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i forgot how much people really don’t care about the fact that mcu whitewashed the maximoff twins and made them nazis, whitewashed the ancient one, didn’t include one of the founding members of the avengers who was the only actual woman on the team and killed her in less than ten minutes, makes clint not deaf for no reason, i couLD Go on

//So some other goobers have been making cute posts to confess their love for their friends and I GOTTA DO IT TOO!!!!

I’m serious. I love you guys so much. If y’all weren’t such sweet people with such amazing muses I probably would’ve left the fandom a month into Aero’s blog. I have such a great time talking with every one of you and I already couldn’t imagine if we all weren’t friends. I know this fandom’s going through a rough patch, but yall just being here makes it a thousand times better.

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I hope we can continue to have a fun time together, even if it ends up only being on Discord. ❤