my mom is a pedo

anonymous asked:

So, I'm black. With white parents. Seeing that biracial anon talking made me wanna share... So, I was in an online highschool where we had a school building we could go to. All chill with nerds right? Wrong. Apparently a lot of the kids are Tumblr radfems/sjws. So, my parents had to come in at some point... And, upon leaving, a radfem thought I was being kidnapped and sold into slavery..... Like what???? I was smiling and chill with them bc, yknow, MY PARENTS. We explainer, but she continued 1/2

2/2 to go on about how its extremely racist to adopt a black child because they were fetishizing my skin color… And then she got to slavery. We really had no idea wtf was going on… My mom (thank god, she might have called my dad a pedo or something) got her name… And then we just left her mid-sentence. I looked back and she was fuming man… So, we report her actions and from then on, I didn’t see her at our building?? So idfk what happened to her in the end.

What the fuck dude that’s wild. I almost don’t believe you but also can’t think of a reason you’d be lying. How old was this girl anyway? But still, to think someone is like that in high school… yikes.