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Make Me Choose: Alec&Clary or Alec&Izzy (asked by anonymous) Jace&Izzy or Alec&Izzy (asked by anonymous)


I love you, Alec.
       I love you too.

I’m back home and aching for drawing! So I couldn’t resist to not touch my computer and here are some quick doodles of my most beloved and fave forever couples I drew during my trip back to home. MY BABIES!

EdWin! My golden couple!

InuKag! You all already know my obsession with these two. I love Kagome so damn much cause she’s the responsible for making him bring those huge, beautiful toothy smiles and the happiness he deserves so damn much!

ZeLink! I love so much this incarnation of them both. This Zelda is so absolutely adorable and this Link is so freaking cool.

I dont even know why I made this. 🤹🏼‍♀️

I’m not even into Jake. 🐺

But this is what he looks like in my mind whenever everyone goes gaga over him. 😽

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B can you give us your top 10 anime you watched this year? I'm rlly curious! Thank you :3

Oh my my, this is the hardest thing to do…but let’s try! Let’s go from 10 to 1 this time, for the dramatics of it!


10. Ouran High School Host Club

I enjoyed it very very much and it’s probably the most EXTRA thing I’ve ever watched. I loved all the characters, the twins especially, and how surprisingly deep and diverse their characterization was! A true classic. 

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9. Servamp

A very very late discovery that managed to get on this list at the last minute. This is not a perfect story with perfect characters (which I personally ADORE), but it managed to get me hooked from the start and left me wanting to know more and more. I’m in love with this very dark universe, but you know it’s easy to win me over with vampires ;)

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8.  Boku No Hero Academia 

Despite being the protagonist of the Top 10 Anime Betrayals when I said I’m not that fond of BNHA now, I can’t forget how hyped I used to be when I first watched the anime and read the manga. It’s a story that has a lot of my favorite characters, like Todoroki and Kirishima, and I find its plot incredibly well written. I may have grown distant with time, but it’s always in my heart. 

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7. Barakamon

Barakamon was my first slice of life anime ever and it made me fall in love with this particular genre. It’s…just so good, so funny and so touching one may call it a perfect anime, and probably it truly is. 

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6. Poco’s Udon World

Well, you all know how much I adored this anime and I still do. It spoke to me on so many levels, it made my heart explode with every possible feeling. It’s a story that felt so painfully real to me and it taught me so much, from the importance of appreciating the things you have to accept that, sometimes, to move forward you just have to go back. It’s a true hidden gem everyone should watch at least once, especially if you are in your late twenties or older…you’ll see why ;)

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5. Tokyo Ghoul

Once I read that sometimes disgrace attacks a single person with the same force that it’s usually reserved for an entire country and this basically sums Tokyo Ghul up. I live in a state of constant fear when it comes to my ghoul kids and my most beloved Ken kaneki, but I’m still looking forward to what season 3 will bring us (i.e. to far more pain). 

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4. Owari No Seraph

Speaking of pain, here’s another great source of it. It’s a story that I literally devoured, both in anime and in manga form. It means so much to me that it’s even hard to find words to describe how much I love it. Let’s just say it has it all: vampires, mysteries, questionable characters that you end up loving regardless, ANGST, tears, friendships, an older character adopting a bunch of teens and, let’s say it, tons of gay. Beautiful. 

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3. Black Butler

The one with Balck Butler is the longest journey I’ve embarked myself this year. I’m usually scared to start series that have been going on for so long, but it was totally worth it, even just for the magnificence that was Book of Circus or Book of the Atlantic. Also, I always wondered why people were always head over heels for Sebastian and well…now I know, and I am one of them (and this is how my Ono Daisuke worship started, rip). 

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2. Noragami

You all know my troubled history with Noragami. It was an anime that I didn’t like at all at first but, watching it again after a 6 months break, I ended up loving with all myself. Yato is honestly one of the most fascinating (and attractive) characters I’ve ever met and all the rest of the cast is just as well developed and layered. Also, it’s the anime that made me fall for Kamiya Hiroshi’s voice once and for all. 

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1. Bungou Stray Dogs

How many words did I already spend about BSD? Way too many but never enough. This is an anime I will never stop to recommend, the universe that captivated me the most, the set of characters that I hold the dearest. In one word: a masterpiece. 

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- bonus: Kimi no Na wa: this incredible movie deserves a special mention and can’t be ranked because it’s in a league of its own. It was utter perfection in plot, animation and music, and I don’t remember having cried that much out of raw emotion ever in my life. It’s an Oscar-worthy movie and I loved every single second of it. 

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[ Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo 1st Anniversary Appreciation Week ]

Day 5: Your Favorite Happy Moment

Hae Soo’s best birthday present.

“Are you trying to make me give up on you or do you wish me to only have eyes for you? Whenever I come to you, all my problems seem to become lighter. So how can I live without seeing you?”

“I heard that Japan’s cherry trees are in full blossom right now. You shouldn’t let this opportunity pass by without taking at least a look at them, my Lord.”
“Very well then. Will you accompany me today?”
“Of course! I wasn’t planning on letting you go by yourself.”

Those two characters are my most beloved ones and I ship them way too much.

I believe that Urd needs someone in his life to always cheer him up and push him forward, a task that the bubbly and passionate Ky is more than suited to fulfil. Ky, on the other hand, needs someone who restricts him whenever he gets too reckless. They both have such different personalities, making them complement each other perfectly.

Please don’t kill my baby, Kagami. I can’t bear the thought of losing him.


My most beloved wife, Caroline,

I write with some trepidation. A French fleet has been sighted not far from our present position in the Channel. Though it is impossible to know how soon we must engage with them, yet we know the attack is inevitable. I beg you’ll not distress yourself, for I have confidence that we will prevail and I’ll soon return home to you, my love.

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that scene where jonathon and nancy can’t stop thinking about each other at night, in their own beds, but with lance and keith. eventually keith opens the door to find lance already on the other side, and lance just. goes for it. doesn’t wanna wait anymore and kisses keith quickly before pulling away. [insert the good few seconds of stunned silence before they both snap out of it and then /finally/ lean in to kiss/hold one another like how they so Desperately wanted to all those times before]

binch……i wanna DIE THANK YOU FOR PUTTING THIS IN MY HEAD i love the idea of both of them lying in bed muttering things like ‘i’m not settling’ and ‘i’m not afraid’ and just literally wrestling with their own insecurities before deciding that they can’t stand it anymore and giving into an impulse that’s been with them for months, for years maybe at this point and kissing each other with all of the desperation and feeling they’ve been hiding that whole time aaaaAAAAAAA