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I’ve been thinking about the scene when Harrison’s mom screams “HE MADE HIS BROTHER DISAPPEAR” a lot. It’s bothered me since the second I saw it.

Then I remembered when David asked him to bring the rabbit back and he said he didn’t know how and that it’s why he’s there.

Harrison’s parents signed him up for magic camp so he could control whatever powers he has and bring his brother back.


ITS SUMMER. I liked the lighting here, but it does force me to realise that the sun does completely bleach and obliterate my eyebrows

Süt veren sızılar bunlar. Nasıl ki bir ineği sağar benim köylüm benim halkım . Sen de halk ol bana köy ol bana . Sağ benim bereketimi . Avuçla avuçla sık benim bereket tasan bedenimi. Coşkun şelalerimi akıt boşalt kendine. Kendine aş - ekmek yap.
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