my mom is like the child of divorced parents because she gets two mothers day

Party- for Good Boys Only

Pairing: AmazingPhil & Danisnotonfire (Phan)

Genre: Smut, Angst, Daddy!kink

Warnings: Parental Divorce, Sexual Content

Word count: 9000

Summary: Dan and Phil are reluctant stepbrothers soon to be strangers. When Dan’s father decided to marry Phil’s mother, no one could have predicted the marriage ending in flames only a few weeks later. The two boys who avoided each other at all costs during the marriage are brought together one last time before they part ways forever. Phil hates Dan. Dan can’t stand Phil. But what happens when a house party goes terribly wrong and they end up needing each other more than their parents ever did?  

AKA. Angsty teenage Dan, a drunken night no one can remember, mysterious hickies, thigh riding, overstim, sexual tension for days etc… 

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queerselinakyle  asked:

i would like to her ur nursey family feels pls!! (i have plenty of my own & made a post but i need All the nursey content)


  • Okay, so, Nursey’s birth parents:
    • Amal Hassan Nurse      
      • born in Morocco, but spent the first ten years of her life moving all around northern Africa and the Middle East because her father worked as a security consultant and would spend a few years in various places designing systems for different companies
      • speaks both dialects of Arabic fluently, but will always prefer Moroccan, because it sounds like home to her
      • moved to the States when she was thirteen and her dad got a permanent job working for a security firm in Manhattan. Grew up in the private school system and never left
      • has a BA from NYU and a JD/PhD from Columbia. Is a senior partner in an NYC firm specializing in foreign and comparative law. smarter than all of us.

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anonymous asked:

Hey! So this is in no way meant to offend or hurt, if it does, I deeply apologize. I was just wondering what you see as confirmation for Alec being gay. Like, what kind of scenes because he never outright said it, right? Magnus has stated his sexuality by listing his past lovers' gender and Clary mentions Jace being straight once. When and how do you see Alec stating him being gay? Leaving Lydia at the altar? Or maybe malec's first date? Thanks for reading!

i’m gonna start off by saying this: y’all CAN reblog this (and given how much work i have put into this i’d love u if u actually did)

also i’m gonna say… this did offend/hurt me. bc it’s kind of sad that we, lgbt ppl, have to give evidence for why alec (or any lgbt char) is lgbt.

like. can straight people start giving evidence for why or where it’s stated that their fave is straight? bc i’m pretty sure if you look at literally any media, you’ll never find a single character who says, “i’m straight.” and yet…… they’re all assumed to be straight.

none of that was intended to be rude, it’s just facts. and before i get into proving he’s gay. i want to ask something… why do you need proof that alec is gay?

“alec gideon lightwood spent the majority of the first season trying to get over his internalised homophobia! and his story directly parallels actual situations rl lgbt are put in or go through.

alec gideon lightwood’s story is an LGBT story. is a gay story. it’s not a story for cishet people.

and i think that’s what makes them /so mad/ because alec gideon lightwood is not for their consumption. there’s finally one character who’s story is 100% inherently LGBT and he isn’t a stereotype. and i think that just pisses them off.

alec gideon lightwood is an attractive white cis gay man who’s story is rooted in a LGBT-only narrative and who isn’t a stereotype (ie: you’d assume he’s cishet) and that just pisses them off SO MUCH.

because they can’t have him. because he is /our/ character.” (source)

in case you don’t wanna read all of that below the read more, i created a handy-dandy powerpoint that will be updated as i find more “receipts”: link 

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Two Homes : Daddy!Ashton One Shot

The song When You Love Someone by James TW sets the mood for this x

Ashton doesn’t know where to begin. 

His heart grows heavier by the minute, looking at the small boy waiting on the race car bed that escaped being made this morning before school. It doesn’t matter to Ashton now, the accidental act of disobedience an irrelevant concern compared to the news he’s about to give. He sighs and walks into his son’s bedroom. None of the scripted explanations he’s been practicing throughout the day feel good enough. Nothing he could say would spare the six-year-old from the inevitable corruption his innocence will soon face. 

The biggest pair of green eyes timidly look up at Ashton, only to shy away after acknowledging that something’s wrong. Ashton pulls up a child-sized chair from the messy coloring desk on the side of the room and sits on it backwards, crossing his arms over the top rail. 

“We gotta talk, bud,” Ashton says, his voice sounding abnormally quiet. 

The boy shifts on the mattress, knowing that when Daddy is this serious it’s usually because he’s mad. 

“Am I in trouble?” he asks in a voice so small, thinking of possible bad things he might’ve done recently. 

“No,” Ashton dismisses, wishing he would’ve led with that. He’s already messing this up. “You’re not in trouble, Jamie. This is about Mommy and Daddy.“ 

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My Abusive Relationship, Pre Abortion, and Post Abortion

Take a seat, grab a blanket, get some food or a nice drink because this story is a doozy.


I’m 21 years old with my boyfriend of about two years and it’s been an extremely rocky two years.  I walk on eggshells all day long so he doesn’t get pissed off at me, but it doesn’t matter because he always gets pissed off.  I’m in his way, I’m not doing something right, I don’t see things the way he sees them, I’m not doing what he would be doing if he were in my shoes, I need to make more money, he had a bad day, my parents are assholes and so are my dwindling friends.  I’m smoking weed and taking the fattest wax dabs anyone on this planet has ever known just so that I don’t have to deal with everything at all once.  I’m numb, we always fight, I’m screaming at the top of my lungs and then I find myself on the floor laughing at how comically tragic my life is at 21.  I find it hilarious that one day, he will be the death of me, and there is nothing I can do about it.  I will end up marrying him, I will have his children and relish in the occasional good moment and convince myself he is a good person deep down.  But deep down I hate him with almost every fiber of my being.  I love him, I care for him, but I fucking. hate. him.  I’ve tried so many times to leave only to be emotionally roped back into staying wondering how the hell I’m still here.

It’s October of 2013 and his parents and sister are leaving for Europe for two weeks, so we will have the house to ourselves.  We drop his family at the airport and are giddy with excitement at how “free” we can be, even for a short amount of time.  Later on in the night I feel the familiar pains of cramps and I prepare myself while I head to the bathroom, pull down my panties, and see absolutely nothing.  No blood, no spotting, nothing.  But my stomach hurts.  It’s been hurting all day for the past week and then I wonder to myself when was the last time I had my period??  I’m so stoned 24/7 I can’t remember and I haven’t been taking my birth control consistently, at all.  I’d miss a few days here and there but I always doubled up to get back on track.  Something is irking at me though and I really don’t feel right…     

I tell him that I want to buy a pregnancy test just for reassurance, I mean there’s no way I’m pregnant, but I just want to be sure.  We get to the store and I’m super embarrassed as I’ve never bought one before.  He decides champagne along with the test is a good idea to celebrate my not being pregnant status, so we buy our things and head home.  I don’t have much pee in me, but it’s enough to trigger the test.  It instantly goes positive, and I mean instantly.  I always thought it would take a few minutes to show up, but the second that pee hit the stick, a little plus sign started to appear.  I was in denial and thought it must mean negative, there is no way that means positive, right?  The box is so confusing and this is a cheapie test, so I convince my boyfriend to buy the digital readout one.  This time we have to wait two grueling minutes for it to show up.  It’s blinking telling us to wait and my heart is racing, but it will say not pregnant and then I can take a huge breathe of relief.

It doesn’t.  I’m pregnant.

He pours the champagne and says “Well, looks like I’m going back to school”.  I walk away, dazed, not even able to get a tear out.  I try but nothing comes.  I sit myself on the floor, spark up the torch, and get myself more stoned than a goddamn boulder.  “There is absolutely no way I am having this child”, I thought to myself.  I can’t have this.  I have practically no job, my boyfriend is living off unemployment, we have no place to live, I have $1200 in savings and that’s about it.  Nobody is going to hire a pregnant 21 year old.  Nobody.   

He is mentally and emotionally abusive, he’s even slapped me and pushed me a couple times, but I always say it wasn’t “that bad”.  His mother has cancer and has lost her right mind, his father is an abusive piece of shit alcoholic who almost blows up their house on the odd occasion messing with the gas lines.  His sister is turning into a snot-nose brat at the ripe age of 8, but what do I expect in a household such as that?  I don’t even talk to my parents anymore, they’ve completely given up.  I just sneak in to take a quick shower, grab new clothes, say hi, and leave for three or four more days.  They’ve tried everything to get me away from him, but it’s only pushed me closer.

I think to myself and try to look at my future if I keep this child.  All I can see is anger, a rocky marriage, a hateful divorce that will bankrupt us both.  All I see is my sweet, sweet child being emotionally and mentally brainwashed by his father to where the child now despises me, the child talks back to me, he or she doesn’t listen to mommy because mommy isn’t “right in the head”…and I won’t be.  The most sad thing of all is that I can see my death.  He will either make me so crazy that he institutionalizes me or I will commit suicide, there is no other way out.

Something kicks in me and says the softest, yet most stern NO, I have ever felt to the deepest parts of my soul.  The next morning I call my gynecologist who confirms I’m pregnant and offers me a list of abortion clinics nearby, one of which is Planned Parenthood.  I ultimately decide on a “women’s day spa” in a wealthy neighboring city who quietly offers abortion services.  

I can’t remember his name, but I booked an appointment with a man who looked like Cameron from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.  With my boyfriend at my side, I explain my situation and he completely understands.  What is an earth shattering event for me is another Tuesday for him.  He schedules me for a blood test the following day to determine how far along I am and then we can talk about when to schedule the abortion.

I get my blood test and the next day the man calls me to tell me that he thinks I’m farther along than he expected.  It completely terrifies me because I wonder just how long I’ve been pregnant and if I’ve missed the cutoff date.  He wants to schedule the abortion as soon as possible so we decide on the day to follow, October 31…Halloween.

In the meantime, my boyfriend is trying to convince me to keep the baby by abusing me with his disgust.  He is being completely bipolar, supporting me one minute and being the most loving boyfriend, then the next he’s calling me a bitch, a murderer, pathetic, taking the “easy” way out, it never ended.  His previous girlfriend had also managed to get pregnant and she had an abortion at Planned Parenthood a couple years prior.  He sneered at me, “You’re just like her, it’s disgusting.  She knew she made the wrong choice and I don’t want you to go through that.  We can make it, I’ll provide for you.  How can you abort our child, Rachel? You told me you would never be able to, remember?”    

He promised he would drive me to the abortion and be there for me, but that promise was wavering by the second.  That night I just sat there while he ruthlessly called me whatever he wanted until I got so fed up I grabbed the soda out of his hands and prepared myself to hurl it at him.  He flinched, I hesitated, and threw it in the sink instead and stormed out of the house.  I walked back in when he kept calling after me, apologizing and saying that he wouldn’t be like that anymore.  Five minutes later he called me a murderer again.  I realized that I couldn’t trust him to drive me, and I needed someone to drive me because it was a surgical abortion where I would be completely under.  I realized with sheer terror that my choice was less than a millimeter away from becoming his choice.  He was the driver, he had the power to say that he wouldn’t drive me and I wouldn’t be able to get my abortion.  I couldn’t trust any of my few friends, not that I even spoke to them anymore anyways.  I had nowhere else to turn but my parents.

I texted my mom at some ungodly hour of the night, “I need your help”.  She immediately wrote back asking if I was pregnant.  I assured her I wasn’t going to keep it and that I was making my way home.  I told my boyfriend the damage is done and I’m having my parents take me.  At this point his face is stone cold and he’s begging me to let him drive me, to not do this to him.  I leave him and drive to my parent’s house preparing to face my and their worst nightmare.

I’m so ashamed when I walk through the door.  I never wanted them to know that I had hit this low in my life.  First herpes at 19, now pregnancy at 21.  I told my parents my appointment was tomorrow afternoon and they agreed to drive me.  The next morning I woke up and my dad was on the phone with his insurance getting information about pregnancy coverage for our plan.  There wasn’t much, and I would need to go on Medicaid.  My dad was already in “keep the baby” mode and I know to this day he disagrees with my choice to abort, though he would never tell me himself.

My boyfriend drives over hoping to come along and “support me” through all of this.  My parents and him talk about options but I’m sitting there silently with only one outcome in my mind.  I feel judged that I don’t want this baby.  I feel like I should have more emotion, more angst, more torture over this decision, but I don’t.  I don’t want this child and I have no hesitation about it.  I want it out of me as soon as possible, I don’t want to be pregnant anymore.  I don’t hate the child or despise it, but that child would live a terrible life had I brought it into this world.  We would struggle our entire lives, he or she would grow up with an abusive father and crazy mother from being abused, my parents would always have a strained relationship with my boyfriend and I with his parents, etc.  All I see is despair and this is not the picture I imagined for myself when starting a family.  

I feel so judged that I keep placating everyone, “I don’t have to get my abortion today, we can just talk to the doctor and see what our options are.  I can get an ultrasound and see how far along I am, then we can decide when and if this is right”.  Internally I knew I was getting my abortion that afternoon and I realized that if I let them talk me out of it today, I would be talked out of it forever and be stuck with this life.  It terrified me how my fate was balancing on a ledge about to fall one way or the other and I would never be able to go back.

We get to the “day spa” and the meet my nurse, Gail.  She’s a very peppy, cut-and-dry, get to the point type of woman.  I speak with her privately and it’s like I can finally speak my mind without someone looking down on how “cold” I was regarding this whole abortion.  She understood that I wasn’t ready, she understood that I was with someone who I ultimately didn’t want to be with, she understood my selfishness and didn’t look at me like I was this heartless bitch about to have her child ripped from her womb.  

“I’m only 21 years old, I haven’t even lived.  I don’t want marriage and a child yet.  I don’t want to give up on myself and having this child feels like I’m taking the easy way out of life.  I can’t bear the thought of being tied to this person for the rest of my life, though I deeply care for him, I don’t see a good outcome for my wellbeing.”  

“Honey, I see a lot of women here in the exact same situation as you and you know what?  I know when they don’t want to go through with this and you are not one of those women.”

I stared at the wall as she let my family back in and told everyone I am going through with this.  My dad was in tears and he is a man who has cried maybe once since I was born.  He couldn’t even stay inside, he left my mom and boyfriend in the waiting room while I was in surgery.  I dressed in a gown and hugged my boyfriend a momentary goodbye as I was lead to the surgical room, which more looked like a doctor’s office with an unofficial surgical table.  Gail held my hand and kept saying, “This way honey, this way”.  She softly pushed my shoulders through the door and internally I was thinking, “This is so wrong, Rachel, what the hell, you can still change your mind and turn around.”  But I didn’t.  I put my big girl pants on and told myself to lie down and shut the hell up.  I knew this was the right decision and I would regret it my entire life if I didn’t go through with it.  

I remember lying on the table and the surgeon introduced himself, though I can’t remember him anymore.  He and the nurses did a quick ultrasound and found I was only 6 weeks along which was a huge relief.  I was so scared I’d be almost two or three months and be told I couldn’t have the abortion anymore.  They put an IV in me and were all casually talking to one another while I was waiting for it to kick in, wondering how long it would take.  Next thing I know, I’m waking up and Gail is smiling at me.  I feel like someone is trying to pry my eyes open after I only just fell asleep from having insomnia for 100 years, it hurts so bad.

She lets me recover for a couple minutes and tells me to sit up when I’m ready and drink some water.  I look at her after taking a few sips and say, “You’re right, all I feel is relief”.  And it was true.  I wasn’t pregnant anymore and this 4 day nightmare was over.  I could breathe, I was just Rachel again.  My boyfriend told me later on that he’ll never forget my face when he walked in to see me.  I wasn’t like his previous girlfriend who came out a ghostly green color horrified by herself that she had just aborted her child...I looked happy…and to be completely honest, I was.

After I get dressed we all pack in the car and head home.  It was probably the most awkward silence I’ve ever been in so I just stared out the window the entire time.  Everyone is so shocked at how I didn’t hesitate to have this abortion and nobody has anything to say.  I feel awful for hurting them and putting them through this, but I know I made the right decision not just for myself, but for them as well.  One day they will see that.    

Later on in the evening my boyfriend and I are upstairs watching TV, trying to find something to replace this silence.  All he can do is stare at me every few minutes and give me this disgusting look of “How could you?”.  I’m trying my best to ignore it but he’s making it more and more obvious to where it’s impossible.  It is Halloween night so there’s a bunch of scary movies on and I settle for Children on the Corn.  I haven’t seen it before so I found it comical but really good.  I’m laughing at the movie and then he decides to really give me a piece of his mind.

“How can you laugh and act like you didn’t just murder our child?  How are you normal?  What psychopath rips their daughter from their womb and comes home to watch a movie about murderous children…and laugh?  You are disgusting, Rachel, I can’t even look at you.  How could you fucking do this?”

I didn’t know what to say so I just sat there and took it like I took all of his emotional beatings.  I felt relieved that I was no longer in life-altering panic mode but I’m not that heartless of a bitch where I wasn’t sensitive to how he was feeling.  That didn’t make his abuse okay though.  After about an hour of non-stop abuse he starts to make me cry and I tell him that if he can’t shut up he needs to leave.  My parents hear my distraught and my dad starts to yell at him, threatening to kick him out.  It seemed to do the trick.  The weekend was a blur and we mainly lounged around in this awkward silence/peace treaty between my parents and my boyfriend.  Once it was Sunday though it was time for him to go home.  

We parted ways and I had this renewed sense of finding a better job for myself now that I didn’t have a child to look forward to.  It took about three months but ultimately I found myself an assistant position at a showroom in downtown LA.  My parents wondered if this would be the final straw to break my relationship but somehow I stayed for another year.  My abortion was a turning point though and I realized that he was not what I wanted for my future.  I wanted to be single, I wanted to have friends, a job I love, I wanted to do more than just fight and smoke my life away.  There was nothing about him that I loved and it took me three years to realize that I never truly fell in love with him.  It was this sick, twisted, manipulating mind fuck of a disease that leaves you drowning with no energy to escape.  You know how fucked everything is but somehow you can’t leave.  

The last year with him was me trying to break free.  I just didn’t care anymore, he would get upset at me and I wouldn’t react like my life was falling apart…and that scared the shit out of him.  Slowly, he realized that it didn’t matter how angry he got at me or how much he threatened me, I was done.  I didn’t even know I was going to break up with him the night I finally did, October 2nd of 2014.  He was complaining about having no friends and I didn’t care to console him, I was so burnt out from work.  He told me if I wasn’t going to be there for him I could just leave, so I said “Okay” and left.  Of course he was yelling after me at how I could be so heartless during his time of emotional need, so I walked back and thought to myself “It really is now or never Rachel.  If you don’t leave him this very second, you never will”.

Then I did it.  My voice was shaking and he was staring at me with disbelief, but I broke up with him.  The next couple of hours he went through all the stages of grief and laid every trick he had in his manipulation manual to make me stay, but every time I said no, my voice became steadier and stronger.  I didn’t have to stay with this person and I was finding the strength in myself I had lost the moment I met him.

The following days and weeks were completely terrifying.  My phone would not stop ringing, he wouldn’t stop texting me or my friends, he would drive by my house and demand to be let in, he would drive to my friend’s houses to search for me, he would email me, he even barged into my work more times than I can count on both my hands.  I would take him outside so as not to disturb my CEO and Executive Director, but then he would scream at me and follow me around as I would literally run away from him.  I was crying so hard a group of young men across the parking lot heard me and came over asking if I needed help.  That seemed to scare him off, but moments later I hear his tires screeching from around the corner and he comes barreling straight towards me trying to run me over, slamming on his brakes as I move out of the way just in time.  

After that I block him in every way possible and start to file a restraining order.  A couple months later I hear that he threw around all of my nude photos and videos to a bunch of his friends, they all know about my abortion and most definitely my herpes, he fucked this wannabe porn star during the times he harassed me at work trying to get me to take him back, it just baffles my mind how much of a piece of shit I was with.

I knew I made the right decision to abort my child and his post breakup actions further solidified my decision.  I don’t wish him harm, but he is a disgrace to genuine human beings on this planet and I feel sorry for whoever he traps in his life next.  I have no respect for him and never want to reconcile or see his face ever again.  Personally, I have no shame for my actions and don’t care if someone calls me a murderer.  I knew what was right for me and I’m proud of myself and everything I went through.  It has made me into the woman I am today and I wouldn’t trade her for anything.


If you’ve gotten to the end of this, I graciously thank you and I apologize for the length. Like I said before, my abortion was never about the struggle on whether or not to keep the chid, but the struggle to do what I wanted and stand up for my decision when everyone around me very clearly didn’t want me to abort.  There are so many women in emotionally compromising relationships where it completely sucks the life from you and I was an empty shell of a human for three years because of this person.  I know how hard it is to leave someone like that, but know that you do have the strength and there is no shame in asking for help leaving if you need to.  If you find yourself pregnant and don’t want that life for yourself, don’t go through with it.  It is your body and your choice.  Do not let someone else dictate how you live your life.  A child is a life decision and there is nothing to be ashamed of if you are not ready, no matter the circumstance in how you got pregnant.  

I’m awful at concluding so I will leave it here, thank you for reading and all of your support this year from my blog.  It’s been an incredible journey and one that I am continuing into 2016 with open arms.

All of my love,



Name: Let’s play murder
Characters: Sherlock, John, Greg, reader
Summary: The reader is Greg’s daughter, and she comes to spend time with her dad when a new case comes up, and Greg takes her with him to meet Sherlock. The reader is around 15-17 years old.
Author’s comment: I have no idea what I just did. I just felt like doing it.

“So… Your mom is fine?” Greg asks you, putting a plate in front of you and sitting next to you.

“Yeah. I wish they let me stay with you, dad,” you murmur, swallowing a piece of fine meat, and Greg grins at you. “You cook better.”

“Oh, come on! It’s not my only advantage,” you both laugh, and you slowly sip the orange juice he bought you. Even though your parents were divorced, Greg fought hard enough to be allowed to see you twice a month and for you to keep his last name instead of changing to your mom’s.

“I love you, dad,” he smiles sadly, stroking your shoulder.

“I know, kid. Now eat before,” you don’t know what will happen if you don’t eat because his phone starts buzzing, and Greg picks it up. “Sally? Well, I am having dinner with… Oh. I see. I’ll be there in ten minutes,” he puts the phone away and looks at you.

“Job?” he nods and stands up. “Will you be home late?”

“Nope. You’re not a kid anymore,” he suddenly decides something for himself and hands you your coat. “Come on, it’s time for you to meet Sherlock Holmes. I won’t be stuck there for longer than five minutes, as he’ll just tell me what happened in his sweet and caring manner.”

“He sounds pretty bad,” you murmur, and he grins.

“He is adorable,” you raise your eyebrow, not trusting Greg, as you’ve heard too much about the man. And he is just as quick as you imagined him to be.

“Gevin!” he exclaims, as soon as you get to the crime scene, and your father frowns.

“It’s Greg,” he murmurs, but obediently walks up to Sherlock.

“Tell Anderson to go away, he’s annoying me!” Greg looks at Anderson and, before he dares say anything, raises his eyebrows, so the man just leaves.

“Uhm… You daughter?” asks John, as Sherlock starts mumbling something while walking around the body.

“Yes,” Greg smiles, pulling you closer. “Y/N, meet John Watson, the one human that keeps Sherlock from killing me.”

“Oh, you would do just fine. It’s nice to meet you, miss,” John shakes your hand, smiling kindly. “When did you…”

“Who brought a kid here?” Sherlock asks suddenly, and you look at him.

“Sherlock, that’s my daughter, Y/N. She stays with me for two days, so…”

“You brought her here because you miss her. We all see that, Gerald,” Greg opens his mouth to correct Sherlock, but the detective turns to you. “Y/N?” you nod slowly. “Good, let’s play murder!”

“Sherlock! Don’t pull my kid into this!” Greg tries to hold your hand, but you storm off with Sherlock, listening to him quickly explain small things about the dead body in front of you. You would get terrified if your father wasn’t a DI and didn’t tell you about his cases. “Sherlock, what the hell?”

“Hey, the kid has potential. She will get as stupid as others if she keeps talking to you… Discuss lunches and gossips. She actually gets something!” exclaims Sherlock and returns to you, as you keep making the simplest conclusions from what you see. “Well, not me, but… But something.”

“Did… Sherlock just decide to teach my daughter?” asks Greg quietly, and John slowly nods, not believing it himself.

“I… think so.”

“Shut up, both of you! She is thinking!” they both shut up and walk up to you, listening to you somehow conclude that the man was killed for sleeping with another woman.

“How?” asks Greg, terrified of getting another Sherlock in his family.

“Well, you remember you told me how Sherlock saw the ring on the woman in pink?” Greg nods. “Well, same here. His watch and bracelet are clean, but the ring looks old and dirty. And his passport and money are still here, so he wasn’t killed just by a random robber. And the murderer only hit his face, so he should have seen the murderer. And you see the bruise?” you point at one of the parts of bruise being larger and bleeding a little. “The murderer had a ring, an expensive one. People with expensive rings usually would just pay someone to get rid of the man, but this one chose to kill him on his his own.”

“And? It could be his job.”

“Doubtful. He works as a usual clerk in a small office. And he wears cheap suits, dirty shoes…  he is just a guy. And the bracelet he’s wearing… it looks like a matching one, but it is not from his wife. At least because the name inside is Janet, and in his passport his wife’s name is Julie,” Lestrade covers his face with his hands. “Dad?”

“Sherlock, why her? She’s just a kid.”

“She’s just talented,” Sherlock shrugs his shoulders. “Not my fault. But if she doesn’t practice, she won’t keep it, so… John, can she stay with us?”


“Oh, her mother doesn’t care,” Sherlock waves his hand. “She wouldn’t notice even if her daughter never came back. John’ll call her because she hates you, Graham. And no one will listen to a child.”

“Did he just say that she will live with you?” asks Greg, and John nods. “And I am not against it?” another nod. “Damn. I knew he’d pull something.”

“I’ll take care of her, Greg,” promises John, then looks at you laughing with Sherlock at something. Probably Anderson. “It will be hard.”

“I’m coming with you,” states Greg calmly. “No Sherlock is taking my kid away.”


Request: if this isnt too weird, can you do one where y/n is bandits babysitter and gerards got a thing for her and then smut ensues ? only if you’re comfortable with it of course

AN: Not sure if wanted this to be more of like an affair thing (If so, I recommend these two fics:   by @onlybandfics) But, i’m not a big person on cheating so I just made Gerard and Lindsey divorced to find a happy medium

Hey Y/n, I have a meet and greet tomorrow from 4 to 9. Can you watch Bandit for me? 

I felt a rush of excitement as I read Gerard’s text. I’ve been babysitting for Gerard for awhile now, ever since him and Lindsey split up. Gerard was busy a lot, usually being held up at the studio or going to meetings to pitch comic ideas. No matter the cause, he always called me for help. I didn’t mind though, I absolutely adored Bandit and the extra cash was always a plus for a struggling college student.

Of course! What time should I come over?


Okay, see you tomorrow

Thank you! :)

“Hello Y/n!” Gerard grinned as he opened the door, pulling me in for a quick hug.

“Hey Gerard, where’s Bandit?”

“She’s upstairs coloring. Okay, i’m sure you know where everything is by now. I’ll probably be back before her bed time, but she was up at the crack of dawn today so don’t be surprised if she’s more tired than usual,” he chuckled, picking up a few Barbies of the living room floor and putting them back in Bandit’s toy box. 

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen Bandit tired, as long as I’ve known you guys she’s been bouncing off the walls.”

“Tell me about it. If she does fall asleep you can just make yourself at home until I get back, watch TV, play video games, whatever you want. I’ll be back as soon as possible.”

“Don’t worry about it, I have everything under control. Go have fun,” I smiled, patting his shoulder. He chuckled, blushing slightly.

“Okay, thank you so much again. Really, you’re such a big help for me.”

“Of course Gerard, you know I don’t mind at all,” I reassured, setting my purse down on the table.

“Still. It’s really great to have you. Okay, I better go. I don’t wanna be late. Give Bandit kiss for me if I get back to late!”

“I will, see you later.” I waved at him as he walked out the door, watching him leave through the curtains. I went upstairs to Bandit’s room, hearing her humming from down the hall. She was laying flat on her stomach on her rug, scribbling away in a coloring book. I held back a laugh as I watched her. There was no doubt she was Gerard’s kid. She held her crayons like him and even poked her tongue out of the corner of the mouth like he did. “Knock knock,” I sing songed as I walked in, tapping my knuckles on her open door. Her head perked up, a big, toothy smile broke out on her face.

“Y/n!” She squealed happily, jumping on her feet to give me hug.

“Hey munchkin!” I laughed, kneeling down to her level to hug her. “How are you today?”

“Good, daddy made me pancakes,” she rushed out. I laughed at the way she said “daddy”, giving the “a” more of an “aw” sound.

“He did? That’s great Bandit.”

“Come color with me!” She insisted, sitting back down and handing me one of her many coloring books.

Gerard was right, Bandit was tired. After a couple hours of some intense tag and hide-and-go-seek, she was ready for bed. I made her some mac n cheese for dinner and tucked her in at 8, singing her a lullaby until she was completely asleep. I browsed through the channels as I waited for Gerard to come back, finally settling on a rerun of Teen Mom. He finally came back around 9:30. “Sorry i’m late,” he apologized as he walked through the door, making sure to close the door as quietly as possible. “Traffic was crazy tonight. Is she already asleep?”

“Yeah, she fell asleep around 8. I gave her some mac n cheese for dinner.”

“Thank you, you didn’t have to do that.”

“I wasn’t going to let her go to bed without any food,” I chuckled with a small yawn, stretching out my back as I got up from the couch. Gerard dug into his wallet, pulling out a fifty dollar bill.

“Your pay m’lady,” he chuckled.

“Thank ya Mr. Way, this will sure help for rent tomorrow,” I said with a small laugh, putting the crisp paper into my purse. 

“Do you want something to eat before you go? I was gonna heat up some stir fry from last night if you want some?” Food sounded amazing since I haven’t had anything to eat all day. Gerard always insisted for me to help myself when I was babysitting, but I never did. It always felt weird for me to just raid hi pantry.


“It wasn’t easy, these things never are. We were just fighting so damn much, it was taking a toll on all of us, especially Bandit. We both agreed that it would be better for all of us if we split up,” Gerard sighed, twirling his fork. We somehow ended up talking about his divorce.

“Do you still love her?”

“I always will, but not in the way I used to. I will always respect her and want the best for her, she is the mother of my child after all. But, I know we can’t be together. I’m glad we’re able to still be friends and co parent as well s we do. Especially after seeing how some of my friend’s divorces turned out.”

“That’s good, i’m glad you’re both happy.”

“What about you? Seeing anybody?” He asked, taking another sip from his coffee mug. 



“Yeah, still single.”

“Huh, never thought you would be. I had a feeling because I never heard you talk about a boyfriend or anything, but you’re so pretty I figured guys would be all over you.” I blushed at his words, trying to act casual as my heart did back flips. 

“I’m not as charming as you seem to think. What about you? Are you interested in anybody?”

“Well, there is one girl…”

“Ooo, come on spill it,” I giggled, fighting my disappointment.

“I don’t know, she’s really great and is practically a member of the family. But, I don’t want to scare her away or rush into anything.”

“Just tell her how you feel, i’m sure she’ll like you back. You’re pretty hard to resist,” I said light-heartedly, hoping to cheer him up.

“Okay…I like you Y/n,” he said confidently, looking up at me seriously. i almost drop my fork in response, stunned. I didn’t think he was talking about me. I always had a crush on Gerard, ever since I was young and listened to MCR. I never thought our relationship would be anymore than a business set up. My heart was beating rapidly and this all felt more like a dream. “I hope that doesn’t sound weird or anything. I know you’re younger an-” I cut him with my lips, kissing him eagerly. Now that I knew he saw me as more than just some kid watching Bandit, there was no way I was holding back on him. He kissed back with just as much force, his tongue begging for an entrance. I straddled his lap, running my hands down his chest and toying with his tie.

“Gerard…” I breathed as he kissed my neck, not even realizing I was grinded my hips onto him. I drew in a sharp breath when I felt the tent in his pants push against m core, making head rush and realize that this was really happening. 

“Fuck you’re gorgeous,” he groaned, sucking on my collar bone. “Here or my room, your choice.”

“Here, I d-don’t wanna wake up B-Bandit,” I stammered. He nodded, wrapping his arms around me and carrying me over to the couch. I always thought the huge couch was way too much for just him and a toddler, but now I blessed whatever higher force there was for the couch’s size. His hands roamed up and down my body, making chills run up my spine. I unbuttoned his suit, desperately trying to pull it of. He chuckled, sitting up to take off his jacket, tie, and dress shirt. I took the time to get rid of my clothes, leaving me in only my underwear. He licked his lip at me before diving down to my chest, wrapping his lips around my nipple. I gasped and bit down on my bottom lip, trying to keep my noises at a minimum when I remembered the toddler upstairs. His hand slipped under the hem of my panties, running his fingers across my slit. He chuckled when I let out a muffled moan.

“So wet for me baby,” he purred, licking a trail back up to my neck. I held back more moans as he massaged my clit, biting down on my sweet spot. 

“Shit Gerard,” I hissed, moving my hand down to his slacks to palm his bulge, He groaned in response, grinding against my hand. He pulled away suddenly, yanking his pants down along with his briefs. I stared at his cock for a minute, slightly intimidated. I’ve always assumed he was big but not this big. 

“Like what you see?” He said teasingly. I nodded, sitting up and wrapping my hand around his length. I pumped him a few times, running my tongue along the prominent vein on the side of his shaft. He grunted, threading his finger through my hair. I licked along his slit slowly before wrapping my lips around his tip, lowering my head down until I felt it brush against the back of my throat. I couldn’t fit all of him in my mouth and frankly I didn’t want to try, pumping whatever I couldn’t fit instead. His eyes screwed shut and he bit down on his lip, making small grunts and whimpers. “Fuck you’re good at this baby. You looks o hot with your lips wrapped around my cock.” He pulled me off of him suddenly. “I want to cum inside you,” he said bluntly. ”Hold on, I have to go get a condom.”

“It’s okay, i’m on the pill.” He nodded, positioning himself over me and using his knee to spread my legs. I felt his tip at my entrance.

“Ready?” I nodded, covering my mouth with my hand to avoid moaning as he pushed into me. “F-Fuck,” he choked out, leaning down to kiss me. I ran my fingers though his short, red hair, enjoying his skilled tongue. His thrusts got harder and deeper, making me claw at his back. He hit my G-Spot relentlessly, bringing more closer and closer to the edge. 

“Gerard…i’m getting close me,” I warned.

“Wait for me sugar,” he growled, speeding up his thrusts. “Sh-Shit, cum for me Y/n.” He thrusted his tongue into my mouth, swallowing all of my moans. I clenched around him, sending him over the edge. His hips stiffened as he came inside of me, giving a few more sloppy thrust before pulling out. i instinctively wrapped my arms around his neck, curling up into his chest. “So i’m gonna guess that you like me back?”

“Just a little,” I giggled, stroking his sweaty hair and making it stick straight up. 

“Do you wanna have dinner sometime?”

“Will it end like this?”

“Most likely.”

“Then yes.”

Broken Lives [Wonwoo Angst / Fluff] Part 3

Genre: Angst / Fluff

Summary: He left you without telling you why. For three years, you lived all alone, wondering where he disappeared to until one day, you save a child from a car accident. The pain from the accident hurt, but the truth why he left hurt more.

Part 1    Part 2

A sharp, piercing pain shot up your leg with each movement and you gritted your teeth, trying to bear with the overbearing feeling which was bringing tears to your eyes. Your head injury was even worse, making the entire world seems as if it was slowly spinning while tears blurred your vision. Thank goodness your arm felt fine or else you wouldn’t even be able to use the crutches with just one hand.

You wanted to forget everything. You wanted to forget about Wonwoo, forget about Myungsoo and forget about the chaos that had just happened. At the back of your mind, you were worried about Myungsoo and what Minah would do after hearing her own son’s declaration of war. It’s all my fault. You wanted to forget everything. You wanted to forget about Wonwoo, forget about Myungsoo and forget about the chaos that had just happened. At the back of your mind, you were worried about Myungsoo and what Minah would do after hearing her own son’s declaration of war. It’s all my fault. You felt like a fool. After some time, your mind had cleared and you questioned yourself. What right did you have to get worked up over the fact that Wonwoo didn’t want a divorce? The pain got worse and you stopped hobbling. Perhaps it wouldn’t hurt if you didn’t move.

Standing on the sidewalk in the middle of the night, you leaned against the closed shutters of a shop. Your lips curled up into a pathetic smile, your head lowered as you laughed at yourself. Just a moment ago, you were acting like some fearless symbol of justice, ready to bring peace to that broken family by kicking Minah out of the way but now…Now, you felt like some loser, somebody who didn’t know her place and crossed the line. Were you really so angry with Minah because of how she treated Myungsoo and Wonwoo? Or were you just jealous? Jealous that Wonwoo chose her over you, jealous that she had such an adorable son and jealous that she had everything that you always wished to have? She has everything and yet, she doesn’t treasure it. Does she know the feeling of being alone? Does she know how it’s like to have the person you love the most leave you?

But Minah wasn’t the main reason why your heart was so hurt, so confused and in such a mess. It was Wonwoo. Ever since you met him again, he had been giving you different messages, different feelings. He started off with saying that he missed you, he loved you and that he was sorry. But now you were starting to think that he loved her. Why else would he cling on so tightly, refusing to have a divorce? It wasn’t as if Myungsoo needed a mother like her. He said so himself that he hated her. You’re selfish, Wonwoo. But when you forced yourself to accept the truth, your hands curled up into fists which shook as tears started to fall down your face.

You were the selfish one who couldn’t let Wonwoo go.

Back at the house, Myungsoo stood behind Wonwoo, holding onto his leg. It looked like a showdown between the mother and the father for their little boy.

“He said something he shouldn’t have.”

“What are you going to do?”

“I’ll teach him how to be more polite.” Minah hissed and Myungsoo held on even tighter, knowing that he would definitely be in big trouble if he was to be separated from his father. From experience, Wonwoo knew that ‘teach’ was more of ‘hit’ and he wouldn’t allow his son who was merely stating facts to be punished that harshly.

“We’ll tell him that that was rude.”

“That’s not enough.” She crossed her arms over her chest and stood there with a stern expression, refusing to budge until she got to beat some sense into her child. Realising that there was no way her husband was going to let her, she took a step forward and threatened.

“The both of you are against me right? From day one, you’ve always hated me and has been probably talking behind my back about how horrible I am. You two have been telling that woman how I should just get rammed over by a truck or something right?” Now she’s making herself out to be the victim?  The only reason why Wonwoo endured it was for the sake of Myungsoo having a complete family. Something about that sounded off but he had no energy to think so much.

“Jeon Wonwoo. You’re a horrible father, an uncaring husband and besides that, you have some woman out there who loves you so much so why are you still here? You know what? I wasn’t kidding! Let’s. Divorce.” With that, Minah grabbed her bag and left. Wonwoo didn’t think that she would actually do that and it left him standing there, completely shocked. He didn’t know what to do or how to explain the situation to his son. Suddenly, Wonwoo felt a tug on his jeans and he looked down at Myungsoo.

“Daddy, I don’t want Mummy around. She scolds me and hits me. All my friends’ moms are like ________. They are nice, they play with me and…you don’t have to find mummy. I don’t care.” At that moment, Wonwoo realised something that he should have realised earlier. All this while, he endured with Minah as he thought that Myungsoo would be unhappy if he was without a mother. He heard stories of kids from single parent families suffering in school and he didn’t want that for his son. But he just realised that his son didn’t even want his mother around.

“I don’t think she’s coming back.” He held his son’s hand and looked straight into his eyes.

“You have me, Daddy.”

Wonwoo smiled and he felt tears trickle down from his cheeks as he hugged his son tightly.

“Daddy, is that your phone?” Myungsoo asked all of a sudden and Wonwoo felt the vibration in his pocket. Taking it out and looking at the caller ID, Wonwoo was puzzled when it was Seungkwan calling. Why would Seungkwan call him in the middle of the night?

“Seungkwan? What’s up?”

“________ went to your place right?”


“I drove her there. But she didn’t call me to drive her back.”

“Maybe she took a cab? Or maybe she called someone else?”

“Wonwoo, you know that ________ won’t take cabs in the middle of the night. Also, she left her phone in my car and if she was to use your house phone or a public phone, the only number she remembers by heart is mine. Who else could she have called?” Seungkwan sounded nervous and Wonwoo didn’t want to have the same thoughts as him.

“I don’t know Seungkwan. I really don’t know.”

“I’m going to the hospital to check if she’s there.” And with that, he hung up and Wonwoo shoved the phone back into his pocket.

“Myungsoo, Daddy has to go out to find ________. She might be somewhere around.”

“Daddy, I’ll go with you.”

You didn’t know what to do. The pain didn’t seem to go away and the world was still spinning. You felt like the Little Mermaid as each step you took felt as if you were stepping on knives. Taxis whizzed past you and you couldn’t even catch them on time. Your phone was not with you and you guessed that you must have left it in Seungkwan’s car.

All of a sudden, as if the pain from your leg transferred to your head, a stabbing feeling hit hard and you found yourself on the ground. How did your injury get so much worse? You thought that your leg and arm was doing fine and that it was just a small sprain but your leg was giving you so many problems. The doctor had warned you to take care of your head. Maybe you assumed that your head was fine because it didn’t act up but now you regretted not listening to him.

There was no one around and you didn’t know whether to panic as there wouldn’t be anyone to help you or to be grateful as no one would see you lying on the street with tears trickling down your cheeks.

That was it. You thought that you were going to die. The pain was exactly like the pain you felt when the car hit you but this time, you were still conscious, allowing you to feel everything for more than just 10 seconds. Just let me get knocked out already. I can’t bear with this.

“________!” Someone yelled your name and you couldn’t really make out his voice as your whole mind was messed up. Realisation hit you when his hand held yours tightly and you knew for sure that he was Wonwoo.

“You were fine just now ______. What happened oh gosh…” He said as he watched you closing your eyes tightly and trying to stop your tears from falling. You must have been feeling so much pain and he couldn’t bear to see you suffer like this. Myungsoo didn’t really know what was going on. All he knew was that you were on the floor and that you needed to go to the hospital but it was enough to make him worry.  

Wonwoo made sure not to touch your injured hand and leg and carefully carried you up from the ground. You didn’t know what was going on but all you knew was to trust Wonwoo and focus on distracting yourself from the pain. Then, as if your wish came true, you started to feel less and less and eventually plunge into darkness.

The feeling of light hurting your eyes as you slowly opened them to find yourself in a hospital room was so familiar and you knew why. The same thing just happened a day ago. The doctors and nurses must have been so done with you after telling you to stay in bed and take care of yourself to find you gone then back a few hours later unconscious with your injuries even worse.

Your arm felt fine as usual but your leg and head felt horrible. Great. I’m feeling worse now.  The room door opened and the same nurse who was assigned to you previously walked in with a kind smile on her face.

“Dear, what did you get yourself into again?” Helping you sit upright, she reminded you of your parents who passed away a long time ago.

“Something happened and I was too eager to rush out and play hero.” You sighed and she laughed.

“I’m assuming it’s the handsome young man and his little boy?” Nodding your head sheepishly, you figured that she must have seen them when they brought you to the hospital.

“So…what happened to me?” All you remembered was the intense pain you felt before blacking out and Wonwoo carrying you somehow.

“You overworked your leg by walking too much, causing your injury to worsen which is the reason why the pain increased. Too much stress, or thinking too much and moving around might have caused your head injury to worsen as well. It looks like the wound on your head opened up slightly.” She explained. Well, at least you managed to get there on time before Myungsoo could get any more traumatised.

“Ah…I acted rashly, thinking that my injuries were nothing big.” At that instant, the door opened and Myungsoo came running in with Wonwoo a few steps behind him. The nurse smiled at you and left the room, leaving the three of you some time alone.

“No school today?” You asked and Myungsoo snickered.

“It’s a Sunday.”

“You must have fainted so many times until you lost track of time,” Wonwoo muttered and you frowned. You were reminded of those times where Wonwoo would make fun of you and you would scowl at him. Those were your favourite moments.

“Thanks for saving me. I really thought I was going to die.” You didn’t want to be so negative in front of Myungsoo but that was the truth. Waking up to find yourself in heaven wouldn’t even be a surprise.

“You can’t die. We won’t let you.” Wonwoo took a seat next to you and placed his hand on top of yours. Immediately, you pulled your hand back and shot him a look.

“I thought that you made it very clear to me yesterday that you were married.”

“We’re having a divorce soon.” Eyes widening, you turned to Myungsoo.

“He’s still here Wonwoo.” You whispered and Wonwoo shrugged.

“Myungsoo knows. We’re okay with it, to be honest.” Scoffing, you turned away and looked out of the window.

“Someone was on his knees begging his wife to stay and now he’s okay with it?”

“I was scared that Myungsoo would suffer without a mother okay? Who knew that he wanted her out of his life in the first place? I’ve never heard of a six-year-old enjoying himself without a mother.”

“I’ve never seen such a horrible mother.” You stated and Wonwoo chuckled. “So what’s the plan?” Wonwoo’s income was definitely enough to support him and Myungsoo but there wasn’t anyone to take care of Myungsoo while Wonwoo was at work.

“I was thinking of sending him to an after school care centre though I really don’t want that for him.” He sighed and your heart broke at the thought of Myungsoo being left at a childcare centre for the entire day until nighttime. Wait. You stopped your train of thoughts for a moment. I work at a childcare centre.

“Wonwoo!” You suddenly shouted and Wonwoo jumped up a little.

“_______? Are you okay?”

“I work at a childcare centre! Y-you should send him there and I can make sure he’s well looked after!”

“You work at a childcare centre? I thought you baked?”

“That was years ago…and I like playing with kids. You know, they don’t get to see their parents and some of them have really sad stories to share. I like cheering them up and letting them know that there are people who care for them…” As you started sharing unknowingly about your opinions on children left at centres by their parents, Wonwoo sat there just listening to you and watching as your face lit up with passion and love. Once again, he was reminded of why he loved you so much. Your kind heart, your beautiful smile and everything else about you.

From the side, Myungsoo saw his father looking up at you as if he was seeing an angel, smiling widely like he’s never seen him smile before. This was the happiest Myungsoo had ever seen his father look like and seeing his father happy made him happy too. Myungsoo innocently wondered how his father ended up with his mother and not you but he brushed it aside as his father always told him that little kids should not have too many questions. But Myungsoo had a question. He had a question that he was dying to know the answer to and he had to ask it no matter what. Running up to the both of you, he opened his mouth and said something that made you stop talking and made Wonwoo’s jaw drop.

“Daddy, is _______ going to be my new mummy?”

A few months later…

“Daddy’s there!” Myungsoo tapped you on the shoulder and the both of you got up from the benches outside the childcare centre. You held Myungsoo’s hand and walked with him over to Wonwoo’s car which was parked right outside the building.

“How was it today?” Wonwoo smiled and Myungsoo grinned.

“I did all my homework and after that, I did colouring, played hide and seek and watched a movie! And guess what Daddy?”

“_______ baked cookies today?”

“YES!” Myungsoo shouted and the two of you burst out laughing. You would occasionally bake cookies for the kids there to go with their milk and bread which were given to them for snack time on Fridays.

“________ bakes well, doesn’t she?” Wonwoo sighed and you nodded your head.

“Of course I bake well.” Wonwoo snorted at your egoism which made Myungsoo giggle and say that his father sounded like a pig. Opening the door, you got into the car together with Wonwoo and Myungsoo.

“Daddy, can _______ stay over some time?” Myungsoo asked from the backseat and Wonwoo nodded his head.

“Of course. What made you ask?”

“Well, if she’s going to be my mummy, she’ll be staying with us right?” Your cheeks turned red and Wonwoo coughed out loud in embarrassment.

“You really want _______ as your mummy huh.”

“________ is a great mummy.” Myungsoo commented and you felt flattered.

“I don’t mind _______ being your mummy. _______, you mind?” Wonwoo smiled. Hearing this, your heart started beating rapidly and your mouth opened to say something but nothing came out. It was as good as hearing Wonwoo say ‘Will you marry me?’.

“Say yes! Then we can all be together!” Myungsoo clapped his hands excitedly because to him, it was as simple as you agreeing and then magically becoming his mother. But to you, it was Wonwoo remarrying and other people talking about it which was quite a big deal. Wonwoo seemed to sense this uncertain feeling coming from you and he understood why.

“Not so soon Myungsoo. It’s not such an easy decision.” Being the thoughtful and understanding boy he was, Myungsoo nodded despite not understanding fully why a simple yes or no question would take awhile but he trusted his father.

“I love you both and I will definitely want to spend the rest of my life with you. It won’t be so simple but…we’ll work things out together.” You mustered the courage to say it and wasn’t quite sure what kind of response you would get.

“We’ll work things out together,” Wonwoo repeated and nodded his head. Looking out of the window, you saw the stars shining in the night sky.

“Remember the stars?” His eyes lit up when he heard the word stars.

“We used to watch them together all the time.”

“I miss that.” You whispered.

“Let’s do that tomorrow. We’ll lay on the grass at our favourite park and watch the stars together, all three of us.” All three of us. You weren’t alone anymore. The lone moon in the sky reminded you of the time you talked to it and how you wondered how it was like to be the only moon up there.

“Yeah. Let’s do that.” You answered with a twinkle in your eye and a blissful smile on your face. The clouds slowly covered the moon until it fully disappeared from your sight. All you saw was the millions of stars shining brightly in the sky together. The single moon was gone. You weren’t alone anymore.

I’M DONE WITH BROKEN LIVES!!! I think that this has been the writing that gave me the most emotions. I don’t even know why. So how did all of you find this fic? As usual, I’d love feedback! Send me random things or just talk to me because I’d love to get to know all of you better~Thanks for all the support you all have been giving for this fic <333 

~Charis (psh just gonna use my name)

Let's Talk About: Being Adopted


First thing’s first this is long & the only reason I am posting this is to give insight to writers who are not adopted, but their characters are. So if you have a character that is adopted and you’re trying to figure out what they might be going through, emotionally, in terms of this… please be patient with me and try to wade through and pick out these emotions. I know it’s a lot. This is basically my adoption story. All of it until now.

(I’m going to leave this open for anyone comfortable enough to share their stories or feelings on the matter.)

After reading an awesome post relating to the adoption process, I was inspired to expand on that idea a bit but go into the other side adoption: being that child that was adopted.

This is from my perspective with my personal feelings on the matter. I am someone who didn’t know they were adopted until they were fifteen years old. Not everyone has the kind of adoption experience that I had. Sometimes there are actual, genuine “happy ending” reuniting experiences.


Super quick backstory of my adoption: I’m currently 25 years old. My bio parents met in the Navy, like 20-years-old-ish. I am the product of a one-night-stand; my bio-mother was not able to raise me; my bio-father’s side of the story is a little “murky” but basically he was “young and just signed whatever papers that were placed in front of him” concerning giving up parental rights. I was adopted by my maternal grandfather and step-grandmother and raised to believe that they were actually my real biological parents.

How did I find out I was adopted? I asked.

Why did I ask? Basically, I had a hunch.


Before continuing, please note:

  • Some of this stuff is personal, obviously. I’m going to try not to get into nitty-gritty details. Some of these things might not *seem* like they have anything to do with me being adopted, but trust me they do.
  • There’s family drama, obviously. I’m going to try to organize my thoughts as clearly as I can.
  • When using all forms of “mother”, I will be talking about the woman who raised me, my step-grandmother. 
  • Bio-mom is the woman who gave birth to me. Biological Mother.
  • “J” is my maternal grandfather, bio-mom’s father.
  • “E” is my bio-dad. Biological Father.


Keep reading

A Little Help

Prompt: Can you write a imagine with Sebastian Stan where the reader and him met on the set of The First Avenger, they fell in love with each other, but Sebastian is afraid to tell the reader about his feelings for her, because he thinks she doesn’t feel the same. Her father RDJ helps him to do it. So they started dating, they got engaged and her father is really happy about it, later they found out that the reader is pregnant and Robert comes congratulate them on their first baby boy? I NEED FLUFF.

Characters: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Words: 900+

A/N: The words in cursive are flashbacks.

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You clearly remember the first day on set of Captain America: The First Avenger. At first you were really scared because all the new people you hadn’t seen before, but after your father confronted you about how they all were nice people and that you had nothing to be afraid of, everything went well.

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The Parent Teacher Confrence (Harry imagine)

A/N: Okay so you all know I really love doing AU imagines so I had a good idea the other day while at work so here I go! I think this idea is pretty cute and I hope you guys like it as well :-)

“…I’ll be there in about twenty minutes,” Harry huffed into the receiver of his cell phone, sighing heavily as his finger pressed the end button. The news of his seven year old daughter fighting with a boy in her class because he was being “annoying as hell” made Harry chuckle to say the least. His daughter, Taylor was a handful but she was the handful that Harry adored more than anything in the world which is probably why he didn’t really mind much that he had to go to her school to speak with her teacher.

Taylor was a good kid, but she was slightly rebellious due to Harry’s divorce with her mother a few months back. She was too young to fully grasp the concept of divorce, but she knew enough to be slightly bitter with both of her parents. After all, Taylor wasn’t oblivious to the obvious tension her parents had with one another. Which partially made Harry feel bad for his daughter instead of angry.


A good twenty minutes later Harry made it to Taylor’s school—the very school Harry had gone to when he was Taylor’s age. He opened the front door after parking his car poorly between the white lines and then entered the school building where he was then directed to Taylor’s classroom.

The sight of Taylor and a young boy were both sitting in tiny blue chairs on the opposite sides of the room facing the wall was the sight Harry was faced with when he entered the room. Harry held back laughter because he could only imagine the little altercation the two kids had moments prior.

“Hello Mr. Styles,” Taylor’s teacher, Mrs. Price said. 

“Hello,” he replied and from the corner of his eye he saw Taylor look at him. He looked at his daughter and raised his eyebrow at her disapprovingly which only made her huff in annoyance and turn back around to face the wall.

“Have a seat,” Mrs. Price said as she gestured to one of two adult sized chairs in front of her desk. Harry did as he was told and sat in front of Mrs. Price while she glanced at her watch then back at Harry. “We’re just waiting for Tyler’s mom to come and then we’ll begin.” She said and as if on cue the classroom door opened.

Harry found himself choke on his own saliva slightly when he caught a glance at Tyler’s mother—she was absolutely stunning and Harry really found himself feeling like a child again when he saw the beautiful woman walk into the room and give him a flurry of butterflies in his stomach.

“I’m sorry I’m late,” Tyler’s mother spoke and she sat down in the seat next to Harry’s; making him shuffle nervously. 

“Alright,” Mrs. Price began while lowering her voice so the two kids in the back wouldn’t hear. “The two of your children got into a little altercation today before recess which is why I ended up revoking their recess privileges for the day.”

“Y/N and Harry,” Mrs. Price began and Harry’s eyes widened slightly at the mention of the beautiful woman’s name. “Your children both used foul language today and I do not tolerate seven year olds cursing.” 

Both you and Harry laughed lightly at the mention of your children cursing which only bewildered Mrs. Price because she did not find the matter funny whatsoever. 

“Why are you both laughing?” Mrs. Price asked while you and Harry looked at each other and stopped laughing.

“What exactly did they say?” You asked while biting your lower lip to refrain from laughing further. 

Mrs. Price leaned in closer to the two of you before whispering that Taylor had said the phrase “annoying as hell” and Tyler had replied with “you’re damn stupid.” The reply only made the two of you laugh even harder and made Mrs. Price all the more confused. 

“In my seven years of teaching I’ve never met two parents who find their children acting out so funny,” she said sternly. “Both of your children are seven year old and they are taking on the bad habit of cursing. I do not find that funny and neither should you two.”

After exchanging another glance you and Harry cleared your throats and decided to address the manner seriously, even if it was funny to you both. 

“You’re right,” Harry began. “I don’t know where Taylor learned that word from but I can promise you that she’ll never say such a thing until she’s 57.” 

Y/N laughed lightly and agreed, “Tyler as well, but since boys mature later than girls he won’t be allowed to say that word until he’s 60, the youngest.”

Mrs. Price sighed lightly and called out for Taylor and Tyler. The two kids quickly ran and clung to their parents while giving each other death glares from the corner of their eyes.

Harry crouched down to Taylor’s height and began to tell her about why she shouldn’t say such things and that she should apologize to Tyler for what she said and Y/N did the same to Tyler.

After a few minutes of the two kids pleading to their parents not to make them apologize, the two ended up doing so.

“We have a school policy that when there’s an issue between two students they get sent home afterwards so you’re free to leave,” Mrs. Price said while rubbing her temples. 

“Thank you,” Y/N said to her and grabbed Tyler’s hand before leaving. 

Harry and Taylor followed the two when on the way out the door smashed into Harry’s heel causing him to curse under his breath.

“I can see where she gets it from,” Y/N said while laughing and Harry’s cheeks turned red which only caused Taylor to comment.

“Daddy why are you blushing?”

“I’m not,” Harry replied quickly while Y/N looked at him and smiled.

“Yes you are,” Tyler piped in.

“Daddy you look like a tomato,” Taylor added and Tyler laughed while letting go of his mother’s hand.

“He looks like a apple,” Tyler said and Taylor laughed while letting go of Harry’s hand to walk ahead of the two parents with Tyler.

The two kids continued to go back and forth and list the reddest things they know of while Harry and Y/N trailed behind.

“Sure, now they’re getting along.” Harry said while running his hands through his hair.

While heading to the exit of the building Tyler came up to Harry and said, “Mr. Firetruck can Taylor and I have a playdate?”

Y/N laughed and Harry did as well even though he was just called a firetruck by a seven year old.

“I thought you two didn’t like each other?”

“We do now,” Tyler said. “Mommy can we?”

“That’s up to Mr. Firetruck,” she said while smirking slightly.

“That’s okay with me,” Harry replied. 

“Daddy give Tyler’s mommy your phone number!” Taylor exclaimed while reaching up to pull Harry’s phone from his pocket. She handed the phone to Y/N and Y/N smiled as she put her phone number into Harry’s phone.

After a few more minutes of small talk both groups ended up parting ways and heading back home. On the way home however, Taylor decided to play wing-daughter for Harry and tell him that Tyler said his mommy is single like Harry.

And Harry laughed as he hit the gas a bit roughly out of excitement while he drove back home thinking of when he’d call to arrange the playdate for the kids and a date for him and Y/N.

Don’t Forget Where You Belong.

I stabbed my fork into the salad for what seemed like the hundredth time, piercing the lettuce only to plop it off of my fork yet again not even five seconds later. My actions had become so repetitive that I could see the leaf beginning to break apart where I had stretched it multiple times.

I didn’t care to eat. I didn’t even care to be here but it was a bit hard to escape a family holiday when my mother was calling me for weeks prior to whine about how much she missed me and how it wouldn’t be fair to allow me to stay in Turin by myself.

But I wouldn’t be by myself. I had Netflix. And a bottle of wine. And my puppy Gippy. It wasn’t all that bad, right? Add in some sweets and I had all the company I could ever need. Especially since the company that I really wanted wasn’t going to be there.

Just thinking of him sent a bitter chill down my spine and a sour taste collapsed my throat. I shut my eyes and dropped my fork, listening to the clang of the vibration once the sharp metal hit the expensive dinnerware. If my mother hadn’t known I was in a sour mood, she probably would have scolded me like I was 10 again for potentially breaking her expensive plates.

Instead when I opened my eyes I could see her sympathetically looking in my direction from across the dining table. She gave me a weak smile before returning to moving about the salad in her bowl but my brother wasn’t willing to watch me sulk in silence.

“Are you going to eat or are you going to act like a child?” He questioned from my right, looking to me.

“Matthew!” My mother exclaimed in disbelief at the foul words of her son. They were only foul because of the fragile state I was in and had he said this any other time I probably would have poked him playfully with my fork.

I wasn’t much in the playing mood right now.

“What?! It’s Christmas and she’s being the Grinch. For what? Because her little trophy husband isn’t here? Get over it,” he scoffed.

My brother had really no real reason to detest Claudio the way he did but when my mother was always singing her praises of my choice in men, for choosing such a ‘perfect son-in-law’ and practically calling the women my brother chose all types of names I didn’t want to dare repeat, I could somewhat understand his animosity. I was viewed as the one who made all the right decisions while he was relegated to being considered the rebel child who couldn’t seem to please his mother as much as his older sister.

“Your sister is going through a difficult time and I’m sure she’d appreciate you not being as harsh as you’re being right now,” my mother spoke up for me.

“It’s fine,” I mumbled. “Let him say what he wants.”

Not as if he needed my permission. Matthew was sure to say everything he wanted and more. He didn’t seem to lose his tough edge when talking to me even if I was going through what my mother labeled a difficult time.

I labeled it hell. It was a much more fitting term. It was my first Christmas without my husband.

Or maybe now I should have called him my ex-husband but old habits seem to die hard. To the media and the women who were seeking his attention and a personal view of those piercing eyes after a night of passion, he was as single as could be though the divorce papers still held freshly healed ink.

The divorce papers I had sat at my desk studying for weeks, not because I didn’t understand the writing of the sophisticated lawyers but because I felt this would become all too real once I did. But I had to. My lawyer urged me to so his lawyer would stop calling to question when I would finally go through with the action.

I knew it wasn’t Claudio urging me to sign away the end of our relationship for good. He seemed as reluctant as I did when we had our first meeting sitting across the table from each other that final time. He couldn’t help but avoid my gaze and look anywhere but to me. His eyes met the floor, his lawyer’s gaze, his roughly beaten nails, his phone screen. Anything but me.

And I was actually glad for that because just one stare would probably send me into tears. It was bad enough I had run out of the room and broke down in the bathroom for 15 minutes. If he had known I had, he probably would have ran after me to comfort me, to tell me everything would be okay though we both knew it wouldn’t. And I envisioned just that one glint of care shown by him would have me verbalizing all the reasons we shouldn’t end.

Irreconcilable differences.

That was the cited reason of our divorce. And maybe it did fit. I wasn’t sure. Constant arguments was the root of the reason our four year union had ended.

Now things felt final not having him sitting at the dining table at my mother’s like he usually was on holidays. It just didn’t feel…right.

I had been so in tuned with my own thoughts that I hadn’t noticed my brother stand up from the table and disappear somewhere but his absence seemed to relieve my mother as she leaned forward to speak in a low tone directly to me.

“He called earlier to wish me a happy holiday. He seemed unlike his usual self. He’s always so happy and that wasn’t him today. I really think he misses you, sweetie.”

I held up my hand to stop my mother from continuing on. I didn’t want to hear that he had contacted her, especially after knowing he hadn’t sent me the same sort of message. If he missed me so much, why didn’t he call?

But my stubborn mother. She wasn’t going to let me cut her off so simply. “I don’t see why you two can’t just take a simple break and then work on building back your relationship that way. That’s what me and your father did. We just needed some time apart and it worked! It could be the same for you two, love.”

But me and Claudio weren’t my parents. My parents had been married for 40 years up until my father’s passing. They were the picture perfect image of love and it was hard to imagine them even going through a rough patch. I could remember when I was younger anytime there seemed to be an argument brewing between the two, my father would just insist my mother was right and shut up. She literally won every time. My relationship wasn’t the same and I never expected it to be.

“I already signed the papers, mom. It’s done. Let’s just not talk about it.” I stood up from the table without warning and began to walk away to my old bedroom. It felt good to be back to my old home. It wasn’t often that I got the chance to visit and it felt quite nostalgic now to be reminded of the simplicities of my upbringing.

I walked down the elongated hallway, my eyes dancing across the walls where various family portraits hung as they normally did whenever I walked by but one picture caught my attention specifically this time. Inside of a medium-sized golden frame was a picture of me and Claudio on our wedding day, his hands draped around my waist and a bright smile on his face as well as mine while I stared at him.

It was the quintessential image of us in happier times.

Rather than continuing to let the image burn into my memory even more, I continued walking to my old room that I was staying in for the next few days. I went first to my phone and pulled it off of the charger to check the messages my friends had sent me while I had been busy with dinner.

His name in my notifications wasn’t expected but it was there anyway, attached to a voicemail message. I quickly accessed my voicemails and pulled the phone to my ear to hear him speak.

“Hi. I-I was just calling to wish you a Merry Christmas,” he stuttered. “I hope you made it to your mother’s safely. And…” It seemed he was beginning to say something else but stopped himself to correct his words. Part of me wished he had said what was originally on his mind. “Hope Matthew isn’t giving you as hard of a time as he normally is,” he chuckled. It was the first time I had even heard a piece of laughter escape his lips in quite some time. It was relieving and a bit soothing as I could feel a small smile break apart my lips and my shoulders relax with satisfaction.

“Oh! Someone wants to speak to you.” I could hear the background noise of what sounded like him bringing the phone away from his ear and handing it off. I could hear a soft voice of a young child come across the receiver now. “I miss you! I can’t wait until you’re back! Maybe we can go to the park? My dad said it’d be okay. Hope you get plenty of gifts! See you soon.”

It was the adorable Davide, Claudio’s son and a child I had found myself attached to ever since our first meeting no matter the fact he wasn’t biologically mine. It stung to think that there would now be more distance between us due to my divorcing his father but it was always a secret wish of mine I’d still be able to enjoy Davide’s and Leo’s company. It wasn’t a topic I had discussed yet with Claudio but it seemed his sons had.

Claudio replaced the phone from his son’s ear and back to his as I could now hear him speaking. “Merry Christmas again.”

It wasn’t all that merry without him.

Punch - Part Six

Summary: Due to your parents divorcement you were forced to move into a whole new state, Kansas, along with your mother and her new boyfriend. Much against your liking. You were in your last year of high school and now had to change school in the middle of the year. Now you had to deal with stupid classmates, stupid teachers and a stupidly attractive classmate. How were you going to handle this situation? Would you even get used to it at some point?

Chapter Summary: Both you and Dean are able to open up and show more of yourselves. But what you didn’t expect what was going to wait for you at home.

Words: 1176

Pairing: eventual Dean x Reader (both are 18)

Warnings: maybe a bit angsty

A/N: Feedback is always appreciated :)

Punch - Masterpost

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Dersha Fiction: Skylines-Chapter 5

Surprise! I posted it early! Again, thank you all for the love and support on this story! My heart gets so full every time I see a reblog, like or comment. You all are the best! Thanks! Click here for previous chapters. Enjoy

The deed was done. Derek and Ahsha had gone there and there was no turning back. Two days into her return and Ahsha had had sex with her ex. Twice! Feelings were still there and they were deep. When they first decided to split, Ahsha took off for New York the first chance she got. She never had to experience being around Derek after their breakup, until now. Their divorce was in the final stages and they would be meeting with their lawyers in the next few weeks. Ahsha was ready to go through with it. Derek had hurt her to the core and she still hadn’t recovered. Even after their actions in the past two days, Ahsha knew she had to let go. They couldn’t do this to each other. It wasn’t healthy. Her stubbornness didn’t allow her to open up to Derek about how she was really feeling. Instead, she was willing to let go of something she really didn’t want to see end.

Derek knew when Ahsha was closing up on him.  He had figured the pattern out early on in their relationship. First, there was the sex. Then there was the silent treatment or denial. After that, Ahsha completely shut down and acted as though nothing was bothering her. That was one thing that Derek hated about Ahsha. She refused to communicate with him when she was hurting.

Ahsha grabbed the last of her bags and rolled her suitcase to the car. Derek followed close behind her with larger bags. “Got everything,” he asked, opening the passenger door.

“Yes, I think so. The rest of it is on the way from New York,” Ahsha replied, climbing inside the truck. All of her furniture and the remainder of their clothes would be arriving the next day. Most of her things would have to be put into storage until she found a new place. Kyle Hart, her best friend, would be joining Ahsha for condo shopping later that week. There were four places that she already had in mind.  Finding a home was the number one thing on Ahsha’s list. Once she got settled into a place, she would be able to focus on work without the stress of looking for a new place to live.

“When do you move into your new condo,” Derek questioned, getting into the driver’s side.

“I have four to go see before I make my decision. I’m renting because I plan to move into a house. I just wanted to get settled on my job first. You know?”  Ahsha had entered phase two of shutting down on him. This was what Derek liked to call the denial phase. Although they had just sexed it up on the kitchen counter an hour earlier, Ahsha was going to act like nothing happened.

“Oh I see,” he sighed, before pulling out of the Roman residence driveway.

The drive to the hotel was a silent one. When they reached the hotel, Derek locked the doors and turned the car off. “We need to talk,” he said, turning to face Ahsha, who was still staring out the window.

“About what?”

About what? Was she serious? He had literally scrambled her eggs on the kitchen counter. They could start there. “Ahsha, we have had sex twice and you haven’t even been here for a week. I think there is a lot we can talk about.”

Ahsha mumbled something under her breath as she massaged her temples. Talking about her feelings was a constant struggle for her. Sloane was the exact same way and that horrible trait had rubbed off on her daughter. “About that… we can’t do that anymore, Derek. It…it complicates things even more.” Here she was lying to herself again. Everything was fine and dandy when they were in the moment. But when the real world smacked her right in the face, Ahsha knew she was in trouble. Her mind was telling her to stop whatever was happening with them for the last two days, but her heart was telling her to stay. Her heart had gotten her in trouble once before so she had to end this once and for all.

Like Ahsha, Derek’s communication wasn’t the best either. He was also conflicted on his feelings. Days ago, he was in his office telling Terrence that he was over Ahsha. Now here he was going back and forth with himself about whether or not he should fight for their love or not. “Yeah, it does,” Derek muttered, his hand still gripping the steering wheel.

“We just need to be cordial for our children. But we can’t do this again,” Ahsha added, her voice quivering with emotion. Before Derek could even console her, Ahsha was reaching for the door handle. “I can get the bus boy to help me. Thanks for letting me stay at your place.”

“You’re always welcome.” Ahsha raised a brow at him. “I mean…not in that way…but if you wanted to stay the night with the kids. I’ll call you later so we can meet up some time this week.”

“Okay, sounds good. Thanks Derek,” she said, her eyes never reconnecting with his.

“You’re welcome, Ahsha,” Derek replied as she shut the door.

They were back to being strangers.


Ahsha hadn’t been to visit her parents since she had arrived back in town. Sloane quickly let her know how disappointed she was that she hadn’t seen her only child yet.

“You act like you can’t call anyone or come by to see us,” Sloane scolded. “Forget your manners after you left Cali?”

Ahsha chuckled on the other end. “Sorry ma, everything was hectic. I was meaning to call you earlier but I got…busy.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. At least Harper loves me. We have been having a blast in the garden. I’m teaching her the healthy way of living,” Sloane expressed. “Isn’t that right, Miss Busy Body?” Harper squealed with joy in the background.

“Now you know I love you too. I’m glad you’re bonding with Harp. She was really missing you,” Ahsha replied.

“You don’t sound well. You doing okay,” Sloane asked, her motherly instincts telling her that Ahsha was bothered.

“I’m good. Tired but good,” Ahsha lied. But her mother saw right through her façade.

“Ahsha,” her mother protested. “You know you can’t lie to me. What’s going on?”

There was no shutting down on Sloane Davenport. Although Ahsha had learned that trait from her mother, Sloane didn’t allow Ahsha to shut her out.

Taking a deep breath, Ahsha began, “I’m not sure about this divorce. I’m in a bad headspace right now.”

A mother knew her daughter the best. Mrs. Davenport knew when Ahsha said that she and Derek were getting a divorce that it wouldn’t be a good idea. She witnessed their love in person and could see that they needed to fight harder to save it. Instead, the damaged couple opted for divorce.

“You’ve already heard what I had to say about this divorce. Whatever you two decide, please make sure the babies are protected. Harper has been asking me if Pete and I would ever get a divorce. That’s not good, Ahsha,” Sloane explained.

The children were the most important beings to both Derek and Ahsha. Their children meant the world to them and it pained Ahsha to break their hearts. Tears formed in the corners of her eyes as she listened to her mother. “I’m trying my best to protect them but obviously I’m doing a horrible job.”

“Baby, don’t you ever doubt your parenting skills. You’re a great mother and your babies love you to pieces. Both of you are amazing parents. I’m sorry if I made you upset,” Sloane soothed, her motherly warmth still not easing Ahsha’s pain.

All the pain and confusion finally broke Ahsha for the first time in months. She had been holding on to a lot and now that she was back home, her heart was heavy. Too heavy for her to even carry. “I don’t know what to do. On one hand I want to work things out and on the other I can’t trust him. Being back home is just confusing me even more,” Ahsha sobbed into the phone. “I came back because I knew it would be good for the kids.”

“Ahsha, sweetie listen to me. Just calm down and breath. No one said it would be easy and I can’t tell you what to do. But know that I’m here to lean on whenever you need me. Okay?”

“Okay. Thanks mom. I’m sorry for crying in your ear,” Ahsha chuckled through tears.

“That’s what mommy is here for. I don’t mean to change the subject on you but do you think you could come over for dinner on Thursday night? Harper and Jackson will be here and I was going to invite Derek because Harper keeps begging me. But I won’t do that if it bothers you.”

The thought of being around Derek again sent a surge of heat between her legs. The last time they were in a kitchen together, he had her screaming his name from the counter. Ahsha decided to be mature and do this for Harper’s sake. That child was a daddy’s girl and would throw a fit if he didn’t come.

“No, invite him. It’s fine,” Ahsha stated, wiping away the last of her tears.

Sloane lit up at the sound of that. Like Harper, Sloane was hoping for a reunion. The mother just kept her mouth shut about it and played it neutral. “You sure? I don’t want to start something.”

Oh something had already started, Ahsha thought. “Yes, I’m sure.”


As promised, Kyle joined Ahsha on her condo shopping adventure later that week. Kyle Hart had been Ahsha’s best friend since their days as Devil Girls. The moment they met, they clicked.  Miss Hart had quite the personality and southern accent to match. She could walk into a room and have people laughing without saying word. Kyle just had that warmth about her that made people want to keep her close. Ahsha missed her presence while in New York and was excited to spend some much needed time with her best friend. Maybe condo shopping would keep her mind off of Derek for a while.

“Tell me, how is living in New York. Believe it or not, I’ve never been,” Kyle gushed, linking Ahsha’s arm as they entered the prestigious Harper West Hollywood.  This was the fourth and final condo on Ahsha’s list and from the looks of it, it could turn out to be her favorite.

“I loved it. It’s very fast and busy but I managed. I didn’t enjoy the cold though,” Ahsha laughed. “You know I’m a Cali girl and I couldn’t get used to that part.”

“Mmmhhhmm. So tell me about your new boy toy. Is he fun,” Kyle pressed, her bright blue eyes widening in excitement.

Ahsha wasn’t in the mood to talk about Nate. He still hadn’t called her back and that was days ago. “We’re not serious.”

“Oh? I thought you were liking him. The age difference, huh.”

The eye roll Ahsha gave should have given Kyle her answer. “It’s not the age difference. I just don’t see myself with him long term, ya know?”

Being Ahsha’s best friend, Kyle could read her like a book. Ahsha’s dismissive attitude about Nate made it obvious that she had her heart set on someone else. “Hmm. So when did you and Derek sleep together?”

“What,” Ahsha gasped. “Why would you think that?”

Kyle laughed. “Come on, Ahsha. I know you! It’s pretty obvious that you two are screwing around again. The boy toy is out and D-Ro is back in…in more ways than one.”

“Kyle,” she exclaimed, trying to hide her guilty smile.

“Am I lying? When were you going to tell me? How was it,” Kyle asked, as they stopped in the middle of the lobby. “You know you can’t hide a thing from me, right?”

“It didn’t mean anything. I guess you can call it divorce sex,” Ahsha explained to her curious friend.

“Divorce sex my ass. I bet you two end up back together. Mark my words.”

They continued walking to the front desk. “No, we’re going through with it. The damage is done, Kyle.”

The sad tone in Ahsha’s voice was easy to detect and Kyle decided to get serious. “Have you talked to him?”

“About what?”

Kyle stopped in her tracks and grabbed her best friend’s hands. “It’s clear that you still love that man. And I can tell that he’s still in love with you. I don’t care who he’s dating, he’s thinking about Ahsha Roman. I’ll let you in on a little secret that you have to promise to keep.”

Ahsha nodded.

“Derek was torn up when you left for New York. I’ve never seen that man cry a day in my life but he cried when you left with the kids. He didn’t take it well at all,” Kyle explained. “He may act as though he loves that Aundrea chick, but that’s a lie. I can tell when Derek Roman is in love and it ain’t with her.”

That was news to Ahsha. Derek wasn’t the type to cry in front of people. The only time she had seen him cry was when Jackson was born. Jackson was their first child and there were a few complications along the way. “Well…I met Miss Aundrea and she’s a piece of work.”

“She’s more than that. I detect a gold, digging, low budget actress trying to get in Derek’s pockets. She even asked to be on my reality TV show,” Kyle stated, with a look of disgust.

“Oh goodness.”  

“I refuse to have my best friend’s, ex-husband’s new boo thang on Love and Country. That’s too much drama…though it makes for good television. Hmm,” Kyle hummed, pursing her lips.

“Love and Country? Really Kyle? I love you, girl,” Ahsha laughed, before they finally walked over to the receptionist’s desk.

Kyle could always put Ahsha in a good mood.


Later that night

Harper and Jackson were beyond excited about having dinner with their grandparents and parents. Pete and Sloane helped the children prepare dinner and set the table.

“Mommy and daddy have to sit together,” Harper whispered in Jackson’s ear. “Okay?”

“You can’t force them to sit together, Harper,” Jackson sighed, shaking his head. His little sister always had a plan. “Dad has a girlfriend anyway.”

Harper covered her mouth and gasped dramatically. “A girlfriend? But he loves mommy.”

“And? He still has a girlfriend. Remember that lady that was at his house the other day?” Harper nodded, her curly fro bobbing to the side. “Well, she was at his job. That’s his girlfriend.”

The thought of her father having a girlfriend brought tears to her eyes. Her daddy was only supposed to be with her mommy and no other woman would fit. Harper crossed her arms and stomped off to find her grandpa.

Their parents arrived separately a few minutes later. While Sloane and Pete hugged and caught up with Ahsha, Derek joined Harper and Jackson in the kitchen.

“Hey kiddos,” Derek said, a smile spreading across his face. No matter what, his kids always made him smile. His kids were a light in his darkest moments.

“Hey,” Jackson replied, his attention focused on setting the table. Sloane had shown them where to place the utensils and plates earlier that day. Jackson was trying his best to remember and set everything perfectly.

Harper Lee on the other hand was ignoring her father. She wasn’t happy with him and her little frown told it all.

“Harp, daddy can’t get a hello?”

“No,” she muttered under her breath.

Derek didn’t play the disrespect game with adults and he surely wasn’t going to do it with his children. “Harper Lee Roman, I know you hear me talking to you.”

Tears began rolling down Harper’s cheeks as she slammed a napkin on the table. “You and mommy are supposed to love each other! I don’t want to have a new mommy!” With that, Harper ran out of the kitchen passing her grandparents and mother on their way in.

“Harper,” Ahsha exclaimed.

Derek’s heart ached. This wasn’t how he wanted things to go at all. He didn’t want his children thinking he loved them less because he wasn’t with Ahsha. “We should go see about her,” Derek told Ahsha, grabbing her hand as they went to find their daughter.

The parents found Harper in her grandparent’s room, curled up in the middle of the bed. Her tiny cries could be heard from the hallway.

“Harper,” Ahsha cooed as she climbed in the bed next to the small child. “Baby, it’s okay. Shhhh, I’m here.”

“I don’t want a new mommy,” Harper cried, resting her head on her mother’s shoulder. “I want daddy to love you and only you. A new mommy means you and daddy won’t be together.”

Ahsha glanced over at Derek with a helpless expression. What could either of them say to make Harper feel better?

Since the subject of Aundrea was his responsibility, Derek decided he would speak up. “Come here baby girl,” Derek said, patting the edge of the bed. Still wiping at her eyes, Harper crawled to the end of the mattress and sat down. Derek kneeled down next to her to be on her level. “You will always have one mommy and that’s the woman sitting right next to you. No one will ever take her place, you hear me? Just because we aren’t together…that doesn’t mean I love you or your brother any less. You will always be my baby girl and no one can change that, ever.”

“But…I want you and mommy to be together. I want you to love each other like nana and papa,” Harper continued crying. She was very upset and it seemed as though nothing would calm her down.

“We do love each other, sweetie,” Ahsha chimed in, kneeling on the other side of Harper. Derek was staring over at Ahsha as she consoled their youngest child. Seeing Ahsha in mother mode was one of the most beautiful things Derek had witnessed. She was amazing and he was thankful to have her as the mother of his kids.

“But you aren’t together. I don’t want you to breakup,” she replied, looking back and forth between her parents.

Derek and Ahsha didn’t have a reply for that. The idea of her parents not being together broke Harper’s heart. In all the fairytales she saw, the mother and father were happy. She wanted that same thing for her parents because in her eyes, life was a fairytale.

Instead of making matters worse, Derek and Ahsha wrapped their arms around Harper. “We’ll always be a family, no matter what,” Derek stated, kissing her tear stained cheek.

Harper seemed to like that answer and nodded. “Okay,” she muttered, hanging her head.

“Love you, stinker,” Ahsha said, tickling Harper’s sides causing her to giggle.

“There’s that smile I was looking for. Come on, let’s go eat this amazing dinner you helped fix,” Derek added, lifting Harper from the bed causing her to squeal.

Once the trio entered the dining room, the rest of the family was already seated. “Feeling better, Harp,” Pete asked.

“Yes, papa,” she replied, smiling widely. “Sit next to mommy, daddy!” Harper patted the two seats next to her and looked up at her parents.

“Okay,” Derek and Ahsha said in unison, following her orders.

Pete and Sloane chuckled at the adorable scene. “Hey, Harper. Your brother is in there finishing up the biscuits. Want to help me get the cupcakes you made,” Sloane asked.

“Yes!” That had Harper jumping out of her seat and running to the kitchen.

“She is definitely your child,” Sloane said to Ahsha.

When Sloane entered the kitchen, Harper was busy dragging a step stool over to the counter. “Nana, I need help.”  

“With what, honey?”

Harper peered over at Jackson who gave her a nod. “Help us make mommy and daddy go on a date,” she whispered into her grandmother’s ear.

Sloane wasn’t the type to do such a thing but if it would make her grandbabies happy, she was for it. “Deal,” Sloane whispered with a wink.

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Realizations of a broken girl

I’ve finally realized a lot of things about my self and my behaviors.

The majority of it comes from a narcisst father.

A little back story: My mother has been through two marriages, the first with a man whom she married to survive as when she went to college her parents basically said “your an adult now you are on your own” and moved to Florida. My mom was from a sheltered small town in northern Michigan so she was shocked and married her first husband her sophomore/junior year of college because it was the only way to survive.

She found the marriage wasn’t working and they had a civil divorce and went out for drinks afterword. It wasn’t a heated horrible issue like most divorces. It was a “this isn’t working we should end” both parties mutually agreeing to end civilly.

My father? He is a complete other story.

In the late 1990’s my mother went to a singles dance she was talked into by a friend. There she met my father. He was charming, handsome, amusing and very good at “wooing” like most narcissists. They dated for about 6-9 months before he proposed and they got engaged. Me? I’m the result of birthday sex a month before the wedding. They were married and 8 months later I popped out on January 12th, 2000 exactly 9 months and 31 years from my mothers birthday.

This is where it all starts.
Living hell with my father

I only have one good memory of him. One. And that is coming home from work when I am about 3. He kisses my mother and we sit down to eat dinner my mom has prepared. I look back on that memory and my mother was probably dying inside. She is very good at hiding her emotions.

My mom had just recently become a Christian and believed divorce would send her to hell. She put up with is verbal, emotional and I suspect sexual abuse for 6 years until our pastor said abuse was seen as an okay reason by the church for divorce. They got divorced when I was 5 1/2

Now I said I have one *good* memory of them together. I have plenty of memories of them together. Screaming, fighting, hair pulling, cowering, a terrified child I was. I have two most vivid memories. First is of him driving up in his new car (a ‘70 el camino) which he had used money my mother had earned working a day care at my home. He took HER money and bought a god damn car. And my mom seeing it and screaming at him. I was inside at the time and I don’t know what they said but I remember seeing it and crying because I was so scared.

The only other memory I have is them screaming at each other in the office room.

All of this traumatized me because I was so young and to see my mother and my father at each others neck yelling is something I will never get out of my head.

I didn’t see my father for 7 months while the custody of me was decided. My mom won the majority of the custody thanks to my priest at the time who backed my mom. I was scheduled to visit my dad every other weekend and holidays. The plan fell through the roof in a few years.

Now that is all just history. You need all of that to understand what I’m going to tell you.

My father is diagnosed narcisstistic personality disorder with a little borderline in there too. Although because of that instead of being a normal human and saying “okay how can I help myself and change?” He projected it onto my mother saying that she had those and that she was a horrible human being. He would emotionally abuse her in their marriage and I suspect sexually (I have no proof other than the way my mom reacts when I bring up sex in their marriage) My father denies all this. Saying “it was fine, I don’t understand why your mother wanted a divorce she seemed… Happy”

Narcissts play the victim card. In situations where YOU are the victim they will explain and twist to make them the victim of it. An example is this May when he took me to a movie and dinner then dumped me at home to go to a bachelor part at a bar “for an hour”. By the time I called my friend to come pick me up it has been over two. Since then I haven’t seen my father except once when he came to my graduation forcefully. He turned that situation into me not willing to see him because of one silly event and not acknowledging the years of emotional abuse I suffered from him and that being the final straw. HE PLAYS THE VICTIM IN THAT. That is what they do.

You might be wondering what I mean by the emotional abuse. Because of it all I can not cry In front of anyone, ask for anything, ask to go anywhere, voice my needs, wake people up, and much more. The instance where I stopped being able to cry in front of anyone? When we were sitting around the bonfire and he was drunk and we were discussing an emotional issue and I started crying. He snapped at me to stop crying and I did because he looked so terrifying like he was going to do something if I didn’t. Why I can’t wake people up in the morning? One morning I jumped on his bed and woke him up when i was 6. He freaked and started yelling at me how I shouldn’t just wake up people and was angry with me the rest of the day. Ask for anything? I asked to go to an artisan market one Saturday. I hadn’t asked for anything in year and I hadnt seen him in a few weeks. He said no and said buying and installing speaker wire in his den was more important. He treated me like I was a burden to him, a duty, a “check box to mark” I was nothing to him. Thus I feel like a burden, like I shouldn’t ever ask for anything because of I do, I’m a burden. All of his abuse and put downs turned me into passive.

I am a strong willed individual. I always have been. But I went from insanely strong, voiceful, uncaring, able to do anything, to scared, socially anxious and a mess. His personality disorder is a special one as in the people around them get treated and the one with the disorder doesn’t. It’s a fucked up disorder and it changed who I am.

All I ask is please don’t throw around the work narcissist. Because stuck up, egotistic ass holes aren’t as distrustful as people who break people, tear families apart and ruin the lives of manny.

That’s a little bit into my story. I might share some more if I reach 2000 followers but that’s a long ways away.

Korean-American and proud.

Nowadays with the boom of kpop and the abhorrent amount of koreaboos (it’s so cool to be Korean now guys. look at how hip and trendy I am *rolls eyes*), it may be hard for people to believe that a Korean (let alone a pale Korean) might not be proud of her heritage. But the thing is, growing up (even in NYC–Flushing, Queens nonetheless) I had to constantly explain to people who I was. 
“Are you Japanese?”
“Are you Chinese?”
“….then what are you?”
Yes, “what”. As if I am some thing you can categorize. I’ve had people holler, “Nĭ hăo” and “Konichiwa” at me and my mom when I was younger. Ha, I even remember having to brush my teeth 3-4 times on the mornings I ate kimchi cause my mom was afraid kids might tease me and say I had “kimchi breath” like some of the other kids in our neighborhood (I brush my teeth well, once would have been plenty). And while other kids got to pack their favorite foods for field trips, it wasn’t until the 4th or 5th grade when I pleaded with my mom and told her that the other kids packed Korean food too that my mom decided to pack me mandu and donkatsu (and she picked these two cause they’d be the least “smelliest”). (My mom’s relentless worry didn’t stop then either, how many other Koreans got worried phonecalls from their immigrant parents after the Virginia Tech shooting? “Did anyone bully you?” “Did anyone threaten you?” “Are you okay?” “God, why did he have to be Korean?!”) I’ve had people ask me questions like “What kind of Asian/Korean are you?” Not to mention–stop me if this sounds familiar–the countless times I’ve had to answer the phone, fill out legal/important documents, talk to professionals, and order at fast-food chains (Can I get a Big Mac please? Wait what. Hold on. 어? 칙킨? Sorry, can I get the chicken nuggets instead) because my mom didn’t speak English and my proud father (who lived in the US since he was 14) was too insecure about his accent/command of English. Forget the fact that I was still learning how to multiply and divide, that doesn’t matter when you’re the child of immigrants. All of a sudden you become an unofficial adult, doctors and teachers begin to look at you instead of your mother at PTAs and unexpected trips to the ER. “What a mature kid! You’re all grown up aren’t you?” And so eventually, I clung to my American-ness, my accentless English (forget the fact that Korean was my first language). As an American, I could be a kid. As an American, I could succeed in life. As an American, I could be ~free~. And besides being American is the greatest thing in world *cue national anthem, release the bald eagle as flag waves dramatically in the background*. I was American before Korean, my grandparents and parents did not cross borders and risk their lives for me to be just Korean. But here’s the thing: clinging onto something that inherently hates you, your heritage, and your people is toxic. It slowly poisons the mind and causes you to turn your back on the very thing that gave you life. And the worst part? I see this too often in my community. So many of us turned away and separated from our communities. “We are not like those Koreans.” “We’re not really religious or anything.” “They wouldn’t understand.” Some of us may be proud of ourselves. But we’re not that proud to be Korean. In fact, many of us try extra hard to purposely separate ourselves from our "Korean-ness", like I have done for years. As if we could chop up our identity into pieces and re-piece it together; we’re humans, not jigsaw puzzles. But idk, guys. I think somewhere along the line someone lied to us and we bought it. I mean hell, I’ve been mistaken for being one of “those kinds of Korean girls” countless times. So let’s stop focusing on all the things we hate about our culture, let’s stop trying to divorce ourselves from what it is inherently a part of who we are. We are as much Korean (if not more) as we are American. Let’s be proud of that. Let’s strike fear into the heart of any koreaboo that dares to tell us anything about our people and heritage. And so, I am Korean and I am proud. Are you?

anonymous asked:

How about an Olicity AU where they both have kids from previous marriages who happen to become best friends when one of them move into town? Thanks!

Missy Smoak and Adelaide Queen are a match made in heaven. Ms. Robbard makes Adelaide show Missy around Starling City Middle School. It will be good, she says, for someone to be with her the first day and show her the ropes. 

Adelaide takes one look at Missy, a cardigan wearing, knee-sock clad girl with her bangs over her eyes and falls just a little bit in love. “I’ve decided something,” she says conspiratorially to Missy. 

“Yeah?” Missy asks. She’s never been one to be in on conspiracies. 

“You and me?” Adelaide wraps her arm around Missy’s shoulders and pulls her in close. “We’re going to be best friends." 

"You think so?" 

"Oh, I know so." 

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