my mom ships them so hard


Weeeee~ More close-ups of the stuff I got from AniRevo 2015! *flails around* The last picture was on the other side of the full body sketch of him and I was so confused when I got it because I thought that the senpai accidentally drew another commission on the backside and I was like: “Oh shoot, what do I do” I got these sketches from skywardmem and honestly, when I came home, my mom started lecturing me on how I should have gotten more(?) lol, but she doesn’t understand how hard it is to request self-shipping without feeling tres awkward. 

I don’t know if they have a stall in AniRevo Winter or 2016, but I’ll go commissions them again one day, with all my new anime biases and my darling again omigod. 

 Pfffft, I’ll still commission them when I volunteer at AniRevo next year. *casually leaves job to buy commissions*

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what do u think of garcia/spencer?? (also: this blog js Jemily Gold)

Okay, so it’s a [little know fact] that my Ma is hard core Reidcia trash. Like she ships them so hard if they have 3 seconds together in an episode she is SQUEEING and rewinding to watch it again. 

You should have seen her watching 09x18 when they were working out. Morgan/Reid/Garcia is her OT3 and I thought she was going to have a conniption fit. Srsly, calm down woman.

That all being said, I don’t ship it. Garcia and Morgan are my secondary OTP. I am Jemily and Morcia trash and proud of it.

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parks and recreation :))


  • favorite male character: hard to choose but i’m gonna go with ben wyatt
  • favorite female character: april ludgate
  • least favorite character: i’m not doing this. i like even that asshole from the radio program and the ridiculous citizens and marcia. that bitch. unbelievable. every one of them are gold
  • favorite ship: ohhh leslie and ben i guess 
  • favorite friendship: d on’t. do not. ron and leslie? this shit is hard
  • favorite quote: “sometimes you gotta work a little so you can ball a lot” “can you photoshop your life with better decisions, jerry?” basically everything jean ralphio and andy dwyer say, “one time when I was in high school, a guy’s mom called me and broke up with me for him. there was another time where I was on a date, and I tripped and broke my kneecap, and the guy said he wasn’t “feeling it,” so he left and I waited for an ambulance. one time I was dating this guy for a while and then he got down on one knee and he begged me never to call him again. one guy broke up with me while we were in the shower together. skywriting isn’t always positive. another time a guy invited me to a beautiful picnic with wine and flowers, and then when I tried to sit down, he said, “don’t eat anything. Rebecca’s coming.” and then he broke up with me.”     
  • worst character death (if any): :)))
  • this made me so happy you have no idea moment: the proposal, andy’s face when april is walking down the aisle, leslie’s gift to ron on his birthday
  • saddest moment: you know there wasn’t really a sad moment for me like there was v emotional moments but they didn’t make me sad? for example when ben and leslie break up you could say it’s sad but it is build up in a way that you know they are gonna be together eventually and that they love each other and there isn’t angst really
  • favorite location: the parks department 


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Steven Universe please

favorite male character: Steven, definitely! But everyone is amazing ok.
favorite female character: Peridot is my favorite gem, but everyone is soo great.
least favorite character: Yikes, this is hard. I’m going to say Jasper, only because she hasn’t as much screentime yet. I’m still hoping she’ll be a big buff cheeto mom though.
favorite ship: Steven/Connie makes me super happy.
favorite friendship: Steven and the cool kids, I love to see them interact with him.
favorite quote: Peridot screaming DIE DIE DIE DIE over and over again was great.
worst character death (if any): When Garnet’s form broke, I nearly cried. I was on the edge of my seat.
this made me so happy you have no idea moment: 
saddest moment: Amethyst crying in the Kindergarten: “I never asked to be made!”
favorite location: I suppose Beach City, but I really want to see more of the Homeworld!

Thank you for askingg! :D
Please give me a fandom!

Ok so, my brother’s ex and his best friend’s wife got pregnant around the same time and have become good friends in the process of parenting side by side. As a result, Alyssa(my niece, to the right) and Cali(brother’s friend’s baby, to the left) have been best friends since they could talk. They’re both starting preschool this year (💔).

I ship this kids SO much! Like. I know, they’re only 4 years old, but, when you see them playing together, they have this chemistry; it’s not just like best friend chemistry or like a sister bond (which is how their moms describe it) it’s like an innocent Love. It’s so cute. It’s hard to describe, but here’s an example;

We were playing knights and dragons at Alyssa’s birthday party and Cali was just so evidently protecting Alyssa from the ‘dragon’ (My husband) and hardly payed any attention to the other children at all. Cali told me to save her princess (Alyssa) while she fought off the 'dragon’. I mean, HOW CUTE IS THAT?!

So, just let the record show, for future reference, I called it. I ship Alyssa and Cali all the way. What a cute lil couple they’ll be.