my mom's old sweater


@why-animals-do-the-thing On the subject of warmth for old cats, I suggested my mom get 16-year-old Merlin a doggie sweater. They live in Florida, but he is old and arthritic and it’s still too cold for him in winter. I gave them some tips about how to introduce the sweater to him, but apparently he took to it right away. He’s always been ten times more relaxed than any other cat I’ve ever known.

If it's you, I think I could do it - a Naruto x Sasuke drabble

Uuh, I wrote again… I don’t KNOW it just begged to be written! Who cares that I have an exam tomorrow… maybe I should care… let this be a testament to my care level at the moment.

Summary: Sasuke really has no clue what’s going on but he’s adaptable.


Sasuke sat on the bench, thinking it was getting rather cold. It was getting dark, too. To his left, Naruto wouldn’t stop fidgeting, and heaving a sigh he decided he’d had enough of it.

“Stop fidgeting.”

He got a glare for that, which he supposed was standard behavior.

“Dammit Sasuke, I’ll fidget if I want! In fact, I have a lot to fidget about!”

Amused despite knowing better, Sasuke raised an eyebrow as he leaned back against the bench, bending a knee to fit one foot on the seat.

“Like what?”

“Oh, I don’t know,” Naruto said, voice dripping with obvious sarcasm, “Maybe you should read the mood and you’ll figure it out.”

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Held back from rotating this pic.

giving away my moms old jean jacket, a sweater that doesnt look good on me, and 2 records (artic monkeys and vampire weekend) that i have duplicates of

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When I was going on college tours in high school, my family and I were checking out this small, private school my mom had heard about from friends. We were walking around with our tour guide, admiring the little paths and beautiful scenery as he described the school’s merits and perks. As we approached the dorms, the conversation turned to internet access. He casually mentioned the school’s firewalls, which kept out “viruses, pornography, that kind of thing.” 

My mom stopped in her tracks. “Pornography?” 

The tour guide, a young guy, paused and looked at my mom with confidence. “Oh yeah, of course. We don’t want people to be subject to that.” 

My mom dropped her chin sharply and looked him dead in the eyes. “Porn is legal.”

I’ve never seen the word “agog” so perfectly encapsulated on someone’s face as it was on the guide when she said that. 

I saw my dad smile slightly as my mom laughed at this kid incredulously, saying “I mean, maybe my daughter likes porn. She’s going to be in college. She can watch porn if she wants.” 

The guide spluttered as he tried to reason with this middle-aged, steadfast porn advocate in front of her 17-year-old daughter and sweater-vested husband. My mom interrupted his stammers, shaking her head and looking down, her tone resolute. “Sorry, pal. You’re not taking my kid’s right to sexuality. We’re leaving.” 

And so we did. 

I love my mom.