my mom lied

Why can’t people see that words cut like knives and sometimes they cut so deep that you can’t feel the pain. The knife you shoved between my shoulder blades didn’t cause blood to seep through my clothes right away, and I think my nerve endings may have been frayed. No baby, I think it wasn’t until you got caught up in your own lies, your own blatant disregard for anyone’s feelings besides your own that I opened my eyes and truly felt who you are. All pain aside, I hope you never understand one day how it feels to turn around and find your friend wielding a blade.
—  Why are tongues made of razor?
Straight White Boy Problem #750

my friend made fun of me for bringing a bagged lunch today. He asked me if my mom made it. I lied and said yes. I’m not going to let my Bros know that I made a kale salad with feta and cranberries and then packed a Greek yogurt! its packed with protein!! So good

Friendly reminder that

It’s not okay for partners to hit each other!!! Just because one of them is a girl does not mean she can hit or slap her boyfriend!!! Arguments and anger do not justify violence!! I’ve seen relationships depicted like this in fanfiction, books, tv shows, and movies and it’s not okay. Gender does not matter. You. Do. Not. Hit. Your. Partner.

Grocery Store

Genre: Fluff.
Pairing: Taeyong x Reader Summary: For some reason, you always hated going to the groceries. But one guy changed it all.

A/N: This is based on a true story that’s been going around in Twitter, though I tweaked a little parts in it. But I hope you like it!

“Y/N! Can you please go to the market and buy the ingredients that I’ll be needing to bake this cake?” Your mom said, earning a groan from you but you were left with no choice but to comply. You always hated going to the groceries for some reason, it takes time for you to find the things to buy. You hated the long line when it comes to paying. After you slipped on your jeans and oversized t-shirt, you didn’t bothered combing your hair.

You left after your mom gave you the money to shop, reminding you once again to be careful. You only gave her a nod and left to the market while you slipped your earphones on. It didn’t took you long enough to arrive as you headed inside the grocery store and went to the push-cart section to get a small one. You were busy going around in the store that you didn’t noticed a guy was following you, or so you thought.

Taeyong’s POV :

I felt really flustered when my mom asked me to buy her pads, it’s such a shame for guy to be seen buying out pads. A sigh escaped my lips knowing that I can’t decline my mother’s offer, she gave me a grateful smile and blabbered things like how she was lucky to have a son like me. I only gave her a smile and nodded as I headed off to the market.

Once I got inside the market, I almost bumped into a girl who seemed to be in a hurry. I only looked at her before grabbing a basket and tried to find where the pads sections are. As I was looking around the market, the same girl kept running into me.

I grew curious of her suddenly, then a thought came into my mind. I decided to finally follow her. Feeling quite uneasy of what I’m doing but I’m just about to ask something to her. When I saw her walking to the napkins section I gathered up my courage and walked towards her as I tapped her shoulder.

“Excuse me?” Taeyong said, making you jolt up a little. Your breath getting caught in your throat as you were mentally squealing inside when this cute guy approaches you “Y-yes…?” You almost stuttered but tried to get yourself together. Taeyong smiled and you melted, he cleared his throat “I need help, it’s my first time buying napkins and I dont know what to buy” He said looking confused and cute. You giggled at his cuteness and nodded so you helped him out and told him the different kinds of napkins.

“Who is this for again?” You asked as the both of you headed towards the cashier “Ah.. it’s for my girlfriend.” Taeyong said, of course. You thought, feeling sad but who wouldn’t have a girlfriend for a guy like him? He’s so handsome and cute, you thought as you managed to smile at him

He offered to carry the bags for you when you both paid “Oh, no it’s okay” You said, smiling at him but Taeyong being the stubborn guy he is insisted, which eventually you gave up and let him carry your bags.

As the both of you walked together, you notice he wanted to say something. And when he finally looked at you and grabbed your arm, he cleared his throat and started off “Actually… these aren’t for my girlfriend. I don’t have a girlfriend, and they’re actually for my mom. I lied because I was nervous and I thought you’re really cute..” Taeyong said, as he feels like his cheeks are already tinted pink by now. You couldn’t help but explode in happiness as you smiled, He took your grocery receipt and wrote his number “I’m Taeyong, by the way. Make sure to give me a call, okay?” He said winking at you. Which made you blush and shy of course. “No pressure, only if you want to.” He said, winking again making you die inside as you gave him a nod “And when you text me, just say cute girl from the groceries then I’ll remember.” He said as he smiled at you, before the both of you parted ways.

As soon as you got home, you dropped the bags on the kitchen and ran inside your room screaming “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!!” You said, as you try to calm yourself. Your hands were shaky when you took out your phone. You saved his number first before giving him a message.

You: Hi, I’m home!
- Cute girl from the grocery store.
Taeyong: Oh hi! You never really told me your name, so I’ll just call you cute girl with the groceries. ;)
Taeyong: But it’s too long so I’ll just call you cute girl. ;)
You: Oh, my name is actually “Y/N!”

And suddenly you thought maybe going to the groceries store wasn’t so bad after all.

A/N: This is my first time writing off a fanfic which based on a true story. If you’d like to know the story, this is the link! ( )

Now enjoy. ;)

anonymous asked:

This is kind of long but I need help. I'm 22 I suffer from severe depression and anxiety. I've had two past suicide attempts and I am currently recovering from an eating disorder. I didn't have a lot of privacy, electronics that my mom goes through, no bedroom door, and I had to take showers with someone in the bathroom with me. Recently in therepy I came out as ace to my mom, she didn't completely understand but she accepted it and loves me no mater what. Because I've been eating and ...

… taking care of myself she allowed me to get my tumblr back and let me shower by myself. But about a month ago my grandma came from Mexico to visit and will be staying until my uncles baby is born (2 months). When my mom told her I was ace she said that it was wrong, that it was my illness, that I wasn’t taking my medicine, I told her that it had nothing to do with my mental health but she stands by her belief, sex is a natural, human desire and any person who doesn’t want it is “sick”…
…My mom has taken care of me since my first attempt. I haven’t had a job, I only just started college, she just wants me to be safe and healthy and I she’ll do anything to make sure that happens. My grandma knows this and has been telling my mom lies, she said she found a bag of vomit in my closet WHICH IS NOT TRUE I HAVENT PURGED SINCE MAY!! and she told my mom she saw me throwing away my meds. WHICH IS AGAIN NOT TRUE. my mom wants to believe me but I’ve lied to her many times before…
And she doesn’t have any reason to doubt her own mother. I know my mom isn’t gulible, given my track record of hiding vomit, throwing out food and meds, and self harm she has every reason to believe my her. I confronted my grandma and asked her why she would lie and she said I needed to “fix” whatever was wrong with me, I was living with a “demon.” My mom wants to take me out of school and take me back to the institution I came from. Please help me. Please what do I do.

mental illnesses have nothing to do with sexuality. in same cases, trauma can cause asexuality, but that never ever invalidates an ace.

that demon you’re living with is your grandmother. in no way is her actions going to “cure” you. you can’t cure asexuality because it is not an illness, and feigning more mental illness problems isn’t going to do shit. nothing she can ever do is going to change your sexuality. it isn’t a choice.

you need to educate your grandmother before i cross the country and let you come live with me. i wouldn’t even mind talking to her myself to put her in her place. (send me message on my main blog if you really want @lamentsofapoet )

if she’s a science-y kind of person, tell her that asexuality is possibly a way to prevent overpopulation. 

tell her that if sex without love can exist, love without sex can exist. if she’s salty bc you’re not giving her the grandchildren she’s “entitled” to remind her that you can adopt. in any case, she’s being irrational and insolent.


But You’re the Bad Guy (part 2) - Theo Raeken

Part 1 - Part 3 - Part 4


*Two weeks since make out sesh*

Theo and I have been sneaking around town lately, no one knew of our secret rendezvous but us and we wanted to keep it that way for as long as possible.

“so you never did answer my question in the car” Theo stated as I laid with my head on his chest “hmm?” I hummed “are you mine?” Theo asked looking down at me,I thought about everything i was putting on the line by answering this question I sat up from my place and Theo joined me “Theo i like you, like really like you but you’re the bad guy” I frowned Theo studied my facial features with furrowed brows “then why are you with me?” he finally spoke he sounded fragile like i broke his heart “i don’t know” I looked down avoiding his stare “screw it, i’m doing this for myself no one else” I kissed him with need Theo broke away “what does that mean?” completely taken back “it means i’m yours” I smiled “wait what?” I rolled my eyes “idiot” “hey i’m many thing but that’s not one of them” Theo pouted “yes you’re my idiot” I pecked his lips and laid back next to him looking up at the stars forgetting about everyone and just living in this moment with Theo.

“hey y/n we missed you this weekend” Stiles started “yeah where were you?” Scott wondered “oh i had a thing with my mom” I lied “oh what?” Stiles asked “It was a stargazing night at a friend’s country club” I replied “hm” Scott made me nervous “why didn’t you invite us?” Scott pressed “it was a plus one thing” I recounted “oh” they both smiled “we’re just pulling your leg” Stiles spoke and they started laughing. Man i really thought they found out “anyways i gotta get going” I waved them goodbye and left, I had to meet Theo in the janitor’s closet. We’ve been meeting there for private chats ever since we kissed in his truck,I hurried before my chemistry class practically running to the room.

I knocked twice on the door Theo opened it and let me in immediately kissing me and grabbing a hold of my waist. Moments like these made everything worth while even before we became ‘official’ Theo and I hung out like friends,movie nights and long chats over everything and anything. 

“Theo i hate to cut this short but i have class” I said breaking away from him “don’t go” he begged “sorry babes” I pecked his cheek and left making sure no one saw me then made my way to class.

I arrived a few moments before the bell getting to my seat then my phone buzzed I opened my messages descretly 

<3 Idiot <3: can we meet after class?

Me: sure, where?

<3 Idiot <3: under the bleachers?

Me: kks x

“Ms.Y/l/n am I distracting you?” Mrs.Yenings asked “no ma’am i’m sorry” I was sincere but she didn’t believe me “you know the rules Y/n” she stated grabbing some papers and making her way to me “next time it’ll be doubled” she sassed more chemistry homework what am i going to do?! 

After class i ran into Stiles and Malia “whoa slow down speedy” Stiles joked holding me “what’s the matter?” Malia frowned but holding a serious glare “ugh I have 6 pages of chemistry homework all thanks to texti-” I stopped myself “texting who?” Malia narrowed her eyes at me “my mom” I deceived “i’ll help you with your work” Stiles smiled “really? that’d be great thank you” I hugged him then said bye and was off to see Theo.

I made it to him out of breath “sorry” “i’m” “late” I say tired Theo laughs and holds me “that’s okay love” he smiled “so I was wondering if you wanted to go out of town and watch a movie?” I tried to regain my breath when I was ready I replied “cant i have a ton of homework Stiles is gonna help me with” “oh” Theo frowned even only for a second “that’s ok how ‘bout tomorrow?” he perked up “yeah sure” I smiled up at him; the bell rang signalling our next class “you go first this time” I told Theo he kissed me and was on his way.

“Theo what are doing you here?” I froze it was Scott “isn’t it obvious i’m walking” Theo spat what a smartass “get lost” Stiles told him “whoa Stilinski who died and made you Alpha” no no no was all that went through my mind “don’t worry I’m leaving” Theo raised his hands in defence.

I waited for Scott and Stiles to be away from where I was, once the coast was clear I walked out now being 10 minutes late for class “Y/n what aren’t you in class?” Liam asked “i needed some air i wasn’t feeling too good” I was technically not lying “oh why? what’s wrong?” Liam came closer “Mrs.Yenings gave me extra homework for answering my mom’s text message” I sulked “yeah she’s a tough one” Liam was telling the truth she’s so hard on everyone “Liam!” Scott called “well thats my cue,see ya” he waved and ran over to Scott.

Now i was fifteen minutes late for class so i didn’t bother going i walked around to find Malia seated on the bleacher “Y/n decided to watch practice?” she smiled “actually yeah” I smiled back Stiles noticed me and ran over. He was sweaty from running laps and out of breath “hey” “y/n” he struggled for air falling over.

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“man i hate running” Stiles expressed getting back up, he hasn’t been much of an athlete even from childhood Scott always forced him into lacrosse and finally he took it up and loves it but hates the work he has to put into it. “how does 6:30 tonight your house,sound? i’ll order us some pizza” he smiled having fully regained his breath “sounds great” I smiled “Stilinski! Stop talking to the girls and get over here” Coach called

After school Theo took him me home I decided against bringing up the whole Scott,Stiles thing so we just chatted about movies to watch tomorrow we decided on a rom-com. Theo was such a sweetheart with me but a complete jerk with everyone else it fascinated me truly.

Stiles arrived on time I opened the door to him holding his notebook under his arm and a medium pizza that smelt delicious “yummy” I moved to let him through “mom’s on a business trip so we’re good for interruptions” i smiled remembering the last time Stiles came over a month ago we were watching Star  Wars again and my mom kept asking us to explain what was happening even though she was in the other room and wasn’t watching it;Stiles and I filled up on pizza before we got into working.

 “I hate chemistry” I admitted half way through our study session “then why’d you take it?” he was curious “my mom thought it was best” I shrugged “let’s take a break and go to the coffee shop” he offered “yeah i need some coffee and a break” I smiled getting up.

The car ride to the coffee shop was eventful we sang along to the radio like old times and got there in a great mood. Stiles parked the jeep close to the entrance,we got out and made our way inside. We chose the table near the window the waitress came over fairly quick “hi i’m Jessica what can i get you two?” she asked politely “um i’ll have a ice cappuccino” I smiled “me too” Stiles added Jessica wrote it in her notepad then left. 

Soon Jessica gave us our drinks “if you need anything let me know” she smiled and walked away “Stiles i cant thank you enough on helping me with chem” I sincerely told him he just grinned “I guess it’s payback for grade 4 math” “true” I agreed.