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No Kissing

(I took a brief intermission from working on my main fic to do a one-shot; I’ve seen a few people lately craving Bechloe married domestic fluff, and I’ve been feeling the same way, so I couldn’t resist the urge!)

Locking up her studio for the night, Beca pockets the key and heads across the back yard to the house.  She comes in through the kitchen, finding it empty and silent this late in the evening.  Checking the clock, she feels a slight twinge of guilt when she sees it’s past eight.  Usually, despite the temptation of her equipment just a few steps away on the same property, she doesn’t allow herself to go back to work after dinner.  (Or rather, Chloe doesn’t allow her to go back to work after dinner.)  But with so many deadlines looming this week she’s had to make some exceptions.

She crosses the back hallway and peeks into the family room.  Chloe is nowhere in evidence, but their daughter, Violet, is sitting on the plush area rug in the middle of the room, clutching her favorite blanket, staring at the TV and absorbed in what looks like a car insurance commercial featuring a talking monkey.  

Beca steps quietly through the doorway and sneaks up closer, then crouches down a few feet behind her, still unnoticed.  “Boo,” she says, but in a soft voice so as not to actually scare her.

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Your aunt had two pet wolves?! Amazing! Story please?

it’s not really a story!! :( she rescued them and they lived on her property, which was huge and out in wyoming. their names were Mama and Baby. we were only allowed to hang out with them supervised, and almost never got to hang out with Mama bc she wasn’t super interested in humans that weren’t my aunt, who she loved beyond reason. Baby loved everybody, though. he was very friendly and confused about why human children were so small. he’d always come over and smell us and kind of nudge us around with his nose like, “what are you made of? why are you so little? why do you make such weird mouth sounds? MOM WHAT’S THE DEAL WITH THESE TINY HAIRLESS WEIRDOS?” 

anyway wolves are great.

Scott McCall AU (part 2)


Plot: Any permanent mark your soulmate gets, you get. Along with a distinct, unique tattoo that appears after an important moment in your soulmate’s life, however, you have no idea how you get away clean

A/N: Sorry it’s late haha, but I actually really got into writing this part, so it’s kinda long (9 pages long). Also… I’m not sure how long this Scott series is going to last but based on how this one went, I’m betting not very long. Anyways, enjoy and give me some feedback! Also, just so you guys know I started part 3 last night!


“College weekend! Are you ready honey?” Your mom asked.

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Bloodborne ending spoilers in this one.

I chose the “Refuse” ending and never regretted it. You should have seen that clawed weirdo in the wheelchair. The next Hunter who comes to the dream is in for a very weird time indeed.

More Bloodborne fanart.

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Can you do some ZenxMC high school headcanons please? ^-^

Ok, let me be honest and tell how long I’ve been waiting for a high school request. I L-U-V these requests! Seriously, guys, just say the word and I’ll do a whole AU for it! ^^

This request came today and I decided to do it before the others in line since is Zen’s birthday, tomorrow I’ll go back to following the right order, okay? I’ts taking a while for me to respond because there are so many, but I’ll answer everybody eventually, just be patient!

Enough chit chat, here’s more for Zen’s birthday.

ZenxMC high school headcanon

  • He used to be a jock, everybody knew Hyun Ryu, the extremely hot and talented shooting guard at the school basketball team
  • You are a sophomore and just joined the cheerleader team, that was the first time he saw you
  • Your dancing moves are very different from your colleagues, you’re much more expressive and free than all of them, so his eyes follow you around through all your choreography
  • He even got replaced and scolded by the coach for being so distracted. He doesn’t mind, that was even better, now he could look at you without worrying about the match
  • Just… talk to her… why was he so afraid? You seem so out of his league… could he imagine one day he would meet a girl who seems too much for him?
  • One day, he gathered courage enough to talk to you. You are so nice and sweet… then he remembers what his team mates always tell: “She’s a cheerleader, bro, they’re nice to everybody.” Shit…
  • He tells how amazingly you dance, you politely thank him, and explain the dancing moves are very different in the drama club, which you are a part of.
  • “The drama club? The… club with the weirdos?” you stop smiling. “No, the club with very talented and interesting  people, you should join, it would improve your reflexes and you wouldn’t lose so much rebounds.” OH SHIT!
  • He feels like an idiot! He screw up the only chance he had to talk to you, what now? “Just let it go, bro. It’s just another chick” one of his mates tells him, but he knows it’s not true.
  • So there he is, awkwardly sat in the corner watching two guys having a heated argument about who should play Fanny Brice on an eventual revival of Funny Girl. “Lea Michele is the obvious choice, you fool!” “She can’t be compared to Ms. Streisand and you know that, don’t pretend you didn’t listen to me the last time!” Who are those people? Then you come in.
  • “MC, who should play Fanny Brice on a Funny Girl’s revival?” “Me” and you smirk, end of discussion. Hyun can’t hold back a smile when he sees you and awkwardly waves at you. You look shocked.
  • “What are you doing here?” “You told me I should come…” now you can’t help but smile, you can’t believe he actually took you seriously, how… cute.
  • You can’t believe how fast he mingles, everybody ends up liking him, he’s energetic, proactive, and insanely charismatic, which is a very important feature for an actor.
  • And he’s also very intrigued how well he fits here. People here seem so much more authentic and spontaneous. And when he got up at that stage… god, he never felt this rush in any of his basketball matches…
  • After the meeting, he accompanies you to your house, he’s very nervous! “So… cheerleader and drama club? Come on, you know how caste system works at school… are you trying to make a… how do you call? A… social statement being in such different clubs?”  he is trying so hard to sound smart…
  • You giggle “Nah, I just like the drama club, but my mom made me join the cheerleaders, she doesn’t want me hanging out with the weirdos.” Well, now he feels like a prick…
  • “Yeah… parents suck.” That’s all he could think of? He feels so stupid, but then you giggle again. “Oh, really? Mr.Shooting guard has trouble at home too?” “If you only knew…” “So, tell me…”
  • You two sit on a bench halfway to your house and keep talking. He tells about how his mom always called him ugly, how he feels like his brother betrayed him when decided to stop supporting him, and how sometimes all he wants to do is just abandon all this, hop on his bike and run away.
  • You feel bad for him, but yet very fascinated. Who knew the apparently perfect guy was struggling so much? You didn’t like him at first for judging your friends at the drama club, but you also made your own very prejudiced pre assumptions. No… he’s so complex and so sensitive… and remembering him acting make your heart flutter.
  • “If you ever decide to run away, take me with you.” He looks at you. As you thought, he knows you’re not kidding.  So he leans slowly to you and kiss you, it starts a little awkward and timid, but suddenly you two are a panting mess, he breaks it off before it gets out of control, you both giggle, a little embarrassed.
  • “I will, then we’ll be this amazing power couple who get to star at musicals and shit. MC and Hyun… just imagine!” you two are laughing and completely fascinated by each other’s laughs.
  • “Hum… I should get a stage name… and so should you, let me think… how about… Zen?” “Zen?” he scoffs “Yeah! It’s simple, easy to pronounce in almost every language and, I don’t know, it suits you…”
  • “Zen, huh? Yeah… I can get used to this…”

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going to have my wisdom teeth out soon and am worried i might say something like in the various videos of people making all kinds of weird talk while loopy, except outing myself around my mom. i dont think she would really mind, but id be mortified, im so not ready

i was worried about that too but don’t worry you’re not…coherent enough to really say anything meaningful. i just fist bumped all of the office staff, grinned like a weirdo, and kept repeating “IM FINE WOW IM DOING GREAT” over and over

Maybe It’s Fate (Chapter 1)

pairing: Young Leonardo DiCaprio x reader

summary: There aren’t a whole lot of opportunities to meet kids your age as a teen in Los Angeles unless you go to their school, so you go to organized dances with your best friend every month. Over a year after going to your first dance, your friend was losing interest in the dances because you still hadn’t met anybody interesting. Not until a young actor catches your eye. 

warnings: i think i used a couple swear words, teenagers?

words: 4720

a/n: alright, so this is part one to that multipart slow burn teen leo fic i’ve been talking about! It’s like young leo in the modern day, it’s a bit weird with that but it’ll work. This is pretty much the exact story of how I met my boyfriend, and i plan on keeping things that way. we just aren’t in LA and he’s not an actor, I just had to adjust some things for the fic to work. this is just my way of keeping track of how things go with the two of us without being terribly obnoxious.

please please, PLEASE leave feedback, it would mean the absolute world to me!! 

Also, thank you @secretschuylersister and @icanneverbesatisfied for reading it over for me and just being fantastic people as always! 

“Do I really have to go with you? I don’t even like baseball. Or any sports for that matter!” A voice called out from across your suburban home as you straightened out your black skinny jeans.

“Olivia, you’re my ride to the dance. You can’t just ditch me an hour before it starts. You’re also my best friend which means you’re supposed to weed out any weirdos that I dance with.”

Your friend tried to stay straight-faced through her disappointment, but your words had her chuckling under her breath. This was a monthly occurrence with Olivia since you didn’t drive yet and your mom knew about every dance for high school aged kids in Hollywood, so you knew she wouldn’t actually ditch you.

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An excerpt from July, July in honor of @dadharbour. Congrats Leah!!

I. June 1994

After graduation, Mike moves to Chicago, living with Lucas and doing grad work at the University of Chicago. Will moves out to New York and Dustin stays in California. Eleven remains in Hawkins, working at the library, reading everything in sight, starting to feel a bit constrained in the small town. She goes up to Chicago sometimes; she likes it there - the bustle of the city but less claustrophobic than New York, the lake providing space and air and light.

On this June day, Mike is visiting home, and El spends every spare minute with him. Ted and Karen have left to take Holly to summer camp, and the two take refuge from the oppressive heat in his basement. They’re feeling lazy and silly and after El makes a comment about the old blanket fort, they decide to make a new one. It’s a little bigger than the original, but not by much. They lie there side by side, Popsicles in their mouths, relaying stories of the library and the university and things they’ve heard from their friends. After a while they quiet down, almost dozing, content to hear each other’s breathing.

El stares at the blanket above her, thinking of the first time she slept under it. Scared and cold and confused, but this boy gave her clothes and a name and spoke so kindly that she felt comfortable enough to fall asleep. She’s never forgotten that night, that week, every feeling she had as her world took on color and music and life. Sometimes she’s amazed that it wasn’t a dream, that it still isn’t, that she won’t wake up in that little bed with the lion in her arms and Papa just outside the door.

She’s thought about it a lot lately, over the past few months, and there’s a question dancing on her tongue but she hasn’t been able to ask it yet. Until now. Now seems perfect.

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BTS Reaction: The boys coming home and seeing you curled up on the bed because of bad period cramps (Requested)

Jin: Usually when Jin came home, there would always be dinner on the table for him. But when he didn’t see any, he knew something was wrong. He went up to your bedroom and saw you were in pain. He would ask what’s wrong and when you told him, he would go to the grocery store and get you some chocolate and a heating pad to lessen your cramps.

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Namjoon: When Namjoon came home and saw you curled up on your couch, he was honestly confused. He would panic until he realized what was going on. He would order you pizza and make you take a warm bath to make you feel better because he’s a clumsy ass who would probably burn your house down if he tried to do anything.

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Yoongi: You talked to him earlier and told him about your situation. He would come with your favorite takeout meal and some chocolate cake. He would also bring you some extra strength Tylenol and cuddle you till you fell asleep.

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Hoseok: Ugh this angel. His presence would honestly make you feel better. In addition to bringing your favorite food and chocolate, he would shower you with kisses especially on your stomach. He would have a movie marathon with you, which would make you feel better eventually.

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Jimin: He. Would. Just. Cuddle. And. Kiss. The. Fuck. Out. Of. You. I’m just kidding… I’m not. That’s literally all he would do, in addition to chocolate and a warm bath.

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Taehyung: This cute little weirdo oh my god. He would bring video games and movies to distract you but he would bring you some chocolate and pain killers as well. Him being him, he would talk to your stomach saying “Stop hurting my girlfriend you’re being mean”.

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Jungkook: These poor little fetus. When he saw the position you were in, he would be so confused and shook. He wouldn’t know what to do. He would probably call his mom for help and she would tell him what do to. Other than that he would just cuddle you because he didn’t know anything before he asked his mom.

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SUICIDAL (part II) - Jughead Jones x reader

I opened my eyes, to see the brunette boy above me, making pressure on the wound that crossed my wrist. He was saying something, but I wasn’t sure what it was. I heard my name as an echo. I felt a tear on my cheek. I thought it was mine until I heard his sob.
“Y/n?” he asked weakly. He began to mumble things, or I thought he was mumbling.
I was too tired to pay attention. Too tired to cry. Too tired to breathe. I wanted to sleep, to close my eyes and don’t wake up.
I tried to part his hand from my wrist, but I didn’t have any forces.
“Just… Let me go” I murmured. I felt another tear, this time on my forehead. I heard a door opening and screams. Then, I passed out again.

I saw how her eyes closed again. And I felt tears burning my eyes. I was sure that if she couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t neither. However, I didn’t stop pressing her weak wrist.
“Y/n!” I heard Cheryl screaming behind me. Her mother tear me apart and began to make pressure by herself, ordering Cheryl and me to call to the hospital.
When the doctors came, Y/n had already lost too much blood. We all went to the hospital and, while Cheryl and her mother entered in Y/n’s quarters, I stayed on a chair in the hall.
I waited for three hours, until I saw Cheryl exiting the room. Our gazes crossed and she began to walk in my direction. I thought she was going to punch me, but instead, she embraced me briefly.
“thank you, Jughead.” I nodded whipping a tear away from my cheek.
“how is she?” I asked, with my throat dry. I look to the floor.
“she’s conscious. She wants to see you.” the girl told me. “that’s why I’m here. She’s sent me to look for you.” we headed Y/n’s room and Cheryl and her mother left me with Y/n. I still had my right hand covered by Y/n’s blood, so I tried to hide it behind me.
I opened my eyes and I saw Cheryl besides me and my mother in front of the bed. Cheryl was trying to not cry in front of me. She was trying to me strong, to seem angry. But she wasn’t. She was happy that I was alive.
“Y/n, I thought you were going to leave me too.” Cheryl breathed out. “why did you want to leave me?” she didn’t understand anything, and it wasn’t her fault.
Then I remembered the raven haired boy who saved me. Why he had saved me? And why he was in my house?
“who’s he?” I asked ignoring Cheryl. “what’s his name?”
“who?” my mother asked angry. Cheryl closed her eyes and pursed her lips. “the creep weirdo who has get in our house with you knowing it?” I sat down on the bed, still weak. I looked at my mother fiercely. I was tired to keep my mouth shut.
“No mom. The boy who saved my life when you had forgotten of my existence” I hissed. I noticed Cheryl’s little smirk besides me, looking at me.
“if you talk about me like that again I will send you to a Centre for mental illnesses” she menaced me.
“get the hell out of my room, or I’ll call the police.” I ordered with conviction.
We saw how my mother instantly left the room.
“his name is Jughead Jones” Cheryl murmured. “he’s outside, waiting to see you.” I didn’t understand why he had saved me, why right now, he was outside waiting to see me. Cheryl read all my questions in my eyes. “I’ll bring him with you.” I smiled weakly.
Three minutes passed before my old sister opened the door again, this time followed by the boy who saved my life. Cheryl smiled at me and then get out of the room, leaving me with Jughead. I noticed the his right hand was covered with blood. Just after I had noticed, he hid it behind him.
“I don’t know what to say… ” I said confused. I noticed his nervousness and I motioned him to sit by my side.
“Uh… I don’t know what do you remember, but…” he mumbled grabbing his bad. “you left this when I was going to talk with you.” I was looking at my notebook, held between his hands.
When he noticed that his hand had cover my notebook with blood he looked at me apologizing.
“I’m sorry… I’ll buy you another when I…” he stopped before continue. “when I get a job.” I smiled at him.
“you don’t have to” he looked down to my lips and flushed. He… Did he really like me? That had to be the reason he still there.
“why… You wanted to kill yourself?” he asked in a weak murmur looking at his hands.
“I’m not worth it. The only person who has helped me is dead.” I told him indifferent. He looked up and I noticed his hand resting on mine.
“I… I cared about you.” he said. But he didn’t want to say that. He wanted to say something that I wasn’t prepared for, and he knew.
At few days had passed, and Jughead refused to leave me alone, he said me that I was important for him.
I had to go with him to every part of Riverdale. I began to know Jughead Jones and I think it was the best decision of my life.
When I arrived at home fifteen day after the incident (like my mother used to call it), I saw that Jughead was already in my room. I closed the door, surprised that my mom had let him get in.
“what are you doing here”
“Cheryl helped me to get in” he said. I noticed he was acting weird. “Y/n. I have to tell you something.”
“it’s everything okay?” I asked. I knew about her family situation and his problems with the football players.
“Uh… I… The day that I found you here, you know… The day-” he didn’t know how to say it.
“The day I tried to kill myself.” I ended motioning him to keep going. He nodded uncomfortably.
“I came here to talk with you… Because… Because I…” he let out a sight. “i couldn’t keep going like this. Hiding my feelings. Because I hide everything, but I wanted to show you that I love you. That you weren’t alone.” I stayed there. I didn’t want to say anything. He looked at me hopeless. “Y/n please say something” he murmured.
“you cared…” I breathed out. He aproa me and I felt something strange when his lips touched mines.

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I don’t know how to describe it. It was like Jughead had picked all my emotions, all my thoughts and had thrown them away from my mind, I only could feel the desperation in his lips, the frustration of years, the sadness of his thoughts about losing me. I could feel all his emotions, because know he was my world.
“I shouldn’t have done it.” he whispered sniffing. “you’re too special to me, I don’t want to lose you. I’m sorry.”
“I… I don’t know love, Jug… But I think it would be like my feelings for you.” I said confused. I had my eyes still shut. “I love you.” I added kissing his cheek slowly.
Jughead became in my anchor, and I became in his. I still had depressions and Jughead used to find me crying.
But sometimes, it happened backwards, and I found him crying hard in silence. We helped each other, no matter what. So I couldn’t die now. I have something that mattered me enough to stay alive. I have Jughead Jones the third.

-So, Gunther, it looks like you and your brother simply will not stay your asses at home lately, and I keep finding your homework in the litterboxes. You two better keep your grades up because I have made important cat adoption plans for the minute you leave for college!

-Aw dad, pretending to be a responsible father is cute but you can relax, we’re definitely gonna study today! I mean it’s Sunday morning, what else are we gonna do? Hit the clubs?

We arrive at the Lulu Lounge! Loving that red carpet, Jojo this is the place for you.

-Ugh I know, I feel so at home.

Well you do look great, especially next to our car!

Do you guys remember Komei’s boxing thing that he has thankfully stopped doing? I think that apart from the jaw, Jojo has also inherited those faulty genetics, because all he wants to do at any given moment is play this stupid punching game. Not only is it annoying as fuck but pretty disturbing as well. I’m talking Anastasia Steele teas.

-Punch me Gunther! Punch me like you mean it!

Ugh freak. Time to hit something else.. the dancefloor!

Panic! At The Disco.


Thank god the tension is quickly overcome with some inappropriate brotherly dancing!

-Nice, now knee me in the testicles, Gunther!

JFC. Jojo really, I’m not judging, but this is a legacy not the fucking Story of O. Let’s at least find someone who is not a blood relation to beat you up? 

Like blondie here, look he’s cute and he wants to dance with you!

-UGH gross, not only is he age appropriate but I don’t even see a ring on that finger! Hard pass. OMG. IT’S HIM. HE’S HERE.

What? No, that’s impossible, there is no fucking way-


-Sunday morning, time to cut loose, am I right?


………………………………….fucking jfc I’m so done. Jojo I hate you.

-Well well well… Following me now, Stephen? Oh how the tables have turned..

-What? Do I know you?

-Haha that’s funny. So this is how you wanna play this then? Alright. Yes, I am a complete stranger..

-Oh wait, you’re that legacy freak that keeps spying on my family, aren’t you?

-That’s right I am. Does that turn you on?


-You can stop playing hard to get, you have me already..


-Well he can say what he wants but he did buy me a drink..


-I fail to see the difference. 

OF COURSE YOU DO. Let’s gtfo before you get arrested.

We go to Rodney’s Hideout to literally hide out. Gunther runs into Ruskie and things immediately escalate..

..while Jojo finally has one solitary bolt with someone and it’s Craig here, who is very cute and also..

A NERD. We have struck gold! Jojo don’t fuck this up istg.

-I can’t believe I’m saying this to someone who is not my mother but.. I don’t hate you.

-Oh my!

The very definition of different speeds. But it doesn’t matter, we’re getting there, just keep up the non disturbing conversation about hats, Jo!

-So you see, Craig, just as Napoleon thought the battle was his, he sees a sea of Prussian spiked helmets, or pickelhaubes, approaching-

-Actually, the Prussian military did not adopt the pickelhaube until 1842, it’s a common misconception aided by representations of the battle of Waterloo in modern media..

Oh dear god we’re gonna be here all night.

Even Mrs Crumplebottom doesn’t care enough to interrupt this lameness. 

-I don’t know when I’ll be able to go on a date with you, Craig, as I don’t subscribe to the arbitrary concept of ‘time’.. 

Ok you know what, NO. Get up.

There we fucking go. WAS THAT SO HARD

-You are pretty attractive even though your clothes are. ridiculous.

LMAO take a look in the mirror lately Jo? Whatever, Craig likes you for some unfathomable reason so let’s do this already.

If you’re wondering what Gunther was doing during this time, it was watching his harem smustle. He had 2 bolts with Ivy but Ruskie wouldn’t gtfo so we’re getting to Ivy later. As if we’d let her escape!

Busting a move worked like a charm on Craig, legit god knows why. Craig you’re a fucking weirdo. 

-I can’t help it, he looks so cool!

Is cool the right word for it? Is it really?


-Honestly, my dear, far be it from me to criticize my mother in any way, but I really don’t know what she was thinking marrying Komei!

Yea let us guess who you would prefer she marry instead.. Gee that’s a tough one.

Yes, there we go, we’re so close Jojo! Please don’t say anything creepy and scare him away, please ❤ Who knows how long it will be till we find someone else who likes you, probably never LETS BE REAL

-I really wasn’t expecting this to happen with someone so unmarried and so not middle-aged such as yourself.. And dressed in this delinquent manner.. I mean are you wearing an actual necklace, good lord.. Now that I think about it this may have been a mistake..


YAAAAS. I forgot to turn the special camera off like a moron but whatever! Get it Jo, fucking finally. 

AW. Fuck Jojo looking rough in this pic, can’t believe Craig went for you tbh. THANK YOUR LUCKY STARS

As soon as the first kiss is over this is what Craig hits us with:

Very promising. Jfc Jojo wtf did you do to him?

-NOTHING! I was a perfect gentleman, I even whispered in his ear that I’ll see him again when he’s married!

Oh yea, that’s what everyone wants to hear! Whatever, our work here is done, let’s go home. Gunther is so tired from being a slut he’s ready to pass out.





I wanna grab both your shoulders and shake,                                               baby, snap out of it,
I get the feeling I left it too late, but baby,
snap out of it,
if that watch don’t continue to swing                                                                   or the fat lady fancies having a sing,                                                                 I’ll be here waiting ever so patiently for you to                                               snap. out. of. it. ♪ 

I can’t take this idea away from my head. High-school Frank. The kid always wearing black, always sitting in the back of the classroom. Never speaking if not spoken to. A bit of a troublemaker. Good grades, nothing special, enough not to draw attention to himself either way.

Then one day he is made to sit beside this new kid.The new blind kid. Matthew Murdock, the kid with the troubled past, everyone seems to know some weird detail about him.

“I’ve heard that his Mum did not want him and became a nun after he was born.”
“My mom said that her friend said that his dad was killed by the mob.”
“I heard Mr Jones say that he lives in an orphanage, because no one wanted to adopt him.”
“He’s a weirdo.”
“I don’t like him.

Frank doesn’t pay attention to the rumours - or to the new kid, for that matter - at first, but then he notices something. He notices how that redhead blushes every time someone says something about him, even if he’s far away, even if he’s sitting on the other side of the cafeteria at lunchtime.

He notices that he’s always coming to school alone, and leaving alone, and he is alone during the day. His cane tapping on the floors, his glasses pushed up on his nose, his bag slung on one shoulder. His eyes look sad behind his dark lenses.

And Frank makes it his mission to protect Matt. To watch over him. From a distance, at first. He walks a few steps behind him in between classes. He moves his desk closer to Matt’s. He follows him discreetly and steps in if he sees someone looking for trouble, stopping them before Matt can notice.

Then one day Frank is looking for something in his locker and hears the familiar tap-tap-tap of Matt’s cane. The hall is almost empty, everyone is in class, lessons will start in a couple minutes.

And Matt stops behind him, leans close and whispers a “thank you” in his ear, before heading to class. And when Frank finally reaches his desk, just as the bell is ringing, barely in time to avoid a scolding or detention, he turns towards Matt and sees him smile. Matt is not looking at him, he is looking straight ahead, but he knows that smile is for him.

It was summer at last. The sun beat down on their backs and burned their skin, but no one minded too much; it was a small sacrifice to pay in return for no school and very little stress.

Nancy sat at the poolside, feet dragging through the light blue water. Mike and his friends, not far off, were wrestling. Max, the newest addition, was rolling her eyes. She sent Nancy an exasperated look, and Nancy smiled back in sympathy.

“Nancy! Hi!”

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I don't have any Harry f(r)ans, so I just make my mum watch all the Harry things

Thankfully, my mom is my best friend (also, pretty much the only friend friend apart from some of you), so she indulges me and lets me ramble about this 23 year old goober.

She watched the behind the scenes documentary with me and commented on things like his hair (mom is team short hair, thinks it’s cute) and his trousers. She said that she has a pair like the one he wore in the performance from years ago and that I’m welcome to them.

Musically, she recognises the influences a lot and likes the Beatles-y vibe in some tracks. I’m pretty sure Sweet Creature is her fave because she was singing along to it. I also saw her tapping her foot to Only Angel.

Thanks mom for not making me feel alone.

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hey how are you today? love <3

im doing very well! there was a small pep rally today at the elementary school for the 3rd graders about to take the staar and i played trumpet with the band and it was surprisingly fun??? my math teacher said because i missed so much school, im welcome to take the math test another time so i can figure it out first, and i got a cupcake, a soda, and two pieces of candy (which is really good cuz my mom has a Healthy Livin thing (weirdo)) so…. my day was surprisingly super good???? and i played with my tangle toy all day and no one poked fun at me, most people actually took it away from me and played with it themselves while saying “OOOOHHH MY GOD THIS FEELS AMAZING”….. and, of course, the dionysus loves you zine came out, which makes me [excited yelling] AND my mom picked me up the new toa AND is probably making tuna casserole for dinner because i asked her to??? like….. what did i do to deserve this akjds

i havent had a good day in a long time? and now tomorrow im going with dad to go to a sit-down-and-eat movie theater to watch guardians of the galaxy??? (im Mostly out to dad - he thinks im a butch lesbian but i dont mind, hes supportive and makes gay jokes and watches b99 with me)

like………… are yall doin spells at me…… is this some kinda happy magic….. cuz if it is…………. ill pay for any ingredients you need to keep it up…….. (thank you for asking! and love to you too :3) - will