my mom took these photos

So, my cat went to the vet last week, and since I couldn’t be there, and I knew she was scared, I sent her reiki.

My mom took this photo of her, and I’m at a loss for words here. The light surrounding her blocks the shadows by her paws. It’s not a lense flare, it’s not a lighting trick… I’ve never seen something like this before in animal pictures.

my mom took this photo in college and she said right after she took it they all turned and started cursing her. later, when she went to develop it, everything that could possibly go wrong went wrong, up to and including the a fire in the photography lab. how cursed is this?

with that story and the ominous vibe, pretty cursed. 9/10 dont hang on the wall

2016 was the year I got into cosplay. I have always been an admirer, but never a participant. It just seemed too overwhelming. Maybe other people feel that same sense of intimidation, so here’s the chronicle of my super chill beginnings. (Also, a chance to finally show these pics along with mah face!)

I have a slight jacket obsession, and after my most recent rewatch of Star Wars I decided that I had to have Luke’s yellow jacket. The replica was insultingly expensive, so I found one that had the right feel. (Did you know that this jacket, like many others in the OG trilogy, had sewn over zippers, to enhance the otherworldly look?) So here’s me being a total clown:

Then I thought: “Hey, this ain’t so hard. Let’s get more serious about this.” Next up was my first actual cosplay:

“Always take the shot.” -Mark Jefferson 

(My mom took the photos and was like “Wait a minute, is this some sort of weirdo creep?”)

Max Caulfield soon followed (but has yet to be photographed). And finally, I began on Nathan Drake. I’m kind of like the spaghetti version from the first one. No muscles here, no ma’am.

“Sic(k) parvis magna, bro.”

So here I am, in my late 20s, actually getting into this. I am really excited to continue this hobby. I began with easy characters, and don’t see myself working on complicated crafts anytime soon. When the desire comes I’ll be ready to learn. For now, it’ just a great nerd outlet.

Hey guys! 2 days untill my last 3 exams of law school. If I pass those, I will be graduating 1 year early. Wish me luck!! 😇 (Ps: My mom took the photo. The things our moms do for us…)

silvernamspoon  asked:

i wish i coulda taken pictures w the cutouts gdagjdsr,, i got there way too late but i found out today that jungkook and rapmons were next to eachother!!!! it was made for my hoe ass

u shoulda told me i would have stood in that line for u b ily

nobody asked but here is mine



Hey, guys! Since I’m home for just a few minutes before going to prom, I thought I’d take some photos that people posted on already from the fifty million places i went already and people wanted pictures of me in my dress, I decided to take a few and post them here for you all to see!!! The top ones are my nails (featuring my Senior ring), the back of my hair/back of my dress AND the side of my hair that’s curled up with my hairpiece in it. the bottom 2 are of front-view photos with my dress, and the right one on the bottom is what I’m gonna look like as I’m not wearing my glasses, I’m wearing my contacts (I just didn’t have them in at the time). I didn’t have my corsage on in these photos but my mom and grandpa took pictures of me with it and my dress and everything. My shoes are silver flats to match my purse/clutch that’s in the bottom right photo with diamonds and such.

Anyways, yea! Consider this a make-up Mun photo post, because with my iPod being messed up I can’t take photos and post them every so often anymore.