my mods (eyes and hair)

ladybug says that we shouldn’t spend so much time mingling with the citizens of Paris of being involved in events. I, however, am of the opinion that Hawlkmoth can eat a bag of dicks and I’m going to do whatever the hell I want and meet with whomever I want.

Also. This is Elsa, she just recovered from an accident and wanted a picture with a real life superhero.

Her hair matches my eyes :)

(Edit 1):
Mod V. I meant what I said. If you try to edit out my profanity again we will have words at the next team meeting. >:/


Look who’s back!

(pray that I last longer than Haven) 

Her name is Manah and she is a combination of my favorite people’s mods.

Sho’s Insane Eyes by @shomods, Vi’s armor by @guidethisonekalahira, Hair retex by @koric, Ciri hair by @elithabesu, invisible starting armorsSkyhold outfit and formal attire replacements, lots of not visible here mods by @atherisz and @tirnoney, and complexion and lashes by me.

Im quite proud of her face tbh, all my previous elfettes looked like squirrels with nuts behind their cheeks, she actually has a gaunt face and animates well with it. Oh and a big nose too, I seem to be in love with large noses now, heh.


Morrigan’s skin no wrinkles. 

Per request and I’ve already done it a while ago so I just uploaded the file in my Female complexions in Optional files.


Other mods used: Eyes by ramccoidRealistic hair re-tex by Skaramoosh/Skara888, Long hair V2 by atherisz/Atherisz, eyebrows by settrah​, eyelashes by me (unreleased).