my mods (eyes and hair)


Look who’s back!

(pray that I last longer than Haven) 

Her name is Manah and she is a combination of my favorite people’s mods.

Sho’s Insane Eyes by @shomods, Vi’s armor by @guidethisonekalahira, Hair retex by @koric, Ciri hair by @elithabesu, invisible starting armorsSkyhold outfit and formal attire replacements, lots of not visible here mods by @atherisz and @tirnoney, and complexion and lashes by me.

Im quite proud of her face tbh, all my previous elfettes looked like squirrels with nuts behind their cheeks, she actually has a gaunt face and animates well with it. Oh and a big nose too, I seem to be in love with large noses now, heh.


Morrigan’s skin no wrinkles. 

Per request and I’ve already done it a while ago so I just uploaded the file in my Female complexions in Optional files.


Other mods used: Eyes by ramccoidRealistic hair re-tex by Skaramoosh/Skara888, Long hair V2 by atherisz/Atherisz, eyebrows by settrah​, eyelashes by me (unreleased).