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Mallory Pugh

Whenever the team goes to Starbucks, Mallory Pugh convinces every one of her team moms to buy her something different, since they’re all wrapped around her finger. The baristas can’t help but remark on how young she is, but she can’t hear them over all her success.

GOD FLIPPIN’ FLAPPIN’ DAMN IT!!!! *flips a table* AUGHHH!!!

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Fluffy Flashbacks - Jason Blossom

‘Please do a Jason Blossom imagine!! I really love him as a character!! Anything, maybe just flashbacks of the reader and him before he died or something!’
‘42 and 46 with Jason Blossom’
42: ‘Stop being so cute.’
46: ‘It was a joke, baby. I swear.
(This took me all day and it’s still not a long as I would like it. But I like I did pretty well on it)

Jason couldn’t help but smile in admiration as you ran and twirled in the field of flowers and grass. It took you a couple minutes to realize that he wasn’t following you anymore. When you looked back to see why he wasn’t following, you saw him just staring at you with a smile on his face. To anyone else, it would have been weird or creepy, but to you, seeing Jason smile filled you with a sense of warmth only he can elicite. After a couple seconds, he noticed you had stopped and was staring back at him. This caused him to smile even broader and start walking towards you.
“What are you doing?” you ask Jason as he caught up to you, putting his arm around you and continued walking with you. “Just staring at you.” He said gazing into your eyes. “You know, you have to stop being so cute.” He said occasionally looking up from you, the smile never leaving his face. “I’m not willing to share you with anyone else.” He continued, as he leans down to kiss you once he was finished talking.
You and Jason kept walking in silence until you guys reached Sweet Water River before deciding to walk back into town. Unable to stop grinning at each other.


There was no doubt about it. He fucked up and you were angry. Jason thought it would be funny to put a large spider in your locker. As soon as you saw the football team laughing at the scream you let out, you started to power-walk towards the front of the school. Before you got to the front door, Jason started chasing you, calling for you.
“Babe, please, stop” He called after you, following you through the crowd of teenagers. This just prompted you to walk faster. Finally, he caught up to you just as you were exiting to school. “It was a joke, Baby. I swear” he claimed grabbing your elbow.
“A joke? You think that is a joke?” you hiss at him. “You know that I hate spiders more then anything” you said to him. “Babe, let me explain,” Jason says, looking into your eyes. “You have been kinda distant lately, so I wanted to scare you so you would need me.” Jason explains with a look of guilt on his face. You’re conflicted by his addmission. You felt disappointed, because he could have talked to you instead of scaring you. But you also felt skeptical if he was telling you the truth. But overall, you felt remorse because you hadn’t intended to neglect Jason the past week.
Deciding to forgive him this time, you wrapped your arms around his waist. ”I’m sorry,” you said to him once you let him go, “I didn’t realize what I was doing.” You tell him.
“It’s ok,” Jason coos as he cups your cheek with his hand, “I’ll forgive you, this time,” he continued with a smirk. “But next time, there will be consequences.” He finished with a joking smile, causing you to laugh.


It’s memories like these that you want to forget the most. They only make you miss him more. But at the same time, you never want to forget. Because you will never love someone as much as you loved Jason. But someone took that love away from you that morning on July 4th at Sweet Water River.

Like a married couple

(A/N): I feel as though I may be the wine mom of all my friends…

Request:anonymous asked: Hi! May I request Dad-Friend Steve and Mom-Friend Reader and everyone else ships them together, and they come up with a plan to get them to confess but it turns out they’ve been dating a for a while on the downlow? Thank you!

Warnings: none

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   “Steve if you tell one more dad joke I swear to god,” (Y/N) stared at Steve menacingly, placing their hands on their hips as they glare at the star spangled man. 

   “But I’m so good at them,” Steve smiled cockily, something that was rare nowadays. 

   “Everyone hates them so much,” 

   “You all love them and you know it,” (Y/N) rolled their eyes, shaking their head in annoyance as they went back to chopping up some onions for whatever they were making but the faint smile on their face only justified Steve’s words. Meanwhile every other avenger had congregated at the dining table, all staring at the two team members fondly. 

   “Guys I swear they’re a thing, how could they not be?” Sam asked incredulously, albeit quietly all the while gesturing to the two as they giggled at something one of them had said. 

   “I don’t know,” Bucky murmurs, shaking his head. “I don’t see it,” 

   “I’m with Bucky here,” Nat nods her head, agreeing to Bucky’s statement. “I just don’t see it,” 

   “We need to find a way,” Tony buts in,” To wiggle it out of them, truly figure this all out,” 

   “It makes sense,” Wanda suddenly joins in the conversation, previously having said nothing at all on the matter. “Steve is the dad of the group and (Y/N) is the mom,” 

   “What the hell are you talking about?” Bucky wrinkles his nose in confusion, glaring at the ‘couple’ across the room.

   “Bucky, (Y/N) keeps snacks in all of their bags in case any of us get hungry and Steve is constantly in protective pappa bear mode, they are the literal walking definition of Mom and Dad friend,” 

   “Maybe they’re already married, maybe they already are a mom and dad!” Tony gasps softly, his face dawning with surprise. “It would make sense though, right? Right?” Nat shrugs her shoulders before turning back to look at the pair who were now just smiling fondly at each other, like two teenagers in love. 

   “Fucking hell,” Sam mutters, shaking his head at the sight. “If they aren’t a thing then I’m giving up redwing,” 

   “Oh my god,” Bucky murmurs, his eyes widening in surprise. “You guys Sam just placed a bet on his precious redwing, this is getting serious,” The group continue to bicker and banter back and forth, attempting to figure out if one party was right, if Steve and (Y/N) really were a couple or if they were just really close friends who had bonded via their mom/dad relationship with everyone else. 

   “Do you think they know we can hear them?” Steve whispers to (Y/N) who is smiling faintly as they continue to merrily chop away at food. 

   “I don’t think so, maybe that’s why they’re whispering,” (Y/N) raises their eyebrows, giving Steve a mock lock of surprise as they do so. Steve merely chuckles, sliding down a bit into this seat as he turned to stare at his friends fondly. 

   “Do you think we should tell them?” Steve asks softly, watching as Tony whisper shouted something to Sam. 

   “Nah, let’s see how long we can keep this going,” (Y/N) ceases their chopping, electing to stare at their friends as well. 

    “I’m guessing the end of this month,” Steve murmurs, nodding his head to himself. “They are awfully close to figuring this out,” 

   “I’d give them to the day of our wedding announcements,” Steve nearly snorts, inhaling a bit too deeply as he laughs quite a bit. “Maybe the day of the wedding I don’t know,” 

   “Really? Do you think they’re that dense?” 

   “Steve, we’ve almost been caught-” (Y/N) pauses, giving Steve a side glance, trying to decide on which words to use for this particular phrase. “We’ve almost been caught ‘fonduing’ on more than one occasion and they’re still arguing about this, so I know I’m gonna win this,” Steve merely hums, shrugging his shoulders as he does so. 

   “We’ll just have to see then,” 

~Extended Ending~

   “Yes!” Tony yelled excitedly, punching the air before getting up to high-five Sam and Wanda. “We were right losers!” He points to Nat, Bucky, and Bruce, all of whom had thought that (Y/N) and Steve weren’t really a thing. 

   “Whatever man,” Bucky grumbled, huffing as he glared down at the artsy little piece of paper in his hands, the same one every avenger was holding. 

   ‘We cordially invite you for the marriage of Steve Rogers and (Y/N) (Y/L/N)’ 

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ARKOS "My mom can beat up your dad!"

“My mom can beat up your dad!”, the blonde girl told the red haired boy. 

“But my mom can beat up your mum!” He kicked the football over the lawn and two children chased after it. 

“Are you just gonna take that?”, Pyrrha asked. 

“Well, she’s not wrong”, Jaune said. 

“Remind me to ask Yang why she told her daughter she could beat you up.” Pyrrha rested her head on his shoulder. “And why her daughter feels like she needs to tell our son all about it.”

“She probably just guessed it.” 

“If you don’t stop being so bitter about your skills…”

“What then?” He chuckled and kissed her forehead. “Are you going to beat me up?” 

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Just so you know, my Mom REALLY loves the Blood Moon Waltz! It's her top requested peice when I hit that AUX 😎.

You have a cool mom. Don’t ever forget that.

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Thank you for existing. 💗 send this to 10 people that you think that deserve a sweet and kind message in their inbox 💕 I love you!

aaaaaAAAAAAA thank you thank you so much aaaa ur really a sweet person and i appreciate it that every time you reblog my art i’d be really excited to check the tags coz you never failed to make my day with ur lovely words aaaaaa thank you so much for existing, mom

Prayer Request

Please pray for my mom; she fell and is currently in the ER. She may have dislocated her left shouler but do not know for sure until xrays are done. I pray she did not break any bones. She just turned 66 years old. Her name is Rosa. God bless you all.

Hey all. Prayer request for my mom. She’s getting a very stressful and painful medical test done today to diagnose myasthenia gravis. If she has it, that would explain the double vision she’s been having (which doesn’t explain the tiny brain tumor, but idk, maybe that’s next on the list of medical mysteries). She’s very anxious about it, so if you could pray for peace, that would be great! Also that she gets an answer today and doesn’t have to go through more tests.