my mom bought it for me lol


my mom helped me get this pretty baby since the listing would have ended tomorrow and i don’t get my money until the first :) she’ll just be able to take the money i owe her out of my account on monday. but yeah this pretty baby will be called cocoa caramel and their gorgeous neon green eyes will guide me through my troubles…….


7.26.17 // 11:30am // unas pinturas de espana (some paintings from spain)

como algunos de ustedes saben, fui a espana en mayo por 10 dias y visite 4 ciudades (barcelona, sevilla, granada y madrid). fue una experiencia inolvidable y espero poder volver a la pais para estudiar por un(os) semestre(s) antes de mi graduacion de la universidad. aqui tengo unas estampas de pinturas acuarelas que compre en sevilla. una es de el barrio santa cruz (me encantaba la arquitectura y los callejones pequenos) y la otra es de la plaza de sevilla (que fue maravillosa). tambien incluyo una foto en blanco y negro de la estampa del barrio santa cruz enzima de mi tocador porque (me?) parece bonita jajaja. 

as some of you know, i went to spain in may for 10 days and visited 4 cities (barcelona, sevilla, granada and madrid). it was an unforgettable experience and i hope to be able to return to the country to study abroad for a few semesters before i graduate college. here i have a few watercolor prints that i bought in sevilla. one is of the barrio santa cruz (i loved the architecture and small alleys) and the other is of the plaza de espana (which was marvelous). i also included a black and white picture of the print of barrio santa cruz on my dresser because i thought it was pretty lol. 

xoxo, m

ps. i also bought this pretty picture of the alhambra (holy crap the alhambra was amazing i literally woke up at 5 to get tickets) and my mom has these awesome gaudi magnets. also we went to this phenomenal restaurant in barcelona (agust en carrer del parlament – lol don’t get me started on how hard it was to understand catalan) which i totally recommend.

pps. should i do more posts in spanish? about spain? i have so much to share and the spanish is good practice :)

this really just happened…

so I was hanging out at my local coffee shop, headphones in, on my laptop, and just minding my own business. I notice this girl, she’s probably about 14 or 15, keeps looking over at me. I turn the volume of my headphones down and I can hear her talking about riverdale and the names lili reinhart, cole sprouse, and kj apa came from her lips. I realize now why she was probably looking over at me – I have a bunch of riverdale stickers on my hydroflask, a sticker of jughead’s beanie, a sticker of jughead’s graffiti from the drive in. 

a few minutes later, the girl and her mom are walking up to me and the girl compliments the stickers and the mom starts asking where I got them. I told them the website I bought the stickers from and I just start trying to strike up conversation with the girl, “Oh, do you like the show?” She asked me the iconic jughead or archie for betty question and her eyes literally lit up when I said jughead. 

this is actually the third time I’ve had conversations with strangers about riverdale because of these stickers on my bottle. lol. 

really I just wanted to share because I’m so amazed at how great this show is doing. I know it was just three different conversations with different people, but to know that there are people outside of our tumblr family and outside my own circle of friends that are watching makes me so happy. 

the creators and cast of this show deserve all the praise and credit they can get and I’m so glad that I got to witness a piece of that. (: 

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Hi, can I request hc of RFA+ minor trio (is it too much?) on MC who has bad sense of humor just like Jumin.

I’m sorry but i dont write Vanderwood. You couldn’t know since I just found out when i wrote this that i have no idea how he/she (don’t judge idk lmao) would react so sorry for that!
✨ Yoosung
* The two of you were just watching a movie
* It was a comedy so Yoosung was laughing 24/7
* You thought it was okay jokes didn’t really seem funny to you
* “Hey MC why aren’t you laughing is something wrong” he asked
* “Nah i just don’t think its that funny but watching tou laugh is” lololol
* “ alright tell me something funny then”
* You were like o shit
* “ one time I called my teacher mom lol”
* “And then what?”
* “I cried”
* Yoosung would have this awkward laugh
* He would laugh at your jokes but only because he loves you lol

✨ Zen
* You and Zen were on a date
* Zen was telling you cheesy pickup lines all day
* They were actually really funny aswell
* The date was coming to an end
* And Zen asked “ hey this may be silly but could you tell me your cheesiest pickup line”
* After 10 minutes you replied with:
* “ is your name ‘my future husband’ bc you are”
* Zen was like
* …
* O
* Ha ha ha
* Good one Mc
* He’d never ask you again lmao

✨ Jaehee
* Ok but jaehee would laugh at you no matter what like i cannot think of a reason why she wouldn’t laugh ahsndnsnns sorry

✨ Jumin
* You were sitting next to Jumin when he told Seven another “joke”
* Seven literally facepalmed himself
* “Shut up Jumin”
* “Hey I thought it was funny” you said defending Jumin
* “Well tell us a joke then MC”
* Everyone was waiting for you to open your mouth
* “How does Elizabeth ask for a treat?” “Can i have a treat Pawlease”
* It was silent
* Then Jumin laughed
* Yes he laughed
* Everyone was like this is a match made in heaven

✨ Seven
* He’s the pun master
* So of course he was telling you tons of puns
* “Did you hear about the guy whose whole left side was cut off? Hes all right now.”
* “Why don’t some couples go to the gym? Because some relationships don’t work out.”
* “Hey mc tell me a pun”
* “I wondered why the baseball was getting bigger. Then it hit me.”
* Seven laughed
* “That was so bad it actually made me laugh”
* He would teach you how to tell funny puns so don’t worry

✨ Saeran
* He was having a bad day
* Seven tried to cheer him up
* But Saeran only wanted your attention
* So you bought him ice cream
* And you decided to tell him a joke
* Because jokes always make you laugh
* “ i asked my mom if i was adopted once. Hilarious, she replied. Why would we choose you?”
* Saeran stopped eating is ice cream
* “Well thats sad”
* And then he hugged me
* “Saeran it was a joke”
* “I know and it sucked lol”

✨ V
* You were having dinner
* V was talking about how he loves you
* You just kept laughing because it was adorable
* “Hey mc why wont you try to make me laugh?”
* “Oh sure lemme think”
* You thought about the perfect joke and finally
* “What do you call a blind dinosaur? A-do-you-think-he-saur-us ”
* …
* “Hahah very funny Mc”
* It was an awkward laugh but V loves you too much not to laugh at your jokes

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What did your mom say about your nsfw book? 👀 😲

My sister made up a story for me lol So mom doesn’t know that I’m the one who drew dat book. She just believes that I bought the book from my danger friend marceline (according to her language) and I should stop hanging around with her llol omg! Poor my naive old lady….


Casual Fairy Kei while going out to tea with my mom, grandma and aunt for Mother Day. Part one, selfies will be in another post (I took to many good photos lol). Here’s the second post!

I’ve had this shirt for almost a year and have yet to wear it. lol I also haven’t worn proper Fairy Kei in a long time. I really love this outfit and I’m happy with how it turned out. Also it’s easier to put stuff in my short hair ;p

  • Shirt: Hot Topic
  • Skirt: Spreepicky
  • Lace komono: Ross
  • Tights: Ebay
  • Shoes: Goodwill, painted by me
  • Bag: Undertale Ita bag, bought at Sakura-con
  • Necklace: Handmade and given to me by a cosplayer at Sakura-con
  • Big fluffy hair bow: Daiso

Edit: A lovely in the Fairy Kei group on fb said this is a bit more Party Kei then Fairy Kei. I don’t know the differences (there are so many different styles), but either way this is a cute outfit.

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lost my virginity at 13. i wanted to loose it to someone i didnt really have deep feelings for so me & this one guy started talking/hanging out & we ended up having sex lol but he was so sweet!!! bought me things & everything! nice guy ya know. tbh i think we couldve been something but my family found out & set the boy up to meet at some parking lot & my sister kicked him in the balls/broke his phone. my mom threatened to press charges bc he was 18. we didnt talk at all after that. im 17 now lol

WTF that sounds like a dream until your parents came into the picture

Moments that fucked me up (Supernatural finale 12x22, 12x23)

  1. Sam and Dean talking about the “how will it end for us moment” in the bunker ( i cried but it was beautiful)
  2. DEAN FINALLY GETTING TO USE HIS GRENADE LAUNCHER (admit it you waited for it too)
  3. The hug and “bitch and jerk” moment ( spn writer know how to kick us in the feels)
  4. Sam taking in the role to lead the rest of the hunters to the brits and motivating tf out of them ( i’m a proud mother)
  5. Dean Winchester giving another chance to her mom and getting her back
  7. Dean Winchester telling Mary how he had to be a brother, mother and a father to Sam and not doing a good job (SOMEONE GIVE MY BBY A HUG PLS)
  8. Dean Winchester telling his mom how what she did ruined their family and their childhood. (idk about ya’ll, but she needed to hear it)
  9. Dean Winchester still forgiving and loving his mom back (JUST DEAN FUCKING WINCHESTER EVERYBODY)
  10. BAMF!SAMMY™ saved 2017 (also i loved Jody she killed me)
  12. Dean punching Crowely lmao
  13. Castiel being all cute & clueless about the process of childbirth (honestly he bought atleast 150 boxes of diaper lol)
  14. Kelly making that video for her son (i really want Jack to see it in the future)
  15. also alternate reality concept im shook.
  17. Dean geeking out in the knowledge of angel blade bullets and CAs looking at the camera like in the office lmaoo.
  18. No one can play Lucifer better than Mark Pellegrino its a true fact.
  19. We got to witness team free will im blessed.
  20. Dean being all worried and hesitant to leave when Cas just went right up to Lucifer.( he loves him so much im)
  21. Cas dying part which no one believes in obviously so lets just ignore that for now.
  22. Mary and lucifer in the alternate reality. (im curious to know what happens next to theM)
  24. Sammy finding Jack ok that creeped me out.

So the other day I went to let my dads dog out and feed him, and as I was leaving I noticed he had hung up an old oil light of mother Mary my mom bought like 20-25 years ago(for those who don’t know my mom passed away last year to cancer) the funny thing is I noticed it in the corner if my old childhood bedroom collecting dust months before and I thought about taking it home and seeing if it still worked lol it made me very happy to see it hanging in the living room , and before I left i turned it on recorded this video and said three Hail Mary's🙏♥

I got a cat. His name is Cow.