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Harry sighs for the third time since he walked into his office at the Ministry. The report for his last mission, which he solved last week, were due this evening and he had spent the whole night working on the damn thing without getting a wink of sleep. Bloody reports. He will never understand why they were necessary to be done, when the mission was completed successfully because truly there was really no need for detail paragraphs of the 5W’s or the analysis of what could be improved for the next time. Harry places the quill down on the desk, his head dropping down on the polished flat base of the wood in a loud thump. 

“Harry, you alright mate?” Ron asked from his side. The prat was eating a chocolate frog, with his body slummed down on the chair and his feet resting on the table. 

Harry turns his head and gives him a flat “Not that I appreciate your company, but why are you here Ron?” he simply asked, his brain suddenly craving for a strong cup of coffee. His best friend shrugged his shoulders “George said, that he doesn’t need much help today in the store” Harry blinked, it’s been only three weeks since Ron decided to quit Auror for good and join his brother; George at the  Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes. “Besides, ‘Mione said that she’ll be done around 5:00. I thought I should come and spare some time with my best mate” 

Harry had only opened his mouth to answer when the door knob twisted and Hermione Granger-Weasley walked wearing her business suit looking very elegant, with her arms fooled towards her chest as she held heavy files in them. 

“I knew you would be here” she says looking at her husband with soft eyes, then walking forward to kiss him gently. Harry watches as Ron’s face lit up, she pulls back and he flashed her a grin, giving her the same love-struck look which he used to give her back in Hogwarts. He gulps, noticing a strange kind of sting making its way in his heart. Harry scolds himself, he can’t possibly be feeling jealous of his best friends. No, he thinks, he isn’t jealous of his best friends, he’s jealous of the love they have. He thinks back to the time, when he felt the same kind of love for the beautiful, strong and wise Ginny Weasley. How he loved her long scarlet hair, her stunning skin and the freckles on her cheeks. He still doesn’t know what went wrong, why he fell out of love. Though, it doesn’t matter anymore, he suppose, after all they did went through the two miserable months before their official break-up where they tried to work things out but only ended up arguing or sitting on the other side of the sofa with a very awkward and heavy air around them. 


He snaps out of his thoughts, his head turning to the sound of the voice which called his name to see that Hermione is frowning at him. 

“Er, yes?” he says nervously. 

“Are you feeling alright? I called you three times” Hermione says stepping forward towards him and placing the back of her hand on his forehead “You don’t seem to have a fever” she mutters, looking a little worried. Harry smiles at her “I am fine, just tried” he yawns “didn’t get any sleep last night, was working on the bloody reports” he points his figure at the thick pile of white sheets placed messily beside his elbow. 

Hermione shakes her head “Oh Harry, how many times do I have to say this; don’t leave your reports to last minute” she frowns at him, looking slightly disappointed. Harry shrugs his shoulder, he yawns again making her shake her head at him in almost a fond way.

“Oh! before I forget” Hermione says, her voice holding excitement as Harry reaches his hand forward and grabs his water bottle “Did you guys see the Prophet today?” she says, shuffling toward the pile of papers and books she was holding in her arm. Harry and Ron glance at on another, watching her curiously “Oh!” She says slipping out the newspaper as Harry opens the cap of the bottle. 

Harry takes a huge gulp of water “Look at this!” Hermione insists shoving the paper at his face. The man blinks, grabbing the paper, rolling the water in mouth as his eyes scan the front page of the prophet. 

Harry spits out the water from his mouth, “Gross mate!” he hears Ron’s voice, which sounds faded to his ears as he stares at the picture in front of him with wide green eyes and his mouth falls open “No. Fucking. Way” he says stiffly, eyes never moving away from the picture in front of him. 

His reaction makes Ron jump of the chair with curiosity “What!?” the red-head says leaning over his the Auror “Bloody hell!” he shouts, with his eyes practically popping out of his skull “Is that MALFOY!?” Ron asked looking at his wife, who give him a nod.

“Is he wearing… make-up?”

Ron and Hermione blink at one another, they turn their head towards the raven hair man noticing the strong grip of his hands on the newspaper.  

Harry’s eyes scan over every inch of Malfoy’s face, he looks different. His cheeks don’t look as curved in like they did during the war, they look healthy like he’s been eating properly. The dark bags under his eyes are completely gone, his grey-silver eyes hold the same confident they once did before the war. He has an ear piercing now a, Harry noticing liking his lower lip slowly and that bow tie, Harry thinks dragging his lower lip under his teeth. Oh yeah, Malfoy looked different. Very different. Good different.

 “Why is he modelling for muggles? Does he live there now? Is he a muggle now? Is that where he’s been hiding for 3 years? Do you think he works as a model?”

“Oh no” Ron says with his knowing tone of voice “Here he goes again”

Hermione only sighs, shaking her head at the man sitting in front of him who looked like he has completely forgotten about his surrounding as he observes the picture of Draco Malfoy with his round sparkly green eyes, she smiles when she notices a familiar fire breathing in them once again.  

Hello fandom, this is just a short AU I randomly thought off where Draco ends up in the muggle world after the war and becomes a model. In a world where he’s known as ‘Dray’ and is questioned about his scars and this is his way of answering. *Actually, I just wanted to draw Draco, with red eye shadow XP the idea occurred to me later.*

I hope u all like this, this is my first time drawing Draco.  

@scarlet47‘s submission and OH MY GOD just YES! ❤️


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