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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day was a bitch. At least it was for the Lynch Brothers and, by extension, Adam Parrish. Crammed into their usual pew, Declan, Matthew, and Ronan sat with bent heads as the priest delivered the special homily recognizing and honoring all the mothers, and especially the Holy Virgin Mary for bringing our Lord and Savior into the world to save us all. Ronan dug his fingernails into his wrist and focused on that instead of crying. Matthew was sniffling. Declan had a hard, removed look in his eyes. Aurora Lynch had passed less than a month ago.

Adam sat on the steps outside of the St. Agnes apartment, listening to the drone of the pipe organ and waiting for Ronan to emerge. He had not seen or spoken with his mother in months.

Blue Sargent was currently deep into the 300 Fox Way Mother’s Day Madness. It was a day when all the childbearing women of the household were given free reign to order about their offspring. Typically this meant asking for extravagant breakfasts, massages, and calling out a never-ending chorus of “fix me another drink, will you?” Blue and Orla were grimly making mojitos in the kitchen, the fresh mint giving Blue all sorts of flashbacks to time spent with Gansey. Orla was quickly getting frustrated with her lack of attention.

Gansey had declined to visit DC for the usual champagne brunch at his family’s home. His mother was, of course, deep into her political campaign and she had been most disappointed when Gansey couldn’t come, especially because it would mean he that was missing her fundraising gala. Helen had called numerous times to berate him but Gansey had only replied that he could not leave Ronan alone.

Ronan was not alone, even if Gansey had left, he wouldn’t have been alone. He had Adam now, as well as Declan and Matthew. It was shocking and wonderful to spend time with Declan and enjoy it. But the reunion with Declan reminded Ronan of one awful truth: Declan had never been reunited with their mother. All those trips to Cabeswater—bringing Matthew along but excluding Declan—Ronan didn’t think he would ever forgive himself.

Henry Cheng was spending the day with his mother and he rather wished that he was not. His mother was…complicated. What did one do when the person who birthed them and raised them went through a radical transformation and became a Power? Henry spent the morning at his mother’s side, entertaining himself with RoboBee while she did the things that she did. Lots of phone calls were involved and meeting with intense looking men in suits, including former hitman, Mr. Gray.

After the morning service at St. Agnes was over Ronan fetched Adam and the two of them went back to the Barns. Matthew and Declan joined them. Later, Gansey arrived with Blue and Henry. Ronan had stripped out of his Sunday suit and was sprawled on the lawn in his usual attire of shredded jeans and black muscle tee. Adam was lying on the grass next to him and he was helping Opal make crowns out of daisies and clover and Queen Anne’s lace. Chainsaw stalked around the trio, making her usual raven commentary that only Opal and Ronan could decipher. Declan was grilling and Matthew stood at his elbow, chattering away and holding whatever Declan told him to. The scene was remarkably similar to Ronan’s eighteenth birthday party except that they all looked tired and sad.

Blue settled down next to Ronan and showed him how to blow on a blade of grass to make it whistle. Ronan, being the musician of the bunch, mastered the skill and before long he and Blue and Opal were composing grass symphonies. Adam contented himself with chewing on a long stem of grass and applauding. Henry and Gansey gravitated to the grill. Gansey quizzed Declan about his apartment and the dream business. Henry, whose mother was tied to the trade of dream objects, supplied his insights. Matthew got bored and ran over to play with Opal; they had ganged up on Ronan and before long the three of them descended into a loud, tangled mess of limbs.

Adam watched with a fond smile, silently wondering at these strange dream creatures. He wondered most of all about Ronan, who had given life to both Opal and Matthew, becoming, in a sense, mother and father and brother to them. He had also given life to a host of dream animals and the recently departed Cabeswater (Adam felt a pang remembering the spectacular forest). With a deep, heartfelt sigh Adam decided that Ronan was probably one of the few people alive to know, on some level, what it was like to be a god. Gods made something from nothing, populating the world with their creations. With all of his imagination and power and his ability bring forth the perfect partner (rather like Niall had done with Aurora), Adam was again overcome with the knowledge that Ronan had chosen him. He was dating a god…

Declan interrupted the wrestling match to announce that lunch was ready. Everyone gathered around the picnic blankets. There were hotdogs and hamburgers with the fixings, potato salad, chips, slaw, baked beans, deviled eggs, fruit, cupcakes, tea, and a pitcher of mint mojitos that Blue had smuggled out of the house. The food came from the grocery store deli but the cooks there were good, getting the down home food just right. Everyone loaded up their plates and dug in. Opal was soon a mess and Ronan fussed at her and tried to clean her face off but she kept batting his hands away. Ronan gave up with a frustrated huff and Blue laughed, asking if he was finding child rearing to be difficult. Ronan smirked and tousled Opal’s hair, “You have no idea.”

After their bellies were full it was time for remembrances. Declan started. He talked about Aurora, getting choked up as he told about how she always knew when he was having a bad day, how she would find a way to make him smile. Ronan did not talk and Matthew cried. Adam said that Aurora had shown him what a mother should be and that he had loved every moment he had spent with her. Blue and Gansey chimed in with their memories of golden Aurora visiting with them beneath the boughs of Cabeswater.

They did not speak of the mothers who were still living, though they did raise a glass in honor of mothers in general. At some point Henry made the comment about Gansey deserving recognition for mothering them all through their years at Aglionby. Adam asked if Gansey wasn’t more of a father figure and Ronan answered, gruffly, that he was both. “He nags like a mother but then he gets all authoritarian like a father.” Gansey looked affronted but Blue agreed, teasing him for his dad jokes and dad fashion choices. It was decided that Gansey could be an honorary mother and Opal solemnly placed the flower crown she made on his head.

The day drew to a close and they went their separate ways: Blue returned to 300 Fox Way, Adam to St. Agnes, Henry to Aglionby, and Gansey to Monmouth. Declan and Matthew stayed with Ronan at the Barns. The brothers sat on the front porch and watched the sun set behind the trees. Opal raced around the lawn, chasing fireflies and shrieking in the language of the trees. Ronan found it ironic that Opal, originally named Orphan Girl, had since gained an unlikely family while he and his brothers had become the true orphans. They were all the family they had in this world.

Matthew nodded off and Declan woke him and sent him inside to sleep. Before Declan retired for the night he placed his hand on Ronan’s shoulder and squeezed. “Mom would be proud of you,” he murmured. “Dad, too. You’re a hell of a guy, Ronan, and I’m so damn lucky that you’re my brother.”

Ronan sat on the steps until it grew uncomfortably cool. Opal was curled up next to him, her head in his lap. He watched as the lightning bugs settled down and the deer crept out of the woods. It seemed impossible that the world kept going now that Niall and Aurora were gone. He felt a twinge in his heart and recalled the ghost of a boy who had been his friend. Gone but not forgotten. Ronan sighed deeply and picked up Opal, cradling her to his chest as he went into the house. Ronan put Opal to bed, brushing the hair out of her eyes, and watched the dream girl sleep. So many things had changed, were still changing, but Ronan would not forget the loved ones who had passed on. He scratched at the still itchy skin over his hipbone where the tattoo text spelled out remembered. As long as he and his brothers lived Aurora would not be forgotten.

Mother’s Day was a bitch.

Clearing In The Woods
Clearing In The Woods

This is something I wrote/recorded a couple months ago. I guess it’s just sort of a demo, I know it’s pretty lame but I’ll re-record it someday with better equipment once I’m finished writing some other stuff. Either way here you guys go. I have a sheet of the words I’ll upload in a sec if I can find it too. 

My Savior (Part 3)

Part 1  Part 2

A/N: Again this got so many requests, thank you! I know if might be a bit terrible, I’m sorry. Not proof read so I’m sorry if there’s any mistakes.

“I’m your dad, Y/N.”

You would have laughed if you weren’t scared shitless. You had seen what this man could do. Just the other day, he had burnt half of one of his men’s face with a scolding hot iron, because he tried to kiss one of Negan’s wives. You didn’t want to believe it but now he had mentioned it, you could vaguely remember sitting round a table on Sunday with him and your mum eating dinner, him at your school plays, and him taking you to the park. The apocalypse had started when you were nine, and it had lasted six years. Six years you hadn’t seen your dad and you had started to forget what he looked like. You didn’t want to let him know that you remembered though.

“How?” You asked, already knowing what the answer was.

“Well you know. Me and your mum fucked and nine months later, you popped out!” He exclaimed, earning a few chuckles from the Saviors. “You were a cute baby, take after me I suppose!”

“What happened to mum?” You asked, immediately regretting your decision when you saw the look that Negan gave you, not here, kid.

“Why don’t we talk when we get back to the sanctuary?” He hefted Lucille onto his shoulder and began walking back to the truck.


You stood your ground. You didn’t want to go back to the sanctuary, at least not yet. Knowing Negan, he would say ‘wait until we get back to the sanctuary’ and then when you got back to the sanctuary, he would just brush off the questions and try to distract you. You needed to find out what happened to your mum.

“I want to know what happened.” You insisted crossing your arms. 

Everyone looked at you in shock. Nobody had defied Negan before. At least no one that’s still breathing.

“Not here.” Negan retorted through gritted teeth, turning back round to face you.

“Fine,” You shrugged. “We talk in Rick’s house.”

You don’t know who looked more shocked; Rick, Negan, or the Saviors.

“I’ll walk you.” Carl finally spoke up after a few moments of awkward silence.

The walk to the Grimes’ house was short and silent. You walked up front with Carl, followed by Negan, and lastly Rick. Once you were in the house, you sat down on the couch and left Negan standing. You made yourself at home, which technically you were. You lived here with Rick, Carl, Judith and Michonne, when you thought your real family were dead. You had first met them at the prison; Michonne had met you on the way there while she was taking the baby formula that Glenn and Maggie had dropped when they were taken by Merle. Tears formed in your eyes at the thought of Glenn, but you blinked them back trying to remain strong.

Negan cleared his throat. “D’you mind?” He asked Rick and Carl who were stood by the window awkwardly.

Rick began to shuffle towards the door but he stopped when Carl spoke up.

“I’m staying. Y/N’s my girlfriend, I deserve to know this.” He spoke, ignoring the death glares that Negan was sending his way.

“Kid,” Negan began, dangerously calm.

“Dad.” You interrupted. “It’s fine, I got this,” You turned to Carl. “Carl please? I’ll be fine.” You gave him a small smile.

Carl scoffed and walked out the door, followed by Rick.

Negan turned towards you with a slight smirk on his face. This was the first time you had called him ‘Dad’ in six years.

You gestured for him to sit down and he politely declined but he propped Lucille up by the fireplace.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you were my dad the moment you saved me?” You started.

“Well I couldn’t just go up to you and say ‘Hi kid, I’m your dad that you probably don’t fucking remember because you haven’t seen me in six years’ could I?” He asked sarcastically.

“But why tell me now?” You persisted.

“Because you wanted to stay here and I fucking couldn’t let you do that. You’re my daughter and I don’t want to lose you again. It kinda hurt that you didn’t remember me y’know?”

“Oh.” He had somehow made you feel guilty in less than two minutes. “Okay… What about mum? What happened to her?”

“You don’t remember?” Negan asked, sadness evident in his eyes. 

You shook your head in reply.

“Well we were at this community, I guess you could call it, and one day the camp got over run by those dead motherfuckers. So I told Adam, my friend at the time, to get you out of there while me and your mum helped deal with the dead. I shouldn’t have turned my back. It’s my fault,” Negan’s voice was barely a whisper. “She got bit. She told me to find you and look after you, raise you to be a bad ass. I got out of there, found Adam in the car about a mile from the community, he was dead, ripped to pieces. The whole inside of the car was covered in blood and there was no sign of you. I thought you were dead.” He cleared his throat loudly. “Anyway, I found the sanctuary and they made me their leader. I missed your mum, so I ‘married’ five other women. But then I found you again and you just looked so much like your mom that I forgot she was dead. I thought you were her. But she would be so proud of you. You have her eyes and nose. You have my stubbornness and confidence.” He cheered up at the last part, remembering your mum obviously made him happy. He looked you in the eyes and genuinely smiled. “What about you? What happened to you after Adam?”

You shuffled in your seat, trying to get comfy before you answered his question.

“Well, I met Michonne in the woods. She was carrying a basket of baby formula and she was injured so I asked her what she was doing. She was surprised to see me, you know, a nine year old covered in blood, walking in the woods alone. She told me that she was going somewhere and said that I was welcome to join her if I had nowhere else to go. Eventually we reached a prison and Carl and Rick let us in. They had a doctor and he fixed Michonne but then Rick told her that she had to leave but I could stay. She helped get Glenn and Maggie back, who were kidnapped, but then Daryl got kidnapped. When they had rescued everyone, the Governor attacked the prison and blew it up. I was supposed to get on the bus with the other families but I didn’t. I stayed with Michonne and we found Rick and Carl. Then we were ambushed by someone called Joe and his gang but Rick literally ripped his throat out. Then we found a place called Terminus but it turns out they were cannibals and they were gonna eat us, so we escaped. And then we found Gabriel and the church but Abraham wanted to go to DC. But Bob was kidnapped by the cannibals and he lost his leg. Then we killed them and went to a hospital in Atlanta to help Beth but she died. Then Tyreese got bit and I cried like a little bitch because he was my favourite. Then we walked sixty miles to DC and met Aaron who brought us back to Alexandria. After a while, the town was overrun by a group who called themselves the ‘Wolves’ but we killed them. Then the wall was knocked down by a massive herd of walkers and we tried to escape but Sam got bit and Jessie screamed so she got bit, and then Ron pulled a gun on Rick but Michonne stabbed him, so he shot Carl in the eye. But we rebuilt the walls and I went on runs regularly. And I was on a run when you found me and took me back to the sanctuary.” You explained, talking so fast that you often forgot to breathe.

Negan was shocked to say the least, his mouth hung open. “Shit, kid. You’ve had it worse than me.” He paused for a moment deep in thought. “I’ll tell you what, these people obviously mean a lot to you. So I’ll give you a choice, come live in the sanctuary with me, or stay here with these and have half your shit taken twice a month or so.” He leaned closer.

“So Y/N, what’s it gonna be?” 

                         runaway/shelter group verse created by the great @oldcrblake.

                          SEEKING SHELTER?

Need a place to stay? Have no where to call home? Or no place to sleep? Bellamy Blake will always greet you at his door with open arms & find a place for you in his tiny home! Be it just for a night, a week, a couple months, hell even a few years; The Blake’s will take care of you! 


1.  This is an au t100 shelter group verse! But any fandom is welcome!
2.  OC’s, Canons from different fandoms, Multis; you can all join! 
3.  IC drama is greatly wanted but please guys, no OOC drama. 
4.  Activity checks are NOT a thing. This verse is just for fun, do not feel pressured. 
5.  A bio is needed. So that it makes plotting easier! ( preferably within a week from joining. )
6.  There will be triggers, it’s a shelter for runaways, of course there are going to be triggers!
7.  Track our gv tag ( GV. ) THE BLAKE’S SAFE HAVEN when accepted & follow members!  
8.  SUBMIT THE APPLICATION HERE! Message me or Heavyn, @oldcrblake​ , if you have questions.

                     THE APPLICATION IS BELLOW!

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Alex`s getting into a fight at school because some kid said something rude about her moms

Omfg some punk ass kid just “Two mommies is gross. That’s not a real marriage”

And then later just:

“Mrs. Griffin. Mrs. Woods. Your daughter punched poor Jason so hard his baby teeth fell out”

and Lexa just “Really?! I’m so proud of my baby girl, she’s getting ice cream, and-”

And Clarke just shaking her head while the principal stares at them, agape,

Stars in Their Own Rights

Chapter 1: Lights

Chapter 2: Camera

It’s been a while since the Transcendence, the cataclysm that introduced the supernatural confined to Gravity Falls to the rest of the world. It’s been even longer since the Pines took down Gideon. Now, Gideon thinks he has a way to get his revenge. 

One more in the process. Posts that inspired me are: (x)(x)(x)(x)

Ao3 version: x

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OUAT 6x10... a little more serious thoughts & review:

Soooo… here we go :)

- Evil Queen about Forest Hobo at his grave… well… she was taking words out of my mouth with this one. “Loosing RH was the best thing that ever happend to us”. Preach to the choir sister! And can I hear an AMEN?
- Emma to Regina - “Don’t let her get to You”… Awwwww… worried puppy :)
- Emma attacking the Queen & worried about hurting Regina? Yummmm…
- Emma leaving Regina behind and worried about Regina hurting herself? Hello??? Check please!!!
- The whole scene in the diner after Emma was send to “whatever the heck”…. Worried & pissed Regina is my fav combo :)
- Charming pissing on Hook… :) yep… who is a good papa? whooooo’s a goood papa, huh? :D
- Regina as a voice of reason in the middle of Hooks & Charming pissing match :D
- Queen and appletini :P
- Queen & Regina & wish… :) Regina FTW!

btw. in this moment I really need to point out that it was Regina’s plan to get to Emma? No Hook, no Charming, not enyone else just her.

Simply “send me to the same place where Emma Swan is” :)

- “Not-so-evil” Regina in “whatever the heck” land… awww…. she was soooo cute :)
- RUN DWARF! RUN!!! :)
- Snow & Charming monument… BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
- “Seriously?” —- now is my new fav word :P
- Brainwashed Emma…. singing/humming in the woods… my gosh THAT was funny :)
- “WHE SHARE CUSTODY OF A SON”…. Reginas face was priceless!
- Did Snow & Charming use teleportation device to get ther so fast?
- The Mad Rumple was a simple delight! :)
- Proud moms looking at Henry… :)
- “Sorry I’m late.”
- Uncharmings kidnapped and Emma surrender the kingdom to Regina…. and we’ve got another “SERIOUSLY?” :D
- The whole conversation in EQ castle was priceless… :D
- Heart crushing extravaganza :) Finally! After all those years: Regina “2” & Charmings “-2” :) That was funny.
- “I know You Emma”
- “Oh, come on Miss Swan!”
- Regina surrender to Henry. Awwwwwww…. that was sweet!
- Emma to Regina: “That was… very dark!” :P
- “Let’s go stop the real Evil Queen!”
- “Singins princess Emma isnt; my favourite model.” :) :) :)
- “I didn’t sing” :) :) :)
- Hand-holding :)
- Emma not leaving Regina alone :)

I think it was the one of the greatest SQ episodes since the 2nd curse (and Regina giving Emma & Henry their happy ending)
I’m not even worried about return of Forest Hobo , cause…. magic always comes with the price… so this time RH is going to be for Regina.
And I’m okay with that :) :) :)
Fuck this constipated asshole :P

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