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Held - Chapter 8


(Harrys Texts / Erins Texts)

I really didn’t think it would have affected me in any way, but having Harry stay over that night had been quietly comforting. His presence was something I always found to be kind of reassuring in a way, like he’d always be near you for a reason. Even though I would have been fine on my own for the night, just the sense of someone familiar kept me feeling settled. I felt bad that he was stuck on the grotty old sofa though, but not so bad that it had stopped me from sleeping soundly.

The little streams of light that were coming through the blinds that I’d obviously forgotten to close last night were warming up my bed sheets, making it harder than it already was to get up. A growling sensation in my stomach though was what finally pulled me away from my bed, and I reached for my phone to text Harry before I ventured to the kitchen. 

You decent?


Good because I want breakfast.
I’m coming through.
If you’re naked when I walk through that door I’ll be upset.

 No you won’t ;)

How very dare you!?!?

Shuffling down the hallway to the kitchen I could hear that Harry was up, the bangs and clattering of cupboards doors and drawers being opened and slammed shut made me thankful I was the only other person in the house, as I was sure he was waking up the neighbours with the racket he was making.

“Good morning, Sweets.” he greeted me with a smile, when I pushed open the door. But a smile wasn’t all I was greeted with.

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It's the kids' Birthday

Boyfriend turn six today, and with news of their first comeback in two years, I’m so happy.

I’m going to keep this short because I know the majority of you are Carats and Melodies, but I know there are a few Bepeus out there.

Boyfriend was the first Kpop band I ever got into and without them I would not be here, this blog would definitely not be here, and I wouldn’t even know of the existence of the twenty six incredible boys that I now stan.

So thank you so much Boyfriend, for being sweet and wonderful, and improving my mood significantly. And if you’ve ever visited my blog, enjoyed, liked, reblogged anything I’ve ever written here, just know that it’s down to my six precious boys! Thank you Boyfriend, happy anniversary!

Me in my running clothes. ^ - ^ Exercise is very important. It’s good for your mood and self esteem. It keeps you healthy and energetic. Walking and running and jogging are excellent too. I’ve been working more and more into the habit of running at least two times a week since the weather has gotten so much lovelier. If you’re looking for a more athletic trap/feminine look, running and other leg exercises are very important. So is eating healthy. Including lots of vitamins and veggies and other healthy goodies in your diet. Water is your best friend for healthy skin too. Be sure to do a quick workout of squats, lunges, flutter kicks, hip bridges and other leg workouts every day if you can to help tone your curves and keep your legs strong. And If you want to start running for the first time, be sure to pace yourself, walk before and after you start jogging, make sure to stretch, drink plenty of water, eat something light and healthy before hand to avoid cramps and stitches, and wear lotion and sunscreen to protect your skin as always. Also be sure to wear something comfy and appropriate for the climate. On warm sunny days I like to wear a light top, a pair of comfortable athletic shorts, and a nice comfy pair of shoes, as pictured above. It’s also a good idea to do arm and core exercises to keep up strength. I like to do a few crunches and sit-ups, and I get plenty of arm exercise at my job. :) Also remember exercise isn’t important for aesthetic alone. You don’t need to look like an Olympic swimmer or anything like that to be beautiful and attractive. It’s important for your health and wellbeing. Since I’ve started running my cardiovascular and pulmonary health(left weak from a sickly childhood) has improved significantly. So has my overall mood and self image. So that’s all I’m saying. Take care of yourself and treat your body like the pretty little temple it is. In memory of the late Leonard Nimoy; “Live long and prosper.” c: