my mommy big beautiful brown hands

Preference: He finds out you self-harm

A/N:: So here’s Liam’s! Its a bit different. Hope you like it! And remember, If you EVER need someone to talk to, I’m right here. I love you!:* (Y/D/N)= Your Daughter’s Name


Your POV

I look into the mirror. I see the scars. Scars that are from the battle I had faced. My brother had died when I was 16, then my mother died the month after from cancer. I had gone into a deep depression. Nothing made me feel right, or good. I had friends and family try to help, but all I did was stay in my room in the basement and look at the wall. The one day I decided to go out, I found my happiness. Liam James Payne. He became my best friend. He helped me through everything. When he asked me to be him girlfriend, I had been 3 months clean. It had taken a year and a half for me to recover, and Liam was there. Now here I am, 5 years clean, married with a beautiful 3 year old daughter, (Y/D/N) and a baby on the way. She comes running in. “Mommy! Mommy! Daddy made pood!” She’s so cute, can’t pronounce some letters. Running over (Y/D/N) looked into the mirror with me. “Mommy? Wha awe dos?” She asks pointing to my scars.

“Battle scars.” I bend down to her level. “Mommy had been through a tough time. It was mommy’s battle. But guess who helped mommy though it all.” She looks at me with her beautiful big brown eyes.

“Who?!” She asks excitedly.

“Me.” My husband had said, walking into the room. We look up at him.

“Weawy daddy?” She asks happily.

“Yes baby.” He picks her up and I stand up. “Mommy couldn’t handle the fight on her own. So daddy came in and helped her.”

“He was mommy’s hero.” I say, placing a hand on my growing belly. Liam smiles and pulls me closer.

“My family. Baby girl, if you ever need someone to talk to talk to mommy, daddy or baby brother. Ok? We’re all here for you. Remember that.” He says kissing her temple. Then he proceeds to kiss my lips. “I’m so proud of you, my love. You’ve made it so far.”

I smile and blush. “All because of you, my special hero.”