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The Hunt - Part 1

Y/N moved to Mystic Falls, Virginia a year ago in the hopes of starting over. She wanted to be something other than a hunter, she had always hated that life and one day, she left it. Of course, Mystic Falls is overrun with supernatural creatures, but most of them seem to be good so she doesn’t have to kill them. None of her new friends know about her past, but now there’s a supernatural creature on a killing spree in and around Mystic Falls. How long will it be before her past catches up with her?

Pairing/s: Klaus x Caroline (Mentioned), Fem!Reader x Caroline x Bonnie x Elena (Platonic), No others yet

Characters: Fem!Reader, Damon Salvatore, Stefan Salvatore, Caroline Forbes, Elena Gilbert, Bonnie Bennett, Jeremy Gilbert, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel. Klaus Mikaelson, Matt Donavon & Tyler Lockwood (Mentioned)

Warning/s: Mentions of murder and alcohol

A/N: A huge thank you to @abbylizmusic for being my beta!

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Panic Attacks || Lydia Martin Imagines

Request: Hi I was wondering if I could request a Lydia Martin imagine where it’s the scene in season 3a where the stydia kiss happened but instead of Stiles its the reader who is having the panic attack? I love your blog btw:3

 A/n: thank you so much love! So i don’t know if you wanted it girlxgirl or boyxgirl so i just made it neutral. I hope you guys enjoy it and please don’t forget to leave some requests! Also my first lydia martin imagine! woot woot

 Warning: panic attacks and i want to say i don’t really know how to write it, but i hope it’s okay. 


 In these past few weeks you couldn’t sleep properly. Each day you worried sick if one of your parents would be taken by the Darach. The Darach was going to take everyone, teachers, doctors, guardians. And you couldn’t bare to find one of your parents missing because of the supernatural world you live in.

 You try to protect your friends and family at whatever cost. Those people are the ones that you would truly die for. You got out of class and started walking to your other class when Lydia suddenly stops you in the middle of the hallway.

 “Is something wrong?” You asked her with a worried voice. Every time one of your friends come up to you, you expect them to tell you the worst. She grabbed your hand and shook his head no.

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So in a wild plot twist my counselor decided that it would be best to not send me to the hospital and instead helped me to come out to my mom. She’s taking it really good. Made fun of my name and said I sound like a novela character, but that’s okay. We’re considering looking at binders right now. Everything worked out! Thank you guys for the good wishes. I’m getting additional treatment and may be meeting with a gender therapist soon, God willing 😁😁

my parents nabbed the last switch for me at target!
my mom had to get a colonoscopy done this morning, and they hit up target after.
they texted me and told me one was left, so they picked it up!
i could care less it’s in black, i’ll just get the two red joycons later. i just wanna play zelda, lmao. god bless them, seriously.

ALSO a quick thank you to @foxune for helping me make my decision on this; thanks for the help, my dude, i’m really happy with my decision! :D
Chapter 9 - Can A Man and Woman Be Just Friends?

Disclaimer: Hello to my fellow Joshifer shippers and tumblr users. I’ve decided to get things up and running again with Joshifer by publishing chapter 9. If you are still with me on my fanfiction, which I’m praying you are, then I hope you enjoy this chapter. There’s more to come, don’t worry. Don’t forget to like, reblog and share! xo.

I arrived home less than ten minutes later, covered in sweat. To my surprise, my parents arrived before I did and were sitting at the dining table; they both smiled, chuckling as I unclipped Lulu’s chain, allowing the basset hound to collapse, exhausted, by my mother’s feet. My mom abandoned the shiny black quilted Chanel purse I’d bought for her birthday, reaching down to stroke Lulu’s fur.

“She’s beat.” Mom laughed, her fingers skimming along the dog’s back. “What’d you do? Run a marathon?”

“Kinda.” I conceded, mopping the sweat off my brow. “I was in a hurry to get home. Josh is dropping by in a couple of minutes.” I smile sheepishly. “I hope you don’t mind.”

“No, of course we won’t.” My dad said, lowering the newspaper. “We did invite his family after all. It’s just a little earlier than we were expecting.”

“You what?”

“We sent them invitations via email two weeks ago.” My mother confirmed. She got up and refilled Lulu’s water bowl at the kitchen sink. “Michelle said she couldn’t come, neither can Chris. So it’s totally okay if it’s just Josh. At least we have a member of the Hutcherson family here.”

I stared at them, flabbergasted. They hadn’t mentioned inviting my best friend and his family over, not in the last hundred text messages or phone calls we exchanged. Oh well. I shrug, attempting to pass off the gesture as nonchalance. “I’m gonna take a quick shower. Can I help with anything before I do?”

“No, honey. Go on up. We’re all good.”

“Okay.” Without further ado, I went upstairs. I grabbed a quick change of clothes and headed for the communal bathroom. During the years that my brothers and I shared the bathroom, it had been messy, hectic; with clothes everywhere, toothbrushes strewn all over the sink.

Now, it was pristine. My mother had repainted the walls, although still in the same colour. The room emitted a pleasant, floral smell. By the corner of the bathtub lay a stack of neatly folded fresh towels and on the sink was a vase of lilies.

Grinning slightly, I shed my clothes and hopped into the shower. After an hour beneath the sun, it felt good to wash away the sweat. I lingered in the shower a little longer than usual, kneading the shampoo carefully into my hair and scrubbing the soap onto my skin.

As soon as I finished, I turned off the tap, clambering carefully out of the tub. While I was towelling off, taking great care to drain water from my hair, I heard a familiar voice. Holding my breath, I sidled closer to the door, pressing my ear against the wood.

“Josh, sweetie, come on in!”

I gasped.

“Happy birthday, Karen. I’m sorry I stopped by a little early. But here, I got you something.”

“Oh don’t worry. Why, thank you. You didn’t have to do that.”

“No, please, it’s not a big deal. I hope you like it.”

“I’m sure I will, honey. Come, come. Are you hungry?” My mother asked. “I can rustle up some pancakes for you, if you like.”

“Would you kill me if I said I was?” Josh chuckled easily. I heard my mother’s resounding, tinkling laugh.

“Of course not. Go sit down, you’ve had a long drive.”

“Thanks, Karen.”

I dressed quickly as the voices faded; almost tripping over myself in my haste to pull on a pair of jeans. When I was done, I brushed my teeth, working to remove any traces of cinnamon roll. I blow dried my hair, combing my short locks until they were dry and tangle free.

Prying open my toiletries kit, I put on some makeup, abruptly conscious of the effort I was putting in. It had been a long time since I cared this much about the amount of cosmetics I used. I squinted my eyes as I dabbed on some lipgloss. When I was done, I leaned back, staring at my reflection.

Not too much. Simple. I couldn’t help but smile just a little. I looked pretty good. I hurried downstairs, the smile on my face expanding the minute my eyes met his warm hazel ones.

Josh was sitting at the table with my father, deep in conversation. They were playfully arguing about March Madness; deciding which of the team’s performed better. He flashed my favourite crooked grin.


“Hey.” I chuckled at our plain greeting.

I wrap my arms around his shoulders enthusiastically, hugging him. He responded in kind, giving my waist a gentle squeeze. I held onto him a second longer than usual, aware of how much I missed him. He smelled the same. Like fresh linen and mint.

“What’s up, Jen?” Josh asked, releasing me.

“Eh, not much. Went for a walk. Nothing special. How about you? What have you been up to?” I took a seat at the table, across from him. He followed my lead, sitting down just as my mom set a stack of fresh pancakes in front of him.

“Well, it’s been a long ass drive from Union. But it was great to be home. I never actually left the house. I hung around with my folks, my brother and my grandma.” He poured a generous measure of maple syrup. “God, it makes me thankful we’re filming so close by. I get to see my family more often.”

“Yeah you got that right.” I agree, with an affectionate glance at my father.

“So, how’s the prep for the party coming along? Can I help?” Josh asked thickly, his mouth full of pancake. I shook my head, grinning and help myself to a few pieces.

Dad folded up his newspaper. “Things are good, son. All ready. You don’t have to lift a finger, we got most of the stuff out. You can just hang out until the party starts.”

“Are you sure?”

This time, my mother answered, taking a seat beside him. “Yes, we’re sure. Thanks for the casserole dish, honey, I’ve been looking for one of these.” She pulled the bubble wrap off a shiny glass platter, turning it over with undisguised glee. I recognised the product instantly; it was a Williams Sonoma item, a brand my mom loves so much.

“Sure.” Josh replied easily. “My mom and grandma love those. They actually helped me pick it out two days ago. I think it’s their way of compensating for not being able to come today.”

“Oh, tell them not to worry. It’s not a big deal.” My mom said anxiously, her brow creasing.

“Don’t sweat it, Mama Lawrence. It’s all good. They added a gift voucher too, I think. From um, this Australian outdoor brand, Wild Earth. It’s got all this neat camping stuff, everything you’ll need for the summer season.”

“Oh, how wonderful!” My mother exclaimed, her eyes skimming across the birthday card Josh had written. Sure enough, a voucher fell out from inside the envelope; emblazoned with the image of an enormous oak tree. “Wow, this is too much. Michelle didn’t have to..”

“My mom told me not to take no for an answer, to make sure you accept the card without any hassle.” He grinned mischievously. “Her words, not mine.”

“Obviously, Michelle’s just as stubborn as you are, honey.” My dad chuckled.

“Well, I don’t know what to say. Thank you, Josh.” My mother kissed the top of my best friend’s head affectionately, her manicured hands resting lightly on his shoulders. “I’ll thank your mom in a minute.”

“You’re welcome.” Josh beamed, pleased at my mom’s response. His obvious delight made my heart skip several beats. He truly was a selfless person, a person who did everything they could to make a person happy. And delighted in making their lives better. “This is so good, by the way, Karen. Thanks.”

“No problem, sweetie.”

“Son, do you have somewhere to stay tonight because..” My father began, leaning forward. Josh interrupted quickly, politely cutting across my father’s statement.

“Don’t worry, I’ll find a hotel nearby. I wouldn’t want to impose on you more than I already have, sir.” I roll my eyes in his direction. He had the manners of a proper Southern gentleman. When he wasn’t messing around, of course.

“You wouldn’t be.” Dad smiled, looking at him with fatherly concern. “If you’d let me finish, I was gonna say that you’re more than welcome to stay here. God knows, we have enough room.”

“Woohoo, sleepover!” I nudge Josh playfully. “Late night horror movie marathons, popcorn.”

“Uh, you hate horror movies.” He said, sniggering.

“Not when I have people to watch it with. Remember when I watched Insidious by myself and I called you screaming?”

“Ah, yeah that’s right. Fine, I’ll watch one with you. Is it okay if I stay?” He asked, turning to my parents.

My mother smiled. “Of course, honey. We’re happy to have you here.” She ruffled his dark hair fondly. “You can take your pick of Ben or Blaine’s rooms.”

“Wow, so many choices.” Josh chuckled appreciatively. “Thanks again.”

“You’re welcome, son.” My father said, disappearing once more behind his daily newspaper.

Lingering at the table, I made myself a cup of hot cocoa while I waited for Josh to finish his meal. The atmosphere in the kitchen was easy, natural; my mother remained at the sink, cooking more of the pancakes. My father was ruffling through the newspaper again, pausing to peruse the sports section while making snide comments about the Cincinnati Reds. In between bites, Josh impishly replied back, his answers just as witty.

When I sat down, mug in hand, he was halfway through his meal and in the midst of an animated conversation with my father. In this, they were very much alike; they stood by their favourite teams, staunchly defending them from criticism. I sipped my cocoa, not bothering to keep up. Football didn’t interest me as much as it did them.

There were dregs at the bottom of the mug by the time my best friend had finished his meal. He placed a hand above his lips, narrowly suppressing a burp. I raised an eyebrow, wondering if he was finally done.

“Yep, I’m good.” Josh said, catching my eye. “This was so yummy, Karen, thank you.”

“Of course, dear. You two can watch some TV, if you like.”

“Are you sure there’s nothing I can help with?” He asked helpfully, getting to his feet. I mimicked him, approaching the sink so I could rinse out my dirty mug before replacing it in the dish washer.

“Not right now, but if you could help me work the grill later, that’d be great.” My father answered, lowering the newspaper slightly.

“Definitely. You just tell me when.” Josh nodded eagerly.

“Okay. Now run along, you kids.”

We left my parents in the kitchen, heading for the living room. I sat on the couch cross-legged while Josh took my father’s arm chair. He rubbed his stomach contentedly, unsuccessfully suppressing a burp.

I giggle appreciatively, responding with a burp of my own. We laughed even harder, amused at our childishness. By the time we were done burping, I could feel the strain in my cheeks.

“Yeah, I’m gonna stop in case I throw up.” Josh said, taking a deep breath. “So, what do you feel like doing, Jen?”

“Hmm.” I pause, lifting my fingers to my chin. “I’ve already done some running and showered so maybe not something too physical. Everything’s already set for Mom’s birthday tonight.. Let’s see.. Umm..” I hemmed and hawed a mite longer.

“God, you’re so indecisive.” He teased, watching me chew my lips.

“Shut up please.” I held up a hand imperiously. “I’m trying to think.” I close my eyes, doing my best to ignore him sniggering as he lolled in the arm chair. “Well I can’t think with you giggling over there in the corner!”

“Then, let me make a suggestion.”

“No.” I fold my arms across my chest.

“Come on, I promise it’ll be fun.”

“Hmm, fine, I’m all ears.”

“What do you think about going to the zoo? I passed one on my way over here and I dunno, I was thinking.. ‘I haven’t been to one since I was a kid.’ Like on a field trip before my mom homeschooled me.”

“A zoo..” I tilt my head, mulling it over.

“Just for a few hours, at least until the party anyway.”

“Yeah, why not?” I stand up, straightening the cream coloured shirt I wore. “I’m all for seeing monkeys that are not like the CGI mutts we fought in Hawaii.”

Josh laughed. “Oh good point.”

“Let me just grab a sweater and we can go.” Suddenly, I came upon a brilliant idea. “Hey, I have a thought. Can we take Bear with us? Theodore’s a bit too young. But if you want it to be just us, then that’s cool as well.”

“Sure.” He smiled easily, catching me off guard.

“Um, what? Aren’t you gonna give this some thought?”

“No, seriously Jen, it’s fine. Of course we can take Bear. We just have to get a car seat for him.” Josh said soothingly. I search his eyes for signs of reluctance but found none.

“Yay! We can swing by Ben’s place and borrow theirs. I’ll call him, hang on.” I reply, one arm in the left side of my black trench coat.

“Wait, we can do that in the Jeep. It has the in-built phone system. I got his number dialled in, don’t sweat it.”

“Are you sure?” I button up my coat, gazing at him uncertainly.

“Yes.” Josh crossed the room to pat me on the back. “If I didn’t want to, I would have said something.”


“Great. Let’s go to the zoo!!”

I laughed at his childlike enthusiasm. “Lead the way, Hutch!”


An hour later, we were standing outside the wrought iron gates of the Louisville Zoo. Josh had gone to buy us tickets; a feat which was easy, given the off-peak time. There was only a handful of visitors; mostly young families with children still too young to be in school.

I held Bear’s hand while we waited. My brother and sister-in-law had agreed enthusiastically to our offer to take him to the zoo with us. While they loved him dearly, it was taking up all their energy looking after a newborn and a toddler with limitless energy. The kid in question was appropriately dressed for the outing; wearing khaki pants, shirt and small black boots. A matching green hat concealed his blonde curls.

Bear was hopping on the balls of his feet, tugging at my hand in his haste to see the animals. I tightened my grip on his ever so slightly, stilling him. He looked up at me, his features twisted in a grimace. Oh boy, we were about five seconds away from a tantrum.

Josh rejoined us, waving the tickets in his hand. I sighed with relief as my nephew’s face cleared. He thrust his little fist in the air at the sight of my best friend coming toward us. I squeeze his hand affectionately, feeling him pull me forward.

“Here we go. Got the tickets!” Josh announced cheerfully. He used his free hand to lightly tap Bear’s nose, making the child giggle. “You ready for safari time?”


I chuckle as he handed the tickets to a bored-looking teen employee. “Thank god you got back in time. This little shit was five seconds away from a full tantrum.”

“Saved by the bell, hey?” Josh’s eyes twinkled as he laughed.

“You have no idea.”

Once the tickets had been returned, we went inside. Josh unfurled a large map of the zoo, examining it intently. “Okay we’re right outside the Reptile House, if you wanna go in there first. Otherwise we can visit the Aviary, where they keep the birds.”

I knelt down so I was eye to eye with my nephew. “Which one do you want to see first? Bird or snake?”

Bear frowned in concentration, a line appearing above his brows. “Snake.” He said seriously.

Grinning, I straightened. “He’s cast his vote. He wants to see the snakes.”

“Then, snakes it is.”

The three of us headed for the Reptile House. Inside, the House was almost entirely dark; save for a few lights. The air was heavy with a myriad of sound; hissing, chattering and soft music. We hurried forward to the nearest cage.

Inside the cage was a layer of fine dry red earth. There, among the twigs, leaves and branches, lay an enormous Burmese Python. Its coils upon coils of gleaming dark scales shone beneath the dim light. At the moment, it lay still, obviously asleep despite the three pairs of eyes that were ogling it.

Bear jumped up as far as he could go, trying to see the snake, but obviously not quite making it. Chuckling, I lifted him into my arms, keeping my hands wrapped tightly around his middle. He peered closely at the tank, eyes fixed on the snake in fascination.

“Do you see it?” I whisper. “Look at how big the snake is.”

“Yes. 'Is big.” Bear whispered back. He placed his hands on the glass, leaving messy handprints everywhere. “Why is it sweepen?”

“Well, it’s probably just had something to eat.” Josh said, watching the reptile move slightly, its tail twitching. “They feed em’ very rarely apparently. Like once or twice a year. Or so I’ve read anyway.”

“So what do they eat?”

“Dead mice, fresh chicken, meat.” He shrugged, counting the items off his fingers. “It takes them forever to, like, digest the food which is why they’re only fed a couple of times. You know, unless they get sick. Buddy.” He added, addressing my nephew. “You might wanna take your hands off the tank. The snake might not like it.”

Bear looked at him curiously for a moment before pulling his hands away. He struggled out of my hold, his arms outstretched, fingers pointed in Josh’s direction. Josh chuckled softly before lifting the boy out of my arms.

“Is it hungwy now, Unca Josh?”

“No, I don’t think so, little man. But do you know how they eat if they don’t have hands like we do?”

My adorable nephew shook his head, hanging on to Josh’s every word.

“They squeeze em’ like this.” I watched as Josh ever so slightly tightened his grip around Bear’s middle, making the child giggle in delight. “Then they open their mouths and swallow the food.” He tickled Bear’s tummy.

“Don’t eat me, Unca Josh.”

“Of course I won’t. You’re a good boy.” He set my nephew back on his feet, giving him a pat on the head. “The snake only likes naughty people.”

“Guess you’re included in that category.” I say in an undertone, winking at my best friend. “Scaring the kid, how dare you?”

“What?” Josh grinned innocently. “I’m just making entertainment. Besides, he’s not scared. Are you, buddy?”

“Am not.” Bear replied seriously, brushing his curls away from his face. I took his left hand in mine again.


“Yeah, yeah, alright.” I stick my tongue out at Josh. “Let’s keep going, shall we? Plenty more snakes to go.”

We ambled leisurely through the House, coming across more reptiles asleep in their tanks. Some were surprisingly alert, yellow eyes trained on the visitors that filed past. Others, like the Burmese Python, lay sleeping, oblivious to the attention.

More than once, we stopped to watch some of the animals, at Bear’s request. He insisted on watching the zookeepers hand-feed yet another snake; a large anaconda, whose jaws were stretched wide open, ready to catch the fresh chicken dangling above it. Catching his eye, one of the keepers called out to us and asked if we wanted to take part.

It was a relatively harmless snake, a four year old female who wasn’t fully grown. I shook my head vigorously, my eyes on the sharp fangs protruding from the snake’s jaws. No way in hell was I going to let my four year old nephew, a baby, feed a fucking snake.

Bear sulked for ten minutes after we walked away from the Anaconda; at which point I transferred him to Josh’s arms. Josh laughed, gave my nephew’s cheek a gentle pinch and bounced him around, hoping to cheer him up. I shook my head, amused.

“Don’t be such a goody goody, Aunt Jen.” Josh teased, patting Bear’s shoulder.

“Oh, so you’d rather I let those guys take him into the tank, dangle a mouse into the anaconda’s mouth?”

“Well, an experience is an experience.”

“Can’t really enjoy it if you get your ass bitten, now can you?”

“Aw, maybe next time, buddy.” He squeezed Bear’s shoulders. “When you’re a bit older, okay?”

“Maybe not even then.” I whisper under my breath, so that only Josh could hear. He only laughed in agreement, clearly enjoying himself.

We moved on to the next exhibit; a set of enclosures that housed the zoo’s mammals. The disgruntled expression on my nephew’s face cleared the very second he spotted an elephant with large, shining white tusks. I rolled my eyes. Kids these days, with their ever changing moods.

Stopping by the elephant enclosure, we watched fascinated, as the elephant, a male from the looks of it, shuffled slowly to the other side, swinging its rubbery grey trunk with reckless abandon. He paused by an enormous water trough to drink.

The elephant slurped noisily and for some reason, decided to spray the water all over himself. Unfortunately, because we stood so close to the fence, we were caught in the explosion of water droplets. Within seconds, we were soaked.

“Oh god. Oh dear god.” I spluttered, wringing out my damp locks. “Come on, man, I just showered!” I narrow my eyes at the elephant, who seemed to find it supremely hilarious. He shook his giant rubbery head, swinging his trunk wildly; as if he was laughing at me. “This isn’t funny!”

“Actually, it is.” Said a voice from my left.

I turned, catching Josh’s eye. He was drenched from head to toe, as well, but unlike me, was grinning. He shook his wet hair vigorously, sending water droplets shooting in every direction. The sight of him standing there made me laugh loudly, finally seeing the humour in the situation.

I took Bear from him, setting the toddler on his feet. Luckily, his Thomas the Tank Engine backpack escaped the worst of the water explosion. I dug through the contents, thankful to find that everything inside was dry. He stood still, giggling as he pointed at the elephant, while I meticulously dried him.

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Josh peeling the sweater off himself. He was leaner than I remembered; his torso more defined from all those workouts he did to stay fit for the films. His grey t-shirt had soaked all the way through, revealing a set of muscles beneath.

Damn, he looked good. Really good.

Shaking my head, I focused on drying my nephew, who was still engrossed in the elephant enclosure. What the hell was I doing? Checking him out like that. It’s not exactly appropriate. We were best friends, nothing more.

“Okay, well, I don’t think we should be getting changed in public.” Josh said, interrupting my thoughts. “Let’s take a break, maybe find a toilet. Jen, you should probably use the baby room so you can change Bear properly.”

“Right.” I hoist Bear up into my arms, barely paying attention to his protest. “Lead the way.”

We followed him as he navigated his way around the exhibits. On our way to find the bathrooms, we stopped by the zoo’s gift shop. Josh bought two over-sized souvenir shirts and a small one for my nephew. We separated once we found the toilets; with Josh heading for the men’s room.

I did as my best friend suggested, using the baby room to coax Bear into wearing the new shirt. It was a little coarse but otherwise dry, perfect enough so he wouldn’t catch a cold. When he was dry, I changed into my own over-sized shirt. By then, the two of us were both ready.

Josh met us outside, clutching his own backpack. He relieved me of the Thomas bag so I could hold my nephew’s hand. He, too, had worn the zoo shirt. I met his cheerful grin with a smile of my own.

“Nice shirt.” He teased, elbowing me.

“Well, thank you. I always knew you had good taste.” I wink.

“C'mon, Ant Jen.” Bear tugged at my hand impatiently. “Maw animals.”

“Sorry, little buddy. Let’s go.”

For the next several minutes, we walked through the exhibits; coming across zebras, lions, giraffes, bears and monkeys. Bear was delighted. At the giraffe enclosure, the keepers had started feeding the animals, passing them large pieces from a basket of fruits and vegetables.

They invited us to participate, to my nephew’s delight. Whether the keepers recognised Josh and I or not, they gave no sign. We were treated as ordinary visitors; not something to be ogled at. I held my nephew as the senior keeper, a man named Owen, handed him a large carrot.

“Why don’t you feed Patch for me?” He suggested cheerfully.

Bear nodded, his fingers curled tightly around the carrot. I shuffled closer to the gate, where a pair of giraffes were waiting. The larger one, a female, ambled forward, sniffing the carrot with interest. Bear instinctively recoiled, shrinking against my breast.

“It’s okay, buddy.” I say soothingly. “She’s not gonna hurt you. She’s just waiting to eat the carrot. Go on.”

“Here, watch me first.” Josh took the carrot from Bear’s hand, breaking it in half. He held up his own palm to the giraffe, who gazed at it questioningly for a second before lazily scooping up the carrot in its mouth. He laughed, clapping his hands together. Then he turned to the child in my arms with an encouraging grin. “See? No harm, no foul. Give it a go.”

Bear chewed his lip for a moment, before meeting Josh’s gaze with a look of determination. “Okay, Unca Josh.”

We approached the gate as the second giraffe, a young male, ambled forward. I kept my arms wrapped tightly round Bear’s middle as he leaned toward the giraffe, little fingers outstretched. Josh hovered protectively beside us, watching the scene unfold.

There was a moment of silence. The giraffe moved his head in our direction, opening his mouth and tentatively snatching the carrot from Bear’s hand. It seemed as though he was taking great care not to accidentally touch him or bite his fingers.

Surprisingly, the giraffe gently nudged Bear’s hand. My nephew stroked the giraffe’s head, bursting into delighted laughter as the creature’s warm brown eyes swivelled round to meet his. I was dimly aware of a clicking sound nearby. Someone was obviously taking time to document the tender moment between child and beast.

“Aw wow.” Josh lowered his iPhone to ruffle Bear’s golden curls. “You did it, buddy! You fed the giraffe!”

“Yea!” Bear said happily.

“Good job!” I planted a light kiss on his forehead.

Imagine waking up next to Jared after a party

I roll on the bed bumping into something soft and warm, I open my eyes only to find this guy I met last night. He’s still asleep, probably still drunk, and I know I’m a bit drunk just by the way my head still spins. The clock on my nightstand shows me that is almost two, and if the sun wouldn’t be entering through my window I would have ignored the time and pretend it was two in the morning.

I roll again, to face the wall instead of my guest. We met at a party the night before, I was drunk, he was too, and my house was near. End of the story. But I had never done this before and I felt really uncomfortable now that I was getting in the hangover fase.

Jared’s arm wraps around my waist as he pulls me closer, he’s still asleep, but he manages to trace my body in order to grab my chest and accommodate his head on my pillow. I feel his breathing on my neck, and shivers run all over my back.

The doorbell wakes me up a few minutes later, I didn’t even noticed that I started sleeping again. Jared is still holding me, and when I start moving to get out of the bed, he starts growling.

“Don’t go” I hear him mumble as I put a shirt on and my underwear.

“I’ll be back in a second”

I’ll be? Yeah, probably to ask him to leave.

I grab some mints from the kitchen before heading to the door, I don’t even look who it is, I just open and the second I do it I regret not hiding in my bedroom pretending I wasn’t there.


“Aw, sweetie, you’re glad to see me! Good, cause I brought lunch!”

She doesn’t even wait for me to invite her in, she just walks pass by me and heads to the kitchen to put a ton of bags in the counter.

“I called you so many times, I ended up deciding to come anyway. If you weren’t here, I still got your keys, I could have cleaned a bit” Her eyes catch the dirty dishes on the other counter next to her, she sighs and continues to unpack her bags, “I guess I’ll clean anyways”

She talks and talks and I completely forgot about my little guest in my bedroom. When I see Jared coming to where we are, wearing nothing but his pants, I start making him signs to get back to the bedroom.

“What are you doing?” My mom asks me, she looks entertained, but I know she will not be if she knew what was going on.

“Oh, nothing, it was… Just a fly”

“You have to clean this place, it’s a mess!”

“I know, mom”

“No, you don’t, or you would actually clean it. I’ll start charging you for the monthly cleaning”

“Yeah, sure, whatever you say” I mumble, getting out of the kitchen, “I’ll take a shower before we eat”

I run back to my bedroom, Jared has returned to bed and it’s twisted over the blankets. I should have asked him to leave earlier, but seeing him like that, makes me want to ask him to stay for good. But he can’t, and if my mom sees him, she’ll probably freak out.

“Hey, come on, wake up” I shake his shoulder, but he only mumbles something in his sleep, “I really don’t want you to go, but if the lady in the kitchen finds you, you’re dead meat”

“You want me to leave through the window?” He asks, with just one eye open.


“You’re crazy, I fucked a crazy woman”

“Shhh, she could hear you”

“I’ll leave” he mumbles, but falls asleep again.

“Come on, Jared!”

I receive no answer, and I desist from going on. Instead I lock the door, so my mom doesn’t find Jared in here, and walk to my bathroom to finally get a shower. I take my clothes off and get in, the cold water hits my body and I finally start to wake up. My head hurts like hell, and to think that I’ll have to hear my mom talk about how my whole life is a mess, makes my head hurt even more.

I almost trip when I hear someone opening the curtain, and I see Jared, completely naked, entering the small shower.

“What are you doing?” I ask him, but everything is completely clear when he corners me. “My mom is outside!”

“I know”

His lips reach mine almost violently, and my breathing turns heavy immediately. I didn’t remember much from last night, but this was a good sign that I had a great time. I open my eyes when his lips leave mine to start tracing my neck, and his hands take my tighs to wrap them around his hips. The fact that my mom is outside isn’t reason enough to stop the moanings coming out of my mouth, especially when he finally makes his way inside of me. I cup his face with my hands, pulling him closer and kiss him whenever I’m able to stop moaning. I hear him calling me beautiful between kisses, but he stops when the thrusts become faster. My whole body starts shaking, and the excitation is too much, so I end up sticking my nails on his shoulders. A few more thrusts and an almost guttural moan comes out of his lips. I gasp a few times trying to catch my breath, and I’m left alone in the shower.

When I return to my room Jared isn’t there, part of me is happy that he’s gone, but the other part is almost crying because he didn’t even left a note.

I get dressed and get out of my room, I can hear voices and I think my mom has the tv on, but when I enter the kitchen, I see Jared lying against a counter and my mom laughing at whatever he’s telling her.


“Always so secretive, this one, why didn’t you tell me you had a boyfriend? Thank god I brought a lot of food”

“I was just telling your mom about the fun party we had last night” He comments, his eyes on my mom, that keeps getting the food in different plates.

“You never tell me anything” My mom mutters, with a sad expression on her face. “How long have you two been together?”

“Umm…” I look at Jared, looking for help. He started this whole act, so I don’t know what to do. Jared holds two fingers up, so I follow his lead, “Around two months”

“Come on, Jared, help me get all this to the dining room, you too” Mom says, handing me a bowl filled with lettuce.

I follow them to the dining room, and after we place all the food on the table, we finally sit. I’m scared that I will not be able to follow Jared’s lead on whatever he’s doing and my mom will end up finding out the truth. How am i supposed to tell my own mom that the guy sitting next to her is just a one night stand?

“How did you guys met? I bet it was a bookstore, this girl would live in one if she could”

“It was at a party, actually” Jared answers before I can think about what to say, “She’s friend with my best friend Emma”

At least something that it’s true.

“Oh, Emma! She’s such a sweetheart”

Jared keeps telling stories that have never happened, and I look at him amused at how many things he can make up without even thinking for a second.

“What are you doing?” I ask him, after my mom leaves us alone to bring dessert. “We met last night, I didn’t even know you had a brother”

“Yeah, and a few step brothers” He adds with a smile, “Come on, it’s fun”

“You said you were going to leave, not that you were going to join us for lunch”

“Yeah, I was leaving and your mom saw me, I told you I wasn’t going out through the window” He reminds me.

“And what am I supposed to tell her when you leave and I don’t see you again?”

“Who says you’re not going to see me again?”

I stare at him not knowing what to say, I thought that after what happened last night we were done.

“We are going to Palm Springs next week, maybe you could come with us”

“Palm Springs sounds fun” My mother interrupts us, placing a cup of ice cream and fruit in front of us, “You should go, you never go out”

“I do, mom”

“No, you don’t” She says with a serious tone, but changing her expression completely to continue talking to Jared, “You’re a fallen angel, Jared”

“No, I’m not” he laughs.

“Of course you are, you may be the one who finally makes this girl settle down for once”

I hear my mom talking about how long it’s been since I last had a decent boyfriend, and I don’t care that Jared hears all that crap, it’s not my real boyfriend, I don’t need to worry about what he could think about me now.

When I start to think that my mom will stay forever getting fascinated by my fake boyfriend, she finally decides to leave us alone to enjoy the rest of the day. We dismiss her at the door, waving at her while she leaves in her car with the biggest smile I’ve seen her with for the last few months. Jared grabs my hands at the last second, and my mom looks like she’s melting with cuteness while she drives away from my house.

“That was fun” Jared says, pulling me inside the house.

“Hell no” I mumble, taking my hand away from his. “She’s not gonna leave me alone now that I have a "boyfriend”“

"Palm Springs, next week. I wasn’t acting that for your mom” Jared says, ignoring my comment.

“Is Emma going too? Is the only one of your friends that I know” I ask, actually considering the offer.

“No, she’s not going, not her or my brother. I’m going alone, well… Was going alone, because you’re coming, right?”

I take his jacket from the couch and hand it to him, his face saddens in a second. If there’s one thing my mom is absolutely right about, is how boring and messed up my life is, so I decide what to do with Jared immediately. I notice the surprise on his face when I jump into his arms, to wrap mine around his neck.

“I can’t let my new boyfriend walk around all those almost naked ladies, I may lose him in a second”

“Told you, playing house is fun” Jared whispers, his lips over mine. “But, you know what would make this even better? If I actually stay”

“I thought one night stands only lasted for the night” I mutter and a smile appears on his face.

“Yeah, but it’s afternoon, and I already met your mother, I think this is getting pretty serious”

“Yeah, you better leave before I ask you to move in” I push him to the door, but he grabs my hand to get me closer and finally kiss me.

“Or I ask you to marry me” He laughs and I push him again, “I added my number in your phone while you were in the shower, I’ll call you during the week, we can go buy you a nice bikini for the weekend”

“I can’t wait”

I receive one last kiss before Jared starts walking to his car, I wave my hand to him till he disappears down the road and I finally get in my house again. Palm Springs started to sound fun all of the sudden.

A Very Win-chester Christmas Part II

A/N: Here’s part two of A Very Win-chester Christmas, and merry Christmas to all of you!

Word count: 1,660

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Warnings: slight swearing, morning after description.


A slightly-rough hand rubbed the naked skin of your stomach, two warm pair of lips kissing and leaving small, wet marks on your shoulder. Sam slowly, but surely, covered every part of your upper back with his lips as you feigned sleep, your cheeks plumping a little and the corners of your eyes wrinkling.

Crickets sang a rhythmless tune, quieting down ever few minutes before starting their melody again. Birds had flown south for the winter, the absence of their morning cries leaving the small insects to serenade your otherwise silent morning. Though your eyes were closed, and the black curtains of your old room were pushed in front of the window, you were sure that the sun was planning to wake up much later.

“I love you,” Sam mumbled against your skin, his lips coming to a halt just in the center of the back of your neck. “I love you so much.”

“I love you, too, Sammy,” you whispered, opening your eyes and laughing quietly as Sam jumped away from you.

“Jesus, (Y/N)! I though you were sleeping,” Sam said, surprise evident in his voice. You turned around, pressing your chest against Sam’s and wrapping your hands around his torso.

“C’mon, babe, you’ve got to admit that it was funny,” you said with a loop-sided grin, pressing a small kiss on Sam’s left pec, an inch away from his heart. Sam didn’t reply, his eyes squinting at you when you looked at him. “Aw, are you giving me the silent treatment, Sammy?” you pouted, widening your eyes as much as you could and bringing your bottom lip forward. His defenses started cracking down almost immediately. “It’s Christmas, babe, you can’t do this to me today.”

“Why not?” Sam asked, and although he was still glaring at you, his eyes were softer now. You shrugged, tracing a small swirl on his chest with your nails and making Sam let out a shaky breath.

“Because, then you won’t get to see your present tonight,” you winked, kissing Sam again before pulling away and pushing yourself off the bed, giving Sam a full display of your bare body and walking as seductively as you could to the bathroom adjoined to your room. “Now, are gonna speak to me and get in the shower or do you want to be left present-less?”

Sam almost tripped on his way to the bathroom, white sheets tangling around his ankles. He heard you turn on the water, calling his name in a singsong voice.

“God, I love you,” he whispered, two small, hollow spaces in his cheeks as he grinned and followed you into the bathroom.


“Oh my god! Mom, are you serious?!” you squealed, gripping four hockey tickets in so strongly that your nails dug in to the palms of your hands. “This is so awesome! Thank you!”

“Your old pop doesn’t get any thanks, huh?” your dad asked teasingly, coming into the living room and sitting down next to your mom on the couch.

You and Sam were sitting down next to the big Christmas tree, opening presents with big childish smiles on your faces and exaggerated expressions of joy. However, when you ripped opened the red wrapping paper holding the tickets, you couldn’t help to jump and down from where you were.

“Thanks, daddy!” you smiled, untangling your legs from Sam’s and getting up to hug your parents, who just laughed in return. “I can’t wait for this; it’s been so long since I last saw a hockey game.”

“We know, darling,” your mom said, her lips stretching even wider when you sat down next to Sam again, his arm around your waist as he pressed a kiss to your temple. “Sam, have you ever been to a hockey game?”

“Um, not really. I’ve never had the chance to,” Sam said, his smile dropping a bit for the shortest fraction of a second.

“You’re gonna love it!” you promised, taking his large hand in yours and giving it a small squeeze. “The game is in two days, you’ll know the rules by then.”

Sam chuckled, pressing his lips against your for a chaste kiss. He then turned to your parents, his eyes shinning more brightly than you had seen in a long time.

“Thank you,” he said, the crackling of the fireplace almost consuming his quiet voice, but you, and your parents, had heard the emotion behind it. “For everything—this really means a lot to me.”

Out of all your family, only your parents knew about the actual work that you and Sam did while you were away, and, above all, they were the only ones that knew about Sam’s life, or at least part of it. They knew that he had never had a proper Christmas when he was young, which was why they insisted on the both of you visiting every year, and why they always gave Sam multiple gifts, even if he told them that he was just fine without anything.

“Don’t worry, son, it’s our pleasure,” your dad grinned, “you’re like family.”

Sam nodded, his eyes drifting down to the other presents under the tree so that you wouldn’t see the wetness in them. You pressed a kiss to his flaming cheek before standing up and taking his cup along with yours.

“I’m going for more chocolate, you want some?”

“Yeah, thanks babe,” Sam replied, watching you walk out of the room and subconsciously grabbing the small box in the pocket of his pajama pants.

“You should do it soon, Sam,” your mother whispered, quickly glancing back to make sure you were out of earshot. “(Y/N) will definitely say yes.”


“How do you like it so far?” you asked, leaning closer to Sam so that he could hear you over the noise. The whole stadium was filled with the voices of people shouting and talking, music playing loudly from the speakers with a some advertisements every now and then.

“It’s pretty good,” Sam said, almost shouted, as he wrapped an arm around your shoulders, his nose pressed against your head as he kissed your hair.

“Pretty good? C’mon it’s amazing!” you shouted, playfully hitting Sam’s chest. A deep, loud laugh emitted from the giant man, the sound making you smile.

“Okay, it’s pretty, pretty good,” he said, his lips brushing your ear. You smiled at Sam, shaking your head and rolling your eyes. Before he could think of anything else, Sam felt something clicking inside of him, his heart starting to beat faster even though there was no imminent danger.

He didn’t know if it was your smile, lighting up the room better the bulbs that looked opaque compared to it; your flushed cheeks, their heat evident against his skin as he cupped one of your cheeks with his hand, your face fitting with it perfectly; or maybe how he couldn’t wait to see the same expression of joy again, only this time accompanied by a white dress.

"Sam?” you asked suddenly, your eyes flashing to the left quickly and breaking him out of his trace.


“We’re on the kiss cam,” you whispered with a giggle, your eyebrows flying to your hair line.

Indeed, he could now feel the eyes of various people turning in his direction. Some of the people around you were pointing at the screens that hung from the ceiling, then looking at the both of you. Faintly, he could hear your parents, cheering him on and clapping his back.

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N)…” Sam gulped down the small knot that formed in his throat, taking a deep breath and wiping his hands on the fabric of his jeans before reaching in to his pockets, fingers brushing against a small box.

“Sam, what are you doing?” you laughed, a frown remaining on your face as you watched Sam stand up. He then crunched down on one knee, a nervous smile on his face and his cheeks putting to shame any blush you had ever seen on his face. “Sam…what are you doing?” you repeated, vision blurring slightly as Sam took out a velvet box from his pocket, your hands flying to your mouth.

Sam didn’t mind the hundreds of shouts and gasps as people realized what he was doing, some whistling and oohing as Sam slowly opened the box to reveal a beautiful ring. Although you tried your hardest not to cry, you couldn’t stop the tears that silently rolled down you cheeks.

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N)… I know that we don’t have the lives that I wish we could, but I also know that there is nothing in the world that can stop me from wishing that you are in mine…forever,” Sam said, his jawbone sticking out as he bit his lip nervously. “And I hope that you want me in yours, because you deserve so much better than what I can give you.”

You opened your mouth to speak, surely about to argue against his words, but Sam stopped you by shaking his head and holding his hand up.

"What I’m trying to say is—well, I love you more than I’ve ever loved anyone,” he continued, his smile widening, “and I would rather do what we do with you by my side, baby, because I would not be prouder than anything than saying that I’m your husband. You are everything to me, as cheesy as that sounds. (Y/N)…will you marry me?”

“Goddammit, yes! Yes, Sam Winchester, yes!” you shouted, throwing your arms around Sam’s neck as you breathed out the air you had been holding without even noticing. “Oh my god, I love you so much!”

“I love you, too, baby,” Sam murmured, his voice clear as day in your ear, reigning above the cheers of people or the hysteric cries of your mother. He held you right, his arms molded for only your body. “I love you, too.”

Grey Moon-Chapter 1


                 I drove home as soon as I could; mom had called me telling me it was urgent. Something serious had happened with Scott. I could only imagine what happened to him now. ‘Maybe he fell and broke his leg.’ ‘Or maybe he got hit by a car and isn’t going to make it through the night’ you gripped the steering wheel tighter and drove faster.

                When I saw the familiar trees and sign saying “Welcome to Beacon Hills” I smiled and turned down the highway toward my old home. I stopped in front of the house and saw the lights on. I ran up to the door and ran inside. “Mom?! Mom?! Scott!!” I yelled looking around. My mother came out of the kitchen looking at me. “I didn’t expect you until tomorrow afternoon.” I rushed to her, “Is Scott okay? Where is he?” I saw her sigh. “He is in his room, but be careful it’s been a rough day. Come in here, I’ll explain everything” She said as we walked into the kitchen.

                I sat at the table as she set a cup of tea in front of me. “Scott met this girl sophomore year of high school and they instantly fell in love. But about a week ago they had met up to talk about getting back together when apparently these masked men came over trying to rob them. They ended up stabbing Allison in front of Scott and she died in his arms.” She said staring into her cup of tea. I knew she was lying because she couldn’t look me in the eyes. “Oh god…Poor Scott” I said playing with my teabag. “Her funeral was today, has just taking really, really, hard. I knew the one person who could comfort him most would be his sister. Thanks for coming” She smiled patting my hand.

                I smiled and stood “I’m gonna go see him” I said heading up the stairs.  I walked up to his door and heard sobbing coming from inside.  I bit my lip and closed my eyes. I always broke down hearing him cry, because he was so strong. Scott helped me through mom and dad divorcing; I had to be here for him. School could wait. I lightly knocked and opened the door. “Scott?” I asked as the door opened. He laid there motionless.

I walked over and sat beside him on the bed. “Mom told me what happened. I came straight home” I rubbed his back when he suddenly clung to me, pulling me into a hug as he sobbed. “Shh, Shh, Its okay Scott, hey, why don’t I run to the store and pick up some ice cream and some snacks and a couple of those horror movies you like? How does that sound? To try and take your mind off of it just for a while.” Scott looked at me nodding. “Yeah, that sounds alright…I’m gonna shower and clean up while you are gone” I smiled and hugged him. “Okay, I’ll be right back.”

                I grabbed a jacket and ran down the stairs. “I’m gonna run to the store for Scott, I’ll be right back” Melissa nodded cleaning up the dishes as I left. I got in the car, drove to the market and sat there for a moment. The images of Scott crying and in pain stuck in my mind. ‘My best friend is in pain and there is literally nothing I can do to fix it’ I thought to myself as I got out of my car walking toward the store. I grabbed a few of Scott’s favorite foods and threw them into the cart. As I rounded a corner, my cart hit another cart. “Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry! I didn’t see you there” I said a blush creeping to my cheeks, he looked angry until he saw me. His face seemed to have softened and a smile appeared. “I actually bumped into you, my apologizes…” he stared at me; his green eyes searched my face. I blushed again, his stare making me feel like I had all the attention. “Lillian, but I go by Lillie” I said in almost a whisper. His dark brown hair and dark facial hair could make any girl weak in the knees.

                He was strong and stout, like he held high power. It was all in the way he carried himself. “I’m Derek” He grinned, flashing another daunting smile at me. I bit my lip smiling, my face feeling flushed again. “Well, I should let you get back to your shopping, I wouldn’t want your ice cream to melt” he smirked walking past me, with one last whisper he said “It was nice bumping into you, Lillian” I let out the breath I was holding and turned to look at him, but he was gone. I turned around and noticed the dark hair drifting down another isle. I felt my heart racing; anticipating just another glimpse at him.

                I quickly finished my late night shopping and checked out. I headed out to my car and began loading the bags into the back when my phone rang. “Hello?” I answered trying to load the last bag when it ripped spilling all over the ground. “Uh yeah mom, I’ll call you back in a minute” I hung up and began picking everything up when a hand handed me my ice cream. “Looks like you need some help” I looked up to see Derek smirking down at me.

I instantly felt my cheeks darken and I stood taking the ice cream from him. “Thank you” I laughed alittle and looked up at him. He smirked and handed me a card. “You should call me sometime, I’d like to get to know more about you, and you seem…”he looked at the ice cream and the bag of books in the cart. “Interesting” he grinned. I blushed smiling “uh okay…” I wrote down my number and handed it to him. “I’ll be in touch, Lillian” he smirked walking toward his car. I let out the breath I was holding. He looked just as fine walking away as he did standing in front of me. 

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Thank you and all the other Richonne lovers for posting about it. I love seeing the love and respect you all for them and it really has helped me in some of my struggles as a biracial child when my university is all white and I am plagued with questions i cannot answer or how they say I have good hair because of my dad and i am not as dark as my mom... you may not know me but you have helped really appreciate and adore myself and wish i had even more of my mom's features. Thank you God bless you

The political and intrinsically emotional impact of Richonne…I’m more than happy to help and contribute, anon.  I can’t tell you how happy your message made me.  I empathize with your struggle–having the world try to make you dislike parts of yourself…just know that you come from strong stock, and revel in the part of your heritage that some would rather you neglect.

I grew up with beautiful, dark skinned black women (my mom, my aunt, my cousin) who taught me to love my complexion to the point where I’m one of the few black women who would love to be darker.  It happens in the summer, but never sticks around.


Re good hair: To me, thickness, healthiness and versatility dictates the true meaning of what “good hair” means (which eliminates the “this race has better hair than that race” factor).  Also, that sounds something you’d hear from a black person more so than a white person, or at least in my experience…but yes, tell them the thickness and curls is from your beautiful, goddess of a mother ;)

Who has some of the most privilege?  Straight, white males.  Some of the least?  [Dark skinned] black women.  This is the point I was trying to make a few weeks ago about the visual importance of Richonne.

Not just the contrast or what they represent, but…how can I say this…He doesn’t look at her as some unworldly creature that was meant to be lusted after (although don’t get me wrong, he totally lusts after her, but that isn’t the only way he looks at her)–there is a light in his eyes.  Love. Warmth.  Adoration.  These words spring to mind when Rick looks at Michonne.  And these looks have the power to make her light up.  

The face she’s making in the above gif?  I’ve only ever seen her look like that with Rick.  Like when he says they’re going to Washington, or when she tells him she’s okay, too.  It’s a clear pattern.  Rick is her one.

Even how he kisses her–there’s passion, but there’s also a reverence to it.  To him, she is exalted.  He desires to shine in her light.

Michonne is his one.

Having that visual out there is a statement about how black women can [and should] be looked at.  Sure, we are strong.  Desired. But we are also beautiful.  Nurtured.  Loved.  Worthy.  Respected and loved in healthy, monogamous relationships.  

I felt a hint of this when I saw “Corrina, Corrina,” but seeing it in this capacity and landscape [given the popularity, viewership and reach] is tremendous.

Everyone’s talking about the social impact of Lemonade (and I’m so sorry, but I missed it) but I think the focus should be on Michonne.  At present, she is our champion.  Not just black women, but all women.  Of all of the “strong” (be it emotional, physical or both) women we’ve seen in TV and film the last two decades (Buffy Summer, Sydney Bristow, Xena come to mind), she is the most well rounded, grounded, realistic, and she doesn’t make my brain angry with dumb, hypocritical decisions.   Michonne is truly a Queen.

PLL finale reactions

-FIRST EZRA BREAKS NOT JUST MY HEART BUT ARIAS , seriously why would Marlene do this , also Nichole isn’t even pretty, so fuck her , there better be redemption for ezria in the final season -second, HALEB IS FINALLY BACK THANK GOD -also EMISON 👏👏👏 -Paige … Why the hell did she ever come back… I never liked her … -FINALLY NOEL IS DEAD , bye douche bag you won’t be missed ! -OMG SPENCER!!! 😶😶😶 PLEASE BE OK -MARY DRAKE IS SPENCERS MOM? WHAT?! -AND OMG TOBY WE HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL APRIL SO HELP ME GOD

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haaaiii :) can i request a reaction? you and exo member have sex and your mother comes in!

Hey hey guuul hope you’ll like what I did here!

Sehun: *Your mom: Why are you laughing,you little punk!Is this funny to you?

Not at all mam!But did you know that you tend to do the angry bird face when you’re angry,just like Kris hyung!

Kai: *speaks in one breath*It wasn’t my fault.She made me do it, please don’t kick me out before dinner time.I saw you made chicken!

Tao: *Your mom:Oh my god sweat heart are you okay? I heard you screaming!*

*cocky smile on his face*Eomoni I can assure you she wan’t screaming from pain…..

Kyungsoo:*comes out of the closet after your mom left the room* Is she out?Thank you,dark lord for giving me the inspiration to lock the door!

Chanyeol:*covers you with the blanket*This isn’t what it looks like eomoni!She was cold and I read somewhere that body heat can help!

Chen:*gif talks for himself*Why do you always forget to lock the door?

Baekhyun:*re-evaluates his life* Your mom saw my Baeky! How can I look her in the eyes now?

Lay:*no more words cause the gif says it all*

Suho:*You:But mom we’re both adults and we both wanted this*

*in the mean time he’s shaking his head mouthing*She made me do it,I’m innocent!

Kris:*starts talking gibberish*

Luhan:*Your mom:I hope for both of your sakes this is not what I think it is*

No,no no, we where just sitting, on the bed, not doing anything!

*Your mom: Then why are all of your clothes on the floor*


Xiumin:*acts on instinct and ends up waving like a mad kid*

Preference #185 The Small Things
  • Liam: Liam laughs into your mouth for the third time in the span of your kiss and you finally place your hands on his shoulders, pulling back from him. “Alright, Payne, what’s your deal?” He laughs again, tightening his grip around your waist. “Nothing.” He shrugs, his thumb coming up to your face to drag across your bottom lip. You pout for a second, before he shrugs. “You did really lose your chapstick, didn’t you?” He asks, and you quirk you head. Liam liked to tease you on how often you tended to lose things, and earlier, you threw a fit about not knowing where your favorite strawberry flavor was. “Your lips taste different.” He explained, and you raised an eyebrow. “You noticed that?” You question, you didn’t even pay attention to the flavor you swiped on this morning. It was just in the drawer. “Yeah. I notice lots of things. Like I knew you finally tossed your favorite trainers out last week cause your new pair make you slightly taller. And I know you cut a bit off your hair, cause it’s softer at the end now. And I notice when you’re uncomfortable, because you rub your palms together, even if you don’t notice.” He says, rubbing circles on your sides. You’re blushing like crazy, “You’re a very sweet boy, you know that?” He grins, “I try.” It silent for a moment, before he begins to pull you back towards his mouth, “I like this flavor, better, by the way.”
  • Louis: You enter into the living room, humming quietly, when you stop short, gasping loudly and holding your hand to your chest. Louis jumps, stopping his motions, a pair of his sleep shorts in his hands. “Oi! What are you on about?” He says, swiveling around to look at you. “Is that Louis Tomlinson folding laundry?” You say, plopping on the couch next to a pile of towels he had tried his very best to fold just like you would. You glance around the room at the various piles he’s made. “Where is all my stuff?” You asked knowing you had a weeks worth of dirty clothes. “Under there.” He said gesturing to a fairly tall pile on the floor, covered in a few of Louis’ items. “Thats your stuff.” He shakes his head, “Yeah, but it’s your favorite shirts of mine, and a few of my sleep pants. I know you steal them anyway when I’m away, so just put them with your stuff.” He shrugs. You frown, “ Yeah but those are some of your favorites too. I only nick like two, is all.” You mumble and he laughs. “Love, I like knowing you’re wearing my clothes. They’re yours. I even sprayed them with my cologne.” He says and you blush. “I smell heavenly, I know.” He teases, continuing to fold.
  • Zayn: “Please give Mom a minute to think okay? You girls go upstairs and color and then I’ll make dinner, okay?” Your two daughters huff, slightly rolling their eyes, and you ignore the habit they’ve gotten from Zayn. As if on cue, you hear Zayn come through the door, a few mumbled annoyances coming out of his mouth. He appears in the kitchen, his hands full of groceries. “Thank god. You’re children are hungry and cranky.” You say, standing up to help him unload. “Get that from their mother.
  • “ He says, smirking towards you, You ignore it, simply rolling your eyes, digging into the first bag. You noticed he had bought a lot of ingredients for your favorite foods, as well as both your daughters. “Zayn, you were just begging me to make your mother’s chicken, and you didn’t buy the stuff for it?” He stopped short, standing at the fridge. “Oh, hell. I just forgot.” He shrugged. You held up the orange juice he bought, “Yet you managed to remember that your picky wife only likes this? And that you daughters have to have only all purple popsicles?” You ask, holding up those too. He does his usual shrug, “‘Course. I guess I remember more about you three than anyone.” You smile, walking over to him, pressing a kiss to his forehead as he hums. “I’ll get your stuff for the chicken next week, okay?” You say against his skin as he nods.
  • Niall: You give Niall a small smile from across the table, playing with the small box in your hands. You toy with the bow for a few more seconds, and Nialls shaking leg is vibrating the whole table. You frown slightly, looking to him. “WHy do you do this?” You ask quietly. “What? Shake me leg? Cause you’re taking forever to open that.” He said gesturing to the package. You shake your head. “Like clockwork, every two weeks you get me something. And that in addition to the fact you won’t let me pay for a single meal or pay for anything we do.” Since you two had started dating, he had been surprising you with gifts. Flowers, tickets to that band you wanted to see, new shoes. It seemed to come every two weeks, and you felt bad he blew all his money on you and stuff you didn’t really need. He beams, “Because you get so excited and bashful, and its cute. And if not I’d be buying stupid things. Like Louis has a hulk in his backyard. For no reason. I love that I can get you gifts.” You sigh, “I know Niall but still-” He cuts you off, “___. this is an important gift, yeah? Please just open it.” You concede, undoing the bow to reveal a diamond ring, Niall on the ground next you. “I think I won’t argue about this one.” You whisper breathlessly as he laughs, grabbing your hand.
  • Harry: You knew the photographers were behind you, mostly shouting things. And you also saw the small group of girls congregated by the coffee stand, whispering quietly and pointing. Harry seemed to notice neither of these things, just scribbling down on the notebook in his lap. The song in your ear switches to something quiet, and you flips a page in your book as Harry intertwines your left hands through his, not even looking up. This was your favorite part of your Sundays. Harry and you had found this little park near his flat, and you made a point to come here once a week. You did you're reading here, and Harry did his songwriting. Harry gets two latte’s, and you two slip into your zones for at least two hours. Once you had tried to share headphones, btu Harry was too fidgety, and you hated not hearing the full sound. So you two just have the same playlist on your iPods, and play them that at the same time. Harry tends to lean over to kiss you, or grab your hand during songs, or tap you jokingly during the more sexual songs. Harry squeezes your hands suddenly, causing you to look over at him, and he just beams, as what you’ve deemed as your song starts, and you bite your lips, leaning over to kiss him.
  • notes: ladidaaaa! hope you enjoyed! getting slightly better at making these more regular. go me! request some stuff!
5sos Wedding Series: #1 Asking your Dad for Permission

A/N So I FINALLY finished the series it took a lot longer than I wanted it to sorry, but stay updated for the rest


You were sat on the floor in the hallway outside of you dad’s office, Ashton and your dad were inside apparently discussing something you weren’t aloud to here. Although you tried listening through the door, with no luck. your dad had the room sound proofed when you and you siblings would try to listen in on him while he was meeting with clients or having private discussions with your mom.

“So Ashton, you wanted to talk to me?” your father asked him.

“um, yes, Mr. (y/l/n)” he nervously pulled at the bracelets on his wrist.

“Ashton, you haven’t called me ‘Mr. (y/l/n)’ since you picked (y/n) up for prom” he laughed “what did you want to talk about”

Ashton’s stomach churned before opening his mouth “I was, um, I wanted to, um, u-”

“Come on, just say it” your dad said bluntly.

“I wanted to have your permission to marry your daughter” he breathed out, feeling a little pressure and relief come off his entire body, just from asking the question, but he tensed again, waiting for an answer,

Your dad chuckled in response “Ashton, not only do you have my permission, but you have my blessing”

“thank you so much” he said releasing the breath he had been holding.

You jumped up and away from the door as you heard the knob turn.

“Hi (y/n)” Ashton said embracing you, and kissing you cheek. 

“what were you guys talking about?” you asked him. 

“just a bit  of friendly conversation” your dad butted in.

You rolled your eyes knowing that meant the you would never find out.


Michael knocked on the front door of your family home, you were having another dinner with your parents. You started walking towards the door, but your father beat you too it. 

“Michael” your dad smiled at him. 

“um hi sir, could we um, uh talk outside?” he said almost muttering.

“yeah sure” he said in a bit of confusion in his voice, before stepping outside.

You stood in the hallway in confusion, one for Michael’s formal language, and two, the fact he asked to talk to your dad in private.

“(y/n)” your mom called from the kitchen “will you please come and help me in here”

“yeah” you called walking back to the kitchen.

“So what is it that you needed’ your dad asked Michael.

"well, um, I wanted to ask you if i could have your daughter’s hand in marriage. 

"Michael, listen you are a great guy, but I don’t think I want you marrying my little girl” your dad said shaking is head. 

Michael took in a shaky breath “sir, please. I love her and I want to make her happy for the rest of her life. I can and will take care of her. I want to make her laugh and smile, and I want to wipe the tears from her face. Please sir, please let me do this” Michael practically begged his voice breaking a little.

Your dad sighed running a hand through his graying hair “okay, if you can promise to keep her happy, and if you hurt her in anyway so help me God I wil-" 

"I understand sir” Michael smiled “thank you”


Luke sat in a cafe with your mom and dad, clutching a coffee cup tight.

“So Luke” your mother began “why did you ask us to come down here?”

“um well I had something really important to talk to you both about” he explained flashing a small, nervous smile.

“ok” you dad said trying to get him to expand. 

“well, um, your daughter and I have been dating for over 3 years, we live together, she tours with my band and I, and we love each other very much” he said.

“okay” you mother said.

“Luke, jeez” your dad said “you make this so painfully obvious to what you are trying to ask”

Your dad laughed, making Luke confused. Your mom and dad exchanged looks with each other while Luke sat in nervous anticipation. 

Your mother took his hands in her own “Luke, you have our blessing” she flashed a large smile.

“Oh my God” Luke smiled, happy tears stinging his eyes “thank you so much”


Calum strode down the hallways of your dad’s workplace, stopping in front of his secretary’s desk. 

“hi” he smiled.

“hello” she said blankly.

“uh, I called Mr. (y/l/n) earlier,he should be expecting me” Calum explained.

“whatever” she breathed “first door on the right’

Calum started towards the office door, trying to shake off the secretary’s non  professionalism.

He stopped to knock on the door.

"come in” your father spoke, Calum stepped into the office “ah, Cal,  sit down”

Calum took a seat in one of the two leather chairs in front of your fathers desk.

“so you called me this morning, telling me you wanted to discus something important?” your father questioned.

“yes” Calum wiped his sweaty palms against his jeans.

“okay” your father nodded “shoot”

“well, I wanted to ask you if i could have your blessing to marry your daughter” he sped up his pace, to ramble “I know you may have your concerns, such as the amount of time I send traveling for work, or other things but i can promise you that I can and will take care of your daughter, emotionally and financially, I just lov-”

“Calum” your dad laughed “I know how much you love my daughter, and I know how much she loves you. I think you are a great guy and will make my baby girl very happy in life, you have my permission to ask my daughter to marry you”

“thank you so much sir” Calum said standing up to shake his hand.

“welcome to the family” he laughed shaking Calum’s  hand.

Sunday Smut Spotlight Double Issue - Sun & Moon - ADAM

For those who like their action on the darker side, nothing is as sweet as that suicidal melancholy scoundrel, Adam.  Drink in the delights below, darling creatures of the night.  

Images by smittentomkitten

Special thanks to notsomolly for introducing me to katzen-kinder stories.

[Oakley issue here]


The Doctor is In - by katzen-kinder 

Summary: Adam ‘plays doctor’ with his human girlfriend.

It’s the middle of the night when I let myself into Adam’s home, an old dilapidated building and he owns the entire thing. It’s his safe haven from the ugly world outside that depresses him so often and I feel very lucky that Adam has entrusted me with a key to his place.

Territory - by laterovaries

Editor’s note: This is the first chapter in a new series, and considering the author and the subject matter - this is going to be so, so, good.  Editor’s prerogative - I’m putting it in here, and can’t wait for the next installments!

The heartbeat slows from a gallop to a lazy trot as the mortal’s life blood is drained from his body. The predator clutches his prey, drinking greedily and feeling the warmth slowly permeate his own chilled body, cascading through him and into his extremities to warm even his fingertips. Just before the reluctant heart stops completely, the vampire releases his victim, letting him drop into a heap on the asphalt at his feet.

Turned - by britishmenaredestroyingmylife

Summary: An impertinent interloper trespasses on Adam and Eve’s domain.  She gets what’s coming to her - and then some.

He could smell her.

He knew it was her, because he’d been seeing her come by the house for weeks now. Snooping, prying, knocking, ringing the doorbell, pretending she was lost… such utter bullshit. A zombie freak trying to nose her way into his business.

'Bound' stories by storylover92

Summary: Adam was desperate for anything to get him out of his own head. Enter Mistress Raven Caine.

Bound To Distraction 

Adam had been awake for the majority of the day, the sun was nearly setting and he wasn't remotely tired. Not for lack of trying of course, he had done everything he could think of to tire himself yet here he was awake and working on his third funeral song that day. He was feeling down even more than his usual self, and everything he did drove himself further and further into his own head. Everything.

Bound to Submission 

“Hello Adam,” Mistress Raven’s velvety voice crooned in Adam’s ears. “Sit, there is something I would like to discuss with you.”  He took a seat opposite her in the other wingback chair. “Do you recall the events from last time you were here?”

“Of course, please feel free to use…Shibari bondage? On me whenever you see fit.” He gave her a self-satisfied smirk.

Blow Out the Candles - chapter 7 - by dreamsngr

Summary: Newest installment of a piece where Adam, Loki, Magnus and Hal all end up in your house as part of your unexpectedly granted birthday wish

A few hours later you drowsily roll over. The room is black and you wonder how long you’ve slept. When you move to stretch, two arms and a naked leg entwine you in a deliciously warm embrace.

“Mmmmm, Magnus,” you question.

“No, my darling.” The voice is velvety smooth and completely unoffended by your mistake.

Leave the Demons in the Dust - by marvelousmindloki

Summary: Adam’s reclusive vampiric existence is disturbed by a woman who needs his help, she turns out to be more than he expected. A ‘zombie’ he can’t apply the designation to… an equal he can’t resist.

“Don’t you fuckers even think about it!” my bravado was convincing, as usual, but I heard the tremor sneaking into my voice. I wouldn’t be able to keep it up much longer, the situation was hopeless and I knew it… possibly more than they did.

“You do and I’ll knock your pathetic dicks in the dirt. That’d be more action then they’ve seen in years I bet”. Baiting them was dangerous, but I knew they’d waste time scoffing at my hasty insults, and I needed that time to find a way out of this.

We Are the Night - by so-easy-to-love-me

Summary: On the search for her missing friend, a woman encounters a strangely alluring otherwordly being…


you´re reading my letter, so that means that I´ve either gone missing or I´m dead. Either way, I´m virtually certain that my employer has to do with it. This guy, Adam, is pretty weird. I got him a lot of stuff, mostly music stuff, like rare guitars and analog amps and other things, too. He´s some kind of rock star but more an arrogant ass. We only met at his place, a shabby house in the back of behind, (see address below) at night, and they didn´t even have a working toilet there. Man, seriously. Who doesn´t have a working toilet? So pretty freaky it all, I tell you. But ey, the money was totally good. So if I´m dead, I really don´t want the cops to tell my mom they found my rotting body in some garbage can, and I might as well be still alive, who knows with that creepy motherfucker, so please find me. ”

Monthly Bloodletting and Loving a Vampire: A Modern Day Guide to an Old Problem of Romance - by nwadadnama

Summary: Adam helps his human girlfriend by relieving her cramps and pain. [ed’s note: this one is sweet with the promise of sex. Although there’s no sex, it’s lovely and I decided to include it]

I come straight to the house after work and step right into the shower. I stand stark still in the blistering hot water, thanking god I don’t have to work tomorrow. I let the water run down my body, hoping beyond hope that the water will wash away the pain. No such luck.

I groan as I step out of the shower. I wish I could punch Eve for this curse. Wait, sorry. Not that Eve, the other one. Although, sometimes I’d like to punch her too. A pain shoots through me and I double over. Great, now my uterus is punishing me for my jealousy. Hard not to be jealous of perfection, you ridiculous organ.

A Respite - by katzen-kinder 

Summary:  Adam needs some help to get through a writer’s block.

The sweltering mid-spring heat dwindled with the setting sun, allowing a chilly night breeze to pick up and blow softly though the stout trees, rustling the leaves. The night is unexpectedly pleasant and balmy so I opt to turn off the air conditioning and open the windows of my apartment for the remainder of the day. Night comes and I settle down to read, too preoccupied with the book to put something other than a large cotton shirt and a pair of panties on. I read until my eyes grow heavy with sleep before I give in for the night. Putting the book aside, I shut off my lamp and lay down. A sigh escapes as I close my eyes and slowly sink into the mattress.


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Well Hello!

I’ve been gone from tumblr for a month making a life long dream come true. I BOUGHT A HOUSE! It hasn’t been easy and I’m still finishing up some issues but thanks to saving up money and the grace of God, I am able to deal with them patiently. For the last two weeks I’ve been moving and cleaning my apartment - with the help of my family - so that I could get a good amount of money back from security deposit. Feels great not to have to go between house and apartment. Now the focus is on the house and unpacking. My mom is a devout pessimist and finally came around to the fact that I was buying a house. She is so happy for me. Once I’m completely relaxed, I will move on to my next big dream! (Sorry, it’s a secret until it happens! I believe in jinxes!) Missed you guys!

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Fans Talk To You Unexpectedly


You sighed, staring irritatedly at the Great Dane and Yorkie Terrier that you and Michael shared in this house of yours. They sat by the door, both staring up at you with their pleading eyes, and sadly you knew that if they didn’t go outside soon they would both poop somewhere in the house. And Scooby-Doo, the Great Dane, has poop almost the size of a horse’s poop. Scrappy, the Yorkie, would just piss all over everything. Groaning, you pulled yourself off of the couch and slipped a pair of flip flops on before going to the door, looking through the peep hole to see if anyone was out there. Lately, the fans had been surrounding the house, but luckily today they weren’t and you smiled lightly as you snapped your leashes on Scooby’s collar and Scrappy’s little harness. As soon as you opened the door, the dogs launched out of it, pulling you along behind them. You barely closed the door before you were on your way down the street. You weren’t paying attention to anything around you until you heard Scrappy start barking his little yippity bark, making you look to the left to see a small group of girls walking on the other side of the street. They were giggling and laughing and snapping pictures of you and your dogs. Rolling your eyes, you pulled the dogs forward, which was a bit harder with Scooby than it was with Scrappy. You tried to ignore them as much as you could, but now you could hear the comments they were making to each other, the same stuff you see every day on Twitter, stuff about Michael not choosing right for dating you and blah blah blah. Finally you got tired of it and stopped, almost toppling over as the bigger dog tried to keep walking, but you kept your cool as you looked at the girls and said, “if you have a problem with me then why the hell are you following me?” instead of answering you, one with orange hair asked, “wow your outfit doesn’t match at all. Flip flops are so like 1990’s.” “I’m sorry, I didn’t realize I had to dress like a model to take my dogs on a walk on my day off. Take all the pictures you want, I can work anything.”


You were in the supermarket, gathering all of the things you’d need for the next couple of weeks. The cart was already half way full and you weren’t really close to being done. You made your way around the store, gathering your items and putting them into sections in the cart. Due to your slight OCD, you always did this to make sure everything was organized and nothing would get smashed and so that it would be easier to put it in the house and put it away. On your way throught the frozen vegetable aisle, your phone started ringing, so you answered it, figuring it was your mom. The only problem was, you weren’t paying attention to where you were going, so you collided with the person coming down the aisle the opposite way, causing your neat cart to get all scattered. Gasping, you held the phone in between your ear and your shoulder, going around the cart to fix everything. “I am so sorry.” The person you collided with stated, coming around their cart to help you out. “It’s okay, it’s okay.” You muttered, furrowing your eyebrows, “look, mom, I have to call you back.” You hung up the phone and stuffed it into your back pocket before continuing to organize your basket. “Oh my God, you’re Luke Hemmings’ girlfriend! Wow, hi! Oh my God, I just messed up your cart, wow. I am so sorry.” You listened as the girl continued on and on about how she was so sorry, and she helped you put everything back in order. Once you were finished, you thanked her with a stressed smile and she apologized once again and then bid you goodbye.


You couldn’t hold it anymore. It had gotten to the point where even if you crossed your legs you couldn’t hold it. You knew that in a matter of seconds, your bladder could give out and you’d have a wet spot on your jeans. Usually when you and Calum were out on dates, especially ones like this where you had no distractions, you didn’t like going to the bathroom. But you needed to extremely bad. So, you excused yourself from the table, apologizing to Calum over and over again, listening to him laugh at you as you took fast steps towards the nice bathroom towards the back of the restaurant. You were unbuttoning your jeans as soon as soon as you burst through the door, completely ignoring the pretty girl who you scared on your way in there. You rushed into the closest stall and slammed the door, locking it tightly before squatting over the toilet because sitting on public toilets is not your thing. You heard a chuckle from outside of the stall, which soon turned into extremely loud laughter. “Are you okay?” The girl asked through her giggles. You had to pee so badly, you didn’t even wait for her to leave before you started doing your business, now you’re kind of wishing you had because it was the most awkward thing in the world having a conversation while you’re taking a piss. “Um, I’m fine.” You assured her, grabbing toilet paper. “I’m sorry for laughing, but you should have seen your face when you ran in here. I wish I could’ve recorded it, because the fam would’ve loved it! You’re just like us.” You stood up fully and flushed the toilet, sighing in relief as you buttoned up your jeans and walked out of the stall, where the girl was still giggling softly. You washed your hands and dried them, asking the girl what her name was so that you could tell Cal about her, which sent her crazy. When you went back to your table, you had a blush and a smile on your face, already telling Calum the story before you even sat down.


You were out with your two sisters for a GNO, except in the day time. They lived on the other side of the country, so whenever they could visit you or you could visit them it was always a big deal. Even though they were five and eight years older than you, you all still had a great time. This time, they came to visit you, and they were staying at the house that you shared with Ashton, which could get a bit embarrassing. Since you were the youngest, they always teased you whenever you got a boyfriend, who whenever you and Ashton were together, they’d make smart comments, but it was out of love. The three of you had escaped the house and Ashton, who was pouting because you wouldn’t take him with you to the amusment park you were going to with your sisters. You were in line, laughing with each other as you purchased some funnel cake, trying to figure out which ride you wanted to go on next when you felt someone next to you. You turned and saw a short, pretty girl with a smile on her face. “OMG, hey! I haven’t seen you in forever!” You had never seen this girl before in your life, so you laughed awkwardly and gathered your funnel cake, following your sisters to a nearby table. But the girl followed. “Are these your sisters? Funny, they’re way prettier than you are. Ashton made a big mistake.” You gaped at the girl, as did your oldest sister, but the other sister jokingly flipped her hair at the compliment. “That was nice and all, but Ashton is a little too young for us, and evidently, I’m a lesbian, and she’s in a relationship. You’re ruining our day with our beautiful younger sister, and we’d like for you to leave now.” Your sister who flipped her hair smiled and waved at the girl sweetly, and you watched with a grin as the girl backed up quickly and speed walked away

I’ve been thinking of Michael’s and Calum’s for a while

Of Breakfasts & Pajamas

Troye knew that he shouldn’t enjoy seeing Connor stumble through their house after just barely waking up, but Connor just looked so adorable, how could he not? Especially in those Halloween-themed pajamas that fit Connor perfectly. Unlike Troye’s who were a little to big for him since they used to be Connor’s. Then Connor’s messy hair that sticks out at odd ends. The things that Troye wants to do to him shouldn’t even be allowed to be thought of so early in the morning.

“Stop staring. I look horrible.” Connor mumbled as he walked past Troye and into the kitchen.

“Don’t be silly, babe. You look amazing,” Troye called as he spread some Nutella on his toast. Troye heard the coffee machine being turned on and the sound of a pan being placed on the stove.

“That’s you, love. Not me.”

Troye rolled his eyes before getting up and heading to the kitchen. He leaned on the kitchen door frame, watching as Connor rummaged through the fridge for eggs.

“Top left shelf, Con.” Troye helped.

“Thanks, love.” Connor responded as he took two eggs and cracked them over the pan.

“God, I would so do you right now.” Troye said as he went and started to plant kisses on Connor’s neck.

“Troye!” Connor groaned. “Tyler’s coming over and I need my breakfast and coffee.”

“I know,” Troye mumbled as he wrapped his arms around Connor’s waist.

“Troye Sivan Mellet, I swear I will call your mom and tell her how bad of a husband you are being.” Connor threaten, although it seemed like he was trying to hide his adorable, in Troye’s opinion, smile.

“I just want to please my man. Is that so bad?” Troye laughed.

“Want to know one way to please me?” Connor smiled, turning to wrap his arms around Troye’s neck and leaning up to kiss his lips.

“Obviously.” Troye said after Connor broke away from the kiss. It was filled with their morning breaths, but that was the type of gross thing you overlook when you really want to do someone at that moment. Or well at least that’s what Troye thinks.

“Letting me have my breakfast and coffee while you go and finish yours then proceed to tidying up the living room a bit.” Connor said as he kicked Troye out the kitchen.

Troye laughed as he found the door of the kitchen locked.

“I’ll get you back for that, babe! I swear!” Troye laughed before going back to his seat to finish his breakfast.

A few minutes later, Connor came out with a full stomach and a cup of coffee to only find Troye sprawled on the couch in just one of Connor’s pajamas tops and underwear.

“What the hell, Troye! Tyler’s about to get here!”

“Try and be quick then.”

“Fine. Room now. Tyler will have to wait at the door.”

“I love you, Con da Bon.”

“I love you too, TroyeBoy.”

Minutes later, outside the Franta-Mellet residence.



Bathed & Bundled Babes ♥

Little babies all bundled up and happy after a nice bath and warm milk. Thank god for formula to help co-feed or else I’m pretty sure my breasts would be saggy noodles HAHA. I really expected life to be hard at first with me being a single mom and all of seven kiddos but it’s surprisingly more relaxed than when I only had 2.. knock on wood .. Anywho! I shall leave blogging for the night and go watch Pretty Little Liars and then brain storm the rest of the blueprint for the nursery before the designers get here tomorrow morning.

Updates for that coming your way ASAP. Goodnight until then everyone!

Comment this on who you think A is in PLL, curious to know who you think and why ♥

mhoney11023  asked:

Hi! My name is Megan and I love your account! Could I please have a cute imagine where one of the boys cheats or does something bad and then Nash "saves the day" and then I end up with him?

OH MY GOD YOU GUYS GIVE SUCH GOOD PROMPTS!  This one was really fun to write too, and I really hope you like it :) Anyways, hi Megan a.k.a. mhoney11023 Here’s your imagine and I hope you like it :)  Also, I changed the point of view a little, this one is told directly from your point of view (I/me/we) instead of second (you/he/they).

My mom had just dropped me off in front of my boyfriend Carter Reynolds’ house.  I was planning on surprising him, he didn’t know I was on the way.  I watched as my mom drove off.

I walked up to the front door to knock.  There was no answer, so I rang the doorbell.  I waited about five minutes, but it was chilly outside and I wanted to see Carter.  I used the hidden key to unlock the door and go inside.  

“Carter, I thought I’d come surprise you and-AH!” I felt my face turning red, because what I saw was not pleasant.  Carter was making out with some trashy looking blonde in his living room.

He leapt away from her the second I screamed.  ”Megan!  I didn’t think…you’re not supposed to be here…”

He hadn’t apologized.  My face turned red, “Carter Reynolds you idiot!” He didn’t even have the grace to look ashamed.  Well, I wasn’t going to give him the chance to end things, “We’re through, Carter.  I hope you two enjoy each other.” I practically spat the last two words. 

I stormed out onto the porch, ready to walk back home, until I saw that it was dark already.  I wanted to scream again, out of frustration.  I couldn’t walk home, and my mom was on her way to dinner with my dad.  Jack and Jack were away visiting Sam, and they’d taken Aaron and the others with them.  I couldn’t call them.  I thought about Hayes, who was sick and staying with his Aunt because Mr. and Mrs. Grier had taken Skylynn to visit their grandmother.  Then it hit me.  Nash.  I could call Nash.  

I whipped out my phone and pressed his contact. 

“Hey, Megan!  What’s up?”

“Nash,” I said, the tears I’d been holding back starting to fall, “I don’t know what to do.  I need help, and-”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down, Megan.  What happened?  Where are you?” He sounded really concerned.

“At Carter’s, but I saw him with some blonde and I don’t have a ride, and I still can’t believe he’s cheating on me.” I said all in one breath.

“He did WHAT?!” Nash said, and I could hear how angry he was from the other end.

“He’s cheating on me!  Can you come pick me up?” I said, wiping away tears.

“Yeah, I’m on my way, Megan.  Don’t worry.  And Megan?”


“If that rat shows his face, deck him.  And if you aren’t comfortable doing that then you tell him will.” 

I could hear how serious he was, “Okay.  I’ll tell him.”

"I’ll be right there, I’m leaving my house now. Don’t worry.”  He hung up.

I sighed, trying to stop the tears.  The door swung open, “Come on, Megan.  Let’s talk about this, baby!” Carter slurred, an arm still around the blonde.

“You’re drunk.” I sneered, “But I wouldn’t talk to you even if you weren’t.”

“You little bi-” He started, but Nash’s car pulled in at that moment.

“Back away from her, Carter.” Nash said calmly, walking up the stairs, but I could see he was still furious.

“I don’t think I will.” Carter said, “What are you gonna do about it, Grier?” He taunted.  Carter obviously didn’t believe that Nash would do anything.

Nash clenched his fists, “You don’t want to know what I’ll do.  Now, back the hell away.”

“Got yourself a new boyfriend already, huh Megan?” Carter taunted, “Ha!  Run off home with Blue-Eyes, then, and see if I care.  You’re worthless.”

I heard the sickening crack of Nash’s fist connecting with the side of Carter’s face, and the screech of the blonde.  Nash backed off, “Don’t you ever touch her again, Reynolds.  Don’t even come near her, or I swear to God, there’s more where that came from.” Nash’s teeth were gritted.

“Nash.” I said quietly.  I just wanted to leave.  

Nash turned to leave.  I saw Carter move, but before I could warn Nash, I saw him being forcefully turned around and clocked in the jaw. ”NASH!” I shouted.  Nash shook his head, and then punched Carter in the ribs, then the nose.  He would’ve kept going, but I stopped him, “Nash, stop.  Can we just leave, please?”

He faltered, “Fine.” He made me walk first, then he followed.  I started crying again once we were in the car. 

His anger seemed to drain out of him faster than it had come, “Oh no, Megan, I’m sorry!  God, I’m so sorry.  I shouldn’t have, I mean, he just…God.”

I blinked, then smiled, “You’re the one who got hurt, Nash.  I’m just upset that I didn’t see Carter for what he was sooner.  Thank you, for what you did.”

He smiled too, “Anytime.”

He helped me out of the car at his house, “You want me to call my mom?” He asked.  He knew mine was busy.

“I can’t really go anywhere right now.  Can I just hang here for a bit?”

“Sure.” He shrugged, opening the door.  He disappeared for a while, and I found him trying to quietly bandage his hand, which was bleeding from where he’d hit Carter.

“Oh my God!” I shouted.  He looked up.

“It’s not as bad as it seems!” He protested, but I was already helping him.  His jaw was bruised too.  I shook my head, “Wow.  I wish you hadn’t gotten hurt!”

He laughed, “I’m fine, Megan.  Hayes and I have hurt ourselves way worse than this just making videos before.”

I half smiled, “Okay.”

“Are you?”

I stared, “Am I what?”

“Okay?” He was staring at me, concerned.

I sighed, “I guess.  Sort of.  Not really.  But I’m better than I could be!”

He shook his head, “Carter is an idiot.  He’s stupid.  He didn’t realize what he had.” His eyes widened, like he realized he’d said something he shouldn’t have.

“What?” I said, confused.

He took a deep breath, “Look, Carter’s stupid.  He didn’t see how nice you are, how caring, how kind, how considerate.” He grinned when he saw my blush, “How beautiful, how smart.” Was it my imagination, or did he seem to be moving closer?

“You’re perfect, Megan.  Don’t ever forget that.” He kissed me.  He was being gentle, like he thought I was fragile.  He probably thought I wasn’t ready to move on.

But I was.  I kissed him back.  ”One thing.” I said, smiling again, “Don’t ever cheat on me, or I’ll get the Jacks to do you what you did to Carter.”

“No worries.” He said, kissing me again. 

I’m sorry I made Carter so mean!  I needed a villain >:) I DO NOT hate Carter!  I love all the boys <3 This came out really long, but I hope you liked it Megan!