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What do you know about wesley allan dodd? My mom went to school with him and he was actually arrested in the theater in my town, but i don't know much about him besides the fact that he flashed my mom and her sisters.

I know he was a true savage and predator.  The one thing I respect about him?He could actually admit it (which is quite rare).  He wanted to die like his victims and he did just that, sped up his execution and chose hanging as the method.  I also know his brother was arrested for I believe attempting to entice a young girl online.
I read the book “When The Monster Comes Out Of The Closet” and it made me sick, but it was a terrific book.  Very eye opening.

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we got to choose our own topics for a paper in this one class, and tbh i’m rlly invested in the topic but it’s been so hard 2 arrange what i want to say…basically the topic i chose was how we can help patients who have altered eating habits (due to their diagnosis or underlying condition), and how this affects them as well as their caregivers on an emotional/psychosocial level. it’s rlly interesting to me bc while my dad was going thru his cancer, it was just something that my mom would perseverate on & get really distressed about, and it’s still somewhat a source of tension in our household to this day… and now that i’m looking in the literature, it seems that this is a very common experience for patients & their loved ones!!! idk. it’s interesting 2 me & i’m glad that this will help me find more therapeutic ways to approach & support my patients when they’re not able to eat for whatever reason!!! woo


Haikyuu!! 30 Day Challenge Day 14 - Favorite non-player character

Bonus: Nishinoya’s reaction when Saeko enters the room

A few years ago, I worked giving out samples at Costco for a year, and these were the best/weirdest things that happened to me:

Around Halloween, a man and woman walked by my cart, with a little boy who was crying as if he was losing part of his soul. They all had strong and beautiful Indian accents. The man said, “Son, what’s wrong? Son, what’s bothering you?” and his wife sighed and said, “He thinks we won’t let him be a ladybug for Halloween.” The father straightened up and said, “Son, of course you can be a ladybug! You can be whatever you want!” and they slowly got the boy to stop crying. It was one of the most heartwarming moments I’ve ever seen.

An elderly man with a long and greasy beard stole my opened bottle of Tabasco sauce that I was using, and proceeded to tilt it over his mouth and drink as much as he could. He then made a noise like “Whee-hee!” and said, “You can’t say you’re from Georgia, unless you can do that!” while I stared on with a horrified face.

(I’m not even in Georgia, and now, I hope to never be.)

A cart rushed by me, two children clinging to the sides of it, and a third pushing it as the other two yelled, “Faster, faster!” A minute later, a very frazzled mother ran in and said, “Have you seen my children?!” I pointed, and she ran off again.

A toddler chose me specifically to tell a story to, about how one time he went to a swimming pool, and there was a slide he really liked, and he went down it a bunch of times. His mom gave me a look of “I’m so sorry,” as the kid spoke, but she should not have been sorry. It was awesome.

A middle-aged man in a suit tried convincing me (while I was shutting down my cart and trying to avoid him) that Obama was the Antichrist, and that the whole world was run by someone called “The Black Pope” who was baptizing space aliens, and that’s why he liked Mitt Romney better. I countered by telling him that Mitt Romney’s real first name is “Willard,” and that made him dumbfounded enough that I could escape and clock out.

Potion No. 9

pairing: daveed x reader

requests: could you do Daveed X younger reader, where reader is like 18-20 and they start dating and the reader’s parents get really weirded out over the age difference?

summary: it’s time for daveed to meet reader’s parents. that’s it that’s really all i’ve got.

warnings: swearing, smut, semi-public/public sex, D/s, daddy kink, light bondage, praise kink

word count: 4,320

a/n: title is part of title of a sandra bullock movie but i used it as lyrics from lotus flower bomb by wale, which i recommend u start to play during the sexy time at the end ok. i know it’s barely still valentine’s day but I WROTE THIS all in one day it’s been a wild ride. i wanted to get this up ASAP but i’m messy and wanted to write one more sex scene i’m sorry buds but i hope you enjoy it anyway!!!!!!!!!!

“Are you ready, babe?” You peer into the mirror, adjusting the clasp on your necklace. The small heart-shaped garnet glints in the light and your heart flutters, remembering Daveed gifting it to you just this morning.

“Just a second,” he shouts from his bedroom. “I can’t get this fucking tie on straight!”

You snicker, tucking your lipstick into your small clutch. “Come out here and I’ll do it for you.”

Daveed grunts and shuffles out into the living room with his suit jacket draped over one arm and a sour look on his face.

“Why are you pouting?” You ask, fingers deftly untying the crooked knot and starting over again.

“I’m too old to not know how to tie my own tie,” he huffs, shoving one hand into the pockets of his dress pants.

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12x22: Dean Winchester is going to die

Well, when I was new, I wrote a whole post about this, about how early episodes but especially 12x11 foreshadowed that Performing!Dean was going to be deconstructed by the end of the season… Fans self.

The death of Performing!Dean in this episode was BEAUTIFUL. It was EXQUISITE. I couldn’t have asked for MORE! 

I literally grabbed and punched @amwritingmeta in the leg I don't know how many times as I paused it to point and shout.

1. The Grenade Launcher

So, the grenade launcher = performing!Dean metaphor. We had hoped and boy did they deliver! Did anyone else notice, while Dean was *ahem* knocking down the seemingly unpenetrable physical walls, that, maybe it was my weird link, but it seemed to me that the flashing ‘red’ lights in the MoL bunker were decidedly pinky-purpley in colour rather than standard alarm bells red and the flashlights glowed on the blue side of white… (the MoL HQ lights are also brightly pinky-purple to keep the theme going, I mean honestly what self respecting 1950s MoL guy chose this for the bunker instead of the usual red? Please!) Just saying. 

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“It wasn’t long ago I thought we had it made. We had Cas back, we had mom back. I mean it wasn’t perfect but still…”.  This is it. Dean’s facade has been coming down all season, but at this point now, he just doesn’t see the point in holding it up anymore.

And what does Sam do? HE OPENS UP TO DEAN. He tells Dean how he feels, the reasons why he followed the MoL - that it was “easier than leading”, that he made a mistake. This enables Dean to be truthful himself, in the end, now. Again, they have had many times to reflect on their own deaths but this is another time similar to 11x23 where he can really reflect on what he has lost, and now what is that? Cas and Mary.

Dean uses the grenade launcher, that he’s been dying to do since forever, blows down the impenetrable seeming wall, saves the day. How meta do we need to go? It’s BLATANT. The choice in the colour of the lights, the dialogue, his feelings… the walls are Dean’s facade and the grenade launcher is his way of breaking it down. YES. This has been building all season and much prior to this other meta writers have said that he grenade launcher is associated with Dean’s hidden side, his bisexuality, Destiel etc… this is meta gold, THIS is a meta aspect Dabb was talking about. Toni even then parallels the tearing down of Mary’s mental wall with Dean’s physical use of the grenade launcher, just moments after. It is so well put together :D

Also, I have long believed that the bunker had to go. It represents too much the MoL side of things and the whole ‘living below ground’ thing is way too underground / metaphorically bad. For me they need a real, healthy home which is in between Bobby’s hunter house and the MoL bunker. Hopefully they will find a nice modern MoL home with kit but that isn’t so hidden above ground somewhere next season to take over and make their own :D

2. Sam the MoL leader

“Real hunting isn’t just about killing, it’s about doing whats right… I want you to follow me”. We have wanted this for Sam all season, the MoL story fits his personal arc so well (so did Eileen, still bitter), this is Sam’s endgame. Sam said just moments earlier that he didn’t want to lead, but now he is, because it is necessary and because he is good at it. I believe he will now see that this is what he wants and will work towards this for his endgame.

This then leads to…

3. Dean and Sam - ending the brodependency and Dean as Sam’s parent

Dean lets Sam go, the dialogue is amazing. “You’re ready for this… you got this” paralleled with an actual mom/daughter conversation between Jody and Alex. 

Originally posted by bridget-malfoy-stilinski-hale

Dean literally talks to Sam like a parent letting their child go off to college and I had to pause this for a long long moment to process and scream “they’re actually going there!” not even knowing what was coming next… man…

Then comes the Mary / Dean scene.

4. Dean and Mary

This was always going to be what Mary led to for Dean’s arc. After Amara had started this addressing of Dean’s facade in season 11 and Mary is basically an extension of Amara this season re: Dean (in the same way that she still has to influence Sam’s arc re: Lucifer, that is for next season). I LOVED how BLATANT and textual they made this, the actual lack of subtext because it was all in the ACTUAL TEXT! 

Firstly, Dean considers letting Toni go, which I had expected, to show the difference between our boys (morality) and the MoL as monsters.

Then… “Dad was just a shell…I had to be a father and a mother to keep him safe, and that wasnt fair, and I couldnt do it, and you wanna know what that was like? They killed the girl that he loved, he got possessed by Lucifer, they tortured him in hell and he lost his soul…But I forgive you, for everything.” MY HEART!

Ok, yeah, they did the thing, they brought Jess up 30 mins before killing the guy that Dean loves after not mentioning her for…. A DECADE? And paralleling one of the few scenes we ever saw her in with Dean/Cas too? After we already had the parallel with Dean seeing Cas when driving along, same as Sam did? So, only the scene of Sam and Jess in the bar and the scene where Dean actually meets her haven’t been paralleled now with Dean/Cas? I’M LIVING!

But seriously. The rest is exactly what we, the audience needed to understand Dean and to show casual viewers Dean’s inner angst in order to understand the facade coming down, this is exactly what Dean needed. He has come full circle, this is the start of the culmination of the end of Performing!Dean (which Jensen has no said at Jibcon will be furthered in season 13!).

Dean actually TELLS Mary in his mind that he hates her, but that he loves her. That he had to be Sam’s mother and father, and that it wasn’t FAIR. This is so important, that he didnt just say that it happend and that it sucked, but that it wasn’t FAIR and that he did not DESERVE IT.

This is Dean addressing not just his mother but how HE feels about it, how he feels about HIMSELF, that he is saying that he DESERVES MORE and has SELF WORTH. 

These are all the words I have been using since 12x01 re: Dean . I’m so happy!

5. Ketch kills Toni, Mary kills Ketch after Dean beats him to a pulp, PERFECT, Jody kills Hess, again perfect.

This had to happen to keep our boys on the ‘don’t kill humans unless they HAVE to’ side, especially after Dean considered letting Toni go. Thank you.

6. Winchester family reunion 

Sam’s forgiveness of Mary, Dean’s reaction to the happy family hug (it’s great but someone is missing…). “Who we are… we kick ass. We save the world” 

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SAM AND DEAN ARE ACCEPTING THEMSELVES THIS SEASON. In 12x09 Sam said it, now Dean says it. After all the angst this episode and for Dean all season…

This whole episode was for me the culmination of the deconstruction of Performing!Dean this season, which has been the main theme carried through on the character - driven side of things, it was beautiful.

In many ways I view this as the character - led season finale and 12x23 as the plot - led season finale (which I will post my thoughts on right up next).

I cannot WAIT to see the result of this episode come across next season. 

We have not only now Performing!Dean pretty much dead or on his way out, the Dean Winchester is going to die metaphor was fully used and was fantastic, but coupled with Cas being brutally taken away from Dean, the parallels with 2 key canon romantic couples (Sam/Jess and Cain/Colette) in this within SECONDS of each other, plus the Jibcon revelations that we will see more of Dean’s reaction to this in season 13, apparently crying (and Jared not even hiding Destiel jokes now) make me pretty much 100% convinced Destiel is really endgame now.

Aside from this we now have Dean accepting himself, his internal self acceptance arc coming to a close, Sam’s MoL arc coming up and I will touch on the other aspects of the story for Sam in the next post as they are relevant to Lucifer / Jack, and Cas’s arc too…

Season 13 is already set up for exactly the endgame I am wishing for!

Tink’s Endgame Wishlist :

- Mol! Sam (and Eileen, Chuck I’m still bitter about that though, I really hoped her death would turn out to be a misdirection). Pretty much CHECK.

- Hunter / Mol collaboration with Sam and Dean as leaders. Pretty much CHECK.

- End of the brodependency, Dean acknowledging he was Sam’s parent and letting him go. CHECK.

- End of Performing!Dean. Pretty much CHECK.

- Human!Cas and self worth and belonging for his arc. TBA probably next season, what happened this season makes no sense if not to lead to this.

- Destiel. Pretty much CHECK. (And now after seeing Jibcon and the boys just joking about it all the time? Yeah, I don’t think they have an issue with this!).


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hello! i don't think i've requested this before (please forgive me if i have!!), but could i request a sort of "friends to lovers" au with joshua from svt? thank you so much for your time!

find friends - to - lover!seungcheol (here)

  • you and joshua met at summer camp in middle school because you two were the only kids who actually read books on the bus ride to and from the camp ground
  • and literally all the other kids spent the time playing games or shouting but nope. you and joshua sat by each other, silently, reading
  • and you two,,,,,,just kinda naturally became a duo,,,,,,,like you were always partners for sporting events and helped each other during arts and crafts
  • and it was cute,,,,,,,,all the counselors thought you guys were adorable and the other kids would call you the shy couple but you and joshua,,,,like,,,,,,,you just became inseparable
  • and throughout the years you supported each other as friends until you know,,,,,,you guys started to come out of being shy and stuff and funnily enough you and joshua got into the habit of being like sorta competitive when it came to school
  • and you guys just got inside jokes about out-doing the other person,,,,but like all in good fun??? never seriously or in a mean way
  • you also gossip with each other like,,,,people see you and josh and are like woW such diligent, polite students but LOL you and him have your fair share of savageness
  • but it’s totally a bestfriend thing where you meet up to get coffee to study but in reality you spend time quizzing each other and complaining about shitty professors while also reminiscing about the past 
  • “joshua remember when you got 100 on our first chem quiz as freshmen.” 
  • “yeah, what about-”
  • “remember i got 103 because i did the extra credit (—:”
  • “,,,,,,are you really bringing that up? do i have to remind you of what else happened to us as freshmen? mainly what happened between you and that hoshi ki-”
  • “oK JOSHUA SH”
  • but as much as you’re jokingly being sarcastic with each other you truly care about each other and ,,,,,that’s why when joshua tells you he’s got extended family coming over,,,,and they’ve literally not let it go about him not being in a relationship and so,,,,,,,,if you could pleaSE just fake date him for this dinner,,,,,,,
  • you say yes,,,,because how can you say no???
  • only problem is the minute you show up the hongs are all like fiNALLY YOU Two ARE DAting,,,,,we always knew it would come to this!!!!
  • and joshua’s mom is nudging you because,,,,,,hey she’s been trying to get joshua to make a move since long before and joshua is like m OM
  • and you’re both sitting at the dinner table,,,,and yes it’s awkward but you’ve been to their house so many times that somehow??? it’s not
  • like it actually feels super,,,,,,nice and natural
  • because you know joshua and his family and even his extended family don’t seem hard to get along with at all
  • and for most of the dinner,,,,,,you forget that it’s fake
  • the smiles you and joshua share,,,,,the joking around with his parents,,,,,,,
  • it’s all something you’ve done before but ,,,, when joshua grabs your hand and brings it to his lips as a show for his family,,,,,,you can’t help but feel your heart race
  • and his lips are so warm on your skin
  • and before you know it you’re looking at joshua’s profile,,,,how pretty his eyes are,,,,,how he’s got such handsome features,,,,,, how he’s not the shy boy at camp but ,,,,,,,,, the drop dead gorgeous best friend of yours
  • who probably could date anyone,,,,,but,,,,,choose to have you by his side for this
  • and you’re like arguing with yourself because no,,,no he chose you because you’re his best friend,,,,he could trust you not to mess up in front of his family,,,,,,but then again joshua has other friends,,,,,to ask,,,,,,,,
  • and you can’t help the sinking feeling in your stomach when the dinner ends and joshua’s mom is encouraging him to walk you home
  • and you’re going along the sidewalk in silence and joshua is like “thank you for helping me tonight,,,,,,seriously they wouldn’t get off my back”
  • and you try to strain out a laugh because ahh yeah this was all a joke,,,,,,a lie,,,,,,
  • but as you get to your front door you’re like “joshua i-”
  • and he’s like “wait,,,,,,i just,,,,,,,i have a question,,,,”
  • and you’re like,,, what is it??? and he’s like “well i was thinking about how everyone was like,,,,,, talking about how they expected us to date,,,,,do you think that’s true?? that we,,,make a good couple,,,,,”
  • and joshua’s cheeks are pink,,,,eyes flicking around from you to the floor and you’re like,,,,,,,,,,,oh
  • but you’re like “i mean i guess we are - we fooled everyone in your fami-”
  • but he shakes his head and he’s like “i mean,,,,,do you think we,,,,,,we could be something more?” and you’re like “,,,,,,,if i say yes will you think that’s weird?”
  • but joshua looks up and breathes a sigh of relief and he’s like no,,, not at all,,,,,,i thought i was the weird one for thinking tonight was so,,,,natural,,,,
  • and you look at him,,,,,still dressed up a bit because his mom had made him put on a tie because of formal dinner attire or whatever,,,,and the way you’ve only seen joshua flustered when he was a shy kid ,,,,, and how cute it looks on him
  • the unsure,,,,stuttery joshua,,,,,,,you’ve missed him
  • and you take a step closer to him and joshua swallows and looks down at you and you take a hold of his wrist and lean in and he closes his eyes,,,,,,,,,,
  • but you kiss his cheek and you’re like “how about we go on a real date soon,,,,,,” and joshua is like sure,,,,where??? and you shrug and you’re like “surprise me,,,,whatever you choose will be fun. im sure.” and you give him a little wave as you go inside
  • and you almost fall over yourself when the door closes because oh my god your best friend,,,,,might be your boyfriend very v e r y soon
  • and joshua is still standing frozen on the spot, hand over the spot where you kissed him because,,,,,,,,,,,,,,oh my god his best friend,,,,,might be,,,,,,,the One,,,,,
Professor Winchester (Dean Winchester x Reader AU) Chap. 1

Professor Winchester Masterlist

Word Count: 2,613

Professor!Dean Winchester x Reader AU

Summary: A few years after being accepted into your dream college, everything’s going well. Your grades are good, your social life is booming, all your assignments are easy…  Except for the damn essay that Professor Winchester assigned you. Based off this request.

Chapter Warnings : Language, alcohol usage, mentions of sex, mentions of student/teacher relationships

‘Similar to the effects of the mythical creature the basilisk, Medusa…”

You groan out as you sit at your kitchen table, your fingertips typing away at your laptop in an attempt to start the introduction paragraph of your research essay that’s due tonight. You tend to be a procrastinator, which never works well, and more often than not leaves you immensely stressed out.

You shake your head, deleting the first sentence all together before taking a long sip of coffee. Only three hours to get the essay done. Three hours until the deadline. Damn Professor Winchester for giving you such a challenging topic.

Normally, you love his class. He’s easily one of the most laid back, chilled out professors you’ve had throughout your three years at the University of Kansas. His love for Greek Mythology is unlike anything you’ve seen before. His lectures are nothing short of interesting, as he somehow manages to make even the most minuscule of things seem like the most amazing thing in the world. The tests are hard, but as long as you pay attention and take notes in class, you’ve always been fine.

Unfortunately for you, the subject of your essay that Professor Winchester had assigned you is something that you’ve yet to go over in the class, leaving you completely clueless.

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You see this shit. Disgusting. These are signs I had to hold when I was younger. My adoptive parents used me as a prolife prop. They still do. When I was younger all I remember is screaming and shouting. Being told to be thankful my birth mom chose life and not abortion. Being brought to pregnant women considering abortion to choose life and adoption. Disgusting. Now that I’m older I look back at these pictures and feel sad. These pictures are out there for all to see. Me with a sign saying I was almost aborted. Me with a sign saying to choose adoption. My story being read by others. Even my friends and classmates came across pics of me online. Some snicker and make rude comments. Others tell me I was unwanted and my birthmom almost killed me. I hate seeing this. I am not a poster child for abortion or adoption. My parents had no right to use me like this. They have no right to use me now. This is why I’m depressed. Other people know more about my story than I do. STOP USING ADOPTEES! You are telling me that I must thankful. Yet I see nobody else grateful they weren’t aborted.

Adoptive parents, what’s the point of you using your adopted child in the prolife movement? Do you use your own biological kids? Do you use yourself? You could’ve been aborted too. How come you’re not thankful for life? Do you realize you’re messing your adopted child up? Pregnant women have no obligation to provide you anything. Thank you for choosing life. This is not something we tell all pregnant women, so why is it such a popular thing to tell a birth mother? Do we thank women who keep their babies and parent them? No. So stop using shitty phrases. Stop using our name and picture. If you really loved your child you wouldn’t do this.

To the march for life movement. We adoptees aren’t your prolife props. Pregnant women have choices just like you do. Adoption isn’t a choice for every woman. Carrying a pregnancy isn’t a choice for every woman. If you’re so concerned with life, why not help families in need? Why not help foster kids? Why not help women with kids who don’t have resources? Or are you too selfish to see this?

🌸🌸OWW's First Giveaway!🌸🌸

Hello dears! So I’ve decided to do a giveaway. Yep my very first. Since I’m on mobile I can’t post pictures with this but I can give very detailed descriptions of what you will be winning! Let’s go over Prizes before I bore you all!

3rd Place:
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🌙 1 Set Of Runes! I am actually making these so they are genuinely filled with my love. You can chose between getting the normal runes(26 runes), Moon Phase Runes(8 Runes), or astrological runes(12 Runes).
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2nd Place!
🌸1 Small Dream Catcher Handmade by Moi(me). I generally use sticks from my back yard, twine and white string to make them. I will attach 3 feathers to it and a small semi precious stone to it as well.
🌙2 Sets of Runes. Same offer as for third place but you get a choice on two types instead of one! Great deal isn’t it? Again I’m making these with my love.
🌸2 Oils handmade by me. Again completely safe and chemical free. I have 7 scents to chose from (lavender, rose, chamomile, sage, rosemary, anise, and spearmint)
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1st Place: yep I totally made you wait to see what First places prizes are. I’m evil but I totally got your attention didn’t I? Without further ado, the first place winner shall receive:
🌸A Clear Quartz Crystal Wand! Handmade by a guy at my local flea market. I bought it for 15 dollars even though it isn’t fancy looking in any way. The wand is a little over a foot in length and the handle is made from oak wood or pine. I originally bought this for me but uh I’ve never used it and it’s been getting in my way recently
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🌙1 Vanilla Birthday Cake Scented Candle! It’s 18 ounces and smells really freaking good. I was tempted to keep this before I remembered that I technically can’t burn candles in my room… my dad doesn’t know I have tea lights soooooo yeah. Still living with the parents I won’t lie about that.
🌸AND GUESS WHAT: you get 12 sigils made by me with whatever meanings you want them to have!

❗️you must be 18 Years or older. 15-17 Year olds can participate WITH PARENTAL PERMISSION. I will ask the winners ages.
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The GIVE AWAY WILL END ON JULY 29TH only because I won’t be back at my actual house until then.

I WISH YOU ALL LUCK and if you have any questions as to what the items look like please do not hesitate to ask. ~Moon Child

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why did you choose the name talyn out of all the names in existence?

Actually it’s the name my parents gave me. I am super happy with it though. Thankfully my mom and dad chose a gender neutral name.

My Babygirl-Part Four


“Okay babygirl, let’s just sleep, yeah? Sound good to you? Cause it sounds amazing to me.” Dean said as he bounced you in his arms.

It was Friday night and the beginning of a surprise weekend with you. It had been five months since your mom gave Dean the ultimatum of leaving the life to be your father or not being in your life at all; Dean chose the first option.

Sam and him hung up their hunting gear.

They locked up the bunker and moved into a two bedroom apartment in the town your mom lived in.

Sam worked at the local library while Dean got a job at a small auto shop in town.

Since then he had you every other weekend and every Monday and Wednesday night; and he loved every minute of it.

Being a dad brought Dean a joy he never thought he’d have. It gave him normalcy, it gave him a purpose he didn’t know he needed.

“Hey De! You back yet?” Sam shouted as he walked into the apartment.

“Yeah, in here.” Dean yelled back from his bedroom where your crib was.

Sam walked into Dean’s room and was surprised to see you there, “Hey there kiddo.” He said as he reached his arms forward, waving his fingers in a “gimme” motion, “What’re you doing here?”

Dean handed you over and you happily gripped onto your uncle’s hair. “Her mom had a date, asked if I could take her tonight.”

“You okay with that?” Sam questioned as he placed a kiss on your forehead.

“Yeah,” Dean replied with a shrug, “I’m not here for her, I’m here for Y/N.”

“But what if this guy becomes something more, like, step dad more?” Sam asked.

“Sam, I don’t wanna talk about it. That’s something we’ll deal with if it ever gets there. Besides, we’re the only men this little girl is ever gonna need. Right munchkin?” Dean said while tapping your nose.

You let out a giggle before reaching your arms out for your father who was quick to steal you away from your uncle’s arms. “See, only man she ever wants.”

Part Five

  • Bambam: You know what? I don't care about it. Let her choose whoever she wants from the group...
  • Jackson: Who are you talking about?
  • Bambam: My mom obviously. She chose JB as her bias and not me.
  • Jaebum: Hello.
  • Bambam: *shoots death glares at JB*
  • Jaebum: *shoots death glares at Bambam*
  • Jackson: Well, that's awkward.
  • Bambam & Jaebum: *shoot death glares at Jackson*
  • Jackson: *runs*
Protected // Justin Foley x Reader

Originally posted by itsme-hannahbaker

Warning: mentions/description of rape

You were sitting at your desk, studying for your finals. You got up to get your calculator out of your backpack when Justin at the window startled you to death. You opened it, allowing him to hop into your dimly lit room.

“Jesus Christ, can you give me a warning at least?” 

He dropped his duffel bag next to your bed. “I’m sorry, it was last minute.”

You looked at your boyfriend in sympathy, knowing that something was going on at home for him to end up at your window. You sat across from Justin on your bed and caressed his reddened neck while giving him a gentle kiss. 

“What happened now?”

He sat quiet before sighing deeply. “Meth Seth tried to fucking choke me to death and my mom,” Justin teared up and you squeezed his hand. “She just stood there, watching it happen. It was either I go or he goes, and she chose him.”

Justin cried even harder at the mention of his mom long gone, drowning herself in drugs. You wiped his tears and laid beside him gently as he rested his head on your chest. You twiddled with the strands of his hair in between your fingers, kissing his forehead every so often. After he fell asleep in your arms, you waited a few minutes before prying your body out of his grasp to turn off the light on your desk. You stood up in front of your bed and watched the broken boy lightly snoring. You sighed and turned off your light then took off your hoodie, leaving you in pajama shorts and a camisole top. The light of the moon reflected off your skin.

“Babe, why are there bruises all over your back,” your curious boyfriend asked cautiously.

You stood there stunned, the memories you’ve been desperately trying to forget flooding back into your head. 

You were currently at your best friend, Jessica Davis’s party full of drunken jocks and sober wallflowers. You threw the ping pong ball into the red solo cup easily and high fived Jess. 

 "Drink up, Atkins.“

He rolled his eyes and chugged the drink. “Why did you get me into this, Monty?“ 

Monty laughed at his buzzed partner. "I swear we can still win this!”

Now it was Jessica’s turn to roll her eyes.

“(Y/N) and I have one cup left while you losers have seven. No way you’re gonna beat us.”

As Monty took his turn, Justin walked up to you and wrapped his arms around your waist. “Hey babe, some of the boys and I are gonna do a beer run.”

You could smell the alcohol reeking from his breath.

“No way are you driving like this!”

He pecked your forehead and walked backwards while replying to you. “I’m not! Alex is and he only had one drink." 

"Stay safe!”

“We will! Love you!" 

He disappeared in the crowds of people. Jess handed you the ball and you threw it. It landed in the cup perfectly. Montgomery groaned and downed the last of the alcohol. Jess and you celebrated to yourselves while Atkins and Montgomery started getting drunk. 

"Hey Jess, I’m gonna go use the restroom." 

She nods and you proceed inside the house and up the stairs. You entered the first door on your left, using the restroom and washing your hands. After checking your makeup, you opened the door to reveal a drunk Bryce Walker.

"Sorry Bryce, but you’re in my way.” As you tried to dodge him, his strong arms forcefully pushed you into the restroom, him following along and locking the door. You backed up until you couldn’t anymore, shocked by his aggressive demeanor. 

“You know, Justin doesn’t deserve a pretty girl like you,” he whispered into your neck while pushing a strand of hair to the side. Bryce started to sloppily suck on your neck and ran his hands up and down your body.

“Bryce, please stop.” You attempted to push him off of you, but he pinned your arms to the sides of your head.

“Don’t make this harder than it needs to be, (Y/N).”

The tears began to fall as you tried to yell for help. Bryce bent you over the sink and covered your mouth with one of his hands. You closed your eyes to avoid staring at the reflection of yourself getting taken advantage of by your boyfriend’s best friend. You felt Bryce lift your dress and enter you, the tears falling rapidly as your soul became broken. 

You finished explaining the story to your boyfriend, shivering in fear in disgust. You collapsed on your carpeted floor, frozen. Scarred. 

Tears flowed freely down your reddened cheeks. 

“I-I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner, Justin. I didn’t know what to do and I-” you cried even harder as you rambled.

Justin said nothing. He simply took you in his arms and laid you in your bed. You faced the wall as he grazed his fingers over the bruises, leaving butterfly kisses across your back. You turned around and he held you tightly. 

“I’m scared, Justin,” you admitted. 

“I know, baby.” He stroked your hair gently. “I’m so sorry I wasn’t there for you. I should’ve never made that beer run. I’m so fucking stupid.” 

Your glossy eyes met his. “None of this is your fault, Justin. Please don’t blame yourself. It hurts me to see you create your own wounds.” 

“Okay,” he whispered and passionately collided his lips with yours.

“Promise me one thing, baby girl.” You looked at him curiously. “Promise me that we’ll go to the police first thing in the morning.” 

You nodded and he lingered a kiss on your forehead, holding you closer than ever before. You felt protected in his arms. You felt safe.

Zach Dempsey #2 - Part 2

Here comes part 2 of the Zach/Pregnancy imagine!
Please enjoy it and give me feedback!

Part 1

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Zach POV

It’s been 6 more weeks after we found out we were having a baby that ,despite our immense fear, we managed to talk to our families about it.
Calm and with a plan.

Y/N will go to school for as long as possible and when the baby is born she will take 6 to 8 weeks off to adjust.
After that she will get back to school while her mother, working from home, can take care of the baby.
Two days a week they will sleep over at my place so my mother and sister can spend time with the little one too.
And when we graduate we will go to college together, me studying biology and her studying English literature.
Somehow we managed to figure it all out and even our friends were extremely supportive.

Jess freaked out when she heard, the news marking a fresh start for all of us.
And even Clay and Tony were truly happy for us, I come along with them pretty well, thanks to Y/N.
So there was nothing that could possibly go wrong, right?

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Brother For Sale

I thought I wanted a little brother. When I was a stupid six year old.

Now I’m nine, a lot smarter, and I realized I made a huge mistake.

Tommy is the worst. The absolute worst. I hate him. It wasn’t so bad when he was a baby. He cried a lot but it was super cool to say I was a sister. All my friends thought he was super cute too.

It’s when he stopped being cute and starting being annoying.

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Bittersweet [j.j.]

Jughead x reader in which Jughead gets a bittersweet surprise.



Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, Jughead Jones, and Archie Andrews all turned around as they heard Kevin Keller call out to them. They were standing around Archie’s locker, chatting, until they were oh so rudely interrupted by the sheriff’s son.

“Guess what,” Kevin said, out of breath as he approached his friends, “Oh we don’t have time for guessing. There’s a new student in town.”

“A new student?” Veronica asked. Kevin nodded. “Great. I’m not gonna be the ‘new girl’ anymore.”

“Are you sure there’s a new student Kev?” Betty asked. “I haven’t been assigned to show anyone around yet.”

“Well of course I’m sure Betty. The reason you haven’t been alerted is because the new student refused the tour,” Kevin replied.

“So when are they arriving?” Archie asked.

Kevin smiled. “Tomorrow.”


Ok (Y/N), you can totally do this’ the young (H/C) haired girl nervously thought to herself as she sat in her mother’s car, just outside of Riverdale High.

“Are you nervous?” her mother asked softly.

“Just a smidge,” the girl replied.

“Honey,” her mother began. “Be confident. You’ll be perfectly fine. Not much has changed here.”

“Yeah, except for Blossom getting murdered,” (Y/N) muttered under her breath.

Her mother shot her a hard look. “You’ll be fine (Y/N). On the bright side, they probably won’t even recognize you.”

“You’re right mom,” (Y/N) replied. Taking a deep breath, she quickly kissed her mother’s cheek and exited the car, stepping into the high school just as the tardy bell rang.

“Shit,” the young girl cursed.

“Hi!” a voice exclaimed, causing (Y/N) to spin around in shock. There, standing in front of her, was Betty Cooper. (Y/N) froze.

“I’m Betty Cooper, and although I know that you refused the tour, I though you might like some help.”

“Uh…sure,” (Y/N) replied hesitantly. ’Good. She hasn’t recognized me.’


It was now lunch time and so far, Betty had not recognized the girl she had been spending her day with. When she had asked (Y/N) for her name, she had simply given her a nickname.

“Well (Y/N/N),” Betty had replied, “You can sit with me at lunch, if you’d like.”

(Y/N) had agreed. Now, as they approached the lunch table filled with all of Betty’s friends, (Y/N) regretted her decision.

“Guys, this is (Y/N/N),” Betty introduced you as you sat down. “(Y/N/N), this is Archie, Veronica, and Kevin.”

(Y/N) glanced around the table nervously, recognizing all of them except for Veronica. “Nice to meet you guys,” she mumbled.

“She’s going to be sitting with us today if that’s alright with you guys,” Betty continued,

“She’s always welcome here with us,” Veronica smiled at the girl.

“Where’s Jughead?” Betty asked. (Y/N) nearly choked on her water.

“He’s walking over here Betty,” Archie replied, pointing behind the girl. (Y/N) tensed up as she felt someone take a seat next to her. Jughead.

“Who’s the new girl?’ Jughead asked, taking some of Archie’s food. (Y/N) flinched slightly as his arm rubbed against hers. Hesitantly, she decided to look up at the beanie-clad boy.

“Jughead,” Betty started. “I’d like you to meet-”

She was cut off as Jughead’s eyes met (Y/N)’s.

“(Y/N)?” Jughead asked in disbelief. All eyes turned to her.

“Hi,” the girl replied weakly, slowly lifting up her hand and waving.

Jughead scoffed and stood up, “Yeah, we’ve already met Betty. In fact, we’ve all met her already.”

“Uh, I haven’t,” Veronica chimed in.

Giving her a harsh glare, the boy stormed off.


“Wait, (Y/N)?” Archie asked. “As in (L/N)?”

The (H/C) girl nodded weakly.

Betty, shocked at Jughead’s reaction, turned to (Y/N). “You came back.”

“Surprise,” (Y/N) whispered, once again tensing up as Betty gathered her in a hug.

“Ok wait, hold up,” Veronica said. “I’m so lost here. What’s going on?”

“(Y/N) here was a member of the Riverdale community when she was younger,” Kevin said. “Her dad was the previous mayor of Riverdale and was pretty popular so eventually he decided to campaign in a bigger city.”

“We moved to Salem,” (Y/N) continued. “He won the elections there too and eventually moved up to become senator of Massachusetts. Everybody loved him.”

“Why’d you come back?” Betty asked.

“Brain tumor,” (Y/N) replied. “My dad had one last year. We kept it out of the media. We were told it wasn’t malignant and that it could easily be treated. It wasn’t. It turned out to be malignant and suddenly, the cancer was too far along to be treated. He died earlier this year. My mom packed everything up and we came back here. We came home.”

The rest of lunch was spent in silence, with Betty, Archie, Veronica, and Kevin trying to figure out what had caused Jughead to storm off.


(Y/N) didn’t want to go home. School had ended and there wasn’t much to do at home so she decided to go to Pop’s. It had been a few weeks since her return and her friendships with Betty and Archie had strengthened. Veronica and Kevin had also accepted her with open arms. Jughead however, was a different story. 

Stepping into the diner, she made her way towards one of the booths near the back and took a seat, pulling out her journal and a pen (A/N: I have special journaling pens ngl).

“Well well, if it isn’t the little (L/N).”

(Y/N) looked up to meet the eyes of Pop himself. Smiling, she got up from her seat and ran to hug the diner’s owner.

“I heard that you and your mom were back in town,” he said. “Didn’t believe it.”

“Well believe it Pop,” (Y/N) responded, smiling widely. “We’ve come to stay.”

“Let me get you your usual. On the house.”

(Y/N) knew better than to refuse free food from Pop, choosing to thank him and take her seat again. She had just gotten back to writing when she heard someone speak to her.

“Why are you here?”

She looked up. It was Jughead.

“I’m trying to enjoy my food,” she replied.

“What food?”

(Y/N) simply smiled as Pop chose that exact moment to set her plate in front of her. “This food!”

“Well enjoy it somewhere else. This is my booth,” Jughead grumbled.

“Well I was here first. So either join me or find another seat.”

Groaning, Jughead sat down.


It had been thirty minutes.

Thirty minutes of quiet, writing, and eating. And throughout those thirty minutes, Jughead Jones had not stopped staring at (Y/N) (L/N).

Irritated, the young girl looked up. “What on earth do you want Forsythe?”

Jughead scowled as he heard his actual name being spoken. Choosing to ignore it, he leaned forwards in his seat. “Why’d you come back?”

Closing her journal, (Y/N) picked up her milkshake, taking a sip, her eyes never leaving Jughead.

“We missed home,” she replied, placing her glass back on the table.

“Bull,” Jughead immediately replied. “Why did you guys really come back?”

“I told you Jug. We needed to come back home.”

“Oh really? Then what’s all this news about the senator of Massachusetts being replaced? Why didn’t your dad come back with you?”

(Y/N) breathed in sharply at his words. He didn’t know. “It’s news Jughead. Yes, my dad was replaced. We had to come back to Riverdale.”

Jughead chuckled humorlessly, “ Let me guess, your dad got into some trouble again huh? Did he bribe his way into becoming senator? Oh wait, I know. He probably cheated on your mom again huh? And she finally had enough and decided to come back to Riverdale.”

Jughead was angry. That much was evident. He was the only person who knew the real reason why the (L/N) family had to leave Riverdale. (Y/N)’s dad had indeed cheated on her mom and Alice Cooper had found out. She had blackmailed him and when (Y/N)′s mom found out, it all went to hell. The fighting was terrible and they had decided to leave in order to ‘work things out’.

Holding back tears, (Y/N) got up, gathering all her things.

“You know, you could’ve at least told me you were leaving,” Jughead continued. “But instead, you chose to tell me everything when you were already in Salem. You’re a real coward (Y/N). Just like your father.”

“Shut up Jughead! Shut up, shut up, shut up. You don’t know anything,” the girl cried, running out the door, bumping into Archie and Betty as she did.

Jughead stayed in his booth, arms crossed, as Betty and Archie approached him.

“Jug,” Betty began, “Why did (Y/N) just run out of here crying?”

“We had a bit of a fight,” Jughead mumbled.

“Please tell me you didn’t bring up her dad,” Betty groaned.

“Wait, you know?” Jughead asked in surprise. He thought he was the only one she told about her dad’s affair.

“Yeah,” Betty replied. “She told us all during lunch, after you stormed off.”

Jughead chuckled once more. “She willingly told you guys about her dad’s affair?”

Betty froze at his words. “Affair? Jughead what are you talking about?”

“She told you right? The affair was the reason they moved in the first place. I’m pretty sure the reason they moved back is because her father probably cheated again.”

“God Jughead,” Betty cried out in exasperation. “Please tell me you didn’t just insult (Y/N)’s father.”

“So what if I did?” Jughead said

“He’s dead Jughead,” Archie said as Betty groaned and ran out of Pop’s. “That’s the reason they moved back to Riverdale. He died.”

“He’s…dead?” Jughead repeated. Archie nodded. “I fucked up Arch. I really fucked up.”

Jughead scrambled to his feet, gathering his stuff as her ran off to (Y/N)’s old house. It had not been sold and chances were that they still owned it.


(Y/N) looked at her door when she heard knocking.

“Who is it?” she asked shakily.

“Betty. Please let me in.”

(Y/N) stood up and unlocked her door, tears falling as Betty embraced her.

“Jughead shouldn’t have said that,” Betty whispered.

‘It’s not his fault. He didn’t know. I just didn’t expect him to be so bitter.”

“We all changed after you left. Pretty soon Jughead had completely isolated himself from us, especially when he and Archie had this huge fight.”

“You know he confessed to me,” (Y/N) whispered. “Before I left. He told me he was in love with me.”

Betty pulled back, looking at her in surprise. No one had known that Jughead was interested in the (L/N) girl.

“I laughed and told him we were too young. I mean, we were like twelve. I told him to ask me out when we were in high school and he agreed. I left the next day,” (Y/N) looked down. “I never told him I liked him back.” 

Betty was speechless.

“I called him from Massachusetts the next day. Told him everything, except that I liked him. I told him our reasons for moving. He understood and eventually, we just stopped talking.”

“Well,” Betty said hesitantly, “Maybe he was just hurt. I mean, you just left with no explanation whatsoever until you were too far gone to get back.”

“I know Betty,” (Y/N) replied. “I just feel horrible.”

The two girls were interrupted by a hesitant knock. They turned to see Jughead awkwardly standing in the doorway.

“I’ll leave you two alone,” Betty said as she left the room.

“I’m sorry,” Jughead spoke first. “ The things I said…they were out of line and I honestly had no idea about your dad.”

“No Jug. You are completely right. I am a coward.”

“No you’re not.”

“Yes Jughead! Yes I am. I was too scared to tell you that I was moving back then. I didn’t tell you that I liked you back. I didn’t want to lose my friend.”

Stepping forwards, Jughead gathered up the girl in his arms. “I never stopped thinking about you (Y/N). I missed you.”

“I missed you too Juggie,” (Y/N) sniffled.

He carefully laid down on her bed, (Y/N) still in his arms.

“I never stopped loving you,” he whispered, afraid of her reaction. She probably hated him now.

“I never stopped liking you either Juggie,” she whispered back.

“I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean any of what I said. I was just angry. You just came back, showed up out of nowhere with no explanation and I guess my emotions got the best of me.”

“I know Juggie, just…please stay with me.”

“You know, we’re in high school now. Please,” he begged. “Be mine.”

“Always,” she replied.

As he held her in his arms, they talked about everything that had happened in the past few years.

And as they drifted off to sleep, they both knew that everything would be fine, as long as they had each other.


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Political Animals-Part 8

This is an A/B/O AU.  You are the Omega artist daughter of Naomi Novak, a world-class heart surgeon who is running  for Mayor of New York City.  After a meeting where your mother’s advisors call you a “liability”, she tells you that if you don’t do as your told she will cut you off.  You storm out and wind up in a bar a few blocks away.

The hottest Alpha you have EVER laid eyes on with a scent so mouthwatering you’re practically drooling offers to buy you a drink.  It’s just a drink, right? What do you have to lose? Only everything.

Characters: Omega! Reader, Beta! Naomi Novak, Alpha! Castiel Novak, Omega! Meg Novak, Claire Novak, Jimmy Novak, Alpha! Sam Winchester, Alpha! Dean Winchester, Alpha! John Winchester, Omega! Jo Harvelle

Big thanks to @moansmisha  for letting me use some of her ideas from this post.

Master List

Part 1 (all parts are linked)

Parts in bold are text messages

As Sam and I left my mother’s townhouse, I felt lighter than I had in years.  The weight of having to hide my relationship with Sam had affected me more than I realized.  

Sam’s hand was warm and strong in mine as we walked away.  I paused for a moment and looked back at the only home I had ever known.  In my minds eye I replayed some happy memories of this place.  I saw Cas and I playing tag out front as kids, and my Dad teaching me how to ride a bike. 

But the happy memories were far outweighed by anger, anxiety and sadness after my Dad died.  I had wasted so much time trying to please my Mother. I realized now that no matter what I did, I would always be a living reminder of her lost love.

But that was all behind me now.  I saw my mother for who she really was, and I was done playing her games.  That part of my life was over. Never again would I let anyone make me feel inferior for being an Omega. 

 I looked over at Sam and he smiled as he leaned in and kissed me gently,  right out in the open.  “Are you ready to go?” He asked me.

“More than ready.” I whispered.

This place was my past, and Sam Winchester was my future.

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Routine Part Three (Lin x Reader)

“I’m not sure if you guys are ready for this. Heck, I don’t know if I’m ready for it and I wrote it. 

Prompt List//Request Something//Mobile Masterlist

(Part One)(Part Two)(Part Four)


Summary: Reader and Lin are stuck, so they opt for a new place to write. Once in the new place, they tell each other stories in hopes of inspiration striking. 

Prompts used:

77) You talk way too much.

78) You don’t talk enough.

120) Tell me a story.

Warnings: military family, mentions of bullying, mentions of death, mentions of miscarriages, swearing

Words: 2229

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“Nothing is making ANY SENSE!!” Lin screams as he slides further into your bean bag chair allowing it to swallow him whole.  “Also, just so you know, this chair is damn comfortable. I’m definitely stealing it when this thing is over.”

“Don’t you dare!” You chuckle and throw a pillow at his head, hitting him straight in the temple. “That is my favorite chair.”

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