my mom: are you going to wear it in public

two rotten apples [m] | pt. 2

credit: x.

❛❛we’re next-door neighbors and have hated each other since middle school but now we’re going to the same university how can we avoid the other person like the plague so there isn’t a crime scene— what do you mean you promised my mom you would keep an eye on me???? you fucking planned this❜❜ AU

COUNT → 17.686

GENRE → smut | eventual angst

PAIRING → jungkook | reader

WARNINGS → dom and sub tones | spanking mention | mild cum play | explicit language | male and female masturbation | penetration | erotica mention | public sex | restraints | dry humping | graphic dirty talk 


The second the timer on the drying machine went off to alert you of your shirt finally being dry enough to wear, the band from its neckline snapped against your shoulders when you slipped it back on. You pulled some of the cotton material to your nose, trying to see if it still even faintly smelled like beer.

Unlike your underwear which just smelled like cum and farts.

The farts courtesy of Jungkook. Well, you didn’t know if he actually farted, but he just naturally smelled like that to you—like old beans and moldy cheese.

You’d spent the past two hours in the laundry room in nothing but a bra and your loose-fitted skirt. It still hadn’t hit you yet—at least not entirely—that you had let your next-door neighbor spank and bone the living shit out of you. That was something you were going to put on your list of stupid-things-you’ve-done-but-did-anyway-for-some-reason. Maybe his mother could relate after giving birth to him. You were pretty sure she found him just as annoying as you.

But then everyone else thought rainbows shined out of his ass.

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vaylina: legit his character and Rorys were ruined the most in the revival. It hurts my heart. They deserved better.

I continue to feel really baffled by the weird sense that all of the main characters that were teenagers in the original series were somehow doomed to living the parts of their parents’ lives that horrified them the most as youngins. Like the narrative was punishing them or something. It was very bizarre.

  • Rory, who wanted a fulfilling career and to make her family proud more than anything: unplanned pregnancy with no clear career path in life
  • Logan, who wanted to break free from the Huntzberger family burden and follow his own path to success and happiness: trapped working for his dad’s company and marrying for family prestige even though he loves someone else (the same someone else who gave him the strength to defy his family in the original series in the first place)
  • Paris, who suffered through such a loveless home life: going through an ugly divorce (and with someone she used to love so much and have such a strong bond with; whyyy!), having her kids parented by a nanny and feeling distant from them
  • Lane, who (quite similarly to Logan, in a way) wanted more than anything to break free and not live the rigid life her mom originally envisioned for her: Mostly seems like she’s doing well and I’m glad that she and Zach were doing some public music-playing, but WHY THE HELL was she working at her mom’s shop, wearing the coat & everything? Why didn’t we ever get more information about what was going on there? (If she was just helping out because her mom was busy that day or something, for example, I’d get it.) Like, if Lane had been working honest-to-God anywhere else in Stars Hollow, my soul would know a truer peace. Why couldn’t she have been working at the music shop, at least?? (You cannot ask me to believe that she truly just spends all her days working at the antique shop; please don’t ask me to believe it.)
  • Jess, who [admittedly in a ‘someone’s projecting!’ way] thought Luke was pathetic for pining for Lorelai for years with no indication that she reciprocated those feelings: apparently pining for Rory forevermore even though they hadn’t seen each other for at least four years prior to the revival for some baffling reason (except in this case, unlike L/L, there’s no indication in the revival that Rory is romantically interested in him back)

I just don’t get what message this was supposed to convey – it’s dumb to have dreams and try to break free of the things that held you back and become your own person, even though that very theme was so central to these kids’ arcs all throughout the original series (not to mention LORELAI’S a.k.a. THE VERY BEATING HEART OF THE ENTIRE SHOW)?? – and the more you think about it, the more it feels so mean-spirited toward the characters, all of whom I love dearly. My heart hurts for them.

anonymous asked:

Hey Jen, my mom went to Texas for work once and said it was the hottest, stickiest, most patriotic place in all of America. She also said that it is socially acceptable to wear cowboy boots in public (which she of course did), is this true or is my mom just a liar?


I’m not kidding

I actually own a pair… I’ve never worn them

But we have this thing called country line dancing so instead of clubs you can put on your cowboy boots and go dance to country music…

I’m dead ass

Where are used to go to school guys would put giant American flags on the back of their trucks and drive around the school… Again I’m dead serious -JEN

  1. Do you even know how many times you have been arrested?
  2. I don’t know all the answers, sweetheart. I just do my best to pretend.
  3. Like many things in life, it started great and ended in disaster
  4. Oh, come on guys, who steals trash cans?
  5. I could barely find a decent one-bedroom for under one grand
  6. I still do believe you owe me dance
  7. Dee, your stupid ass Irish boyfriend isn’t answering his phone… Call me.
  8. “Shit, I didn’t realize how tall he is…”
    “Kick him to the knees!”
  9. “Jimmy’s whore house, how can I help you?”
    “It’s me. Can you stop answering like that?”
  10. Kicking people in the head didn’t give out a great impression to be honest
  11. I don’t know where the fuck you learned to whisper, but fucking hell…
  12. Could you stop sending me creepy pictures of yourself with no context?
  13. “You need to talk to your brother.”
    “The brother who tried to kill me with a phone book last christmas?”
  14. “Are you crying?”
    “The walls are thin, sweetheart. Are you okay?”
  15. “Is he gonna pay for that?”
    “Don’t worry, buddy. We’ll send somebody to go through the damages.”
  16. Don’t set off the alarms, this is our only change
  17. If Iain calls, deny everything and tell I wasn’t involved
  18. “You’re crazy, woman!”
    “How come? Was it me who put a gun against a six-year old’s head, huh?”
  19. You’re many things but not a failure
  20. Is it weird being back?
  21. “Who are you hiding from?”
    “Matthew. You?”
    “The blonde guy.”
  22. She was friends with people who can help me
  23. It’s scary how bad you are handling money
  24. “Do you see double?”
    “Can you even see out of that eye?”
  25. “Are you crazy?!”
    “I could be. Did you know my brother spend half of his life in asylum? Oh, and don’t even get me started with my mother.”
  26. Mrs. Gill wants her house painted again, when should I book her up?
  27. Can you stop laughing like this is something you enjoy?
  28. “Don’t you worry about money?”
    “I have you doing that for me.”
  29. I majored in kicking rich brats to the nuts
  30. It’s amazing if she spares you from beating after this
  31. “Are you okay?”
    “I didn’t see anything for fifteen minutes because you mazed me!”
  32. I slipped on a condom today! I’m not fine!
  33. You are fine, tovarisch.. You’re just fine.
  34. Can you not put the cards into a straight pile?
  35. I’m pleasantly surprised that I’m alive
  36. Alana, darling, let me sleep
  37. “Shut up! We are all in trouble, mate”
  38. “I’m trying my best!”
    “I know.”
  39. How late do I have to be to make him realize that I don’t give fuck about this date?
  40. “You son of a bitch -!”
    “No, no, no! Jimmy, calm it!”
  41. Okay, your aunt screwed up and now she’s going to go before your mom and dad find out what happened and kill me.
  42. Oh God! I think I killed him! Oh God… He’s fine.
  43. I’m armed with concussion
  44. “What happened to your arm, kiddo?”
    “There may have been a small – very controlled – fire at the garage.”
  45. Don’t wear that in public, please
  46. “I can’t date anybody who owns a yacht”
    “Why? Obviously he has ton of money. “
  47. “What on your to do list today?”
    “I have to bride a cop and then make sure that the fire on 9th street isn’t blamed on Ian. You?”
  48. Did I make this awkward? Sorry, I’ll go
  49. “Don’t trust me.”
    “Whatever you do… don’t trust a thing I say. I will get you killed and that’s blood on my hands.”
  50. “I didn’t do it! I swear, I didn’t!”
  51. Deny everything. Deny until you have no other choice than to slightly admit to it.
  52. You think this was my first choice of career? I wanted to be a dance, own an auto shop?
  53. Her face turned from sad to anger in a second
  54. He called me wifey material and I don’t know how to feel about it…
  55. I have gone fourteen years with only four pairs of shoes. 
  56.  Oh god dammit.. Where the hell did he come from? Get rid of him!
  57. Dad, why are you wearing superman suit?
  58. You scared me. Oh God.. Are you okay?
  59. Let me at least walk with you
  60. I ain’t the greatest listener, but I’ll give it shot with you.

Guys, I’m so sorry about my shitty blog

Happenstance (A Tom Hiddleston Story)- Part Three

Part Two

“Tell Addy I’m not wearing anything hideous with puffy sleeves.” I said around a mouthful of coco puffs.

My mom sighed loudly on the other end. “She’s not going to pick something you won’t like, Estella.”

“Oh, should we talk about the birthday tea incident?” I reminded her, taking us headfirst into an event that had happened almost fifteen years ago. “When she insisted we all had to wear those stupid straw hats with the flowers on them? In public?”

“That’s a little overdramatic considering how young you both were.”

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a week has passed.

- I used to go to bed every night thinking about how I didn’t pray and will probably go to hell if I died at that moment. I don’t do that anymore.
- I sometimes still say things like “alhamdulillah” and “astaghfirullah” out of habit, then laugh at myself afterwards.
- I don’t care about the “proper” hijab and I’m back to wearing skinny jeans because who fucking cares anymore? I used to feel frustrated whenever I wanted to go out because everything. is. haram. I couldn’t care less anymore… I remember my mom laughing at me because of how strict I was with myself.

The more I think about it, the more I realize that I’ve been living in a bubble this whole time. Leaving islam was never an option to me. Growing up, I never dared to even think about it. Living in a country where openly leaving islam probably gets you jailed/killed, I know that I’ll never “come out” in public. But right now, I’m happy, because I finally know what I believe in.

yoshifics  asked:

You ship the Billionaire Bros (Bruce Wayne/Tony) too!! I love this ship, especially since the few fics for it are perfect

i love them so much!!!! like you could do so much for them as a couple. two individuals born into money and left with a legacy. There reason for becoming “Heros” are different but in the end, someone who is looked at as privileged and spoiled get down and dirty with bad people to protect others when they DONT HAVE TOO.
Tragic loss of their parents, they could comfort one another because they can understand that loss.

They wear a mask for the public because they understand what it means to live in the lime life. Still maintain control of their companies while going out in suits to protect others.

They have so much in common with little differences that make them completely different people. So if you go the Superhero route they have awesome chemistry that we need to see more of.

Small Headcannon: i saw gif from the Lego Batman movie and Wayne’s computer password is “Iron Man Sucks.” i was ready to fight Bruce but my buddy @proud-plant-mom came up with the best idea!!
Bruce and Tony have a silly rivalry between them ((totally to push each other to be better than the other but in a friendly way)) and one of tony’s passwords is “batman suxs”

This had me thinking, their dating right? (of course) and Bruce missed a date night because his patrol of the city turned into a show down with the Joker so Tony gets upset with him. So when Bruce tries to call him later the number isn’t working so he texts JARVIS’s phone number and he gets a text back from JARVIS that says: “Sir has changed his personal phone number. He said and I quote, “If his Batness want’s to reach me my new number is BATMAN SUXS.”

Bruce laughs at first but when he dials the phrase he gets Tony’s voicemail.
“Hello, you’ve reached the number of the amazing Iron Man. If his batness is calling without an apology present then he can relocated to the nearest couch for the night. Otherwise call back when you have something good for me.” -CLICK-

i could go on but ill stop here

yoloswag1999  asked:

I'd like to say something real quick.I'm going to Dubai in a few months and the things a woman can/can't do is weird. You can't dress in shorts that are appropriate, can't wear muscle or shirt sleeves when it's hot. If you're a woman going there, which my mother and I are, we have to travel with a male. If I wanted to go to the store to pick up stuff, I have to be with a guy. If I don't want attention from weird dudes, I have to wear a wedding ring to show I'm not available. (1/2)

I’m a mama’s girl so I usually cling to my mom in public places cause I get lost easy. I can’t do that there cause people might think we are lesbians, which I can get arrested for. Can’t talk about religion. So basically, a woman’s rights and things she would normal do in the USA is “slightly” limited in Dubai…Now that I did all this research thinking it was gonna be fun, I don’t really like the idea of going now(2/2)

J: I understand your thoughts and hesitation. If this is something you are comfortable doing though it would be such a humbling and amazing experience! I know I would be terrified, so it’s understandable! ❤️ to you!!

Lemon Juice

Prompt: Isaac and the reader get into an argument and things are revealed

Note: Kinda combined two requests for this… hope that’s okay with yall…

Warnings: cheesy ending kinda sorta

“Sooooo…” Stiles grinned, a wild glint in his eyes, as he sat down beside me. I looked at him with raised eyebrows. My lunch kit remained open on the table.

           “So what?” I had a feeling I already knew what this was about. I had made the mistake of asking Lydia for some advice, and she had told Allison and Kira, who had instantly passed the news along to Scott. There was no doubt in my mind that freaking McCall decided to spill the beans to Stiles. That would be just like him.

           There was no such thing as keeping secrets in the pack. As if to back up my statement, Stiles said, “So you like Isaac. That’s what.”

           I fought to keep my voice level. “And? Why does it matter?”

           “Because it’s cute. You should ask him out. Unless you’ve already asked him out. Have you asked him out?”

           “Stiles,” I growled through gritted teeth, “I am about five seconds away from ripping out your throat. Drop it. I really don’t want to talk about this with you.”

           Stiles seemed to get the message. He held his hands up and mumbled, “Fine, fine.” Finally. I sighed, reaching into my lunchbox to pull out my sandwich. I was half-way done with unwrapping it when Stiles turned to me. “Does he like you too?”

           It was almost as if I could feel my eyes glow. “I don’t know. Stop talking about it.”

           “Sorry, sorry.” A brief pause. “Have you told him that you like him yet?”

           “I thought I told you to drop it.”

           “You guys are working on that English assignment together tonight, right? Are you going to tell him then?”

           “Shut up.”

           “But…” I didn’t hear the rest of his probably pathetic retort. Isaac had just walked in. He was dazzling, I thought, with his bright blue eyes and dark t-shirt that fit rather snug. If only I had the guts… “Stop starin’ at him. It makes you seem both creepy and obvious.”

           “Whatever, Stilinski.”

           Stiles’s mouth dropped into an ‘o’ as he shook his head. “Great. I’m Stilinski now. You’re mad.” When I fixed him with a look, he scooted over slightly. “You know, out of all the werewolves I’ve met, you’re probably the most terrifying.” At my smile, he nodded quickly. “Definitely the most terrifying.”


           Unfortunately, my werewolf-threats didn’t seem to faze Scott. That’s more than likely due to the fact that he’s a werewolf too. Still, I had to try. “My God, Scott.” I groaned. “If you don’t stop-”

           “I’m teasing! I’m teasing! Relax, Y/N.” Scott threw an arm over my shoulder. I took the opportunity to rest my head against his warm shoulder. “I think it’s cute.”

           I snorted. “Yeah. So does Stiles and the rest of the pack. I, for one, think that it’s annoying.”

           Scott gave me a light grimace. “Don’t be that way.”

           “I can be any way I want to be.” I sniffed. “And right now, I feel like being a homicidal maniac. Where is Stiles? He’s late.” Scott laughed as I glowered about the parking lot. “Oh, laugh it up, fuzz ball. You’ve got your ride here. I have to car pool with Stilinski. Believe me, it’s not as glamorous and rewarding as it sounds. I mean, have you heard him sing?”

           The only thing Scott said in response was, “Fuzz ball?”

           Rolling my eyes, I told him, “It’s from Star Wars.”

           “Ah. You know, sometimes I wonder how you hate Stiles so much, yet you like most of the same things as he does.” When my head whipped around to glare at him, he began to choose his words very carefully. “I mean, look at it this way: you both like Star Wars, you both know too much about superheroes, you both like Lydia-”

           That’s when I cut him off. “Lydia’s like a sister to me; Stiles has a freaky obsession with her. There’s a difference.” I cocked my head to the side. “Speaking of said sister, I’m going to kill her later for telling you guys.”

           “Oh, don’t do that. She was just excited. You know how Lydia gets. She lives in a world of romance novels and roses. She honestly didn’t mean anything by it.”

           “Yeah, okay, sure. I just-” The wind blew, and a sweetly familiar scent filled my nostrils. I jerked out of Scott’s friendly hold faster than I would have thought imaginable. There he was, leaning against his bike, fingers flying over his phone. Isaac had his back to us but I knew he could hear every word that we were saying. Crud. How long had he been there?

           Before I could approach him, the rumble of Stiles in his Jeep filled my ears. “Y/N!” He called through the open windows. “Sorry I’m late; Coach was being an asshole.” I could practically feel Isaac’s eyes on me. Quickly, I stumbled towards the Jeep.

           “See you tomorrow, sweetheart.” Scott gave me a tight hug and a kiss on the forehead, then jogged over to his bike. Cheeks flaming, I pulled myself into the passenger seat, trying to ignore the sound of Isaac’s hammering heartbeat.


           Isaac was about fifteen minutes late when my mother let him in the house. I could hear his heart all the way from my bedroom; I had listened to it so much that I could probably identify it in a crowd of a million people.

           When he came to knock on my door, I called, “It’s open.” Isaac had been over to my house many times before, but for some reason he looked oddly un-easy as he slipped inside. His eyes ran over every surface in my room, never meeting mine.

           “Sorry I’m late.” He muttered, staring at my alarm clock. “There was traffic.”

           I couldn’t help it. “You live two houses away from me.”

           “Yes, well, I ran into traffic two houses down, Y/N.” Isaac’s cheeks were rosy, nearly the same dark pink as his lips. I wanted to kiss him so badly. “Now, do you want to work on these stupid poems or are we just going to continue this pointless conversation?”

           Slowly, I turned the page of my textbook. Isaac had never sounded so… agitated. It wasn’t like him at all. “No, let’s get to work.”

           “Good.” Isaac threw his bag to the floor, flopping on the edge of my bed. The entire mattress bounced at the sudden addition of his weight, causing my pencil to roll off my books and onto the floor. I sighed, “Isaac, can you grab that?”

           Isaac rolled his eyes and snatched up the pencil, tossing it at me with the same amount of contempt. “There. Now let’s get to work, please.”

           I stared at him for a long minute, fingers clenching the pencil so tightly it snapped in half. “What is your problem today?”

           He set me with a steely gaze. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

           “You know exactly what I’m talking about.” I snapped, slamming my textbook shut and pushing it off to the side so I could get in his face. “You’re acting like an ass. Usually you’re quite pleasant to be around. So what’s the issue?”

           Isaac’s eyes narrowed. “I think you’re the one with the problem. You’re acting like quite the little bitch right now.”

           I laughed. I actually laughed. “I’m the one who’s being a bitch? Really Isaac?”

           “Yes really! You are the biggest bitch I have ever met, to be frank!”

           “I thought I was a little bitch?”

           “It’s practically the same insult! You’re just a bitch, and that’s all you’ll ever be! You lead people on and play with their feelings and act like you don’t care. It’s what you do. You are a cold-hearted, sarcastic bitch.”

           My face heated up. I could feel the shift coming on, but I had no motivation to stop it. Isaac’s eyes were as yellow as mine. “I’m the one who plays with people’s feelings, Isaac? Do you really want to talk about that? Because I could bring up all the times you’ve toyed with Allison, kissing her, and you’ve probably even screwed her, too. You don’t even care about her. You don’t love her, Isaac. You just want a distraction. And that’s really sick.”

           “You don’t know how I feel about Allison! How would you? You’re so far up Scott’s ass that-”

           “Don’t you dare bring Scott into this!”

           “It’s only fair! You brought Allison in!”

           “That’s because it’s true! You have been using her, and you don’t understand that she’s using you too! You think that you’re so big and bad, but you’re not! You are a broken, miserable little boy who is so immature and has to knit-pick about every little thing-”

           “You’re the one doing the knit-picking, sweetheart.”

           My hands ran through my hair, tugging sharply at the roots. I screamed, “Don’t call me that!”

           Isaac raised an eyebrow, chest jumping. “Why the hell not? Or is Scott the only one allowed to call you that, hm?”

           “Because-” I could feel my cheeks warming up- but not in the angry way. This was the embarrassed, shy flush you wear when you stumble over your words while giving a presentation, or when your Mom squeezes your cheek and gushes over you in public.

           “Because why, Y/N?” His eyes were the most vibrant shade of gold I’d ever seen. He was practically seething as he took in my distressed state. “Oh, don’t tell me you’re going to cry.”

           I wanted so badly to prove him wrong. I wanted to hold in the tears and punch him in the face. But the embarrassed blush came with all the other symptoms: shortness of breath, sweaty palms, watery eyes. I made the mistake of blinking when I gasped for breath, and felt one traitorous tear streak down my cheek.

           “Well, would you look at that! The biggest, baddest bitch of them all has feelings! Someone alert the media! Y/N is actually crying! The bitch is crying.”

           My throat actually hurt from how loudly I shrieked, “Shut up!”

           Isaac just smirked. “I don’t think I will, sweetheart.”

           “I told you not to call me that!” I yelled, feeling the tears start to come harder and hotter.

           “But why not, sweetheart?”

           That was my breaking point. “Because I have feelings for you, you idiot, and it makes it that much harder to get over them when you call me things like that!”

           Isaac paled. His eyes blew into a wide, dark blue, and his mouth dropped open. His eyebrows rose incredulously as he breathed, “Me? You like me? Not Scott?”

           “Yes, you freaking idiot. I like you.” I frantically smacked at the tears leaking out of my eyes. How humiliating. “I have for a long time now. And I get it. You’re not interested. But you don’t have to be a total asshole about it.” There was so much more I wanted to say, but Isaac’s shaking head had my mouth closing.

           “No no no Y/N. You’ve got it all wrong. I like you. A lot. But the pack was being all secretive, and I saw you and Scott this afternoon, and-”

           “And what? You decided that we were dating and wanted to be a jerk about it?”

           Isaac scratched the back of his head. “Yeah…” he admitted. “I was mad…”

           “So? That’s not an excuse to come in my room and make me cry, you bastard.”

           “I’m sorry.” He mumbled, making my heart melt. Then he smiled slightly down at the bed before looking up at me. “If you don’t be careful, you’re going to make me cry if you keep calling me all those names.”

           I stared at him for a minute before rolling my eyes. “Cheeky-” Isaac’s lips sealed over mine, swallowing the plethora of names I had prepared for him. My hands were shaking when they came up to grip his broad shoulders. His heat and scent was overwhelming, re-wiring all my senses until all I felt and tasted and heard was Isaac: his warm palms clutching me to his body; the faint hint of peppermint on his tongue; the soft gasps for air he would suck in when our lips parted a centimeter, only to plunge right back in with a whole new intensity. It was captivating. It was extraordinary. It was Isaac.

What if Peter was released from Eichen house for good behavior and he decided to turn his life around and now he’s just chilling in Beacon Hills, going to therapy twice a week and going to book club meetings at the public library with all these middle aged soccer moms and wearing nerdy little cardigans and sweater vests. 

Then one day Stiles is out in public, sees Peter and demands to know what he’s doing/what kind of evil stuff he’s up to and Peter is just like “Well. I was just on my way to get coffee with some of my soccer mom friends and then I was going to help them prepare for a bake sale at the elementary school did you want to come??” and that’s how Stiles ends up sitting in a coffee shop with Peter and his friends Linda and Becky while they talk about what an amazing read The Notebook was (Peter’s apparently read it three times now and admits it made him cry the first two times)

Hey, guys.  Quick PSA here.

Apologies in advance for the length, but… I can’t bring myself to put this under a cut.  I want people to see it.  This is… pretty important.

This goes out to all you folks who… well, how should I put it?  Who put yourselves down when talking to people you admire.  You may not realize you do it, but… it happens.

And it’s very uncomfortable to be on the receiving end.

We all know you mean well, and seriously, usually no harm done if you move on from it quickly.  But saying things like that… and I’ve personally had all kinds of variations, like “I know I’m nobody” or “omg I love your art; mine sucks but yours rocks”… those are exaggerations, of course, and extreme cases, but do you kinda see what I’m getting at?

There’s a certain way of speaking that a lot of folks tend to assume when talking to people they admire.  It places them beneath these people, as though they’re unworthy of “wasting their time.”

You wanna know a secret?  You’re NEVER wasting somebody’s time by saying “hello.”  And if somebody says otherwise (unless they’re like a 911 operator or something) they really need to just chill out.

I don’t care how much people like my work, or think I’m cool, or like me from afar.  I’m just a 20 year old goofball who just dyed her hair purple and is about to wear a massive foam suit to a convention entirely for nerds who are uber-passionate about cartoons.  I have two dogs, and I’ve got a mom and a dad and a sister.  I go to college at a public university, and I graduated from an ordinary high school in the middle of town.  I cry at practically every movie I go see.  I’m a normal person.  I’m a human being.  Everybody is, no matter how well-respected or unknown or famous or infamous they are.  Nothing to be afraid of or intimidated by.

Basically, I’m asking you to approach people you admire like you would somebody you’re interested in being friends with at school.  Realize that they’re not some Titan that’s gonna smite you and despise you for being a “lowly plebian.”  That’s… just a ridiculous and kinda insulting mental image, actually.  Wow, forget I said that.  What I mean is that you shouldn’t approach them like you’re afraid of them.  I mean, hey, maybe you are afraid of them!  But… y’know, give ‘em the benefit of the doubt.  Chances are, their thunder arrows are either fresh out of stock, or they just never had any to begin with.  (Probably the latter.)

Just… don’t do the immediate apology.  What that does is kinda… put people on the spot.  You probably don’t mean it this way, but starting out with an apology or some way of making yourself seem smaller than people like that… it makes them feel bad.  Guilty.  Kinda forces them into responding with comfort and consolation, whereas normally they’d probably have just said “hi” back and been willing to start up a conversation.  Point is, it makes them uncomfortable and it… well, it makes them pity you, and pity is… really not the best way to start a friendship.  I’m speaking from experience here.

I’m not saying to pretend you’ve known this person for years, because honestly?  You haven’t!  But first impressions are pretty significant, and a lot of folks make the mistake of being… subordinate is the word, I guess, to people they really wanna be friends with.  It’s a BIG mistake, and it kinda sets things on track to start out sour.

But I get it.  I know how nerve-wracking it is to talk to somebody you admire, and I know you’re afraid of screwing things up, and I know it might feel safer to just apologize in advance, get it out of the way, in case it goes bad because hon, we’ve ALL been there.  But taking that approach kinda ensures that it WILL go badly.  This is really only something you learn when you’re… on the other side of the coin, shall we say.  You see things later on, when you’ve got more angles on it, and you kinda cringe at what you did in the past.

Kinda like that one Halloween costume everyone’s worn once in their life that was nothing short of humiliating in hindsight but seemed like a GREAT idea at the time.  Know what I mean?  (I was Sonic the Hedgehog when I was ten.  My hair molded into 3 Got2B Glued dreds was my shoddy attempt at quills.  Have fun picturing that one.)

So before you send anybody any message starting with something like “um I’m sorry for bothering you" or “your work is so good it makes me feel bad about mine ):”… just think about how it must feel to be on the receiving end of that.  And I’ll tell you now–it does not feel good.

If you’re scared, maybe… just say so?  Something like “oh man I’m so nervous talking to you but you’re really cool and I just wanted to let you know that” is infinitely better than “I’m a nobody but you’re super cool.”

You see what I mean?

So guys… have a little more faith in folks, yeah?  Have a little more faith in yourselves, too.  Don’t immediately put yourselves down.  It only ends badly.  If you’re not confident, you don’t necessarily have to pretend you are.  Just… be friendly and not submissive.  There’s a huge difference, and that difference can MAKE the difference between immense discomfort and a rapid friendship.

anonymous asked:

Hello ^_^ I was wondering if you wear your wigs in public? Or just to take pics? I bought some wigs but I'm nervous about wearing them out :c

Yes, of course. I didn’t at first though. The first year or so that I started wearing wigs I never wore them out because I was too shy. ;-; But then one day I felt really cute & I decided to go out like that w/ my mom and I received so many positive reactions! People told me that I looked cute, pretty, like a princess even and the looks little girls give me is priceless~ <3 After that I became more comfortable wearing them in public, regularly. I’ve realized that most people are interested in what I’m wearing because it is a bit… unusual. People are just curious for the most part~ Of course, there’s always one or two people who stare me down and give me dirty looks but, I just smile at them and they look away all embarrassed. Dressing the way I do has given me so much confidence and I encourage you to do the same if you really want to. But, pace yourself. Start by wearing them in your house around your family and then when you’re comfortable doing that, start wearing them around friends and just work your way up to wearing them in public. It may take a little while but I promise, you will get there! Don’t be scared to wear what makes you happy. I promise it will benefit you more in the long run and that other stuff won’t even matter. Good luck cutie. <3<3<3