my monkey is a hockey fan

Hello! My name is Ethan, I am a 17 year old Canadian exchange student doing my exchange in Norway.

  • Interests: Well first off I love music, it is my passion! I have been playing the guitar for about 4 years now and am loving every minute of playing the guitar. My favourite bands are: City and Colour, Wolfmother, Jack White, Arctic Monkeys, Kiss and Alexisonfire and so much more. I also love sports especially hockey (GO JETS GO), Athletics and now that I am in Norway, I am starting to like football even more and will probably be learning to ski. Thats all Im going to say since I have so many interests and want to tell you more. :)
  • Dislikes: People who force their beliefs on others, basically people who judge others without knowing them and of course, I just am not a fan of mean people.
  • My perfect pen pal: You!