my mom has no idea how awesome her comment was xd

So first off I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to alllllllll of you who follow me and especially the blogs that followed me from day one. Without your support and affection I honestly would’ve deleted this blog a long time ago but the positive messages and support helped keep me going. I truly enjoy playing this muse and making people smile and laugh. I appreciate all the blogs that have privately messaged me and gave me encouraging words and admiration. I appreciate the anons that I couldn’t publish because there were so many and sometimes my inbox gets congested but I just want you to know I saw them and thank you so much. And those who my inbox ate your message gomen! Because this is 500 it’s kinda a big special deal so those who I adore interacting with will get a special mention. I just wanted to say once again before I get into it thank you so much for helping me reach five hundred wonderful followers both role play and main blogs. I can’t thank you enough I’m not worthy of such wonderful people following me and interacting with me!

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