my mom took these photos


I guess on Monday I accidentally dressed just like this guy named… uh… Ethan Dolan?? I think that’s his name but idk I’ve never heard of the kid. He looks like a weirdo, though.


( 0 5 . 0 6 . 1 7 ) 🎧 classical romantic music playlist

last semester’s biochem notes turned out so pretty that i’m glad i’m actually using them again!

june study challenge day 5: june 5th is world environment day! what’s your favorite part of nature? i’ve always loved forests. the first picture is a photo my mom took almost a year ago from my favourite part of my island. i love the quiet and the trees and i’ve always been fascinated with fairytales and magical woodland creatures.


In honor of the great comet closing, here are some photos from after the show that my mom took for me.
1. So Ingrid was like a few of the first out and when she came to me I didn’t realize it was her until she moved on to the next person. Which explains why there wasn’t a photo of her.
2. The violinist (top right, forgot her name sorry) was right next to me during ‘the abduction’ and she looked so cool playing the violin and I told her that when she signed my program and she really appreciated that I said that.
3. I told Lucas that I loved is high-note in Pierre and Anatole and I’m not sure if he liked that I said that and I felt bad and it was like right after I met Oak. (The story of that is somewhere on my dash)
4. All the cast members that came out were so friendly and I really enjoyed meeting them.
5. When Oak came out I thought he left for a second because I was way down the line but then I saw him and said “shit he’s still there?” Because he was get to as many people as he could and I think that’s really admirable.

my mom took this photo in college and she said right after she took it they all turned and started cursing her. later, when she went to develop it, everything that could possibly go wrong went wrong, up to and including the a fire in the photography lab. how cursed is this?

with that story and the ominous vibe, pretty cursed. 9/10 dont hang on the wall