my mom ships them so hard


Matt Bomer & Liv Tyler as Ted & Jessica in Space Station 76

the stages of shipping rivamika



stage 3: STOP, WAIT A MINUTE…. Do I ship them? What is this feeling?

stage 4: well I mean they don’t even interact that much…… 

…oH My GoD

stage 5: acceptance 

me: mom… I think I
mom: hoe don’t do it
dad: hoe don’t do it
brother: hoe don’t do it
friends: hoe don’t do it
dog: hoe don’t do it
god: hoe don’t do it
everyone: oh my god

I am happy to announce I have edited all of the Kickstarter pin-up photos!

That is a huge weight off my shoulders. 

We still have to formulate a plan on how to release them and ship the prints, but they are done and I am relieved. 

I may have scrambled my brain trying to finish them. I’m having a hard time just typing this message, but all the anxiety of getting them finished is gone. 

Hopefully in the next week or so the backers will be able to see all the hard work that my team put into the shoot. My mom says the photos are excellent. So one biased review can’t be wrong!

So my mom woke me up while I was taking a short nap and as payback I forced asked her to watch the video that I finished last night, the kagehina || what’s a soul mate? one. And she… said some pretty interesting things.

Mom: So, did they say ‘I love you’ to each other already?
Me: Um…
Mom: Are they actually together? Do they go on dates and stuff?
Me: Um…
Mom: Are they together?
Me: Well, we wish…? We think…?
Mom: What
Mom: I can see that…
Me: You.. don’t really say that sort of stuff to a rival, right?
Mom: Not even to a friend, maybe… So the author didn’t say anything about them?
Me: Um…. No….?
Mom: So are they together?

And so after reading my fanfics and watching more videos, I think my mom ships kagehina now.

When you get right down to it shipping is a case of “I like this character and I like this other character and I am going to slam them together like I did with my Barbie dolls when I was seven” and it’s really hard to take it seriously when you know everyone screaming their heads off probably also throws their ships under the bed when someone comes by so they don’t have to explain to mom why Characters A&B don’t have any clothes on

Turning into Trash (Overwatch Edition)

Guys, my experience with Overwatch has been a complete blast, but my most unique experience has to be the time I used Soldier 76 in Dorado.

I was accompanied by this really amazing Mercy who kept herself next to me the whole time (barring a few Resurrects, which even then already included me), healing and buffing me when the situation called for it. We had each other’s backs, as she would often switch to her pistol when she really had to.

In return, I would often heal her with Biotic Field, scout the field for anything that could kill us both, and even go so far as to waste an Ultimate just to keep her alive.


Suffered only 3 deaths max because she was that great.

Unlike my other adrenaline-pumping, balls-to-the-wall matches with say Tracer or Genji, this match felt… romantic.

This was the first match where I became more dedicated to protecting a valued companion instead of just just trying to gun for the payload, and die like a moron.

Never really imagined that an online match would lead me to ship Mercy and Sol76.

The “protect each other” thing that happened in-game, felt like it could actually happen in the lore, that being my main reason for being drawn into this ship. Too cute for words.

This pairing might suffer from that clichéd Soldier and Medic romance, but that’s why I love it so much, it’s classic.

Also, I’d imagine that Jack could always use some bloom in his gloomy, death-filled life, which our precious Doc Angie could easily provide. Seriously, she is such a precious, badass sweetheart who could light up anyone’s day.

This is pretty much the first time I shipped a couple with a pretty noticeable age gap.

But as they say: age is just a number.

And some people, like wine, age very well.

My story is almost exactly the same as its been almost every day for the past week and a half.

We extremely are sleep deprived, continuing to battle the wretched monster that is teething  & expecting a snow storm.

We are getting through our day with big sisters who live to make their little sisters laugh, babywearing (I think Buddha has taken up permanent residency on my chest), dance parties and singing the most ridiculous songs while bouncing up and down like a fool all hours of the day and night ( Uptown fun is my go to ) and trying to keep our eye on the light at the end of this long dark tunnel.

Being a mom is beautiful, and rewarding, but it also can be so mentally, physically, emotionally draining and HARD. I think we all have those moments where we want to either eat our children or at least ship them off for someone else to deal with for a few hours and if you tell me you don’t I’ll tell you you’re lying.  As always this to shall pass, and normal life will resume. Until then we will laugh even when we are so frustrated we want to cry, have crazy dance parties, sing terrible songs to please the tiny humans, and take the rest minute by minute.

I’m so glad that so many of the people on tumblr are non judgemental when it comes other people’s ships.

I was talking to my parents the other day about ships, and I mentioned Sabriel, Stucky, (both of which I ship) and Wincest (which I do not ship)

(keep in mind that my mom knows that I ship destiel very hard, but doesn’t know the full extent of my trashiness, and my dad doesn’t know at all)

I mentioned them all in separate sentences, and after each sentence they just made this face; 

It was a face that clearly showed that they thought those ships were strange, if not downright gross.

It made me appreciate the acceptance of the tumblr community. don’t ship shame Wincest shippers, even if it’s not one of my own personal ships. I will defend a shipper from ship shaming until I’m blue in the face, no matter what their ship is! I don’t care who you think should be sleeping with who. I honestly don’t give a damn. If we don’t agree, I will keep my ships and my opinions of your ships to myself at all times unless you say it’s okay to state my opinion. And even then, I will not ever act or speak in a way that implies that your ship is gross or wrong. 

I just wanted to let you guys know how grateful I am that you are the way you are.

Friendly reminder that ships are just that, ships. You’re allowed to like unpopular ones. You’re allowed to love the popular ones, and saying that you like popular ones isn’t an attack on anyone who doesn’t like them.

I know sometimes it’s hard, but it’s often a lot better just ignore things when you don’t necessarily agree with them. Engaging usually just ends up with you getting even more frustrated, and more hurt, but you might also end up hurting the feelings of someone else

Just, play nice. It’s just fandom.

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I SHIP WONDER WOMAN AND STEVE ROGERS SO HARD. THEY ARE THE SUPER BAES, AND I LOVE THEM (ahem, excuse me while I freak. That is one of my favorite pairings)

I just want an Official Crossover Comic where it’s Steve ROGERS that crash lands on Themyscira, not Steve TREVOR.  And proceeds to be Steve just being SO FRICKING POLITE AND IN AWE (BECAUSE HIS SINGLE, WORKING TWO-JOBS MOM RAISED HIM RIGHT) and following Diana around with hearts in his eyes.

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Hii may I request a ship with one of the boys? I'm a 99 liner and quite tol. I've been playing volleyball for years. I like to read and am serious about school, I study hard. I'm generally a very shy person but playful around my best friends. I also care a lot about people, I try my hardest not to hurt anyone and help them as much as I can. I'm very responsible and sometimes I treat my friends like a mom ^^ People also say I'm great at learning new languages. Thank you so much!!

You sound perfect for Yuto~!