my mom cried watching it omg

The Problem with being a Fan
  • Mom: *in our family group to her sisters* during sherlock weeks it's really hard to keep up with Zahra I'm glad sherlock is just three episodes.
  • Them: why? 😂😂😂😂
  • Mom: because she just won't stop bragging about how genius that show is to every living thing near her and nobody knows what she's talking about cause nobody watched it.
  • Me: I'm right here mom!
  • My Sister: all I know is that she thinks Sherlock Holmes is gay 😂😂😂
  • Them: 😂😂😂😂
  • Me: yup still here btw, Hello!
  • Mom: *to my sister* you should've seen her crying till the end of this week's episode 😂😂😂
  • Niece: OMG she's completely obsessed I can't understand how she made a tv show such big deal?
  • My Sister: nobody does! I tried watching the show with my husband and he said this guy is as mad as your sis no wonder why she likes him.
  • Aunt: She NEVER CRIES!
  • Mom: You guys won't believe it, she turned the volume up and Sherlock is screaming "STOP LAUGHING AT ME" OMG
  • Me: well i'm a high-functioning sociopath who's obsessed with things that sound clever and it seems like these walls have higher IQ then anyone near me so I'm talking to them now bye.
  • *Leaves the group chat*
Questionary Tag | ToriRdz

Rules: you must answer these 85 statements and tag 20 people

OMG so @oswald–copperpot tagged me on this and i’m finally sitting down and making this little BIG questionary. I’m tagging: @cbain56 @bonnefoybaggins @tradigitalhollow @victor-zsasz @sleeping-potatoe @andersandrew @megamicos @sadamenoko21 @drawingcrows @hellomsmultifandom aND THAT’S ALL BECAUSE I CAN’T THINK OF MORE.

  • 1. drink: Mango juice!
  • 2. phone call: My mom and she told me she’s getting home late, LET’S TURN UP THE MUSIC VOLUME YO’.
  • 3. text message: To my boyfriend about scarecrow
  • 4. song you listened to: Beautiful Lie from the BvS Soundtrack.
  • 5. time you cried: Yesterday watching Lego Batman DON’T JUDGE ME.
  • 6. dated someone twice: Nope!
  • 7. kissed someone and regretted it: Yes, a friend, still regret it.
  • 8. been cheated on: Yeah, long ago and i barely remember it!
  • 9. lost someone special: Lots of good friends from highschool
  • 10. been depressed: No, i’ve been pretty positive and happy all my life!
  • 11. gotten drunk and thrown up: No and i hope it never happens!

favorite colors…

  • 12. Grey
  • 13. Black
  • 14. Red
  • in the last year have you…
  • 15. made new friend: Yes! Lots and i love them all <3.
  • 16. fallen out of love: Nope <3.
  • 17. laughed until you cried: Yes, like more than ten times!
  • 18. found out someone was talking about you: Yes, but fuck em’.
  • 19. met someone who changed you: Yes, my boyfriend.
  • 20. found out who your friends are: Indeed, but i let the bad ones go and i continue with my life despite the change or lies. 
  • 21. kissed someone on your facebook list: Well yeah, i have my BF on facebook. 


  • 22. how many of your facebook friends do you know in real life: I’m gonna say somewhat 90% of them!
  • 23. do you have any pets: Nope!
  • 24. do you want to change your name: Not really, i like my name and i like my nickname both equally <3.
  • 25. what did you do for your last birthday: I ate pizza with my friends and watched Mike and Dave need Wedding Dates!
  • 26. what time did you wake up: Today 20/07 at 1pm. 
  • 27. what were you doing at midnight last night: Drawing!
  • 28. name something you can’t wait for: THE JUSTICE LEAGUE MOVIE. HOLY CRAP I CAN’T.
  • 29. when was the last time you saw your mom: Yesterday night!
  • 31. what are you listening to right now: Is She With You? from the BvS soundtrack, i’m listening to it while i answer this!
  • 32. have you ever talked to a person named tom: Nope.
  • 33. something that is getting on your nerves: My boyfriend’s family.
  • 34. most visited website: I’m going to say youtube.
  • 35. hair colour: Black and green!
  • 36. long or short hair: Short with a mohawk. 
  • 37. do you have a crush on someone: On The Outsider from Dishonored. I MISS HIS OLD VOICE.
  • 38. what do you like about yourself: I’m pretty positive with my life and ic can finish mostly every project i start!
  • 39. piercings: nope;-;
  • 40. blood type: O+
  • 41. nickname: Bum, bro, Naera. 
  • 42. relationship status: THE BLOOD OF THE INNOCENTS HAS CLEANED MY RELATIONSHIP EVERYTHING IS GOOD <3 but i hate his family tho.
  • 43. zodiac: Libra.
  • 44. pronouns: She/Her.
  • 45. favourite tv show:  In no particular order:
  1. Gotham
  2. The Following
  3. Tokyo Ghoul
  4.  Kuroshitsuji
  5.  Kill la Kill.
  • 46. tattoos: 
  1. I have the Outsider’s mark on my chest. (Dishonored)
  2. An RR on my righ wrist.
  3. The Tokyo Ghoul kanji title on my left wrist. 
  • 47. right or left handed: Right handed(:
  • 48. surgery: Never needed one.
  • 49. piercing: Noo;o;
  • 50. sport: I’m kind of good at swimming. 
  • 51. vacation: I want to go to the sea with my boyfriend;-;
  • 52. pair of trainers: bwhat

more general

  • 53. eating: Nothing.
  • 54. drinking: Water!
  • 55. i’m about to: go make some food because i’m starving.
  • 56. waiting for: Me to get up from bed and make food.
  • 57. want: A Scarecrow funko and more time with my BF.
  • 59. career: I’m half way into Professional Arts!
  • 60. hugs or kisses: BOTH.
  • 61. lips or eyes: Eyes. 
  • 62. shorter or taller: Taller.
  • 63. older or younger: In between.
  • 64. nice arms or nice stomach: Nice arms cuz yo’ gonna carry my FANDOMS WITH ME.
  • 65. hook up or relationship: Relationship.
  • 66. troublemaker or hesitant: Troublemaker.
  • 67. kissed a stranger: Kiiiind of.
  • 68. drank hard liquor: Yes.
  • 69. lost glasses/contact lenses: i don’t use glasses!
  • 70. turned someone down: Yes and i’m prouf of it!
  • 71. sex on the first date: Nope
  • 72. broken someone’s heart: Yes, many.
  • 73. had your heart broken: Like three times.
  • 74. been arrested: Nope!
  • 75. cried when someone died: I cried for months when my two late dogs died.
  • 76. fallen for a friend: Yes.

do you believe in …

  • 77. yourself: YES, U CAN DO IT TORI.
  • 78. miracles: Yes.
  • 79. love at first sight: Nope.
  • 80. santa claus: I believe on lil’ Jesus because we have him on Mexico;-;
  • 81. kiss on the first date: I actually did it once.
  • 82. angels: Nope.


  • 83. current best friend’s name: Sergio.
  • 84. eye colour: Brown!
  • 85. favourite movie:  The prince of Egypt.

Thanks for tagging me!

rules: answer these 85 statements and tag 20 people

I was tagged by @starrduust thanks sweetie ^^


1. drink: coffee
2. phone call: My best friend and main man
3. text message: my mom
4. song you listened to: 24K Magic
5. time you cried: When I was watching a bts try not to cry vid lol
6. dated someone twice: no
7. kissed someone and regretted it: haven’t kissed anyone yet
8. been cheated on: eh… I don’t wanna dwell on that
9. lost someone special: ahh well, lost in a sense that I don’t talk to him anymore. So, kinda?
10. been depressed: yes
11. gotten drunk and thrown up: no, never will


12. Blue, esp. pastel or darkish
13. Black
14. Mint green (omg same @starrduust)

15. made new friends: Heck yeah! My @lovely mutuals
16. fallen out of love: mmm I guess you could saythat
17. laughed until you cried: Yes, i.e. the perks of having multilingual friends
18. found out someone was talking about you: yes
19. met someone who changed you: yes
20. found out who your friends are: yes
21. kissed someone on your Facebook list: I haven’t kissed anyone yet lol


22. how many of your Facebook friends do you know in real life: about all of them
23. do you have any pets: yep :) a pupper named Sprinkles
24. do you want to change your name: yes, because my full name’s v long xD jk. I don’’t really
25. what did you do for your last birthday: I just celebrated at home, and my mom gave me a delayed present, which were concert tickets ;)
26. what time did you wake up: usually at 5 or 6 am since I have school
27. what were you doing at midnight last night: reading fanfics and crying over them :’)
28. name something you can’t wait for: art school ^^
29. when was the last time you saw your mom: literally 5 miuntes ago
31. what are you listening to right now: 24K Magic lol
32. have you ever talked to a person named tom: I don’t have a ‘Tom’ to talk to haha I had a Thomas though…
33. something that is getting on your nerves: flirts who call you a flirt because you’re close to guys
34. most visited website: Tumblr and Youtube :)  
35. hair colour: dark brown that looks like it’s black
36. long or short hair: medium
37. do you have a crush on someone: a few hehe
38. what do you like about yourself: I like my drawings, actually :) I think I’ve come a long way and did a pretty good job ^^
39. piercings: are earrings counted?
40. blood type: I think I’m AB
41. nickname: Jor Jor Binks lol, Jor, Gabi
42. relationship status: single (;ω;)
43. zodiac: Pisces
44. pronouns: she/her
45. favourite tv show: Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Amazing World of Gumball (i am a smol child) (but also) MasterChef and Asia’s Got Talent
46. tattoos: nope, but I want some in the future ^^
47. right or left handed: right
48. surgery: no, and hopefully never 😅
50. sport: I’m a jack of all trades when it comes to sports :) my main is volleyball, then swimming, and a bit of badminton
51. vacation: I went to South Korea last vacation :D
52. pair of trainers: The shoes I mostly wear are Disney themed sneakers

53. eating: ahh I just brushed my teeth, but I’m craving nachos
54. drinking: nothing lol
55. I’m about to: either sleep or continue writing a fic
56. waiting for: vaCATION PLS LET ME REST I-
57. want: nachos and a quesadilla. Oh and a drawing tab would be nice            
58. get married: someday
59. career: I wanna be an animator in either Disney or Pixar :’)

60. hugs or kisses: hugs ヽ(・∀・)ノ
61. lips or eyes: eyes
62. shorter or taller: taller guys~
63. older or younger: older guys~
64. nice arms or nice stomach: ehh… I wish I had better upperarms, but a nice stomach is cool too
65. hook up or relationship: relationship. Always.
66. troublemaker or hesitant: a bit of both ;)

67. kissed a stranger: no
68. drank hard liquor: no
69. lost glasses/contact lenses: nope
70. turned someone down: yes, and I kinda feel bad whenever I think about it…
71. sex on the first date: no
72. broken someone’s heart: I think I have…
73. had your heart broken: kinda
74. been arrested: no jc
75. cried when someone died: no
76. fallen for a friend: maybe?

77. yourself: I am trash, but i sober up when needed
78. miracles: yes, i.e. my math grades :’)
79. love at first sight: yes 😍
80. santa claus: I still do :’)
81. kiss on the first date: uhh not really
82. angels: yes

84. eye colour: brown
85. favourite movie: oh gee.. I have a lot. But the most memorable for me are The Little Prince, TFIOS, NYSM 2, Feng Shui, The Road, and Forrest Gump

I tag @fangirlingfrofandoms @oppamansae @spring-gay @ask-contemporary-philippines  @crossingbordersonmyown @ask-bts-stuff @ask-ggbts have fun darlings 😘✨ 

I was tagged again by dear @auroreamethyste​ this is very huge XD


  • 1. Drink: water
  • 2. Phone call: omg… I guess it was my mom
  • 3. Text message: a friend 
  • 4. Song you listened to: Andei by the latin jazz queen Flora Purim   
  • 5. Time you cried: I guess, it was after watching an episode of Deep Space Nine


  • 6. Dated someone twice: NO
  • 7. Kissed someone and regretted it: yeahhh
  • 8. Been cheated on: no
  • 9. Lost someone special: …yes
  • 10. Been depressed: I don’t how to describe
  • 11. Gotten drunk and thrown up: yup


  • 12. Blue
  • 13. White
  • 14. Green


  • 15. Made new friends: yes
  • 16. Fallen out of love: no
  • 17. Laughed until you cried: no
  • 18. Found out someone was talking about you: I don’t really know
  • 19. Met someone who changed you: I don’t think so
  • 20. Found out who your friends are: ????
  • 21. Kissed someone on your Facebook list: NO


  • 22. How many of your Facebook friends do you know in real life: I think just one bc most of us don’t use fb
  • 23. Do you have any pets: no
  • 24. Do you want to change your name: no
  • 25. What did you do for your last Birthday: drew a picture for Jon Anderson, had a dinner with couple of friends, almost nothing really funny happened
  • 26. What time did you wake up: 10:00 am, I couldn’t have a proper sleep recently 
  • 27. What were you doing at midnight last night: sulking 
  • 28. Name something you can’t wait for: Dunkirk 
  • 29. When was the last time you saw your mom: last sunday
  • 30. What is one thing you wish you could change in your life: Getting master degree
  • 31. What are you listening right now: nothing 
  • 32. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: No
  • 33. Something that is getting on your nerves: I feel you Aurore, also mine is similar: A SELF RIGHTEOUS BASTARD WHO IS RUDE 
  • 34. Most visited Website: Tumblr, Weibo, Youtube, Twitter


  • 35. Mole/s: one on my waist, another on the back of my neck 
  • 36. Mark/s: significant two one two sides of my left arm
  • 37. Childhood dream: being a professional painter 
  • 38. Haircolour: dark brown, almost black 
  • 39. Long or short hair: long
  • 40. Do you have a crush on someone: Not in real life
  • 41. What do you like about yourself: My Hands™
  • 42. Piercings: none
  • 43. Bloodtype: B
  • 44. Nickname: Christie 
  • 45. Relationship status: single and aro (lol same)
  • 46. Zodiac: scorpio 
  • 47. Pronouns: she/her
  • 48. Favourite TV Show: Oh god I would say a lot of them but I’m in the mood for star trek recently. 
  • 49. Tattoos: none
  • 50. Right or left hand: righty (same)
  • 51. Surgery: none
  • 52. Hair dyed in different color: none
  • 53. Sport: swim, but an expert but I really like it.
  • 55. Vacation: not recently 
  • 56. Pair of trainers: lol I don’t know either and I hate runing too


  • 57. Eating: cheesecake
  • 58. Drinking: nothing
  • 59. I’m about to: drawing tony’s arms
  • 61. Waiting for: a have-to-do mission
  • 62. Want: getting master degree
  • 63. Get married: for the one last time, NOPE
  • 64. Career: personally I really want to be a scientist… if I could
  • 65. Hugs or kisses: I don’t like both but hug is better 
  • 66. Lips or eyes: eyes! (same)
  • 67. Shorter or taller : what hte fuckkk 
  • 68. Older or younger: I got you, I would say this question is invalid since I prefer none. 
  • 70. Nice arms or nice stomach: I like both, I enjoying watching, nice arms and nice stomach are equally attractive
  • 71. Sensitive or loud: sensitive (same)
  • 72. Hook up or relationship: watching
  • 73. Troublemaker or hesitant: hesitant (logical beings)


  • 74. Kissed a stranger: I haven’t
  • 75. Drank hard liquor: Chinese liquor is hard so yes
  • 76. Lost glasses/contact lenses: I don’t have that
  • 77. Turned someone down: a lot times
  • 78. Sex in the first date: lol no
  • 79. Broken someone’s heart: yes many times 
  • 80. Had your heart broken: yes many times and it’s not about romantic
  • 81. Been arrested: no (same)
  • 82. Cried when someone died: I felt like there was no tomorrow
  • 83. Fallen for a friend: no


  • 84. Yourself: no but for logics yes
  • 85. Miracles: not any more
  • 86. Love at first sight: this is logically true
  • 87. Santa Claus: no
  • 88. Kiss on the first date: not for me
  • 89. Angels: rationally no


  • 90. Current best friends name: I choose not to answer
  • 91. Eye Color: brown almost black
  • 92. Favorite movie: just answered in the last post

I was talking with my mom yesterday, we were talking about nct dream (bc why not? She loves them, I love them, everybody should love them) and suddenly she said “I was watching your old baby videos this morning and there was one when you were seven or eight and we were talking and you promised me you were going to get married at the age of seventeen”, so I started to laugh because wTF MOM I’M SINGLE AND ALL OF THE GUYS I KNOW ARE UGLY (plus, i don’t actually like the idea of getting married lol) , but then she said “so…princess when are you going to travel to Korea and marry Donghyuck?”

I’m still screaming

(you know I should start writting everything my mom or dad says bc they actually talk a lOt about kpop and it’s hilarious everytime they do it)

bonnibellparker  asked:

They made a promo video with Shawn and Gus for psych the movie and just about cried I loved that show I'm so happy we get a movie.

i know omg i watched it yesterday with my mom and it was so fucking beautiful and nostalgic fuck i’m so pumped

so, I finished 1 litre of tears, it’s actually my first jdrama, and I cried more than 1 litre of tears every episode omg. It was really good, the story moved me, it was painful but I feel like it actually made me more positive, it made me appreciate that I am healthy and my family is pretty much healthy too and life is beautiful and it’s great that you can do normal things like walking, speaking, going to school. I think my tears are coming back omg my mom kept giving me weird looks, I didn’t wanna watch it with someone at home but I just couldn’t stop. I somehow ended up marathoning it.

“I write because writing is evidence that I am still alive.”

whitedevil76  asked:

my son, I have come to ask you do all the tender asks. all of them :D


Fresh milk - I’m a wee 20 year old
Teeth - Trans dude
Honey - Most of my friends call me “L” like L from death note but other times it’s “short stuff” ughhhhh
Breast - Yeah I guess. My mom’s alright but i get along more with my dad.
Angelhood - Watching Ninja Sex Party perform here in chicago! i had a great ass time and i whooped and cried a lot and sang too! and i couldn’t believe they were real people? 
Tranquil - My friends because i love them and i laugh at least 5 times a day because they always showing me memes and shit omg
Adieu - My cat bc i love him so much
Wax - Yeah because i’m not a total dick
Tinderbox - my dad’s cassette tape/cd/vinyl collection of music from the 60s/70s/80s. i put all my dad’s music collection onto my phone so i can listen to it every day when i’m out or something
Paper - i read too many books but i absolutely love Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Saenz…please read it if you’re looking for great poc lbgt+ books…
Box office - I also watch too many movies but i guess it would be the kill bill movies by quentin tarantino..
Stage - idk i guess i draw and play guitar
Tiger - In high school, i straight up walked off the field in the middle of a softball game because my team was losing and a bunch of my shitty classmates kept yelling at me to play better and i couldn’t take it anymore so i left and went back to the locker rooms 
Treasure - Idk if i have any…i’m kind??
Morale - Idk tbh probably a mix of both?
Wolf - Yup…
Seven - A gross combination of all of them 
Trick - deceit i hate white lies
Illusion - Plenty 
Heart - Sure
Mary - Nope 
Bedroom - I’m into dudes 
Pink - Panties i guess
Rope - not really
Tobacco - I’ve smoked like two cigarettes before but i vape now
Wine - not really
Whisky - i drink some beers with friends but i’m not into getting trashed around people or getting trashed in general
Poison - i listen to music all the time
Taboo - i wish…i’ll save up for it and beg my folks later
Metal - ear piercings but i don’t really wear earrings much
Stitches - i love graphic tees so i go to hot topic and wear that shit a lot…i also go to thrift stores and shop online…my wardrobe is tee shirts, jeans or gym shorts, and hoodies
Eau de toilette - i love the smell of fresh coffee
Murmur - i absolutely hate drama and it’s the reason why i don’t have too many friends…i hate petty shit and petty people..
Hiccup - Everything but people especially make me nervous as fuck or when people aren’t gentle with pets
Gazelle - Yeah i draw a lot but i don’t post much on my art blog out of the fact i get upset and nervous about my doodles
Anomaly - i’m fairly chill and older/elderly people like me a lot because i’m not into a ton of modern things 
Cedar - Winter!! the cold is my friend
Balm - My boyfriend 

so there ye go omggg 

Of mice & men ♥

I really don’t think people understand how much this band means to me, I’ve been listening to them for about 4 Years now, and I remember when I first found them Austin wasn’t in their band as much yet the hype was more about Jerry, and I kinda just pushed the band away, and then it came back into my life when Austin joined them,well not really joined, but when he became more prominent in the band and I immediately fell in love, I started listening to every song, looking up every album, memorizing lyrics, it was insane, but I was also in a really dark place when I found bands, and of mice & men had the biggest impact on my life these past four years, it wasn’t as bad in the beginning, but when really bad stuff started happening in my life, that’s when I got really attached to the band, I had started self harming and was in a really horrible place, but then I started watching interviews, and listening to the music more, and let me tell you I most definitely fell in love with Austin carlile, and it wasn’t really in a “omg He’s so hot I want his babies” it was more like “I want him to be my bestfriend and help me through my problems” I would watch the interviews all the time, and listen to the songs, and I remember when I actually first watched my first om&m interview and I cried my eyes out, and I also remember trying to convince my mom to let me go to warped, but she never let me, and hopefully I’ll get to go next year, I’ve been wanting to meet om&m forever, mainly because I need to tell them how much they impacted and saved my life, but I also need Austin to write out lyrics for me to get tattooed, I don’t know, this band just means so much to me, and everytime I have tried to meet them, my plans got ruined somehow, so it is now one of my main goals to meet them, but anyways I owe my life to this band, and I love them so much ♡ and I just thought my followers should know why, and I could go on Forever and go into depth about this but I don’t want to bore you guys to death! I love you Austin, Tino, Phil, Alan, and Aaron!!!!

anonymous asked:

My friend and I put on The Black Parade is Dead! and watched about two minutes before crying. I think she cried for about an hour. It was at 3am so her mom woke up and looked so concerned. This is how I spend my time.

the true lives of the emotional emos

Gsjdhfhfnn my mom is having a FUN time watching cartoons today?? Idk whats up with her today she usually just watches HGTV but today shes had it on like 3 different cartoon stations and shes been talking 2 the tv omg…must be new meds

Heres my fav quotes from her today

“Wow Mr Krabs is so wise”

“Ya i lov frozen” *cries for like 8 mins when Anna ‘dies’*

*cries when Marco loses Star in Mewberty* “he luvs her so much…..”

*points at star in her messy room* thats u

“Steven is….too noisy.”

“Pearl is GAY????”

Today, I fucked up... by going to an open-casket funeral.

So, my great-grandpa died recently so obviously, I had to attend, I wanted to attend because it was only right I show up to support my family in times of sorrow and give my final goodbye. I had just arrived and it was already full of people everywhere. I walked around greeting as many as my distant family members as I could, giving hugs here and there before taking a seat with my mom and sister. We watched as people went up to the open-casket, standing in front of the corpse of my great-grandpa, crying silently. I felt really bad but I sat there for about thirty minutes before my mom decided to nudge me. “Let’s go see your great-grandpa” she whispered.

I got nervous and took a look around the room. “Not yet” I told her. I was REALLY nervous because the thought of tons of people watching my every move just made me nervous. I was going to stay put until my heart broken dad asked me to go up with him to the open casket. How could I say no to that face? I didn’t want to be a jerk and say no to him so I nodded and with my mom, dad and sister we walked towards the casket.

My heart was pounding. People were watching me, I could feel their eyes on me. The moment I saw my great-grandpa I did what every other single person did– I cried. I reached over with one hand and placed it on top of my great-grandpa’s and I was just so caught up in it. I became so emotional. We stood there for about five minutes before my mom told me “Let’s go”. But then I remember everyone was watching us and I was just thinking, “oh crap, everyone is gonna watch me walk back to my seat– omg everyone is watching me” I became nervous AGAIN. I panicked. So what did I do once I remembered all eyes were on me? Well… I leaned down, closed my eyes and placed a gentle kiss on my great-grandpa’s forehead. I opened my eyes and saw my rebel red lips marked on his forehead!! I was wearing lipstick, how could I have forgotten, what the f$$k was I thinking?!!! I just marked a damn corpse with a damn kiss mark!! I turned tomato red and just whispered “Shit” and pretended I needed more time.

I checked behind me to see if anyone noticed and saw my grandma crying waiting for her turn. I couldn’t let her see him like this. I faced him again and quickly began to pretend I was massaging his forehead when I was really wiping my lipstick off him. “Oh, Papa Juan, you’re in a much better place now” I said as I desperately tried to remove the mark I left on him. I succeeded. The only people who noticed were those who were up there with me: My mom, dad and sister who were all laughing at me afterwards.

But the next day, I overheard a conversation saying. “Why was papa Juan’s forehead kinda pink?”, “Oh, I noticed that too, how weird” they will never know that I left my lipstick on a corpse. Never.

Check out more TIFUs: Internet`s best fuck ups are here.

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I remember when I was little i saw the avatar movie for the first time and after watching it I thought I could firebend, so I went up stairs and saw a lit candle and was like 'TIME TO USE MY MAGICS' then sat there staring at the candle watching the flame move for like an hour and I thought i was controlling the fire, then my mom came up stairs and like 'dafuq' and blew it out and I cried. Just thought I would share that with you cuz of your AU

Omg baby Fritz wanting to be able to bend stuff like Scott by putting rocks on the floor and jumping up and down to make them bounce. Then crying when his mom takes the rocks and tosses them outside because they weren’t supposed to be inside. Aaaaaaah

i watched the fault in our stars with my mom today and she cried during the whole movie and gave me a hug at the end and said that my dad and her are so blessed to have healthy kids while she was sobbing and it made me cry omg i love my mom