my mom never bought me these


they’re still babies and their dad wants them to play with the big kids

(based on a real story)


“Why are you so sad?”
“My daughter, was so kind. She didn’t even go on a school trip so she could help her mom. The doctor told me it would be a simple surgery.. If I had known that she would never wake up again, I should’ve done everything for her. I should’ve sent her on that trip by force. I should’ve bought her a lot of pretty clothes. I should have told her to play around instead of working part-time jobs. Because I keep thinking about the things I haven’t been able to do for her, I can’t sleep and I can’t eat.”

Haikyuu headcanons

inspired by my life

- Oikawa has a big ass rainbow flag in his room. He bought it at a festival a year ago and loves it very much. That’s also how he basically came out to his mom.

- Hinata has to go to the toilet when he’s in school. Every 30 minutes. It never happens at work or at home but every time he’s in school he needs to pee all the time. His classmates tease him about it and even the teachers think it’s funny.

- Iwaizumi has a body pillow with his fave anime character and can’t sleep without it anymore.

- Terushima’s mood is controlled by the weather: when it’s rainy and cloudy he gets anxious and sad, but when the sun is out he’s happy and feels safe. No one really knows why.

- Kindaichi always complains about his back. It hurts all the time from his job. He takes a bath every day and gets a massage from his mom before going to bed but nothing helps. Kunimi feels sorry for his bf, even if it’s annoying.

- Kuroo loves the “does jumin han is gay” video and watches it weekly

- Bokuto loves to play mk8 online, but hates losing. Every time he’s playing, he puts on loud trap music, which riles him up and makes him better.

- Hanamaki says he loves reading even though he hasn’t touched a book in weeks. (He’s talking about fanfiction.)

- Akaashi often turns on pop music, gets a hair brush and starts singing in front of the mirror, pretending to be at “America’s got talent”.

- Every time Lev texts with his best friend he often uses caps and exclamation marks. He also makes very much mistakes. (For example: I CANYD BELIEVE DTHEY KISSED YAZKU DID YOU SEE THAT YURI ON ICE ENDED HOMOPJOBXIA??!!! WHAT ETHDF. FUCK)

A letter to the brother I always missed

Dear brother,

It’s again the day when I secretly stole a piece of cake for you. I don’t know which one you loved because you never told me but I am pretty much sure that you won’t mind eating it as long as I bring this.

You know I first asked about you to mom when I was 4. My best friend’s brother had bought her a toffee and she shared it with me. She too always kept the toffee given at school for her brother. I never knew about that tradition! She never asked me why my brother didn’t get me toffee. She is nice that way. She never asks such. But I had to ask mom where you are. She told me you were a star as you loved the sky. So I ran to the terrace to wait for you to give you my favorite toffee. I had kept it with me for three days because I was so scared to ask mom about you. But then I didn’t tell her about you. I wanted to keep you all to myself.

I searched for you everywhere in sky. I knew you would be the brightest one. And when I saw you I took out the list of everything I had noted down to tell you. I know you were happy to listen from me. I even left the toffee there for you. I was so angry next day when I saw that you didn’t take that toffee. I am still mad just so you know.

Some days I still wonder what life would have been if I had you. I never got to wear your sweatshirt and you never stole my shoes. I never got to make you lose in a video game and you never set a curfew for me. I sometimes wonder if you would have scared the guy who would have asked me out. I know you would have shared about your crush with me. I would have even helped you. We would have been cool pair of sibling that way.

Do you remember that day I had cried in front of you for hours? My exam went so bad and those fire works didn’t let me see you. I swear i was so pissed that i had to wait till late mid night. I have started swearing more. I don’t know if you would have stopped me. I do remember apologizing to you the first time i cursed. I guess if you would have been here you would have taught me new ones so I could show off to my friends. As I said we would have been cool that way.

I don’t know what your birthday would have been but I like to make a gift for you every year. I hate it when everyone forgets my birthday. Sometimes I too forget it. If you would have been there that wouldn’t have been the case. I forgot it today even.

I even wonder what you would have looked like. I am sure we would have resembled to each other in some way like same eyes color or same hair color. We would have loved same food may be. Though I am not sure. I would have surely been there to cheer you if you liked any game. I guessed we wouldn’t have fought much and even if we did I would have let you win. I will be the cooler one that way.

There were times when I needed you so much. Like that day in third grade when that girl hit me. She wouldn’t have if I had you to protect me. But you weren’t and so I was on bed next two days with bruised face and I ate a big chocolate from the ones I had spared for you. And I am not sorry for that cuz it was after all your fault. But just so you know, I really need you sometimes.

And so I always write about the things I knew only you would have understood and I wonder if you too miss having me to listen you! And though you don’t stay around me you still are the person I am fond of the most. You would have been my favorite second chance, that person I would give the last piece of cookie to.

You wouldn’t have been just a metaphor or poem. You would have been all my wishes trapped in a human. You still are. And you will always be, my favorite poem of all time. I really miss you. I hope you are missing me too.

Originally written on July 2, 2008
Edited on January 9, 2017

i know everyone just heard ‘adam birkholtz has sisters’ and ran with the little sister headcanons and i love them all but also what if adam birkholtz was the baby of the family???? hmmm???

(thanks @kantperson and @tictacbergerac for letting me rant abt this on twitter)

LEAH, age 32, surgical resident

  • bc she’s so much older than holster she’s like a really weird sister/aunt/mom hybrid and adam LOVES HER. 
    • simultaneously So Cool and A Giant Nerd
    • saw holster’s snaps of getting high watching the golden girls and was like “ADAM >:(”
  • their parents are real :/// because leah never really dated and she ~should be thinking of settling down~ and then the other birkholtz children will be like: “hey ur kid is literally a brain surgeon could u maybe not??”
    • (leah is gay? maybe? but she’s focusing on her career and can’t really be fucked abt it tbh)
  • (leah’s siblings watch A LOT of grey’s anatomy. they call her mcdreamy and she HATES it and they will NEVER KNOW that christina yang made her decide to go to med school)
  • leah hears adam’s stories about ‘his bro ransom’ and just kind of sideeyes her phone.
    • “adam. adam honey. that’s gay”
    • “YOU’RE GAY”
    • “uh.”
    • “my friend shitty says i gotta let u come out at your own pace but is there somethin u wanna tell me?”

DELIA, age 29, resident nurse

  • she and leah are best fucking friends ever
    • (delia is the only one who knows abt leah’s monster crush on christina yang and she knows this bc they watched her last episode together and cried)
    • they work at the same hospital. the patients love them but they get REALLY CONFUSED bc someone will tell them “dr. birkholtz” is gonna treat them and they’ll be like “wait u mean delia? she was just in here she brought me this afghan?”
  • delia crochets like a motherfucking boss. she makes sweaters appear the way bitty cranks out pies. eric bittle, from GEORGIA, thanks god every day for delia’s blankets that are just everywhere in the haus
    • holster just casually gives people his scarf/hat and will be like “keep it dude. i have five more at home and i’m expecting a care package next month”
  • delia has been dating the same guy since high school and they’re engaged. holster gave this dude the shovel speech ten years ago. he still had fucking braces and delia can’t wait for leah to tell the story at the wedding.
  • holster and delia aren’t actually that close but they have an unspoken ‘i would absolutely die for you’ bond.
    • when holster’s home, they watch bad sitcoms together. specifically, ones cancelled in their first or second seasons. they compare notes re: whether or not they deserved to be canceled and how they might have been saved

MURIEL, age 26, personal trainer and professional hockey

  • muriel and holster are tight. it’s 50% a being-the-closest-in-age thing and 50% a diehard bond of hockey love.
  • the family joke is that it’s a good thing holster’s a boy bc obviously their parents were scraping the bottom of the barrel of girls’ names
    • (insert trans holster hc here)
  • muriel took ice skating lessons from ages 4-6, and when holster turned 4 and started learning baby hockey basics, muriel defected
    • muriel is a goalie. muriel is six feet tall and 190 pounds. muriel could end your life and you would thank her.
  • she left for college the same year holster left home to play in juniors. it was fucking awful and she transferred her sophomore year to be closer to his billet family.
  • she may or may not be a Jack Zimmermann Puck Bunny tm
    • (when holster told her abt samwell, she was like !!!!!!!. holster was NOT HAPPY.)
    • she helped him move into the haus and met jack for the first time and her entire brain stopped working.
    • literally she was carrying a giant tub of holster’s whey protein and she just. stood there staring at jack. like a NERD.
    • holster and shitty were there. a smh tradition was born.
    • her teammates call her murray because they love her
    • shitty has season tickets. he skypes holster from every single game. they cry a lot.
  • after she won the isobel cup she brought it down to samwell and was like ‘,:) are u intimidated gentlemen?
    • (she immediately became a fucking nerd again bc jack was there and asked for her autograph)
    • “ADAM STFU”
    • “PLSEAS??? I’LL SHAVE!!!!!”
    • “ADAM I H9 U”

ADAM, age 24, econ student

  • has really fucking awesome sisters
  • is the undisputed spoiled brat baby of the family

I have my dress for the Houston show and Im in love. I never got to wear anything remotely fancy anywhere. And this was just such a beautiful occasion. I never had prom, or a friends wedding, I never dressed up for anything, and my mom bought me this amazing Free People dress that was really pricey but I loved, and she was like “You know what? I am buying this, I couldnt buy you a prom dress, lets sort that this way” and she bought it. it has beads all over and flowers and it goes perfectly with the rose gold necklace my boyfriend gave to me for christmas. He engraved his signature and my sister’s, one on each side of the golden bar, so now I have the most important people of my life next to me, at all times. I cannot describe the feeling when I saw my little sister’s handwriting and thinking that I wont get that anymore, that my children wont hear her laugh, and that on her birthday she wont be here, but Taylor Nation saw that, and they invited me, an Argentinian living in the netherlands, to an invite only show in Texas. Its the first time in 7 years Ill be outside my house for my sister’s birthday and its thanks to Taylor.


• It is so so nice to be back in Berlin, I’ve missed this city!
• Eating has been going relatively ok !!!
• I’m currently drinking a swimming pool of coffee and finishing up an essay
• Robin’s parents got me gift cards to a shopping center for Christmas and I went shopping yesterday and omg I’ve never bought so much clothing in my life, including these rocking mom jeans
• We’re going to London (!) in 3 days and I need vegan recommendations so send em my way
• Today we’re going to Veganz which is an all-vegan supermarket and then to The Bowl which is one of my fav restaurants here
• Robin got me an instax camera for Christmas and it’s baby blue and I’m in love with it


doodle dump that helped me realize i love drawing genta :’))) also amuros hat is based off of one i actually own i never bought it and no one i know bought it it kinda just appeared in my step moms car? its in japanese and imma assume it says dead since cuz it says that inside

When I was in elementary schoo,l my mom told me I could get one book from the scholastic book sale. She got p mad cuz I bought a manga but tbh that poor book has followed me everywhere and everytime we move it had a spot in my room I loved it so much///
Yesterday I was just site hopping and I finally found a site with the rest of the series. It’s called +anima and I love it so much I stayed up all night to read it and I’m so happy it’s so good/// I’m sad it never got an anime because heck it was phenomenal and so cool/// I’m so happy I love it so much I’m gonna read through it again///

I like to save things. Not important things like whales or people or the environment. Silly things. Porcelain bells, the kind you get at souvenir shops. Cookie cutters you’ll never use, because who needs a cookie in the shape of a foot? Ribbons for my hair. Love letters. Of all the things I save, I guess you could say my love letters are my most prized possession. I keep my letters in a teal hatbox my mom bought me from a vintage store downtown. They aren’t love letters that someone else wrote for me; I don’t have any of those. These are ones I’ve written. There’s one for every boy I’ve ever loved – five in all.

When I write, I hold nothing back. I write like he’ll never read it. Because he never will. Every secret thought, every careful observation, everything I’ve saved up inside me, I put it all in the letter. When I’m done, I seal it, I address it, and then I put it in my teal hatbox.

They’re not love letters in the strictest sense of the word. My letters are for when I don’t want to be in love anymore. They’re for goodbye. Because after I write my letter, I’m no longer consumed by my all-consuming love. I can eat my cereal and not wonder if he likes bananas over his Cheerios too; I can sing along to love songs and not be singing them to him. If love is like a possession, maybe my letters are like my exorcisms. My letters set me free. Or at least they’re suppose to.

—  To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (Jenny Han)
Finally got my parents to watch Civil War

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I bought the Blu-Ray a few days ago because my mom kept pestering me whenever I open tumblr and there’s a gif of Civil War, saying how I never take her to see it in the theaters. 

So for our weekly movie night, I made my dad give up The Accountant to watch Civil War. He was upset at first, saying how he’s too old for superhero movies and all that shit. But boy, he was the one snapping at people when we talked during the movie. It was hilarious, he was on the edge of his seat the entire time we were watching it! 

The one thing I was excited was to find out which team my parents chose, so about halfway through the movie, I asked my dad, “So, are you Team Cap or Team Iron Man?” and he answered, without hesitation, “Team Iron Man, of course. Someone should keep an eye on these guys, just because they’re super heroes doesn’t mean they get to act freely…” and all that jazz. Which was not surprising, I mean, he’s a dad. 

Then as the movie progresses, he started to ask me questions about Steve and Bucky’s relationship (he didn’t watch the previous Cap movies) and what Bucky’s deal was. We literally had to pause the movie so I could give him a brief recap of their relationship, it was hilarious. 

He started to pay closer attention to the movie (this was when he started snapping at people for making too many noise). By the end of the movie, I asked him again, “So, you’re Team Iron Man?” 

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And he just turned to me, with a ‘bitch what’ kind of look and answered. “You kidding? I’m definitely Team Cap, I love that Bucky guy!” 

The he proceeded to rant about how he feels bad for Bucky because none of this was his fault yet everybody was treating him like he was a criminal. Can you imagine that? A 50-something year old man, a grandfather to my 2 year old, ranting about how badly the world treated Bucky Barnes and how he deserved better as he straightened the couch cushions and get ready for bed. 

I’m still laughing at it. I was like, “Same dude, same.” 

And the best part of the whole thing was how excited he was when he found out that there’s was not only one after credit scene, but two! His face lit up and he just turned to me and asked, “There’s more?!” Then he started to go on about how he wanted me to take him when Homecoming hits the cinemas. 

I swear, I love my dad so much y’all. He’s precious. 

anonymous asked:

You guys inspired me to come out to my parents, and now my mom bought me a binder! She accepted me as a boy but she would never know if it weren't for you being so... Inspiring. Thank you

We are relived to hear that it went well for you!

but we really do care about everyone’s safety here and we encourage anyone who’s considering coming out to drop hints first or if you realize your situation is favourable, educate your parents before you decide on a label.

Having said that, CONGRATULATIONS. 

Hopefully you feel more comfortable in your own skin and happier as a result :)

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my parents were really quick to accept my brother being gay but its so obvious how they have trouble accepting me. my mom has never called me by my name even tho we seem kinda close ( we face time every other day). at least she helps me financially and bought me thin mints when she found out they are vegan 

shoutout to my dad for not giving me anything for my 16th birthday even tho he has more money than he needs from our house selling (that my mom bought not him!) and from his military retirement (which he never got promoted in for 20 years) and when my moms like “hey your sons phone screen is fucked up” hes like “theres a warranty on it”. asshole. you can get me a new phone that isnt fucked up. fuck you

jk on me buying a good camera bc my mom just gave me her amazing ass professional Nikon she used to use for work ♡ I have never been so happyyyy. She also gave me everything she bought for it too so I now have a:

- tripod
- multiple lenses to switch too
- a camera bag
- a better flash attachment
- a camera strap
- tons of memory cards ♡ ♡ ♡

I just have to buy a remote for it and a backdrop and I’m beyond set. My mother is seriously the best human I know!

the rad @petteroes3 tagged me to tell y’all ten facts about myself, thanks doll!

  1. i was taller than almost all my friends in elementary school. then they kept growing and i… didn’t.
  2. when i was fourteen my mom bought me a guitar because i was convinced i was going to be a musician. i never did anything with it other than pluck at the strings, and i ended up selling it to a friend of mine a few years later for like sixty bucks.
  3. i got pulled over after driving my boyfriend home my junior year of high school, and i didn’t even have my license - i don’t mean i didn’t have it on me, i mean i only had a permit. the cop threatened to take the truck away bc my name wasn’t on the registration (it was my grandpa’s) but i cried and swore i’d never do it again and he let me off with a warning.
  4. i wear a 5.5 shoe, and can sometimes fit in kid’s sizes depending on the store.
  5. i switched my major in college because i was having trouble understanding what to do in one class. it ended up being a good switch but that’s how unprepared i was to actually like… study or try to learn things. trust me kids, coasting through high school does you no favors.
  6. i haven’t seen any members of my extended family since my grandpa died two years ago and i’m honestly completely fine with it.
  7. i like the taste of clam chowder but i can’t stand the texture of clams, so i just have to swallow every spoonful without chewing.
  8. i wanted to be a paleontologist when i was a kid.
  9. because of @pangur-and-grim i now want an oriental cat more than anything in the world, but we can’t have pets at this apartment so it’ll have to be just a dream for now.
  10. i could honestly eat pizza every day for the rest of my life.

i’m tagging… everyone? tell me stuff ilu all

There was a company that I did a photo shoot for once that manipulated the photo so much, I was like, “That’s not even me.” Like, what’s the point? You wanted my name, and then you wanted the version of me that I’m not. I absolutely hate it. Now, do I sometimes want them to depuff my eyes? Help me out with a little bit of lighting. But do I want them to stretch my legs, thin out my waist, curve my hips, elongate my neck, blah, blah, blah? No.