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My dear lgbt+ kids. 

You’re allowed to be annoyed at certain kinds of “supporters”. 

You don’t have to be grateful for “support” that makes you uncomfortable. 

This applies to: 

- the overly curious “supporters”. The ones who constantly ask you about things that are not their business. (”You’re bi? How many boys did you fuck? How many girls? Ever had a threesome? I bet you had a threesome, tell me all about it!”). You deserve better than to be reduced to your sexual history.

- the super straight “allies”. The ones who constantly need to remind you they’re straight. (”You’re gay? As a straight person, i’m cool with that. I’m a straight gay supporter. But don’t think i’m gay, i just support you, but like as a straight friend, so don’t hit on me, okay? I’m not gay myself, so i don’t want to date you, okay? I’m just a straight supporter.”) You deserve better than to be treated as a predator who hits on everyone. 

- the “allies” in theory. The ones who totally support you…. in theory.. ( “I totally support the lgbt+ community!… What, she uses he/him now? That’s ridiculous. And why would she want to go into the mens bathroom, that’s just creepy.”) You deserve better than empty words.  

- the “straight best friend”. Typically straight girls who see gay boys as a cool fashion accessory. (”You’re gay? Soooo cute! I have a gay best friend now! Hey, everyone, look at my gay best friend, isn’t he cute?”) You deserve better than to be to be collected and shown off like a exotic pet. 

- the tokenizer. The ones who use you as proof of how inclusive they are or act as if they’re special for treating you with a basic level of respect. (”I’m not transphobic, one of my friends is trans!”, “I even called you “she” in front of others today, i mean, who would do that? You’re lucky you have a friend like me.”) You deserve better than to be used to make someone else look like a good person. 

You’re not a “snowflake” for not wanting to be treated as a second-class human being. 

You’re not “greedy” for demanding genuine support respect. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

The Master of Diaper - Batmom x Batkids/Bruce Wayne

Summary : It’s a war between your four sons, Dick, Jason, Tim and Damian…To know who’s the best at changing their little brother’s, Thomas, diapers. A rather intense war really, as they all want to become “The master of Diapers”. 

Just a short silly fic that came up to me while I was drifting off to sleep. And in case you’re wondering who “Thomas” is, here’s the fic that introduces him : “Shaky steps and bad teaching”. Hope you like it ahem : 

(My masterlist blog here :


You always impressed Bruce, always.

The way you wouldn’t let anyone walk on your feet, and use your sarcasms and wits to get out of any “bad social situations” was impressive to him.

The way you always managed to make people around you smile and laugh, even him and your brooding sons, was impressive to him. 

The way you always seem to find the right words to comfort someone, or to tell your feelings, was impressive to him. 

The way you trained, even harder than him sometimes, was impressive to him. 

The way you fought, so fiercely and fearlessly, was impressive to him. 

The way you seemed to know everything, like you always had the answer to people’s questions (about ANYTHING), was impressive to him. 

And oh if he really had to list everything that he found impressive in you, it would take too many years. Yes, you always impressed your Bruce. Always. 

But today, you surpassed even yourself ! Your cleverness, he knew it now, had no bound ! Damn smart woman you were. 

What impressed him so much ? The way you so easily manipulated your sons into changing their little brother’s dirty diapers. It was such genius that he couldn’t tear his eyes off of you, admiration shining in his eyes. And the worst thing was, that you didn’t even know you were so awesome, and the only person he truly admired in this universe…Which made you even more awesome. 

It was really clever, the way you ended up convincing your sons to take care of their little brother’s, Thomas, dirty diapers. You played on their competitive side. One day, as Bruce was changing Thomas, you just dropped a “Wow, you’re slow, I bet even Damian could be faster than you”, which confused him a little bit. It wasn’t like you to say such things but…Oh, but of course. The boys were in the room, and he swore he saw their ears moving, quite like dogs, as they heard what their mother just said. 

It was a smart move really. Right after saying that, and therefor attracting their attention on the two of you, you heavily hinted that it took lots of skills to properly change diapers, and that you’d be impressed if you saw anyone do it in less than a minute…They took it as a challenge. Of course they did. 

As Bruce was finishing to change Thomas’ diaper (rather fast to be honest), Damian approached and said : 

-I bet mom is right, and I can be faster than you, father. 

Of course, now he said that, Tim had to add : 

-And I bet I’d be faster than you. 

Jason and Dick couldn’t be out of this little game, and felt like they were obligated to say : 

-Yeah right you little munchkins, I bet I will do it faster. Hey, stop repeating what I say ! Stop. Stop. STOP ! JASON/DICK ! HAHA ! Erf…

And so it started. 

The long race to who was going to become “The Master of Diapers”. 

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Tom Celebrating Your Birthday Headcanons:
Request: Nah. This is a really belated birthday present for @quackmom

Word Count: 444 (I’m so sorry its short mom, you really deserve better)

Summary: It’s reader’s birthday, and this is how Tom would celebrate

Ships: Tom Holland x Reader

Warning: None. Enjoy your fluff.

Tag List: @morgiee  @justinbiberlover12 @supernovares @mc-universe @bugheadtrashhh @the-crazy-world-of-meriel @marlenenewtona4

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A/N: This is a really late birthday present for Mom, @quackmom , I love her so much. Whenever I’m feeling down, she always cheers me up, and she’s an awesome mom. I’m so thankful to be one of her thwip kids <3.  So here’s a list of cute headcanons for her, though she really deserves better (such as a kid who posts on time). Love you, Mom. I’m glad you had an awesome birthday!!

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((( Helwa - Gilli )))

“So we were walking down the streets of Istanbul right? And then-”

“Wait, you were in Istanbul?” Adam interrupted Yousef as they were walking up the stairs to Elias’ home with their gym bags in hand. After having just finished a 2 hour session at the gym, Elias could feel his stomach growling.

“Yeah I convinced my grandparents to stay there for a week, it’s only like, an hour and a half’s distance.”

Yousef’s grandparents lived in Gebze. Or as Yousef called it, the most boring city in all of Turkey.

Yousef continued, “So there were these people who were trying to sell my mom some stuff and I had to literally drag her out of there before she bought out the entire store.”

The boys chuckled. Elias smiled softly. Nermin was like Elias’ second mother. His heart warmed. Every time Elias came to visit, Yousef’s mother would always make them eat until his stomach ached. He was convinced that no one could make better Pide than hers. Or Manti. And Elias couldn’t forget her Baklava. He sure was hungry. Elias opened the door to the apartment and the boys dropped their bags in the hallway.

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Nikkeijin - Japanese American

“Mom, seriously, you can’t forget particles they’re the most important part of Japanese.” 

“Ugh. There’s just so many of them and it’s easier to just leave them out.” 

Okaasan. Soto wa amari muzukashikunai. It’s not that hard, mom.”

“Mie, my sponge is full!” 

I smirk at the phrase. She is always using that as an excuse, that her brain is too old to learn anything more, despite her being the most dedicated student I’ve ever seen. I know that she is capable of learning this, she just doesn’t believe in herself enough to see the potential she has. The thought pulls me momentarily from my amusement at the conversation. 

Where did you learn to doubt yourself so much?

“Mom, don’t even start,” I say. “You pushed through a bachelors in your late thirties, you’ve taken countless courses at the hospital to better your career, you’re one of the smartest and most determined people I’ve ever met. You’ve memorized the other stuff, you can do the same with the particles.”

Mom rolls her eyes, but smiles at me. “Thanks for the confidence. It’s nice to know that someone thinks I can learn this language.” 

I frown, knowing that she’s referencing my grandma. I cringe thinking of all the times that she’s mumbled, “now you want to learn…” or said something else discouraging about my mom studying Japanese with me. 

“Let’s call it a day and move on. We can review next week.” 

Mom nods. “I’m ok with that.” 

I hesitate for a moment as she packs up her binder and flashcards. I’ve been wanting to talk to her for a few days now, but haven’t known how to bring up the subject. She’s so much more private than my dad—talking about the past doesn’t come naturally and isn’t something she particularly wants to do in the first place. 

“Hey mom?” 

She looks up, eyebrows raised. “Yeah?”

“You know I’m writing my thesis on grandma,” I start. “I have a lot of information on her life in Japan, but not as much as I’d like on when she came to the states. Is it… Is it ok if I ask you some questions about what it was like, you know, growing up with her?”

Mom furrows her brows but nods. “I mean, sure. Though I don’t know how much I’ll have to contribute.” 

I smile. “I’m sure you’ll have a lot more than you realize.” 

I reach forward, grabbing and opening the notebook that I’ve left on the coffee table during our lesson. It’s bright yellow, doodled on, battered as hell. It has all my notes from my interviews with my grandmother, and now a list of questions I want to ask my mother. I lift my legs up onto the couch against my chest, pen and paper in hand, ready for answers. 

“Besides,” I say. “I kinda just wanna hear more about your childhood. Dad tells us so much about his but you don’t really tell us as much.”

She scoffs. “What? Of course I do!”

I laugh at her reaction. Mom has never been aware of how private she can be, how closed off to intimacy.

“No, not really. We usually have to pry it out of you.” 

She rolls her eyes and shrugs. “I just don’t know that you’d be that interested is all.” 

“Of course, I am,” I say, reaching over to squeeze her shoulder. “You’re one of my best friends, mom. I want to know about you.” 

“Ok,” she sighs. “But you better have questions because I can’t just start talking. I don’t know where to start.”

I tap my notebook with my pen, smirking. 

“Gotcha’ covered.” 

I ask her a million things: what it was like growing up without a dad, if she felt she was influenced much by living with only Japanese relatives, what her Aunt Etsuko and Uncle Shuji were like, what they did together, if she ever went to Nisei festivals (celebrations of second generation Japanese Americans) or spent much time with other Japanese people. Most of the answers I have to force her to elaborate on, pull the memories out of her slowly, meticulously, until I get her to tell me everything. It’s like earning the trust of a dog whose past owners neglected it. 

As my questions progress, she becomes more willing to tell me all she can remember, all her feelings, all the things that I know she’s been hiding because they’re ugly and painful. I feel grateful for this, even if some of it pains me as well. I know how hard it is for mom to open up—emotionally or physically. She is a product of the shame based culture of Japan and it shows in every way.
We get stuck on one topic—her experience of being a haafu, the Japanese word for someone who is half Japanese and half something else. This isn’t the first time that we’ve talked about this—it’s one of the things that we relate to most between us. What it’s like to feel like you’re never enough for either side of your heritage. 

“I kind of grew up feeling more white than Japanese,” she admits. “Even though I didn’t have that presence in my life, my mom didn’t really try and raise me Japanese. I mean, sure, we ate with chopsticks, we went to Little Tokyo a lot, I heard her speak Japanese with Koko and Shuji, but for the most part, we were very American. I think that’s why she didn’t teach me Japanese—she wanted us to assimilate, to leave Japan in Japan and try and forget all the pain.” 

“Didn’t you want to feel Japanese?” I ask. 

“Yeah,” she sighs. “Especially as a kid… I remember I used to watch this cartoon on the international channel on Saturdays, it was Japanese, and I couldn’t understand any of it. But I wanted to, so badly, that I would force myself to laugh when the characters did because I wanted to believe that I could understand them.” 

“That’s kinda cute,” I say, holding back a laugh.

She chuckles, but her face falls soon after. 

“Yeah. And kind of sad too.”  

I nod, not knowing what to say. I realize how privileged I’ve been to be raised so heavily in the culture that she was cheated out of, how lucky I am that she, my grandma, and even my white father, tried so hard to keep that culture alive in our household. 

“I had a realization,” she says. “When I was sixteen. I was just hit with this thought: I’m not white. I’m Asian. I’m Japanese. Even if I was mixed, I looked and lived far more Asian than white, and I just realized that I’d been living a façade believing that I wasn’t.” She takes a sip of her tea then, giving herself time to think before continuing. “I think that’s when I started really wanting to learn about that side of my family. And your dad helped that along too. He’s always been so enthralled by other cultures and traveling. When we started dating he really just wanted to know everything about what it was like to be Japanese.” 

“It’s kind of weird,” I reply. “Hearing you talk about feeling more white… because I’ve always felt more Japanese. When white people find out that I’m Japanese that’s all they see, and we only barely celebrated dad’s Gaelic culture. We’ve been to some festivals and have our family crest on a flag, but that’s about it. The Japanese has always been far more present.”

“But don’t you feel like, when you’re around other Japanese people, full Japanese, that you’re… not enough? Like you’re a part of their world but you’re only on the outskirts of it, not truly accepted?” 

I hesitate, chewing on my lip. I try to ignore that feeling as much as possible. It makes me feel like I don’t have a right to an identity I’ve clung to all my life.

“Yeah,” I finally answer. “I didn’t realize how much I felt that until I went to Japan. Especially when people could see that I was mixed and assumed I could speak the language and I had to tell them I couldn’t. It was really embarrassing for me and I felt like I wasn’t Japanese enough. That’s probably why I started learning.”

“That’s exactly how I feel,” mom replies. “And even Karen Morita says that’s how she feels around her relatives—and she’s full!” She’s referring to our friends from Michigan who have been full blooded Japanese Americans for generations in this country. 

“Being mixed, I’ve found, means never feeling like enough for people.” I say.
She purses her lips. “I’ve felt that way my entire life—in being mixed, and every other aspect too.” 

I get out of my seat and go over to her, wrapping my arms around her shoulders and hugging her tight. “I’m sorry, mama.” 

She pats my arm and smiles up at me. “Well,” she says. “Now I have you to help me to connect to this side of me. And I couldn’t be more grateful for that.” 

I kiss her head. “Daisuki. I love you.” 

Watashi mo Mie ga daisuki. I love you too.”

anonymous asked:

putting this in anon sorry i've gotten hit extra hard with that depression™ recently and i've realized my whole life has been taken away from me because of my illness and i'm losing myself. and it's not even the illness' fault. it's my mom. i was literally fine. and it's not a joke. i got a diagnosis and my mom freaked out and pulled me out of school and put me on every preventative medication in the books and let me become a self hating antisocial mess. she won't even (to be continued)

damn.. I’m really sorry to hear about whats going on. thats completely unfair of your mom though, isolating you from social interactions and things you enjoy doing are not going to make depression go away, it’ll just do the opposite and she needs to understand that. i’m assuming you’ve already tried reasoning with her? like get her to sit down one day and have a proper conversation about it

if that doesnt work out then my second best suggestion would be to talk to another adult you trust or friend (it can even be an online friend, if anything, surely you have someone you knew back in school). what your mom is doing doesnt seem positive at all. its good for parents to worry and want to help, but there’s right and wrong ways to help.

i really hope stuff gets better, i’m wishing you luck x 

you could own a million dollar car and think you’re better than someone with an rusting second hand car but in the end we all find ourselves in the same drive thru at mcdonalds

Dating Jeonghan Would be like

HERES THE SECOND INSTALLMENT OF THIS SHITSHOW ALRIGHT MY DUDES HOLD ONTO UR HATS FOR THIS ONE (also am i the only one who’s absolutely d e s t r o y e d by GOT7′s comeback like just kill me jackson it would be less painful) As usual our ask box is open to suggestions! If you have an idea please pop by we need all the inspiration we can get lol

  • so Jeonghan is basically 17′s mom right
  • well ur their 2nd mom and they low-key like u better 
  • like jeonghan is the hard-ass parent that’s like no hoshi u cannot have candy for dinner
  • and ur over here like
  • I don’t feel like cooking iCE CREAM FOR DINNER
  • *seventeen cheers and Jeonghan sighs loudly* 
  • we all know how much this boy loves to sleep
  • even just laying down is Good Enough for him
  • and of course he drags u to cuddle 
  • even if u have stuff to do like u have 3 papers and a presentation to do 
  • but ur angel needs cuddles and he does not take no for an answer when it comes to cuddles
  • u 2 constantly napping together
  • like even if ur at 17′s dorm if the boys r becoming Too Much Jeonghan is just like…. me and my cutie angel sweetie pie r gonna go take a nap have fun w the demons Seungcheol 
  • *Coups gets devoured by 17*
  • playing with his hair
  • him playing with your hair
  • like it doesn’t matter what length or color it is Jeonghan is adamant that ur hair is better then his and it makes him low-key jealous
  • u start keeping hair-ties on ur wrist for him as well as urself bc he keePS STEALING YOURS 
  • Jeonghan, a pile of hair ties in front of him: I have no idea where they’re going honey 
  • i feel like he’s low-key of the PDA, like he’ll hold ur hand and give u lil kisses but those Deep Kisses r for u and him only 
  • only a lil possessive 
  • he’s fine w 17 being all goofy and touchy to an extent but as soon as he deems it too much he’s like tuxedo man suddenly there w a bunch of flower petals in the air like 
  • don’t touch my darling u are not worthy 
  • Dino: where did the flowers come from I’m scared
  • so he’s p chill when it comes to being jealous bc he knows u only have eyes for him and he trusts u 100% 
  • and vice versa u don’t have to be worried about him chasing tail elsewhere bc he loves u wholly and completely
  • the only person u gotta worry about is Scoups this boy will fight u
  • ex, if ur at the dorm and theres a seat next to Jeonghan he will without hesitation shove his foot in ur gut and launch himself to that seat
  • except u get to sit on Jeonghan’s lap now and ur sitting there like >:)
  • Scoups: D:<
  • Jeonghan: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • he hates going away on tours but he knows u love watching him perform and pursue what he loves but it doesn’t stop him from feeling guilty that he’s leaving u
  • so he brings u back lil trinkets from everywhere he goes
  • not like Scoups where he brings back 3 suitcases full of stuff
  • just lil things that make him think of u while he’s away and u love everything he gets u bc he has an uncanny ability to get u stuff that u love
  • Dino has u saved on his phone as Mom and Dad and Seungcheol is pouting bc he’s just Leader now
  • while he doesn’t have a problem with PDA he only says “i love you” in really intimate situations bc he feels its such a special word that shouldn’t be overused 
  • U once put his hair in braids n pigtails and Scoups nearly pissed himself laughing and he took a picture
  • Jeonghan uses that against u whenever y'all argue about what to eat for dinner 
  • he usually gets what he wants bc of that
  • His voice gets really deep and raspy in the morning and u love it 
  • i firmly believe he’s a morning sex kind of person like 
  • night time is for sleeping but mornings r for OTHER THINGS
  • his kisses are slow and passionate, even during sex
  • I think he’s pretty vanilla? like he likes u to be on top most of the time but that’s bc he’s lazy
  • on the rare occasion that ur not on top he’s literally making sure ur not able to walk the next day it’s either all or nothing with this boy
  • when he’s in those kind of moods hAIR PULLING HAPPENS ON BOTH ENDS
  • he love love loves pillow talk like after y'all are all cleaned up he’s holding ur hand and tracing pattens on ur bare back with his hands and talking in a low raspy voice and ur like do u wanna fight 
  • sex with Jeonghan is more like love making, it’s slow, almost tortuously slow, the air filled with low moans, muffled whimpers, and gasps for air
  • if u wanna get him real riled up if he’s not paying attention to u, just brush his hair back away from his neck and bite his ear a lil bit, as soon as u even breathe on his ear he’s ready and raring to go in .2 seconds
  • even tho sometimes he can seem a lil lazy he’s constantly working and constantly worrying about his members bc they’re basically his other family 
  • and u understand that and he loves u for it u become his rock and his other half 
  • he calls u his better half, not bc u are, but bc he literally worships the ground u walk on bc u make him want to work harder everyday so that he can wake up to your smile and feel your skin and hair and kisses

the end

y'all i just royally messed up my bias list by doing this series end my life 

if any of u wanna talk about GOT7′s new comeback, and watch me flip out of the 3 million other comebacks happening at once then HMU on my personal, @the-winter-dancer and i’ll love u forever let’s be friends! <3 You!

~Admin Hedgehog


I gave my fiancés mom my old Tangle Relax Therapy because she really loved it. Of course I had to get another one. I actually love the color of the imagine way better anyway. When it first came a few weeks ago it kept popping open because it had two messed up links, so I just took them off. I like it more being a little smaller.

First picture is of when I first got it, second pic is from today w/missing links.

Link To Product
Cost: $9.95

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You're my favorite fanfic writer and I've had this idea for a while and i think it would be good but i know that I'll never write it so this is a request: clarke is octavia and lincoln's gestational surrogate and bellamy and co hover and are super over protective while she's carrying the baby. bellamy especially because family. it would be cool if you wrote it but it's your call. i love your work.

“Do you think I should offer to be Lincoln and Octavia’s surrogate?” Clarke asks over dinner one night.

The question is so unexpected and jarring that it should stop Bellamy in his tracks, but it doesn’t. Instead he says, instantly and without thinking, “No,” and has to watch Clarke’s face fall for a second before she shuts off the emotion.

“Just checking,” she says, cool as ice, and he scrambles to recover.

“That’s not–I didn’t mean it like that.”

“Mean it like what?” she asks. “It’s one word. It’s not ambiguous.”

“It’s not. But–I was going to be a mess if O got pregnant, obviously that’s not better if it’s you instead. Just because pregnancy freaks me out doesn’t mean you should listen to my opinions about it.”

Her smile is a little faint, but there. “So, this is your personal bias.”

“Having O nearly killed my mom. Hell, it did kill her, in the end. It just took a few years to do it. When O said she wanted kids, I told her adoption was a better option than having her own. So you really shouldn’t listen to me. Octavia already wasn’t.”

“I can’t help it. It’s like a disease. I always listen to you. I just don’t always do what you say.”

“Yeah, so do that. Ignore my shitty opinions, like always.”

“And your opinion is that no one should get pregnant ever?”

He shifts a little in his seat, awkward. “It’s not my favorite thing. I’m not campaigning against it or anything. But yeah, I think people care too much about having biologically-related offspring. The world is full of kids who need good homes already. But O and Lincoln want to have a baby, and I support that,” he adds. “Obviously. I’m going to love it and spoil it rotten.”

“But if I ask if I should get involved–”

“I’ll be a mess. But that doesn’t mean you should listen to me.” He regards her across the table. It’s not rare for her to ask if he wants to meet up for dinner, but she does always have a reason. And apparently this is it, today. So he says, “Tell me why you want to.”

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Kara, if you could bring back one person alive, between Alura and Astra, who would it be?

“You can’t ask me to choose.” Kara’s brows furrow, the sorrow evident in her eyes. 

“I miss both of them, and I wish I could have both of them back. Maybe if they had a second chance, they would get along better…” Kara sighs, fidgeting with the cuffs of her long-sleeved shirt. 

She falls silent for a few seconds; her mind wandering far and looking deep inside herself for the truth. “I feel– I feel like my mom would trade her life for her sister’s, as would I… And…” Kara bites the inside of her cheek. “My mom was in peace with her fate… I feel like I failed my aunt, I feel like she still had so much to do… I-I… I’d bring my aunt back.” She says, letting her gaze fall to the ground.

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OKOKOK so I’m working on a fic for @lcli but I’m having a lot of Feelings that I need to get off my chest so have a semi headcanon-dump for Tomadashi Childhood Best Friends!AU (no spoilers though hehe):

  • they grow up in Japan and Tadashi and GoGo always walk to the metro together
  • GoGo copies off his homework on the ride to school because come on Tadashi I’m your Best Friend I don’t have time for this
  • Tadashi puts up a fight for like five seconds but always gives in
  • he’s the one who coins the nickname GoGo Tomago because she always steals the eggs from the bento his mom packs because idk she just cooks them better 
  • chalk fights during classroom clean up duty! rooftop shenanigans! lmao just throw all the cliches in there
  • when they’re 12 Tadashi’s parents die in a car accident :///
  • GoGo bikes to his house and sits up with him the night after the funeral, but things are awkwardly tense and after a while Tadashi is just like, “I’m sorry, GoGo, I really appreciate you being here for me but…I need to be alone now”
  • so GoGo gives him some space but one day turns into another and then a few days later she decides to break the silence and check up on him
  • but it turns out that in that time Aunt Cass went ahead and flew Hiro and Tadashi back to the States because they’re going to be moving in with her since she’s their only other family so GoGo pulls up in front of an empty house
  • GoGo tries calling Tadashi but he has a new number now so ://
  • time passes and then a year later she gets an email from Tadashi
  • cue emails going back and forth for the next few years as they grow up; it drops off every now and then but they always pick back up
  • 5 years later it’s the summer before senior year and Tadashi emails GoGo: good news! I’m thinking of coming to Japan for the summer! 
  • GoGo offers to let him stay at her place because her parents still remember the awkward gangly boy with the overlarge ears but GoGo meets him at the airport and is like WTF do they feed you in America you’re so tall? (‘oh no he’s hot now’ D:)
  • Tadashi’s Japanese is a bit accented now since he doesn’t get to speak much of it back in the U.S. but his grammar is still intact because they corresponded in Japanese
  • cue a month of awkwardly trying to share the same living space and figuring out how to deal now that there’s not a computer screen between them
  • childhood friends who reconnect years later and have to navigate their changing relationship while all this history simmers under the surface is my lifeblood okay just leT mE LIVE
Imagine: Prom with Lucky (Request)

Could you do an imagine where Lucky & the reader are going to the same High School and maybe they’re going to prom together? Just some really cute and fluffy stuff c: oh and of course they should fall for each other. c: thanks!! xx

Here you go love!  let me know if you like it! xx


I walked through the halls of my high school on my way to history and looked at everyone walking a little faster and the girls more preoccupied on what they were wearing tonight than what quiz they had next.  The posters for prom tonight were everywhere, in bright bold letters: “Under the Sea.”

I couldn’t help but get a flutter in my chest at the thought, because this year I actually had a date.

The date, actually.

And I had no idea how in the hell I got him.

On second thought, maybe these flutters were heart palpitations.  Nerves and excitement and Lucky would be the death of me.

“Y/N!” I turned my head around to see none other than Lucky, and I wasn’t the only one.  Girls all along the hall were watching him like a hawk move towards me, even the ones with their boyfriends.  I felt a surge of protection and jealousy run through me even though he technically wasn’t mine.  One day after class we’d just been stuck in the same room together, me because my evil teacher had given me a bad grade and I needed to talk to him about how to improve it, and him because he needed to catch up on what he’d missed.  Everyone knew Lucky was this ultra-famous model and since he travels a lot for fashion shows and PR he’s never around too much, but even when he is I usually never see him - there’s a constant crowd of girls and fans surrounding him.  I promised myself a long time ago I wouldn’t be that girl.  Before being stuck in the room with him I’d thought he was another conceited fuckboy, but I was wrong. I was so wrong.  A stupid smile was on my face just thinking about that afternoon together.

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Dirty Talk (Captain Boomerang X Reader)

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Notice: (Y/G) is ur gender…. :)

Requested: Digger flirting!

one where cap boom is trying to seduce the reader but she cant hear anything hes saying so she just giggles and it pisses him off and it ends w making out (actually just a prompt that I got from someone I forgot who….)

A/N: I wrote this in like 10 min but I think it’s cute, fun and quirky! Also I think at one point I changed his accent to English??? Oops

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Say Hello to Your Past - Part I

Can I request a GOT7 Yugyeom scenario when you guys break up and you find out that you’re pregnant and you decide to keep the baby to yourself and move back to the states. When you were in the state GOT7 was taking a holiday there and they see you with a child that looks exactly like Yugyeom. And they ask you if it’s his and all that stuff and the members try to make you guys talk and eventually get back together. (Your son is 3 when they see him) Thanks~

Requested by: anon

Type: fluffy/angsty

Again, I’m sorry for the wait. I hope you like it! 

Here’s part II

Enjoy :)

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-GIF isn’t mine-

“I HATE YOU” I scream at Yugyeom. We were fighting, it happened a lot lately. For the past couple of weeks, we haven’t been able to see each other as much as I wanted. Mostly because Yugyeom wanted to spend his free time at the studio.

GOT7 has been really busy for the past couple of years, Yugyeom wasn’t a young adult anymore and he had responsibilities as a man. I don’t blame him, I mean I understand that he has responsibilities but he doesn’t need to spend days and nights at the studio. I need to see him.

“Maybe you do! But I think it’s time for the both of us to let go. You and I both have responsibilities” he calmly says, not even looking at me.

I didn’t know what to say. Deep down I knew that I didn’t hate him, I just couldn’t.

“If this is what you want, then I respect your choice” I say, trying not to cry.

“That’s it? No cry, no ‘please, we can make it work’?” he asks, looking at me confused.

“So you want me to beg you? Like I begged you to come home the past couple of weeks. The only time we saw each other was at the studio, and that was like.. two weeks ago?” I explain, trying not to shout. “Yugyeom, to be honest I’m done, I’m tired. This is your decision and I respect it” I say, starting to gather his belongings.

“If I ever find things that belongs to you, I’ll call one of the guys or your manager” I say, accompanying him at the door.

“Yeah, I’ll do the same! Again, I’m sorry if I didn’t make you happy” he apologizes, looking down at his feet.

“Yeah well, I guess it was meant for us to break up” I whisper, more to myself.

“Y/N don’t think I didn’t love you, I did.. but I just think that it’s better if we just you know.. break up. You even said that you were tired of this” he explains, looking at me in the eyes.

“Maybe we’ll see each other again?” he says, raising his eyebrows.

“Bye Yugyeom” I whisper with a small smile, while closing the door.

“Are you sure you are?” my friend Hayi asks.

“Yes, I took three tests yesterday and two this morning. And I took a third one today, just a couple minutes ago” I explain, trying to stay as calm as possible.

“But.. you told me that Yugyeom was always at the studio.. how?” she asks, intrigued and confused.

“Well… I visited him at the studio two weeks before we broke up… and you know…” I awkwardly smile at her.

“Stop, I really don’t want to hear about your sexual life! Do you want to keep it?” she asks, more seriously now.

“I.. I mean, I don’t think I can get rid of it.. I don’t know, I think I need some time to think about it” I say, sitting down on my couch.

“If you keep it, you don’t have to tell Yugyeom you know?” she says, sitting down next to me.

“If I keep it, I think it would be better if I go home” I quietly say, looking up to meet her surprised eyes.

“You mean.. home home?” she asks with a frown. I nodded. 

“I think it’s time for me to go home, I’ve been away for too long now. I miss my family back in the states! But we’ll keep in touch of course, we’ll Skype and we’ll use KakaoTalk obviously. I’m sure I’ll come back and you’re welcome to come visit me. We’ll make it work okay?” I explain, full of enthusiasm.

“I respect your choice, I just… It’ll be weird to know.. I won’t be able to see you everyday…” she sadly says.

“I’ll miss you! You better be sending me pictures of the little peanut okay? I want to know if you’re healthy! And I could be it’s godmother you know” Hiya winks at me.

We were at the airport. I was going back home today. I didn’t tell Yugyeom about the baby and about me leaving. He doesn’t need to know, we’re not dating anymore. 

I still feel a bit bad for not telling him about the baby but I don’t think he would be happy to hear that I’m three months pregnant.

“Of course you’ll be it’s godmother! I already planned it don’t worry” I wink back.

“I’m seriously going to miss you” I sadly say, hugging her.

“Please let me know when you landed. And send me updates about your pregnancy okay? Say hi to your parents too. I’ll try to visit you as soon as I can okay?” she whispers to my ear.

“I will don’t worry. Let me know when you want to come over, my parents will be happy to see you” I whisper back, not letting her go.

“You should check in now, I don’t want you to miss your flight! Please take care” she says, drying her wet cheeks.

“Don’t cry please, you’re going to make me cry” I laugh, looking away.

“How was your flight?” my dad asks, looking at the road.

“Long. But it was nice” I say, looking out of the car window.

“All the family is excited to see you. The minute we told them you were coming back, they were excited. And your mom…. she hasn’t stop talking about it” he laughs, still looking at the road.

I chuckled. It was good to see them. They knew about the baby and they thought it was also a good idea for me to come back home. They supported me and told me they would help me.

“Did you eat?” he suddenly asks.

“Yes, but you know.. food plane isn’t the best” I laugh. “Why?” I add. 

“Your mom is cooking” he smiles.

“YESSSSS!! I didn’t eat that much on the plane, hoping she would have cooked” I excitedly say.

“Welcome home honey” my mom says, hugging me.

“Thank you mom! I’m so happy to see you” I say, hugging her back and closing my eyes. I missed my family so much.

“I made your bed” she says. “You have time to take a shower and unpack. Dinner isn’t ready yet” she explains, leaving me for the kitchen.

“Here, I’ll help you” my dad says, taking one of my luggage.

“It was delicious!! I missed your food” I happily sigh.

“So, do you know what you’re going to do next?” my mom asks.

“Hum, yeah! I found a job at the local bookstore and then I guess I’ll move out” I quietly say.

“Did he try to contact you?” my mom asks again. I immediately knew who she was referring to.

“Hum… no…. he didn’t! He was pretty clear when we broke up so… yeah” I quietly say.

“You should go to bed now, you need to rest” my dad says, clearly noticing how uncomfortable I was about Yugyeom.

“So how are you?” Hiya asks. We were, once again, skyping.

“Good! The little peanut is growing up” I say, looking down at my noticeable stomach.

“So tell me! You sent me a KakaoTalk earlier telling me that you knew if it was a girl or a boy!” she quickly says, clearly excited about the revelation.

“So it’s a… BOY” I excitedly reveal.

“NO WAY! IS IT??????” she asks, as excited as me.

“YES!!! My mom cried when the doctor told us” I smile.

“Do you have any ideas for the name?” she carefully asks.

“Hum… I.. you know I know that he’s probably going to grow up without his dad. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want him to know who he is. So I was thinking that I could give him a Korean name.. but I don’t know. I probably sound stupid right now” I chuckle, realizing how pathetic I sounded.

“No, that’s actually a good idea! Let me think of a name” she says, starting to think.

“I still hav-”

“What about Yuhoon?” she asks.

“No I don’t really like it” I wince.

“Okay, what about Yuwon ?” she smiles. It took me couple of seconds to think about it.

“Yeah, I like this one better” I smile.

“When is your due date?” my mom asks.

“In a month” I sit down on one of the kitchen’s chairs.

“Do you have everything you need?” she asks, sitting down next to me.

“Yes I think so! Dad and I went shopping last month so I guess I have everything I need thank you” I smile.

“Awwwwww he’s so cute! How old is he now?” Hiya asks on Skype.

“Almost 9 months now” I smile, looking down at my little boy.

“I can’t wait to meet him!” she says, smiling like a crazy person. “How are you? Do you sleep well?” she adds, asking me.

“Yeah, well he wakes up during the night. But not every night so I do sleep yeah” I say, still looking down at my baby.

“Oh hum.. I don’t know if you should know about this but…” she starts, looking uncomfortable.

“What’s wrong? You can tell me” I say, starting to look worried.

“So hum… Yugyeom was in my shop this morning and hum… he asked about you” she reveals.

“But don’t worry I didn’t say a word about Yuwon” she quickly says, noticing how panicked I was.

“Oh thank god” I sigh.

“How are old are you now?” my dad asks, taking him on his laps.

He obviously knew how old he was. He wanted Yuwon to practice his English. Yuwon and I were both visiting my parents and we were staying over for dinner.

“Two” Yuwon says, holding up two fingers.

“Two? You’re a big boy” my mom says, clapping her hands.

“You can go play with your toys if you want!” I say to Yuwon, scattering his toys on the floor.

He immediately left his grandpa’s laps to go play.

“Do you speak Korean to him?” my mom asks.

“Hum yeah I try to! Hiya tries to speak to him in Korean when we Skype” I explain.

“That’s good” my dad smiles, looking at the little boy.

“Saengil chukhahamnida” Hiya sings on Skype.

“What is Hiya singing?” I ask, looking down at Yuwon.

“Happy birthday” he says, looking and smiling at Hiya.

“Is it my birthday?” I ask again, still looking at him. “Noooooo! It is my birthday” he claps his hands, smiling. 

“How old are you now?” Hiya asks, smiling. “Three” he says, showing three fingers at the camera. 

“Yes! You’re a big boy now. Are you a good boy to Omma?” she raises her eyebrows. 

“Yes I am” he looks up at me. I nod looking at him.

“Good” Hiya answers.

“Can I go play now?” Yuwon asks with pleading eyes.

“Say bye to Hiya first” I tell him. “Annyeonghi gaseyo” he bows to the camera.

“Annyeong Yuwon” she answers.

“How are you?” she asks. 

“Good! Work is good too and Yuwon is a good boy so yeah” I answer with a sincere smile “And you?”.

“Good! Work is amazing, I have so many clients. I’m about to open a second shop in Gangnam” she excitedly says.

“Really?” I answer, clapping my hands.

“Yes!” she says, as excited as me. “That’s AMAZING” I say.

“I know right? So it has been a bit stressful the past couple of weeks but now everything is good” she sighs.

“How is Seoul?” I say, starting to think about how much I miss Seoul and South Korea in general.

“Good! New Kpop groups, good songs! It hasn’t change that much” she says, with a weird expression on her face.

“What’s wrong?” I frown.

“Hum.. I’ve seen that GOT7 is on a break.. in the states” she says, not sure if she made the right decision.

“Oh.. really?” I ask, feeling how my heart was beating fast.

“Yeah.. so hum you might see them” she quietly says.

“Yuwon come back here” I laugh, running after him. We were enjoying a nice afternoon at the park.

All I could hear was Yuwon’s cute laugh. He suddenly ran into someone and fell down.

“Yuwon” I whisper, starting to run faster.

I could hear a bit of the conversation he was having with the stranger he ran into who was with someone else. One of the men was helping Yuwon up.

“Don’t you think he looks exactly like Yugyeom?” one says looking at the other.

“Yeah.. But it can’t be” the man laughs.

“I’m so sorry” I say, taking Yuwon in my arms.

“That’s fi-” the man Yuwon ran into starts. He doesn’t finish his sentence which makes me look up at him. My eyes doubled in size.

“Y/N?” I hear. “Mark?” I ask in a whisper.

“Omma, geubun-i nugunji aseyo?” Yuwon asks.

“Yes I know them” I answer, still looking at Mark.

“Omma?” BamBam whispers to himself. Just a second later he looks at me with huge eyes.

“You mean?” BamBam asks, looking at me “Hyung, that’s why he reminded me of Yugyeom” he explains to Mark.

I hope you liked it, and I’m sorry for the wait. 

Feel free to send me feed back, I would love to know what you thought about it.

Masterlist - kpop version

Love you all xx

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tfw your dad is always finding excuses to get pissed off at you and yell at you, insult you, and beat you but like,,,, they're shitty excuses? things like glancing at him with a neutral facial expression, mentioning something to a therapist and having it somehow come back around to him, etc. and it never stops. and of course, mom isn't any better and nobody else cares so :) :) :)

I relate to that first one. I remember during my first week with my safety family, I kept constantly apologizing, and one time I was playing video games and their mom walked in and started talking to me about how she wanted to make sure I was safe, and I looked at the tv for a second and I instantly flinched and said sorry even though she didn’t even notice. I thought she’d accuse me of not paying attention to her, hit me, and throw me out.

Creepypasta #843: I Used To Play A Game Called Worryland. I Don’t Like To Play Video Games Anymore.

Length: Super long

Change is terrifying, especially when you’re young. For an eight year old boy like me, moving across the country was the biggest change imaginable. When you’re young, leaving the few friends that you’ve made behind feels like the end of the world. I don’t remember the move to Giliman very well, I just remember crying the whole way there.

My parents repeatedly tried to console me. They assured me that I’d make new friends, and that the town of Giliman had much better parks and open-spaces to play in. I refused to listen.

“Bryan, you’re going to love it in Giliman, I promise!” My dad was driving the moving truck we rented. 

“No. I hate Giliman. I want to go back to Springfield.” 

“Oh Bryan, I’m sure you’ll love it when we get there.” My mom echoed this sentiment. “Roger doesn’t seem to mind moving, does he Bryan?”

Of course my younger brother didn’t mind moving. He was four years old and was too young and dumb to understand what was happening. He just sat in his car seat next to me, playing with his little stuffed alligator toy.

“Ugghh. Mom, Roger doesn’t care because he’s still little! If he was my age, he’d want to go back to Springfield too!”

Roger protested the fact that I’d called him little, but quickly went back to playing with his toy. I continued to cry and moan for as much of the drive as I could.

The drive from Springfield to Giliman is around thirteen hours, so we didn’t arrive until it was almost midnight. Another moving truck had already dropped off our beds and moved them inside, so we could go to sleep when we arrived. As angry as I was about the move, I was happy to be able to sleep in my own bed, even if I would have preferred it to be in a different location.

I went to bed full of resentment and sadness, directed at my parents, of course. Knowing what I know now, I wish I’d appreciated them more. They tried so hard to make me happy. I wish I had been nicer to them, and complained less about the move. I wish I’d been a better son, while I still had the chance. When I think about the fall we moved to Giliman, I think of what could have been different. That horrible game ruined everything.

Sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself. I grew up in the 90’s. The year we moved was 1995, and like every other eight year old, I was infatuated with my Super Nintendo Entertainment System (which we called an SNES, as I’m sure everyone knows). I plugged more time into that gaming system then I’m proud to admit – it was truly my prized possession.

When I woke up, the first thing I noticed was the game cartridge that was plugged into the SNES across from my bed. For those of you that remember the Super Nintendo, you might remember that almost every game cartridge was exactly the same. They were all plastic, slate grey cartridges, with black or white stickers on the front.

But this one wasn’t. It was bright blue, and had a bright red sticker on the front. I didn’t recognize it – I’d never seen anything quite like it before. I was ecstatic, to say the least. I figured that my parents must have gotten me this game to make me feel better about the move. My reservations about the new house faded away the second I saw the game cartridge.

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More family AU

It never stops. Today’s topic: Raph is a useless gay.

Family AU tag, in case you’re curious and want more.

  • Amélie and Lena are supportive moms™. No matter what.
  • For instance, they fully accepted her when she came out as gay…though considering their own relationship, it would’ve seemed hypocritical of them to refuse to show their support, so it was obvious that they’d be okay with it.
  • However, when their 13 years old daughter comes to them saying she’s been thinking about joining her school’s soccer team, it raises a few questions.
  • You see, Raphaëlle has never been particularly athletic. Heck, you can see from miles away that she’s a complete nerd, so why the sudden desire to get into sports?
  • “Oh, you know…just so I get more extracurricular stuff to add onto my college applications.” Raphaëlle makes up a somewhat believable excuse. She is not about to confess to her moms that this girl from her science class that she told them about some time ago, the one she has a huge crush on, is on the soccer team and that’s the reason why she wants to join in the first place.
  • Because Raph is shy and in her mind, joining a sports club while she doesn’t know shit about any of the game’s rule and isn’t athletic a single bit is an easier way to get to spend time with her crush than simply asking her if she’d want to hang out after class.
  • Don’t ask how this whole scheme makes more sense than being upfront about things. It just does to Raph.
  • Obviously, Amélie and Lena are suspicious that their daughter’s not telling the whole story, but they agree on letting her join the team anyway.
  • And so, Raph signs up for soccer and the next Thursday, she has her first practice.
  • It goes as well as you’d expect.
  • By that I mean it’s a disaster.
  • Raphaëlle has no control over the ball, she trips over it, and also over her shoelaces that keep getting undone as she runs…things like that.
  • Also, she got hit in the face by the ball nearly half a dozen time.
  • Her teammates are exasperated because an 8 years old would probably have more skills than her. And they don’t hesitate on bitching about it in the locker room after practice.
  • They thought Raph had already left when they started voicing out their complaints, but in fact she was just in one of the changing rooms in the back and no one paid attention.
  • Which meant she heard whole conversation.
  • The mean stuff they said. She heard all of it. She couldn’t leave her hiding spot, so she just sat there and listened.
  • Even though Raphaëlle knew all of this was true, it still made her tear up. She never thought these guys would be so judgemental.
  • And then she hears someone stepping in and say; “You know, we were all beginners at some point. You don’t wake up one day and bam! You’re a pro player; it takes practice. Is shunning the new girl’s skills behind her back going to make her a better player?”
  • To which all the other girls reply a small “No.”, slightly embarrassed by being called out on their rude behaviour.
  • And then silence. Raphaëlle hears everyone finishing changing and leaving one by one. She does the same, but waits until she’s sure everyone’s gone before leaving the changing room she’s been hiding in.
  • Except when she gets out and makes her way to the door, she realizes someone’s still there.
  • Her crush – who has a name, Raphaëlle learned earlier: it’s Audrey – is standing by the door, back against the wall, as if waiting for someone. Though she’s no one else-
  • Suddenly, things click into Raphaëlle’s mind. Her face turns deep red when she realizes that Audrey, who must have known she was still in the room when the other’s started bitching about her lack of skills on the field, was the one who stood up for her.
  • “You okay there?” Audrey asks, noticing Raphaëlle’s reaction.
  • “Y-yeah. Oh, and thanks for standing up for me earlier.” She stammers out before bolting out of the room.
  • Raph’s so embarrassed she just makes a run for the stadium’s entrance where she asked Lena to pick her up after practice.
  • Yes Raph’s school has its own soccer stadium you can’t tell me what to do. I sure wish mine had this luxury but no, most of the schools I’ve been to didn’t even have something that more or less resembled a field outside.
  • When Raph gets within Lena’s line of sight and she sees her daughter coming towards her, running like hell, she’s certain things went horribly wrong.
  • Raphaëlle nearly crashes into her mother, but stops just in front of her instead.
  • “Did something happen, Kitty?” Lena asks, confused.
  • “I’ll tell you on the way back.”
  • So like during the whole drive back home Raphaëlle recounts all that has happened.
  • Including how she got face to face with her crush after practice and got so nervous she just ran off.
  • Had she not been driving, Lena would’ve just burst out laughing to the point of ending up on the ground. Instead, she just let out a chuckle.
  • Also Raph is pretty sure she heard her mom mumbling something about owing Amélie 20 bucks.
  • Because yes they took a bet on the reason why Raph wanted to do soccer.
  • Lena had more or less believed the whole “extra stuff to put on college apps” thing, and didn’t thought of looking further into it even though it seemed odd for Raph to pick up a sport.
  • And Amélie suspected it had something to do with “That girl she told us about the other day.”
  • Turns out the latter was right.
  • When Raph told the story yet again over dinner the same night, Amélie had to restrain herself from just standing up and point at her wife, yelling “Ha-ah, told you so!” due to her hypothesis being confirmed.
  • The next day, Raphaëlle had science first thing in the morning, which meant she’d see Audrey. Still kinda embarrassed about yesterday’s events, Raph did her best to avoid her.
  • She succeeded fairly well in doing so…until the end of the class.
  • The teacher asked both her and Audrey to stay after the bell rang.
  • Apparently, Audrey sucks at science as much as Raph sucks at soccer, and the teacher wanted to ask if Raphaëlle would like to help her classmate out a bit.
  • Of course, Raph doesn’t want to seem mean, so she accepts. She tries to keep cool but she’s losing it internally.
  • The two girls walk out of the classroom. Raph avoids making eye contact and only nods when Audrey ask if it’s okay if they meet up at Raph’s place the following Saturday to study since Audrey’s house isn’t exactly the calmest place due to her 3 hyperactive younger siblings, all under age 10.
  • They exchange phone numbers and Raph walks off, saying; “I’ll text you the address.”
  • Poor baby gay can’t focus for the rest of the day because holy shit!! She has a date – well, not really a date, but she’s gonna meet up with her crush this weekend.
  • And then during the last period, it hits her that the weekend is tomorrow, because it’s Friday.
  • Cue panic.
  • When she gets hope, Raph finally loses her cool, that she’d barely been able to keep on during the whole day, mind you, at just starts screaming at everything.
  • Amélie just looks at her daughter; “There she go again. I wonder what happened this time.”
  • Because Raph having fits like that is a common occurrence.
  • And Lena’s like “Woah chill, what’s going on?”
  • Raphaëlle calms down for a split second and explains the situation. “So like, this girl, Audrey, from my science class. Well turns out she’s no good at science and basically failing, so the teacher signed me up to help her out because apparently I’m one of the better students in this class…Long story short, she’s coming over tomorrow to study and I’m not ready.”
  • “I don’t see the problem here, Kitty.” Lena shrugs. “You’re good at science, it’s gonna be okay.
  • “Oh…”
  • Screaming x2.
  • Amélie has to be the rational one – but when isn’t she the rational one? – and calm both of them down.
  • “Sois naturelle et tout va bien aller.” (Be natural and everything will be fine.)
  • “Plus facile à dire qu’à faire… T’as pas vu comment je suis en sa présence.” (Easier said than done, you haven’t seen how I am when she’s around.)
  • “What are you guys saying?” Oh right, Lena barely knows French.
  • So the three of them sit down and talk about it. At the end of a two and a half hours long conversation, Raphaëlle is finally confident enough about things.
  • Before going to bed, she texts Audrey her address along with a see you tomorrow.
  • Audrey replies nearly instantly. See you tomorrow :)
  • Raph sees the smiley face and blushes so hard.
  • That night she falls asleep smiling like an idiot instead of her having anxiety keep her awake.

redhaired-mobster  asked:

Hey dude; I got a pro-tip for you cause SAME. I bind and then put a bra on top of it when I know I'm gonna be around family. Immediately off when I get to campus or such. Just be sure to have the bra on hand when you need to throw it over your binder again. (It helps with dysphoria I've found better than wearing a bra and binding in a public restroom stall) Be safe, man!!

Thanks dude! Yeah that sounds like a good idea

What I do is like I wear one sports bra on regularly and one on backwards, so while I’m in the car on the way to my moms work, I usually take off the second one, and that usually works?