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I just have this headcanon that christophe and victor’s friendship is nothing but spending money and shenanigans like victor is already impulsive and out of control but chris is such a shameless ENABLER. Don’t tell me the reason victor has a hot pink $8 million cadillac convertible ISN’T because of Yuuri asking Victor to go pick out a car that was “reasonably priced and compact” and then Chris stepping in and being like ‘ew you don’t want the paparazzi taking pics of you in an ugly, soccer mom toyota corolla. No, get the one from the showroom thats a prized antique who cares if it’s millions of dollars IT’S FABULOUS YOU NEED TO BE FABULOUS.“ Victor pulls up in this ridiculous barbie car with Chris in the front seat with two pairs of ray bans on his head holding a 12-pack of wine coolers like "We made good decisions today” and yuuri storms out to scream at both of them.

Boys Like Him


A/N: Everything I write at the moment doesn’t turn out how I want, so I apologize in advance for this. 

Word count: 3,143

I had been on tour with Shawn for about a month now and though we’d been dating for almost a year, I had never tagged along his tours before nor had I ever really gone to one of his shows, so sitting on the floor of the hotel room and doing my homework was a rather big step for us. Bringing me along and sharing this part of him was a rather big step for us. 

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The photo to the right shows a picture of me i took a week or two ago and they both look a bit similiar on me, doesn’t it?

I remember 2 years ago or 3 that i was at some kind of place that looked JUST like the place on the left, and my mom wanted to take a picture of me at the table outside. AND WHEN SHE WAS DONE TAKING THE PHOTO IT LOOKED JUST LIKE THE PHOTO ON THE LEFT.

And if it is me, then im pretty sure the man in the back is photoshopped or something. That photo never had him in there before.

But really, is this me?

I Don’t Care//Riverdale Imagine

Jughead x reader

Request:// Anon asks: “I was wondering if you could do a Riverdale imagine? Like the reader is Reggie’s sister, but completely opposite from him she’s sweet and all. And she and Jughead are like together and Reggie finds out idk you can choose the ending.”

A/N:// Thank you anon for requesting! I had fun writing this imagine for you and I hope you like it!

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When you found out that your boyfriend was homeless, you immediately offered him your home. Though he was resistant, given you were the sister of the guy who seemingly hates your boyfriend, and the risk of your brother finding out was high. But none of that mattered at the moment. The only thing you cared about was your boyfriend Jughead Jones.

“You know, I don’t have to stay here.” Jughead started, leaning against your door frame watching you tidy up your room, which he would be staying in as there is a less of a chance for your brother finding out. “Trust me Y/N, I can find somewhere else.” 

“Don’t be silly, Juggy. I am not letting you live in the streets, having no place to go.” Y/N said as she stopped picking up dirty clothes and turned to her boyfriend. 

“You do know, if Reggie finds out, we are both dead right?” Jughead points out with a smirk.

“I don’t care what Reggie thinks, he doesn’t control my life.” Y/N started, walking up to Jughead. “Besides it’s not his call to make if you stay here or not, or that we are together. My parents know you’re here, though it took a little bit of convincing, they know how much I care about you. To hell with Reggie. As long as you are safe.” You ended your speech, your hands cradling Jug’s face with a loving look in both of your eyes.

“You are definitely not like your brother.” Jughead adds with a genuine smile and wrapping his arms around your waist, which makes you smile.

The day was becoming night and you and Jug were laying on your bed, the end credits of a movie rolling from your laptop screen. It was actually quiet in your house, Reggie - who is the cause of most noise in your house - out with his friends. At least you thought. You and Jug were just cuddling peacefully on your bed, enjoying each other’s presence that neither of you noticed the front door opening and closing. The peacefulness soon ended when your bedroom door bursts open.

“Yo sissy, have you seen my-.” Your brother, Reggie abruptly stops when he notices the other presence in your room, making you and Jug jump apart from each other. “What the hell are you - his words laced with disgust - doing with my sister, Wednesday Addams?” Reggie angrily acknowledges Jughead.

Jughead didn’t have the time for a witty comeback for Y/N had stepped in. “Jughead is my boyfriend and is staying here for a while.” Y/N responds strongly, her brother looking at her like she went crazy.

“What the hell Y/N?! Him of all people?! Him. No way in hell, get out of my house and stay away from my sister!” Reggie screams, looking at Jughead dead in the eye.

“No! No Reggie. He is not leaving this house or me! Whatever weird hatred you have for Jug needs to stop. I love him okay? And you can’t control me! Mom and dad know and is okay with him staying here. I don’t care about your stupid grudge against him, I care about him! And if you all of a sudden want to be a good brother, you can respect me and the decisions I make. Or you can leave me and Jug the hell alone!” Y/N finishes her rant, both men in the room looking at her shockingly. She may be Reggie’s sister, but she is not like him.

Reggie is at a loss for words as he stands in Y/N’s room. His mouth opening and closing for a few moments before leaving the room, shutting the door quietly.

Y/N sighs as she turns toward Jughead, who stares at her with love in his eyes. He walks up to her and kisses her passionately, leaving Y/N breathless and before she can speak, Jughead beats her to it.

“I love you, too.” Jug says, looking into her eyes and she remembers declaring her love for Jughead during her rant. It was their first time saying it.

With smiles on both of their faces, Jughead brings them into a hug, both knowing there will be more ‘I love you’s’ in the future.

Down in the Library Basement

Running a library is not an easy thing to do.

You’d be surprised at the number of people who think that all librarians do is sit around and read the whole day. They have no concept of all the duties that come with being a librarian. In just one day, my mother will teach a class for senior citizens on how to use the computer, help four different families find the graves of their loved ones, register a thousand new books into the system, reorder all the books that have been returned, hold a story-time session for the children… the list goes on and on.

The point of me telling you this is for you to understand that it takes a person with a degree and years of experience to run a library… and I am not that person.

My mom has run our small town’s library for over twenty years.  She’s damn good at what she does, and that’s the only reason that town still has a library. Unfortunately, this meant that it was difficult to replace her, even for a short amount of time, when she fell down the basement stairs and broke her leg.

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Psycho - Part 3

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Justin POV

“Hey doctor?”

The line cracked, a few rustling noises heard before finally, someone cleared their throat and began “Mr Bieber, how are you today?”

I sighed, “Good, good. Look, I’m in a rush right now but I needed to talk to you about my wife and these pills.” I explained. 

Dr Copic was silent for a second. “What about them?” 

“She’s still seeing this man outside the window, but there just isn’t anyone there!  I don’t think these pills are working.”

Once again, the line fell silent, and I was left pondering on what he could possibly suggest next while I ran around my room in search of my car keys. But soon, he spoke up. “Up her dosage to two pills a night. see if that works.”


“Hey baby where are you?!” Justin’s voice seemed to echo throughout the entirety of the house, bouncing off every tile as I sat silently by the window. 

Over the past couple of weeks the window seat had easily become my favourite spot in the house. And in my free time, I always seemed to find myself in the same place, staring out the glass pane, reflecting on everything so far.

The figure my mind continued to present was in no ways gone. I still saw him every night, lingering around the window like a bad smell. He always seemed to do the same thing, play with his knife while staring deep into my eyes.

Though he only seemed to appear at night, the sun was quickly sinking far beyond the horizon, and I feared tonight dearly. Tonight Justin was going to pick his mother up from the airport considering she decided to come and stay for a little while.

That means, I was too be home alone for a couple of hours. By myself with nothing but my crazed mind.

Justin’s heavy steps were fast approaching, becoming louder with each one. He neared rather quickly and before I knew it was standing behind me with both hands on either of my shoulders.

“Hey baby girl, my mom is just about to land.” He announced. Each of his hands began circling my shoulders, massaging the tense muscles into a heavenly bliss, I sighed in relief at the godfull feeling. “I’m gonna go pick her up.”

“So soon?” 

Justin chuckled. “It’s nearly seven o’clock. She lands at six forty five. I’m running late. Are you sure your going to be alright on your own for a few hours?”

And although I wanted nothing more but to scream ‘No! Stay home with me and forget about your mother!’ 

I just couldn’t. One reason being because I loved pattie and was very excited to see her. “Yeah. I’ll be right here when you get back.” 

Justin smiled “Alright, see you soon baby.” And with a soft kiss placed upon my lips, he was rushing for the door in a pair of baggy sweats and oversized tee.

The click of the lock was heard from a little ways behind, Justin’s car engine soon followed the sound and revved slightly as he reversed out the driveway, but soon began fading into the distance as he drove further down the street.

I sighed. 

My head fell low once again, reminiscing his lips on mine. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t terrified. My mind just seemed to love playing tricks on me, and although I knew they weren’t real, doesn’t mean they didn’t scare me.

But what was I to do sitting here for the next two hours waiting for my husband and mother-in-law? Might aswell do something productive.

Gracefully, I slid my body off the couch, gliding further until my toes hit the carpet. A meal would be best, something for the two to come home too. 

So I began my descent over to the kitchen. And I was near footsteps from the entrance when suddenly. 


My body jumped back, head swaying along to glance around the room. 

What the holy hell was that?!


Once again I was found twisting in position. My heart pounding against my chest, threatening to jump out of my body and into my hands, unsteady rhythms having it jumping ever so second. 

I felt tears brimming along the edges of my eyes, and I took a second to step back and calm down. 

It’s all in my head. I told myself. It’s not real.


Its all in my head!

Footsteps were suddenly heard, approaching from somewhere nearby. The echo it created had me spinning in place, it sounded like it was emitting from everywhere and I couldn’t quite pinpoint the source.

I was terrified beyond explanation. Though as much as I wanted to run and hide - curl into a ball somewhere safe, my body forced me to stay. It wasn’t real!

“Y/N …” A voice so deep, ferocious and terrifying sang about - mocking and teasing my head beyond. I was balling at this point, body racking in sobs but I ceased to move. 

My arms wrapped around my body protectively, head lolling to the side. Dr Copic told me to fight my mind, so I was going to do so.

And that’s when the man - the one in the mask I had seen everyday for the past months suddenly emerged from the kitchen, creeping ever so slowly with the similar knife gripped in his hands. 

 It was impossible to tell, but my mind imagined the man smirking behind the barrier of plastic, amused by everything present. I continued to cry but ceased to move, instead closing my eyes in fear. 

“Your not real.” I whispered. 

But each footstep was growing louder. This felt real.

“Your not real.” I spoke louder. 

He wasn’t real. Right?

finally, I opened my eyes, nearly jumping at the sight of the man just a mere few footsteps away, he was approaching and approaching fast.

“Your not real.” I repeated. “Your not real.” 

“Your not real.” It was becoming a chant yet the man spoke nothing. He crept closer and closer, and was now less then a foot away. He stood in front of me, ravaging in his pocket for something just out of reach.


It just couldn’t be. 

“Y-Your not real.” I sobbed once again.

And I watched as he pulled his hand out of his pocket, a syringe of some sort curled firmly between his fingers, his thumb resting upon the butt of the plunger ready to strike. 

My mind was messed up, why would it imagine something like this?

“Your not real.” I continued chanting. 

Slowly, the man brushed a few strands of my hair back, running a hand along the nape of my neck. He slowly caressed up the side of my neck, resting upon my cheekbone for a mere second before drawing the syringe back. And I watched in fright as he suddenly dashed it forward, stabbing it against my neck at full force.

It felt so real!

“Your not real.” I cried. Seemingly, I became drowsy. And my legs became weak like jello below. 

I felt my knees give way, eyes drooping slightly as I hit the ground harshly, yet I still managed to mutter “Your not real. Your not real.” 

The man stepped forward, squatting down to once again, brush a piece of hair away from my face. And in a similarly, mocking way, lifted up his finger toward his masked lips, this time creating a “shh.” sound.

And thats when I finally realised. 

“No. You are real.” 

And then I was out.

“Rivals.” part one

A/N: This story has triggering scenes and if you are uncomfortable with them please don’t continue reading this story

Pairings in this chapter: FP Jones x serpent!Reader (for now)

Word Count: 2144 (Wow lon

Did I edit it yet?: nope

WARNINGS: A lot of angst, abandonment by both parents, a few curse words, mentions of drinking, under age relationship (friends with benefits type)

More Warnings and Important Details  (Please read important)

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anonymous asked:

You should do sth of harry with a family friend! Like a friend of his from kindergarden or sth!

Hi, I absolutely love your blog :) I was wondering if you could write a blurb about you graduating from University/College and then your ‘famous’ boyfriend Harry turns up. Maybe him like ‘rewarding’ you for doing well. A little bit sweet and smutty if you could :) xx

Joined these.  It’s a bit long.  But well worth it.  Enjoy.

“Don’t forget your hat.”  I heard my mother yell as I tore out of the car.  I was late.  So late.  Who the hell is late for their college graduation?   Me.  That’s who.

I didn’t start out late.  I woke up early.  I took my shower.  I even did my hair and makeup.  But my dad was insistent on getting pictures and video.  And my sister was in one of her “I’m a senior in high school and everything in the world is stupid” moments.  So by the time we actually left my house, I was late.

I told my friends, Shelby and Anna to go on without me since both looked entirely exasperated that we hadn’t left yet.  Looking back on it now, I should have just left with them.

I made it just in time to take my spot in front of Shelby before we walked out onto the green grass.  Shelby shook her head,

“And she makes it…”

I turned to look at her,

“Help me!”  I whisper/yelled as I tried desperately to get my hat on so it looked decent.

Shelby finally snatched the hat out of my hand and fixed it before placing it on my head,

“There…would you calm down?”

“Calm down?  I can’t calm down.  I’m supposed to make a speech.”

Shelby nodded,

“Yes.  As valedictorian of the class that’s your job.”  She said under her breath as we walked out onto the stage to face our fellow students.

“It sucks.  I should have left out the joke.”

Shelby rolled her eyes,

“Would you stop.  It doesn’t suck.  It’s fine.  As class President, I’m ordering you to make the speech.”

I looked at her, horrified, as we sat in our chairs,

“Can you do that?”

She shook her head,

“Oh my God…”  She said through giggles as she walked to the podium.

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The Contract Chapter One

Marry Me

I hope you guys love this story as much as I loved writing the first chapter.. ugh and the tvd gif is so cute and appropriate for this chapter.

I’m not sure what Theo’s mom name is so I’ll just say it’s Alexa and his father’s name is Jonathan btw.

Word Count- 2,019

Warning- fluff fluff, mention of one night stand and that’s all I guess. 


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Ideal way to confirm destiel next season

I say ideal as in, it’s subtle and canon-complicit (except in my scene Sam isn’t as compassionate and long-suffering as he usually has been written in the show) and not in your face the way fanfic tends to imagine. I think the show writers could plausibly get away with this scene:

Sam: Let’s take this case blah blah blah

Dean: [stares intensely at anything but Sam, and takes another swig]

Sam: [stiffens and drops laptop loudly on the table]

Dean: [jumps and looks offended and pissed]

Sam: I had a life before you suckered me back into hunting and our hunt for dad got my girlfriend killed. So suck it up. You pulled me into this life again–and it cost me everything. Now I’m gonna drag you back into it, kicking and screaming if I have to, because this is the only life we know. [Dean is unresponsive, so he sighs, looking for words, a softer approach] Look, dude… We both lost mom. We both lost Cas–

Dean: [eyes finally snapping to his brother, his voice like a hushed hurricane] You didn’t lose him the way I did.

Sam: ……

Dean: [stares holes into his brother and then his bottle, but it’s as if Sam can see the crack in his heart splitting wider and faster in his silence]

Sam: ………… [realization hits]

Dean: [tense jaw, slight tremor in his lips, his tough composure quickly slipping]

Sam: [quietly, apologetically] Dean, I…

Dean: [tears brim, but he won’t let Sam see][hoarsely] Leave me alone, Sammy. [shoves away from table and storms to his room]

Sam: ……. [flinches at the slam of Dean’s door, still letting it sink in]

Sam: [belatedly, reverently, quietly, maybe with one of those incredulous soft huffs] You loved him.

They probably couldn’t get away with the last line, I admit, but the rest I think could totally work. What do you guys think?

agenderraskel replied to your postAfter Tony is somewhat comfortable with sex, what…

Awww, Dummy just wants to play!

Dummy: He is running! :D He must want to play!!
Bucky: *bloodcurdling screams*
Dummy: He is roaring! :D He is enjoying himself!!
Tony: Bucky don’t run he has a chase instinct oh my God DON’T CLIMB A TREE HE’S GOING TO FOLLOW YOU!!!!
Dummy: Mom is chasing both of us! :D I will also go up the tree because Bucky is there and we are both hiding from Mom!!
Bucky: *bloodcurdling screams*
Dummy: Bucky is taunting you, Mom! :D I will also taunt you!!
Tony: He… he doesn’t roar, Bucky, he just quacks–
Bucky: *screaming*
Steve: *hanging out a window laughing*

Wanna-One Park Woojin School AU! (Part 1)

This will be a short series, as a paragraph-styled AU instead of a bullet point one. You can find Part 2 here. Enjoy! (You + Park Woojin)

– Your POV –

“(Y/N)!! Come down for breakfast! Don’t tell me you want to be late on your first day back?” Your mom yelled from downstairs. 

It was the first day of the stress-filled junior year, but you were excited to go back to school. You called out, “coming, mom!!” and twirled downstairs in the red plaid skirt and white shirt uniform that seemed to fit you more than anyone else. 

You gulped down your cereal and grabbed your backpack with the cute keychains you had just bought. You were a strong proponent of look good, feel good, and you certainly felt fresh and ready for the first day. You waved goodbye to your mom, jumped on your bike, and started pedaling to school.

“(Y/N)!!! Oh my goshhh I missed you so much!!” your best friend Jihee (A/N: another apparently popular Korean girl name lol) exclaimed as you locked up your bike on the racks. You both screamed and jumped around, hugging one another tightly, as you were unable to meet over the summer due to conflicting vacation schedules. You both walked into the school, feeling fresh. Your steps barely faltered when the whistles and howls from the school boys met your ears. They were already prepared with flowers, attempting to score some girlfriends on the first day of school. You sighed – from the first day, it was already so hectic in the school. You completely ignored all of them, not even bothering to shoot them a smile or a polite nod. 

"Seriously, (Y/N),” Jihee asked as you continued down the hallways, “you can’t even give them a nod of recognition or anything? That’s too harsh,”

“I really would Jihee, but don’t you remember how that ended up working for me last year? They all thought I was into them just because I smiled, and I eventually had to be mean when rejecting them,” you explained.

Even though you had just moved to the school a year ago, you somehow found yourself at the top of the social ladder, thanks to your grades. Everyone found it interesting that the “new girl” had come and knocked Ha Minho (A/N: bear with me), the bratty and arrogant boy who had always ranked first, off his pedestal.

Ever since then, you found yourself the subject of unwanted attention, which you did appreciate at first, but ended up becoming a hassle. Jihee, the first person who befriended you when you first moved, was here before all of this happened, leaving her one of the only people you trusted at the school. But that was okay, you were still happy with having one very good friend over having many bad ones. 

You took a seat in your homeroom class next to Jihee, watching the rest of the students filter into the room. Multiple students happily greeted you, and you seriously nodded to all of them. This year you had no time for funny business from anyone, as junior year was full of important placement tests and preparing for college applications. 

There was one person, though, who was a stark contrast to everyone else who entered the room. You looked up in reaction to the scent of subtle but dark cologne/shower gel that smelled… good. He walked in, with a black hoodie covering most of his dyed red hair, hands in pockets. You heard some kids shudder and say “woah, scary…” in reaction. Fascinating how the human mind works, the one person who didn’t say anything to you was the one you noticed.

But your thoughts had barely any time to linger on the boy, because your homeroom teacher immediately walked in and started giving the morning announcements. The classes of the day passed by rather quickly, as you had tuned out your mathematics lecture, your best subject. Before you knew it, it was already lunch hour. You and Jihee both brought your lunch, and got ready to escape to the library to eat in peace.

“Jihee? Please come to the school office, I have some errands for you to run”, a teacher called out from the hallway. Jihee, on the student council board, motioned for you to go ahead and start eating in the library. You nodded in response, and picked up your bag and lunch to head over.

Once you had arrived, you greeted the librarian and struck up a quiet conversation about her book recommendations for the month. You had always loved reading, especially mysteries and true crime, always wanting to solve the problem before the main character did. You knew you would have minimal time to read for fun before the intensity of school began, so you wanted to grab some books before then, for what you called your “brain breaks”.

You jotted down some of the librarian’s favorite books, and quickly walked over to the mystery section in excited anticipation. The first book on the list was The Devil in the White City, a chilling historical crime novel about the horrifying murders that took place during Chicago’s 1893 world fair. 

"L… La…. La… Lar….” you mumbled to yourself as your fingers traced the rows of books, searching for “Erik Larson”, the author of the book. “Is it even here…” you muttered, unable to find the book. You stopped in place, taking multiple soft strands of your hair and brushing them between your lips, a habit you had whenever you were deep in thought. You scanned the section again, eyes widening in happiness when you finally found the book you were looking for.

It was on the highest shelf, and after jumping around a bit in attempt to reach it, you had decided to find a stool to stand on in order to reach the book when suddenly you felt something warm and hard touching your back. Your head whipped around in shock, to find none other than the black hoodie kid from class reaching above you to get the book. 

Your mouth dropped open, the hair that was held between your lips tumbling out. Time seemed to pass so slowly, as you looked up at his face, which was… way prettier than you expected. And that scent… it was so clear now, how had you not noticed it before?

The boy grabbed the book and began walking away, finally snapping you out of your shock. “Hey?!” you called out. The boy didn’t turn around, and kept walking as if nothing happened. You ran up to him, grabbing his clothed arm and tried your best not to scream in the library. “Why are you taking my book?!” you angrily whispered. 

Finally, the boy spoke for the first time. “Your book?” His voice was deep and raspy, and you caught sight of a snaggletooth amidst his pearly white teeth. Attractive, you thought, before mentally kicking yourself. Focus, (Y/N). The book. “Last I heard, this book belongs to the school, not you,” he curtly finished, walking away from you.

You stood there in shock. Who was this kid?

Part 2

A/N: Ahhh I have no idea if this is good or not! Any feedback/comments on the length, story itself, etc. are greatly appreciated!! I hope you liked part 1 and are anticipating the next installment! 

I am also working on the other requests right now, so please be patient :) Thanks for the support, everyone!

Building Up Inside Me / Jeff Atkins

Building Up Inside Me

Jeff Atkins x FemReader


Warnings: Swearing, depressing

A/N: I have had this idea for a while now and I cant wait to bring it to life. This is a series so this first part is mostly getting to know the situation. I will try to post the second part soon. Don’t forget that I am always taking in recommendations. I love you all. 


      “Do not forget the heels you look fabulous in” Hannah your best friend said “I know your not looking for a relationship but why not flirt a little while were there?” she had a huge grin on her face.

      “You know you haven’t stopped smiling since you and Clay got together” I said as a playful comeback. She knows you haven’t dated anyone since your ex that scarred you. Not because it was an abusive relationship just because it was like you were in prison. He had to know where you were every second and if you didn’t reply back fast enough, he would get mad.

      “Well I’m happy Y/N, happy for the first time in a long time” said Hannah. Shes right, she hasn’t been like this in forever and I love seeing her happy, I love to see her smile. “Tony’s here! crap” 

       We both scramble around, I grab my heels while Hannah runs out of the room quickly remembering that she forgot her phone on my bed. We finally make it to the front door while scream at my mom that we are leaving. 

       Tony of course had to make a couple jokes about how bad we looked running out the door. “So Hannah, you excited to see Clay tonight?” Tony is always proud that he brought them together, with Jeff’s help of course.

        “You ask that every time we go out party’s Tony” Hannah snorted. “But of course I’m excited who wouldn’t be when they are going to see their boyfriend” Hannah dazes off looking out the window.

        “Were here!” I ran out of that car so fast to get to the front door, I wasn’t excited before but now I am. 

        we opened the door to the smell of puberty, which pretty much smelled like booze and sweat. It was exhilarating, I loved that everyone was free. I was free.

        “Y/N” It was Sheri trying to get my attention. “We are just starting a game of… of… wait what was it called. That one with the cards and the kissing” Sheri Snorted.

        I could already tell she was so drunk, she couldn’t even walk. I joined because I still had my rush of coming in here. I was sat in between Jeff and Sheri. We started to play and Sheri started away from me. Then it zoomed off to Courtney then Zach then Jessica. Next was Jeff. I didn’t know who I was sitting next until I saw him. “Shit, Shit, Shit” I said in my head. Then Jeff went to give me the card but, he dropped it. I don’t know if he dropped it on purpose or on accident but before I knew it we were kissing. 

        Jeff Atkins was kissing me! me! reality was flooding back to me and then I felt him ginning. “haha oh my gosh Jeff, wtf!” said Justin, he pulled away and looked at Bryce and said “There I did it can I have the $20 now!” 

       I was out of there before Jeff could even blink. I was walking in the middle of the road with heels in my hand and mascara running down my face. I was done. I didn’t want to move anymore, I didn’t want to speak.

       Through the glare in my eyes I saw lights behind me. I prayed it was Tony coming to pick me up. It wasn’t. It was Jeff.

       I moved to the side hoping he was just trying to pass. but he slowed down following me. “Y/N, please let me explain i just-”

       “EXPLAIN WHAT, YOU BEING AN ASSHOLE, THAT’S WHAT YOU HAVE TO EXPLAIN” I slowly felt my body shutdown. “You don’t have to because I have already made up my mind that you are an asshole that likes to play with girls feelings.” I don’t want to pass out and make a fool out of myself evermore so I just sat down.

       I heard a brake on a car so I just put my face in my hands so i could cry in peace. “ Y/N, Y/N! Goddammit please let me explain.” I felt the acid bubbling under my skin. He stood across from me on the street, then I heard a car coming up. It was Tony, thank god it was Tony.

       “Hey, what did you do!” Tony said angrily. “ Y/n, are you alright, I swear!” Tony looks at Jeff pissed off. 

      “I was trying to explain, I was try-”

      “Yeah, I heard the story inside, what an ass move Atkins!” Tony slowly lift me up and over his shoulders.

      “No, NOO, just leave me there to die, leave me there to rot because there is nothing anymore nothing.” I scream while tears are streaming down my face. Tony places me in the back of his Mustang.

       Jeff sat there trembling, what the hell did he do. He never thought Y/N felt that way. He didn’t know he was capable of making someone feel like that.

      I just lay there crying and wanting to just sleep for the rest of my life. Tony unlocks my door. My parents are still asleep even over the loud noise I’m making. Tony lays me in bed and leaves a glass of water next to me. What am I going to do Monday

Now you’ll just have to wait for pt.2

batgirl091  asked:

Hey could you please write about the bidders meeting MC' s family for the first time? Thank you I love your work. ~BatGirl091

Aww thank you lovely!~ I’m so happy you enjoy my work! Hopefully, this is to your liking.


  • You were in the midst of an argument when there was a knock on the door.
  • Unfortunately, neither one of you heard it.
  • You both were talking over each other- the screaming match continuing as you shoved his shoulder- trying to get your point across.
  • And that’s when he grabbed a hold of your wrist- pushing you down on the couch.
  • Unfortunately for you though…. Your parents saw the whole thing thanks to Baba.
  • “Umm… Boss?”
  • “What?!”
  • “Mom… Dad… What are you doing here?”
  • WUT?
  • Yeah- this isn’t the way you wanted him to meet them xD
  • Even though you tried to assure them that it was okay- they were so concerned with your safety.
  • It was like a soap opera.
  • “Stay away from our daughter!”
  • Shit.
  • This isn’t.
  • Yup.
  • So when you tried to get them to sit down with Eisuke and they refused, you finally put your foot down- something your parents have never seen you do before.
  • “I love him, I really do and I’m sorry you walked in on us fighting- couples fight-”
  • “But, they don’t lay hands on each other-”
  • “DAD! He literally grabbed my wrist! He didn’t even lay his hands on me.”
  • It took time but, you’d finally convinced them to sit with you and Eisuke over dinner in his suite.
  • It went smoothly- surprisingly and eventually with Eisuke’s smooth talking he was able to win your father over…
  • Your mother, not so much…


  • It was a welcome home pool party for your brother who was returning from being overseas.
  • You thought it’d be a great opportunity for Soryu to meet everyone.
  • You told your father about Soryu- but, of course, didn’t mention that he was a Mob Boss.
  • Gameplan time.
  • On the way there, you tried to figure out ways on how to tell them gently though you were sure it wasn’t a big deal.
  • Soryu was freaking out though.
  • Plan in motion.
  • You arrived at the pool party, immediately greeted by your mother and father.
  • Shit
  • “Oh my and who is this handsome fellow?”
  • Soryu and your Mom seemed to hit it off but, your father, of course, has some doubts.
  • It takes some convincing- SO MUCH CONVINCING.
  • And so, you don’t tell them right then and there but, instead, eases it into a later conversation.
  • “It would’ve been nice if you would’ve told us before…”
  • Both of you apologize but, in the end, your father sees how much love Soryu has for you.
  • “I will protect her with my life, sir.”


  • He was setting up for his artist of the year showcase- when you talked to him on the phone about your parents coming to see it.
  • He was happy- relieved actually, he’d hoped that they were into the arts just as much as he was.
  • Night fell, and he saw you.
  • Your parents walking in behind you as he smiled- his usual angelic smile, flagging the three of you down.
  • “Hi! You must be Mr. and Mrs. (L/N).”
  • You already knew the task at hand was going to be pretty hard because your father- being the over protective father he was- never signed off on anyone you dated.
  • Literally No One.
  • You hoped that Ota would be different, but that was it- hope.
  • And when your father wanted to talk to him alone- you panicked, though your mother tried to tell you that it would be okay…
  • You already knew the talk your father was having with him.
  • And when Ota came back pale faced- your suspicions were right.
  • The night went smoothly though- with Ota laughing and joking with your mother but, he did everything in his power to try and impress your father as much as he could.
  • Most of it didn’t work.
  • When the night end and you said goodbye to your parents- your father pulled you aside.
  • “You already know the talk I had with him- though, something about him doesn’t sit right with me.”
  • Your heart dropped, though you tried to reassure him that you were fine and your relationship was perfect.
  • “I’m just looking out for my only daughter. You know I love you and support everything that you do.”
  • You said your goodbyes- a little sad but what could you do?
  • Your father NEVER approves though most of the times he was always right.
  • You meet back up with Ota, your hands gripping at your overflown dress.
  • “What did he say…?”
  • You couldn’t bring your heart to tell him but, you didn’t want to lie either.
  • “Nothing special- he kind of gave us his blessing I guess?”
  • Welp, it wasn’t the whole truth…
  • He takes you home but, everything your father said…
  • Could he be right?


  • Mamoru wasn’t nervous?
  • Or was he…
  • Honestly, he couldn’t understand but, he knew that you were nervous for him to meet them.
  • They had issues with cops so to find out that he was one, they weren’t too happy but for you…
  • They’d do anything.
  • He tried his best to make the perfect impression on your parents but they weren’t having it.
  • You all went to dinner and as time went on the conversation was dull and dry.
  • You tried your best to get your parents to be friendly…
  • But, they just weren’t having it.
  • “So, what made become a police officer?”
  • Talk about it being a little more awkward than it needed to be.
  • You excused yourself- running to the bathroom since you didn’t want to keep Mamoru out there by himself for too long.
  • Apparently, in that short minute, you were gone, there was an accident and Mamoru ended up helping with because when you got back he was gone.
  • “Where’s Mamoru?”
  • Pointing in his direction- you could see the stars in your mother’s eyes as she gazed his way.
  • “What happened?”
  • Your father explained what happened and how Mamoru helped catch the person who did it as you see him make his way back over to your table.
  • “That was amazing!”
  • Mom…. Stop…
  • Eventually, your parents came around and it started to go better than you’d expected it would.
  • “Take care of our daughter Mamoru…”


  • They were staying at the hotel but, surprisingly you didn’t know.
  • So, when you noticed your parents walking through the doors of the Tres Spades.
  • You were confused…
  • Until Eisuke and Soryu walked down the lobby stairs.
  • “Mom, Dad? What are you doing here?”
  • “I invited them…”
  • What?!
  • Your parents were well-known business owners and they had a deal set up with Eisuke.
  • So, when Baba came to greet you, kissing you on the back of your hand and calling Princess…
  • Your parents were shook.
  • They didn’t know you were dating someone.
  • “Who’s this?”
  • Ummmmm…
  • “My b-boyfriend…”
  • “You didn’t tell us you were dating anyone…”
  • You were flustered, confused and annoyed.
  • But, Eisuke invited the both of you to the dinner he was having with your parents.
  • An awkward ass dinner.
  • “So…”
  • And, that’s when the 21 questions began…
  • Luckily Baba was able to impress them- though some of his answers were like ‘REALLY?!’
  • Eventually, your parents gave their approval- Eisuke dismissing the both of you so he could finish talking business.
Calling BTS Daddy

Request: could you do a bts version of calling them daddy??


Jimin: “Good luck daddy.” Jimin reads the text out loud before the fan meet starts. It was your first time calling him that and it was surely affecting him in ways that weren’t good at the moment. Jimin couldn’t wait to get home to take his frustrations out on you.

Originally posted by aegyojimin

J-Hope: “Yes baby, show me just how good you can use that pretty little mouth.” Hoseok says with closed eyes.

“Yes daddy~” You moan onto his length and he tangles his hand in your hair, groaning loudly. Calling him that put him on edge and he found it much harder to hold in his release.

Originally posted by tbhobi

Rap Monster: You and Namjoon were at your parents’ house having dinner. Your food tasted a little bland so you were going to put seasoning on it. “Daddy can you pass me the salt?” Namjoon and your father’s hand both reach for the salt and your soul leaves your body. How embarrassing. Namjoon bursts into laughter and you die right there. Your mother chuckles a little and smiles, 

“Looks likes she has two daddies.”


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Suga: “What else would you call me after the fun we had last night?” You face palm and push him softly. “Hey you know I had you screaming that all night. It’s not my fault.”

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V: “DId you just…” He blushes and covers his ears, “I know last night was amazing but I didn’t think I’d earn that name. Continue to call me daddy and I’ll call you princess.” 

Originally posted by jongkuks

Jin: ‘Really? She had to say it right before I got on stage?’ Jin can feel his bulge growing. Which was because of you. He was mad he couldn’t do anything about it until the show was over. He’d put so much exaggeration into the performance to let you know what was to come when he was done.

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Jungkook: “Come play with me, daddy.” You smirk and Jungkook’s eyes grow dark and his pupils dilate. Something is different about his smirk and you know you’re going to be in for a very rough night.

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n3sh3r0x : HC!!! RFA + V reaction to Mc's fam being a bag of nutcases? Like they're 24/7 being lame and joking around and really inquisitive of MCs BF/GF

So my friend, @n3sh3r0x asked for this hc. SHE’S AMAZING GUYS!! Please follow her!!!

AND I’M SORRY but i really couldn’t imagine all of the families being a bag of nutcases. SO I DECIDED TO WRITE A “RFA+V+ SAERAN REACTING TO MC’S FAMILY”


- Sweet, sweet yoosung was pretty nervous when you told him that you wanted him to meet your family

-I mean…. who wouldn’t ??

-You father worked at this huge pharmaceutical company,  you mother was a cardiologist and to top it all off your sister was a lawyer at a big firm.

-Even you scared the living crap outta him when he first met you

-So when he first met your parents, he was shaking. Actually he was shaking for all the right reasons. Let me explain.

-Your father was immaculately dressed in his most expensive suit like show off much?, your mother wore a simple but beautiful gown and your sister??? Let’s just say that she wore a pair of sweatpants just to piss you off.

- Yoosung couldn’t stop laughing at this contrast. 

-As your father gracefully gave out his hand for a handshake, he was still laughing cause your sister was sticking her tongue out at you?? And you were being all cute, pinching her and making faces at her?

- Gosh ! Even the intellectuals weren’t any different , were they?

- “GOD DAMMIT! STOP IT GIRLS YOU ALWAYS EMBARRASS ME LIKE THIS!! I just wanted MC’s boyfriend to have a good impression on our family,” your father screamed.

- Your mum giggled, “Pay no mind to them yoosung!! We doctors must stay away from this lot at all times.”

- You mum really liked yoosung as they were both in the medical profession. She was a really chatty person. She blabbered on about how hard it was being a doctor. “I dunno how you did it yoosung,” she said, “I could barely learn how to treat the heart and you’ve learnt about how to treat the entire animal kingdom?” She sighed dramatically. 

- “HEY YOOSUNG!! Did you know that MC peed her pants in the sixth grade?” Your sister chimed in. “NO I DIDN’T,” you screamed and the two of you got into a cat fight. 

-Your dad sighed and apologized to him, “Welcome to the family, son.”

-Yoosung really did love your unique and wonderful family. And your family loved him more. 

Bonus: Your sister kept making passes at yoosung, vowing to steal him away from you when the two of you break up. She was just kidding! Or was she? Yoosung never knew about this. 


-Zen was really excited when you told him you wanted him to meet your family

- You used to tell him a lot about your family and he loved to hear about your two moms and you baby sister

- The whole day he was all like, “MC !! Should I wear this?? OR SHould I wear that??? Will you mom like this better.” 

- “JUST WEAR SOMETHING, ZEN,” you screamed.

-But it was so cute seeing him all excited.

- When you finally got to your house, he was so excited that he hugged both your mums. 

- “Nice to finally meet you,” He beamed, “I’m Zen.”

- “Wow I didn’t know my daughter was hiding such a handsome man,” Your mum giggled. “OH, MC~~” she sang. 

- You blushed so hard, it made Zen laugh.

- Your other mum laughed and kissed her on the cheek. “Oh and Zen,” she said, “We have this really BIG fan, just dying to meet you.”

- Your little sister was clinging to your mum’s leg. 

- “Come on, sweetie,” you called her out ,”Zen has a little gift for you.”

- But she still wouldn’t budge

- Zen knelt down and took her hands. “Looks like there are two very beautiful princesses in this house,” he smiled. He placed a little crown on her head. 

- She gave a tiny little smile. “Lift me !!” she ordered.

- “The shining knight Zen at your service, milady,” he laughed as he picked her up 

-He refused to put your little sister down for the whole day. Your lil sis had such radical fun,  getting a piggy back ride from Zen.

- Your parents loved Zen!! He was so sweet. He always was so well mannered and complimented them on little things.  

-At the end of the day, Zen ended up wanting to create a family like that with you. 

Bonus: Zen calls both your mums as ‘mum’ and ‘mama’, the way you call them. They love it. And they were so happy when zen first called them that


-You pure beautiful Jaehee was only second to Yoosung on the nervousness level when she first met your family 

- “But MC,” she dragged, “Is your family really ok with this? Me being a….. girl and all.”

- “Hush, my dear,” you kissed her on the nose, “I should be asking you if you’re ok with meeting my crazy family.”

- This reassured her a lot. But she was still nervous about making first impressions.

- Your family was a big one.

-I mean a reaaaaalllly big one. With cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents.

-So when you first got to the door, a flurry of kids surrounded you and Jaehee. 

- “OMG it’s MC!” 

- “IS that MC’s Girlfriend?”

-” MC AND JAEHEE, come play with us!!” 

-The kids were really noisy but Jaehee enjoyed the racket. The kids started introducing themselves and Jaehee was trying to memorize all of their names. 

-”Ok!! YOu twerps !! We’ll come back to you later!! We are going to meet the adults so LEAVE MY GIRLFRIEND ALONE,” you grabbed her hand pulled her out.

- “awwww MC you’re such a spoil sport.” You could hear all the groans and sighs. 

- Immediately after a group of adults surrounded you two. 

- “Is this the Jaehee??? “ your aunt literally screamed. 

- She pulled Jaehee closer, took a good and long look at her.

- “Tell me, Jaehee,” she said, “HOW THE HELL DO YOU PUT UP WITH A WHINY CHILD LIKE MC. We still don’t know.”

-All the others nodded in agreement. 

- “STOP embarrassing me in front of my Girlfriend,” you stomped your foot.

- All of Jaehee’s nervousness dissipated. And she laughed. “Oh no!” she said and looked at you, “It has always been the other way around.”

-You blushed so hard. What did you do to deserve her? 

- Everyone from the teenagers, to the kids , to the adults and the elders took their turns with Jaehee.

- They really loved her. And really couldn’t understand why such a sweet angel like her chose you. You really couldn’t understand that either   

-Although she was drained by the end of the day, she was really looking forward to the next trip.


-Jumin was always so curious about your family

- Whenever he asked about your family, you would brush him off saying that you would tell him when you were ready.

-He also never really got why you were working, when he was there to provide for you?

-Although he was really curious, he respected your wishes and never delved into that matter again.

- Then one day you decided it was time he met you family.

- You were actually from another town. You were from a really poor family, with your father dying when you were only 16 years old. Being the eldest, you had to help your mother raise your younger sister and brother. 

- Jumin now understood why you had to work.

- “But I can provide for your family, Mc,” he protested. 

- But you flat out refused cause you didn’t marry him for the money. 

-So you took the weekend off from work to visit your family with Jumin. 

- “Jumin, just don’t offer my mother any money,” you tell him, “We are doing very well now! And my mother would refuse cause she’s such a hard worker.”

- Jumin nodded. But you were not sure about what his stubborn ass was actually going to do.

-When you got home, you little sister and brother excitedly hugged you. 

- “MC!! YOU’RE HOME,” they shouted. 

- “Mc, look!! I got the first place in my class this year,” you little brother beamed. 

- Your sister got annoyed. “But MC! I got first place on both my tests and my relay,” you sister stuck her tongue out.

- Your brother was about to retaliate when you mother intervened, “Mc and her boyfriend traveled a long way, kids.Let them rest.”

-They went back sighing. You laughed and hugged your mum. 

- “And you must be Jumin,” your mum said breaking the hug. 

-Jumin was so fixated at your house. It was so small. But it really was so warm and wonderful. 

- “Yes mam. I’m Jumin Han,” he said as he took your mother’s hand, “Pleasure to meet you.”

- You and your mum burst into laughter. 

- “You really dont have to be so formal, Mr. Han~~,” you teased. 

- The kids tugged at Jumin’s trousers. 

-They were really curious about this royal looking stranger

-Jumin was really surprised by the kids. They were so well mannered, smart and hard working just like MC.

-He really loved them a lot. And they liked him too.

-And MC’s mother had so much dignity and integrity. He respected her deeply. And your mother loved Jumin for his honesty and manners. And she knew how much he loved and respected you. 

- And the food your mother cooked for him?? Never had he eaten anything so delicious his entire life.

- Just sitting around with your family and eating with them, made him realise that money really wasn’t everything 

-After that, he never did complain about you having to go to work. But he insisted on helping out a little.

- He always did send your family little extravagant gifts and souvenirs. And demanded a monthly visit to see you mum and the kids

-He took you guys on a lot of trips. And the kids really enjoyed their time with him.


-Given his past, Seven really wanted a to be a part of a family

- So when you wanted to introduce him to your parents, HE WAS SO EXCITED, OVERJOYED, ELATED *add any synonym of your choice*

-You were from a middle class family

-Nothing special really

-You were the only kid.

- “Ok 7,” you warn him, “No funny business at my home… My dad is really strict.”

- “You betcha,” he sticks his tongue out.

-You sigh…. This was bad……… Really bad

-So when you get home, your father growls, “And what is the name of this boy MC? What does he do?”

- “Dad, this is Se-.. I mean Saeyoung and hes a hac-.. I mean a computer programmer.”

- “Why hello~~ sir,” 7 sang and let out his hand for a handshake.

- You dad looked at him from his head to his toe and sighed. 

- “I’ll be at my room if you need me,” he frowned. 

- 7 looked a little upset. Your mum sensed this too. 

- “Oh don’t mind that grumpy old man, Saeyoung, my dear,” you mum chimed, “I really dont know how I put up with him for so many years.”

-You giggled and held 7′s hand.

- “Don;t take it to heart, hon,” you laughed, “He’s what I call a Tsundere dad.”

- “TSUNDERE DAD??” he screamed. WTH MC 

- “The more he likes a person, the ruder he is to them,” your mum explained.

- Saeyoung couldn’t stop laughing, “I’m starting to like your dad.”

-So 7 like usual, kept making his lousy jokes. You couldn’t help but roll your eyes while your mother laughed. 

-Your dad crept in. “OH, You all are making a lot of noise. KEEP IT DOWN,” he said as he sat across you guys with a newspaper.

-You all could not help but chuckle. Oh, the things your dad did just to spend time with you, without actually admitting it.

- “So saeyoung,” your dad started, “How much is it that you earn.”

- 7 sat up straight. “See Sir, it actually depends…..”

- “He earns a lot, dad,” you cut in, “Have you seen his car?” You showed him a picture of his car.

-You dad was impressed and interested but he wouldnt admit it. 

- “It’s a decent car,” he frowned

- The three of you were internally screaming. 

- All throughout the evening 7 made small talk with your dad. He followed him everywhere. Your dad actually showed him his precious stamp collection and LET HIM TOUCH IT.

- Saeyoung started called your mother as mum. AND YOUR MUM LOVED IT

- “Don;t call her that,” you father growled. 

- “But DAD~~~” 7 sang

- “DONT CALL ME THAT,” he shouted. But he was very happy, internally. Tsundere dad strikes again

-He really had taken a liking towards your dad.

- You dad called him annoying a lot but deep inside… lets face it! He loved Saeyoung a lot.

- When it was time to leave, your dad gave you a peck on you cheek as he said , “Saeyoung is good guy, mc. I like him.”

- You werent gonna tell saeyoung this but you had a feeling he already knew.  

- Saeyoung sometimes liked to visit your parents alone and spend time with them

ps…… If you;ve seen Saiki Kusuo then you’ll know about the tsundere grandpa…. that episode literally changed my life


- “V!” you proclaimed one day, “I want you to meet my family.”

- V was surprisingly very cool about this, “Ok mc” he said as he kissed you on the forehead.

-The only family you had left was your two brothers. They practically raised you. Everything they ever did was for you. You didn’t have one complaint in your life. One brother was a professional wrestler and the other worked for the government.

- The two of your brothers were dying to meet V. They planned on how they were going to freak MC’s boyfriend out cause they were both so muscular and buff. And not to mention tall. They were both wrestlers in high school and had so many medals, that you learnt how to count with them

-So anyways, they were really planning to freak your boyfriend out. 

-They wanted to make sure that your boyfriend was man enough. You were their precious baby sister after all. 

- Well, jokes on them…. V was blind. 

- There was no way V was gonna be intimidated my their looks.

- Their jaws fell to the floor when they saw V

- “Mc… is he….”

- “Yes, Im blind,” V interjected, “ But I can see a little with one eye”

- They regained their composure. But they still had to make sure that he would treat their precious little sister well

- “Well Jihyun,” you brother firmly held V’s shoulder, “If you ever do something to our sister then God help you.” 

-You were angered my your brothers’ rude behavior towards V. Before you could protest, V said calmly, “Sir, I wouldnt hurt a hair on her head. She is the love of my life.”

- Commence Jaw Drop

-You blushed hard….. as did your brothers. The line was delivered so cooly and calmly.

-”V~~” you hit his hand playfully.

- Your brothers laughed. 

- “I’ve been married for 5 years and never once have I said such a thing to my wife. We should learn a lot from you V”

- You brothers loved him. They were so boisterous and playful… so unlike V. They considered V as a part of their gang

-V loved it! He had so much fun with your brothers. All three of them got drunk in the end and you were left to take a drunken V home



- Your parents died when you were really young

-You were raised by your grandparents. 

-So when you asked Saeran if he wanted to meet your wonderful grandparents, saeran wasnt exactly excited. But he knew how much they meant to you so he decided to accompany you

-The minute you entered the house, there was the lovely smell of freshly baked goods.

-Your grandma and grandpa were so excited to see you.

-They were standing outside for nearly an hour just to see you.

-You were so happy to see them. Saeran saw immediately how your expression changed. Could you get any cuter? chandler voice

-You hugged them both and kissed them

-Your grandparents were equally excited to see saeran.

- They huddled around him.

- “MC told me that you really like ice cream, saeran,” your Grandma said, “So I made a lil cake to go along with it.”

- “Oh and dont forget about the sweater we got him dear,” your grandpa added.

- As you helped your grandma out in the kitchen, saeran and your grandpa took to talking

- You grandpa told him stories about the army. Saeran seemed very interested and excited.

-You could see them talking about random things under the sun

-He absolutely adored the food your grandma made and even wore the sweater they got for him

-He really enjoyed his time with your grandparents.

-He ended up wishing he could stay there more.

- When you went to sleep, your grandpa and saeran talked throughout the night.

-”Saeran…. in case something happens to me… the mc and her grandma…”

“Nothing will happen to you and if it does… I’m always here for them. MC means the world to me”

The Wedding

Dear Jessa.  I have always been inspired by your amazing fics, so here is a little something I wrote, that was inspired by one of your drabbles…. I think you’ll know which one.   Happy Birthday. 

by @louezem

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Werewolf Pissing Contest

disclaimer: this imagine was inspired by a few lines from Buffy the vampire slayer and criminal minds let me know if you find them hehe. i haven’t seen ANY of season 6 so please be gentle with me but feedback would be much appreciated  

summary:theo and the reader are together and her ex comes into town

warnings: smut, anger, and cussing


gifs are never mine unless stated other wise

tagged: @wonderland-royalty @bremayesworld 

part 1

Theo and I were in my room at the Dunbar house studying, I was laying on my bed while he sat on the floor.

“ugh my head hurts I hate trig,” I said rubbing my temples.

“you know I know this great remedy for a headache,” he said while getting up and crawling over me. he started kissing my neck I giggle as his stubble tickled me.

“Oh way to kill the mood I was setting,” Theo said while pulling back and looking at me.

“What mood Casanova,” I said cocking my eyebrow.

“Oh you’ve got jokes now,” he said sarcastically.

“Uh-huh,” I said giggling again.

“Oh ok you want to giggle I’ll give you a giggle fest,” he said and started tickling me.

“Theo stop please hahaha please Theo,” I said while laughing and wriggling under him.

“Oh now you want me to stop,” he said while sitting up I just looked at him kind of confused.

“Because last night it was ‘oh god Theo yes right there don’t stop baby please don’t stop oh harder’” he said while throwing his head back and thrusting his hips in the air. I just slapped his chest and said: “Could you not Liam is just down the hall and I’d never hear the end of it if he heard you”. Liam poked his head in my bedroom door, “Oh I was here last night too when theo snuck in through the window and listening to you act like a pornstar has done irreparable damage to my mental state. I’m going to be in therapy till I’m 80. I mean your like a sister to me.” I covered my face in embarrassment and Theo just chuckled and pulled me to his chest.

“Oh, he fine, Y/N he’ll survive. if he’s old enough to be sleeping with Hayden he’s old enough to deal with it maturely.” Theo said and I uncovered my face and said,

“Did you need something Liam.”

“No, Scott text me saying he needs everyone to meet him at his place” Liam answered.

“Oh ok well be right down and we can head over” I retorted and Liam nodded his head.

We walked into Scott’s house and I immediately said: “Oh shit.” Theo looked at me and asked, “what’s wrong doll.”

“doll? that’s new wasn’t expecting that” Isaac said commenting on the nickname theo gave me when we first started dating then walking over to me, he leaned in to hug me I stepped back and grabbed Theo’s hand.

“What do you want Isaac,” I said the whole pack was staring at me now.

“I thought that was obvious, I wanted to come home to start over with my girlfriend to see if we could work things out,” he said. Theo stepped in front of me and said: “not gonna fucking happen.”

“And you are?” Isaac asked with a cocky attitude.

“Theo, her boyfriend” Theo said matching Isaac’s attitude.

“You mean her rebound,” Isaac said sizing Theo up.

“Maybe. But at least I know how to keep it in my pants” Theo said with anger, talking about Isaac cheating on me with my best friend Alison. let’s be clear Alison and I buried the hatchet a long time ago, she was actually the one I told about my feelings towards Theo.

“Wow, you told him about that” Isaac said, obviously irritated that I told Theo.

“HEY LEAVE HER ALONE,” Theo said, raising his voice and his eyes started to glow.

“Looks like you knew boy toy has some control issues babe, you might want to watch out.” Isaac was taunting Theo now so Theo pushed Isaac back.

“Oooh, and he violent! Did you actually fuck this guy princess?” Isaac questioned. Theo balled up his fist and punched Isaac in the mouth, causing his lip to start bleeding.

“ENOUGH I SEE ONE MORE DISPLAY OF TESTOSTERONE POISONING. I WILL PERSONALLY PUT YOU BOTH IN THE HOSPITAL” I screamed while putting a hand on their toned chests to try to separate them. neither testosterone fueled man backed down. “ARE YOU FORGETTING IM NOT A FUCKING WEREWOLF IM A NEPHALEM IM STRONGER THEN EVERYONE HERE EVEN SCOTT SO HOW ABOUT YOU DONT PISS ME OFF OR YOU’LL BE VISITING HIS MOM GOT IT” I continued while flashing my mismatched eyes. one was an iridescent blue and the other pitch black, representing the angle and demon sides of me.

“He hit me first,” Isaac said in his defense. I just put my hand in front of his face and walked to Theo I put my hands on his jaw-line making him look at me.

“Calm down Knight I’m still yours and always will be. But I need to talk to Isaac………alone” I said softly.

“Fuck no I don’t trust him,” Theo said.

“I know you don’t, but I think we need to talk about some things,” I replied. Scott added “especially if he’s going to be part of the pack again. I can’t have my strongest pack members at each other’s throats,”

“Well I’m not leaving this room,” Theo said. I looked over my shoulder and nodded my head towards the door, saying we would talk outside. Isaac just smirked at Theo making it look like I chose him over Theo, so I smacked the back of his head.

“Ow, what was that for,” Isaac said while closing the door.

“For being an ass now talk” I answered.

“He started it,” Issac said.

“No you did Isaac you were antagonizing him from the second we walk throw the door. you had to be a jackass about the situation. you could ease into the conversation. you had to have a werewolf size pissing contest didn’t you,” I said with anger.

“What was I supposed to do. I wasn’t expecting you to be draped over some guys arm. I couldn’t stand to see you like that. then to see that he has changed you so much, you look so different, with the hair, and tattoos not to mention the piercings. we used to laugh at girls like you,” he said.

“No. You laughed at girls like me, this is who I’ve always wanted to be. I was too scared to go for it, so when you left, that weekend I got the side cut and dyed my hair Purple. then got my first tattoo, piercing, and started stretching my ears a little while later. this is what caught his attention. that I’m willing to be exactly who I am regardless of what people think of me. he said he loved the fact that I wasn’t like every other girl, that I’m not a forever21 Barbie that I am more of a hot topic voodoo doll,” I explained.

“Didn’t take you long to move on from me if you waited for that weekend!” he said kind of hurt.

“What did you want me to do. you left I didn’t even get a goodbye, see you later, Or fuck you just poof gone. you didn’t call text write nothing till tonight,” I said.

“I had to figure some things out but I did love you, and I know you loved me” he defended.

“No. what we had wasn’t love it was infatuation and lust. the only time we weren’t fighting was when we were fucking, and that’s not a healthy relationship let alone love. Isaac love isn’t changing yourself for someone, it’s not trying to screw each other till someone falls in love, and it’s not obsessing over the other person. but what it is, Is being who you are, and being honest with not only your partner but yourself. it’s being able to sit and watch tv with them and being completely content. not expecting it to get sexual. it’s knowing your partner just as well as you know yourself, and that’s what I have with Theo. I can see myself growing old with him, I couldn’t with you. do you even know my favorite color Isaac” I questioned?

“Um purple,” he said while gesturing to my hair.

“No, it’s teal and that’s my point exactly,” I said.

“Your right, but it doesn’t change the fact that I think you could do better than him. I don’t like him, but if you’re that happy with him then I can try to behave,” Isaac said.

“Thank you and I’m fairly certain you’re not supposed to like him,” I said and we walked through the doorway. the whole pack was staring at me, Theo just walks up to me, put his hands in my hair and kissed me like his life depended on it. then rested his forehead on mine.

“I love you so fucking much, I heard what you said about us. I’ve never had someone talk about me that way,” he said in a whisper.

“I love you too Theo,” I whispered. my hands were at his waist, I pulled him closer to me not wanting to leave his embrace. his arms are home to me when he holds me everything else just melts away.

“Ahum” Scott cleared his throat pulling us back to reality. we separated and walked over to the table and sat down.

“so as you might have noticed Isaac is back to help with the dread doctors. and as we know theo used to work with them but has now left, and has told us what he knows. but they’re still here. there still experimenting on people, so be vigilant be careful. we’ve buried too many of our own already I refuse to do it again,” Scott stated. theo hung his head still ashamed of what he had done. I grabbed his hand under the table letting him know that I’m here for him. I rub my thumb over his as I intertwine out fingers together. Liam looked over at me without me noticing. He realized how much we care for each other. Although Liam HATED Theo in the beginning because of what the dread doctors did to Hayden. but after seeing how happy he makes me compared to how unhappy I was when I was with Isaac. he let up on the constant guilt tripping, and when that happened the rest of the pack followed. I don’t think they fully trust him yet. but they are giving him a second chance.

“Hey Scott you mind if I stay the night so we can chill,” Liam asked.

“sure Stiles Isaac and I were just gonna game tonight if you wanna join” Scott answered.

“Sure. so you can head back your place if Scott’s done,” Liam said looking at Scott, to see if he was ok with that. Scott nodded so everyone got up and left. we got in the car and I turned to Theo. “I know that was probably as much of a shock to you as it was for me and just to put this out there now I am completely and 150,000% over him, ” I explained.

“I know doll. that wasn’t even a question now let’s go home before I know his teeth down his throat,” he answered. A few minutes later we pulled into my driveway. I unlocked the front door we walked in and locked the door behind us. Then without warning, he pushed me against the door and kissed me, with so much love and passion it took my breath away. I pulled him closer to me wanting nothing more than him to envelop me with his love. I push his leather jacket off his shoulders and drop the keys on the floor. running my fingers through his hair. he pulls my beanie and shirt off, as we kick our shoes off and start walking down the hall. I start unbuckling my belt and push my jeans to the floor. he picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his now shirtless torso. he pushes our bedroom door open then closed with his foot. he lays us on my bed with him on top of me he reaches behind me and unclipped my bra and pulled my underwear down. “hey now I’m completely naked it’s time for you to play catch up,” I say looking up at him, and running my hand down his chest pushing it into his jeans making him grunt and growl. he quickly unbuttoned his jeans and crawled back over me and rolled his hips into mine, making me close my eyes and roll my head back. “Theo I want you” I moaned into his ear breathlessly. so he grabbed a hold of his member and slid into me once he was buried to his hilt he began to roll and thrust his hips. He started sucking purple marks on my neck, as his thrusts started getting sharper making louder moans escape my lips.

“Oh, Theo just like that” I moaned.

“Don’t worry love I know what you what” he grunted and lifted my knee higher up and over his arm so he could go deeper. I scratched down his back making him hiss in pain.

“Easy doll your part angel wounds from you take longer to heal and hurt more” he whispered in my ear.

“You can take it being the big bad wolf that you” I breathlessly said.

“Well you’re right about that,” he said thrusting again. all I could hear was the sound of skin slapping mixed with moans and animalistic growls. I wrapped my leg around his waist as he held my other leg up, loving the feeling but wanting something more. so I dropped my foot back to the mattress and rolled us over then straddled him and placed my hands on his chest riding him. his hands were on my thighs as I rode him. “Oh shit doll, I don’t know where that came from but I really like it,” he said chuckling while losing himself in the feeling of me riding him. I ride harder causing an amazing friction against me. my head flew back and Theo thrust up into me a few times. “Oh yes Theo don’t stop I’m so close,” I screamed. “good baby let go,” he moaned breathlessly and I did. his husky breathless voice sent a thrill through my body. it made me squirm and shake, my back arched, as the loudest moan of his name left my lips. after I came down Theo was staring at me. “what” I said confused. “that is the hottest thing I have ever seen a woman do while riding me. you give me a show that I’ll remember forever. I may be an atheist but you’ve convinced me you’re a goddess, not a Nephalem,” he said I smiled at him seductively, placed my hands on his chest so my breasts pushed together, and started rolling my hips while arching my back. his eyes started to glow as he was losing control of his heart rate so I moved faster. “Ooooh, Theo do you like it when I’m in control? You talk a big game, but what you really want is for me to fuck you as good as you fuck me, you want me to slip you inside me and take control huh?” I said while speeding up. him not knowing his claws have come out to play, digging into me slightly. I snap my hips forward sharply, his head flys back his jaw drops and he growls as he comes back down. I get up to go clean up then come back to bed and cuddle into his chest. I sigh in contentment, knowing I have nowhere to be but here. laying in my soulmates arms with the moonlight shining through my bedroom windows. this is peace this is true happiness for me. he’s my everything. despite what is happening in beacon hills, I know everything will be fine because I have him and he has me. and that is one thing that won’t change because we understand something about each other. we both have the darkness inside ourselves but also a light, and that is what makes us perfect together. because we understand what it feels like to be afraid of your own mind.

Driven - [MONSTA X] Kihyun!Au

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[A/N] PINK KIHYUN IS THE BEST KIHYUN. end of discussion.

The photostatting machine is beeping out of toner, and your colleagues were giving you the eye. Your desk neighbor is stirring her coffee too loud and it’s staring to hammer themselves into the back of your head like an annoying sound that you can’t erase. And then there’s the unanswered phone calls in the front desk, and the trainee who was in charge of that, have yet to arrive to work. And it’s almost 10 AM.

“Why can’t the new trainee do it…” You understood the glares from them, and of course, they were waiting for you to install a new toner in the God damn machine, because, why not. You never protest. But today, you don’t feel like saying yes to anything. “OK, you guys have been babying that new trainee and expect me to change the toner every God damn time, it’s starting to twitch my crazy nerve, so before I start screaming louder than I already am, I suggest some of you juniors get your hands dirty and work as much as the… Company. Is. Paying. You…” You clapped on each word like a psycho you are.

“Stop glaring at me, I work here longer than you. And fucking stop stirring your coffee so loud before you get bathed in it. Bitch.” You roared at your desk neighbor without remorse. “Sorry.” They murmured. “The production percentage better grow this end of the month before I murder each one of you.” You grumbled.

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Jung Jaehyun & #58: “I’ve waited for this moment for a long time.”

-For anon

Warnings: Slight horror in the beginning, not much else.

A/N: This got long, but idk? ALSO, the teasers images. Like who gave them permission?? But also they’re great. Anywhoo. Here you go~

You didn’t normally go outside at night. Mother said the bad people came out at night, so you didn’t go out. She never told you why they were bad people, or what they did, just that they had taken your father, and that was enough to make you want to stay away. Tonight wasn’t supposed to be any different, you hadn’t intended to be stuck outside well past midnight. All you wanted was to be home and asleep, like any other eight-year-old child.

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