my mom is chill

i love it when i’m reading a book and the sexual tension between two characters it’s so strong that i literally feel the need to put some distance between me and the words.. like… my mom is in the next room can u two chill


nothing better than hanging out with your cats on a crisp fall evening

If you wanna get an idea how chill/boring I was as a teenager, my mom once called and asked me to go to the supermarket and get her a fancy bottle of whiskey for a coworker party since she wasn’t going to have time to go herself and I said sure, hanged up and then when I was at the door I stopped and realised I was 16 and had to call her and explain I was still a minor and they prolly wouldn’t sell it to me and she went ‘oh shit, you are right! Don’t tell people about this…’

Playing tennis goes like..
  • Naruto//standing on tennis field teaching Hinata how to hit the tennis ball//: "Do you get it?"
  • Hinata//gets nervous//: "Y-yes, Naruto-kun! T-thank you!"
  • Naruto//smiles//: " No problem-"
  • Naruto//random tennis ball hits Naruto in the crotch//: *cries out in pain*
  • Sasuke//standing three tennis courts away//: "Oooppppsss~ my fault. Speaking off blue balls ey~"
  • Sakura//to Sasuke//: "It almost seemed you aimed for his balls on purpose."
  • Sasuke//Fire burning in eyes//: "Claiming what is mine."