my most favorite boys

i would just,,, like to take a moment to appreciate lance in the simulator scene 

alright thank u for ur time

continuing on with this topic of victorian dressage and dancing—my favorite man!

um every time I think about Trimberly going to Prom all I imagine is Kimberly, for once, actually being excited to go to a school event 

  • Kimberly doesn’t care, she wears this bright yellow suit to prom, and Trini wears a pink one 
    • They have pocket squares of their own colors 
    • Trini parents are upset at first, but Trini’s dad supports it whenever Trini’s mom isn’t around 
    • Kimberly thinks Limo’s are overrated, so Trini takes that as picking her up by sitting in the back of Jason’s trunk with a sign saying, “Kimberly is my most favorite person ever” 
  • The boys all switch up each others colors, and Zack sneaks in some vodka 
  • Before Trimberly show up they take pictures in front of Kim’s house, and more than half of the pictures are either blurry because Kim’s dad can’t seem to work the phone, or the boys are photobombing it 
    • There is this really cute one of Kimberly kissing Trini’s forehead and it immediately joins one of the many pictures in Kim’s room, and it’s one of her favorites 
    • Trini gets it and puts it in her wallet and her locker 
  • Everyone is jealous of how good the Rangers look when they show up 
  • Zack gets drunk and goes on stage and grabs a microphone, “This speech is for my mom, who’s the coolest mom ever, and for my best friend who looks like a little bird that will kill you.” 
    • Everyone knows he’s talking about Trini, and when one of the lights find her, she’s in the corner making out with Kimberly 
    • Kimberly has to stop Trini from killing Zack
    • Billy doesn’t understand what exactly happened, so Jason tried to explain to him, but kept laughing 
    • When Zack finally gets kicked out they drive him to sonic to get him his favorite milkshake 

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Oh! Can I ask for headcanons? Ones with Lance getting along with Slav? _(:3 」∠)_ Pretty Please?

Oh boy my two most favorite boys, here we go:

  • Lance let’s Slav be a noodle around his neck, sometimes he loops so Lance doesn’t have to deal with shit rn.
    “Lance, buddy you okay?”
    *muffled voice* Slav: “Lance says he’s currently gone right now, would you like to leave a message? I hear that’s a thing you humans do.”

  • Lance has a few stim toys he kept in his jacket pockets and he shares a few with Slav and they’ll just sit together and use them. Slav likes the fidget cube the best, the little switch cracks him up. So useless yet so much fun. Also helps to calm Slav down when he’s feeling anxious.
  • Lance waits up for him if Slav is having one of his “moments” where a certain iten has to be placed a certain way, while Slav is doing that they both just talk and discuss alternate realities and time travel shenanigans.
  • Lance does face masks for both of them because these boys deserves nice things and deserve to not be stressed for more than 10 minutes
  • They take naps where Slav is a pillow
  • Slav will take naps on Lance where he is just hanging there like a Doctor Who scarf, smacks anyone’s hands away that try and wake him.
  • Lance has done Slav’s nails, and the noodle man likes to tap all of them. He makes pretty good rhythms though

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Psst! Friendly anon here! How would Prince Sidon react to finding his s/o's Sheikah slate and seeing a ton of pictures of himself on it? I'm curious how he would react to his female s/o being on their period but I don't wanna be seen as a weirdo by asking. ;w; But seriously..what would dinner be like with him? Would he try to feed his s/o raw fish?? XD

AW HELL YEE First request(s) and they’re all for my favorite shark boy! If you don’t mind, Imma answer most of these as headcanons, but the first as a scenario since there’s a lot. Enjoy!

-Mod Pinks

Pictures of him on Sheikah Slate (Sidon)

If anyone saw him now, they’d be confused as to why the Crown Prince of Zora was hunched over some stone near the dock, tail a-wagging and grinning. 

He knew that he really shouldn’t be peeking at another’s possessions, truly. His beloved had left her bag with him when she remembered she had left something in her home, rushing off to fetch it while he waited. Was it really all that awful that when Sidon happened to glance at it, the Slate was slightly sticking out? And was it really all that awful that it was still on? And that he couldn’t help his overwhelming curiosity?

…Probably. But really, he couldn’t help it! And how could he possibly regret it, now that he was seeing the contents.

Nature images, images of a strange 4-eyed horse (he’d have to ask), of flowers, of monsters, of far off lands- all minuscule compared to the sheer volume of the images of him, a good portion starting from before they were even together. Images of their battles together, of grinning is joy, of him assisting another- 

How adorable to know that she was just as smitten with him as he was with her~.

“-Sorry about that Sidon, I-OOP!” Sidon’s arms were around them in a flash, a radiant grin spreading and infecting her with a smile. “Why thank you, but what’s all this about?”

“Ah, nothing in particular, just realizing how incredibly adorable you can be. Though I have to say there is a small problem.” His beloved shifted in his arms to look up to him with concern.

“What’s wrong?”

“There’s not a single image of me with you.”

Reacting to his s/o’s period (Sidon)

  •  Let’s be extra sadistic and say that it hits when they’re in the middle of swimming.
  • Being rather shark-like, it wouldn’t be a surprise what Sidon’s reaction is to smelling blood on his love.
  • Almost immediately he has his arms on her, lifting her to see if she has any wounds, asking her if she hit something, where the wound was.
  • Once the s/o put two and two together, and somehow managed to calm down the giant shark-puppy, she’d have to explain it to him.
  • He has a new found respect for non-Zora women.
  • “So for several days you’re in agony, and I can’t do anything to help?”
  • “Well….”
  • Will do his best to help you in any way possible (as princely duties allow)
  • Cuddles? Hell yea, there and done.
  • Later on, while he is now used to the idea of it, that doesn’t stop him from being protective of you, cuddling up to you and doing everything to help.

Dinner with the bae (Sidon)

  • Given the fact that he and his sister were close, and its likely she told him all sorts of things about Hylians, there’s a good chance Sidon knows not to give Hylians raw fish. 
  • Dinner of in of itself would be absolutely delightful.
  • After pulling a few strings, he’d get an evening off to share with his beloved, and try to spend some private time together.
  • A private dinner, perhaps in a quieter part of his home, overlooking the city.
  • Lots of Zora dishes, though Sidon being Sidon, it wouldn’t be surprising if he went out of his way to try to include some sort of Hylian dish.
  • Absolutely charming company, good food, and a good view. 10/10

Sorry if they’re not as good as usual, it’s been a while since I got any requests, but I hope you liked them! -Mod Pinks

anyone who thinks snakes don’t have personality has clearly never woken up a sleepy green tree python

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is it petty to still not forgive vax for breaking gilmore's heart like he did? i know it's been a long time but 😒😒😒

listen i said it before and i’ll say it again i love my boy vax the most he is unquestionably my favorite character i love him i’d die for him i draw him almost every day he is my muse but if he so much as breathes wrong in shaun ‘glorious’ gilmore’s direction i’ll

answers to that artist ask meme [part 3]

are you tired of me yet lmao

2. who is your favorite character to draw?

(voltron-wise, since that seems to be the theme of my blog atm) I know I draw keith the mostest but the one I love the most is lance. lance is my favorite boy to draw. he’s a very good 

8. show us at least 2-3 drawings from 1-2 years ago.

so i guess that’s 2015-2016? 


wow was i really still trying to paint and render in 2015


ah yes fire ebmelme

6. tag your favorite artists/inspirations!

i haven’t done this in so long. i don’t really frequent tumbles for art anymore, so i guess here are my favorite artists’ twitters (not all are fanartists too because you should be looking at all kinds of work in general. art is vast.)

 (and you ought to follow them if you haven’t already because their work is GREAT): @ringelrei , @lokhelle ​, @cafween ‏, @ladyadorabeezle @dianammarmol ‏,  @Angelakimbo to name only a few!!

inspirations include a long list of dead artists but not to get too winded mentioning them i’ll just say i love bernie wrightson for the lines and francisco de goya for the paints.


let’s work through some internalized misogyny!

it’s time to do some healing!

who is your favorite Disney princess and why, and also, who is your least favorite and why??

Most favorite: Jasmine, she wore pants, refused to take the easy way and decided to pole vault just like Aladdin, she runs away from home, she has a freaking pet tiger OH AND she wears pants

as a child she was my favorite Disney princess because she was the most tom-boy-ish and independent.

Least favorite: Cinderella. She was always being shoved down my throat and my parents kept buying me Cinderella crap and I just … didn’t connect with her at all. When my parents tried to get me to learn how to do housework, I was learning pretty well until I discovered that my younger brothers weren’t going to be learning how to do chores, because they are male. So I rebelled and I still resent domestic labor because of how hard my parents tried to push that on to me as a woman’s role. Cinderella and Snow White always seemed to lack any real personality to me as a child. I felt like they mindlessly accepted their place as domestic laborers–though Cinderella did desire to have a night off, it’s just it doesn’t seem like she really expresses any plot driving intense desire, she seems to just kinda be doing what she’s told, whether it’s by her step mother or by her fairy god mother. She needs external validation for her feelings of rebellion, unlike Jasmine, who has her own ideas about things and doesn’t need anyone’s approval to go where she wants when she wants.

I guess a part of me dislikes Cinderella because I felt like her, like I was becoming her and I didn’t want to be her.

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kiba for the wierd headcanon!

  • What they smell like: indisputably he smells like dog 
  • How they sleep (sleeping position, schedule, etc): absolutely chaotically and usually under akamaru
  • What music they enjoy: party music!! but not like EDM, more like… rihanna? 
  • How much time they spend getting ready every morning: he puts a lot of care into brushing his and akamaru’s teeth every morning but he’s a very sleepy slow getter upper
  • Their favorite thing to collect: ?? a collection of the weirdest shit. not cohesive at all, just ticket stubs and also bottle caps he found, and cereal boxes with puzzles, and a buckle from a belt, and hinata’s nail polish, and some cracked old glasses, sand from suna, etc, its all in a pile in his room
  • Left or right-handed: ???? would he use both? he likes to run on all fours lmao
  • Religion (if any): ninjion
  • Favorite sport: FRISBEE HAHA DOG JOKES
  • Favorite touristy thing to do when traveling (museums, local food, sightseeing, etc): he’s a foodie !! stops at shops and markets to try very localized foods, but is pretty picky still 
  • Favorite kind of weather: sunny??? 
  • A weird/obscure fear they have: thunder maybe??
  • The carnival/arcade game they always win without fail: tossing the ball at the milk cans !! He also has a knack for luck games, like when u pick up the duck and get a prize based on the number, he always gets a high number and a big prize 

ABC’s of Park Jinyoung ♡ : Actor

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RFA +V and Unknown comforting a bi MC who came out to her friends but was shunned. This just happened to me and I am currently...... well I guess not in my right mind. These boys (and girl) have gotten me through a lot and I kinda hope they can help with this. Sorry if this isn't a good request or is too heavy a subject. Thanks if you do it, and I understand if you don't.

I don’t normally do headcannons, but for this one, I will. I want to give you as much support as I can!

Please know that even though some people are asshats about who you are genically programmed to find attractive, not everyone is. Most people are extremely accepting of the diversity that makes the human race amazing.

Also, fuck tumblrs formatting!


  • Girl literally doesn’t care
  • She is bi, so…
  • In fact, she’s happy. Because the two of you can appreciate each other and Zen together
  • Plus, it’s fun to people watch with her because you can point out all the attractive people! 
  • She’s going to beat up anyone who makes you feel bad about yourself. And she’ll be in mama bear mode for a few weeks. Enjoy it :P


  • He’s curious, but it doesn’t really phase him.
  • Like. he’ll ask you if a girl is attractive. Because his attractive radar is broken because of all is issues.
  • If you tell him a female is attractive, he’ll make dad jokes about using protection
  • What does that even mean, Jumin??
  • You can admire males to him, also. He doesn’t share your appreciation, but he listens. 
  • Jumin will pay Seven to ruin who ever makes you feel bad. Their entire digital life will be done. 


  • Precious Zen is a little bi, himself
  • He is just a sexual beast, really
  • He thinks it’s cute that gender doesn’t matter to you. It means you picked him out of all the males and females to choose from
  • Plus is broadens the porn you two can watch Zen, Please!
  • Zen is going to pamper you. Like baths with bath bombs and rose petals, home cooked meals, nights on the town, anything to make you feel like the special princess you are. He’s also going to hunt down everyone who made you feel bad and tell them exactly what he thinks of them.


  • Dude. Seven is happy. Like super happy.
  • Seven is cannonically bisexual.
  • Will totally scope out chicks and dudes and ask them for a threesome.
  • He’s not serious.
  • Seven is sooooo happy he can tell you when he thinks a guy is attractive because he knows you won’t judge. And he totally wants to to let him know if you think a lady is sexy. Because he might steal her style!
  • Seven will learn everything about anyone who makes you feel bad, and become the perfect love interest to them. And when he’s got them under his thumb, he’s going to reveal himself and break their hearts for breaking yours.


  • Poor boy. He’s bisexual. He just doesn’t know it yet.
  • You telling him, makes him so happy that you trust him enough
  • And by listening to you, he realizes that he feels the same way!
  • You are his godsend!
  • Just by being you, you help him discover himself! 
  • Yoosung is going to set you up on LOLOL and make you kill things until you feel better. And strangely enough, it works.


  • V! My love! My most favorite of all teal haired boys!
  • He’s going to let you know that everything is going to be alright. You are perfectly normal. And special to him
  • He obviously can’t scope out hotties with you, but he’s going to make you describe people that you find attractive.
  • He wants you to be happy with who you are and who you are attracted to.
  • V will also hire Seven to take them out.


  • He could care less about your sexual orientation.
  • For reals, as long as you are with him, and support him, he’s cool with it.
  • He will try and kill anyone who makes you feel bad about yourself. You’re going to have to watch him like a hawk. 

Your front is the best, your back is the best
From your head to your toes, you’re the best
94.02.18 ♥ thank you for being born, Jung Hoseok.