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WT papyrus beta

i have no excuse at this point tbh

i know the colours are off, i was running out of inspiration, sue me.  i named his reed because ?? idk? it was similar to red and that was amusing to me ? probably gonna change. the time zone i was gonna place this in also changed? im probably gonna have to change this, or sans. because im sure they’ll look great together! (detect the sarcasm). Honestly? i had no idea what kind f magic to give him and was like, whatever give him plant/earth yes that flower has an eye in it. hes able to make some really weird stuff with his plant magic probablybecausehegotmostofgasterpersonality

bonus first drafts papys under teh cut because what am i gonna do with em honestly 

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ITS SUMMER. I liked the lighting here, but it does force me to realise that the sun does completely bleach and obliterate my eyebrows

Süt veren sızılar bunlar. Nasıl ki bir ineği sağar benim köylüm benim halkım . Sen de halk ol bana köy ol bana . Sağ benim bereketimi . Avuçla avuçla sık benim bereket tasan bedenimi. Coşkun şelalerimi akıt boşalt kendine. Kendine aş - ekmek yap.
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anonymous asked:

top 5 sebstan looks

- The White Shirt™ from CATFA press where the neckline was so loose and low that I could see his necklace and also he was wearing rings still, that’s Number 1 always and forever
- That video he did for Buzzfeed last March where they have him that wolf plushie
- The all black tux from the LA Prem of TWS
- The day he was out in NYC in jeans and a striped jumper with a denim jacket and a beanie hat and sunglasses and looked Confused™
- When he was on set of OUAT and was wearing the skinny jeans and boots with buckles and the long black peacoat on top of a black hoodie that he had pulled up and his little curls were just sticking out from under the hood

ask me my top 5 anything 💖


23/3/2017 • doing some work with my cousin at a quaint little cafe today. This place has a glass ceiling so lots of natural light, which is really nice ✨✨

I’m going for a green and earth toned theme for my bujo this week 💚