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i hope senpai will notice meme ||| mixtape for meme loving fucks

come on and slam ♦ caramelldansen ♦ spooky scary skeletons (living tombstones remix) ♦ butterfly ♦ nice legs daisy dukes ♦ i’m a believer (shrek ost) ♦ everybody (headshotboyz remix) ♦ a cruel angel’s thesis (bike horn remix) ♦ i wanna take you to a gay bar ♦ every time we touch ♦ steppin on the beach (club mix) ♦ ponponpon (heavy metal ver.) ♦ running in the 90s ♦ ninja clan here we stand ♦ levan polka (basshunter remix) ♦ what the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? i’ll have you know i ♦ marisa stole the precious thing ♦ gangnam style (yg mashup)♦ dota (dj walkz remix) ♦ bad boy ♦ never gonna give you up (dj flo remix) ♦ nyan cat (club mix) ♦ ice ice baby (high voltage mashup) ♦ what is love ♦ love shine ♦ actual cannibal shia labeouf ♦ hallelujah (waluigi remix) ♦ barbie girl ♦ darude - sandstorm ♦ HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA ♦ crawling in my skin ♦ bumblebee ♦ all star ♦ numa numa ♦ careless whisper


this is my masterpiece, i will never create anything better than this mix

punk goes acoustic // a playlist by panicfever

some of the top hits from the biggest pop punk artists out there, acoustic version.


01. sugar we’re goin down // fall out boy 02. this is gospel // panic! at the disco 03. misery business // paramore 04. the middle // jimmy eat world 05. kids from yesterday // my chemical romance 06. move along // all american rejects 07. face down // the red jumpsuit apparatus 08. feeling this // blink 182 09. dear maria, count me in // all time low 10. i write sins not tragedies // panic! at the disco 11. be my escape // relient k 12. 1985 // bowling for soup 13. my songs know what you did in the dark // fall out boy 14. decode // paramore 15. about a girl // the academy is… 16. sing // my chemical romance 17. backseat serenade // all time low 18. the anthem // good charlotte

a video game music mix to study to because unfortunately this work wont do itself


  1. Professor Layton’s Theme - Professor Layton
  2. Reverie Never More Reincarnation - Persona 4
  3. Rainy Day - Animal Crossing
  4. Clock Town - Fresh Five
  5. Puzzles - Professor Layton and The Curious Village
  6. KK Bossa Orchestral - Tomoki Hasegawa
  7. Skyloft - The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
  8. Main Theme - Professor Layton and the Unwound Future
  9. Lost Woods (Ocarina of Time) - Satoshi Akiwa
  10. Stray Sheep - Catherine
  11. Main Theme - Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy
  12. Princess Zelda - Hyrule Symphony
  13. Smile - Persona 4
  14. Time Travel - Professor Layton and the Unwound Future
  15. Gusty Garden Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy
  16. Theme Song - Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva
  17. 5pm - Animal Crossing
  18. Love Theme - MOTHER 3
  19. Title Screen - Animal Crossing: Wild World
  20. Zelda's Lullaby - The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
  21.  Puzzle Battle - Professor Layton and the Unwound Future
  22. Smiles and Tears - Earthbound/MOTHER 2
  23. Innocent Boy - Animal Crossing
  24. Main Theme (Live) - Professor Layton and he Diabolical Box 
  25. Exciting Love - Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life
  26. Shiroku Hirata Never More - Persona 4
  27. Main Theme - Professor Layton and the Specter’s Flute
  28. 8am - Animal Crossing: New Leaf
  29. Winter Theme - Harvest Moon: Magical Melody
  30. Staff Roll - The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker



Four mixes for four supernatural creatures.

[listen @ 8tracks] theme from ghost world - david kitay // no death - mirel wagner // the curse - agnes obel // haunted (without ghost) - beyonce // halfsleeper - chelsea wolfe // dark doo wop - ms mr // i’ll drown - soley // death is the road to awe - clint mansell // the baudelaire orphans - thomas newman // ghost (poem) - emilie autumn

WEREWOLVES [listen @ 8tracks] werewolf heart - dead man’s bones // beat the devil’s tattoo - brmc // howlin’ for you - the black keys // fresh blood - eels // wolf like me - tv on the radio // wolf & i - oh land // black irish - the devil makes three // iron - woodkid // kill of the night - gin wingmore

VAMPIRES [listen @ 8tracks] all saints day - the silent comedy // bad ritual - timber timbre // blood on my name - the wright brothers // rev 22:20 - puscifer // the end is the beginning is the end - the smashing pumpkins // dark in my imagination - verona // dissolved girl - massive attack // over - portishead // bloodstream - stateless // dead and gone - the black keys // closer - kings of leon // cells - the servant

WITCHES [listen @ 8tracks] intro - dead man’s bones // sweet dreams - emily browning // psychotic girl - the black keys // female robbery - the neighbourhood // burn the witch - qotsa // raise hell - brandi carlile // dark secret - matthew sweet // o death - jen titus // stranger - the devil makes three // lose your soul - dead man’s bones // the sun - soap&skin

P E R S E P H O N E  S P E A K S 

a collection of poetry written for persephone, the goddess of the spring who bit a god in the wrist and descended to the underworld to rule hell and hades and devoured the pomegranate and those who stood in her way to maintain her throne there

part i. PERSEPHONE by UltimateOutlaw

She, who in the hell-halls of Hades feasts—
Who ate from these, three pomegranate seeds,
Maiden of Spring, became the Iron Queen.


Mother, you don’t understand; I made Hades run to me
He saw my bones beneath and offered me half his kingdom.
Do you really think I ate the fruit unwillingly?

part iii. PERSEPHONE THE WANDERER by Louise Gluck

Persephone is having sex in hell.
Unlike the rest of us, she doesn’t know
what winter is, only that
she is what causes it.


You asked me, mother, why I only ate six seeds, then
and I didn’t know what to say, way back when. 

part v. PERSEPHONE by Emily Palermo

they’ve kept the truth
about persephone a secret
burying it deep below


he calls me his lady
but he knows
i am a queen

part vii. I AM NOT MEANT TO SERVE by S.A.

one month to pluck your heartstrings,
two months to seize your kingdom,
and the third to rule it

part viii. PERSEPHONE by D.S. 

she swallowed the seeds as  
willingly as she will one day
swallow the w o r l d  

Gender Neutral Pop-Punk

A mix of pop-punk songs about somebody, that use gender neutral language!

Don’t Go, Don’t Stray - Transit // Home For Fall - Real Friends // There, There - The Wonder Years // I Miss You - Candy Hearts // Twin Size Mattress - The Front Bottoms // When It Rains - Paramore // Love Your Friends, Die Laughing - Man Overboard // I’ll Give You A Hint, Yes - Mixtapes // Jesus Christ - Brand New // I Miss You - Blink-182 // Hot 97 Summer Jam - Chumped // Losing Teeth - Neck Deep // Sleep Talk - Old Again



Thirteen songs for fluorescent skies and electric air, for empty buildings and human-flooded streets, for the rupture of one world and the growth of another.

FRONTWOMEN // a mix by panicfever

In a scene dominated by men, women in alternative music deserve all the recognition they can get. 


01. st. patrick // pvris 02. machine // love, robot 03. lonely girl // tonight alive 04. playing god // paramore 05. cold blooded // courage my love 06. gravity // against the current 07. talking dreams // echosmith 08. heaven knows // the pretty reckless 09. the best thing (that never happened) // we are the in crowd 10. summer // darling parade 11. captivate you // marmozets 12. freak like me // halestorm 13. make a move // icon for hire 14. fight // the dirty youth 15. save yourself // adora 


RUSSIAN LITERATURE: A MUSICAL COMMENTARY  | listen here | 8tracks profile

This is what happens whan you have too many russian novels to read for an exam and you choose to procrastinate instead. Fun fact: many of the characters you’ll learn to love will end up either dead or miserable. Ah, the pleasures of a good book!

“Levochka, dear, if you want me to revise your writing you might as well stop messing around in the countryside” - Tolstoy’s wife, sometimes during her life, probably