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which one fits ur aesthetic ? (insp) (insp)

it’s 1978 nd ur chillin w ur vampire byf in his basement nd he rly likes the taste of boxed wine even tho it makes him puke

u nd ur friends r following an abandoned train track cause an old man told u there’s a werewolf cave at the end of it nd all u have on u r a couple of flashlights, a broken compass, nd a packet of gummy worms

its 3 days before the end of the world so ur sitting in the middle of the highway in a fur coat getting high with ur dog

its 11:11 nd ur sitting at the edge of a dock drinking peach tea staring down at the black waves of the ocean nd ur head kinda hurts nd ur heart feels heavy

Glory and Devotion - A Black Praise Mix: some tracks have gospel choirs; some are explicitly religious; some are rap; some are ballads; all are Black people thankful for something in the world.

01. Rise - Solange // 02. Ultralight Beam - Kanye West // 03. Glory - John Legend + Common // 04. I Smile - Kirk Franklin // 05. Wonderful - India.Arie // 06. Sunday Candy - Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment + Chance the Rapper // 07. Crooked Smile - J. Cole // 08. Sweet Va Breeze - Big Baby D.R.A.M. // 09. River (Live on SNL) - Leon Bridges // 10. Rollercoasters (Live) - Tank and the Bangas // 11. Reality Check - Noname ft. Eryn Allen Kane + Akenya // 12. D.R.A.M. Sings Special - Chance the Rapper ft. Big Baby D.R.A.M. // 13. Blessings (Reprise) - Chance the Rapper

My mixes Black Boi Joy - A (Genderfluid) Celebration and Mystic Kickback: A Black Defiance Mix go with this one.

Isn’t It Rich? Are We a Pair? - All-Broadway All-Musical Narumitsu Fanmix


Hey everyone, I’ve started the process of reuploading my old fanmixes to Playmoss so that people can actually LISTEN to them ever since 8tracks started sucking. So the obvious choice for the first one is my pride and joy, my sappy romantic All-Broadway fanmix for Phoenix/Miles from Ace Attorney.

Fanmix cover art by mustachossom.

Tracklist and notes under the cut here.

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EMILY THE JUST // EMILY THE VENGEFUL - A low chaos // high chaos mix for Emily Kaldwin

THE JUST - spotify // playmoss

“It was not your choice to be the daughter of an Empress, but I believe you’ll rise to the challenge. Stay good-hearted, Emily. Keep drawing and telling stories." 

Emily Kaldwin the Just, first of her name, a daughter of kings and queens. She holds the kingdom in the palm of her hand, but she looks to the horizon, burning for something more, something she cannot have. The sea calls her home.

THE VENGEFUL - spotify // playmoss

"They’ll say that little Emily Kaldwin the First came to power in an age of terror and corruption, and that she did her best in a world that is not kind to little girls, or Empresses." 

Emily Kaldwin the Vengeful, Void-touched, a daughter of shadows and crows. She is an empress, yes, but she sits upon a throne of bones, and rules over all that is broken. Her teeth are bared and she has tasted blood.

Mix descriptions written by the wonderful @vaulthunterexe <3

Tracklist under the readmore //

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which one’s a current mood ? (pt 1)

u live in an old abandoned church nd ur only friends r the 3-eyed deer who eat the dead leaves

ur buying prank supplies with ur friends in a haunted walmart nd u make a ghost pal

it’s 1954 nd ur plannin the the perfect heist w ur gf at the local dinner nd u can’t stop ordering strawberry milkshakes, it’s all v gay

it’s 3:45am nd ur on the roof of a 711 eatin hot cheetos thinkin bout mistakes u’ve made nd also star gazing

Girls  A 4-hour playlist which includes upbeat, slow, and cover songs all focusing on girls who crush on girls, girls who love girls, girls who have had their hearts broken by girls, and other lesbian things.

i. Jenny – Lily Sevin | ii. I Like Girls – Monica Raymund | iii. Closer – Tegan and Sara | iv. She Keeps Me Warm – Mary Lambert | v. The Only Exception – Paramore | vi. Accidently in Love [cover] | vii. She Looks So Perfect [cover] | viii. Sex – Lauren Aquilina | ix. Underneath a Beating Heart – Rosi Golan | x. Rude - Kina Grannis | xi. Hey There Delilah – Jasmine Thompson | xii. I Do Adore – Mindy Gledhill | xiii. Do I Wanna Know – MS MR | xiv. Electric Feel – Katy Perry | xv. Stubborn Love – Ciara Catalla | xvi. I Miss You – Lauren Bonnell | xvii. Tell Her You Love Her - Echosmith | xviii. Get Lucky (ft. Tanika) – Naughty Boy | xix. Kiss is on My List – The Bird and the Bee | xx. Come and Get It – Jamie Dee | xxi. Sophia – Laura Marling | xxii. Valerie [cover] | xxiii. The Girl – Emma Taylor | xxiv. Sweater Weather – Kina Grannis | xxv. Riptide – Sarah Close | xxvi. Everybody – Ingrid Michaelson | xxvii. R U Mine? – Charlotte Williams | xxviii. Kiss on My List – The Bird and the Bee | xxix. Addicted to You – Avicii | xxx. Cupid’s Chokehold – Shannon Saunders | xxxi. I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance – Kate Nash | xxxii. Stay With Me – Madilyn Bailey | xxxiii. Love Love Love – Of Monsters and Men | xxxiv. Laughter Lines [cover] | xxxv. Teenage Dirtbag – Mary Lambert | xxxvi. 2 Atoms in a Molecule [cover] | xxxvii. Let Her Go – Jasmine Thompson | xxxviii. Creep – Monica Raymund | xxxix. All of Me [cover] | xl. Everybody Talks – Maddie and Julia | xli. Girlfriend – Icona Pop | xlii. Little Numbers – BOY | xliii. In Your Arms – Kina Grannis | xliv. Losing My Religion – Ceyda Tokgoz | xlv. Can’t Help Falling in Love – Ingrid Michaelson | xlvi. I Choose You – Sara Barielles | xlvii. I Wouldn’t Mind – He is We | xlviii. Girl – Daisy Nicole Clark | xlix. Girls – The 1975 | l. Chocolate [cover] | li. Can’t Stand It [cover] | lii. Counting Stars – Angel Haze | liii. Teenage Kicks [cover] | liv. Girls – Beatrice Eli | lv. I Didn’t Just Kiss Her – Jen Foster | lvi. Tattooed Heart – Ariana Grande | lvii. Fireproof [cover] | lviii. A Part of Me – Kayleigh Lazzara | lix. Bloom – Nikki Melcher | lx. Anyone Else But You [cover] | lxi. Toxic – Jayme Dee | lxii. Say You Like Me [cover] | lxiii. Hold On We’re Going Home – Pia Mia | lxiv. Baby Blue Eyes [cover] | lxv. Photograph – Laura Rocca | lxvi. Back to Life – Dresses | lxvii. Anchor – Mindy Gledhill | lxviii. She’s So High Above Me – Alison Tusik | lxix. You And I – Ingrid Michaelson | lxx. Love is Easy [cover] | lxxi. Sunset – Ka Lia Lang | lxxii. You Always Make Me Smile [cover] | lxxiii. You Make Me Happy – Lindsey Ray | lxxiv. Crimson and Clover – Alison Tusik | lxxv. Hot Venom – [cover] | lxxvi. Merry Happy – Kate Nash | lxxvii. Us – Regina Spektor | lxxviii. Flowers In Your Hair – Natalie Bart



] // [




to you (unfinished, off the top of my head) – A Genji/Lucio mix for @vaulthunterexe <3 [spotify] [playmoss]

A mix for two wartorn rebels in love, their hearts beating in unison. For scars in the process of healing, for learning to forgive past hurts – And this is what it must feel like, to find someone who is capable of filling an entire ocean with their love for you, and knowing that you love them just as much.

artwork by schwarzbrot

decription written by and cover/tracklist edited by @vaulthunterexe

tracklist //

1. Treelines by Little Daylight // 2. Ice by Lorn // 3. Coffee’s For Closers by Fall Out Boy // 4. Pizza Guy by Touch Sensitive // 5. Ribs by Lorde // 6. Song by Sylvan Esso // 7. The (After) Life Of The Party by Fall Out Boy // 8. Second Chances by Imagine Dragons // 9. Shameful Company by Rainbow Kitten Surprise // 10. Blue Light by Bloc Party // 11. Sound by Sylvan Esso // 12. Dissolve Me by Alt-J // 13. Love Stained by TV On The Radio // 14. Play It Right by Sylvan Esso // 15. Pearls by Cashmere Cat // 16. Spicy Boyfriend by Shawn Wasabi // 17. Sophomore Slump Or Comeback Of The Year by Fall Out Boy

concept playlists

one (1) person liked my post about concept playlists so now you all have to hear these

it’s very late at night and all the lights are off except for your bedside lamp and everything outside of the circle of light is a void that doesn’t exist

the apocalypse just happened and everything is a wasteland but you still have to study for your finals

you’re trying to covertly solve a murder and you just realized your best friend’s alibi is a lie

you’re sitting in a waiting room and a pretty girl just walked in and all of time stopped as she moved in slow motion past you, expertly flipping her hair over her shoulder

you leave in the early hours of the morning and the fog is so thick you can barely see the road in front of you

concept playlists (fallen london destinies edition)

mood: a playlist for the longest roadtrip. only, in this case, you’re headed for the sun. and your travel companions leave much to be desired. but the comest wisp past you, and the stars shine glorious in the distance. the voi of space is freezing but you are no longer human. will you have faith in love, or realize you are bigger than this mission, brighter than this sun?

mood: hazy golden light. delicious sandwiches. distant music and the clink of a spoon against a teacup. this dreamy forest is perfect, more than anything in the living world. this is your beautiful gilded cage, and you have the power to decide who leaves today. who has the best offer? do you realize you are an option?

mood: the voyage has been long, but the light of the mountain is now blinding your eyes. the tents project stark shades on the ground. no wind blows here. you hold the gift of eternal life in your hands and it is yours to do as you wish. you will either share it, detroy it, or keep it to yourself. in this moment, you are a god

mood: all sources of light have gone out. you stand in a street, as mobs of people run pat you, their screams deafening. maybe you know this was your plan all along, maybe you are as scared as them. will you relish in the dark and chaos you have created or save those you can?

mood: the water covers you up to your knees. the dark is oppressive. you stand before beings of great power, capable of destroying a city, who are asking for their gifts. help them or destroy them, this doesn’t seem like it will end well for you. you’re not sure you want to be here, but you are not sure you want to be back in the city either.

(honestly? these are only half serious)

this is dead but i can’t stop (pt 1), (pt 2)

u’ve been drinking red bull with pixies in the middle of the woods nd the world is starting to look pink nd ur hands can’t stop shaking

it’s 4:50am nd ur sitting in the middle of a pumpkin patch smoking a pack of cigarettes nd ur starting to think that things r gonna get better

it’s 1947 nd ur at ur local jazz club cause u were hired to sing, but a mysterious nd beautiful woman keeps meeting ur eyes from across the room 

u nd ur gf r ghost hunting at ur local aquarium nd can’t stop holding hands nd smiling at fish nd it feels like ur floating

Neapolitan Girl

once when I was all alone, I could not find the telephone
so instead I burned your pretty home to the ground


Killer Queen / Queen // Tea Party / Deadly Nightshade Botanical Society // Girls Just Wanna Have Fun / Emilie Autumn (cover) // Neapolitan Girl / The Divine Comedy // No Man Alive / Hannah Fury // Worse Things / Johnny Hollow //  The Worst There Is / The Ettes // Beautiful and Bad / Nicole Dollanganger // Ballad of Lizzie Borden / Rasputina


a mostly sound based playlist. lots of strings….. i think if he were an instrument, he would be a cello deep rich sounds. something that just tugs at the heart.

the cover is official art from the game and is property of Nix Hydra 

Listen Here: {X}

// Familiar- Agnes Obel // Alchemy-Johnny Hollow // Alibi- Johnny Hollow // Flame- Taku Iwasaki // Willow- Emilie Autumn // Nightfall- Amethystium // Our Love Is Easy- Melody Gardot // We Move Lightly- Dustin O'Halloran // Held- Holy Other //

{ 8tracks } / { playmoss }

{01} into you / halocene
{02} bad idea / candy hearts
{03} heavy metal heart / sky ferreira
{04} closer / tegan and sara
{05} my molly / sky ferreira feat. ariel pink
{06} pretty girls / halocene
{07} i want you to want me / letters to cleo
{08} run to you / living in red
{09} crimson & clover / joan jett & the blackhearts