my model my love all of that and above

Until adolescence, I was very complexed by my size. I was often the smallest in my class, in other words almost always. I saw the other girls become women and I, keeping the body of a child.
I wanted to grow up, have nice curves, but Mother Nature wasn’t of the same opinion. So I abandoned, believing one day that the society shows us : a beautiful woman boils down to being tall and thin.
I don’t understand why this discrimination. It was as if women less than 1m70 could be lovely. Say I’m 1m55, it’s limit ridiculous.
And then one day I looked at my mother, who is smaller than me, she has faced many remarks about it. I saw her smile, happy and above all proud of her.
If was my click, for me, it was more radiant than all these models without expression. She exuded charm, happiness and femininity.
My mother is my opposite : coquette, with humor, gifted in many areas and without exception. Next, I felt even more tiny it.
Wonderful women of smaller sizes, it exists everywhere. We’re not talking Eva Longoria, Karrueche Tran, Hayden Panettiere and Lea Michele, we’re talking about people like you and me. ———By tit3.viet

Thanks tit3.viet for sharing her “Growing pains” .Be yourself Be confident Be strong Be postitive Be rosegal girl @rosegalfashion

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I love my big gay family ❤️💛💚💙💜

I love my gay relatives

I love my lesbian relatives

I love my bi relatives

I love my ply relatives

I love my pan relatives

I love my omni relatives

I love my abro relatives

I love my trans relatives

I love my nb relatives

I love my agender relatives

I love my neutrois relatives

I love my genderqueer relatives

I love my genderfluid relatives

I love my genderflux relatives

I love my demigender relatives

I love my queer relatives

I love my asexual and aspec relatives

I love my aromantic and arospec relatives

I love my closeted relatives

I love my questioning relatives

I love my polyamorous relatives

I love all of you who use the split attraction model (and those who don’t)

I love all my LGBTQ+ relatives that I didn’t mention. There are so many identities and orientations and I’m sorry I couldn’t mention each and every one of you. But know that even if I didn’t mention your orientation above, you are just as valid and loved 💖

I love all of you, including those who are intersex, disabled, POC, in poverty or homeless, mentally ill, are an immigrant, are a refugee, Jewish, Muslim, Pagan, and anyone who faces difficulties and oppression.

Even if we aren’t blood related, we’re all in the same big community and I love all of you.

I love all of you so much 💖

(TERFs, aphobes, and exclusionists don’t interact)


Skinny shaming is 💯 a thing and my family doesn’t believe me. However they do it all the time and don’t believe their comments are offensive. They think it’s just an opinion they have. 

 I’m all for having an opinion about something, like you could simply just say that you are not attracted to skinnier girls. My uncle however will say things like:

•"Is she supposed to be pretty? She has no meat on her!“ *after showing him a picture of Zendaya because I loved the dress she was wearing.

•"Black girls are supposed to be thick, that’s what makes them attractive.”

•"It’s a shame she’s so skinny, she would have been beautiful otherwise" *while watching a movie with Zoe Saldana 

 My aunt, my mom, and my sister are constantly saying things along the lines of:

 •"she is too skinny, she looks sick" 

•"she looks like she is going to break any second" 

•"men like girls with curves" *as if skinny girls can’t have curves?????

It just sucks because all the women in my family are “thick” or really “curvy”. And then there is me. I don’t know if the family genes decided to just skip me or what, but I have always had a fast metabolism and on top of that I’ve always been active. No I’m not super model skinny, but I’m definitely nowhere close to being called thick. Even my younger cousins who range from 12-16 have bigger butts and boobs then me. I don’t know what happen to me honestly. 

 I’m just getting so sick of hearing these comments. They make me feel ugly, embarrassed, make me feel as if my own family doesn’t see me as a pretty girl. This has been going in my whole life and I’m just done with it. Look at all these skinny girls above, some have curves and some girls don’t, but they are beautiful. Every body type is beautiful, if a girl is healthy LEAVE HER BODY ALONE!

My favorite things about all the lovely signs( suicide prevention week)

Aries: you’re so helpful, even when you’re going through your worst days you’re always there. You may put out a fake persona to fool people but you’re hurting so bad right now and I’m so sorry. This isn’t what you want to hear and you won’t believe me but it will all be okay soon enough my friend.

Taurus: you’re so funny. Your laugh brightens up a room. When you walk in the room glows. People love you and you don’t even have to try. You’re so laid back and care free and it attracts so many people. You’ve had a rough past but I’m glad things are turning up, even in the smallest ways. Always there for everyone. Thanks.

Gemini: you’re smart and cute and witty and I hate you for it. You’re like an adorable five year old stuck inside yourself. You have this cute laugh and happy eyes and bright mind. You’re so helpful. No matter to who. You’re fantastic. You’re wonderful. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

Cancer: your home life is a wreck. I’m so sorry for everything you’ve gone though. You’re either so emotional of completely emotionaless at this point. You’ve been in a dark time for such a long time. Your dark time makes you lash out at people you love. It’s hard to tell people how you feel. You shrug it off but we can see you’re hurting. Darling I love you. Other oeople love you please talk to us.

Leo: keep staring up strong. I know it’s hard sometimes but it does everyone good to have someone like you full of love and life in their world. Keep on truckin’.

Virgo: you are so fucking strong. You’re me. You’re tough. You can get through anything. I love you. You’re amazing. I don’t know what I would do without my fellow virgos. You mean the world to me. You’ve been though a lot of shit and when you didn’t want to love and live. You did. Congrats, you’re a tough cookie. Keep moving forward kid.

Libra: I’m glad you got everything figured out. I’m glad that you’re life is better. I’m glad you’re getting it all put back together. You’re an angel. You’re my savior from above. I encourage you to do your best. Keep on doing the good.

Scorpio: strong isn’t the word for you. Hard work is how you distract yourself. You’re blessed and beautiful. I want you to know that you’re my role model. You’re the strongest I know. You’ve seen so much. Been through so much. Memories are what’s important my love, always remember that sweetheart.

Sagittarius: you have a warm heart. Overbearing sometimes but it’s because you have so much love to give. Find someone who needs all that love and give it to them but don’t drain yourself in the process. Please remember that.

Capricorn: I know that people have hurt you. I know people are mean. I know life isn’t fair. But find a person. Find a human. Actually find anything. Talk to it. Throw things. Yell. Scream. Get it all out. Get it all out until you’re exhausted. I promise you’ll feel better tomorrow.

Aquarius: you’re charming. So charming. Don’t abuse that special trait. Don’t hurt others Becasue someone hurt you. Please.

Pisces: cry. Breathe. Cry. Breathe. Scream. Inhale. Exhale.

Reality Check to table Outlander Fandom on Tmblr

I was going to post this yesterday. Thankfully, a couple of people I admire here let me rant to them instead so thank you @flocklander and @tvuckic for talking me off the ledge. It was a bad pain day for me so my temper got the better of me. With that as an intro., I’m going to blather a bit about Maturity in a fandom and life in general, so there will be typos galore and it will likely run long.

I know that people are tired of negativity here, and that many of us are tired in general, and I want to emphasize strongly that I am throwing shade at NO ONE IN PARTICULAR here. I am not writing at YOU, whomever you think you are. I am writing it because it helps me to condense my thoughts, and I enjoy it. 

So, maturity then. What is it? How do you acquire it? Keep it? Model it? Understanding that I am 53 years old might help you, lovely reader, to understand that I take my responsibility as an Elder in society seriously. I have no desire to be everyone’s buddy, friend, sibling or enabler. Not my job as Elder OR as a Human Being. As to the answers to the questions posed above, what do you think they are? Do you think about them? At all? Ever?

I believe that maturity is not predicated on age, but that aging certainly helps to understand it and the need for it better. Might I refer you all to the incredible book The Sibling Society by Robert Bly? I think there are quite a few women in this fandom who need to read it, badly. 

I honestly have never seen such a large group of women behave in the manner that I have since I rejoined Tumblr. If I didn’t know better, I would say the average age would be somewhere around 16. Seriously. Teenagers. Never my favorite group, even when I was one. Everything is so fucking emotional, over the top, and cliquish. Never have I seen such absurd finger pointing. Never, and I worked for the Government and the Police. I mean think about that. 

Do we need another “it’s my blog and I’ll post what I want” post? Or how about another “No I am the best fan because I worship at the altar of whosit and whatsit and they can do no wrong!’ Or say “He sucks, I love her, or She sucks, I love him.” I don’t know how about more Everyone sucks if you don’t agree with me, or let me throw some more shade at the people I agreed with last week, but don’t any more. ENOUGH WITH THE HOLIER THEN FUCKING THOU POSTS. 

You are better then this, no matter where you fall on the fan spectrum. Most of you have real lives, with real problems, real joys and really important things going on that have NOTHING to do with a show, a book, an actor or associated fuckery. Act like it. 

No matter how long the books go on, the show goes on, the actors continue in their careers, it really isn’t that important. Stop getting your feelings hurt over this stupidity. Donate or not, watch or not, promote or not, ship or not but FFS please stop believing that it is ok to attack ANYONE over this tripe. There will be posts you don’t agree with, humor you don’t like or get, people who get on your last nerve. That’s life. We are not all going to get in a circle jerk and sing Kumbaya. 

A Mature Fandom understands this and that critical thought is not bashing. Blind Devotion is stupid and dangerous. If someone tells you you cant squee like a 12 year old, they are wrong. If someone tells you you must squee like a 12 year old, they are wrong. Period. 

Alright, enough already from me. Just know that I am going to continue to like posts across the spectrum and side eye when ever I feel like it. I earned the right to do so. Next.


                       hold on. it ain’t over till it’s over. though we gave it everything we had.
                             move   on.   forget   what   you   lost,   forget   what   it   cost.

                                    but don’t forget the dream.


Rest in paradise, Linda McCartney ♡ [September 24, 1941 - April 17 ,1998]

17 years ago today, on April 17, 1998, we lost a beautiful human being to a brave but difficult battle with cancer. Linda McCartney may have physically left us but her spirit and her legacy lives on forever. In the words Paul, “The world was a better place for having known her.” and I couldn’t agree more. Linda had a heart of gold. She loved her family to death and always did everything she could to protect them. She loved nature, music, photography, cooking, and of course, she loved animals. She often said she preferred spending time with her animals than going out to socialize at parties and such. There are dozens upon dozens of things that I love about this woman but one of my very favorites would have to be how much she never cared about what people thought about her. Linda was never fake, she never pretended to be someone else to please the crowd. She was 100% herself and that’s what made her extraordinarily beautiful. She was so natural, so gentle and kind. Shes the definition of natural beauty to me. And I don’t mean just physically beautiful I mean her soul and her heart too. She was beautiful inside and out. Linda, wherever you are right now I hope you are smiling. I may be just a random person but you mean the world to me and I will forever love you to death…because you’ve just been such an inspiration and role model to me. You’ve helped me surpass my fears and my insecurity. You influenced me in photography and vegetarianism. But above all, you taught me how to be selfless and kind to others. I love you so much, I always will.
Rest in paradise, my Queen. -Desi xxxx

@taylorswift not sure if you’ll ever come across this but in all seriousness I am SO proud to call YOU my role model and my hero and my inspiration. I’m sorry that it’s gotten to the point where you are able to fill an entire music video with criticisms and hateful jokes and mockery that this world has thrown at you, but you’ve risen above it all and you’re not going to let anyone make you the butt of their jokes ever again and I’m just so proud of you. I cannot WAIT to hear the rest of the record. Love you.

We have our inners cast for the new musical!! My translations of their messages below:

☆Sailor Moon/Tsukino Usagi: Nomoto Hotaru
Nice to meet you. I’m Nomoto Hotaru and I’ll be playing Sailor Moon/Tsukino Usagi. I’ve been nervous for days leading up to the announcement, it already feels like my heart is going to jump out of my chest. I never even dreamed that I’d be playing Sailor Moon. Until I can wear the Guardian costume and appear in front of you all, I won’t feel like it’s real. I’ll do my best so that we can live up to the history of Sera Myu and to bring you a wonderful performance with the other Guardians. I’m going to work my hardest to bring you an amazing and lovable Usagi, so please give me your support!

☆Sailor Mercury/Mizuno Ami: Kuroki Hikari
Nice to meet you. I’m Kuroki Hikari and I’ll be playing Sailor Mercury/Mizuno Ami. This is my first time appearing in a play or musical, so I’m really excited. Mizuno Ami is a refined and kind person, a little ditzy but very intelligent, the kind of girl anyone would look up to…I don’t think I’m much like her, but I’m going to work hard to become as close to Ami as I can! I’m nervous, but I’m going to do my best to become the Mizuno Ami you all know so please give me your support!

☆Sailor Mars/Hino Rei: Kobayashi Karen
I’m Kobayashi Karen, playing Sailor Mars/Hino Rei. Sera Myu is stage show loved by many people. The same is true of the 5 actresses who played the 5 Sailor Guardians up until now. I actually went to the show last year and really felt the strength of the bonds between those 5 girls, and really wanted to act in a play as moving as this! When it was decided that I would be in the next show, I was so happy I broke down in tears. I’m going to give my all to become more and more like Hino Rei, to fall in love with my companions, and to bring you a play overflowing with love and friendship! Please give me your support!

☆Sailor Jupiter/Kino Makoto: Kaede
Nice to meet you. I’m Kaede and I will be playing the role of Sailor Jupiter/Kino Makoto. When I was little, my brother and I played Sailor Moon games together. When I set out to be an actress, my ultimate goal was to be in Sera Myu. I’m very happy to be able to take part in this show. The manga, the anime, the musicals… there are so many fans that treasure Sailor Moon, so above all! I want to treasure this role. Using the experiences I’ve gained from my work as a model, I’ll do my best to show you a feminine, cool Jupiter!

☆Sailor Venus/Aino Minako: Hasegawa Rimo
I’m Hasegawa Rimo and I’m playing Sailor Venus/Aino Minako. It is a great privilege to star in a series that has been running since before I was born. There are manga fans, anime fans, and Sera Myu fans - many people who love Sailor Moon, and to jump into a series with such a long history makes me excited and nervous. I’ll do my absolute best to portray Minako, who is both a normal girl who wants to be an idol and the brave leader of the 5 Guardians. The musicals exist because you all keep coming to the theater, and I want to create a dream show along with all of the Sailor Moon fans around the world. Please come to see us at the theater. 

The dates have also been announced! This time the show will have performances in a third location, Fukuoka!

Tokyo: 2016/10/15 ~ 10/23 AiiA 2.5 Theater Tokyo
Fukuoka: 2016/10/29 ~ 10/30 Canal City Theater
Osaka: 2016/11/4~ 11/6 Sankei Hall Breeze

The official site says more details coming soon!


#WhoIsMuhammadصلى الله عليه وسلم

I was checkin what’s trending on Twitter and I found this hashtag. Please if any of y'all have Twitter join us this hashtag .

Yah rasulallah you are someone I love so deeply , someone who is my role model , someone who I want my future husband , daughters and sons to look upto. Above all you’re my Rasulallahصلى الله عليه وسلم

Exo and toys

Chen/Jongdae: buys Lego in terrifying amounts. Covers every flat surface of his room with Lego. Steps on them. Rolls on the floor and cries in pain. Still loves Lego. Learns Danish in his free time. Wants to work with Lego when grown up.

Kai/Jongin: unhealthily obsessed with “Littlest Pet Shop”. Picks out all those which remind him of dogs. Feeds them with real dog food. Unsuccessfully. Is very worried. Tries to take them to a veterinary. Gets kicked out.

Chanyeol: gameboy guy. Owns all available versions of Nintendo consoles. His ultimate dream is to catch them all. Went mad for Pokemon GO. Left the house two weeks ago and no one has seen him since.

Baekhyun: loves his nerf guns. Uses them to harass every other member. Demands strawberry cake. Doesn’t get it. Hides in the house and shoots at people from his hideout. Continues until gets strawberry cake.

Kris/Yifan: got a small chemistry set for christmas. The instruction looked boring. Threw it out. Decided to mix together only the ingredients that smell nice. Blew up the house. Burned off part of his eyebrow. It’s a miracle he is still alive.

Tao/Zitao: doesn’t part with his friendship bracelet making set. Produces bracelets with an astonishing rate. Gives them to everyone, even strangers on the street. They fall apart after one hour. Wants to open a bracelet shop. No one has the heart to tell him it’s a bad idea.

D.O./Kyungsoo: has a barbie collection. Uses food dye to color their hair and clothes black. Builds a throne out of branches. Pretends dolls are “Game of thrones” characters. Severs their heads in free time. Steals Tao’s red eyeliner. Pretends it’s blood.

Xiumin/Minseok: is strictly a tamagotchi guy. Owns every edition in all possible color schemes. Sixty eight of them to be exact. Accidentally killed a tamagotchi once. Almost committed suicide. Vowed to never let that happen again.

Luhan: tries to be manly. Collects money for toy cars. Goes to the shop. Loses his mind over “Frozen” merch. Forgets about cars. Brings home a life sized Elsa doll.

Lay/Yixing: bought a plastic medkit ten years ago. Still owns it. Pretends his plushies are patients. Cut open his toy hedgehog while performing a surgery. Couldn’t close the “wound”. Buried him in the backyard. To this day leaves flowers on the grave.

Suho/Joonmyeon: someone said toys? Sold all of them long ago and bought books on general relativity instead. Cries over how beautiful the standard model is in free time. Looks with contempt at everybody’s toys. Is secretly shedding tears over his lost childhood.

Sehun: went mad for Furbies. Treats Furbies like friends, treats friends like Furbies. Organises staring contests with them. So far he’s lost every single one. Everyone can hear him talk with them during the night. All psychiatrists are helpless. There is no escape.


Okay this is going back to my traditional ones :)
I loveeee toys and all of the above are literally my childhood, or acually not so much childhood anymore because I still play with them haha…
i love them all but I’m personally mostly sehunnie, channy and xiumin. Furbies, Pokémon and tamagotchi.
i guess a typical 90s kid?
Anyway let me know who are you most simmilar to :) and if you have any other ideas simmilar to this.
Lots of love :)

anonymous asked:

Hi! Sorry to bother you, but I was wondering where you got the poses in this post : post/118066829457/so-so-what-madeleine-snaps-at-her-coworker Do you actually have any good blogs/tumblr to suggest to get poses?

  1. This is either the EA typing animation or pose number 10 in Spladoum’s laptop set (linked below).
  2. Laptop Poses by Spladoum
  3. 11 Poses Yes, BOSS by IMHO
  4. 11 Poses Do Not Be Sad, Baby! by IMHO

As for good places to get poses in general, a month or two ago I actually exported all the CLIPs in my mods folder because I was curious exactly how many poses I had in game, and it was WELL over 5,000. I could go on for ages listing my favorite pose creators and sets, but here are just a few that I can think of off the top of my head (and in no particular order).

  1. Spladoum - Tons of high quality poses for almost any situation. Her NSFW poses are here.
  2. Fyachii - Some of the best couple poses I’ve ever seen. More of their poses can be found here as well.
  3. Skylar - Great kissing and modeling poses.
  4. Delight33 - A lot of beautiful pose packs. That page doesn’t show their older sets either (at least on my browser), but they’re still available if you scroll page by page.
  5. Tamamaro - Another creator with a huge selection. Very detailed and specific, some with several variations, so they’re great for storytelling.
  6. F&L Club - Well made with a wide variety. If you click on “Full View”, you can see unphotoshopped previews with the pose codes listed.
  7. Iliketodissectsims - Nice quality and very unique and interesting ideas.
  8. SimsFans Forum - They have a massive amount of pose packs. I especially like the ones by Lenina_90, although you can find other gems there too.
  9. IMHO - The best modeling poses available in my opinion.
  10. Wickedsims - I use the heck out of their couple poses.
  11. Fairsteadsims - Same as above. These stretch the male skeleton, though, so keep that in mind.
  12. Ginara - Their newer ones are better than their older ones, but they’re all still very usable.
  13. NotJustaBook - Not as many sets as the above creators, but what they have is underappreciated. I love their poses though. Very useful stuff.
  14. Berry - Super adorable pose packs.
  15. Inna_Lisa - Again, I like their newer sets better than their older ones, but they’ve made some real treasures.

I’m sure I can come up with a bunch more, but those are most of my go-to pose creators. Also, some other good sites to find new poses are Heaven’s Pose Database (so ridiculously useful!), My Sims 3 Poses (not updated anymore, but contains a good selection of older pose packs), Sunny CC Finds, and CC Finds from Captainsimerica.

Hope that helps! :)

genuinesoftboy  asked:

Can I ask why you have the emojis you do next to Sleens name?? I always am like super particular with the emojis I give ppl

i put these emojis by their name about a year and a half ago

  • tomato emoji is most complicated one and it is bc: 1. when we first reconnected again after high school they texted me after a long time with just a tomato emoji and i didnt have their phone number saved in my contacts but somehow still knew it was them 2. they like tomatoes even though they dont like most food 3. they are sasuke and sasuke’s canon fav food is tomatoes  
  • sparkle emoji is bc they always have vampire/anime sparkles around them at all times bc theyre an ephemeral model 
  • smiley purple devil emoji is a duality – half bc they are devilishly handsome and have a thirst for mischief and half bc i also share this thirst for mischief especially in regards to directing this at them in a sexy and annoying way 
  • a-ok hand emoji bc i imagined doing that hand motion about them as a person also with an implied kiss sound
  • pink flower emoji represents my innocent adoration of them, blossoming romance, gentle intimacy, a sweet connection between companions 
  • sparkly heart emoji bc i love them with all of my heart so much so that there are sparkles (see sparkle emoji analysis above) related to that love – essentially, its super love 
  • rainbow emoji because gay 

Mental illness is not a joke.
Mental illness is not something to be made fun of, it’s not something that people choose to have, it’s not something that anyone wants.

Waking up this morning to see these posts by someone who is a fairly big role model to young women bagging out another popular role model who is also one of my very good friends has broken my heart.

Rosie (cleanbodyfreshstart) has been one of biggest support posts I’ve had in my life. She has been nothing but caring, loving, and supportive of me throughout my journey and recovery. She has consistently put my wellbeing above her own, especially when we lived together, and has never made me feel as if I’m worthless.

As we all know, Rosie has been struggling lately with her own demons, and I am so proud to say that she is continuing to come out on top - she is thriving and fighting her battles with such a positive outlook on everything.
Rosie would call me when she got leave from the hospital, to tell me about how well she was doing. As someone who has first hand experienced these places, I cannot describe how elated I was to hear that she was doing well. From what I’ve heard - Rosie has gained a new lease on life, a new outlook, and an even brighter positive attitude towards all aspects of life.

Rosie has not once in the years I have known her, promoted mental illness. We have had many discussions about this, and all I can remember is the both of us agreeing that we would never wish this on anyone else. Rosie has been fighting a battle for the most part of her life and she has finally built up so much strength and courage to really make a change and take a huge step in her recovery. I can’t think of a time I have ever been prouder in my life.

When I woke up this morning and checked Tumblr to see Kubby’s post, I had to know what was going on. Didn’t take me long to find out, considering durianrider is such a big “role model” I found it quite fast. Which means anyone can find it.
He is making a personal attack on someone who has done no wrong, he is making a personal attack on people with mental illness. Durianrider does not know Rosie, has not met Rosie, does not know her story or why she has been struggling for so long. In fact, not many people do. It is extremely unfair of him to publicly accuse Rosie of having a victim complex, a drug addiction, or any of the other outlandish claims he has made.
I lived with her for a long time, I first hand know that none of this is factual!
Rosie has been struggling, yes, but that does not give anyone the right to assume they know her battles. No one has the right to speak on her behalf, especially to the entire world.

Reading these posts made me feel so terrible - I have suffered from mental illness in my life, and so have many other people - does this mean we all have victim complexes? Are we all ‘faking’ it? Do we all need to grow up and stop feeling sorry for ourselves?
After lots of thinking, the answer is NO. We all have demons. We all have battles to fight ourselves. We are all walking our own journeys and NO ONE, not even someone with 100k+ Instagram followers has the right to undermine Rosie, myself, or anyone else.

This is for you Durianrider, I think you need to have a long hard look at yourself and figure out what it is that you are missing in your life - because no genuinely happy person would EVER spend their time spreading harsh lies about someone else on the Internet. I hope you take your recovery as seriously as Rosie has been taking hers, and I truly hope you beat your own demons.

Happy Birthday Sandara Park!

I have never known a person as wonderful as you. You’ve been through so much hardship in your life but you remained strong and hopeful–and I admire you so much for that.

Thank you for teaching me to be a good person even if life throws rocks at me, even if there are people antagonizing me. You are my role model and I can honestly say, there is no one better suited for it than you.

On your birthday, I wish for your happiness above anything else. I wish for you to be able to fulfill all of your dreams. I wish for your good health and more love to be showered upon you.

Thank you for being a blessing in my life. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY GODDESS.


25 years ago, on July 17th, 1989, Disneyland’s Splash Mountain opened to the public. I was fortunate enough to be on the opening crew for Splash. In the Navy, when you’re on the first crew of a new ship you’re referred to as a “Plankowner” and I’m proud to be a plankowner for Splash Mountain. The “birthing” process wasn’t easy, and those first few days (weeks, months…) were a mix of evacuations, questions, explaining to people that they really will get wet, and Guests both thrilled and disappointed. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. 

At the time we were told about all the cool things that other opening crews got for their new attractions… T-shirts, models, all kinds of stuff. What we got was the name-tag pictured above. And while I’ll admit to being a little disappointed at the time, I will tell you with all honesty that other than meeting the Lovely & Talented Mrs. Jim’s Guts, it’s my 2nd most prized Disney possession. 


Here’s a sneak peek at my first lookbook!

Many thanks to my lovely friends for posing for my camera and putting on my handmade goods. They all look gorgeous, don’t they? (Out of respect for the privacy of the models, if you know one of them, please do not tag their tumblrs on this post unless you ask them first.)

If you are interested in purchasing any of the above items, send me a message!

1. Bird’s Nest Headpiece
2. Burgundy Shrug
3. Granny Square Earrings
4. Hooded Capelet
5. Bird and Leaf Headpiece, Candy Corn Earrings
6. Autumn Leaf Crown, Oversize Chunky Scarf
7. Chunky Infinity Scarf
8. Green/Yellow Lap Blanket
9. Black Mesh Headpiece
10. Orange/Green Open Pullover

Photo credit: la-negra-barbuda
Designer: la-negra-barbuda

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Please avoid reading this if you have anything else better to do

I wasn’t going to post this on Tumblr, but so many people on my fb told me that they’ve enjoyed it that I figured it was worth sharing with the 20% of you who will make it through all of this- please only read this if you want to know my life/thoughts on a level deeper than most ever care to (and that’s okay!! I just want to throw this out there for anyone who might gain insight or relate is all, feel free to pass it over.)

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