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♥ As A Weapon, I Shed No Tears // [listen] // a Kagero and Saizo breakup mix ♥

1. Somebody That I Used To Know - Gotye / 2. You Don’t Know Me - Ben Folds / 3. Scared - Delta Rae / 4. Machine Gun - Sara Bareilles / 5. Now I’m All Messed Up - Tegan & Sara / 6. Unconsolable - X Ambassadors / 7. Balloons - Julia Nunes / 8. You + Me + Alcohol - Allison Weiss / 9. I Couldn’t Be Your Friend - Tegan & Sara /  10. One More Night (Your Ex-Lover Remains Dead) - Stars / 11. That Was Us - Julia Nunes / 12. Foreigner’s God - Hozier / 13. Words as Weapons - Birdy

Gender Neutral Pop-Punk

A mix of pop-punk songs about somebody, that use gender neutral language!

Don’t Go, Don’t Stray - Transit // Home For Fall - Real Friends // There, There - The Wonder Years // I Miss You - Candy Hearts // Twin Size Mattress - The Front Bottoms // When It Rains - Paramore // Love Your Friends, Die Laughing - Man Overboard // I’ll Give You A Hint, Yes - Mixtapes // Jesus Christ - Brand New // I Miss You - Blink-182 // Hot 97 Summer Jam - Chumped // Losing Teeth - Neck Deep // Sleep Talk - Old Again



RUSSIAN LITERATURE: A MUSICAL COMMENTARY  | listen here | 8tracks profile

This is what happens whan you have too many russian novels to read for an exam and you choose to procrastinate instead. Fun fact: many of the characters you’ll learn to love will end up either dead or miserable. Ah, the pleasures of a good book!

“Levochka, dear, if you want me to revise your writing you might as well stop messing around in the countryside” - Tolstoy’s wife, sometimes during her life, probably

1. Move LIke Mettaton’s Prototype by TUWieZ
2. Crush on Kokayna by マクロスMACROSS 82-99
3. Can You Really Call This Money, I Didn’t Recieve A Paycheck In My Mail Or Anything by Le Ruse Bird
4. Baddygirl 2 (*Flawless Remix) by M.I.A. feat. The Party Squad & Beyoncé
5. Rude Baptism (Rihanna vs Crystal Castles) By the Hood Internet
6. Selfish High Heels by YUNG BAE feat. MACROSS 82-99
7. Feeling Myself (feat. Beyoncé) by Nicki Minaj
8. Death By Glamour (feat. NIcki Minaj) by IAMPRIKLE
9. Big Spender (feat. A$AP Rocky) by Theophilus London
10. Twerk by Basement Jaxx
11. Goodie Goodies by Cakes Da KIlla
12. Sugilite Out by Aivi and Surasshu ft. Nicki MInaj
13. Running by Blend feat. Gustaph
14. Ride It (ft. Ludacris) by Ciara
15. Papi Pacify by FKA Twigs
16. Gonna Give ya Hopes & Dreams by Renim G

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THE WITCH’S SON | listen | more

“In the earliest times, which were so susceptible to vague speculation and the inevitable ordering of the universe, there can have existed no division between the poetic and the prosaic. Everything must have been tinged with magic. Thor was not the god of thunder; he was the thunder and the god.” 

A playlist for those with an affinity with the mystical, for those who love vocals tinged with an otherworldly touch, for those who thrive on ambience and deep dark beats; a haunting indie-pop & chillwave mix.

Make It Easy, Say I Never Mattered

a bunch of songs with lyrics that really get to me (lyrics are annotated)

Young Volcanoes - Fall Out Boy // Migraine - Twenty One Pilots // The Draw - Bastille // Spotlight (Oh Nostalgia) - Patrick Stump // I Wanna Get Better - Bleachers // Oh Glory - Panic! At The Disco // Last Hope - Paramore // Holding On To You - Twenty One Pilots // Close But No Cigar - Thomas Dolby // The (Shipped) Gold Standard - Fall Out Boy // The Kids From Yesterday - My Chemical Romance // Coast (It’s Gonna Get Better) - Patrick Stump // Camisado - Panic! At The Disco // Undisclosed Desires - Muse // And The Snakes Start To Sing - Bring Me The Horizon // Kids With Guns - Gorillaz // Bittersweet Symphony - The Verve