my mom sent this to me in an email

funny story

when I was in grade 6, i was really into the Hunger Games books. in the books there’s a couple parts where the author talks about Katniss and Peeta sleeping in the same bed and things like that. nothing too raunchy but enough to turn a 12 year old on. so around the time i was reading the books, i also had a huge crush on this one kid. i decided i was gonna make up a story about me and this boy sleeping in bed together much like Katniss and Peeta do in the Hunger Games. the story was about a paragraph long and was quite detailed and intimate for a 12 year old. after i wrote it, i decided to email it to my best friend but instead of sending it to her email, i sent it to her family’s email address. the next day at school she told me what happened and said that her whole family read the story. i was so mortified, especially since later that day her mom was taking me and my friend to our gymnastics class. when I did see her mom, she told me what a “descriptive” writer i was and asked when chapter 2 was coming


Hey followers THIS IS SO IMPORTANT!!!!

I keep getting emails in my gmail that have NAMES OF MY CONTACTS but with the wrong email addresses. 


I have had three emails with names in my contact list, one with kousagi7hikari’s name but not her email, one from my MOM’S name but with a false email, and one from someone I took a commission from.

One of my friends actually texted me saying they got one from me with the wrong address and asked if I sent it. Somehow they are taking google’s address list and using the NAMES to try and scam/sending possibly harmful links??


Stop it men!!!

This particular incident took place literally 10 minutes ago. I’ve been shooting a web series since January in Goa and I’m on my way to the shoot location. In the car along with me is the accountant and one guy from production (who’s driving). This is what went down.

Me: (checking my itchy eye in my phone’s front camera)
Guy 1 : oh selfies. Girls na.. typical.
Guy 2: (chuckles)

Me: (switched to check my emails and reply to a couple of offers for my blog and negotiated a few deals)
Guy 1: (continues to talk about girls and their cell phones while Guy 2 keeps nodding enthusiastically)

Me: (checks images my mom has sent of my cats, since it’s been 2 months since I’ve seen them)
Guy 1: blah blah blah

Me: (checks twitter and reads multiple articles)
Guy 1: yes Roxanne? Am I right?

Me: I’m sorry what?
Guy 2: (laughs)
Guy 1: so what’s happening? Anything interesting in your phone?

Me: Trump is planning to ban meals on wheels or already has, not sure. So far the TVF dude has had multiple women come out with their own instances of sexual harassment and he’s in trouble now. Also they already got the guy who raped the Irish tourist the other day, he confessed. A few ATMs across the country have been dispensing fake 2000₹ notes and citizens have been warned to check and bring notice if there’s anything wrong with their transactions.

The car has been silent ever since I finished talking.

I just realized we have double-booked DCF appointments tomorrow. One is a visit with mom, so guessing that will take priority. Meant to go to bed ten minutes ago, but instead just sent a bunch of emails to clarify (and of course hopped on Tumblr).

Also, I was told Cara was medically cleared for the next 6 months, but today got a one line email stating she has a mystery medical appointment (as in they told me no info beyond that it was an appointment she had to attend) scheduled at farthest away hospital possible. It is in the middle of the work day. This week.

I just cleaned my apartment for a visit that probably isn’t happening anymore (see point #1).

We have a total of 3 other two-hour foster care related appointments in the next two days. I’m going to bed because if Cara is waking me up at 4:30am I need to gain some patience.

Today, I fucked up... by not proofreading my cover letter to Harvard

…to fucking Harvard.

So, I found out I fucked up about an hour ago. My mom had to tell me because I’m such a fucking idiot. I was all excited about finishing my application, so I sent it to her. I’m applying for a position in this neurogenetics lab at Harvard Medical School. I spent all weekend and most of today finalizing my CV and cover letter. There were some formatting issues, I think because of the downloaded font I was using, which made the document on my computer look different than the emailed version. Because of this, I didn’t see that my highly profane, stream of consciousness, sorta high ramblings from last week (rough drafts), were still on the page, yet to be deleted..the kind of rough drafts that you never fucking show anybody-especially your extremely Christian mother and Dr. Person from Harvard Medical School.

But, because I’m an idiot and didn’t notice the extra pages at the bottom of my screen, Dr. Person will likely not be choosing me as his next lab technician. I’ll post some of the finer points below here in a second.

TL;DR: sent my dream job’s boss my notes - including “science is all around us,”- and other super insightful shit.

Check out more TIFUs: Internet`s best fuck ups are here.

Updates :)) 

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Hey guys, so my step-mom sent me this email....

It’s from a Facebook page so I don’t know who wrote about this but please read and stay safe.
I wanted to share this again publicly in case any of you want to share with your mom friends… I’ve added some details and some things to be aware of that we have thought of since talking about the experience.

I recently read a post written by a mother I didn’t know, that went viral. She described an event that happened to her while she was at target. She and her children were targeted by human traffickers. She talked about how when she reported the incident after the fact, she was told that this was a very common way they worked.

I read things like that, and I always think “wow, that’s so scary… I need to be careful”. But I also always think “that could never happen to me.”

But you guys, it did.

A few days ago, my mom and I took the kids (I have 3 kids. A daughter who is 4, and two sons, 1.5 years and 7 weeks) to IKEA. We enjoy going and it’s always nice to get the kids out of the house! We went specifically to look at couches. We were in the couch section and the kids were enjoying climbing on each couch and trying them out. My daughter was trying to convince us which couch we should get. My older son was happily walking from couch to couch, flopping himself on each one. My baby boy was snuggled into the sling, sound asleep. After a few minutes, I noticed a well dressed, middle aged man circling the area, getting closer to me and the kids. At one point he came right up to me and the boys, and instinctively I put myself between he and my mobile son. I had a bad feeling. He continued to circle the area, staring at the kids. He occasionally picked something up, pretending to look at it but looking right over at us instead. My mom noticed as well and mentioned that we needed to keep an eye on him. We moved on… and so did he. Closely. My son wandered into one of the little display rooms across from the couches and I followed him closely with my baby strapped to me. My mom said she watched as the older man dropped what he was doing and quickly and closely followed us into the area. At the same time, she noticed another man dressed more casually and in his 20s. He wasn’t looking at us, but was walking the same circling pattern around us as the first man. My mom and I decided to sit down and wait for them to move on. We had a gut feeling something was going on, but we hoped we were wrong and they would move on. So we sat in one of the little display rooms. For close to 30 minutes. And they sat too. They sat down on one of the couches on the display floor that faced us. That was when we knew our gut feeling was right and something was off. They sat the whole time we sat, and stood up right as we got up. We continued on and my mom turned around and realized the two men had moved and were sitting only one couch away from each other, still facing our direction. The older man was still watching us. She made eye contact… very clearly letting them know that we saw them. And we moved on. We managed to lose them at that point. (We talked with an employee, circled back and used the bathroom and went out into a different section). But still kept the kids right with us the whole time. I kept the baby in the sling which kept my hands free and my eyes too. I didn’t have to keep an eye on the stroller AND two kids… I just had to watch my older ones. When we got through the maze of IKEA, we reported what happened to security.

After talking through the experience, there are some things I want to point out.

These men weren’t shopping. While they walked around the store, they weren’t looking at things… not really. The older man would occasionally pick something up and act like he was looking at it, but he’d look right over the top of it at my kids. Then he’d drop it and move on as soon as we did.

They weren’t waiting for anyone. Often you see men in a place like IKEA waiting for their wives, but these guys appeared to be alone. They didn’t even talk to each other. They didn’t talk to anyone. They didn’t smile casually at people (in fact, early on, I looked at the older guy when he got close to us and smiled… which is something I do regularly when I’m out.. I’m always making eye contact with people. He instantly looked away. That was odd to me).

They were dressed nicely but very differently. I would never have put these two together. And they didn’t appear to be together.

The area they were hanging around had an exit right by it. IKEA is a massive confusing maze of a store. But they could have run out that exit with my child and handed them off to someone waiting outside and been gone before I could find them.

Something was off. We knew it in our gut. I am almost sure that we were the targets of human trafficking. This is happening all over. Including the United States. It’s in our backyards. I’m reading more and more about these experiences and it’s terrifying. If not that, something else shady was obviously going on. Either way, as parents, we NEED to be aware.

Please PLEASE be aware when you’re out with your children. It’s not the time to be texting or facebooking or chatting on the phone. When you’re in a public place with your kids, please be aware and present so that you don’t become a victim. Had I not been paying attention that day… or had I let my kids roam and play while I checked my phone… I may have lost one. The thought just makes me completely ill. (Especially because I’ve been guilty of this!)

Also, in hindsight, I would have taken a picture of the guys. Probably right in their faces so they saw me do it.

Trust your gut. It’s there for a reason.


**after reading many of the comments I want to add a few things.

This took place in Southern California, however, kids can be targeted anywhere.

If I could go back and do things differently, there are some things I would change. Many people have questioned why I didn’t immediately contact an employee or call the police. To be honest, we were so focused on where the kids were and keeping a distance from these men that we weren’t thinking about much else. I loved someone’s suggestion of using my cell phone to call the store and ask for security and explain the situation. That’s an excellent tool if someone is ever uncomfortable. Our IKEA (I’m not sure if this is true of all) doesn’t have a lot of employees in this particular area. So calling the store would have been an excellent idea.

This was not an employee that was undercover or loss prevention. We spoke quite extensively with the head of security when this was over.

This is not meant to scare you. We have to live our lives. I will go back to that IKEA again. Please don’t boycott IKEA. The truth is, we need to be aware no matter where we are when we are with our kids. And unfortunately we can’t always assume the best of people. Live your life. Take your kids places. But be aware. And be attentive.

Something was not okay here. This was not a situation that I misunderstood. Do I know 100% what harm these men intended? No. I’m taking an educated guess based on how things played out and what I know. But even if I am wrong about their specific intentions… I KNOW they were up to something and focused on me and my children.

One more thing that has less to do with what happened and more to do with this post. I did not intend for this to spread the way it has. I simply posted experience, hoping to remind my mom friends to be aware and diligent. Friends couldn’t share it with whoever they wanted to and the privacy settings wouldn’t allow them to tag. So at the request of friends who wanted to share, I chose to post it again publicly. I did not expect this response, and frankly it makes me a little uncomfortable because of some of the comments. My intention is that someone will read this and remember to pay attention to their children, and help keep kids safe!
Please. Don’t stare at your phone without paying much attention to your surroundings. Stay safe.

My mom asked me “so have you ever sent in a question to the guys?” and I said “uhhh actually…” and told her about how I did in fact do that last night and that it was about the bagel thing and let her read the email I sent. (She thought it was funny, I knew she would.)

So I had a small breakthrough (breakdown?) yesterday. One of my coworkers pulled me aside and asked if I was okay. She could tell that something was wrong. I told her what was going on with my grandma and just sobbed for like a half hour. It felt really good to just cry it out. And today my mom texted to say the email I sent to Gram really cheered her up. So slowly but surely I’m starting to feel like me again. It feels nice.

I just need to get real emotional about NJCon and the precious peach that is Misha goddamn Collins real quick

Okay, so I had a photo op with Misha for this year, and the pose I wanted to do involved a book that he loved called We Are Not Ourselves. He had recc’ed it and done a book club for it, and because he loved it so much and held it in such high regard, I decided to buy it and read it, too. I didn’t realize until halfway in, though, that one of the main characters has early onset Alzheimer’s, and then that just made the book even more meaningful to me.

My mom has EOA and the book just hit me so goddamn hard. I cried repeatedly, and in public, and it was just incredible. Matthew Thomas, the author, got so many things about living with someone with the disease down perfectly; when I finished the book, I sent him an email thanking him for everything, and he replied back with the sweetest email ever, and I just really wanted to have a chance to meet him at a book signing someday and tell him all of this in person. I wouldn’t have found this book without Misha’s recommendation, so I wanted to let him know that and know how important it was to me.

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My mom had a Tiny Adventure

My 71-year-old mom installed some bad software that wiped her drivers.  I helped clean her computer out of the badness, but I missed that part.  She emailed me asking for help one day, and I sent her a link to a manual with instructions, and told her I’d come by one evening when she felt up to it to get her set back up.

Well, she emailed me this morning to tell me she’d read the manual herself and installed her own drivers!  My senior citizen mom who has anxiety conquered her own printer!

A Letter From Mini Vault’s Mom

Wow! Did I have an amazing surprise in my email today. My dear friend, Mini Vault’s Mom (she does have a real name, but for her privacy I keep that to myself. lol), sent me a letter. It’s not really addressed to me specifically, but rather the fandom.

One of the most popular questions on my blog is “Who is Mini Vault?” There is a Mini Vault tag on Something To Live For just a heads up. Mini Vault’s Mom has decided it’s time to tell everyone the WHOLE story. From start to finish. I have to be honest, it was a really fun walk down memory lane as she recalled how we came into one another’s lives and the friendship that’s developed between the two of us and her darling daughter. Especially the early days of our Tumblr messaging problems and my complete lack of chill. lol

I’ve offered some details of how Mini Vault and Stephen’s friendship came to be, but it was always up to MVM to decide what to reveal. I am fiercely protective of their privacy. Before everybody freaks out… NO. Mini Vault has not revealed the spoiler. That will not happen until after 4x23 airs. Trust me. She’s Mini Vault.

I know the protectiveness goes both ways and Mini Vault’s Mom has spent the last couple weeks worrying about me and whether or not I’m getting harrassed. I’m not. I reaasure her not to worry, I am totally fine (and I am) and 99% of the fandom understands the point of this little game Stephen cooked up. 

Still, she wanted to share her story and far be it from me to stand in the way of that. She shares so much her journey with Arrow, her fandom experience, her convention experience and her Stephen Amell experiences in the letter. (It’s really good y’all.) She does offer a little perspective on “the game” we play together all year long, however. Hopefully it will help those enjoy the finale more tomorrow as a result.

I am deeply honoroed to know this woman. She is a 911 Operator. Her day is 100% stress. Most of the time she has no idea if the people she speaks with survive or not. She is an actual life line. A real life hero. Arrow is a way for her to escape and de-stress. Nobody deserves it more. She is also a devoted mother, wise, very funny and has an incredible outlook on life. Basically she’s a beautiful soul through and through. The joy of this blog is that it brings people into my life that I would have never had a chance to get to know. So… if she wants to post something on my blog, yeah she gets to. lol Whatever you wanna say babe. I didn’t trim a word. The blog is yours my friend.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for contacting me and sharing your life with me. You are a treasured friend! Fingers crossed you can go to another convention next year, Stephen shares a spoiler with Mini Vault and we can play the game all over again in Season 5.

Now I am going to attack hug you my friend.

Enjoy the story fandom! It’s a good one. :)

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Mom: I sent you an email…

Me: Ok, I’ll check it when I get home.

My parents are Jehovahs witnesses and made the decision not to associate with me anymore after hearing counsel at one of their conventions about cutting off communication with those who are inactive in the church.  

I live with my boyfriend, and he’s been supporting me this whole time. My parents will never see me get married and my children won’t have grandparents. It makes me sad to think about, but I wont sacrifice my own happiness for a religion that tells parents to shun their children. This is the last message I received from her after they broke the news to me. 

Help a trans woman and her mom survive the next 1-2 months!

So suddenly my priorities have shifted even from staying medicated,over to just making sure me and my mom secure.

Long story short,her attempt to secure a suit against her former employer for negligence (which led to her being injured and unable to work as she did before),has failed.

And so we’re on fairly shaky ground right now.

There’s no definite goal,but any amount that anyone can give is greatly appreciated.

Donations can be sent to at Paypal,or the donate button at the bottom of my blog.

If you give,please message me here on Tumblr or the aforementioned email address so I can keep track.

Otherwise,getting the word out is helpful as well!

my dad almost ordered me one of those flying remote control helium sharks for christmas

no, he actually DID order it before he realized he would have to fill it with helium

why did he think i would want a five foot flying remote control helium shark?

i have no fucking idea

i sent him and my mom an email saying ‘hey I don’t expect presents because everyone is broke right now but if you’re going to buy me something, please buy me one of these things that I will actually use, and not a give foot flying remote control helium shark, what the fuck’

High School AU’s

Based off of things that actually happened at school:

-“There was an email about school being canceled but I didn’t see it so I showed up to school anyway and you came too to get something and you offer me a ride home” au

-“We’re in the same friend group but you guys made a ruckus and got kicked out of the library and I did too even though I didn’t do anything” au

-“I yelled a ‘your mom’ joke at you during school orientation week because you looked like a student but you’re actually a/my teacher” au

-“The library is usually locked in the morning so we sit in awkward silence across from each other in the hallway until it gets unlocked but one day you made a weird noise and now I can’t stop laughing” au

-“You sent an all school email challenging me to a rap battle that I didn’t know about and now everybody’s harassing me about it” au

-“We somehow broke a couch in the rec center and you thought that kicking it would fix it but you made it worse” au

-“We tried to see how many people we could pile on a couch and you came in at the wrong moment” au

-“We’re on the JV sailing team and you capsized the boat just to spite me because I said I didn’t want to get wet and now I’m annoyed” au

Part 2: x


Referring to this post and this post.

I wore the #blacklivesmatter shirt to school and the administration asked me to cover it up or change out of it. I refused and so they pulled me out of class on the grounds that my shirt incited division. (I missed two AP classes and a science class) I was pretty much crying the whole day but I was not gonna take this shirt off. 

My mom met with the disciplinarian and she apologized for being rude to me and making it a personal issue, she said none of this would go on my record and she would ask my teachers to give me time to work on my assignments I missed from being pulled from class. 

I am outraged with the way this was dealt with and explained everything to my older sibling. My sibling contacted a local newspaper and got them to email me asking for specifics about the situation promising to try and get this story to print before the newspaper’s deadline. I sent a detailed email explaining the entire situation. The email with specifics is in the read more.

“My motivation behind doing this is that I feel like the voices and feelings of some of the students at my school are not taken in to consideration when scheduling days like today while other students feelings and voices are taken into consideration. I stand strongly behind the #blacklivesmatter movement and I do not see how it is offensive to value lives. I felt it was unfair for the administration of my school to push their political agenda onto its students, most of whom were unaware of the implications of wearing a blue shirt and were just happy to wear jeans and a t shirt instead of the uniform. I feel as though the school itself made the division in the student body by having this day in the first place. I feel as though wearing this shirt only made the division visible to administration but was not responsible for the division and therefore should not have needed to be covered up.”

-from the email

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