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mandela effect!!!!

i lowkey regret deleting my iconic mandala effect thread on twitter (@imnotaiexia) and some of you are requesting me to post it again! so here it is: i’m a hoe for conspiracy theories! but this one specifically got me fucked up and i firmly believe in it!  

the mandela effect is basically when you/a group of people remember something, that no one else remembers OR in different ways that others, this is because parallel universes merged making certain details from our universe change, there are many theories but ill get to that at the end. 

it’s named after the fact that a lot of people could’ve sworn remembering that nelson mandela died in the 80s, and here are more examples:

  1. the iconic debate between the berenstAin/berenstEin bears: some people grew up watching the show, reading the books for literally decades and most of these people remember it as berenstEin, even though some people swear it’s always been berenstAin (i honestly don’t trust anyone who says it’s always been berenstAin bc they’re lying)
  2. sex IN the city/sex AND the city: i vividly remember watching the show and the movies, for me it was sex IN the city i swear to God. 
  3. the iconic phrase “MIRROR mirror on the wall” has always been “MAGIC mirror on the wall” like what??.. the same thing with “luke, i’m your father”… it’s always been “NO, i’m your father” look it up! 
  4. skechers/skeTchers: skechers had a fucking T!!!! all my way through elementary school and even middle school! my mom would buy me this brand of shoes, i can vividly remember the twinkle toes edition because i owned many pair of those and i can swear it was skeTchers, this one got me tripping and losing it! skechers doesn’t even feel right. 
  5. curious george had a tail ?? i swear i can remember watching the show, the movies, the books, even the merchandise at toys stores! those little plush toys and it had a tail. i know some people say “it doesn’t have one bc it’s a chimp” but i remember it hanging from trees with its tail, throwing a ball and even hugging the guy in yellow with it!! and now it’s gone, seeing curious george without a tail doesn’t even feel right is2g.
  6. is it just me or does anyone else remember thanksgiving being on the THIRD thursday of november???? …it’s been always the fourth since the times on lincoln and this one is also driving me crazy.
  7. looney TOONS/looney TUNES: according to wikipedia it’s always been looney TUNES since 1930 but i can totally remember it as TOONS
  8. this ones from the bible “the lion shall lay down with the lamb” is “the wolf will live with the lamb” how? i have no idea. it even was on twilight
  9. my mom and a lot of people could’ve sworn that fidel castro died, some people even remember seeing it on the news and learning about it on history books! also, some people remember betty white dying. they’re both alive to this day. 
  10. the kellog’s logo doesn’t have a rooster head but me and some other people kinda remember it having one?? 

ok now HOW CAN WE EXPLAIN THIS???? here are some theories i investigated so please bear with me:

  • THEORY #1 the scientific explanation: we all just collectively misremember little things, kinda like glitches in the human mind
  • THEORY #2 someone is testing the butterfly effect: the butterfly effect is the concept that small causes can have large effects. this would explain how it started changing small things like the bears and small details to larger things like movies, logos, dates and even the bible. it’s like saying ‘let’s go back and change this one thing and see how it effects on the current timeline’ butterfly effect boom
  • THEORY #3 aliens have used advanced technology to change the world line to another one similar to the original but with minor differences
  • THEORY #4 all the people who had a nearly death experience or almost died have been transferred into a parallel universe, before the experience we were in a berenstEin universe and after the experience we jumped into a berenstAin unicerse but all those who remember it as stAin have always been in this universe and if they’re close to dying they could jump back to universe E

(disclaimer: they’re called theories for a reason. i never said that any of this was true, i just really enjoy talking about this and this is for fun and curiosity. credits to reddit for the info i investigated)  ✨

lkasomfgkojsiuo i’m dying my mom just called to tell me to check whatsapp and when i did there were two blurred pics of sandals. she wanted to know my opinion before buying them for me. i didn’t really like one of the pairs but obvsly i didn’t have the heart to say it. she accidentally called me after we’d hung up too and i could hear her talking to my aunt like ‘i can’t believe she liked them, i didn’t think she shared my taste’ fogmfomgm how fucking adorable is she 

i’ll probably wear that ugly sandal every day for the rest of my life ok 

anonymous asked:

How about "I work at a department store and if you take out and unfold a shirt and then leave it one more time I'm going to stuff it down your throat" Percabeth AU ? :D

“Oh hell no.”

Annabeth looks up to see a boy with black hair and bright green eyes looking at her as though she is public enemy number one. In one instant, anger flares up in her, and she coils, ready to strike at him. Then she sees the name tag sitting at his collar and immediately closes her mouth. If she lets this happen, it could get interesting. God knows she could do with some entertainment. 

“’Oh hell’ what now?” she replies, raising an eyebrow. 

“I have folded that panty display about 80 times in the past three hours, and if you don’t fold all of those hipster panties back up, I will call Satan himself and have him wreak havoc upon your soul. And those panties aren’t even your color, by the way!”  

Annabeth raises her eyebrows. 

“So you do work here. And these are totally my color.” 

“I have a nametag, don’t I? And no they’re not.”

“You do,” she concedes. “It’s just a little odd that a male would be working in Victoria’s Secret.” 

“My friend Piper works here,” he says, looking a little nonplussed. “She got me in.”

“And do you like it?”

“Not when twerps like you ruin my underwear displays. Ugh, and don’t even get me started on folding thongs.” 

“I’m not a twerp, you goober. My mother owns the place; I can do whatever I want to.”

She hates playing the mommy card, but this guy is getting on her nerves.

But the dude just frowns and scratches at the scruff on his chin.

“Your mom is Victoria?”


“Can you ask her what the secret is? Because I’ve been trying to figure it out and I just-”

“My mom owns the mall,” Annabeth interjects. “She’s a business women and she recently bought the place.”

“Oh geez. You’re Athena Chase’s daughter?”

“Annabeth,” she says, wondering if she should stick her hand out and introduce herself. 

“Percy,” he replies, voice still annoyed. “Are you going to buy those or not? I can… I can ring you up.”

“I don’t think I can,” she says, frowning down at the panties which she had put back without folding. “I mean, you said they aren’t my color.” 

He glances down at the pair of panties in her hand.

“I mean… I just don’t think you seem like a yellow kind of gal.” 

“So… what color of panties do you picture a ‘gal’ like me in?”

He pauses, eyes searching the display of hipsters lying on the shelf. Then he reaches down and picks up a pair of panties that are the exact same color as his startlingly sea-green eyes, handing them to her. 

“This color.”

Annabeth stares at them. 


He clears his throat. 

“So… I’ll see you around the mall?” 

“Probably,” she says. “If you see unfolded stuff, you’ll know who it was.”

She buys the panties and makes sure they’re peaking out of her bag as she leaves the store. 

northern-irish-lefty  asked:

What was your life like in the USSR?

I was 8 when the USSR ceased to exist, so my life in the USSR as I remember it was all fun and no work. :) I played outside a lot and I had plenty of friends from the block. I had a lot of picture books and toy cars (I loved toy cars!) My parents and I travelled by car every summer to different places in Russia. I can say that I had a very happy childhood!

I do remember some things though, that I took for granted then, but I understand now were not so happy. I remember standing in line with my mom to get cotton tights for me (I had to be there because we could get “2 tights into one pair of hands” - so together we would get twice more). I remember looking through my parents’ coupon book (without a coupon you couldn’t buy certain foods). I remember how my grandfather gave me a small chocolate for big holidays, and it was so great because we rarely ate chocolate. How we bought a huge bunch of green bananas once and put them into kitchen drawyers to get yellow (normally you couldn’t buy bananas at all). And of course we couldn’t dream of visiting places outside the Union. It was simply unreal.

As much as I love Soviet designs, music etc., I’m happy we’re not in the Soviet Union anymore and I don’t want to go back. At the same time, it’s good to remember that we don’t need to buy quite so much stuff to live a happy life.

The 50/50 Mind Split of Being Single (and 30)

Growing up I was never the kind of kid dreaming of a wedding day. I played house but there was never any man or kids in the picture..just myself. My barbie was even a career woman (a newscaster in fact.)  I don’t know why but perhaps I couldn’t envision another person in my future? I was always picturing myself independent.

I’ve had boyfriends, almost got engaged (heard he bought a ring and I panicked), done plenty of the one nighters, menu dated, etc. nothing really stuck. No one has ever wow’d me enough for me to want to spend my life with them. I have always felt when it was my turn it would happen. No big deal.

Turning 30 and being single has created so much pressure.  People are pairing off & starting the next chapter of their lives filled with weddings, house buying, &  kids, people start to remind you- you “only have a few more years” for starting a family, and your family starts to grow concerned about your single status. My mom particularly is slightly worried I will forever be alone & who will help “take care of me,” some day. My grandmother is mentioning it weekly.

50% of my brain says: WHO CARES to all that. I can do this shit on my own, “I got this.” I work hard, I support myself, it’s not the end of the world if I have to continue my life as a single person. If it was meant for me to find someone – I would. I’ve got plenty of time (I’ve said at 24,25,26…)! I don’t want to be disappointed if I am actually alone forever, so telling myself “who cares” is partially a coping mechanism….I won’t be disappointed if I prepared myself.

The other 50% says: WHAT.THE.FUCK. Do you really want to be alone? Never have someone to come home to? What are you going to do at 40…50…60…? Do you want to come home to lean cuisines, a dog, and your DVR forever? You probably need a person. Who is going to make sure you are even alive in your house?

I don’t know what part of my brain is going to win over or if there is even a right side but turning 30 has partially been a reality check.  What do I really want and how do I feel happy in the outcome?