my mom made this c:

  • Hester: i am a badass witch you do not want to mess with
  • Hester: i have a demon tatto on my neck and a nose ring i am the poster child of Grand High Witch Ultimate
  • Hester: do you understand? if not, prepare for your blood to paint my fingernails
  • Agatha: *virtually unarmed and about to go on a dangeous mission that could reduce her life span to about only 2-3 more chapters*
Crush Imagine #28

I’ll be over in 30, is that okay? I glanced at my phone. It was a text from y/c. A smile formed on my face, just seeing his name made me swoon. I frowned and typed out a reply

  Not feeling too good, sorry b :(

In a few seconds I got a response. Aw, feel better, I’ll see you in school on Monday.  A smile formed on my face as I locked my phone and groaned in pain. Ever since y/c and I had become a thing, which turned into a relationship, we’d hung out every Friday, on the exception of the fridays when I had my period, for which I would use the ‘not feeling too good’ excuse. I figured, what’s the point in spending time with y/c if I’m going to be in pain the whole time. Every Friday we either stayed in, or went out and did something fun. So far we’d gone to the movies, mini golfing, cliff jumping, gone to the aquarium, and gone to the county carnival. Other than those days, we stayed home and watching movies, played just dance, you get the idea. I laid across the couch in the basement and turned on the TV, taking  a sip of my hot chocolate. I opened up Netflix, and decided to finally start watching Lost. I sighed loudly and clicked on my phone to stare at the lock screen. My head was buried in the crook of y/c’s neck and he was laughing when he took the selfie. It was my favorite picture of us, I always felt at home when I looked at it. I groaned in pain as the cramps worsened. I’d taken Advil and was waiting for it to kick in soon. I kept a heating pad over my stomach and tried to watch Lost, but if I turned, it would fall off. Right as I figured out a solution, my mom shouted down the stairs. “Y/N! You have a visitor” just as she finished her sentence, I heard someone come running down the stairs. Since the couch wasn’t facing the stairs, I couldn’t see who it was. So I just sat there, waiting for whoever it was to show themselves. I felt something sink into the couch next to me, and then someone cover my eyes. 

“Guess who” a husky voice said. I could recognize y/c’s touch and voice anywhere. Y/C kissed my ear softly a few times and stopped once I finally said his name. “That would be right” I was allowed to see again, and y/c jumped over the couch, landing next to me. 

“What are you doing here?” I asked. I’d told him he was sick, I highly doubt he would want to get sick also. “Well, correct me if I’m wrong, but you always, always cancel on me around this time of the month. At first I though like maybe you were up to something, but then my mom made me realize, that you’re sitting in Satan’s waterfall, right now.” y/c cringed. 

“Well, she’s not wrong” I laughed and laid down, putting my head in y/c’s lap. “Okay, well, I got you something, maybe it’ll help, I don’t know, I’m a doctor via WebMD” I giggled and sat up. The weight from earlier happened to be a basket. Inside it were all comfort items. Popcorn, chocolate, chick flicks, and last but not least, one of his sweatshirts. I smiled and put on the sweatshirt immediately. It was my favorite, and it smelt just like him at all times. He went to the DVD player and put on 27 dresses, one of my all time favorites, that y/c was yet to watch. Once he came back to the couch, we spread out a nearby blanket over us, and I snuggled into y/c. Y/C kissed the side of my head and played the movie. Halfway through the movie I grabbed a hershey kiss and unwrapped it. Right as I was about to pop it into my mouth, y/c ate it out of my hand. 

“Hey!” I shouted, hitting him lightly. He laughed and kissed me. Every kiss with y/c was sensational, and would always leave me tingling. I smiled as we pulled away.  “You are the best, I mean it. This is all amazing,and perfect” I sighed. My forehead rested slightly against y/c’s neck. 

“I would dive to the bottom of the Mariana Trench for the girl I love” he froze. 

“The girl you what?” I raised an eyebrow. His thigh tightened underneath me. 

“Nothing, I said for my girl” y/c tried to cover up. 

“No, you said you love me” I teased, poking his nose. He chuckled and shook his head slightly, as if I didn’t hear him. 

“Now that the cat’s out of the bag, I do love you. I love how you eat, how you sleep, how you walk, I love you. I’m insanely in love with you” y/c’s heart pounded. 

“I love you too”

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Do you ever give calvin & xander baths? I'm clearly an obsessed cat mom & made a grooming appt for my cat b/c she's been shedding her undecoat for months & can no longer take the fur all over my couch & bed. Brushing does nothing! Even with the furminator

as i am not a skeleton missing an arm running this blog, no i have never given them baths. Calvin is scared enough of like, shadows. I can’t imagine touching him with water. Xander’s least favorite BADNESS DETERRENT is a squirt bottle of water so he will also never be a bath boy.

Thunderstorm-Anon Request

Hello everyone! Hope everyone’s having a great Sunday 😊

I’m back with another request, and I’m really happy with this one. So I hope everyone enjoys, especially you Anon. I added a bigger plot to it to make it longer, so I hope you don’t mind 😊

-Love, Sarah

(Y/n)=Your name (C/n)=Crush’s name

‘can u write an imagine where ur crush is spending the night bc u guys r friends and ur parents r gone and one thing leads to another and there is a make out sesh’

I’ve never liked thunderstorms; they frightened me to the point where I couldn’t be alone in the house. The thunder and the heavy rain, the power going out, I couldn’t stand those things. With my parents out of town and lightning flashing every now and then in the dark sky, I knew I wouldn’t be able to go to sleep. Not unless I had someone else in the house with me.

As soon as I heard thunder, I called (c/n) seeing as he was the person who lived the closest to me. I didn’t have to do much begging since he knew how afraid I was. So afraid that I’d begged him to stay on the phone until he got here.

‘’Its so dark outside.’’ (C/n)’s voice came out slightly muffled from the other end of the line.

‘’Be careful when you drive then,’’ I replied, my hand gripping the phone tightly. ‘’But hurry, please.’’ My voice shook as I spoke and I could feel myself start to panic.

‘’Don’t worry, I’m going as fast as I can.’’ Hearing his voice always calmed me when I was nervous and so I relaxed a little bit and let my head fall back against the door.

‘’Okay.’’ I whispered back, letting out a small sigh of relief. Just then, deafening thunder reached my ears and just like that, I was back to panicking. I glanced out the window but cowered back when lightning illuminated the sky.

‘’(Y/n), relax. I’ll be there in five. At least you still got power.’’ I pressed the phone closer to my ear so I could hear his voice better and couldn’t fight the small cry that escaped my lips when thunder boomed again.

‘’Don’t say that, the power’s gonna-‘’ I watched in horror as the lights flickered before I was surrounded with darkness. My breathing picked up and I brought my knees up to my chest with my back pressed against the door and my eyes shut tight.

‘’(C/n).’’ I whined into the phone, my voice cracking.

‘’What’s wrong?’’

‘’The power’s out.’’ I cried, my whole body now trembling. I wasn’t just afraid of thunder and power going out, I was afraid of something falling on me. A few years back, my dad was out during a storm and a big branch had hit him. Thankfully he was okay afterwards, but I’ve been afraid of thunderstorms since then.

‘’Don’t panic, I’ll be here soon. Is the door open, where are you right now?’’ I focused on the sound of his voice and breathed in deeply.

‘’I’m at the door.’’

‘’Jesus, (y/n) have you been-‘’

‘’There since I called you, yes.’’ I said, desperately trying to control my shaky voice.

‘’Why aren’t you in your room?’’ Hearing the worry in his voice calmed me down and I felt like I could breathe normally until lightning flashed through the sky again.

‘’I-I didn’t wanna walk down if the power went out, and now its out and I cant see anything.’’ I felt a lump start to form at the back of my throat as I tried to calm down my breathing.

‘’Hey, hey. I’m parking right now, okay? Don’t panic.’’ I scrambled up to my feet and patted the door until I found the doorknob. I gripped it with a shaky hand breathed in.

‘’The door’s open hurry, please.’’ I pressed my forehead against the door and swallowed back the lump in my throat. I heard a door being slam shut and gripped the doorknob tighter. The line went dead and a few second passed until I felt the knob twist in my hand.

‘’(Y/n)?’’ I heard the door being shut close and I took a step towards the sound of his voice. I reached out into the dark until I found him and fell into his arms. My arms flew around him and gripped the back of his shirt with shaking hands.

‘’Hey, don’t cry. I’m here.’’ One of his arms stayed around my waist while his other hand stroked my back. His clothes were slightly damp from the short time he passed under the rain but I knew he’d brought a change of clothes.

‘’The power’s out.’’ I said my voice muffled by his shirt.

‘’My mom made me bring candles in case something happened.’’ (C/n) chuckled and I felt him rest his chin on top of my head.

‘’I love your mom.’’ (C/n) laughed and kissed the top of my head.

‘’Alright, should we go up now?’’ (C/n) placed my hand in his before pulling back.

I nodded but then remembered he couldn’t see me. ‘’Okay.’’ We then started walking back up to my room. I made sure to stay close to (c/n) as we walked through my dark house. Thunder boomed again and I froze, gasping as I pressed my back against (c/n)’s chest.

‘’(Y/n), its alright, I’m here now.’’ He squeezed my hand before turning me around. My eyes had quite adjusted to the dark by then and I knew we were face to face.

‘’Alright, jump.’’


‘’Jump, I’ll carry you up.’’ He chuckled and I frowned.

‘’Its dark.’’ I whispered, hesitant.

‘’Just jump, (y/n).’’ I sighed and took a small step back before jumping into his arms. ‘’You’re like a big baby.’’ (C/n) remarked and I rested my head on his shoulder.

‘’Did you bring food?’’ I asked as I felt him start to move. His chest rumbled with laughter and that brought a small smile to my lips.

‘’What kind of friend would I be if I didn’t bring food to a sleepover?’’ (C/n)’s laugh was cut off by me whining when the sound of thunder reached my ears.

‘’Sorry.’’ I mumbled into his shirt. I heard the creak of a door and knew we’d made it to my room.

‘’It’s okay. I’m setting you down, now,’’ I reached for (c/n)’s hand as soon as my feet touched the floor. ‘’I’m gonna need both of my hands to light the candles.’’ I reluctantly let go of (c/n)’s hand leaned against my desk. I heard (c/n) rummage through his bag followed by things being set down on my desk. A little flame suddenly appeared in front of me and I glanced up at (c/n) whom was smiling down at me. Once all the candles were lit, (c/n) led us to my closet where I retrieved my emergency flashlight.

‘’It’s already looking better don’t you-‘’ I froze, gripping (c/n)’s arm and stopping us from making our way to my bed when thunder startled me. ‘’You’re shaking.’’ (C/n) whispered into my ear as he led through the small candle path he’d created around my room.

I was still shaking even when we’d settled under the covers with food around us. (C/n) grinned down at me before pulling me closer to his side and handing me a pack of gummy bears. I mumbled a ‘thank you’ and ripped the pack open, I needed a distraction. 

After a while, the storm had finally calmed down and it was only raining lightly. My heartbeat had returned to a somehow normal rate and I’d stopped shaking. (C/n) and I talked and talked while munching on the snacks he’d brought. I was feeling safe for the first time that day.

‘’Its already 1AM,’’ (C/n) showed me his phone and I shrugged in response. ‘’Aren’t you tired?’’

‘’Not yet,’’ I let my head fall onto his shoulder, enjoying how fluffy his dry shirt felt. ‘’The power’s taking too long to come back.’’ I added with a frown. (C/n) chuckled before pulling me onto his lap where he hugged me close to him.

‘’I like the candle path.’’ (C/n) retrieved a pack of gummy worms from behind my back and set it next to him. He offered me some and I took a few before settling back comfortably into his lap.

‘’It’s nice, but still a bit dark.’’

‘’Yeah, but I can see your face.’’ (C/n) pinched my cheek and I groaned before slapping his hand away. He chuckled and I couldn’t hold back my smile.

‘’Thanks for coming.’’ I whispered as I wrapped my arms around his torso.

‘’That’s what friends are for.’’ I hugged (c/n) tighter when I felt his lips on my forehead.

‘’Seriously, you’re the best.’’ My voice came out muffled because of his shirt and he laughed before pulling back.

‘’I’m pretty awesome, aren’t I.’’ (C/n) grinned down at me and I rolled my eyes before pinching both of his cheeks. The next thing I knew, I found myself pinned down under (c/n) and over a bag of chips.

‘’(C/n) stop, we’re crushing the chips.’’ He leaned down until his forehead was resting on mine with my arms pinned down on the bed over my head.

‘’You mean you’re crushing the chips because you’re fat.’’ (C/n) shot back teasingly.

‘’I’m going to knee you in the balls if you don’t get off.’’ (C/n) ignored my threat and pressed a small kiss to my nose. I couldn’t ignore the small flip that my heart did at his actions.

‘’What if I don’t wanna get off?’’ His breath smelled like candy and his face seemed to be getting closer by the second.

All I could think about was how close he was and that if I leaned up just a little bit, our lips would touch. My lips parted slightly as his eyes bored into mine, leaving me almost hypnotized. Even in that dimly lit part of my room, I could see (c/n)’s eyes flicking down to my lips and back up at my eyes. My heart had started beating crazily again and I could feel my palms getting sweaty.

And then his lips were on mine. The feeling was quite indescribable. I was feeling tingly all over, especially on my lips. Basically any part of me that touched (c/n) felt tingly. I felt him smile into the kiss as he brought his hands down to my head to cup my cheeks. I kissed him back, slowly at first, and then more intensely. All I knew then was that I wanted-needed him closer. I hesitantly brought my hands to the front of his shirt that I gripped before pulling him down.

I felt him smile again and without breaking the kiss he flipped us over so that I was the one straddling him. I gripped his shirt tighter and couldn’t hold back a smile when I felt his hands slide down to rest on my hips. Slowly, (c/n) pulled back and flipped us on our sides, so that we were both lying down, facing each other. I glanced up at him, breathless and lips parted.

He simply smiled down at me and shifted on the bed until there was barely any space between us. My eyes were then so focused on his lips that I barely noticed the lights flickering open.

‘’The power’s back on.’’ I remarked happily.

‘’It was nice without it, the candles and everything.’’ I couldn’t resist the urge and so I leaned to kiss (c/n)’s pouting lips.

‘’I can turn the light off if you want.’’ I made a move to get out of the bed but not even a second later (c/n) was pulling me back to his side.

‘’No,’’ He buried his head in the crook of my neck and placed a few kisses on my skin. ‘’I’m really comfortable, don’t go.’’

‘’Alright, I won’t go.’’ I occupied myself by running my fingers through (c/n)’s hair and it seemed to please him so I carried on. After a while he sat up and gathered all the snacks before dropping them on the floor. He then lied back down and pulled me to his side with my head resting on his chest. I could feel my eyes getting heavy with sleep but I didn’t want to sleep just yet.

‘’You’re tired,’’ I glanced up at (c/n) through squinted eyes and opened my mouth to argue before I was cut off by his lips. ‘’Sleep, I’ll be there when you wake up.’’ I smiled faintly and cuddle up to him until I was comfortable. The last thing I remembered were his lips on my forehead before I dozed off in his arms.

The End

Voilaaa 😊😊

I really enjoyed writing this one, hopefully everyone enjoys reading.

That’s all for me now, I’ll go get started on another imagine 😘😘

-Love Sarah

kahin deep jale kahin dil (somewhere a lamp burns, somewhere a heart)

songs about mysterious women, vengeful spirits, female serpents, witches, and more from indian cinema.   

  1. “kahin deep jale kahin dil” lata mangeshkar
  2. “sote sote aadhi raat” salma agha
  3. “jaaneman” sharon prabhaker
  4. “pyar tera pyar” lata mangeshkar
  5. “ninaivo oru paravai” s. janaki
  6. “tere sung pyaar mein” lata mangeshkar
  7. “aap ke pyar mein” alka yagnik
  8. “saathi tu kahan hai” suman kalyanpur
  9. “aaj ki raat” asha bhosle
  10. “varai naan unnai” nithyashree & tippu
  11. “aasche shey aasche” lata mangeshkar
  12. “gupt (theme)” kavita krishnamurthy & hema sardesai
  13. “uruguthey ithayame” vani jairam
  14. “bees saal baad” anuradha paudwal
  15. “oru murai” sujatha mohan
  16. “main ek sadi se” lata mangeshkar
  17. “jeena hai toh” usha khanna
  18. “varuvaanillarumee” k.s. chitra
  19. “rote rote raina” asha bhosle
  20. “naina barse rhim jhim” lata mangeshkar
  21. “woh phir aayegi” anuradha paudwal
  22. “aaja re pardesi” lata mangeshkar
  23. “jhoom jhoom dhalti” lata mangeshkar
  24. “kovalanum kannakiyum” k.s. chitra
  25. “chhun chhun ghungharwa” rajkumari & zohra ambala
  26. “aayega aanewala” lata mangeshkar

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What's your fave 5H interview ever? Mine is the Power 106 they did recently, I love seeing them relaxed like that <3

I really liked that one too. My fave is the one when Lauren made the “your mom” comment 😂

- C

C: My mom made my sister’s kids my priority and I feel so empty because I stopped my life for my nieces and I’m in and out of depression. Their mom is going on vacations living her life like she has no kids and my mom has a new man and yet I’m sitting here at home lonely while being a full time online student. These kids are bad and disrespectful. Like, I changed my whole entire life plan to help take care of them and I’m not getting paid for it. I stayed home from living on college campus and everything. Ugh.