my mom bought it for me lol


last year vs. this year’s NYE! this is my best friend elizabeth! thanks to me she’s also obsessed with tøp (as you can see) and dan and phil. currently trying to get her to watch death note 1 lik = 1 prayer. here’s to a happy 2017!! <33

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What did your mom say about your nsfw book? 👀 😲

My sister made up a story for me lol So mom doesn’t know that I’m the one who drew dat book. She just believes that I bought the book from my danger friend marceline (according to her language) and I should stop hanging around with her llol omg! Poor my naive old lady….


So my Mom bought me a bong for Christmas…. and it rips 😍💖

the end of the new year is coming

and boy howdy things are still going out of control blaahhhh so yeah but for right now I’m trying to sell some random stuff online upwards of 200 bucks which would mean a lot so please send me all the money posts so I can reblog it? lol thanks dudes

I got a cat. His name is Cow.

@cherrycheezy review!! I am super uncomfortable at the idea of my legs floating around Tumblr lol but here goes.

My mom bought me some CherryCheezy items for my birthday and they arrived today (so close, just 1 day late 😘)!! I am so excited to have received these! I can’t wait, now that I know the quality of these, to order from her current batch of preorders this weekend. ♡

☆The printing!! This feels and looks like sublimation printing, which I always feel is very high quality.
☆The design of course enlarges and therefore becomes a bit lighter when stretched on the skin, but the design itself does not look stretched! There are no blank spaces, the printing quality is thorough.
☆The fit is really great! I feel like these thigh highs would fit well even without my trusty “sock glue”.
☆The designs themselves of course!! They are SO DAMN CUTE. I can’t get over it.
☆There doesn’t feel to be a designated front or back side to either, despite the little tag in the back of the tights, which I feel is another testament to the high printing quality.

☆The fabric feels very tough (ie durable and thick), but also really snaggable. My hands are really raggedy because I’m always assembling jewelry/accessories and working w clay, so I put on gloves just to put on these items. Just something to be cautious about!

So happy to own these!! Thank you for making such cute designs, and implementing the color coordinate in the Shibari 2 design that I really wanted!! I’m so psyched!!!!! 😍😭

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secret: I once lied to my friend that I liked mushrooms because she was making mushroom soup and I didn't want to seem picky. Now she thinks I love them so she's constantly making stuff with them in it. I've been keeping this for 10 years XD

THIS IS FUNNY AS FUCK OH MY GOD. There’s like so many scenarios like this in TV shows and sitcoms lol,,,,,, once when I was little I lied to my mom and told me that my neighbors had gotten me to like the taste of broccoli if I ate it with a glass of milk,, because I wanted her to be proud of me for liking broccoli,, but that was a lie because in reality broccoli makes me actually throw up. But she bought broccoli and I didn’t want it to go to waste so when she would make it for me I would hide it in the glass of milk and dump it all out when she wasn’t looking… 

Straight White Boy Problem #929

bro…bro….today is EASTER and i just saw your instagram post and you did not dress up in pastel colors today…..are you even frat? lol! me? i dressed up in pastel yellow shorts and a light blue ralph lauren polo shirt  that my mom bought for me at the outlets a week ago because i told her i “need” clothes. of course i wore sperrys dude! how are you asking me these questions and you can’t even dress frat? we are still in high school but i’m just so worried about being FRAT! GAHHHH!

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I don't know you but I see you'll be meeting Milo & that makes me excited for you lol Since you asked for experiences: first time I met him he was super sweet. I bought an autograph & there was no one in line at the time (shocking!) so he stopped & talked with me & my mom for about 15 mins. He took my phone & took a bunch of silly selfies with me and then with my mom. He was a complete sweetheart and funny, too. He joked with me since I'm Team Jess & he's Team Dean haha I hope you have a blast.

Ah thank you! I’m so excited I get butterflies in my stomach every time I think about it! He sounds so awesome! I’ll have to watch out for a time that his autograph line is shorter! I already bought a photo op with him, a photo op with him and Sean Gunn together and I’m going to get his autograph and possibly selfies as well haha I may be a little Milo crazy!!!!

@herestothehalcyon , this one was the one my dad bought my mom for Christmas and they loved it too! So much so that on Vday they gave me this one so they could buy a bigger one! Lol

You’ll have to message me some things you’ve made. I have no idea what I can even make with it!

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Do people know about you regressing irl?

No, not really. My family knows that I like stuffies and sometimes I accidentally talk like a baby when I’m on Skype with daddy when Im home. Yesterday I told my mom that i bought some adult diapers, but she didn’t really react lol my sister found my binkie one time but luckily I have my own apartment now. My roommates most likely can hear me talk on Skype with daddy and friends, but they haven’t said anything, so who knows. I’ve recently been debating wether or not to tell my therapist, but I’m really nervous. I’ve let little things slip to try and see how she will react.

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2, 12, 16?

2: favourite pair of socks - My mom bought me these bamboo socks that are really soft and comfy, so I’m going to say those.

12: a character you wish you could pull off the perfect cosplay for - Ummm, Roy Mustang would be cool, Integra Hellsing (I did cosplay her once and it was pretty good, but I think I was too chubby and short so it wasn’t quite right), Lina Inverse would be awesome, or Arthas the Lich King would be sweet.

16: a random useless fact you know - I don’t know? A lot. lol. Um… I guess an obscure one would be, when America wanted to bring Sailor Moon to the states, they actually were going to turn it into an Americanized cartoon where the art was kind of like the x-men cartoon and the girls rode around on flying sailboat type things. It was also going to be part live action, part cartoon. So like, it would have been live action when the girls were normal people and then it would become a cartoon when they transformed… There’s a video of the opening for it somewhere online. But uh, needless to say, it was terrible so even though the original anime’s dub was horrible, be thankful we at least got the actual show and not a shitty knockoff.

Thanks for the asks. =)

my mom said she wants my bank info so she can “monitor it” and “see when i need cash”

i havent bought anything weird so i dont mind her seeing my bank history,,, it just comes off as weird and controlling?? She says she doesnt mean it in a psycho way but… if you want to know when i need money,,, why dont you,,,, just ask me


ANother Point im gonna make 

Lol Im not rich people and these purchases are the ones im currently waiting on. the keychains i ordered i think sometime near november

and the waterbottle Was made this month along with the doujinshi Yet, I had to ask for commission money Just to afford the doujin. 

And the only other thing i can remeber i was waiting on wasnt even bought by me, it was my moms christmas gift for me, that is being released in march

and because she was the one i boght it it, i dont have a little “you paid for this screenshot” lol

Im not rich just consistant promise lol

Donghae is a serial clothes thief

and vows to buy Hyukjae a house…

(idk if this has already been translated, but i’m watching the fujitv broadcast of eunhae’s 2nd tour atm and this was too hilarious not to share, if nothing else then at least for my own record, lol)

EH: For his birthday, we went to a department store and I asked him to pick out a present for me to get him. He pointed to the red fridge and I was like «Alright, sure!» and bought it for him.

EH: At the time, his mom was in Seoul to buy a house for them to live in, and so I thought it was fitting.

DH: I’m always just receiving things

EH: I haven’t received a single thing.

DH: In the past, I have paid for his gasoline many times, and when his car broke…

EH: What are you saying? Don’t tell lies! He always comes to my room and steals my clothes!

DH: Alright, I’ll buy you a house next time.

EH: Oh! Make sure you remember this. You’ve sworn it in front of fans now.

DH: I’ll seriously buy you a house.

EH: Make sure it’s not a toy house or some nonsense like that though.

DH: Of course.

source (interview starts around 31:47)