my mom's photos actually


Part 3 of the Snake Of Wall Street! This is a SFX makeup that I did of my brother and after our studio time we decided to take some photos of him on the streets. These photos were actually all taken by my mom since it’s usually my brother who takes the photos. It was super funny seeing people’s reactions to this on the street and when we went to get his picture by the Wall Street Bull everyone moved away. People say he looks a little like Voldemort so we are calling him Shmoldemort.

Makeup done by me: Rose Ripley (instagram: roseripleymakeup)

Please do not remove caption/credit!

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InFamous Second Son : Photo mode - The Longhouse

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the day dan painted his nails i was at the mall with my mom and i actually had to go sit down when the photos came out. it changed my life

it was at 11:37 pm on a sunday night for me and i would’ve actually gotten sleep that night if it wasn’t for dan telling someone he was gonna post a pic of his nails on instagram which he never did and then just ended up posting pokemon go instead

Cousin confession 2

Ok i told you about my second cousin and that i use to do nude photo shoots of her and her mom (my cousin) i actually fooled around with her first. We grew up together extremely close, she spent the night over all the time when i was younger se slept in the same bed with me till i was about 15. Again i was socially awkward at that age still. She was the girl who taught me how to french kiss when i was about 8 or 9 yrs old she was about 15 at the time. Best kiss ever! Once i was a teen, when we would snuggle together at night i would wait for her to fall asleep and try to feel her up. If she wole up I’d just pretend to be asleep. I played with her tits the most, her pussy on rare occasions. When she would sleep heavily. We didnt actually have sex for years to come. In my teens i stayed in my room mostly so if i had visitors they would come there to see me. One day in my late teens 18 or 19 she came by and i gave her an extra long hug and “jokingly” grabbed her ass. She liked it and kissed me good on the lips but had to run off. Later that week she came by again. This time there was no joke about it, i grabbed her ass and kissed her on the lips which quickly led to a french kiss laying on my bed. Hands roamed i played with her tits for the first time with her knowledge. We made out for a little while then she had to leave again. I grabbed my dick and said dam are you sure. She said yes but offered me a quicky to help me out. I was shocked but quickly accepted. I fucked her hard and fast not trying to control my ejaculation. I told her i was about to cum shortly later and she quickly went down on me to swallow my cum, she took every drop. She quickly pulled her pants up and said she had to leave and told me we’d finish this later she “promised” Come to find out she had a date that night. We fucked for years after that, her body was amazing she had small breasts a-cups but eventually got implants which brought her up to d-cups i fucked her and her daughter on the same night in some cases but she was un aware i was fucking her daughter too. However the daughter knew i was fucking her mom. Its be3n a few years since i fucked her she is still as beautiful as ever. I’d be happy to do it again and have let her know hell i have hinted with my wife to get a threesome with her. My wife laughs thinking i am joking.
I’m not.


here i am taking selfies while i’m still sick… but i gotta go out today

Ootd. I am skilled in the art of putting shirts and skirts together in such a way that it looks like a dress and therefore it appears as though I own more clothes than I actually do and no one would be the wiser. Unless maybe they were about to see me naked in which case I would hope they’re not focused on how many articles of clothes I’m taking off…


“I didn’t really wanna share my meatloaf and taters with my brothers and sisters but I did without complaining because I love them.” (part 4 of 5)

(sorry all the photos where my mom was actually handing out the meatloaf pieces didn’t come out XD They each got some though even Marley).