him how he did.

The car ride was filled with laughter and new memories.

Smiling to yourself, you were so grateful that you met Dan.

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1.Name/Nickname: Gabriela but most people call me Gabi

2.Relationship status: in love w myself tbh

3.Favorite color: i dont really have one? but if i was to choose i think black, white and gold are pretty

4.Last song i listened to: party monster by the weeknd cause i wanted to see the video lol

5.Favorite youtube channels: filthy frank (as if thats not obvious enough lol) and h3h3 is what i watch the most atm 

6.First fandom: i guess harry potter, even though i wasnt even aware of the word fandom and all that

7.Hobbies: reading, watching yt videos, and eventually i enjoy some crafting or cooking

8.Things i am currently working on: thats sorta vague but im just working on improving myself rn, like being aware of my privileges and trying to deconstruct the prejudices i have and stuff like that

9.Worst thing ive ever eaten: one time i drank my moms wine thinking it was coke and i spit it all over her and then proceeded to go wash my mouth thoroughly. that was years ago though and i actually dont mind wine now so idk onions are pretty bad

10.Favorite place: now that i think about it, im not sure if i have one, but my room i think is as close to it as it gets

11.Three wishes: i wish i had more energy and will to do things/ 2017 is less stressful than 2016/ and thats very cliche but i just want everyone to be happy

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Name/Nickname: Francesca/Fran

Height: 5′5″

Hogwarts House: I was a hufflepuff, but recently got re-sorted into ravenclaw. not sure how i feel about that.

Last Thing I Googled: something work related, probably… likely exchange shell commands for renewing smtp certificates

Fictional Character You’d Like As A Sibling: kate bishop

Number Of Blankets I Sleep With: 1 or 2 at the most

Favorite Bands/Artist: bastille, misfits, mumford and sons, all time low, there’s a lot more, but i can’t think of them right now

When Did I Make This Blog: a loong time ago.. 2010-ish?

How Many Blog Do I follow: ~300-ish

What Do I Post About: mixed fandoms, lots of video games and aesthetic and jokes. my sideblog is a little more selective but not by much

Do You Get Asks On A Regular Basis: rarely, if ever

Aesthetics: vintage stuff, spooky stuff, good looking people

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Series: Opening Act (chapter 1)

Lights. Camera. Action.
Another Sunday night that I was sitting in my room recording videos. Being a YouTuber is a lot of fun but I’m not like other youtubers, I’m not a beauty guru like most of my friends, I’m a singer and I upload covers hoping to someday go on tour and get signed.

I was currently practicing the words to Little Bit By Skate Maloley one of my all time favorite artists and songs.

I sat down in my studio room and pressed record “Hey guys Peyton Thatcher here, Today I’m going to be doing a cover of Little Bit by Skate Maloley”
I grabbed my headphones and started the music.

I was emerged in the song, passion filling my voice. As the song came to an end I turned the music off “thank you so much for watching, please share, subscribe, like and comment see y'all soon.”

I spent my night editing it and I wasn’t going to bed until it was done. This would be the first thing I did when I woke up in the morning.

-Beep Beep Beep-
I slapped my alarm off and sat up stretching and grabbing my computer at the end of my bed. I edited the video a little bit more and exported the video onto YouTube before I scrolled through social media for a bit responding to some fans and following people before I closed my computer, got out of bed and headed towards the bathroom.

I got into the shower, taking time to wash my hair and my body and shave, when I got out I threw my hair in a towel and got dressed.

Blue Denium shorts with a black t-shirt and some black converse, I dried my hair putting into a bun and putting on a little makeup, which consisted of eyeliner and mascara.

I walked back in my room grabbing my phone and my backpack and walked downstairs.
“Mom, I’m leaving for school.“I yelled probably into and empty house.
I grabbed my keys off the hanger and walked out the door to my White Nissan and placed my bag in the backseat and got into the drivers seat, I sighed before starting the car and driving off to another day of hell.

I killed the engine once I parked in the parking lot. I grabbed my bag and headed into the building.
You see going to public school and being a YouTuber isn’t much fun. I of course get made fun of a lot, I’m used a lot so people can get a following and I don’t have many real friends.

I walked to my locker, to see my best friend Tessa standing in front of it with a hot chocolate from Starbucks. "You’re a lifesaver” I stated grabbing it from her hands and take a swig of it.
“Careful it-”
“Ow Ow Ow Ow”
“It’s hot” Tessa said laughing

I laughed handing it back to her and opening my locker. I grabbed my first two period class books and closed my locker
“So, Im gonna leave during forth period, you down?”
“Yeah there’s no way I’m staying here all day.”

See school was no fun for me, actually it was pure hell. “Well I gotta head to Physics, see ya” we hugged and parted ways.

My phone kept vibrating and of course I couldn’t look at it, it was unusual for my phone to go off a bunch of times in a matter of seconds but it was and I wanted badly to look at it.
“Ms.Davis can I speak to you for a minute” another teacher spoke from the hallway pulling my teacher out of class.

Luckily I sat it the back but the sound that just escaped my mouth was unhuman.

My phone was moments from freezing but the last notification was a tweet from Nate, not just him tweeting because a direct towards me.

“@SkateMaloley: A bunch of you tweeted me @PeytonThatchers cover of little bit and I can honestly say it’s nothing like I’ve ever heard before. You’re amazing, keep up the amazing work. Maybe we can collab sometime?.

I squealed with excitement causing my classmates to turn and look at me.
"Everything okay, Ms.Thatcher”
“Uh yeah sorry Mrs.Davis” I said sinking in my seat with embarrassment.
As the bell rang, I packed up my things and ran to Andreas class.
“Skate tweeted you”
“He wants to collab” I screeched with excitement.

Tessa and I now had free period. We walked to our class and I sat at my computer, Tessa sitting next to me. I logged onto Twitter and I instantly dmed Nate.

“Hey Nate. I would like to thank you and let you know that I would love to collab with you if you’re ever in New York xx ~Peyton ❤️

Within minutes I got a response. "Hey Peyton, I’ll actually be in New York tomorrow if you want to meet. I’m looking for opening acts for the Skaterade tour. If your interested I’ll contact you with more information.”
“Sounds great. Thank you so much, Nate.”
“Xx have a good day.”

After 5th period, Tessa and I left, “We need to get you something sexy for when you meet your boy”.

We placed our books in the back of my car and headed off towards the mall.

I was in forever 21 shopping around when I found the perfect dress. A short light blue dress with chains (top picture) and a pair of nude heels.

I was currently sitting on my bed, going through a bunch of notifications from earlier in the day. As always there were some really sweet ones and some rude ones when a DM from Nate pop up on my screen.
Skate: Hey Peyton, I know you’re good, I don’t even have to hear you sing, I want you apart of this tour - let me rephrase that, you need to be apart of this tour. Tomorrow I will be at Brooklyn Theater Arts High School. Hope that’s not far out of your way?
Me: Not far at all, about a half hour.
Skate: Great so I will be there from 3-8 tomorrow night.
Me:Ok, see you tomorrow skate 😊

I’m Writing this book with @skatexwilk If you want more either go to wattpad or message us :)

I’ve been playing my favorite childhood games just to relax. Yoshi is my all time favorite video game character and I can’t decide which color I love the most - the Pink one or the Black one! <3

Made on photoshop!



Here’s Yoongi and Jungkook’s little video teaser for their storyline. I say this all the time but it’s pretty fuckin true lmao, all the storylines I have planned out for this are legitimately my most favorite things I’ve ever come up with. I hope you guys enjoy the little teaser! You can find Jimin and Hoseok’s storyline teaser here. :)