my mom would kill me lol

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RULES : ANSWER all questions, ADD one question of your own and then TAG as many people as there are questions

live session or studio session? live session. Give me raw unedited amazing vocals and note changes.

coke or pepsi? none but if i gotta pick coke

disney or dreamworks? Can’t pick.

coffee or tea? Tea

books or movies? Bookssss

windows or mac? Mac

dc or marvel? that’s harsh. 

xbox or playstation? playstation

night owl or early riser? night owl

cards or chess? cards

chocolate or vanilla? Chocolatee

vans or converse? I cannot choose. 

star wars or star trek? star wars?

one episode per week or marathoning? both. There’s thrill in both.

gandalf or obi-wan? ehhhhhh obi-wan?

heroes or villains? Heroes

john williams or hans zimmer? John Williams. (my mom would kill me otherwise lol. I honestly can’t pick)

disneyland/disney world or six flags? disneyland cause i’ve never been to 6flags

forest or sea?  both

flying or reading minds? reading minds

twin peaks or northern exposure? twin peaks?

harry potter or lord of the rings? Harry Potter

cake or pie? cake

you are banished to a desert island, which benedict cumberbatch character would you choose to take with you? Sherlock Holmes

train or cruise ship? Train

brian cox or neil degrasse-tyson? Neil DeGrasse-Tyson

wizard of oz or alice in wonderland? alice in wonderland

fanfiction or fanart? fanfiction is also fanart even if fanart isn’t fanfiction. They are both expressions of art. So both.

the hunger games - books or movies? i never read the books. So movies i guess. (have seen only 1)

be able to see the future or travel into the past? None.

han solo or luke skywalker? han solo

lilacs or sunflowers? both

spring or autumn? Autumn all the way

campfire or fireplace? campfire

french fries or onion rings? both

truth or dare? whichever.

winter or summer? Summer

vampires or werewolves? werewolves

red or blue? Blue

eyes or lips? both

burgers or sandwiches? burgers

friends-to-lovers or enemies-to-lovers trope? oooohhhhhhh both, i digggg

pizza or pasta? PASTAAAh

ancient rome or ancient greece? Ancient Greece.

foxes or wolves? foxes

mermaids or dragons? dragons

sci-fi or fantasy? both

watch a film in theatres or at home? theatres.

fireproof or no more sad songs? idk

bands or individual singers? both

sweet or salty? both

monotype corsiva or comic sans? Helvetica, or Lato

turtles or frogs? Turtleeeeesss

blur or oasis? both

baseball or football? both

bowling date or movie date? bowling date a thousand times

Fruits or vegetables? fruits

Rain or Sun? Rain

my question is: You’ve got french fries: Ketchup on the side, all over, or no ketchup?

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When Misako tries to wrap the shoot up even though Shuta’s turn hasn’t happened yet.

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Omg I fell in love with your AU. Kuro onii-san gives me life. I showed your lovely AU to my friend and now, she is with me in this hell (??) So, we talked a bit (or a lot(?)), about your AU and... what do you think about one of the kids calling Mahiru "mom" for accident? Like, when you call a teacher "mom" or "dad" 😂

OMGGG first of all let me say I am soooo sorry I replied so late to this ask! This is one of the few that got buried below all the other asks… my goodness. I still have some late ones. Very sorry to those I haven’t answered yet! 

But despite all that, thank you so much, you and your friend! :D @loyal-rose

Also that idea so cute, so here you go! (this one got kinda silly though haha):

(when drawing this I remembered one time I accidentally called my Kindergarten teacher “mom”. I was absolutely mortified like Lily here. Hahahaha.)

(You may not be their actual mom Mahimahi, but you definitely act as a parental substitute. ;D ) 

So much blushing in this one lol. I also love the fact that Mahiru being called a “mom” or a “mother” is canon in this drama CD that I found once. I was like “CONFIRMED!!!!”. I am probably killing you guys with this gradual KuroMahi, well, Kuro’s crush is already been apparent for awhile but not sure about Mahiru yet. 

I imagined this taking place later:

Kuro: “So… whats one reason that would make me such a bad husband?? just curious…”


Kuro: Wow… I only asked for one….” 

Thanks for asking! <3

Memes of 2016 in relatively chronological order:

* Tag Yourself
* Traitor
* The lottery
* “Daaamnnn Daniel!”
* Jeans
* Jared Leto is a terrible Joker
* Dabbin squidward
* Bernie vs Hillary posters
* Look at it. It’s got anxiety
* If dogs wore pants
* Fingersinthebootyassbitch
* Be like Bill
* Fine bros ™
* Flat earth
* Kazoo kid
* Running man
* Gif the feeling (Coke)
* Upgrade key
* Bottle Flipping
* I’m you but stronger
* Krumping Marge Simpson
* Ted Cruz is Zodiac Killed
* The whole entire election tbh
* Leo wins the Oscars!!!!!!!!!!!!!🏆
* A muffin or a chihuahua? (And variations)
* Baby gate (One Direction)
* Just right Pacca
* Face swaps
* Fre sha vaca do
* Don’t talk to me or my son…
* Blurry Mr. Krabs
* Windows Song meme
* Hire a samurai (history of Japan)
* Lol u wild wyd tho
* Boy he bouta do it
* Running man challenge
* Chewbacca mom
* Caveman spongebob
* Dat boi
* Snoop dog narration
* What kind of person are you
* Subway legs lady (sitting all weird)
* What’s wrong pal
* Blurry blue button
* Pokemon Go
* Kimye/TSwift drama “I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative, one that I never asked to be a part of”
* Russian boy in swamp
* The olympics (angry sith lord Michael phelps)
* Record scratch freeze frame
* Usain Bolt running ahead of everyone
* Harambe
* Roses are red violets are blue meme
* I’m dropping hints that I’m…
* “Woah we’re halfway there…”
* I gave him uncooked chicken but…and he didn’t even say thanks though?
* To be continued (roundabout)
* Black woman coming through door excitedly
* Brangelina divorce
* Describe yourself in three fictional characters
* Hot cheetos
* Me; an intellectual
* This user is…
* Name a more iconic trio/duo
* Celine a scene
* Ken bone
* Clowns
* Juju on that beat
* Starbucks uncle
*RIP vine
* Cubs win the World Series
* Mannequin challenge
* Trump is president
* Biden/Obama meme
* You name it
* Dark Kermit
* Hi I’m ____ and you’re watching Disney channel videos
* Turn up the volume blurry boy jamming
* My longest ____ ever
* The bee movie but every time it says bee….
* (4 options. One is a joke) you can only chose one
* Bone App the teeth
* Boy dancing in the morning outside of car
* Rain drop drop top

I don’t know if I ever mentioned this before but it was around this age that I started believing my parents were trying to kill me (don’t worry I don’t believe that anymore lmao)

told my therapist about this in my adult years and she said it’s pretty common for some kids who fail to form a certain type of attachment with their parents and become confused about their “role” in the family

some kids think they were kidnapped from the hospital, some kids think their parents are monsters, etc.

personally I thought my parents were just being nice to me (i.e. raising me and being good parents lol) to gain my trust and then were going to either kill me or force me to join their alien legion 

my mom said I used to literally ask her what her opinions on murder were because I was trying to get a feel for where she stood I guess ??? 

she said I would just stare at her creepily and she didn’t know what I was thinking and when I finally told her at like age 20-ish she laughed for like 2 hours

she was like “I thought you were going to kill me the way you looked at me from around the corner” 

so anyway, around age 7 I accepted that they probably weren’t trying to kill me and that I could relax a little

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To be fair what would be the plot of a ichigo novel? How to ruin your life? How to marry the second choice because your soulmate married another. He's a boring human now so what do you write about? We already now kubo didn't even put a thought into how IH happened so like what would a ichigo novel be? "My sisters think she looks like so ima date her" "Do knot fear dating your moms "lookalike" "She looks like my mom, I guess" "spank me mommy" "change my diaper mom, I made a stinky"

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12 & 20 (totally random)

12. Which serial killer do you find the most fascinating? 

Jeffrey Dahmer for sure. Although Ted Bundy’s personality was cunning, which I find intriguing, Dahmer was more solemn and hardly spoke throughout his trial, which is even more intriguing. 

20. Have you ever tried to contact a spirit with an Ouija Board?

My mom would kill me if I brought a board into the house, and even then, I don’t want the posibility of after effects. I’ll just keep watching s1 of SPN and paranormal vids on youtube lol.

Thank you beaut <3

Creepy Ask Game (I dare you)

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27 Do you do any form of art work? Could we see some?

I can sort of draw, but it’s nothing compared to the amazing stuff I’ve seen from everyone on here. Like ngl I’m super jealous of everyone’s drawing talent and I would kinda kill to have skill like that. But I know that I just need to continue practicing and I’ll eventually get better.

I used to kinda make cosplay stuff a while back, even though I’ve never got around to actual cosplaying. I once made a steve burnside jacket from res/ident evil and it was pretty legit. Also cloud’s buster sword from ffvii with a bunch of cardboard layers. I wanted to throw it away, but my mom actually screamed at me to keep it b/c she thought it was cool. lol

aside from that i’m lacking in the creative art department


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forgetting EVERYTHING we've been speaking of so far now that i know you have a harry potter tattoo WHAT'S YOUR HOGWARTS HOUSE? also holy shit tattoos are sexy 👀 -b99 anon

LOL take a guess tbh!! what house do you think i’m in?? but right i wish i could pull off a sleeve but i think my mom would kill me. she’s super anti tattoos but i’m payin my own bills so she cant say ISH

Black Parent

I recently got my mom into The Walking Dead. So last night we were watching season 2. We were at the part right after Rick killed Shane and Carl came out of nowhere. My mom started going off like, “Where the hell is Lori?!- Why doesn’t he listen?- He should be at the house!- You think Lori would pay better attention after what happened to Sophia!” and yelling all this stuff and that’s when she said, “Carl need himself a Black parent!” I started laughing harder than I already was and thinking ‘lol come season 6(lol more like 4) he gon get one!’

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Friendly reminder that you're awesome and such an adorable cutie! ;;u;; Also, Baekyeol/Kaisoo are my OTPs to the max. I'd love to be your friend /shies away/ unless you don't want to be friends with me, haha. It's all cool! Also, just wondering if you have AFF?? Or do you post fics?? Any hella good recommendations? (I'm sorry pls ignore me you must have a billion asks already oopS) ;;; (p.s. I love your blog and the level-headedness of your replies!)

BaekYeol/KaiSoo fic Recommendations

(Read my reply to your message below the fanfic recs! :D) Before I start recommending stuff I’m going to answer you first with a no. No, I do not post fanfics lol. I want to, but after I write a chapter or two I lose all motivation to write any more. So basically, writing fanfics isn’t my forte lol.

Okay, so since you’re a BaekYeol/KaiSoo shipper, I’m guessing you already know the classics. In case you missed some, I’m just going to list them down again (since all the classics are breathtaking) ^^

[Legend: +Chaptered; -One-shot; ^Two/Three-Shot]

BaekYeol/KaiSoo classics:

The links I provided for “Anterograde Tomorrow” and “Absolute Chanyeol” is not where it’s originally posted. The original links of those stories are not accessible as of now, so the links I provided are where you can read them ^^ (i hope I won’t get sued for this or sumthing lol) and to read fics by: “jumpthisship”, you need to create a livejournal acc and join her community (she accepts anyone so don’t be lazy!) :D

Oh and, if I forgot any other classics, don’t hesitate to tell me. My mind got a little rusty since I accidentally deleted everything I wrote to answer this ask T__T

Since the fics I listed above are classics, I’m not going to give my opinions abt them. Instead, I’m just going to go on and list my personal favorites. So I’m sorry if some of these might not be of your liking, since they are my faves after all lol. But imo, the fics I’m going to be listing down are all worth the read, so here I go~

Personal Favorites <3 (From lowest to highest. Meaning, the last fic in this list is the best for me)

-CEO SOO IS DA BOMB. Lel, I mean…the Kyungsoo who fans cal “Satansoo” is def CEO DO in this fic xD I love how he’s all strict and all here even though he’s squishy af xD And I also love the slightly stupid Jongin here lel, but I just love tsundere Kyungsoo here xD Oh but beware, there’s also melodrama in here so it’s not just all giggles and that.

-This is just me, and my love for well-written smut. I hate reading smuts that seem…forced or unreal, or just anything cringe worthy actually (how the hell am I one to talk I’m young af). But anyways! Haha, policeman Yeol is hot af so…hehe if you’re searching for smut then read this xD

-THIS IS SO FLUFFY!!!! GAHH BAEK IS SO FCKING CUTE. KYUNGSOO, JONGIN AND CHANYEOL IS SO FCKING FUNNY AND EVERYTHING’S JUST FCKIN’. Loljk no. But really, this fic is extremely fluffy and heart fluttering <3 hihi it’s just squeal and giggle worthy bc Baek is so demn cute. Ugh, there’s no reason to not read this! >u<

-This fic has one of the simplest plots ever. But what can I say, simplicity is beauty. Such a simple story being told in expressive words and sentences, and the way Jongin and Kyungsoo’s relationship progress is just…wow. A very good read :)

-Again this is just me, and my love for well-written smuts hahaha. This fic has made me go whoo~ in more times than I could remember. But maybe it’s just bc I have a thing for dominance and submissiveness in smuts? Idk shame me now hahaha. Again, if you’re in search of good smut fics, read this XD

-I just read this actually hahaha. And I found it funny bc I can seriously imagine Baekhyun and Chanyeol acting like this. And then Jongin, Kyungsoo and the rest are just there getting completely annoyed bc of them. Just…very funny hahaha, read it for laughs, come on. Lift up your mood! ^o^

-This is long, so after reading it…It’s a damn rollercoaster of emotions. You’d feel all giggly, then you’d feel sad, then you’d feel giggly, then you’d feel all hot, then you’d feel all frustrated af. For a ride of different feels, read this fic! 

-Well, it’s….love. wtf? No, I mean…you’ll feel what the characters are going through. Like, you’ll get immersed into their world. Another ride of feels with a dramatic start and a splendid finish. A very good read :)

-This gives an outlook on life. Well maybe it’s bc it’s based on a vid, but still. This fic was as great as the vid it was based on. This fic is going to teach you to not judge anything by basing solely on it’s outer appearance and what other people claim to “know” about it. This is a great read not just for it’s feels, but for it’s moral lesson :)

-Lol, this is me and my love for well-written smut. I mean, who wouldn’t love to see tsundere Baek getting pwned and…well, you know what I mean haha. This is cute in it’s own way too!! (for me at least) And it has a sequel *Q* But I’m not going to post the link bc there’s only like…only 2 chapters and it’s still ongoing. And I wouldn’t wanna leave you guys hanging (although I’m pretty sure you’re going to be reading the sequel anyways).

-This is awesome and awesome and awesome!!! GAHH, it’s literally a “Daily Lives of Highschool Boys” (this is an anime series which can kill you with laughter btw) minus the crack and with the characters falling in love with each other <3 This is super cute and adorbs! And it can also happen in the daily lives of some people so it’s very fun to read ^^

-mpreg! Okay, I’m still young and I know I shouldn’t be having good thoughts abt teen pregnancy, but I can’t help but find Kyungsoo’s pregnancy here as a cute thing. I’ve no plans for being a party goer (my parents would kill me first anyways lol) and I don’t want to be pregnant at such a young age…but I think. That teen moms are people who should be given an award. Not because they got knocked up at such a young age, but bc they chose to give life to somebody. They’re waay better than those teens who you think are good girls, but then you’re gonna find out sooner or later that they had an abortion, just bc they can’t face the responsibilities and consequences of their actions. This is another fic woth a good moral lesson. From the same author too, jjokkomi seems to be awesome at this genre xD

-THIS IS SO CUTE AND CUTE AND ADORABLE. To the highest level!!! Crazy Kyungsoo is the cutest evurr!! OMG!! KYAAAAHHHH!!! I’m sorry, it’s just that I squealed too much for my own good while reading this fic. Hahaha, kei-senpai (I’m feeling giggly by addressing her that >u<) is amazeballs in fluff! <3

-This is a little heartbreaking honestly. But overall it was beautiful <3 You’re going to fall in love with Baekhyun and Chanyeol’s relationship here, it’s just sooo…/sighs dreamily/. I swear kei-senpai takes my breath away with almost every fic she wrote.

-$w4g93r Baek in the house yo! HAHAHA! Baek was so epic in this fic! This fcker is so funny and cute and just…hahaha fic. I swear, kei-senpai is too good at writing fanfics that it’s becoming scary. Lol whoo this is the 3rd of my favorites!! SO THIS IS A MUST READ ALREADY. Now on to the 2nd~

-Bc as you can see, I’m not that fond of angst. I have a weak heart I guess. I don’t cry that easily but once a fic has struck my heart, I get emotionally unstable for some days lol. SO HENCE, I LOVE THIS HILARIOUS AF FIC. This has got me rolling on my bed and holding my stomach bc of too much laughter xD Otaku KrisHo, awkward KaiSoo and just..HAHAHA THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST CRACK FICS EVER, SO JUST GO AND READ IT. IDC IF YOU’RE IN A BAD MOOD OR NOT, THIS WILL DEF MAKE YOUR MOOD A HUNDRED TIMES BETTER XD. Oh and, kaspian writes sooo many amazing KaiSoo fics. If you’re KaiSoo deprived then just go “here” then indulge yoursleves ^^ (almost everything’s rated so…read at your own risk? lol)

Aaaand the top 1 is….

  1. +“Not Intended” -EXObubz [BaekYeol; romance, comedy]

-BECAUSE FARA (EXObubz) IS ABSOLUTELY LEGENDARY. NI Baek is my favorite Baek amongst all the fanfics I have ever read. Baekhyun’s personality in this fic is just so…LOL. Literally, LOL. He’s funny af, but there are also lots of other qualities abt him that you’re bound to love <3  And his relationship with Chanyeol in this book? OH GAWD WOW, it’s so cute and funny but just…READ IT NOW OMG. IF YOU HAVEN’T READ THIS THEN YOU’RE MISSING OUT ON LIFE. LOL. READ IT. OKAY? OKAY. And also the other characters in this fic is funny. Just everyone in this fic is hahaha. But what’s amazing is that you can still distinguish one character from the other based on their personalities, despite all of them being funny. So I guess the characters are different kinds of funny? Haha, maybe Kyungsoo is occasionally funny, Sehun is unintentionally funny, Kris is annoyingly funny, just read this and fall in love. Not just with the story, but also with it’s characters :”)

So that was my fanfic recs! Now on to my reply to your tearjerking wonderful message <3


I actually didn’t know how to respond to your message because…wow. I’m staring at my screen while thinking…whut? someone thinks I’m an adorable cutie? wtf? U for real?

Okay I’m sorry it’s just because…I’ve never read such flattering words in my life so I didn’t know how to properly react so hahaha sorry for my crappy reply. Just…THANK YOU SO MUCH OKAY? KNOW THAT I AM EXTREMELY GRATEFUL TO YOU BC OF YOUR KIND WORDS TT___TT

You’re ultimate OTP is BaekYeol/KaiSoo too? YESSSS!! OMG c’mere and let me hug you! (/TwT)/ /sends virtual hug/

Dafuq do you mean I might not want to be your friend? I’d be damned if I ever though of not befriending such a sweetheart like you ; A ; So yes, we’re friends now darling, go ahead and ask me all you want, I will never mind. I love answering questions <3 You actually read my answers? AND YOU EVEN THINK I’M LEVEL HEADED. well I’m not okay, I’m literally flailing around rn GAWD THANK YOU SO MUCH OMG YOU DON’T KNOW HOW HAPPY YOU MADE ME TTwTT

PS. Sorry if this was a little delayed, like I mentioned, I accidentally deleted everything I wrote so…just imagine the pain of having to rewrite everything above. Gahh, and there’s school too. So sorry darling, my answer also became a full-blown fanfic rec post.. I hope you’re fine with that XD

975) I was talking with my mother the other day and I told her that my biggest fear is to disappoint her…her reaction was “Why are you gay or something hahaha ?!”
That exact point my heart broke into thousands pieces because I don’t know…
I know that she doesn’t agree with homosexuality but she’ll love me no matter what. But this made me really sad. Genuinely, I don’t know…I don’t know what I am. And this Killed me. I don’t know what I am.

anneriawings  asked:

Here's my fic i'd like you to give concrit lolol once upon a time there was a kid named danny he was gost then his mom killed him "nooooo" said danny lol the end dont like dont read plz r&r


Very succinct. Interesting choice to avoid using any sort of grammar - gives it a very modern and new-age prose-poetic twist. I’m not sure why your character needs to have a defunct Russian cipher (GOST) applied to his name, but it does make for an intriguing mid-story cyber punk twist. Made me want to know more about why this kid would have a classified backstory and be lost in the pre-dissolutioned USSR with a murderous parent. I also approve of the decision to include the ‘dont like dont read’ at the end, after I have read the story and thus no longer have a choice. It makes me feel your sarcasm and anger at the history and memories brought up by talking about the USSR and the Cold War - very indicative of real life, as we are unable to know something is not a good thing to live through until after the fact - and I could almost feel the depths of your mocking contempt in that ‘plz’. So perfectly placed and executed it made me paused for a moment just to admire your word choice. It must have taken many, many drafts to create something of such magnificence in so few lines.

9/10. Drop the ‘rest and relaxation’ comment at the end and it would be perfection. I understood the quick twist at the end, but felt it detracted from the overall tone.

Obsession for Jongdae

I really couldn’t understand how Chen’s stans last this long. I’ve stan him just for what? since last August I think? but I’m dying rn really. Don’t even mention the amount of Chen’s fluffiness in Showtime

In Episode 1 he killed us with his silly wink and long eyelashes

and perfect side-profile

His skateboard skill in ep 2 <3

His smile when Chanyeol guessed his present right in ep 3. And his shopping moment with Baek (I’m not much of a Baekchen shipper but they’re undeniably cute)

Man, the amount of Baekchen in ep 4. And his ANGELIC sleeping face.

I just want to hug him and sing him lullaby (not that my voice is better than him of course) and tuck him to bed <3 And his indirect kiss with Kris (I ship them hard <3)

ep 5. idk where to start. His cute rage when the hyungs took his wallet? And his screams when Baek pretended to be sasaeng. And the moment at the beach. And he gave his shirt (?) to Luhan when the elder was freezing like hell waiting for the kids to make up their mind. aaand my FAVORITE part would be Jongdae’s mini movie! Damn he would be a good movie producer trust me. I just love everything about Jongdae srsly <3

He made me fell deeper for him in ep 6. He can fucking cook?! How perfect can this guy be? His adorable conversation with his mom<3 God I just love their conversation. His Kris imitation <3 lol it’s too adorable and funny.

Who else saw Jongdae shoved a pair of chopstick in his mouth and pretended to be a walrus in ep 7? hahahahaha that guy is really killing me


My life is perfect already thank you. And he shares the same dream as me. Bakery <3 we could open a bakery together one day Jongdae-ah c: And his adorable side when he’s learning (god i’m smiling just thinking about this why am i so pathetic TT). And his cute panic side when he thought he had spoil the machine lol

ep 9 is in one of my most fav ep too. His high and low note, his rapping, and MAN HE SHAKES HIS BOOTY WOW AIN’T HE SO SEXY And wow what’s a phone cover he has… the CHENKAI

I can’t even– You guys can’t imagine how many times I’ve watch the ep srsly i am that pathetic TT

ep 10 showed us how angelic our adorable Jongdae is. He gave hotpacks to the ghosts and greeted them cutely omg is he even a human? I laughed hard when I first saw the ep but srsly Jongdae is too good to be true <3

I’ve done rambling rn. Just yeah, I really love you, yknow, Jongdae?

Dear fellow Chen’s stans, how do you guys stan him since MAMA really this guy is just so perfect 

photo cr to owners

To all the people craving GREAT queer representation AND at the same time be supported by the writers and actors, please do yourself a favor and watch Person of Interest.

I am practically in all the f/f fandoms and I can guarantee that there is no other show right now that supports f/f ships like Person of Interest.

Sarah Shahi (Shaw) and Amy Acker (Root) are the only two female main characters of the show. They are not sexualized They are not treated as inferior to the men, they are in equal grounds sometimes even stronger than the two male leads. They both kick ass. Both characters are incredibly complex WITH an amazing backstory that does not surround around explaining why they do what they do. No, these two have killed tons of people and Root is not damaged from a childhood trauma “My mom told me to follow my talents and so I did” her talents are hacking, taking new identities and killing people lol. Shaw is a self diagnosed sociopath and guess what? That does not define her character. They don’t treat it as big issue, she simply is.

Now, on most TV Shows these characters would be romantically paired up with the two male leads, but no, instead they are IN CANON romantically paired up with each other.

Have in mind that this relationship was not intentional. The writers simply saw the chemistry between Amy and Sarah and went with it. They go with what works instead of ignoring the life the story took on its own. Most shows ignore it and keep with what they always had in mind.

Amy Acker and Sarah Shahi are the biggest Shoot shippers. They supported this ship even before it became canon. Have I mentioned THAT ITS CANON????

This show is not given the credit it deserves.

It has the best female characters EVER and their story does not surround the male leads.

Plus, the queer representation is amazing considering all the support the ship has gotten from the people involved in it and the depth that the writers were willing to go with.

Just do yourself a favor and watch Person of Interest.