my molly doll!

There’s gonna be a Hallelujah day
When the boys have all come home to stay
And a million bands begin to play
We’ll be dancing the Vict'ry Polka

Molly McIntire - 1940s Jefferson, Illinois

His Girls

By reddit user proudqueersister. Estimated reading time: 3 - 5 minutes.

This is a story about my sister and I growing up.

My parents moved into our house about 6 months before I was born. When I was four, my sister came along. It was an idyllic childhood for two young girls, and most of our days were spent in the large oak tree on our front lawn.

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anonymous asked:

opinions on the big comfy couch (which i feel like is a canadian show but im from the US and i saw it??) none of my friends have seen it and im pretty sure it was a fever dream help


I still have my Molly doll from when I was a little girl. I would do the clock thing with Lunette. I saw The Big Comfy Couch live. I had a purple blanket that matched the one on the show. I loved every goddamn second of that show and to this day am grateful for it’s absurdity and quick tidying.


I cannot resist showing you my 5th self made Molly Hooper Funkopop. This one is inspired by the crime solving couple and “the person who matters the most” scene. BTW if I am to open a commission for some very exclusive handmade Molly Hooper funkopops, will any of you be interested in? Feel free to PM me. 😘😘😘

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